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Choi Jin-hyuk offered role in Heirs
by | May 1, 2013 | 139 Comments

Woohoo! Choi Jin-hyuk — aka the most romantic gumiho ever — is currently up for upcoming buzz drama Heirs, which stars Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye and comes from the pen of star writer Kim Eun-sook (Secret Garden). He’s received the offer and is currently “positively considering” it. Everybody knock some wood, throw some salt, and do your rain dances now!

This is also the drama that recently lost or dropped (depending on how you read it) Jung Yong-hwa due to conflict of opinion with the producers. Now, I think Yong-hwa’s cute and talented as a musician, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking that this would be the best trade-off EVER. I love Choi Jin-hyuk all on his own, though, so I’d be excited no matter whom he was replacing. He has a wonderful warmth and groundedness that makes him super appealing even in terrible projects (ahem, It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl), though of course I’d prefer seeing him in something solid.

If Choi signs on (please oh please), the cast would actually be much better than I dared hope; when the second lead slot opened up again I figured the most I would hope for was an appealing young guy who maybe had some charisma who wouldn’t totally sink the ship. Instead we get a guy who might seriously challenge my allegiance to the main romantic pairing, because seriously, what’s it take for Choi Jin-hyuk to get a Happily Ever After around here? (See: I Need Romance, Panda and Hedgehog.) And even when he does, well, the drama tends to not be worth watching.

I do think the entire cast is a bit old to be revisiting adolescence (Park Shin-hye could pull it off, but the guys are definitely twentysomething leading men now) but the drama is reportedly all about chaebols (thus heirs) and sparkling romantic comedy told in a Gossip Girl-like way, and Gossip Girl always felt like it was 16-year-olds acting 30. (Which is funny since Kim Eun-sook’s characters are usually 30 acting 16. But maybe this weird dichotomy will work out well for this project.)

Gah, now we just have to wait. Till October. Which is forever away.

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139 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. LAY

    BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE gumiho papa’s super hot low voice! (plus his acting, of course!)

    • 1.1 Kiara

      I wasn’t planning on watching this show but I’ll have to check it out for Choi. He was the best thing about Gu Family for me, not because his acting was out of this world but I love him and character.

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      I agree with Lay!

      This is totally excellent news. I think it would be kind of cool and unconventional if CJH (as a 2nd lead) would get the girl, like PSH has in some of his dramas. However, I am not holding my breath, of course! This is LMH we are talking about. No way he would loose the girl to a 2nd lead (and his fans might not like that at all).

      I LOVED him in GFB (he is one of the best things about that show), and I would love to see him in a new drama. He is 28 (western age), so it will be interesting to see how he pulls off the “I am a petty teenager” act and look. Not that he can’t do it, or course. Then again, 2nd leads are usually the nice ones, so maybe his character will be nice, yet again.

    • 1.3 redfox

      I look at the picture and the clothes and start thinking about that character he played: who made those when he lived up in the mountain? The monk? or did the gumiho sew the clothes on his free time? thats kind of weird. people never think about who makes the clothes and who cleanes the lavatory for the heroes.

      • 1.3.1 Ivoire

        Good questions, Redfox!

        I think we are not supposed to think about who makes the clothes and who cleans the lavatory, we usually assume someone does, (though I do think about those things myself), and someone probably does.
        Also, he was not only a gumiho but a spirit as well, remember? He brought butterflies in a big bag for SH, so he could probably produce clothes out of thin air (I am assuming)? As a spirit, I am kind of assuming that he must not have been restricted in some areas.

        If we want to be realistic and practical, the monk could have also bought the clothes for him at the market, all he needed was his measurements. The other thing is WR could appear to people as a man, so he could have been around humans (and no one would be the wiser), and shopped for his own clothes or have them sewn. Remember when he and SW were cornered in the forest? He looked like a human (man) to those who were chasing him (DPJ and his men). It was only when he was chained and he wanted to protect SH that he changed (some) in front of them.

        I don’t know if you were really expecting an answer, this is the best I can do… and think of.

        • drmjs

          You did give it some thought…

  2. Musings

    I’ll take this trade off. ^________________^

    • 2.1 hmm

      “Everybody knock some wood, throw some salt, and do your rain dances now!” LOL

      i’m doing my rain dances right now.

      • 2.1.1 bernie

        extra points to anyone who does all three simultaneously~

  3. Aiya

    If he signs, well… the Kim Woo-bin-being-the-replacement fantasy is over.

    But yeah, CJY! I like the guy too! πŸ™‚

    • 3.1 Aiya

      ** CJH! πŸ˜€

    • 3.2 Katie

      OMG. WOO BIN?!?!?! I would be ELATED with either one. Okay must stop with the capital letters haha.

    • 3.3 pogo

      I really, REALLY want to see Woobie My Wuv with Park Shin-hye (she looked so hot in those ads she did with his tv bestie Lee Jong-suk) but not as second lead!

  4. klm

    I’ve crossed my fingers, my toes, my legs, my arms… He needs to be in this. NEEDS to be. Otherwise I might not be watching the show.

    Then again you make a good point about him not getting his happy ending, even if he does… πŸ™

  5. Elfie

    Am I the only one who started dancing after JB told us to do a rain dance?

    I love CJH!!! If he takes this role I will definitely be on board the Heirs train.

  6. JoAnne

    Please, please, PLEASE. And can he keep the gumiho hair? Somehow? Because RAWR.

    • 6.1 paper

      I second this brilliant comment!

      I think his Gumiho appearance got him the offer :d

    • 6.2 Waiting

      JoAnne….if you start the petition I WILL sign it!

      • 6.2.1 katmoo

        Me too, Me too, Me too…if I can gather myself up from the puddle of goo I am right now.

    • 6.3 JoAnne

      I think it certainly began the start of a popularity surge – while he was appearing in Gu he had a CF on tv that was topping the charts, and people were linking that to the general adoration his character was receiving.

      I’d certainly seen him before and enjoyed him, particularly in INR, but those two episodes were a whole ‘nother level of love.

      • 6.3.1 Waiting

        I have added his shows to my list to watch! πŸ™‚

      • 6.3.2 c_gunawan541

        I was rooting for him to be with the girl in INR, I totally hated the ending because… she went back to her cheating boyfriend. It will be more acceptable if she ended up being single and not choosing either guys…

        • Waiting

          Ugh…I wish you wouldn’t have mentioned the ending as I have not watched it yet… πŸ™

          Oh well, I’ll try to erase it from my mind.

          • JoAnne

            The ending mentioned is not exactly correct. yes to part, no to part. It’s not that simple, anyway. Watch it anyway, it’s worth it.

    • 6.4 Kiara

      He is the only one rocking the mane of glory in GFB.

    • 6.5 nomad


  7. malta

    “Which is funny since Kim Eun-sook’s characters are usually 30 acting 16.”

    Or 40 year olds acting 16 LOL.

    • 7.1 CL

      Puahaha, Gentleman’s Dignity… Oh man.

      • 7.1.1 Waiting

        That was epic in a comic way…lol

  8. red

    This guy is seriously talented and extremely hot, but he never chose his projects well. Choi Jin Hyuk is one of those underrated actors I had my eye on and hoped to see him rise into bigger and greater things.

    I’m so excited for this, even though I cannot stand the way Kim Eun Sook writes some of her characters.

    • 8.1 Belle3005

      I was so happy to see him cameo in GFB but alas his character didn’t end well. I am so excited to see him back onscreen in a drama project(with more screen time of course BUT we all know how Kim Eun Sook writes her characters so I’m pretty unsure about this one. I JUST WANT HIM TO BE IN A REALLY GOOD PROJECT ALREADY. Aigoo, please be good, Heirs!

  9. HaibaraChristie

    I liked him so much in the first few episodes of GFB, but now I can’t un-see the gumiho look which totally works on him! I really do hope he takes the role.

    It would be at least different (out of the box) if it turns out to be a “teenagers acting like they’re way older” kind of show, being privileged brats or something, I mean “Gossip Girl” bratty–not the childish BOF bratty; but that doesn’t seem to be a SK kind of thing, is it?

    • 9.1 Raitei

      So true! His saeguk look in GFB suits him so well! I so hope he signs on, so I can see more of his awesomeness. πŸ˜€

      • 9.1.1 NN

        He looks great in contemporary outfits, and totally nails the chaebol look. Loved him in I Need Romance – I had a serious case of 2nd lead shipping!

  10. 10 Divyrus

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like lee min ho in some angles !???
    I was seriously seeing lee min ho in many shots of gu family book !!

    And by the way this trade off, I LOVE !

    With him casted, I don’t think it will be full high school one ! Cuz he looks mature! In other words a hot man ! Not a teen !!!!

    So am on board heirs with full excitement again !!!!!

    • 10.1 Lynnnnn

      Nope I see the ghost of Lee Min Ho in him too! I pointed it out when I first watched I Need Romance but was sadly ignored πŸ™

      But Choi Jin Hyuk really looks like a more sullen, mature LMH (well to us, at least?) and I’d never have imagined that they’d be paired tgt in the same drama!

      Thank you, Drama Gods, thank you.

      • 10.1.1 Waiting

        Me too, but I have to say that I never thought LMH would be dethroned from the most handsome (IMHO) in period clothing….but Choi Jin Hyuk did so in 0.0000000001 seconds as DaddyHo.

        • Divyrus

          Yeah! CJH definitely looks like a MAN LMH!

          That isn’t to say LMH is not hot, he is just young!
          I can imagine him being like CJH down the years!!!

          Anyway I am not gonna say NO to dual HOTNESS!!!

          I am gonna be drooling all the way in heirs!!!

    • 10.2 bd

      CJH has more masculine/harder features than LMH (who can look too “soft”).

  11. 11 Carmensitta

    Can’t they just be in university instead!? Why adolescents ALL THE TIME!? Plus the leads will never, NEVER pass as teenagers…like…come on!
    Doing my rain dance so that daddy Ho signs on this! πŸ˜€

    • 11.1 skelly

      I know, having them play teenagers is as laughable as the American attempts like Pretty Little Liars or 90210. I really dislike all these shows, because I have teenagers and it just makes them more unsure about themselves to see what Hollywood thinks teenagers ought to look and act like. It’s hard enough growing up, without having to look like (or be an acceptable date for) Lee Min Ho.

    • 11.2 pogo

      Like JB said, Park Shin-hye can pass as a teenager (and she’s younger than Seo In-gook, Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin, who did it quite successfully last year) but Lee Min-ho did not look like a teenager even in BBF, I don’t know how this drama is going to convince us they are that age.

  12. 12 Mystisith

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Knocked on my head: It’s the toughest wood of the forest. πŸ™‚

    At least here he will have a happy ending and probably a love line of his own too (it’s KES we are talking about.)

  13. 13 Reena

    October is forever away… but I’m sure dramabeans will keep me posted on development till it’s there!

  14. 14 kit


    but seriously, couldn’t they have at least set it in college.

    • 14.1 pogo

      Seriously, unless they really badly wanted the leads to be in uniforms I cannot think of a single reason why this story shouldn’t be set with university students.

  15. 15 meanrice

    Oh man is he going to play another jilted second lead that should have gotten the girl a la “I need Romance?” I don’t think I could take that, so hoarse from screaming at the computer.

    Don’t think I can handle it. Can we get a love rhombus going? Because if it is in the vein of Gossip Girl, then they all hook up and break up until the chemistry works right?

  16. 16 MsB

    Second lead syndrome all the way on this one. Have no plans to watch if it’s a HS drama though.

  17. 17 snow_white

    that’s a great news!!

  18. 18 Misty

    I want him in a drama as a lead man.T.T

    I’ve been waiting for him in Gu Family Book like forever. I miss him so much T.T

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      Better a well written second lead role in a good drama than a bland first lead role in a crappy production. πŸ˜‰

  19. 19 Babs

    Wow, he would be a good counter part…. If not ca we bring in Jung Il Woo??? Yes??? No????? Well, hope springs eternal!

  20. 20 LangitBiru

    Yes, I love it so much. Although I’m not watching his brief appearance in Gu Family, but I love him so much in Pasta and My Daughter Flower.

    All the best, can’t wait until October. ONEHD you better air this!

    • 20.1 eny

      i don’t really know this actor, but when somebody mention pasta, i should ever see him, is he second lead in pasta????

  21. 21 Waiting

    Did you hear it? No? Well you missed the sonic squeal that escaped my mouth when I read the header. Enough said! :):):)

  22. 22 Abbie

    OMG! If he does sign on and is the second lead, I will also be hard pressed to support Lee Min-ho’s character. I’ve actually seen Choi Jin-hyuk in very little, most recently in Gu Family Book, in which he totally blew my mind. He was SO GOOD in that! I hope he joins Heirs!

    The only down-side, for me, is that this is a Kim Eun-sook drama. I didn’t finish watching Secret Garden, because I couldn’t grow attached to the characters, and felt it was ridiculous. I did watch A Gentleman’s Dignity, and enjoyed it, the only point of contention being almost all of the female characters were childish. The female lead, particularly. You’d think a 30-something woman would’ve been used to kissing and what kissing leads to, but the way she was really irritated me. She really did seem like a 16-year old in the body of a 30-year old. Which makes me hope Heirs will be good. I am going to watch it, because it’s Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye and, possibly, Choi Jin-hyuk. I just hope Kim Eun-sook makes it a good drama.

    • 22.1 bd

      Totally agree on Kim Eun-sook’s writing for SG (which was totally overrated – full of the standard k-drama clichΓ©s and one dimensional, stereotypical characters – and even the “relationship btwn the leads was ridiculous, going from the male lead basically stalking and sexually harassing the female lead, much to her annoyance, to her suddenly being heads over heals in love with him).

      • 22.1.1 KDaddict

        This is the nth time I’ve seen you complain abt SG. You still haven’t gotten it out of your system? LOL. Let it go.

        • bd

          Why don’t you let go on me commenting about it?

          I’ve also commented similarly on LTM, RTP and others and I don’t see you whining about that.

  23. 23 MIKAN


    I might check this one πŸ˜‰

  24. 24 trotwood

    I LOVE HIM. Sorry Lee Min Ho fans, but I only have a “meh” response to him (ironically with the exception of his “character” in the Toyota Camry adds–Maybe he needs to play a villian). AS much as I am crazy about Park Shin Hye, I was planning on completely skipping this one–not even reading recaps skip. But now? Choi Jin Hyuk?!?!?!? One smile from him had me watching Panda and Hedghog for goodness sake. Do you know how many of my brain cells died from that show? But I watched anyway, fastforwarding for his scenes alone. I don’t care if this show is bad (frankly the others can recover becaiver fans love them), but I hope his part is good so he can get the attention he deserves.

    • 24.1 PollyRose

      At the time I eagerly awaited every episode of Panda and Hedgehog, checking MUCH logic at the door each time. Looking back, I’ve questioned why I did it…and here’s my answer πŸ™‚

      Absolutely with you, wishing him ALL the best for the show and anything else he does!

    • 24.2 missDVM

      I did the same thing… and for the same reason(s).

  25. 25 penny

    Woot! This is really good news! He can really do so much more than the roles he’s been given in the past. I really hope GFB is opening things up for him.

  26. 26 Miky

    Please,thake the role…
    It would be more ok if they were in the university,oh well

  27. 27 djes

    OH! if this happens, then I will get a 2nd lead’s love syndrome again..

  28. 28 sur

    man oh man awesome no matter whom he replaced it would have been the best trade off ever πŸ™‚ love this guys acting but seriously school guys aren’t they too old to portray that.. the girl could pull it off but the guys i do have my doubts

    • 28.1 Nilechoclat

      I think the school thing will be part Not whole show + He will play Minho’s Brother .

      • 28.1.1 Gidget

        Ruh roh. The show’s very long title makes it sound LMH’s character will have to step up to the responsibility of his birth.

        If CJH plays an older brother, would that mean his character… dies?

  29. 29 saam


  30. 30 Rashell

    I’m jumping on the “this is the best news ever” bandwagon. This guy is great and maybe a high profile project like this will finish what Gu Family Book started in launching him to leading man status.

    Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk? Park Shin Hye must have saved the world in her last life because she really does get some hotties to fight over her.

  31. 31 mav

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo freAKING AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!! arghh had to get that out of my system… love him <3

  32. 32 ck1Oz

    Choi Jin Hyuk…woohoo. Please say yes.

    * throws some salt, does the rain dance”

    I want him to be in Heirs so, so badly. It would better still if he has a girl. I plan to be staring at the screen the whole time he’s on.
    He was so adorable in Panda and in INR. Love, love, love this actor.

  33. 33 swui

    BEST NEWS ever! I was blown away by him in Gu’s and I was so sad he was offed so soon…so freaking glad someone appreciated his talent and offer him a good role in a (cross my fingers) good drama…Though I’d be stuck in a dilemma – LMH or CJH? Brain crash!

  34. 34 Ohyeah

    I blame this guy for spoiling my watching of GFB. These days, I watch and find myself thinking: Pa Pa Gu would have done this better. He appeared in all but 2 episodes and in my opinion stole the thunder from LSG completely. LMH is pretty but no match for CJH.

    • 34.1 Waiting


    • 34.2 Mystisith

      I stopped GFB after ep 2. I tried watching ep 8 by pure curiosity and thought it was mediocre (acting & all around).
      If CJH signs here, LMH will have a lot of work to do to win me over.

      • 34.2.1 swui

        I stopped at episode 2 and kept up with the recaps only too…and I blame him πŸ™‚

        • lemondoodle

          Well, he’s coming back… so.

      • 34.2.2 Kiara

        I stopped watching after eps 2 too. If he comes back later I’ll tune in. The 2 leads aren’t meant for sageuk. I miss Lee Jun-ki and Shin Min ah.

        • meanrice

          +1 for my arang couple.

    • 34.3 bd

      Stated from the start that CJH was totally more believable as the handsome, gumiho “superhero” than LSG.

  35. 35 kumi

    I want Gumiho against Leeminho!

  36. 36 Makoto

    somebody should take this super hot guy out of second lead zone!

    • 36.1 Babs


      • 36.1.1 missDVM

        Another “word.” I actually could say, “AMEN!” to that. Because that is my prayer… that Choi Jin Hyuk would stop being offered these second male leads…. not that he isn’t AMAZING and/or the writing is necessarily bad for him (or maybe it is ability to act so well… hm….) but that I am SUPER sad to see him always getting shafted by a rather undeserving male lead (IMHO). I have a feeling that we are looking at yet ANOTHER second male lead position for CJH in “Heirs” though, based on the advertisements and descriptions. LMH’s fan base is surely a MAJOR concern for the writers. Unfortunately, that puts Choi Jin Hyuk below him in their ladder of concerns. They want to “sell” a drama, and LMH brings in the girls.

        If they would look around, though, it is Choi Jin Hyuk that brings in the WOMEN.

        *chuckles* He is so damn interesting. And yes, the man is hot as Hades on a summer day at noon. But, seriously, he is more than an “just” another good looking actor. He actually has talent, which most people that like a good K-drama (and have seen cutesy liddle pop-actors utter FAIL at) appreciate.

        Just my thoughts! Love me some good drama! πŸ™‚

  37. 37 goldeng

    Ohhh i really like him!! His role in its okay daddys girl was awesome -am i the only one that liked that drama? Lol- but im still like wth? At them been that old! Theyre ooooold to play teens…! Lee min ho looked old when he played high schooler goo jun pyo and now hes even older..

  38. 38 HKO

    omg amazing i loved him in gu family book which took about 2 eps hahah but he got me at hello ! lol
    i cant wait till October it does seem FOREVER !! but mostly min ho oppa is worth the wait !! ahhh no one could knock him out of his thrown in my heart !!

  39. 39 Beng


  40. 40 rheina07

    oh my god!!!

    I’ve just fallen in love with him because he is the best sweetest, most romantic daddy ho everrrr!!

    and with all of my love for Yong Hwa, I’m sorry of your lost, but I will HIGHLY anticipated this show if daddy ho is here!

    *though he goes to second lead land – and the sad legend begins now. *Tears*

  41. 41 Howforwardsale

    This is a perfect casting against LMH. LMH will have to work for it to prove that his OTP is the best. CJH has enough charisma to sink a ship. He could use this show as a stepping stone to true lead territory. Also added bonus CJH can play the gentle, caring, manly boyfriend so well. That’s a great foil to the hesitant doe eyed characters PSH always plays.
    I Need Romance broke my heart and I watched that Panda & Hedgehog mess too for him. But unless they are flashing back to high school or CJH is a chabeol student teacher at the school then how are we suppose to suspend our disbelief? These grown men and women are going to look super old next to the classroom extras, unless they fill the classroom with 25-30 year olds. C’mon, writer-nim, you’ve got plenty of time, change the setting to college and it will all make sense.

    • 41.1 Annie

      He has to go to the army soon so I kind of feel like whatever popularity he garners from this will just be squandered once he leaves.

      But he signed with Jung Woo Sung’s agency so maybe that will give him a boost in visibility since Jung Woo Sung is such a huge star in Korea.

      • 41.1.1 lemondoodle

        His company should do a better job at getting his name out there. LYH is still constantly media playing how amazing she supposedly was in GFB, while there is nothing from him.

  42. 42 haruka

    Might be too early to celebrate but imma don’t care. Yay!

  43. 43 athena

    Ever since Heirs was announced, it’s already on my must-watch list. I’ve been watching Lee Min Ho dramas since BOF and I’ve been watching Park Shin Hye’s dramas since YB, hence, Heirs is a double treat for me.

    I only knew about Choi Jin Hyuk when I watched GFB. While Lee Seung Gi and Suzy were my main reasons to watch it initially, the first two episodes without those two were actually the one that got me hooked because of Choi Jin Hyuk’s Wol Ryung character. I am seriously watching GFB episodes 1 and 2 over and over again because I can’t get enough of “the most romantic gumiho ever” along with his deep sexy voice. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I see Hyun Bin in him!

    And now this news of him considering a role in Heirs just gave me another reason to watch out for the drama. What a triple treat! I do hope the drama won’t disappoint. Nevertheless, it’s Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk!

    Excited for October!!!

  44. 44 jademwong

    YES. YES YES YES YES YES YEEEEEEEEEES. I hope he accepts it>_<.

  45. 45 saranga

    mmmm thank you! much better choice than jung yong-hwa, and he’s coming off having made a very good impression in gu family book. if he pulls off the role, it could be the career move of his life.

    i admit, he didn’t make much of an impression on me when i first saw him, in pasta. i thought his face was odd, and his hairstyle not all that flattering. i need romance totally changed my perception of him, and he continued that in gu family book. i was surprised when he did that panda and hedgehog drama, as the second lead to dong-hae, of all people.

    i’m likely going to be in the minority, but i’d be even happier if they switched out park shin-hye for a fresher face but i doubt it… if i were her i wouldn’t let this go! hopefully though, this drama will change my perception of her as well. i WANT to like her, but she has yet to impress me…

    • 45.1 haha

      well have u watch all her works then? not just her most popular works?
      And no there is no way they’d change PSH. So good luck!

  46. 46 thay

    I’m more excited in him than Lee Min Ho! is it a sin?

    • 46.1 Annie

      Nope πŸ˜‰

    • 46.2 kumi

      It is SINcere!

  47. 47 Mia

    I love him in Gu Family Book!! I hope he appears again soon! I’m hoping for a Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa reunion in the end. I just love this couple!
    I can’t wait to see him in another drama <3

  48. 48 Annie

    Second lead syndrome, I’ve packed my bags and here I come.

  49. 49 lemondoodle

    I’m happy for him, though seriously these are going to be the oldest looking high school students ever. It’s not even slightly believable.

  50. 50 Suzi Q

    I think GFB went down hill after episode 2. CJH was the most romantic and sexy papa gumiho ever!!! Wished he was in more episodes. Can’t he come back later as a ghost? He made papa gumiho such a charismatic character.

    I liked him in INR, but hated the ending. I like him better than Lee Min Ho’s acting.I hope he takes the role in Heirs and gets out of the second leads rut soon. CJH is a very talented actor, and I’m glad he’s getting some well deserved recognition finally.

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