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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 441
by | June 8, 2013 | 82 Comments

EPISODE 441. Broadcast on June 2, 2013.

girlfriday: Back to the Friendship Special, where the boys are asked to vote for the winner of the Friendship Award. Are they supposed to vote for the member they’re closest to?

javabeans: They’re… not very clear on the rules, are they? I liked it better last time when Ho-dong ended up broken-hearted when Tae-woong didn’t pick him back. But this time, all I know is that there’s some kind of “Friendship Award” and that requires voting.

girlfriday: This PD has a problem with rules, which makes me have a problem with HIM.

javabeans: Tae-hyun goes up first and totally votes for himself. First of all, HA. Second, I guess there are no rules. It’s anarchy up in this hizzy.

girlfriday: Yeah a vote isn’t the same as a thwarted loveline. Er, bromance line.

javabeans: Tae-woong votes for Shi-kyung. Hae-jin says, “Jong-min… was who I was gonna vote for, but I picked Joo-won.” Haha. Jong-min calls out Tae-hyun’s name (super-loudly), only then he has to ask how to spell it.

girlfriday: Haha. He spells it wrong anyway, which hilariously negates his vote. So Tae-hyun would’ve won (even though dude, you voted for yourself so that doesn’t count), but Jong-min wins first place instead.

javabeans: I’m amused at the fact that the winner got two votes. Which means nobody else got voted twice.

girlfriday: Jong-min wins some dried anchovies, but he seems happier with his pageant sash, and wears it to the beach where the boys greet a crowd of people waiting to play some bokbulbok games with them.

javabeans: A whole contingent of Joo-won’s university-mates is part of the crowd, because they’re theater majors and came here to Busan for the film festival. This was totally planned, wasn’t it? Then Su-geun tells them to perform an impromptu scene, and I’m sorta mad now.

girlfriday: Yeah, I’m annoyed with all the I just happened by on this show. And I’m still waiting for the explanation of why they came to the beach to play games with tourists — not because that’s bad, but because this show used to be explained, but now that transparency is totally gone.

javabeans: It’s super contrived, but without purpose. At least on Strong Heart or something, the guests come prepared with stories and that’s built into the format. Here, you’re promising one thing and delivering another. Also, to make things even worse, WHAT IS THE POINT. It’s like with the football players last episode — the game seemed fun, but why? And these students acting out this convoluted scene — why? And Choi Kang-hee’s seven-part movie — WHY? I’m just going to fast-forward this whole bit.

girlfriday: I already did.

javabeans: Show, you don’t win this time! Geez, I’m fast forwarding and it’s still long. Okay, finally that ends and the student spins the wheel of games.

girlfriday: He chooses Tae-hyun as his opponent in Green Tea vs. Bitter Tea, which is a smart move. Su-geun ups the stakes by saying the loser should jump into the ocean, so someone’s gonna end up in the water. Ha, is Tae-hyun stripping down before he even takes a sip?

javabeans: Tae-hyun wins, the other guy jumps into the ocean, and there are no stakes. I don’t care that he jumped.

girlfriday: Because we met him five seconds ago and will never see him again? Gee, why didn’t anyone else think of that?

javabeans: Dude, if this is how the show is gonna be, it deserves to be cancelled. It would spare me the need to break up with it.

girlfriday: Yeah the pointless is really starting to outweigh the pointy, in pure airtime.

javabeans: Next is a girl who picks the Americano vs. Eel Sauce game. She chooses to go up against Shi-kyung because she’s a huge fan, and Su-geun gives her the chance to ask for a hug. So Shi-kyung backhugs her and she basically dies of glee. Now that was sweet.

girlfriday: That’s cute. I basically love it any time someone squeals over Shi-kyung, I don’t know why.

javabeans: Because I want to marry him? It’s a vicarious enjoyment response?

girlfriday: But also because I feel like the other boys underestimate how liked he is by women, or something.

javabeans: I do think that he gets that adoration less than the others. Not that he’s unappreciated by fans, but that he doesn’t encounter the outward response in the same way that squealing fans run up to Joo-won or Tae-hyun, and he’s so reserved that it’s only when the show puts him in these situations that he gets a lot more of that. That’s just my theory. Anyway, Shi-kyung drinks eel sauce and then it’s another guy’s turn. This feels long. Five more of these games?

girlfriday: There are more?

javabeans: Doesn’t each cast member have to do it?

girlfriday: I was going to fast forward to check, but the show’s doing it for me. The next few are montaged, so we speed through a few rounds.

javabeans: A kid ends up picking the spicy drink in the Tomato vs. Capsaicin game, and because he doesn’t want to put the kid through that pain, Shi-kyung tastes it ahead of time. They give the boy the chance to switch drinks, so now all the cast members are urging him to switch and his mother is shouting from the sidelines to do as they say. Ha. That’s really cute.

girlfriday: But dude, he drinks the super spicy one anyway, and doesn’t even spit it out!

javabeans: He’s like, This is nuthin’ and takes an extra sip. What’s cute is how much the hyungs are trying to take care of him, even though he appears to not need it.

girlfriday: And then the next woman picks Tae-hyun to play raw egg/cooked egg for a dip in the ocean, saying that she’s a huge fan of his.

javabeans: She’s an entertaining one to watch, and it’s funny to see her interacting with her husband too. She calls him over, and the cast members are angling for the husband to be the black knight and offer to take the dip instead of her. But he just says, “Make sure you take the cell phone out of your pocket.”

girlfriday: Yeah he’s the funny one with all the good lines, while she loses and goes straight into the ocean.

javabeans: Apparently Tae-hyun only gets lucky when the choices are out of his hands.

girlfriday: So the games end there, and then we go straight to the next trip. The episodes where the trips overlap like that always weird me out.

javabeans: Yeah, it feels unfinished. On the upside, at least the show doesn’t stretch out filler material (even more) just to fill the time. On the downside, they could have just edited last week to fit their slot properly. Ahem.

girlfriday: I was just thinking, Shi-kyung has a new haircut, but then they announce that he has a concert the next day, and he suddenly asks for the day off. What?

javabeans: He has prepared a substitute guest to sub in, and everyone acts like this is all a big surprise and not something trumpeted in all the headlines. Su-geun barks, “What if we get attached to the guest? Then we won’t need you anymore!” But Tae-hyun hears the guest is a woman and says, “Oh, then you can go.”

girlfriday: Why do they pretend they don’t know things when they know things? So then Shi-kyung calls for the guest to come out of hiding, and Yoona comes out. The boys freak out, naturally, and Hae-jin is adorably awkward.

javabeans: He even works in a SNSD dance move into the conversation, like a dorky fanboy. The caption is all: “It’s his first time seeing a celebrity.”

girlfriday: The boys immediately start clamoring for a ranking, which they always do. But the PD says they have to split into two teams anyway, and they have her choose her teammates the same way Choi Kang-hee did, by kicking the rejects in the rear. Su-geun and Tae-woong get kicked out first, but when Hae-jin gets rejected, I half expect him to cry.

javabeans: I don’t know why Shi-kyung is even in this game since he’s leaving. Jong-min gets the rejection, and because he refuses to accept his first butt-kick he just ends up getting kicked several times in a row.

girlfriday: Now that the teams are made, the PD announces that they have another guest, and then they bring out manhwa writer Heo Young-man. Wait, they brought the writer of Gaksital?

javabeans: And also Le Grand Chef, I Love You, Tazza… That’s random.

girlfriday: It’s extra random because the two guests have nothing to do with each other. But then, I guess that didn’t stop them the last time. At least with Hae-jin who was in Tazza and Joo-won in Gaksital, there’s SOME connection.

javabeans: Maybe he has a new manhwa book coming out. Who knows. But since he has some interest in good food, they’ll be incorporating food into today’s mission. They introduce something they’re calling a “food pairing race” and he explains with clue boards that they’ll have to track down their ingredients. Okay, one hint cracks me up because it’s a picture of a woman turning her back on jajangmyun, which instantly calls to mind the song by g.o.d.,  which is like the connection for all things in Kpopland.

girlfriday: Lol, weren’t we just talking about this, how g.o.d. = jajangmyun = being poor. I can’t even remember the context, because it just fits everywhere.

javabeans: It’s the lyric “Mom said she hated jajangmyun,” because she couldn’t afford to buy herself one and wouldn’t eat from the son’s bowl, thereby symbolizing her love and sacrifice for him. Thus jajangmyun has strangely come to symbolize, in Korean pop culture, a mother’s love. At least for everyone under 40. And in this instance it’s also used as a pun (god = gat = gat-kimchi), so you can imagine how much WE like this.

girlfriday: So does Shi-kyung, who jumps up when he figures out the pun, even though he doesn’t get the point on a technicality when he doesn’t name the region the food comes from. So in the end there’s an eel team and a kimchi team, and they have to set out on a race to find other foods to pair with their item.

javabeans: They split up into their respective cars and head out to pick up their foods. I notice Joo-won is talking more today, even with the guest, which means he must be feeling way more comfortable now. Jong-min is kind of creeping me out, though, with this prowling around Team Eel’s car to catch a glimpse of Yoona. I know it’s partly comedy, but it’s also partly creepy.

girlfriday: Or mostly creepy, but not to be taken seriously as it is Jong-min, who cannot be taken seriously. Team Eel heads to the marketplace to buy some eels, which they have to grab out of the tank themselves. I’m pretty sure they’d starve without Shi-kyung, because everyone else is afraid to touch them.

javabeans: Yeah, they’re either cringing or screaming. Or both. Yoona does a lot of screaming. Plus, they also have to figure out (as part of the mission) what characteristic makes a good eel, where it’s rich in nutrients, and the like.

girlfriday: Team Kimchi, meanwhile, heads to the dock where the PD tells them one member will be heading out on a boat to taste-test their kimchi with various fish. It doesn’t sound totally unpleasant, but it’s still a fishing boat, so they draw straws and Hae-jin loses.

javabeans: Now I want kimchi. The eels just kind of turned me off eating, but the kimchi looks tasty. I could do a boat trip for fresh fish.

girlfriday: Right? I’m thinking he’s the winner here. Especially when we find out the other three have to do field work.

javabeans: They help the farm ajummas harvest the crop used to make the kimchi, and then it’s back to Team Eel. They take their catch and head back to join Heo Young-man for the next portion.

girlfriday: Okay, now that those eels are cooked, they’re starting to look delicious.

javabeans: Lol, and they’re all totally wearing spoons around their necks again. That just makes me think of grade schoolers on a camping trip or something.

girlfriday: This team has to send someone out on a fishing boat too, so they ask Heo Young-man to pick the member he thinks will be the least lonely. He points at Tae-hyun right away, so he leaves the table, head hanging.

javabeans: Over in Kimchi Town, the boys meet the ajumma who will be their taste testing guide.

girlfriday: I like this portion. Maybe I just like watching ajummas make kimchi.

javabeans: While wearing a fancy hanbok, no less. And allowing boys to eat freely. I’m sure a whole show of that would get boring, but knowing that this is an unusual occurrence makes it enjoyable, to see them stuffing faces while they have the chance. There’s something so satisfying about kimchi with a bowl of plain rice.

girlfriday: There is. It’s just mouth-watering. I’m super jealous right now.

javabeans: They’re given a tiny spoon (around the neck, of course) and allowed “one taste,” so they load up as much rice on that spoon as humanly possible—seriously, it’s like a bowl’s worth. If you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew, you’ve failed.

girlfriday: She loads up each mountain of rice with kimchi, and then they stuff their faces like it’s their first meal in ten days.

javabeans: Do you love the moment when the PD announces she’s taking away the rice bowl? The boys CRAM their spoons in for one final bite before she snatches it.

girlfriday: I died laughing. I’ve never seen Su-geun’s hand move that fast.

javabeans: The eel team tastes a soup made with a type of greens, then decides the key ingredient is bean paste. Then it’s back to Team Kimchi for their next dish, which includes buckwheat noodles. As the ajumma ladles out portions, the PD asks her to keep them small and the boys all protest. Ha.

girlfriday: They are totally the winners today.

javabeans: I think so. Also, I’m giving the edge to Team Kimchi, based on the highly scientific evidence of them making me hungrier. Eel is tasty, but fresh kimchi and rice and noodles? Those give a very basic sense of satisfaction… that I guess I’m getting vicariously? Though I don’t know if that counts as satisfaction when I can’t eat it.

girlfriday: I’m calling my mom after this.

javabeans: I’m going to the Korean store tomorrow.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 g

      yoo hae jin got so horny when he saw yoona. tsk

  2. snow_white

    Thank you..

  3. Chichiri

    No offense, but I totally fast-forward-read this recap. No guests anymore next week, pretty please?

    • 3.1 KDaddict

      How do they take a totally winning formula that has worked since 2007, screw with it so much that the show becomes so boring? That takes some doing. And the other Qn is WHY?

      I’ve a backlog of 1N2Ds old eps that I have missed. So when the show becomes like this, I can just concentrate on those.

      • 3.1.1 Chichiri

        I’ve totally stopped downloading the past 5 episodes. And each episode I don’t download kills me a little each time. I’m not ready to break up with 1n2d just yet 😐

        • whatwhere?

          Where can you watch or download the recent 1 night 2 days episodes? I have wanted to watch them for a while now and I can’t find them anywhere!

    • 3.2 kyungie

      your right I don’t buy the special treatment to the female guest no fun

  4. h311ybean

    Thanks for the recap!

    I thought the Friendship Special was going to be a legit three-parter, but apparently not? WTF, New PD 🙁 He is seriously making me sad.

    Not very happy with the travel aspect of the show taking a back seat to the random guests. At least they’re eating interesting things again? I’m still following the show and am sure that I’ll find something funny about this episode when I see it, but the bigger picture doesn’t look as good to me anymore.

    • 4.1 h311ybean

      PS It was nice that Jong-min won the Friendship Award, though! Even though he borders on the ridiculous in the show, he still comes across as a genuinely nice guy 🙂

  5. kdramapedia

    This is feeling more and more like a badly scripted drama instead of a loosely scripted variety show.

    As for all the “surprise” guests, I don’t get why the guys are pretending they didn’t know in advance. If we can tell you’re acting, you’re doing it wrong.

  6. Sylvia P

    So bored with this show now. It’s just not the same without kim seung woo and bird. I’ll give it a few more weeks and then I’ll probably just drop it. Still loving Dad, where are you going though!

  7. RT

    this was the first episode that i gave up watching…. please get your act together new PD.

  8. far

    this show is getting more unacceptable by each filming. the New PD deserves a spank! i’m gonna disown him from variety shows. i cant even promote this show to my friends anymore as it’s very embarrassing. ><

    anyway, i still have a bit of faith for this show. let's wait a couple more weeks to see if the show will have an upchange. all the best of luck to the directors~

    • 8.1 far

      it’s not the cast’s fault. the casts made the show better than what it would have been. it’s the PD, writers, and the concept of the show now. they had to get their act together asap. the changes are not doing them good.

      • 8.1.1 Gon

        Of course, but for this show, itshould be about the staff and also the cast n their chemistry..I’ve watched the previous episode and find out that the premises is okay, n the idea is good..they should’ve made the most out of it..I felt that suguen the main mc didn’t hv that depth in mc’ing that KHD have..they should’ve interacted more with the ppl around them especially during the football game..its like they are doing their own thing by themselves..the episode should’ve been an epic one..this show used to be a great one..what I like about this show is that despite being low-keyed, the show brings lots of fan and followers, and its where every little things count..n that’s what makes every episode memorable..ppl keeps complaining that khd were too loud and bossy in the show but he’s the one who kept the show running..whatelse would be the reason that the show is able to get 20-40% in the 1st season..its the cast/mc/staff effort..

  9. mini

    Love joo all the casts 1n2d.but sorry.I will not waste my time watching it going downhill.I have decided to give up. 🙁 i may be watching it only when there is no guests. 1d2n has no points if they focus/want guests.It makes no different from other programs.

  10. 10 Gon

    I badly wants KHD back on the show and maybe eun ji won..not seunggi becuz I think he’s better off not starring in this show so that he can focus on other things like movies maybe..heh, one can only felt satisfying watching the recent episode of cool kidz on the block on kbsworld, where one of the player said that she doesn’t even watch 1n2d anymore becuz KHD is not there..its pretty bad of me to felt that way..but its the truth and fact..n no more guest plzzz..

  11. 11 jayne

    i’ve had enough my rants and raves for this show. i will stay watching as long as sikyung in it.

    • 11.1 Gaeina Lee


      Me too, him and UTW… ^^

      • 11.1.1 alyna

        Me three, him and CTH!!!


    • 11.2 Thursdaynexxt

      Yup, me four – right there with ya!!

      • 11.2.1 eve

        me five … PD nim please bring us back our 7 brothers. don’t make them act in variety show..

        1n2d keep fighting..

    • 11.3 isma afifah romani

      me four… (i guess)

      I just couldn’t keep myself away from watching Sung Si Kyung & Cha Tae Hyun


  12. 12 pV

    thanku fr the sub..
    ill skip through most of today’s show………as shi kyung isnt going to be there and there will be many random “i love yoona” moments
    its distressing new pd i hope u know what you are doing ………… 🙁

  13. 13 pV

    so jealous of the lucky girl who got back hugged by shi kyung 😀

  14. 14 Jodasg

    I totally skip parts that have Yoona. Just watch the portion on kimchi team. Also, the editing has got so bad that I am kinda lost on what they are doing. I look forward to “Dad, where are we going?” more these days.

  15. 15 Ann

    Thanks for the warnings–now I know which parts to skip. Could the new PD be out if the members kicked him in the butt?

  16. 16 jayne

    yoona, you slicky girl! you got to choose taehyun, joo won and shikyung as your team mates…. the funniest, the cutest and the best… dang it! now i really hate you *laughing hard with high dose of bitterness*

  17. 17 anvesha

    Since the new PD took over we have had enough ‘sudden guest appearances’ than probably in season 1 of the show.. I know it’s an exaggeration, but I feel cheated with the whole you’d-never-know-who-I-just-met concept.. like I’m stupid to not figure these out.

    I liked the Shi Kyung hug part and I totally agree about what you guys said.. whenever on trips, no one knows his name, I feel so bad for him because he seems famous to me from your conversations..

    • 17.1 Thursdaynexxt

      Yeah, Sung Si-kyung’s seriously under-appreciated!

      It looks like he has a big fan-base, but it’s not the same as actors appearing weekly in national dramas or in movies, or having a strong variety background, like Su-geun.

      But his English is pretty perfect (and self-taught!), he’s a whiz at cooking (can he have his own cooking travel show, please?) Not much this guy can’t do – except maybe Ricky Martin songs, hehe 😀

      Agree with the comments, Yoo Hae-jin seems like a great addition to the team (if we *had* to lose KSW…). Just wish they’d remember the members are the heart of the show.

      • 17.1.1 kindaichi

        you read my mind!

      • 17.1.2 rulids

        hmmm…i think he had sang one of Ricky Martin’s songs and even Bon fact i really like his rendition of the song, its my life

      • 17.1.3 jayne

        Shikyung’s cooking travel show? Aww..sounds delicious…. 😀
        And wear that pink shirt again, I always have this thing with a good looking guy wearing a pink shirt..

  18. 18 Midgee

    Suddenly, 1N2D is uber BORING. Yawn. Zzzzzz.

  19. 19 kindaichi

    This episode is the first episode i fast forwarded some parts…and as for today’s episode, it’s my first time not looking forward to a new episode…

  20. 20 JiHwan

    After watching the past few episode, there is definitely something off about this New PD’s directing style. Sigh… I don’t wanna hate this show.

  21. 21 eny

    because i just star watching this show at season 2 i still find this show is entertaining n enjoyable, if i watch this show since first season i must be feel boring , there’s no show that could last really long in still no one because viewer must be boring,it’s not the cast or PD, it’s absolutly normal

  22. 22 Nahla JW

    I’m totally mad at how the show is going these days ….also I feel sad leaving some episodes unwatched during the semester coz I was busy !!! I haven’t even watched last trips with bird and KSW… I have my summer and look what happened to the show 🙁

  23. 23 Nahla JW

    Oh I forgot to say that I totally swooned at the 1st pic ♥♡♥♡

  24. 24 hui3r

    I think there is less joy in the recapping and reading the recap since the PD change (no, JB and GF remains as entertaining as ever and I am your eternal fangirl).

    Things are just so… Bleh…. I used to read the recap and look forward to watching the actual ep on KBSW. Now i’m just like. Meh~

  25. 25 정남

    I know the ratings were slipping a bit before the PD change but there is more competition Real men and Dad Where are you Going? is doing better and better so in a glass half full kind of way we are getting better variety at the cost of losing 1N2D

  26. 26 ika

    Jongmin oppa and 1n2d fighting¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  27. 27 Croissant

    We don’t need Yoona in this show! Or any other idols or guest. I’d rather watch an hour long episode of the boys playing the zombie game, making up weird times table puns or lazing around in a dog pile.

    • 27.1 biankoy

      i guess bringing up the YOONA, was a tactic to garner more views. but puh-lease, No more idols.

  28. 28 ida

    it’s like the PD doesn’t KNOW in what direction he’s meant to be prepping and leading the show.
    it’s like aimless, oh let’s bring a guest in to try up the ante in this place, let’s interact with the public because that always works to bring interest to the show!
    yeh. they do, if these things had a reason…
    poor cast members. being led with no idea where or what the path is.

  29. 29 Dramafed1782

    I can understand JB and GF if you don’t recap it the next week. I am thinking not to watch the show this week either. But I will miss your cheerful banter 🙁

  30. 30 nedenuleyn

    Since everyone is disappointed by the new PD, why don’t we protest him and the show on Twitter?

    He will at least understand that we are not happy for the show and its future anymore.

    What do you think?

    I think a tag like #HamPDDon’tPlayWithOurShow1N2D would be great.

    • 30.1 leilani

      We should hashtag it in Korean and tweet it to the members, they might see it and even reply.

  31. 31 MEalways

    If anyone is going to write a petition about how the new PD ruins the show, counts me in.

    So much for ‘it will be going to be better the next show’…
    It won’t. I am losing interest and that make me change the channel… That bad.

    And still angry.
    Not good.

  32. 32 kyl

    Huh. I don’t like the way they pretend like they totally didn’t know guests are coming. I mean, at least in the past the casts would be like, ‘Yeah, sure we know, we saw the news headlines. Duh.’ or they would act surprised at first, only to be foiled by another member’s quirky comments. I love and miss that sort of transparency. It’s funny, and it’s not pretentious. I hate to think that the 1N2D is sinking. And I hate to think that a successful show can only survive for 1 season, successfully (see FO).

  33. 33 aenea

    I’m fast losing faith that new PD is going to come around and make everything the way it was with each episode. He’s ruining it. Ruining! Argh! My boys! My bromance!

    I say bring back Bird PD, even if it’s only temporary, until KBS finds a better one!

  34. 34 liam


  35. 35 Jo

    Please stop making negative comments. there are people who find the show entertaining and may feel bad about such comments. If you love the show, just support it and if it’s the other way around, just don’t watch it……. we should learn from the wise folks: If you don’t have anything good to say, just say nothing.

    • 35.1 kindaichi

      i am just hoping that our views of the show are considered by the people behind the show…i think none of us want 1n2d to sink. i for one, already have an attached feeling to this show since season 1 and i still very much want to continue watching the current 7 guys and have many good laughs every sunday…i just dont want it to be ruined…

  36. 36 leilani

    Thanks girls, don’t stop recapping!!!

  37. 37 Sintia

    I think they really did not know that Yoona would come. We usually watch the episode that was filmed two weeks ago. First they filmed with Yoona and only then appeared all news about her.

  38. 38 Opal

    Seriously, I just want to give the new PD or KBS management a big spank for downgrading the quality of the show. Right now, I want to know what the casts really think about this changes.

  39. 39 uudonn

    i think that’s true. the casts probably have no idea that the guests are coming. i’m not sure how it works, but i guess the sequence should be them filming the new episode, seen the guests, and the media reporting about it. correct me if i’m wrong. hehehehe 1n2d is a nice variety show, the nicest i’ve ever seen. let’s give the new PD some time before he works out something better?? the beginning is always the hardest, 1n2d fighting!!~~~ =D

  40. 40 정남

    A petition is unlikely to do anything coming from Foreign viewers, there is no revenue or anything that they would technically lose by us not tuning in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tae Hyun or Joo Won started jumping ship when they get another project lined up as they are actors first or Tae Woong I almost forgot about him.

    • 40.1 skinnymocha

      It would have been soooo good to see Tae Hyun on “Dad, Where Are We Going?” instead.

  41. 41 boss

    Sigh, I didn’t laugh a single time in this episode. It’s a first and that’s saying something. It’s really quite disappointing to see the show I love go deeper and deeper into the pits. A few weeks ago, the anticipation for a new episode totally died and I’m just watching every week for, oh, I don’t know what. Been fast-forwarding and finishing each of the past few episodes in 45-60 mins (except for the pajama party episode!). A part of me just wants to quit wasting more time but a bigger part of me cannot bear to part with this show I’ve watched for more than 5 years.

  42. 42 purple kyung

    thanks for the recap…

    Love 2D1N … fighting

  43. 43 MissL

    couldn’t agree more with you guys….
    It’s frustrating only thinking about breaking up with 1N2D but I can see this show hitting slump soon (–> i guess it will be cancelled by the end of the year)
    The problem is: WHY?!?!?!?!?!?
    I just can’t understand why they had to change the whole concept of the show! I mean, the games changed and the scripted “surprises” just piss me off. Okay I can understand that something has to change when a show runs for more than 6 years and sometime it will have to end. But still, why can’t they do it with a BANG? Like have a good finish with no hard feelings??
    During the last years even in the busiest school/university days I took the time for myself to watch the show- every single week- because I knew that it would make me feel better. ATM even with the exams 2 months away and a whole evening free I wouldn’t dream to watch this ep after reading the recap…. I am so sad, I don’t want it to end this way =(

  44. 44 tamtam

    If you guys decide not to recap 1n2d anymore, can My Neighborhood Sports Variety be the replacement? I am addicted to that show, and it’s fresh new approach to bro-mance and a competitive variety show. I’d also just be glad to see a KHD show be back in the regular recap lineup again.

  45. 45 justme

    Thanks for the recaps

    I’m just wanting to say that I don’t think the boys are pretending they didn’t know about the guest. They probably know that Si Kyung had to missed the shoot and there will be guest for that episode, but I do think they’re genuinely surprised that the guest is Yoona. FYI, the first news on Naver about Yoona guesting on the show came out on 24th, that’s actually the day when they shoot this episode

  46. 46 makeupmag

    Thank you for recapping this ep, despite the negative change in program direction.

    Was I the only one annoyed by Yoona’s high-pitched screaming?

    • 46.1 jayne

      Nope, you’re not the only one….and I’m most annoyed in all the pics displayed above, Yoona’s always on Shikyung’s side… (yes, I’m totally obsessed with that dude…) go find someone your age, girl! *sigh*

      • 46.1.1 Ana Rose

        Nope, you’re not the only one. I just can’t stand the sight of that Yoona. Why does it have to be her of all people? That wood doesn’t deserve to be on this show. And PLEASEEEE NO MORE GUESTS in future. They’re good together and even with the new member Yoo Haejin they’re just as hilarious. Our whole family never failed to have a blast on the weekend just with just the 7 of them. Haejin really complements them with his innocence and sincere personality. I’m so glad they decided to have him onboard. Haejin hwaiting!!!!

  47. 47 nedenuleyn

    The change in the concept is totally crazy!
    If there’s something to change, it should be the PD not the concept.
    KBS has to understand that the new PD is killing the show and do something about him.
    BTW, I think that Yoo Hae Jin is funny but he doesn’t fit the show. Maybe it’s because he’s new but I don’t see any connection with the other members. Even with Uhm Tae Woong and Joo Won who are with the same agency and Cha Tae Hyun who did Jeon Woo Chi with him. When they are playing games, he doesn’t act like he’s in a group.

  48. 48 hani

    i feel the same with all of you.This show is getting bored lately.For me this happend after Bird Pd left and new Pd take over.I like to see 7 of them act natural and not script in this program but nowdays i feel that they script it.Please do something.Dont change the fromat and please stop bring guest.The format is ok. i think new Pd need think more to make this show happening and entertaining like before.its very sad if they cancel this programs..i really love this program and i hope it will continue longer..can anyone do something to told them about our feeling..

  49. 49 Lusi

    Heo Young Man came because Yeosu is his homeland.. so he perhaps knows more about the local dish..

    I totally agree with both of you about the jumping scenes which are a little bit confusing now.. wish the PD could make it better, since the rating is keep sinking.. haizzz

  50. 50 ruzi mano

    I stay home on Sundays for 1n2d. Really. I laughed so hard when someone mentioned the zombie game. Remember the volley ball game using tissue paper….epic man!!
    I am starting to think of skipping this show. New PD… please get out if you can’t do it.

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