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Stills galore for upcoming spring dramas
by | March 26, 2013 | 54 Comments

There are so many dramas set to premiere this spring (Seriously. So. Many.) that it’s been as hard to keep up with the output of stills as it is to keep all the shows straight in my head. So here’s a collection as random as they come, because when it rains it pours, and every drama and its mother is gearing up for a premiere next month. First up: Yoo Ah-in and Kim Tae-hee in their fusion we-play-loose-with-facts historical reimagining Jang Ok-jung, Live For Love, due out April 8 on SBS.

We finally get some stills of the pair of them on their first shoot together, with the future Jang heebin sizing up King Sukjong for a new set of clothes. This must be where the fashion designing angle comes in? It seems a wholly unnecessary way to get them together, seeing as how he’s a king who’s going to take her in as one of his concubines — at least that much isn’t going to change in this retelling. Mostly, I’m just thinking, I’ve seen this somewhere before

There were a few more stills of Lee Seung-gi perched on a roof for Gu Family Book (MBC, April 8) that didn’t seem that interesting on their own (I mean, save for the fact that it’s Ponytail Puppy smiling for the camera, natch) but the one full shot made it worth it. Turns out there’s a B-side to the Lee Yubi stills — while she gazes out her window, he’s perched up above, sighing at his first love.

Everybody with me now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Political rom-com All About My Romance premieres April 4 on SBS, and has released a few preview shots from the poster shoot with the four leads Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Min-jung, Park Hee-soon, and Han Chae-ah, in a love square that crosses one of the most contentious social divides there is: political party lines. The poster images look strangely out of place compared to the pomp and circumstance of the rest of the stills from the show, like it’s suddenly a sitcom about four wacky roommates or something, but maybe the finished poster will have a different feel?

I do think this show has one of the better love squares of the upcoming season — four strong contenders with the most potential for dynamic personalities. Shin Ha-kyun and Lee Min-jung play politicians from opposing parties, Park Hee-soon is the heroine’s aide, and Han Chae-ah is the political reporter that both men are in love with. Don’t know how much rom or com is actually going to end up in this political rom-com, but it sure would be nice to be pleasantly surprised.

And then weekend drama Wonderful Mama is getting ready to premiere April 13, and had such fun poolside stills from its overseas shoot in the Philippines, featuring Kim Ji-suk and Jung Yumi. They play siblings in this drama, along with maknae Park Bo-gum (you might recognize him as Kye-soon’s little brother, the young soldier in Gaksital), as a trio of spoiled kids who finally start to grow up when their mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

The stills are from early in the series, when the three of them blow a load of money and wreck one of Mom’s business deals in the process. And I have no idea what bet the brothers lost, but they apparently end up as models in their sister’s fashion show. I hope you you’re not trying to sell those dresses. Werk it.

Via Chosun, Segye, My Daily, TV Report


54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. a_diva

    poolside stills are hilarious!

  2. a_diva

    and kim ji suk should have been named yumi because he certainly looks the tastiest!

  3. DayDreamer

    The references to Arang and Gaksital made my heart skip a beat….I miss those dramas.

    I think of all the dramas set to air, I’m anticipating the one about the male gumiho.

    • 3.1 Kiara

      Aye missing Arang and Sato.

    • 3.2 Nina

      Same! gaksitaaal~ :-/

      • 3.2.1 sweet24

        Yep, miss the handsome Magistrate and Arang ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 3.2.2 sweet24

        Oops! Wrong “Reply” button. Sorry!

    • 3.3 crazedlu

      yeah. me too. ha. the potato scene randomly came to mind today and i almost cried. hahaha.

      • 3.3.1 chane

        Why’d you have to mention that? I’m getting teary-eyed again!:(

      • 3.3.2 john pee

        Relieving the potato scene:


        Seriously, that’s the most depressing eating scene ever.

        • DayDreamer

          Gah! I teared up reading the potato scene again.

    • 3.4 wendy

      Mine too. It doesn’t help that 2 of the actors in Gaksital are here. Han Chae-ah and Park Bo-gum. I mis Gaksital do damn much.

  4. Kiara

    Lol @ Shin Ha-kyun holding on to Park’s hand instead of the leading lady.

    • 4.1 kay

      LOL i noticed that too

    • 4.2 ht


  5. Mystisith

    – Jang Ok Jung: the more I see the promo material, the less I’m interested in that drama. The “I’m flustered cause you’re measuring me” scene is ripped from so many dramas this year…
    – I like LSG and I’m sure he will do well but that male gumiho story is not attracting me for now. Will wait for it to be over and will marathon if it’s good (aka not disappointing).
    – All about my romance: I’m putting almost all my eggs in this basket. Please be good.
    – Wonderful mama: Not going to watch but at least the pics are fun! Some skin, some sun, palm trees, the sea. Good for my mood cause the everlasting winter is killing me here.

    • 5.1 canxi

      The flustered bit is true! But, I imagine it would be more believable in that time period since I feel like touching was taboo, LOL.

    • 5.2 Dominique

      Wasn’t Lee Seung Gi rather so-so in his previous Gumino drama incarnation?

      As I recollect, for sure he tried very hard, but at the end of the day, he just did not have the charisma to make him a leading man. And then, his nostrills … the two rather prominently open holes that show up on every scene … got in the way for me. And I see them in these stills, too.

      • 5.2.1 Shaista Melora

        I have the same sentiment with you

      • 5.2.2 applepie

        LOL !! one problem can be done “nose job”
        huh!! what’s about the charisma ??

      • 5.2.3 t

        kim tae hee cannot act and she is strange looking.

      • 5.2.4 d

        exactly, charisma free lee seung gi on our screens yet again, sighhhh

  6. Danna

    Please be good All about my Romance!

  7. Noemi

    I’m getting some serious SKKS nostalgia seeing Yoo Ah In in hanbok. Geol Oh is looking fine!

  8. lemondoodle

    I’m most excited about GFB. Seung-gi makes stalking and eavesdropping look cute.

    All About My Romance is 2nd, but yeah it looks kind of budget and not as slick as I imagined so fr. I hope it’s good.

  9. sweetcloud

    I had the same flashback to AATM with the taking-measures-skinship. Still one of my favourite scenes from that drama, but I’m not really interested in the drama or YAI and KTH.

    Gu family book sounds fun but I’m still not feeling Suzy, will wait for a few episodes in to decide if I watch it.

    That’s the first time I’ve heard of Wonderful Mama but my interest was immediately piqued when you mentioned Kye Soon’s little brother, he was so cute (and jailbait-y) but I’m hoping for other stills with more swimsuits and less dresses and wigs lol.

  10. 10 TS

    Hmm, looks like a sageuk spring for me.

  11. 11 h0ns niech

    I feel like I want to watch Wonderful Mama.. looks cute..

  12. 12 Osi

    “Everybody with me now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.”

  13. 13 autleaf

    Thank you GF for pointing the AaTM template. But come on Kdramaland, there must be other excuses for skinship in sageuk dramas. Time to be creative!

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      Well, with the medical sageuks, you have the mandatory body examinations… Honestly, not very romantic either. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Someone needs to brainstorm on this, definitely.

      • 13.1.1 Crunch

        I certainly wouldn’t mind some wound cleaning scenes or some fancy river baths.

        • Claudine

          When you said wound cleaning scenes, I immediately thought of Damo. I still can’t believe how that drama’s first episode made me cry. I should have played hard to get more convincingly *pout*.

      • 13.1.2 Dominique

        Or they can think big, instead. Like the new drama that just inherited the time slot from the ratings-bonanza Childess Comfort, which I can only translate as the History of Palace Cruel Fates.

        The upcoming dramas featured in this space, when compared to the History of Palace Cruel Fates, seem oh so small, same old same old or even geriatric.

    • 13.2 Kiara

      We need more cable sageuks than this skinship problem will be solved. Remember Queen In-Hyun’s Man?. You wont see that kind of tippie-toe kiss on a primetime/weekend sageuk.

  14. 14 snow_white

    thanks for the stills….

    And at Lee Seung Gi’s pic: awwwwww ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. 15 Grace

    I think I’m going to delve into old dramas or re-watch my favorites this Spring. None of the new ones look interesting to me.

  16. 16 canxi

    Kim Ji Suk is a lead!!!!! In a…weekend drama…OK! Maybe, I’ll take it. It sounds pretty cute. Family stuff, if done right it makes me cry more than any melo.

    Looking forward to All About My Romance. I saw a teaser and Lee Min Jung seemed to be doing a good job (lol, she was kinda yelling at Shin Ha Kyun and he was all flabbergast, it was great). It looks cute. I want it.

  17. 17 sweetspring

    me feel like some ponytail puppy right about NOW! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 18 scarlett

    Fellow pinoy beanies, looks like we have something to look forward to in wonderful mama. Wonder if these shots were taken in boracay ^_^

    • 18.1 My J

      It seems like it was shot in imperial palace in mactan, cebu….cuz the background looked like what it was when i went there…im not that sure though

  19. 19 nyaawn

    It is just me or that garden in the first still look so modern? Those hanbok and traditional clothes feels so out of place..

  20. 20 Schmazel

    Kim Ji Suk has starred with both Jung Yu Mi’s now! I guess it’s one thing he can cross off his list. Hahah. ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. 21 wanne

    Super excited for Gu Family Book. I love what we’ve seen thus far (stills and trailers), so I’m hoping it will turn out good. That full shot of Seunggi on the roof over his unrequited love is so cute.

  22. 22 cimori

    Jang Ok-jung : I can’t help it, but Yoo Ah in and Kim Tae He looks like brother n sister. i have seen the teaser, n i notices Kim tae He got wrinkles, wow she’s aging a lot not like Song Hae kyo. thats why i captured this pair as a brother and sister. n until now its hard for me to imagine how a modern fashion designer have a role in saeguk time. but still i will see the 1st n 2nd episode to see the story.

    Gu Family Book : OW OW OW OW, Lee Seung Gi, i can’t wait, n i will wear sunglasses n mute if Suzy appear in my lcd, i can’t help it, suzy even annoyed me with her voice, hope she can fix her tone of voice.

    All About My Romance : its a unratted drama, u know they got lee min jung , a star for this drama. becoz i can’t recognize the lead actor, who is he ? maybe i wasn’t born yet when he is young or on his most popular time. maybe this drama will like King Of Drama, unratted drama but got a well written storyline and good acting from not-really-famous lead actor in King Of Drama.

    Wonderful Mama : usually i hate weekend drama, becoz it contained long episode ( more than 20 episode), but i dunno why, when i saw the picture when they are having fun on beach, its teasing me a lot to watching this, i am curious n want to watch this drama.

    • 22.1 Kiara

      The male leads for AAMR are two of the most solid and talented actors on the Korean television right now. You may not be familiar with them because they only did movies and theatre for most of their acting career. Its always a treat to see them on the small screen. Now if only Park Hae-il would even do a cameo in a drama I’d die and go to heaven lol.

      • 22.1.1 cimori

        thanks for d info. i rarely watching korean movies.

        if u choose Park Hae Il (dunno about him/her too) then i will choose wong bin to come to small screen and i’d die and go to heaven too. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. 23 Shaista Melora

    Jang Ok Jung please be good! I’m not sure with Kim Tae Hee’s acting but I love what I see in JOJ trailer. There’s an intense feeling that I like. Please bring a good historical sageuk, not only about romance! (though I still wanna see Yoo Ah In flusters and feels embarrassed like Guroh)

  24. 24 kopytko

    Don’t tell me this spring is going to be as lackluster as winter was… Not a single drama that would interest me :(…
    I hope it’s only poor marketing and at least one of them will turn out watchable. I am not even asking for a crack drama, just a decent one.

    Looking for the summer?

  25. 25 Lady Seoul

    So many actors and actresses I LOVE~! I’m very excited. Hoping for a really good Spring of dramas!!!

  26. 26 myra

    if All about my romance premieres next thursday, that means That winter ends on wednesday, without a special episode? and i wonder if they air only one episode of ABMR or two on thursday..

  27. 27 jennie

    oh I can’t wait for JOJ!
    super excited!!!!!
    LOVE THEMโ™ฅ

  28. 28 Didi

    onderful Mama looks like a good drama. It has somewhat a Japanese feel to it by just looking at the pictures. The pictures in Jung Ok Jang, Live by Love looks nice too, but I know I won’t watch it because Kim Tae Hee is in it. She does not please me with her acting. Lastly Seung gi looks good in the ponytail and I might check that drama out.

  29. 29 viaww

    Gu Family Book on begin of spring.. so happy

    well.. it’ll be a great present for my brithday for this april ๐Ÿ˜€

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