Joo-won and Ivy headline Ghost The Musical
by | April 8, 2013 | 84 Comments

Some of us are barely adjusting to spring, and Joo-won (Level 7 Civil Servant, Gaksital) is already planning his autumn activities. Raise yer hands if you feel lazy. He’ll be returning to his musical roots in the fall, to co-headline the Korean production of Ghost The Musical, based on the 1990 movie Ghost, and pop singer Ivy will be the Demi Moore to his Patrick Swayze. Time to rev up that pottery wheel.

Joo-won debuted as a musical actor in the 2006 production of Altar Boyz and has since done dramas and films, basically without a single break. Ivy was one of the better pop singers of her day, but hit a massive roadblock in her career with a scandal that sent her into hiding for a while, and has since become a musical actor (Chicago). It’s nice to see her name back in headlines, and I think she’ll be great live.

Ivy – “어차피 잊어야 할 사람 “ [ Download ]

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Ghost The Musical by Bruce Joel Rubin (with music and lyrics by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard) is the musical adaptation of the classic 1990 movie where Patrick Swayze dies and lingers around Demi Moore as a ghost (in a totally non-creepy way, even though it sounds creepy on paper). The musical opened at the Manchester Opera House in 2011, went from West End to Broadway, and is now doing UK and US tours. Overseas productions are being planned for Australia, the Netherlands, and Korea.

The Seoul production will premiere in November.

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84 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. okdubu

    I’m already dying laughing imagining the infamous pottery scene. very mature, I know.

    • 1.1 ilikemangos

      you ain’t the only one.

    • 1.2 ryoko

      Totally my first thought.

    • 1.3 EX-DF user

      Totally there with you.

    • 1.4 Jenny

      I’m laughing now thanks to you making me imagine it 😀

    • 1.5 Newborn Fanatic

      lol now I can’t stop laughing.

  2. Mawiie

    Man, does he ever rest??? I like my Joo Won dose, but right now he works as if he has a massive secret debt to pay off D:

    • 2.1 picklemonster

      HAHAHA your comment cracked me up. x3 My poor Joo Woonie…. His physical stamina is truly admirable, but I’m afraid he’ll collapse if he doesn’t know his limit! =(

      • 2.1.1 Margo

        Ahahaha I must say your use of the phrase “physical stamina” sent my mine to less than innocent place… oh Joo Won <3

    • 2.2 ck1Oz

      Yeah I am wondering that as well.
      Too many dramas makes me imagine him paying off his agency or something.Or some nefarious reasons in his life.
      Now… am I free in Nov?

      • 2.2.1 Gaeina Lee

        You are SO not free in Nov, CK.. ^^

        In fact, he’s not the only hard worker, my lovely friend is also a workaholic, she simply can’t stop, even during holidays~! *wink*

      • 2.2.2 montaban

        Had the same thought, lol

      • 2.2.3 JoJo

        Has he been in the army yet? Maybe he’s going to enlist soon…

    • 2.3 Maeri

      I am wondering if he is following his favourite hyung Uhm Taewoong’s work ethic.
      At least Joo Won can mix it up with musicals vs drama/movie acting.

  3. Danna

    So he’s got a movie, a musical, a variety show… and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear him considering some drama next

    • 3.1 leaf

      Hahayou were right. He did Good Doctor while doing everything else. Maaaan, I wish I can be as hardworking as him.

  4. amel

    Whoaa… I never see him go to some vacation or overseas trip for magazine photoshoot or something since Ojagkyo Brothers.

  5. R

    Thank you girlfriday 🙂

    I hope they will release DVD coz I can’t fly to Seoul to watch his musical lol

    Found this video of Joo won in the musical “Spring Awakening”, his first (?) leading role :

    I will miss him in dramas though…

    • 5.1 kfangurl

      Wow. Thanks for this. Joo Won can SING! I mean, he sang in Gaksital too, but this clip shows that he can do serious singing! O.O Boy with many talents!

      I’d prefer to see him in a drama though.. MUCH more accessible for us international fans!

      • 5.1.1 R

        Yes i love his voice 🙂
        Btw, 15 april will be the press conference for this musical. We will know more about it next week! !

        • kfangurl

          Yes his voice is very good indeed! Very strong and very steady even in the difficult portions. He has very good vocal control. I’d love to see him in this so I second your hope of there being a DVD release!

          On the other hand, I hope the run of Ghost won’t be exceedingly long.. I need Joo Won back on my screen! >.<

          • R

            It says November 2013 – August 2014 on the website of the musical. However joo won is not the only one who will play his role (there are 2 other actors).
            As for Spring Awakening, I read somewhere that the main actor for Melchior had 100 performances, Joo won was only his understudy at first but then he was given the last 150 performances 🙂

    • 5.2 MhsC

      Oh my Gosh !!! I just died :”>
      I like Joo won ever since Gaksital …
      But this … made me fall for him :))
      I love musicals :))
      and Joo won’s voice is so good … 🙂
      Waaah !! Spring Awakening :)) and Joo Won as Melchior Gabor 🙂 <3 <3

  6. Rashell

    Man it makes me feel old to realize that Ghost the movie came out in 1990 more then 20 years ago. And the thought that some people haven’t seen

    But onto the actual news in this article…Joo Won must have more energy then anyone ever. I swear this kid does not rest. But good luck to him. I hope it’s a success. He needs one after that last drama.

  7. canxi

    I’ve always been meaning to watch this movie, but never have. Hmmm. It’d be cool if I could see this , though. I like Ivy. I saw her on Strong Heart and heard about that scandal, she seems really nice though. So I’m glad everything is working out for her. (:

  8. mj

    Ugghh that means I have to wait until 2014 before he does another drama noooo

  9. CoH

    joowonie <3

  10. 10 dramajoo

    i love how the tone of commenters on this post is so different from the PSH and LMH one…Fangirls seem to be pretty sick of PSH after she did a drama and a movie and wanted directors to give newbie actresses more chances…oh how fangirls can be so easily blinded by their sad hypocrisy

    • 10.1 epuda

      wouldn’t it be same if males ever read or commented on this article? hehehe ..they would be wanting more newbie actors!! for us girls Joo Won in any form ..welcome!!(btw no hard feelings!! I get what you meant!)

  11. 11 dcmbr

    I am impress at how he is constantly picking up projects. It seems like he definitely has a lot of passion in what he does and I bet he enjoys it. But I hope he does take a mini vacation and take some time to relax.

  12. 12 bambledd

    Wish I lived in Korea. Then I could go everyday. LOL
    (Ok, maybe not everyday of its showing… maybe 3x or so.) : )

  13. 13 newbie

    yay 2 news about joowon today 😀 the other one is joowon is chosen as MC’s Baeksang Award with Kim Ah-Joong and Oh Sang jin

    • 13.1 anothernewbie

      Another good new today for joowon, his contract with outdoor wear Mountia will extend for its second year. It seems that this kid is really doing well.

    • 13.2 eny

      i heard people comment that this is like compensation for gaksital not being nominated in baeksang because of politic issue n i have to say it sounds like that

    • 13.3 R

      Oh thanks for this good news! !+ we will see joo won with the leading lady of his new movie 🙂

  14. 14 SS

    As a fan who lives outside Korea, this news saddens me as it means Joo Won will not be appearing on small screen until end 2014 at the earliest. But my admiration for him went notches higher as he is one of those actors who truly love their craft. If he just wants popularity and money, I am not sure if staying out of mainstream viewers’ sight for almost 2 yrs is a good idea. I am not even sure if he’ll stay on 1N2N.

    Maybe it’s seems like he is just working non-stop since he debut which is true, but I think he has clear plans on his career path and taking this musical is going back to his first love and pursuing his dream. In just 4 dramas and a variety he has already shown us different sides of Joo Won the actor. I shall be anticipating his comeback to small screen. Meanwhile let me plan my trip to Korea

    • 14.1 epuda

      what? I did not think of that. he will not be onscreen for two years? oh no! oh no!! that’s not good!! any chance he will not do this? very selfish I know but not seeing him for two years……sigh!!!! “heart broken”

    • 14.2 anothernewbie

      Don’t worry friend. I think he won’t leave 2D1N, his contracts with both Mountia and Edwin have been extend. It almost means that he will continue to stay on this variety show. I will really really miss him on small screen too.

      However, I’m happy for him. This “Ghost” musical is a big project. Korea is the fifth country in the world and the first nation in Asia that get the license to operate this musical. If you look closely, among three actor who will rotates for this project, joowon is the youngest and totally junior compared to other two. He leaved musical as a starter, and comes back with a lead role in a big production. Who ever think about it ! Just happy and wish him all the good !

      • 14.2.1 newbie

        Hi, my twin (LOL at your name). You speak as my thought, it seems Joowon did well in this year although the last project (L7CS) not as big as bridal mask but he’s gain more fans & respect from K-ent industry. I agree with u Ghost musical is big project & I’m happy because he takes that project, and I heard that musical is very popular. btw have u seen the trailer of Ghost musical? I can imagine how Joowon in there. XD

        • epuda

          wow! yes, it does look incredible! and I can just picture Joo Won in those scene (esp. taking off shirt and kissing scenes hehhee..) I hope for the sake of those outside Korea they make DVDs. Do they make DVDs of musicals? I don’t know much about this.

        • anothernewbie

          Thank you for the trailer. I have known this musical since it started. Actually my mom love it and she already saw it 4 times in Manchester.

          I also known Korea will launch this project, but i never think JW would also be involved. The selection process must happen at least since January. It means JW had to do all the audition during his filming for L7. It must be really hard for him.

          You know, my mom was shock when she knew JW would be in this “Ghost”. She laugh alot and wonder how her Gaksital baby will do all his kissing scenes. (^_^) But she said JW will bring the purity and sweetness for the role. She even look for the calender if she can go to Korea and see her baby on stage.

          • Dramafed1782

            You mean the selection for the musical would have happened at least by Jan 2013??? Woah! That’s something! I am no expert on this but I really do respect JW for sticking upto this and not losing touch with his roots. Man he is really dedicated to acting!

  15. 15 zai

    sad and yet happy for him, this is where he start and beside i think this will be good for his acting career.

  16. 16 Gaeina Lee

    I personally like an actor who do 2 projects a year domestically or abroad more than an actor 1 project a year/several years then the rest of the time spend on shooting CF and holding fanmeetings around the Asia/world.

    • 16.1 Gaeina Lee

      Uh, wait, Won Bin does that (CF thingy, not fanmeeting ~ huh!)… Drat! Can I scratch what I just said above?

      • 16.1.1 news

        Hahaha…that was funny.

      • 16.1.2 Rashell

        Regular rules don’t apply to Won Bin. He’s exempt.

        • Gaeina Lee

          I so love you Rashel, for making such exemption.

          With that exemption in place, I hereby decided to stand for my 1st statement. ^^

      • 16.1.3 kuxi

        Wonbin busy with his dating with kim minhee lol

  17. 17 crazedlu

    i would gripe about another meh pairing, but seeing as i won’t have access to this one, i’m okay. best wishes to them and their production.

  18. 18 Jenny Hu

    is it just me or is ivy kinda old for joowon? just saying

    • 18.1 anonymous

      Because of his baby face everyone seems old for him.

      • 18.1.1 lemondoodle

        honestly I don’t see a baby face at all. He looks older than his age, not in a bad way but he never seems as young looking as some people seem to think. His personality on the other hand… She’s not too old for him.

    • 18.2 newbie

      she’s 5 years older than Joowon. Another female role is Park Ji Yeon (is she from T-ARA girlgroup?)

  19. 19 Langit13iru

    Wait. He was in Altar Boyz in 2006? I don’t notice him back then. I watch AB fancam due to singer Kim Tae Woo was the lead in that musical.

    All the best JW.

  20. 20 faridah2201

    Moving to Korea and it just dawned on me, I can go see these musicals now, whoo

  21. 21 nonski

    omgee! Joo Won in the role of Patrick Swayze

    • 21.1 kfangurl

      Heh. You made me think of that other iconic Patrick Swayze role, in Dirty Dancing. Now I wouldn’t mind seeing Joo Won do THAT ;D

  22. 22 Sintia

    I admire him. He could just shoot CF and hold fan meetings but he always choose to be an actor and not to be just a star. Theater is not for fame or money. He has a true passion for acting.

    It’s somehow a sad news for me, because I think he is a great actor and I’ll madly miss him in dramas. I love his acting in “Ojakkyo Brothers”, he just blew me away with his fantastic performance in “Gaksital” (shame on you, Baeksang Award) and I am impressed by his charming character in “7th Level Civil Servant” when he was able to add a depth to his character even when there was not any depth in that script.
    All the best, Joo Won, I’ll wait for your comeback to dramas. And I hope we’ll have a video of this musical, I am sure it’ll be fantastic show.

    • 22.1 kfangurl

      That’s an excellent point, Sintia! He definitely has a true passion, otherwise he wouldn’t be choosing to do theatre.

      I loved Gaksital & Ojakgyo Brothers too. Haven’t checked out L7 & I just might, to see how he does, but I definitely look forward to his next drama ^^

  23. 23 redfox

    so just how big IS the house he´s said he wants to buy with the money he makes? Maybe it is Buckingham Palace….

    • 23.1 sayit

      huh? Do musical theater actors get paid much? Not unless you are Jo Seung Woo or of that calibre. It would be much easier for Joo Won to do movies, CFs and endorsement

      • 23.1.1 anothernewbie

        If you’re a pure musical theater, I think you won’t get pay much. But if you’re a famous actor or singer, you will get much more. I believe JW gets enough with his position now.

      • 23.1.2 redfox

        what I meant is that he works without a break and he has said he works constantly cause he want to buy a house. I did not mean he would make a fortune by being in a musical.

  24. 24 kfangurl

    So. Very mixed feelings overall. Love Joo Won, and love that he’s choosing to do something that he loves and that will stretch him. But.. this takes him away for the entire run of the musical.. How long is that gonna be?? 2 years, really? D:

    • 24.1 far

      mixed feelings too…. T__T i love him, and i dont want to not be able to see him for a long time. once a week in 1N2D is definitely not enough.

      but it’s great that he’s returning to musicals, where he debuted. it definitely shows his passion, and not for the money. he loves it, so i guess we should support him too.

  25. 25 lisa

    Love u so much joowonie!!! i’m preparing to go korea just for you .. how can i miss watching you LIVE !!!!

  26. 26 far

    Why is he returning to musical? isnt he gonna continue with dramas anymore? i hope he’s still getting offers despite the flop L7CS drama. i miss him so much, i want to see him in a good drama or movie now.

    musicals are gonna take up so much time….. T__T will it be a while to get to see him again? dang it, i know i sound childish, but i cant help it.

    • 26.1 far

      NO, NO NOOOOO!!! *trashes around wildly in protest* 1N2D once a week is not enough to cure my Joowon-addict!!!

      i dont want him to do musical, i want him to be like Seunggi or Lee Minho or Song Joongki, where they act in movies and dramas only. i’m gonna miss him so much~ his recent drama got low ratings. i guess he wants to lay low for a while, get his name back up to the netizens.

      are musicals popular in korea? i’m so worried about Joowon. i hope he will do movie or drama while performing for the musical. how long do musicals usually take anyway? i knew Three Musketeers take up around 3-4 months. but from Win Win, he said he performed 150 shows. if 1 show is 1 day, then that’ll take up half a year!! *pulls hair, resumes depression in a corner*

      • 26.1.1 Dramafed1782

        @ far: Calm down dearie! There are three actors who are gonna take up to play Sam Wheat. One of them is Joo Won. The other two are Kim Jun Hyun and Kim Woo Hyung and they are more senior to him in the field of performing in musicals. Since it is from November 2013 to August 2014, I guess one actor would be performing for 3 months unless Joo Won is in more demand. So we should get good news at least by early or mid 2014 if he is planning to act in a drama.

        • Dramafed1782

          Additionally, there is a press conference for the musical on April 15th – which is less than a week!!!! So let us see what do they reveal there. If his film shooting has started it might take him sometime to prepare for the musical so maybe early 2014 would be his performace. Let’s just for the PC 🙂

      • 26.1.2 epuda

        heheee we are dramatic aren’t we?…guess comes from watching too many dramas!!!

      • 26.1.3 anothernewbie

        Haha … Don’t worry, friend. Our boy is still in demand and doing very well. He gets in his hand now one movie, one musical, 2D1N show, 2 extended endorsement contracts. He will be the Mc for upcoming Beaksang Awards (absolutely unexpected) with Kim Ah Joong. Is it a hint that she would be his partner in the movie “Only You” .

      • 26.1.4 Sintia

        He has told that he would like to return to musicals someday in the interview after “Gaksital”. He just loves it, loves stage. We should know that when this guy says something he really means it. I can only respect him that he follows his heart.

        And there is no need for “lay low for a while” because he got nothing but praises for his acting in “7th Level Civil Servant” from netizens. The script was criticized and not the lead actors’ acting.

        • Dramafed1782

          Thumbs up sista! You just said the right thing 🙂

        • far

          yes, i know that, about the lay low thingy. i was emotional, i said things i didnt mean to say, and there is no edit button here. ^^

          he did well for L7CS, i was screaming in frustration for the lack of writing. he even said he was disappointed that there were only 2 episodes left to address all the important issues. i’m glad he got good reviews. ^^ idk about that, have no idea where to go to check on reviews or ratings. i mostly just google.

          i do respect his decision, but being a fangirl, i cant help but to miss his screen debut. times like this makes me wish i live in korea. -__- *sigh* let’s see what revelations/plans that will be revealed to us at the PC..

          • Sintia

            If you want to read the latest news about Joo Won, his interviews, articles about him and reviews you can go to Joo Won’s soompi thread (google “soompi”).

  27. 27 Maeri

    Going to be in Korea in Novemeber.
    I have plenty of time to “encourage” my non Kdrama/ktv friend watching friend what a good idea it would be for us to go to it.

    If I start now – I think it is possible.

  28. 28 mel

    I didn’t know there was a Musial of this movie. I remember watching it. I how he sins unchained melody.

  29. 29 zepthee

    i want my kids to be as talented as joo won (i couldnt ask for more ;D ), what makes him like a super man? is there anything he cant do well? i wonder how his parents raise him to be this adorable gifted man….sigh…joo won never dissapoints me. thank you for sharing the links. i need to know him more hehehe the musical is very tempting, i hope if one day i could go to Korea, joo won still exists in musicals, i would buy VVIP ticket to watch him closer (without my kids around LOL ). that would be epic!

  30. 30 Lucy Park

    Hope it’s okay to mention, this post on DramaBeans is quoted (excerpt) in a profile story on “Korea’s Busiest Actor” Joo Won:

  31. 31 Dramafed1782

    And today is the last day for the musical….sigh…on twitter seeing his pictures shows how much he loves to perform on stage 🙁

    Gosh he was gone from our screens close to 8 months. and then the enlistment….Aaaahhh I don’t want to think about 🙁

  32. 32 jennie

    Ivy’s voice is seriously amazing live, I love watching Joo Won and Ivy in the musical.

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