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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 442
by | June 15, 2013 | 58 Comments

EPISODE 442. Broadcast on June 9, 2013.

javabeans: So this is Part 2 of the Yoona-Kimchi-Eel-Fishing-Taste-Matching special, and our two teams have both gotten a chance to sample their main ingredient. Now it’s time to figure out what foods best complement them.

girlfriday: Each team has sent a member out to sea, and Tae-hyun lands on a tiny island after a short boat ride.

javabeans: Tae-hyun takes a trip to meet the mayor, who shows him around and says that this area is known for its leeks, which is a good tip for a potential taste pairing. As the mayor leads, he comments that Tae-hyun “has a face like someone who doesn’t obey very well” and also makes a pointed comment about how when Running Man was here, Yoo Jae-suk ran away without giving an autograph. Why are these village mayors such characters? They crack me up.

girlfriday: Gotta have some personality to be voted the leader.

javabeans: He’s all, “When you get back tell him I said…” but Tae-hyun tells him to just rant into the camera, ha.

girlfriday: Meanwhile, his teammates head to a new location to make soup stock out of eels. I’m both impressed and a little grossed out at how the eels all have heads and spines… and nothing else. Hae-jin catches fish on his boat, and I swear, this guy seems happy to do anything. Maybe he’s still new enough to the show that nothing seems like punishment yet.

javabeans: He oohs and ahhs over some of the more unusual catches, like this transparent thing that looks like a clear worm (a fish called a gunnel) and baby octopuses.

girlfriday: Wut. It’s totally clear and it only has eyes!

javabeans: And then they slurp it up raw. This is why Korea has so much stomach cancer!

girlfriday: Team Kimchi just eats and eats and eats. By now the crew wants to try the food too, and the tables have turned. Su-geun snipes at them: “Only one bite!”

javabeans: Tae-hyun is in the field harvesting leeks, which his farmer ajumma informs him is particularly good for stamina. You know, for the mens. Tae-hyun is on Team Eel, which is a food often associated with stamina, which is one of those things I find curious about Koreans because they’re so plain-spoken about sexual innuendo in this kind of context.

girlfriday: Yes. Why are ALL FOODS for stamina?

javabeans: But then there’s also the social strictures on acting demure and proper and all that. But you talk about sexual endurance without batting an eye. Tae-hyun jokes that with eel and leek in the same dish, how are men to cope with all that energy?

girlfriday: And then he gets the ajumma to do a mini commercial with him, where he does push-ups with a mouthful of leeks, just to expend his man-energy.

javabeans: “Send me to Seoul!” and “Marry me off!” On to Team Eel, who heads to another restaurant to try a different type of eel in shabu-shabu, which I contend is a waste of good meat. I have never understood why anybody would waste meat to eat shabu-shabu.

girlfriday: When it’s made well, it’s delicious. If it’s just watery soup that tastes like nothing but boiled meat, it’s gross.

javabeans: Why would you cook your meat in water and then just eat it plain? It’s worst of both worlds.

girlfriday: Remind me to take you to my mom’s house for shabu shabu someday.

javabeans: Noooo, it’s a waste of stomach space! We could be eating sushi instead!

girlfriday: Oh I don’t eat fish that way. Just beef.

javabeans: Beef that could be FRIED. Or grilled. Or barbecued.. As the team waits for the ajumma to slice up their eel, she requests a song from Shi-kyung, ha. Ajumma’s got variety sense. For a professional singer, he’s awfully awkward about it. Now the fresh sashimi spread Hae-jin lays out on the boat deck… that makes me drool.

girlfriday: That makes the fishing part worth it. The rest of Team Kimchi meets Heo Young-man, who hands them all rain ponchos, saying that when you shake anchovy nets you get them all over you. Su-geun: “Who’s shaking anchovies?” Heh, what a way to get introduced to your next task.

javabeans: At least the hard work of shaking isn’t left to them—they just have to collect their portion from the nets, and then they return to shore, where they reunite with Hae-jin. After tasting, he has narrowed down his selection to one of the fish, which he brings back to the team.

girlfriday: Tae-hyun reunites with his team, and then they eat some more. There’s just a lot of eating in this episode.

javabeans: I had to take a break just now to eat. Mind you, I had dinner before this episode started.

girlfriday: Me TOO.

javabeans: Even when the thing they are eating doesn’t seem particularly great to me, they eat with such enthusiasm that it just makes me hungry anyway. Like the FIVE-year-old kimchi that ajumma feeds the boys. Yeeech, that does not float my boat, but they rave about it. Their ajumma is hilarious though, calling them all oppa. When asked if her 33-year-old daughter is single, she barks that she ain’t marrying her daughter off to any of these old fogeys, the girl has to marry a younger man. HA.

girlfriday: Heehee, all while swearing too. Half her words are bleeped out.

javabeans: Everyone heads back to basecamp, where the boys wash up at the outdoor fountain/well. This leads to the suggestion of a game involving soaking someone, and Yoona gets to play musical chairs with her dripping bucket of water. Jong-min gets the dousing, and then they take it a step further by doing a spin-the-bottle type game. Su-geun loses, and basically this just ends in a free-for-all water fight.

girlfriday: This is the world’s longest water fight. It just won’t end.

javabeans: I was just thinking that. There are, like, ROUNDS. It’s kind of cute and whatnot, but it’s ultimately just LONG. You know how comedy is all editing? New PD should learn some comedy.

girlfriday: Or hell, even just plain editing.

javabeans: These interstitials are super long too. It’s like Iron Chef bombast, but without the fun.

girlfriday: Not to mention the repeaty, since we’ve just seen all of this unfold in this very episode.

javabeans: And I never though I’d say this about 1N2D, but I’m sort of getting tired of watching them eat. And we haven’t even gotten to dinner.

girlfriday: What, more eating? How is that even possible?

javabeans: The two teams each set up their tables, first needing to prep and cook the ingredients they brought back.

girlfriday: There’s a pretty funny moment when Yoona gets close to slicing her finger off and Joo-won grabs the knife out of her hands with this totally dramaesque delivery: “Dummy.”

javabeans: They’re all, “Whoa, what drama am I watching?”

girlfriday: I wonder if saying those cheesy rom-com lines all the time changes the way you talk.

javabeans: Plus I think in Korea, more than in a lot of other places, life imitates drama imitates life imitates drama, till you don’t know which came first. People pick up drama-speak in real life, but ostensibly that came from real life first. Merry-go-round.

girlfriday: It’s just funny because Joo-won’s variety self is SO so different from the leading man he plays in dramas that it sounds weird. Lol, and then Jong-min says he wrote Yoona a love poem, which consists of lyrics from SNSD songs, except he got them all wrong.

javabeans: Time for the taste-off. Team Kimchi has decided on their cold buckwheat noodle soup dish, which did look delicious and refreshing. Team Eel trash talks and mocks, but the noodles get a pretty good reception from their guest/taster Heo Young-man. The eel team serves soup, and then it’s time for the judgment.

girlfriday: This takes a really long time too. Is there something riding on this decision? Because they’re all intense about it, but I don’t remember there being any stakes. Team Eel wins it, and then Team Kimchi does the dishes, which must’ve been their punishment.

javabeans: I do wish those rules were explained.

girlfriday: Yes, because otherwise we don’t know why we’re rooting for anyone (if we even are at this point).

javabeans: Uh, then they move on to more bokbulbok. Are they skipping dinner entirely? Did I miss something? Not that I want to watch them eat more but I’m confused.

girlfriday: I guess they just ate as they cooked?

javabeans: So then they play games for sleeping rights, half in a tent and half outside in sleeping bags. They have to eat a watermelon wedge and spit out a seed, which has to land on their faces.

girlfriday: Heo Young-man draws a face and gets to randomly decide how many points you get for landing a seed on different parts of your face, which makes it more interesting.

javabeans: Everything is very long this episode, isn’t it? They spit, some guys win 1 or 2 points, a few win 0 points, and then we move on to elephant dizziness game. I have always thought that the 1N2D games were simplistic almost to the point of tedium, and that the genius of the show was in framing the games so we cared about the outcome. Because otherwise why am I watching grown men play rock-scissors-paper?

girlfriday: Yeah… so this is what happens when you fail to frame it with any stakes. We stop caring. The games feel long because there’s no one sleeping in an igloo if he loses. For instance.

javabeans: Or dancing in a public intersection while dousing himself in water until 100 spectators gather to watch him. I also half-expect the PDs to tell them they all get to sleep inside anyway, so there’s also that.

girlfriday: Yunno, the other thing I’m feeling is that the members themselves don’t feel any stakes. It used to be cutthroat competition around here, but they don’t care either.

javabeans: Yes, they seem to be playing for giggles, not for any competitive reasons.

girlfriday: I get wanting to go for a laugh, but the TRUE laughs come out of crazy competitive moments and the foibles of doing anything to win. Case in point: the group of remaining boys decide to just spin and jump for cookies all at once, and Tae-woong and Joo-won nearly french kiss trying to get the same cookie.

javabeans: I feel like we spend all this time on the games to win a certain result (like sleeping in a tent), then we barely do anything with it and all of a sudden we’re introducing the morning game already. It’s just game, game, game. For instance we go through the eating game (where someone eats a food behind a screen and you guess it) to determine the rest of the outdoor sleepers, and then right away they introduce the morning game. I’m just tired of listening to game rules and explanations.

girlfriday: Especially when I don’t care anymore who wins or loses.

javabeans: There’s a lot of giggling in the tent, either from Yoona or about Yoona, who names Tae-hyun as having been a former ideal type of hers. They eventually settle down to sleep, but Joo-won gets up in the middle of the night, kept up by all the mosquito bites. Then he heads over toward the tent and asks with a gleam in his eye, “Should I do something fun?”

girlfriday: And then we cut to morning. Please tell me he did something fun and we’re going to get a flashback. I could use a laugh.

javabeans: Then Yoona gets up early to make breakfast for the oppas. Tell me this isn’t going to become a thing, where women are just expected to cook breakfast now.

girlfriday: SIGH. Don’t be like that, Show.

javabeans: The morning song goes off and the boys fumble their way out of the tent. HA, they can’t find their shoes. That’s exactly what Joo-won did on his first morning, wasn’t it? To win the morning race?

girlfriday: Was it? I totally don’t remember.

javabeans: Remember how he was all quiet and boy scouty in the early days? One morning he was the first one awake and tore out of there to win food while his hyungs were stuck in the tent, looking for missing footwear. He was like, “I hid their shoes. Muahaha.”

girlfriday: Haha, he ties the laces together and hides them on the roof of the tent. I do like it when he’s playing pranks and sassing the hyungs. So the morning mission consists of dragging your manager out of bed to do sit-ups. After that you have to do a bunch of arm crunches and then hand-squeeze a glass of OJ. In a tall glass too.

javabeans: I do enjoy how Tae-hyun’s manager is dragged out in his shorts, still asleep, and he stumbles to the mat and starts doing sit-ups sleepily before finding out he’s supposed to be holding Tae-hyun’s feet.

girlfriday: Hee.

javabeans: All this work for chapaghetti first thing in the morning?

girlfriday: Yeah that’s a weird thing to have for breakfast. I think I’d rather drink the fresh-squeezed orange juice.

javabeans: I have totally eaten this meal, many times, but it’s sort of making me queasy to watch them eat it.

girlfriday: Wait, why is there rice going into the chapaghetti? Separate yes, together no.

javabeans: And fried egg on top. Yeah. It’s a bowl of grease. And then they all head out after breakfast and attract some fans along the boardwalk, and then Heo Young-man draws caricatures of the guys, and then we get a thirty-second glimpse of Shi-kyung’s concert. End episode.

girlfriday: Let’s hope the next one’s better?


58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dongsaeng killer

    I need Bird PD back.

    • 1.1 JiHwan

      Yes, pretty please. 🙁

    • 1.2 k-soup

      I miss Bird PD… 🙁

      • 1.2.1 kleenex

        we all miss Bird PD!!!!

      • 1.2.2 rainerust

        More than Bird PD I miss Na PD – him of the evil grin of doom and the crazy stuff he makes the cast (and staff!!) go through. I also miss the staff appearing on the show – they were some of the best things especially the staff vs cast games. Sigh. I want Na PD back…

        • okdubu

          Rewatch season 1! I have such a blast spotting him in random shots even before he was the lead PD hehe.

        • dramamama

          Yes, we need the ultimate 1n2d PD -Na PD or Lee Myung-han PD. Both of them made 1n2d really fun! Heck! Why don’t they just bring Kang Hodong back to this show?

        • leanne

          Na Pd! Na Pd! Na Pd!…. and 1n2d season 1 cast please comeback…

  2. k-soup

    thanks! gonna rant later:3

  3. 정남

    Part of the problem is of course the transitioning PD and their editing team, you can see the show Barefoot Friends had absolutely atrocious editing and it improved I think after sending some PD’s from other shows to whip them into shape. The other problem is that the new PD has come into falling ratings and it is most likely KBS that is pushing for something new. They are most likely grasping at straws, I don’t think the ratings were dropping like Family Outing was in the past but it is slowly getting to that point where even the old formula was lagging. You can’t really blame anyone I mean 1N2D is a long runner best to let it go out with some dignity instead of limping along.

  4. k-soup

    There’s a pretty funny moment when Yoona gets close to slicing her finger off and Joo-won grabs the knife out of her hands with this totally dramaesque delivery: “Dummy.”

    ho-ho! that totally surprised me! haha! it was both hilarious and felt like a scripted scene from a rom com

    I always revisit the episode of Joo Won’s mischievousness and I am extremely happy to see that again in this episode.

    At least it is something I can look forward to.

  5. octoberholt

    I’m not sure where this New PD is taking 1N2D to but I’m definitely not going. I’m sorry. I get that they are trying a new formula because it’s a new cast but they can’t stray too far away from what made this show such a huge hit in Korea.

    • 5.1 Babs

      I have to say that I fell in love with 1n2d with Bird pD and went back to season 1 and loved it more… Bird was not a sadistic mastermind of variety but he kept the show well, this new PD SUCKS!

  6. Gaeina Lee

    Thanks for the recaps ladies..

    My interest is waning… I’ve done enough ranting on the other place, so I better stay silent now. *sigh*

  7. kleenex


  8. crazedlu


    that is all.

  9. rainerust

    I’m surprised you ladies are still recapping this – thought you would have dropped it considering how badly it’s going. I’ve switched allegiance to Dad Where Are We Going cos it really reminds me of the good old 2D1N – where they actually introduced the places they went, had food and games that were particularly relevant to those places and actually had stakes that mattered (although they never went as far as starving people or making the guys go into the water, which I miss).

    I wish they would just stop it with the guests and stop it with the scripting and someone please send the PDs to Editting School stat!

    • 9.1 Jo

      And I’m wondering why you read it… just read the recaps your favorite show…..PLEASE

      • 9.1.1 rainerust

        I read in the hopes that someone would magically realise they should go back to the 2D1N we know and love. Its like watching a train wreck happen – can’t stop reading even if I know its going to happen.

        Oh well. Hope springs eternal.

        That said and done I’m not trying to bash the show, but there was a reason why all of us were so in love with it. When you read the recaps of the post Bird PD episodes and the pre, I think you will find that a lot of people have the same lament. As a true fan, I’m just hoping they rediscover what 2D1N really means to them and to their supportive fans.

    • 9.2 qqq

      …and it’s surprising that you’re still here, if you “switched allegiance” what are you still doing commenting on a show that you consider bad?

      • 9.2.1 rainerust

        Because I used to love it. Its like breaking up. I need time to get over it. And I keep hoping things will go back to how they used to be. Sigh.

  10. 10 sunny

    my love for the crew
    cyclone “new PD”/ “I feel like messing up a six year success formula and make people cry with guests and randomness PD”

    ;_; off to eat break up ice cream, because after so many years, and even after so many people leaving its finally time that i sit down and have a chat with 1n2d. its not me, its you, you’ve changed and now I have to say goodbye…. TT *BURSTS OUT IN TEARS THINKING ABOUT THE HAPPE MEMORIES OF SEASON 1*

  11. 11 snow_white


  12. 12 Cindy

    I’ve nv thought I would say this, but 1n2d is getting boring…now I depend on recaps to decide if I wanna watch the episode. And this epi is a pass, NEXT!

  13. 13 anvesha

    And I’ve also noticed that this PD gets more screen time.. or more precisely, unnatural screen time.. Usually PDs got slowly introduced or their shots were not liberal reaction shots. Either when they’re explaining the game or someone refers to them.. May be it’s just me and I’m just nit picking since I really loved this show.. idk. I’m taking a break and watching s1.

  14. 14 chane

    Thank you so much for the recaps!!!

  15. 15 okdubu

    Totally agree about the stakes… I started rewatching the first season (from when Seungki joins) and damn it is a thousand times more intense.

    I honestly wonder whether the PDs actually check that the cast doesn’t sneak food in anymore. In the first season you can always really see the hunger in their eyes.

    Remember Seungki practically fondling that bowl of udon in one of the earlier episodes? And the entire group playing violent rock-paper-scissors just for a slurp of those noodles?

    And prior to that Seungki and Kim C sneaking off to get steamed buns and they get so scared to get caught by the others (ie. Hodong)?

    And in a later episode when Seungki and Mong go off to eat some sashimi from a fish this other ajusshi caught instead of returning to the hyungs waiting in the cold and how pissed they get for not maintaining their loyalty?

    Sigh I am just depressing myself lol.

  16. 16 Carmensitta

    There’s Yoona, I refuse to watch. end of story.
    From the recaps it seems that there are a few funny moments. I want at least Bird PD back, Na PD is too impossible to bring back.

    • 16.1 lili

      Yoona was cute i`m not gonna lie! The episode would be mess with or without her!

  17. 17 jayne

    i will probably just watch the last 30 seconds of this ep, to take a glimpse of sikyung’s concert…. dare i hope the next ep will be better and without any guests?

  18. 18 tiny

    they’re really butchering the show 🙁 don’t the execs see it? :'(

    everytime i recommend 1N2D to a friend I always have to specify “Season 1”.

  19. 19 erika

    pls change the title of this variety show…i rest… sigh..

  20. 20 dramalurker

    Oh, 1n2d…

    What have I got to do to keep loving you?
    What have I got to do to keep caring?
    And what do I say when it’s all over?
    Sorry seems to be the hardest word..

    So sad, so sad.. It’s a sad sad situation..
    And it’s getting more and more absurd..

  21. 21 SandrOu

    loool You guys sound so fed up. I don’t know what the pd is doing, but this is bad… Need to get some advice from the ex-pd. 1n2d was so much fun, “naturally fun”, no need of guests or whatever. Now I’m bored.

    • 21.1 alisa

      She was not the problem of this episode! If anything she was fun to watch and wasn`t pretending to be cute, she was one of the boys! I liked that!

  22. 22 Jules

    I’ve nothing of substance to add, but on a purely shallow note: is it just me, or has Tae Woong actually gotten hotter since his wedding? Mmm.

    • 22.1 juniper

      You’re not the only one, I’ve noticed that too…have you seen his mane of glory for his new drama? He was so smokin.

  23. 23 Nahla JW

    R they doing a conspiracy to cancel the show ?? 0_o

  24. 24 Bells


    Please variety god, fire this new PD and bring back the old days.

  25. 25 KDaddict

    Oh Dear, it sounds like a mess!
    I also remember fondly Seung Gi, that bowl of udon, and the guys each pathetically trying to get a slurp, as well as how scared he was of Ho Dong when all he did was stay behind to sneak a piece of sashimi! We got so much fun out of their desperation and guilty looks. Those were the days. Like I said, back to rewatching Season 1 it is. I don’t have the heart to see a loved one go down like this…..

  26. 26 purple kyung

    Thanks for recap…. can’t wait the thirty-second Si Kyung Concerts….. <3

  27. 27 abba

    thanks girls, i actually really love this episode.

  28. 28 kyl

    The cast members now seem to be missing a certain randomness and camaraderie that made this show somehow more real at times. In the past, perhaps the cast members were more aware of their variety responsibilities to make the viewers laugh, hence they always try extracting the funny out of every possible situation through witty comments, jokes or body gags. This is a variety show after all, and it’s main goal is to entertain the viewers.

    What I felt was missing in Season 2 (both in Bird PD’s era and New PD’s era) was partly due to the formula of the show which lowered the stakes, and the cast reaction to it. It’s also not as funny as it used to be. It’s somehow all games. I love the games, but I also want to see some interesting in betweens (e.g. rest time, morning before mission. In other words, unscripted parts). It’s part of what makes this show more endearing to viewers, to me because you get to see another side of these celebrities that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Su-guen used to be a lot wittier. Perhaps it’s because there was lack of rapport and support. Hodong, Jiwon and sometimes Seunggi were the few who can counter his wit and create LOL moments just by talking to each other. I don’t really see that side of him nowadays.

    This show is missing a good variety mentor and host among the members. Hodong is a good example, but I wouldn’t want him to join the current cast. Or maybe he should. This ship is slowly sinking.

    • 28.1 tamtam

      Suguen is a lot funnier when he’s hosting with HoDong via Cool Kidz. They’re the ultimate Tom and Jerry combo.

      About the non-competitiveness… I’ve been whinning about that since season 2 started. I didn’t mind it as much because a lot of the “aimlessness” was edited out. I think the best episode was when they had the music legends on as guests. So there were glimpses of goodness under Bird PD… but now it seems like all hope is lost.

      I’m still watching bc of Shi-Kyung. I still remember that he was a guest in the watcher’s special from season 1, and he was more interesting to watch when the show was still under Na PD’s flag.

  29. 29 minsky

    aww, this makes me miss seungwoo and bird pd more, i miss the “old” season 2.

  30. 30 paspioma

    This was actually a fun ep, yoona was great and thanks for still recapping

  31. 31 jayne

    I watched Sikyung in Hwasin. Funny line from him: in 1 night 2 days, i’m not funny, so i eat…. 😀 i guess that was why he gained weight and now he is slowly losing it. despite the health reason, i’d like him a bit chubby like before 🙂
    he is not easy to bend, speaks his minds and objections, doesn’t hang out with other celebrities, which make people sometime misjudge his personalities…hearing at his confessions (which i find quite touching), i think he really pushes himself for 1 night 2 days. he does things in this show that really against his personalities and totally ruin his image as prince of ballad 😀
    while the other 6 are easy going and natural born entertainers, sikyung has to work hard just to be compatible with them. so, i will keep watching this show, as my support to sikyung.
    and of course for comical jongmin, hilarious taehyun, cute joowon, dorky taewoong, witty haejin and sugeun as the anchor. love you all ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • 31.1 Rach^^

      IMHO Sikyung is a miscast. He takes things far too seriously… in short I think he’s not suited for variety at all. I was won over by him when he appeared as a guest for the viewer’s tour in S1, but as a regular cast member, not so much.

      I abhor the way he treats Jong Min. He doesn’t like JM one bit and you can see he’s trying to hide it but it’s so obvious. It’s the little things in their interaction and when you can catch it, it’s clear as day.

      Don’t kill me his fangirls.

      • 31.1.1 Rach^^

        Just to add I’m not a JM fangirl.

      • 31.1.2 zandria

        I’m not sure you have watched the show very well or you wouldn’t have missed the fact that Jongmin has ticked everyone off at times. They just decide each time which one is better to show. That’s how you get people to watch even if its just because they don’t like one of the characters. They have switched the routine, now Jongmin is supposed to be afraid of Taehyun.

  32. 32 sick

    I am starting to shy away from this show… I liked it better when we have Bird PD. It will soon meet it’s last episode because it is starting to lose its luster.

  33. 33 joe

    just heard the news…

    congrats uhm force, his wife just gave birth to a healthy baby girl!!!

    • 33.1 Love Silents

      I so hope he is happy with his new family. He didn’t have much time to slowly get used to a whole new life style. I also hope he gets to keep his dog(s).

      I have to wonder about his wife at home. “Oppa when will I see you again?” He is gone every other weekend, he goes out to eat with his cast mates after shooting, he has taken on another film….

      They should make Director Uhm really the next 1N2D director.

  34. 34 eve

    why does this PD keeps the guests-and-specials-to-boost-ratings strategy? sometimes the good ol’ seven men (or is it oversized men-children?) trying to fill their stomach and make sure they have roof on top of their heads is enough to attract viewers. gotta bring back the old PDs to school him about it.

    and damn, this episode leaves me hungry even though i eat while watching. surprisingly i wasn’t bored watching them eat… and eat, and eat, and eat. it just makes me even hungrier. no wonder i’m gaining weight.

    • 34.1 Cee

      It used to be enough. But now it’s not, and guests don’t help either.

      Old PDs definitely have to school him.

  35. 35 Cee

    Be prepared for my long ass comment.

    This episode is one of the most boring episodes ever. I felt like I was watching some kind of documentary show with a few funny guys. But it wasn’t funny at all. I think Yoona did a great job, though. Even this is one of KBS’ lame strategy to boost ratings, Yoona did great because she’s down to earth and fearless. Her personality fits variety shows.

    I didn’t regularly watch season 1. I don’t know why I didn’t, because everytime I watched it, my stomach always hurt from laughing too much. It was extremely fun when Kim C was still there, and it was still funny when Taewoong joined.

    Then season 2 came and I decided to watch it regularly. Maybe because I didn’t really watch season1, I found season 2 veryvery funny and 1N2D suddenly became my new favorite variety show. I love the bond between the boys, I love the games, and I love Bird PD to death. I found the old season 2 flawless because maybe it actually was, and because I didn’t really watch season 1.

    I was devastated when he and Seungwoo left. Suddenly there’s this big hole the new (but sucks) PD and Haejin can’t fix until now. Haejin is slowly blending in, and he’s funny in some ways but his biggest problem is that he is NOT competitive AT ALL. Seungwoo was very competitive (in his own way) and he really didn’t like sleeping outside so he always tried his best to sleep indoors. But Haejin doesn’t.

    About the PD (inserts big sighs here). I just don’t understand him. Maybe it’s not completely his fault, because I feel that KBS is pressing him to give something new, and that’s not an easy task. He’s like a helpless new step mom trying to make her step sons (viewers) like her.

    What lacks from the new season 2 is the competitiveness (idk why. They don’t really seem competitive these days), the bond (I can’t really see it anymore) between the boys… okay lemme sum it up in 2 words: THE FUN.

  36. 36 leanne

    season 1 is incomparable. that’s all… amazing cast amazing pd’s. i am still watching season 1 for the sixth times now.. they are hilariously funny. Still can’t forget those episodes; when su geun took a bet with NA Pd for a packets of noodles, (JONG MIN: it’s okey it’s okey) and jiwon begging for a piece of chocolate from one of the pd’s.

    When Seunggi, mong, & sugeun lied about the amount of money they got from the mission and headed to eat some food, on the other hand Jiwon, hodong and kim c trying to figure out how to catch those three..

    Jiwon’s amazing instinct, they are all so awesome, the seop seop brothers getting their haircut because of those silly bets.

    those staff losing the game and end up sleeping outside while raining…

    morning mission where Hodong woke up so early, hide the shoes of the other member but ended up with no breakfast..

    seunggi’s scared face when he drew on hodongs face..

    and a lot more…

    just by thinking of those makes me smile… i love them… and soon i am going to attend lee seung gi’s fan meeting here in singapore and i am going to enjoy it. (ask him hows 1n2d season 1 cast doing?)

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