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I Hear Your Voice: Episode 9
by | July 3, 2013 | 292 Comments

This one’s a nail-biter if there ever was one. And that’s saying a lot for this show, where basically every episode sends me on a spiral of emotions so twisty I don’t know which way is up. Everything goes down in this episode: the verdict, the face-off between hero and killer, and the fallout… the fallout…


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EPISODE 9: “If in difficult days even you go away”

Hye-sung wakes up in a hospital bed. Ohgodohgod. We don’t know how much time as passed, but the doctor tells Kwan-woo that the surgery went well and no major organs were damaged… But they’re going to have to call the police, because it was a stab wound. What.

She opens her eyes slowly and only sees Kwan-woo next to her, and the first thing she does is ask frantically for Su-ha, trying to get out of bed to go find him. Kwan-woo hugs her and begs her to stop moving before she hurts herself again, and aw, your concern is touching, but WHERE IS SU-HA.

Hye-sung says in voiceover: “I might have been able to stop him. What Su-ha was thinking… If I had just picked up on the scattered hints along the way, today might not have happened. Su-ha always listened to my voice, but in the moment he needed me, I didn’t hear his voice.”

And then we go back to three days ago. Dude, I don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared to find out how we got here…

Hye-sung starts her day by outing a blind grandpa for not really being blind, and her co-workers hear their shouting match as he says she’s a public defender who’s supposed to take his side no matter what, and she says that whole ‘innocent until proven guilty’ thing is what’s wrong with the world. Eep. Obviously she means Min Joon-gook, and the arrow pointed at Kwan-woo doesn’t go unnoticed. Lawyer Shin assures him that he did the best he could, but Kwan-woo doesn’t seem very reassured.

At school, one of Sung-bin’s classmates—the nearsighted kid—runs up to grab her legs when it looks like she’s about to jump out a window. She just asks him to hold on so she can get a better look, and he peers over the ledge to find that she’s spying on Su-ha. Heh.

She’s about two floors above him, and trying to read what Su-ha is writing in his journal. What, you can read that from there? That’s exactly what Squinty asks, and now I’m beginning to think that it’s not him who’s nearsighted, but her who’s super-powered. In any case she reads: “Even if I disappear…” and wonders what it means.

Choong-ki comes by and sees Su-ha about to ditch school, and says he’s going to tattle. Su-ha says he can do whatever he wants, and then turns back around to add that since this might be the last time (waaaaah) he’s going to offer a piece of advice: “If you like Sung-bin just tell her so, instead of picking fights with me.” She watches him go with a worried expression, feeling that something’s not right.

That night Su-ha waits outside until Kwan-woo comes out of work, and starts to follow him home. He suddenly ducks out of sight and Su-ha thinks he’s lost him, but Kwan-woo just circles around to get the jump on him, and says he used to be a cop after all. Su-ha asks if he knows how to fight, and Kwan-woo hilariously sticks his fists up, thinking Su-ha came here to fight him. Pfffft. Su-ha laughs and says he’s here to ask him for a favor.

Min Joon-gook lies in his holding cell on his last night before the verdict, smiling in anticipation of his freedom. He wonders to himself what kind of welcome the kid has planned for him.

The morning of the verdict, Su-ha puts on a baseball cap and takes one last look at his apartment before heading out. What he didn’t expect was Sung-bin waiting for him outside, wanting to go to school together. I love that she followed through on her niggling intuition.

She grabs his bag to try and convince him to go to school, and he can hear her thinking in alarm that she feels something like a knife in the bag. He hurriedly grabs it out of her hands and tells her not to think anything weird or say anything to anyone, and stalks off.

Thankfully that speech just made her more suspicious, right? Please do something to stop him. Please do something…

It’s time for the verdict, and Hye-sung is in the courtroom, but Su-ha is nowhere to be found. As the judge reads the circumstances of the case, it’s inter-cut with scenes from Mom’s brutal murder and the staging of the fire.

The verdict: not guilty. Damn. Min Joon-gook casts a glance back at Hye-sung, and then smiles to himself quietly.

Hye-sung storms out and Kwan-woo chases after her, pleading with her to tell him what to do. He says that he won’t lose her over this, and promises to do anything, if she’ll just tell him what. Hye-sung: “Nothing. Don’t do anything. I need someone to hate right now—someone else, otherwise it’ll be me. So don’t do anything, and just let me hate you.”

She walks away, leaving him speechless. She takes one step into her revolving door, and that’s when she breaks down.

The tears come rushing out and she just crouches there in the middle of the revolving door, crying out to Mom in uncontrollable sobs. Judge Kim sees her there and pauses, feeling terrible about having to acquit for lack of evidence.

Joon-gook gets released, and Su-ha is outside waiting for him. But a group of church people show up to pick Joon-gook up, so he just smiles over at Su-ha and hops in a van before he can confront him.

Lawyer Shin goes to visit his prisoner friend Hwang Dal-joong, who says that Do-yeon asked him to testify again in the appeal. But Lawyer Shin warns him to stay out of it, and tells him now that she’s Judge Seo’s daughter.

That’s the judge that put him away, and knowing what we know about Judge Seo, I’m guessing it wasn’t all on the up and up. Dal-joong breaks the crayon in his hand at the mention of that man’s name.

At the Seo Family breakfast table, Do-yeon tells her parents about planning for an appeal, and says that she’s going to get Hwang Dal-joong to testify again.

Suddenly Dad freezes at the mention of that name, and immediately tells her to let go of this case. Okay, before it was a maybe, but now you’re pretty much flashing neon lights at me—that’s her biological father, yeah?

Do-yeon doesn’t understand Dad’s sudden change of heart, especially when he was the one who told her to do all this for Hye-sung.

Kwan-woo gets a delivery, and it’s the old case files from Su-ha’s father’s murder trial. He sighs that they came too late, but stays late to read them anyway. And it’s only then that he reads the transcripts of that trial, describing in detail how Hye-sung showed up to testify, and how Min Joon-gook lit up in a rage and attacked her right there, screaming that he’d kill her and never stop until he found her.

It only NOW dawns on him that she might’ve been right about Min Joon-gook after all (BAH), and he thinks back to Su-ha’s request of him last night: he asked Kwan-woo to stick to Hye-sung’s side if Min Joon-gook went free.

Kwan-woo said that he doesn’t believe Min Joon-gook is the killer they think he is, but Su-ha catches a tiny seed of doubt in his head and says he can’t be completely sure. If Min Joon-gook goes free, and if they’re right, Hye-sung will be his first target. Back in his office, Kwan-woo grabs his jacket and runs out.

Hye-sung trudges home that night and grabs a bottle of water from the fridge. Suddenly Su-ha is standing right next to her and nagging her to use a cup. Aw, are you imagining him already?

So she goes to reach for a cup and sees him standing behind her to get the cup for her on the top shelf, nagging that someone with such short arms ought to put the cups on the bottom shelf.

She sighs and just drinks out of the bottle anyway and goes to bed, telling herself that this is awesome because he was such a nag anyway. “I feel great. …Jerk. Why at a time like this…”

Suddenly there’s a loud crash in her apartment, and she rushes outside. Not even with a bat or anything? She finds her living room covered in smoke. Or gas? She hurriedly grabs her phone to call the police.

Kwan-woo arrives just behind a patrol car, and rushes up when he sees smoke coming from her apartment. The cops come out with a can of bug fogger they found, and say that there was nothing else. But Nice Cop wonders right away if this was Min Joon-gook’s doing. Turns out Su-ha went to go see them too, to request that they keep an eye on Hye-sung.

Kwan-woo says they have to search for Min Joon-gook’s whereabouts and barks orders at them like a cop, and they fall in line. He suggests that Hye-sung leave her apartment and go to the office for now, and tells her that Su-ha came to see him too, to request that he watch over Hye-sung. She gets a bad feeling…

And then as the cops drive away, we see Su-ha hiding on her street, with cans of bug fogger in his Bag O’ Trouble. What, you terrorized her on purpose? If the idea was to get her out of the house, there could’ve been less frightening ways about it, no?

He then calls Min Joon-gook and asks to meet, having already read his mind when they locked eyes earlier today: Su-ha is his first target, not Hye-sung. Min Joon-gook waits for him, holding a giant pipe.

At the office, Hye-sung calls Su-ha over and over, but there’s no answer. She starts to panic, wondering what he’s thinking, and then Sung-bin calls. They each ask the other if they’ve seen Su-ha, and Sung-bin tells her about this morning—when she felt a knife in his bag.

Hye-sung immediately tells her not to say a word to anyone and runs out. Kwan-woo chases after her, wondering how she’s going to find him. He takes out his phone to call the police, but she stops him and says they can’t involve the cops. He wonders what’s going on that she won’t let him call the police.

It’s then that she remembers Su-ha set their phones to track each other, and she finds his location. Hurry!

Su-ha arrives at an underground garage. He drops his bag and takes out his knife all while marching ahead towards the killer like a badass freight train, and right now he’s terrifying me more than Min Joon-gook is.

He sees the broken cameras on the ground and calls out to Joon-gook, who notes that the kid is pretty brave to come all alone. He asks where the girl is, and Su-ha says he can’t go near her because she’s with the police right now.

Joon-gook wonders if he isn’t afraid to die, and Su-ha says it’s all the same—either he wins and Min Joon-gook dies, or he dies and Joon-gook goes down for murder. Joon-gook laughs that it’s all the same to him too—either Su-ha dies and Hye-sung is heartbroken, or Su-ha becomes a murderer and Hye-sung is still heartbroken.

YES, see how the murderer wins either way, Su-ha? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but listen to the killer!

He yells at Joon-gook to come out and show his face, and Joon-gook says he thought it over, and decided that Su-ha has too much of an advantage in a fight, with his superpower and all.

He’s curiously been closing his eyes the entire time they’ve been shouting at each other, and then we find out why: Joon-gook shuts off the power and the whole place goes dark. Now Su-ha can’t see his eyes to read his thoughts, and on top of it all, Joon-gook has been sitting with his eyes closed the whole time, so he’s already accustomed to the darkness. Crap.

Su-ha raises his knife, but it’s only too easy for Joon-gook to sneak up behind him and knock him down with blow after blow using the giant pipe. Augh, he’s getting beaten to a pulp. I can’t watch.

Hye-sung and Kwan-woo follow the phone tracker to the building and split up to look for Su-ha. Kwan-woo worries that it’s too dangerous for her to go alone, but she screams that finding Su-ha is more important, and runs off.

Su-ha struggles to fight back in the dark, and then finally finds an opening when he manages to kick Joon-gook off his feet. He runs toward the electrical switch, and flips the lights back on. Phew.

The tables turn the other way, and Su-ha beats Min Joon-gook bare-fisted with ease now that he can read his thoughts. When Joon-gook is bloodied and barely standing, Su-ha reaches for the knife. Aaaaaack.

Joon-gook asks if he’s really going to stab him, when it’ll make him a murderer. Su-ha: “It doesn’t matter. You have to die so she can live.” Joon-gook laughs, “This is fun.” He screams at Su-ha to come at him and live his life in exactly the same way he did, asking to die just to push him over the edge.

Su-ha grips the knife tightly and approaches…

Just then, Hye-sung arrives and sees what’s happening. And with only a second to spare, she dives in between them, just as Su-ha reaches out to stab Min Joon-gook. Ohmygod. He stabs her right in the gut.

Blood drips down, and Min Joon-gook looks up in shock. And Su-ha… Su-ha lets out this noise that breaks my heart, like he’s suddenly back to being a tiny child. He shakes as he holds her, just letting out whimpering noises, not knowing what to do.

She looks up at him: “Hey dummy, didn’t I tell you? If you kill that man, you stop being a victim and become a murderer. You don’t ever listen to me.” I love the tone in her voice, like they’re arguing over morning coffee, not a gaping stab wound.

She collapses in his arms and he asks with tears streaming down his face why—why did she do this?

But Min Joon-gook sees his chance, and picks up Su-ha’s knife. He comes at Hye-sung, but Su-ha sees him in time and blocks her, taking the knife in the back. AAAAAUGH.

Joon-gook raises the knife to strike again, but Su-ha kicks him down and fights back. He gets the upper hand and starts to strangle Joon-gook, with that terrifying rage bubbling back up to the surface: “DIE!”

It’s only when Hye-sung cries out to him to stop that he comes to his senses and lets go. He stumbles back to her. But… what about the knife?

Joon-gook picks it back up to finish the job, when Kwan-woo’s voice rings out, looking for Hye-sung. Joon-gook decides to flee before anyone else comes. Thank goodness for that. My heart can’t take much more of this.

Su-ha cradles Hye-sung in his arms, and with her last few seconds of consciousness, she thinks at him not to say a word to anyone—Min Joon-gook stabbed her, and if he ever says differently, she’ll never see him again.

Her eyes close, and he cries for her to wake up.

Kwan-woo is still running through the building when he spots Min Joon-gook fleeing the scene. They lock eyes, and Kwan-woo stops cold to see his true face—covered in blood and smirking back at him. On the one hand, I’m glad you finally know; on the other, now we’ve just added you to the killer’s hit list.

He finally finds them, and Su-ha pleads for help. Ambulances arrive and she gets rushed into surgery, and Kwan-woo breaks down in tears outside the emergency room.

Su-ha finds him there after getting his shoulder bandaged up, and the two boys stand outside the door, just crying and waiting.

Once the surgery is successful, Su-ha stands at her bedside while she sleeps, holding her hand tightly. She leans down to whisper something in her ear, which we don’t hear. Arrrrgh, it’s not goodbye again, is it? Say it ain’t so.

And then when she opens her eyes, we’re back to the scene that opened the episode. She demands to know where Su-ha is, and Kwan-woo holds her back, pleading with her to stay in bed.

In voiceover she says: “From that day on, Su-ha disappeared.” Aw, no.

She narrates as we watch the days following, as she calls Su-ha’s uncle who’s in another country and obviously couldn’t care less about finding him. We do find out where Su-ha’s money came from—Uncle took the bulk of Dad’s life insurance and doled out allowances to Su-ha.

“He didn’t have family that acted like family, and he hardly had friends that acted like friends.” In school, we see that the only person who cares about his empty seat is Sung-bin.

Min Joon-gook’s picture gets plastered on a wanted notice for attempted murder, and Kwan-woo quits the public defender’s office. Lawyer Shin doesn’t think this is the way to fix things, but Kwan-woo says it was his fault that Joon-gook went free and hurt Hye-sung, and he can’t live with that.

Patrol cars swing by Hye-sung’s house nightly and she gets new doors installed, and then one day, news breaks: a severed hand is discovered, and it’s been identified as belonging to Min Joon-gook.

The assumption is that he’s been murdered, and the search is on for the rest of his body. Among the evidence found is Su-ha’s knife with his fingerprints, and Joon-gook’s cell phone, with multiple calls from Su-ha. Balls.

Hye-sung gasps in front of the tv and then rushes down to the police station. She introduces herself as a public defender and immediately starts arguing with the detective about assuming that Su-ha is a killer.

He shows her all the evidence found at the scene, and urges her to convince him to turn himself in if he contacts her. She walks out murmuring to herself, “It’s not a dream. It definitely wasn’t a dream.”

Flashback to what Su-ha whispered to her that day in the hospital: “I won’t ever do what you’re worried about. I’ll keep my promise, so trust me.” She tells herself with a smile that Su-ha will keep his promise no matter what.

The detectives show up at school to search Su-ha’s locker, and Choong-ki points it out to them before walking out with a bag slung over his shoulder. Sung-bin tries to intercept the search, but they find it empty anyway, to her relief.

She tackles Choong-ki in the hallway for ratting out a classmate like that, but then we see the contents spill out of Choong-ki’s bag and it’s all of Su-ha’s stuff, like his headphones and his journal. Aw, Choong-ki.

Sung-bin comes by to do Hye-sung’s nails like always, and Hye-sung asks if she doesn’t miss Su-ha, knowing that Sung-bin likes him. She admits that she half wishes Su-ha would come back but half hopes he stays in hiding forever. Hye-sung says that there’s no way Su-ha is a killer, and Sung-bin smiles at the reassurance, saying that Hye-sung is smarter than her, so she knows best.

It’s then that she gives Hye-sung the Good Job Bear, saying that Su-ha meant to give it to her but didn’t get a chance to. Hye-sung has her doubts that it was meant for her, but Sung-bin says it’s definitely hers.

She heads home that night and plops down on her bag in exhaustion, and Su-ha’s voice comes out of nowhere. She takes the bear out and realizes it’s talking at her, and squeezes the belly to hear Su-ha say, “Good job, jjang-byun.”

She wonders what it means, and then remembers asking him to tell her that she did a good job when she was feeling down. She squeezes the bear over and over again, muttering, “Jerk. Banmal till the end.”

A year passes that way.

Hye-sung returns to her old self, plus one scar on her stomach, and her apartment is back to its former trash trough glory. At the bus stop, a group of high school boys makes her pause and she thinks about Su-ha.

Kwan-woo is back to his dorky hair and glasses (hee) and has been working at his parents’ jjimjilbang, running the snack counter and giving random grandpas legal advice.

Pretty the Paralegal comes for a visit and says that it’s been a year since Lawyer Shin and Hye-sung have spoken a word to each other while working in the same office, and says she’s returned to her old self.

Kwan-woo think he means she’s gotten younger-looking, ha, but he meant her other former self. We see her in court, and she’s back to her canned recitations, tone dull and lifeless.

“The defendant’s wife…” Judge Kim: “Your defendant is a woman!” Without skipping a beat: “The defendant’s husband…” LOL. Lawyer Shin overhears the judges wondering if she’s not just acting out because of Min Joon-gook’s case a year ago.

Do-yeon holds the elevator for her and asks her out to lunch sometime, thanking her for handing her a year’s worth of wins in court. Hye-sung asks if she likes winning like that, and Do-yeon says in all seriousness that it’s no fun, so she should get it together and fight for real. Dude, if Seo Do-yeon is telling you to get your shit together, you know there’s something wrong here.

On the bus ride home, she types a text message to Mom about her crappy day and her run-in with Do-yeon, wondering if she really should keep doing this job. And then we see that she’s been doing this every day for a year—sending Mom texts about the drama that she was watching and how it ended, wondering what she should eat today, whining that she got a cold. Great, now I’m crying.

Suddenly she sees a guy walking down the street wearing headphones, and yells at the bus driver to stop. She runs after him, but it’s not Su-ha of course, and she pitches a fit at him for wearing headphones like that’s a crime.

She goes home and bandages up the cut on her heel from chasing the guy down, and takes out her frustrations on Good Job Bear.

The detectives make their way to the countryside on a tip, where they ask a grandpa if Park Su-ha lives here. He says no, but then whey they show him a picture, he freezes in shock. He takes them to the chicken coop, and there’s Su-ha. And he’s going by a different name.

Hye-sung gets a call from the detective that they found Su-ha, and she comes running to the station. He tells her that Su-ha is either really smart or really stupid, but doesn’t explain why. She goes tearing inside to find him for herself.

He’s being interrogated in handcuffs, and she calls his name, trembling. He turns to face her, and she erupts in a wave of questions—where has he been, why hasn’t he answered her calls, is he hurt, is he okay?

He stares at her for a while, and then asks in jondae, “Is Park Su-ha my name?” WHAT.

He says that’s what everyone here is calling him. “Do you know me?”

Oh. My. God.


Amnesia?! Of all the ever-loving… WHY?!

Okay, calming down now. It’s not the end of the world, given that there’s a murder investigation and this definitely throws a gigantic wrench in the works. It’s just, I was waiting and waiting for the big reunion, and he doesn’t even remember her! ARG. Why. I hate amnesia! It’s not that I think this show will use the trope lazily, but I hate that device to begin with, and now I have to watch episodes where Su-ha isn’t Su-ha? Nooooo. Just noooooo.

I’ll give you this though—I was totally surprised. We knew a time jump was going to come, and I did expect it around the halfway mark, given the build-up to the goodbye and the big showdown. I just didn’t expect the reunion to come with a side of What’s My Name. I do think that of all the gajillion uses of amnesia, this is a pretty good one, not that I’m going to stop crying about the fact that he CAME BACK WRONG. *grumble grumble*

Crying aside, plotwise this does open up the possibility for a whole host of interesting questions: Did Su-ha lose his mind-reading ability? Is the amnesia connected to that loss? And what, if anything, does it have to do with Min Joon-gook presumed dead, and the events leading up to the disappearance? He clearly contacted Joon-gook even after Hye-sung’s stabbing, so what happened in those days after he left the hospital and before he lost his memory?

Thank ye drama gods that Hye-sung stopped Su-ha in time before he could kill Joon-gook—I love that she saves him time and again, and that even though he’s the gallant knight, she’s actually the one who always comes to his rescue. And because we saw that play out, and saw his horrified reaction to Hye-sung taking a knife in the gut just to save him from becoming a killer, I trust his promise too. As much as I believe he was going to kill Min Joon-gook the first time, I trust that he didn’t the second time. Right? (Besides which, I’ll be a skeptic about the dead part until the next severed thing that shows up is his head.)

The drama’s premise was destined to get us to this place—where Hye-sung is defending Su-ha in court. I’m just sighing in relief that it’s not after he actually kills Min Joon-gook (onscreen, and not just presumably), because there’s just no coming back from that. But this—a murky case where they’re the underdogs fighting against a brilliant sociopath and going by faith in each other alone—that’s great stuff. And the hope is, of course, that their faith in the system is restored through this fight.

My favorite thing is that she spent a year running around chasing after all the Su-ha look-alikes in the world, just like he did for ten years with her. All of the touches like imagining him there, thinking about him at the bus stop, sleeping with Good Job Bear by her pillow every night—so little says so much. It’s a case where a year’s separation has evened out their playing field, not just in age (because he’s now officially a card-carrying adult) but in heart, because now she knows a little of what it’s like to think about him day and night and long for what she can’t have. It’s not the same, but they’re no longer playing in different leagues. It lets me dare to hope for a future… just yunno, after we clear him for murder, get his memory back, and catch a killer. All in a day’s work, right? *goes back to biting nails*


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Lwx

      Well I don’t really agree on her saving him by receiving the knife in the gut. Sure it ended perfectly; however, getting stabbed to prevent someone from becoming murderer is kind of stupid. What she was changing was the “victim” and not preventing him from becoming murderer. God forbid had she died there, it would have killed Soo Ha psychologically. His life would have been a living hell.

      As for Min Joon, I am pretty sure he’s alive and faked his death to frame Soo Ha. What puzzles me though is Soo Ha’s amnesia. So far I don’t know what to think about it. He could be faking it; however, if it’s real then it leaves the question of how he got it and does it relate to Min Joon.

      Besides the murder accusation based on a severed hand is kind of stupid. Sure they had the knife with his finger prints on it; however, shouldn’t Min Joon’s prints be on it too? And if someone can be set free from 50% chance of murder, then how can you accuse or even sentence someone for murder if you are not sure the victim was dead?

      Well it’s just details and we might get some answers soon, so it doesn’t really change the fact that I really like this show.

      • 1.1.1 KDaddict

        It’s possible to charge somebody for murder when there is no dead body?
        For the next couple eps, we’re going to see them try to save Suha. Urg, I don’t like court room drama.

        Min knocked Suha over the head, hence the amnesia. He is in hiding for sure.

        • saboriana

          KDaddict Min now only has one hand, I don’t think he will be doing any knocking any time soon. If that’s really his hand, which i doubt. Also amnesia again kdrama, realllllllly, why?. Thanks to drama’s I starting to believe that amnesia like the flu, is quiet common in South Korea.
          Two questions keeps bothering me about this drama
          Why did Min Joon-gook kill Su ah’s father? and What happened to Hye-sung’s father?

      • 1.1.2 Justme

        How come you posted your comment under #1’s “reply” when you’re not replying to her? It really stinks when folks cut the queue, just because you don’t want to be #151 or whatever. It really isn’t fair to others.

        • pogo

          Ivoire (the OP) has said in the past that they don’t mind people tagging on to their comments/posting under, so your righteous indignation is for nothing.

    • 1.2 Rushda

      Honestly, I think Su Ha is faking the amnesia thing. Maybe so that Hye Sung wouldn’t keep trying to stop him from getting revenge.

    • 1.3 Rida

      Does soo ha still have his mind reading ability?

  2. the68monkey

    How can you try somebody for murder when you only have a hand? I guess you can on this drama, so I’ll overlook it. 😀 But you just KNOW that crazy one-handed b*stard is going to show up again.

    This drama is killing me!

    • 2.1 harukogirl

      Yeah, you just KNOW he faked his death…ARRGHHH!!

      Where is the diary now????

      • 2.1.1 zhill

        yeah, i think so too that he faked his death. he might lost his hand intentionally to make the police think that he was murdered by Su-ha, OR maybe Su-ha captured him and handcapped both their hands together … they could be somewhere closer to the ocean or maybe in a bridge fighting and fell off to the water together. the killer cut his hand off and survived, while Su-ha was found by the old man unconscious, and is now suffering from amnesia.

        • dorisp

          lol……i can see that you’ve been watching a LOT of kdramas to have imagined this scenario…and now that I think of it…..that COULD BE possibly what happened, with the hand….and with the amnesia…..hmmm….

          • pigtookie

            based on min joon gook’s ability to deceive others into believing a different story, and actually counting on them to think that way and leading them on, it is what i’ve been thinking of too.
            min joon gook has always been trying to make himself out as the victim when he can, and plant devices that point everyone in the other direction, like building up mom’s murder and staging as going in to rescue her, or putting on a facade of being a changed man and getting others to believe that.

      • 2.1.2 Autumn

        I refuse to believe that Min Joon Gook is gone until I see his cold, dead corpse.

        • mrshobbes

          Amen. I don’t think SuHa had a hand (oops, pun unintended) in chopping Min Joon Gook’s hand as well. I hope I’m right. I hate the idea of Su-Ha being that brutal.

          • Carole McDonnell

            LOL! oh gosh…. sorry, had to laugh. i love puns.

            But I agree with you. The same reason i think Su-Ha is not brutal enough to cut up a body is the same reason why I think Su-Ha is not feigning amnesia. If he killed Min Gook, his mind simply cannot deal with the fact that he did kill someone, even a hater like Min Gook.

          • KDaddict

            Agree w Carole on both counts.
            Suha is not a killer, except of the noona variety.

          • the68monkey

            Noona killer? You got that right! 😀

      • 2.1.3 bernie

        i think we all think/know on some level that he faked his own death… maaan, can you imagine a person cutting off their own hand just to fool everyone? auughhh i don’t want to think about that, actually :/

        this might have been explained before but why did min joon-gook kill su-ha’s dad in the first place?

        • Bengbeng

          Oh, i’m about to ask this question – the show haven’t touched yet why MJG killed Suha’s father. who ordered him to do the hit??? What’s his father’s job and why needs to be killed?

          another is why Do-yeon was adopted by the judge? what happened there?

          Agh??? so many questions that still need to be answered! Well it keeps us tuned it because of it. Anyway, i hope Suha doesn’t lose his power, he can be a paralegal for Hye-sung, they could win case after case =)

    • 2.2 redfox

      and besides, might be the other guys´ hand? who perhaps also asked for the killer to make it so they dont look for him…. thats too crazy. I had no subs did they do a DNA test? if not, thtas really..,.. gah

      • 2.2.1 jomo

        They said it was his fingerprints.

    • 2.3 NNN

      he definitely faked his death but why does everyone think why does everyone think Park Soo Haa really has Amnesia?? I for one think he’s faking it to get away with reasonable doubt..

      • 2.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        he’s not that slick, though. He’s smart but he’s not subtly evil like that.

        • On a QIHM High

          I honestly believe that Su-Ha has not killed Min Gook and that he is being framed. So using amnesia as a defense on purpose is not evil, just smart. It’s the only way of him not getting falsely accused because there’s too much evidence otherwise (the fingerprints).

          • Carole McDonnell

            ah, there’s a thought! It’s possible that the amnesia is a thing that he suddenly realized he could use. I remember Hse Sung texting to her mother about the drama her mom loved which now ended. I’m wondering if there was some drama Yi Soo saw with an amnesiac. And yet… I really feel as if he’s lost his memory.

            So far…this drama thwarts my guessing skillz..so I’m gonna trust that he really has lost his memory.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I don’t think Min Gook is dead either…but if he is and if Su-Ha killed him, it’s possible Su-ha had the amnesia because he can’t deal with the guilt of murdering someone.

      • 2.3.2 Janie

        I think he lost his ability to read minds, therefore causing him to loose his memories…but I’m so confused! How does he loose his powers, and what the hell is up with min kook??? So freakin confused?…

    • 2.4 Windsun33

      Korean dramas have their own legal system, which follows no logic or rules that apply in the real world.

    • 2.5 Melissa

      I just remembered something from a previous ep. Kwan-woo shot Hwang Dal-joong’s eyewitness testimony by saying that if Min Joon-gook was clever, he wouldn’t have revealed his plans, and if he was stupid, he wouldn’t have been able to come up with such an elaborate plan. Isn’t it the same for Su-ha too? If he’s clever, he wouldn’t have left the knife with his fingerprints at the crime scene, and if he’s stupid, he wouldn’t have chopped off only the hand and wouldn’t have known to hide the rest of the body (and he also wouldn’t be able to come up with such an elaborate murder). Lawyer Shin, Pretty the Paralegal, Kwan-woo, we need you! ><

      • 2.5.1 Melissa

        Sorry, spotted a typo.
        *shot down

      • 2.5.2 Dita

        Make sense.

      • 2.5.3 Carole McDonnell

        The whole hand chopped off thing is pretty iffy if it was planned. One would have to assume (assuming waves and sea creatures work the same way in Korea as they do in the rest of non-kdrama world) that the hand would have to be found.

        Did the fish and waves take away the whole body but leave the hand alone?

        My big worry is that Orange Hair — she of the perfect eyesight who can see handwriting from 10 feet above the ground– might be called in as a witness ..and if she tells the truth..then what? Su-Ha had “planned” to disappear…and then it’s all over. Planned murder.

        • bernie

          was it only 10 feet? cos 10 feet isn’t actually that impressive.

        • KDaddict

          More than 10 feet above the ground. She is two floors up. Each floor is at least 9 ft in height. So 18-20 ft high. Who can see chicken scratches in a notebook from that distance away?

          And I don’t believe she’d say anything that can be held against Suha, not knowingly, anyway.

      • 2.5.4 KDaddict

        Hey, that’s really good reasoning. But I don’t know that the writer is as clear headed as you r.

    • 2.6 bunni3

      This kind of reminded me of a movie, I think the title is “Double Jeopardy” where the suspect is charged for a murder but the victim is not really dead then ends up killing the victim but can’t be charged anymore since he’s already charged in the first place. Lol. Not sure if I’m making sense. Just wondering if there is such a law in Korea that you can’t charge a person for murdering the same person twice. This may be a possibility of where the story is leading to?

      • 2.6.1 KDaddict

        That would make Suha a murderer twice, and a really evil person.

        • On a QIHM High

          That would only make him the murderer once. The first time, he’s charged but he’s innocent. The second time, he can’t be charged but he’s guilty. When it comes to evilness, he almost killed Min Gook this episode. So it wouldn’t make him anymore evil.

          bunni3 – your idea is really interesting. I would actually enjoy it if the writer went in that direction.

          • hydesamagirl

            Yes, but, wasn’t that the whole reason that Hyesung saved him from becoming a murderer. I think Suha will definitely not be a murderer from a narrative perspective, because the drama has already tread that water and he promised Hyesung.

      • 2.6.2 Lorim

        Good thinking but think back to the episode where the ‘Barney Fife’ cops wished the convicted murderer well when he said he was moving somewhere else to make Hye Sung & Su-Ha think better of him. This show is pretty weak on police procedure & criminal justice- dont they know we all watch t.v?

    • 2.7 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Crazy one hand ba*trd makes me think of the brother in Walking Dead. Some how, I think those 2 could be friends.

      • 2.7.1 ilikemangos

        Lol i was just thinking the next time we see min joon gook he’s going to come back as meryl dixon. With a badass weapon in place of his hand.

  3. nonski

    OMG! I had been lurking for some time but i can’t take it after episode 9… i had been refreshing this since 5am ph time… i think i might die of waiting. 🙂 i have to read, i just have to read your thoughts on this episode.

    thanks so much and off to read!

    • 3.1 nonski

      now i finally calmed down after reading your’s and softy’s thoughts cuz i was going crazy over episode 9.

      do you really think su ha had amnesia?

      thank you, now i can proceed with my work.

      • 3.1.1 girlfriday

        It’s entirely possible that if the cop was right about him being really smart, he’s faking the amnesia. But that’s just… outside his personality. I know Su-ha is smart, but criminal mastermind, not so much.

        I won’t discount the theory, but while it’s possible, it’s just not wholly plausible given the Su-ha we know.

        • redfox

          it is possible, but for what purpose? I don´t think he´d do that to save his skin. Hye Sung did not report the stabbing, so they don´t know she was there, but it might look bad….
          I dunno irrational.

          what I am really afraid of is if it is real and they turn the dice so that Su Ha wont remember his love towards Hye Sung and falls for Sung Bin.
          Hye Sung cannot end up with Kwan Woo. Imma break some walls if she does.

          • KimYoonmi

            Cast listings never ever lie. They are a spoiler in of themselves.

        • ilikemangos

          Yeah… i kept thinking PLEASE let this be a fake out. PLEASE..
          But then i tried to think of reasons as to why he’d even get another identity and hide out for a year in the countryside. It just doesn’t make sense.
          Why couldn’t show give us a reconciliation between the two without the freaking amnesia?! He’s going to remember down the road, he just is.

          • Nanaki

            I don’t think the fake-out makes sense either– even if he did kill anyone (which he didn’t), running’s not really his style…

        • nonski

          yup, that’s why i can’t wait for tonight’s episode. “___” and thanks for the reply GF.

          anyho, i really believed in su ha’s promise to hye sung that time at the hospital. after accidentally stabbing her, i think he won’t do anything like that again seeing how much she suffered. he got me while crying there at the hospital looking at the sleeping hye sung, like he regretted putting her in that situation.

          • ilikemangos

            Yup, that promise he gave her while she was recovering — that he wouldn’t kill — stuck. We know he didn’t “kill” min joon gook given his track record of promises — the boy takes them SERIOUSLY, even after 10 years.

          • mysterious

            I agree; Su-ha’s promises carry weight because he abides by them. Personally, I think Joon-gook cut off his own hand to frame Su-ha (they never did find the rest of the body did they?). He is just crazy enough to do that. Amnesia: I don’t know if that is real. He could have hit his head or the shock of what he did made him forget, who knows. But I would be very very shocked if Su-ha killed Joon-gook. (Plus how cute was it of Choong-ki to hide Su-ha’s stuff for him. Just awwww.) (And Kwan-woo, did he seriously doubt his girlfriend and believe Joon-gook over her? It took him reading the transcripts from 10 yrs ago to realize what she was saying about Joon-gook was right? For a lawyer he sure is dumb.)

          • Min

            @nonski I also think he wouldn’t do anything that would cause her pain again, I just don’t know why he had to go away? was he planning to separate from her because he broke his promis of protecting her and ended up hurting her instead?
            I wouldn’t put it past MJK, he so would cut off his hand to lead the police astray, he;s such a psycho, the first thing I thought of was he followed Wormtail’s example (sorry for the Harry Potter reference, couldn’t help myself) of cutting off part of himself to inculpate an innocent person.

          • bubbletea

            My guess is also that Min Joon-guk cut off his own hand. I’m thinking Su-ha might have left Hye-sung’s side to track down Min Joon-guk, not to kill him but to just make sure he is always aware of Min Joon-guk’s actions so as to protect Hye-sung, thus keeping to both his promises to her: the one he made as an 8-year old to protect her, and the one made at her hospital bed after the stabbing incident.

            Min Joon-guk, having been accused of attempted murder and retaliation towards Hye-sung, escapes to the countryside to hide away, and thus Su-ha gets there as well. But despite how smart he is, he doesn’t out-smart the sociopath and Min Joon-guk finds him, and kidnaps him and subjects him to severe torture and trauma, which results in amnesia. Min Joon-guk then swipes Su-ha’s fingerprints on the knife (if it was the same knife that stabbed Hye-sung, Min Joon-guk definitely would have cleaned off his own prints before using it again) and takes Su-ha’s phone, and then abandons Su-ha somewhere. Thereafter, he chops off his own hand and fakes all the evidence so that it all points to Su-ha, and then hides away again.

            I’m also guessing that Min Joon-guk now does not merely want to kill off Su-ha, but to accuse Su-ha as a murderer, while still remaining alive, to one day return to take his revenge towards Hye-sung.

            And yes, girlfriday, this show is a nail-biter, though I’m not one who bites nails. I’m so tense throughout the whole episode! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode to be up to find out what happens. *bites knuckles*

        • dorisp

          I agree with you, even if he was able to kill him (which I doubt, and like you said, will only believed it when the severed part is the head) I doubt he’ll fake the amnesia as he is ready to go to jail the first time right?….plus the fact that he made a promise with HyeSung….now what causes the amnesia?…..am off biting my nails too….

        • jicachan

          I also don’t think Sooha would be hiding and faking amnesia to get away if really managed to kill Mr Psycho. His purpose is to protect even though he is getting caught. I think he doesn’t really care what happens to him, so if he killed he wouldn’t chopped the corpse to hide it and then try to get away with the crime. Like he intended to do the first time, kill (or get killed) and then face the consequences.

          Mr. Psycho is alive somewhere and Sooha is framed.

          I did for once felt sympathy with Kwansoo (otherwise I only feel nuisance when watching him), when he realized his mistake. Poor guy. Although he did what he thought was right, but ended up soooo wrong. I guess he started to doubt his own judgements. =/

      • 3.1.2 mrshobbes

        I’m de-lurking for a bit because this is something that’s nagged me. I don’t think he’s acting. I think he really does have amnesia, or some kind of memory wipeout. I will allow that I could be blowing things out of proportion, but consider:

        – He got his mind-reading abilities with a horrific crash. Would it follow then that some other event–coupled with Hyesung’s stabbing–would somehow affect his mind again as well?

        – This drama has told us that with 10 years of mind-reading, Su-Ha hasn’t really “controlled” his expressions when he reads and reacts to thoughts. This is especially true with Min Jong Gook and Hyesung–ridiculously easy for them to hurt/enrage him. Sure, it’s been a year and maybe he “taught” himself, but to the extent that he would be utterly blank before Hyesung? Like GF, I don’t feel it’s plausible given his personality.

  4. unnieutu

    Thanks GF!

    cried my way through this one…again! but I’m still not sure what to think of the ending, still debating whether I like it or not. I just hope this writer knows how to use it in a way that will fit in well with the story.

    • 4.1 unnieutu

      Ok now that I finished reading, off to my rant….

      I don’t know about all of you, but it broke my heart when she was talking about Su-ha’s life and how he didn’t really have a family or friends. It just hurts to see how that wonderful kid, when through so much in his young life, is technically alone in the world and still managed to be a good kid. It just makes me want to put him in a bubble of happiness for the rest of his life.

      Lawer jjang, can now understand him even better because she is technically living the same way that he was before. She has no close family, no friends and all she can do is write text messages to her mom, just how su-ha would write in his journal.

      I’m pretty sure our evil guy has planted that evidenced there to make him look guilty. It’s just way too convenient to find the hand and buried like write next to it are the phone and knife, I mean even Su-ha knows better than that.

      Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can know what happens next!

      • 4.1.1 eqhmm

        Yes the parallels break my heart. We see that whereas Suha coped well with being alone, HS fell back to her old ways within a year.

        And texting the mom….. This writer does beats like that which catch me and my tears unaware.

        • ilikemangos

          I’m going to admit the texting mom bit got me RIGHT in the heart.
          It was so perfect.

      • 4.1.2 Autumn

        It kills me how much Hyesung ended up the way Suha did; all alone, no family or friends to lean on… It hurts even more that the Suha she was searching for all this while isn’t the same.

        If he loses his memories because of some trauma to his head, I can only wonder if he lost his mind reading ability too? Since the reason he got it in the first place was because of the collision in that car accident.

        He hasn’t even let on that he CAN read peoples minds, judging from the ep 10 preview.

        I just want my Suha back please ;A;

      • 4.1.3 Carole McDonnell

        When Hse-Sung was talking about that, we saw that she wasn’t right at all.

        Orange Hair was looking longingly at Su-Ha’s chair AND Jealous pain-in-the-neck classmate seemed to have helped him disappear.

        So he was loved and liked by some, although Evil Insurance-grabbing-off-screen-Uncle is definitely an unlikable piece of work.

        • On a QIHM High

          But he didn’t know. Seong-bin is really the only one of his classmates that expressly showed she cared for him. Choong-ki/orange-hair protected him when he was gone but not when he was there so he wouldn’t have known. (I really like that they did though :))

          I think it’s the same for Hye-sung. Kwan-woo expressly cares for her but now she kind of dismisses his care. And behind-the-scenes, I think Do-yeon and Lawyer Shin do care for her a bit.

      • 4.1.4 KDaddict

        The parallels show they are true soulmates. I believe they will end up together.

      • 4.1.5 jicachan

        I was thinking that on earlier episodes, that Sooha really doesn’t have a life, or friends/relatives. That’s why the only one he is living for is Hyesung, to that extent he rather lose his life and future to protect her. It’s like he doesn’t like himself or he thinks he’s worthless, so he made his life purpose to live for her instead. That’s a sad kind of living, even if I thought it was cute he did everything for her whereas Kwansoo didn’t (and cared more about his principles).

        I hope that when the two lonely souls finally get together, they will also get better relationships with the surrounding people, they have people caring about them, they just don’t see it.

  5. jomo

    Thanks for this!
    Your thoughts are so much of what I think.
    “Did Su-ha lose his mind-reading ability? Is the amnesia connected to that loss?”

    Why did he GET the mind-reading ability? Was it a gift to help him survive in this now-parentless world? Did it cease to be useful? Is amnesia going to serve him better?

    The ONLY good thing about amnesia, is that IF they were going to fall in love, then they get a completely fresh start. If he likes her as a person, and not a part of his past, then it’ll happen. By the way, it had BETTER HAPPEN!

    I am such a wimp- I had to stop watching about three times.
    Got something to drink, to eat, opened the windows…

    I didn’t want to see that SH did a bad thing…at ALL!

    Crazy Ass Killing MoFo chopped off his own hand to frame Su-ha. I just know it. He’s disgusting.

    • 5.1 PollyRose

      Aww…I’m so with you on the fresh start. Though we know that his love wasn’t completely based on the past (hello awesome scenes of disillusionment 🙂 ), he did have that love founded there. So I’m going to trust that the writer is going to bring us some great moments of him getting to know her and believe in her all over again and she’ll see him in a new way since she’s been missing him for a year. It really had BETTER happen, or episode 8 won’t be the only one that breaks my heart.

    • 5.2 blegh

      I’m wondering the same thing. does he still have his hearing power. I hope he does.

      • 5.2.1 blegh

        also, is he actually amnesiac, ir is he may be faking it?

        • Autumn

          He could be faking that he can’t hear thoughts AND that he lost his memory. I’m just hoping here.

    • 5.3 Sussie

      “The ONLY good thing about amnesia, is that IF they were going to fall in love, then they get a completely fresh start. If he likes her as a person, and not a part of his past, then it’ll happen. By the way, it had BETTER HAPPEN!”

      … I couldn´t agree more with you!!!

  6. PollyRose

    Gah, what an episode!

    I so love that she 100% believes that he did not kill him. Cause he didn’t. Besides which, I’m with GF, I want to see the head before I’ll believe he’s dead. And even then, they’d probably better do a DNA test and make sure he didn’t somehow find his doppelganger to further stage it. I believe he’s capable of it!

    And it really was so heartwarming to see her missing him and looking for him. I definitely got the impression that that wasn’t the first guy she chased down looking for Su-ha. Such a great reversal. And seeing her string of texts to her Mom…ugh, tears again.

    Now I just have to trust the show to handle this amnesia bit well. It was rough to see, but I do see that there are so many possibilities with the scenario, so I”m looking forward to seeing how the writer will run with it. The show hasn’t failed me yet! Thank goodness today is Wed not Thurs!

    • 6.1 Nanaki

      SHOW US THE HEAD. Just the head. Nothing attached.

      • 6.1.1 Liz

        I dont know why. But this has me LOLing for a good minute.

        I just imagined the crazy hatter screaming

        SHOW US THE HEAD! SHOW US THE HEAD! Everything else unattached.

        This show is messing with my head….

      • 6.1.2 dbfan

        That sounded funny while reading it out loud.

      • 6.1.3 mary

        LMAO I love your comment.

      • 6.1.4 dorisp

        lol….almost spilled my coffee…..hope ur hearfelt and earnest request can be read by the writer…

  7. yumi

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    A crazy good episode.

    Not sure I can survive another episode as good.

    • 7.1 yumi

      Awesome episode.

      Great beginning with a mystery of why Hye-Sung is in a hospital and what happened to Su-Ha.

      The scene of Hye-Sung missing Su-Ha were so evocative, I could feel the hole he left in her life almost as acutely as she did.

      Hye-Sung’s imprisonment in the revolving door and her texts to Mom broke my heart.

      Lee Bo-Young is an amazing actress.

      Min Joon-gook has probably lost a left hand but is running around with a more dangerous hook as a prosthesis.

      I’m now convinced that Sung-bin’s classmate has normal vision and she has telescopic eyes.

      I have nothing against amnesia done well. I trust this writer to do it well.

      One reason I suspect Su Ha’s amnesia might be real is because he is psychologically sensitive and emotional trauma manifest psycho-physically in him. After he saw his father murdered, he lost his ability to speak.

      So something happened to him after Hye-Sung stabbing that traumatized him to the point of forgetfulness.

      I’m hoping that he is still able to read minds, but I fear that he might not be able to.

      The cast of this drama is sterling. Wow.

      • 7.1.1 panshel

        A prosthetic hook is going to be so dangerous. Min Joon Gook with a built-in weapon? And he’s still going to be able to wield a wrench or pipe with his intact hand. I fear for this.

        • On a QIHM High

          Oh god, I’m terrified thinking of that. No prosthetics please, I can’t deal with much more creepy killer stuff.

        • KDaddict

          Captain Hook, with an evil gleam and no toothy smile? Yuck!

        • ilikemangos

          I mentioned it above and i’m gonna mention it again:

          Meryl Dixon!

  8. Alice

    Wow,at the end of that episode my mind was just . . .
    Although I do hate the amnesia thing, I have faith that the writer will pull us safely out the other side!!

  9. acejihyo

    omgomgomg. i was a nervous wreck during this episode (and still a bit now).

    • 9.1 ilikemangos

      This episode (in my opinion) was the best in terms of THRILLS. i was literally biting my nails the whole time and screaming at the screen.
      The tone in I hear Your voice shifted from funny and sweet to intense and heartbreaking in the last couple of episodes. And the background music in alot of these scenes got alot more dark.
      So much crazy stuff hapenning in this episode.
      Shit just got real.

      • 9.1.1 RWJQ

        I LOVE LOVE the background music at the moment when Min Joon-gook stabbed Su Ha at the back. It got me right there in the heart that I cried. I’m hoping they’ll release the BGM together with the OSTs, like TK2H and City Hunter did. The slow acoustic version of the OST, ECHO (by Every Single Day) drive me nuts, in a good way, whenever it’s played.

        I agree with many that the law and forensic aspects of this show are appalling. But, for me, the emotional beats and moments have MORE than made up for those failings.

        Thanks GF for the recap.

        And I just to echo (heh) one of the commenters above: Thank god it’s Wed, not Thurs! I don’t think I can survive 6 days without knowing what happens after that ending scene.

  10. 10 harukogirl

    Wow, just finished the episode….insane! I thought that SH might hurt HS when she tries to stop him from becoming a killer….but Amnesia? Yikes, what happens now??!!??

    I love that she was looking for him the way he was looking for her…and now he’s the one who doesn’t remember…it’s a nice turn around…

    I want to see him fall in love with her again, before getting his memory back!

    • 10.1 Luna

      back then Hye Sung didn’t remember him and Suha has been the one that always heard her voice.
      now with this amnesiac thing, it’s Hye Sung’s turn and she’s gonna be like, “Suha… now, I’m going to hear yours.”

  11. 11 Val

    Oh my god, my heart was pounding so hard just from READING this. I don’t know if I can take WATCHING it.

    This is now a really interesting plot twist. It’s exactly the opposite scenario as when Su-ha and Hye-sung met as grown-ups. Now it’s Hye-sung that knows who Su-ha is, and Su-ha is now the clueless one.

    I’m usually really annoyed when k-dramas pull the whole “oh noes, amnesia” trick, but it didn’t strike me too hard here, AS LONG AS Su-ha keeps his mind-reading ability. PLEASE let him keep that ability…PLEASE!

  12. 12 Nanaki

    Dear Amnesia: you what.

    I think it’s a testament to how good this show is that I’m actually really, really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Instead of my usual response, which is to throw something and never watch the show again.

    • 12.1 harukogirl

      Ha ha, you and everyone else. Just proves that this show is so good it can even make a CLICHE interesting 😀

    • 12.2 ilikemangos

      I’m actually rather interested too in how show is going to work out this cliche.
      More hijinks, more answers are welcome. As long, of course, he regains his memory by the end.

      • 12.2.1 Nanaki

        It had better not be something like ‘he gets hit once, poof! Mind reading! He gets hit again–poof! Mind-reading (and associated memories) gone!’

  13. 13 ck1Oz

    I better say thank you before watching the episode and reading.

    I went to soompi for a couple of pages but had to bail.

    Now seriously, tell me, which one of you thought it was going to be a normal light drama when the premise was put out? It’s good and even great this show, but light? No way man.

    I cannot believe I look forward each week with maybe more trepidation than anticipation. The villain- is really kind of too clever and ballsy for a K drama. K drama villains are supposed to be ineffective or funny or pathetic. This guy is scary!

    • 13.1 unnieutu

      I’m with you on this one! I need a few more episodes to see how the amnesia plays out and hopefully, *crosses fingers* they’ll do a good job with it.

      I really did not think it would be as intense as it is. I was expecting a fluffy, cute drama with maybe some melo thrown into it but not this much intensity. And yes, he scares me! specially today when he had all that blood in his face and was smirking like crazy. You could just tell he was enjoying it *shivers*

      • 13.1.1 Kristine

        Same here! Those promo photos make me think of cotton candy, all sweet and fluffy and light–thought the show would be just as cute, not this roller coaster ride.

        Regardless, I’m in this crazy roller-coaster ride all the way! Writer, you better work your magic to make this amnesia bit worth our while. Although, you have consistently been able to engage us, tug at our hearts, and surprise us every single episode. Every single one. Keep the hot streak goin’!

        • On a QIHM High

          The misleading promos almost made me skip this drama altogether. But then I started reading the episode 1 recaps and got the urge to watch. Kim So-hyun (young Hye-sung) and Lee Jong Suk kept me interested and next thing I knew I was addicted. So glad I continued watching. 😀

    • 13.2 ilikemangos

      I’m going to admit i’m one of those (many?) people who were fooled by the premise.
      I was expected cute and laughs. But we got so much more(which i appreciate, cause i love any show with a blend of genres) So deliciously satisfying.

      • 13.2.1 Nanaki

        This show is more what I really want from a TV show and what I very rarely get (romance and comedy but heavy on something more weighty). And I wasn’t expecting it. Which is what makes this show so brilliant. One of the very, very rare occasions where low expectations not only means I’m not disappointed, but embarrassingly ecstatic.

  14. 14 Jlee

    I think Su-ha did the “crash and bug fog” thing to get her out of the house, the police to come, and think that Min Joon-Gook did it. (Just so they can have their heads up)

    • 14.1 Sammie

      yes Soo Ha did that to ensure that police will be by her side and she’ll be protected when he’s finding MJK

    • 14.2 harukogirl

      I agree..and even though it scared her, I thought it was kinda awesome. I guessed it was him as soon as we saw it was just smoke – MJK does deadly that looks innocent, not benign that looks deadly….so I figured it had to be SH, and was totally cheering, ha ha 😀

    • 14.3 ilikemangos

      Yup. He deliberately “bug-fogged” her house to make it seem like it was a threat from min joon gook so everyone else would be on alert, including the cops. I think that was smart of him.

      • 14.3.1 On a QIHM High

        Me too! And that’s one of the reasons I thought he was faking his amnesia. He’s clever and not rash with what he does.

  15. 15 zakin89

    This drama is so going to be the end of me -.-

    I have to admit that I was spoiled (damn facebook I should have stayed away from it) but that didn’t lessen the impact…

    The stabbing scene… Su Ha’s reaction was just heartbreaking!

    And Choong-ki… AAAAAWWWW just AAAAWWWW! Bromance FTW!!!

    I am a bit annoyed with the whole amnesia thing…Been there done that (a lot recently) but it makes a great conflict for the second half 🙂

    And today I am so not going to hang around on Facebook to often because I do not want to get spoiled agian 😀

  16. 16 eqhmm

    Slightly conflicted about where this is going… But its been such a good ride so far I’m going to sit it out and hopefully not have to lower my expectations continually. It better be Suha acting! Cos he’s onto how MJK is framing him..

    A good point I’ve seen come out of this development expressed on the korean dc galls: LJS handled the switch really well on an acting basis. If you look at screenshots of Soonwook there’s no trace of Suha. You may say it’s the hair and clothes but based on expression alone I’d say it’s a different person.

    Whereas looking back at Suha I suddenly miss his obvious smartness, slight cockiness, kindness. One episode without him and the chemistry with Hyesung and a large propelling factor in this drama seems missing.

    • 16.1 Carole McDonnell

      Innocent Su-ha will be a pleasure to love as well. He’s always so protective…and now for him to be protected and dependent. So wonderful. Not that i wanted that but eh..since it’s here…. i’ll luxuriate in it.

  17. 17 redfox

    must say, amnesia is a bit lame. but…is he pretending? she is going to have to read HIS mind now. we can´t see inside peoples brain, what is the truth. Su Ha could. but he still couldnt predict the outcome of peoples actions.

    I am surprised how the uncle is so friendly…. did he not hate Su Ha?

    • 17.1 panshel

      I wouldn’t call the uncle doling out allowances to Su Ha “friendly.” That was his own father’s life insurance after all. His uncle should no longer have been entitled to the proceeds once Su Ha turned 18.

  18. 18 chewyish

    this show is killing me (URGH PUN NOT INTENDED) i’m going to be bald from ripping out my hair and fingernail-less from chewing off my nails in anxiety

    lee jongsuk is such a fantastic actor. i love that amnesia!suha feels like a completely different person from the suha we’ve seen the past 9 episodes…just the look in his eyes in the last scene has me convinced that he’s not faking the whole memory loss scene….how that all plays apart in the plot is what is driving me crazy

    i’ve been dreading the timeskip for a while now but i’m glad that it forced hyesung to really think about her feelings toward suha (the sleeping next to the bear hit me right in the feels) this whole amnesia thing is giving me “nice guy” vibes and i can’t tell if i’m excited or terrified

    on a completely shallow note i was so scared they were going to give suha a horrible ~fashunfashun~ haircut after the timeskip i’m so relieved they just dyed it black…

    • 18.1 eqhmm

      This ep with the cap-wearing and stabbing all around gave me City Hunter vibes..heh

      • 18.1.1 ilikemangos

        me too! LOL
        man on a mission.
        dressed in black.

      • 18.1.2 Nautical

        Haha, so I wasn’t the only one.
        The way he walked with conviction through the parking garage… I was ready for the City Hunter music to start playing.

        • the50-person

          hahah imagine the city hunter ost “sad run” playing in the background. that will make a good scene.

  19. 19 Allie

    Really like the fact that Hye-Sung is now the one running after random guys that look like Su Ha! And now he’s the one who doesn’t remember her.

    But that’s the only part I like about the amnesia though.

  20. 20 J Wong

    Totally agreeing with GF about the amnesia. Seriously!?! That cliche is so overused in K-dramas.

    I don’t believe for a second Min Joon-gook is dead.

  21. 21 M

    Drama Crazy is gone forever. Where should I watch my fave dramas? Where? Gooddrama also not responded in my website. O Gosh!
    Any ideas where to watch kdrama from Indonesia guise?
    Thanks GF for the recap!!!

    • 21.1 Link

      Hi M! I was so shocked and sad that Dramacrazy shut down as well!! T_T Whereever will I watch Love in Tokyo now…

      As for other websites, maybe you can try

      viki.com or epdrama.com? dramafever.com works too (but i still resent them from the level 7 business)

      • 21.1.1 DramaFan100

        Dramafever is great but they are slower than Viki. I am a premier member of Dramafever and I am glad because I enjoy the quality and uninterrupted viewing. But when I am impatient, I come to Viki because they are faster and I am can handle advts. The only show I do it for is for this one and sometimes Shark. I have seen some rare shows in gooddrama.net. If Dramacrazy is gone, perhaps that is where you may be able to find some lost shows. I did find some old shows with Dramacrazy and I am sorry they are gone. Sigh.

        • mrshobbes

          I was shocked to hear about Dramacrazy too, and they’re not really saying a reason they’re shutting down as well. Definitely they were one of the biggest streaming sites people visited.

          I tried Dramaholics, but for some reason I can’t get their player to work (it’s not a plug-in thing).

          I found YoDrama and streamed here: http://www.yodrama.com/korean-drama/i-hear-your-voice and was able to watch a subbed ep 9 about 15 hours after official broadcast, so not bad.

          @dorisp: I’m from the Philippines as well, hello! Yes, I’m so frustrated that neither Viki nor Dramafever works here. Gah.

      • 21.1.2 PPasun

        About time that all these online pirates are shut down. They steal shows and subs and unfairly benefit while the ones who are actually entitled to any monetary gains, the drama-makers themselves, cannot even break even. Viewers, before going off on their (non-existing) rights to instant free shows and how K-dramas suck in this and that, should think about the drama makers’ right to the profit so that they can use the money to make better shows.

        • yuka sato

          thing is, dramacrazy is the kind of site that’s available in my country. they maybe steal the show, but it because some sites like viki and dramafever don’t have the license for my country. how should i watch my Kdrama if i can’t access the show?

          sites like kimchidramas and dramacrazy are what save my boring and empty life LOL (which sadly burnt down to ashes…)

          now there’s so little choice i have, i will just take anything up in front of my eyes.

          if only viki and dramafever abailable in every country, i wouldn’t care about the kind of dramacrazy (too many ads ro my liking)

    • 21.2 yuka sato

      dramacrazy is gone ?!?!!!!! O.O

      i found this free region site. try dramaholics (dot) com

      it fast in providing drama, good quality, less ads.

      we who come from indo totally suffered heh? not many sites available to watch Kdrama.

      life is so cruel tsk,

      • 21.2.1 the50-person

        gooddrama.net is good too! BUT I HATE THE FACT THAT DRAMACRAZY HAD TO SHUT DOWN

      • 21.2.2 dorisp

        not only u guys…..we here in the philippines were also suffering from it….dramafever is till now not avail for us and those sites that are avail before is one by one being removed…haaayst…

    • 21.3 Peppermint345

      For those where DF and Viki don’t work, have you tried a VPN? It’s a hassle, but it allows for your IP address to be seen as from the US. Such a shame about Dramacrazy, I didn’t use it but I know many people rely on it. I heard about the announcement and then it was down within an hour or so? 🙁

  22. 22 Tinselfannel

    WHY AMNESIA??? Well I’m curious about how he got there and what happened to him, but he doesn’t remember her anymore :'(( Is there a possibility he’s pretending? I mean he’s smart enough for that.. But why would he?

    And no way that f-*@!%# – ing psycho is dead. I bet he’s got something to do with Su-ha’s amnesia.. :/

    • 22.1 redfox

      that dream by Supermom, where someone is in the water. would that have anything to do with the hand and the amnesia?

  23. 23 Thao


  24. 24 DramaFan100

    I did not like that he got amnesia but I am hoping that the writers will not betray us. SuHa is a great character and I would hate writers if they let him go, because all of him is a good character…. If he loses himself (his memory and his reading thoughts), he is not the same character and I am not sure if we could love him as much. But LJS is fantastic actor who has the ability to create chemistry with whosoever, guy or girl, and perhaps, they will connect as strangers again. I must say this though, LJS is just great. it is a role written for him and he does great with this character. I am hoping we will age well and we age with him because he right now looks like 19 even if he is 23-24.

  25. 25 Bro

    I agree girlfriday about that little whelping noise Su-ha made when he stabbed Hye-sung. That’s some raw ass emotion right there.

    But man amnesia?! C’mon! haha. But honestly I’m not too mad because I feel like the writers will do a good job with where the amnesia leads up too. For all we know he could be faking it.

    • 25.1 jomo

      I know. It was sooo well done.
      Crushed me.

      • 25.1.1 On a QIHM High

        Same. That was the best-acted despair scene I’ve ever seen. LJS, kudos to you.

        Although I think LJS is on a level of his own (a bit biased from School haha), the entire cast has strong acting. Even minor characters like Choong-ki or Pretty the Paralegal.

    • 25.2 ilikemangos

      so few actors ever actually yelp when they’re acting.
      he was so vulnerable and puppy like AGH

    • 25.3 Nautical

      I loved LJS in that scene. His eyes and the whimpering noises hit me in the heart more than any dramatic cries of despair could ever do to me.

  26. 26 alexis

    I’ve been watching downton abbey (great show would recommend it to everyone) to keep my mind off after the end of episode 8. Lol!!!!

    I knew a time jump was coming i had a gut feeling. Not sure if su ha is pretending or real. GRRRRRRRR. I hope ur just trolling her. Lol!!! If su ha has amnesia does he still have his mind reading powers????? Cant wait till episode 10.

  27. 27 Sarah

    Maybe he is faking it
    Please be faking the amnesia. It could be a defense strategy.

  28. 28 clover

    *gasp!!!* Oooooo, Kwan Woo…where were YOU when Min Joon-Gook was getting killed? That would be so awful and horrible at the same time if Kwan Woo did it.

    On another note, got to give it to Jung Woong In (Min Joon-Gook) for giving us a real baddie to hate.

  29. 29 gr33nl3af

    My theories:
    Do-Yeon’s real father is Lawyer Shin’s friend and her adopted father probably took her in to replace a daughter who died at young and/or he felt guilty for wrongly putting him in jail

    Soo-Ha might be faking his amnesia to possibly somehow lure out MJK or temporarily has amnesia because he wanted to block out past memories

    MJK isn’t dead and cut off his own hand to frame Su-Ha to officially get rid of him in order for him to finally make his last move and murder Hye-seong. If my memory serves me correctly, it seems that MJK took the knife Su-Ha tried to kill him with before he left the scene, likely to eventually frame him since his fingerprints are already on the knife and he likely took his phone before leaving the scene as well. It doesn’t seem likely Su-Ha would attempt to meet him again. As this is about the law, they will likely show that justice eventually prevails thru legal means rather than revenge..and that seemed a recurring theme throughout the drama so far.

    I’m actually quite disappointed in how the battle went thru..I understand Su-Ha wasn’t acting rashly but how can you be so dumb to underestimate a murderer mastermind who is so good at creating fake evidence and think that a knife alone will kill him??!

    • 29.1 gr33nl3af

      Kinda lost my train of thought..haha.. But I meant to say about my MJK theory is that he will eventually be put in jail to show that justice prevails so he can’t really die yet.

    • 29.2 saranga

      i sincerely hope su-ha is faking it. we’ll find out tomorrow either way (hopefully!)

    • 29.3 dorisp

      actually my thought is that Lawyer Shin’s friend long lost daughter is HyeSung coz they talked about the lost daughter when Lawyer Shin mentioned to him the newly hired HyeSung and his friend said that the daughter is about the same age as HyeSung….and till now we don’t know what happened to her father right?…..and HyeSung and her mother have been living before with the Judge so that could be his ‘way’ of paying his guilt….but then DoYeon is adopted….but still I don’t think he is kind enough to adopt the daughter of the man he put in jail…its not in his personality as we’ve seen from his past actions….

      • 29.3.1 Z

        They’ve said before that Hyesung’s father is dead. Of course that means very little in Dramaland. But Doyeon is adopted and we all know that if you have an adopted kid and a parent with a missing child in the same drama, they automatically go together. Plus, Doyeon’s Dad’s reaction when she told him who the witness was gives it away. Someone protests too much!!!

      • 29.3.2 Tyme

        HS’s mom said at some point that “you’re always right, just like your dad”. It does seem more likely at this point that it’s DY’s dad, though I don’t get the Judge’s logic in adopting her…

      • 29.3.3 Carmensitta

        Well, Do Young was in the same class as Hye Sung, so of course they have the same age…

    • 29.4 yumi

      If Do-Yeon’s real father is Lawyer Shin’s prisoner friend, then is Do-Yeon a unknowing hostage, being held to make sure her father not cause trouble?

    • 29.5 On a QIHM High

      Actually, Suha would have killed him had Hye-sung not stepped in. He was literally seconds away from stabbing him and his fighting overpowered MJK easily (once the light turned back on). So a knife alone was about to kill him.

  30. 30 avery

    I’m such a wimp. I had to read the end of this recap before I even watched the show. Augh, get all of these emotions off of me!

    Thanks, GF.

  31. 31 BlueStars

    I was wondering how Min Joon Gook could possibly get Su Ha’s fingerprints and at first, I came up with the theory that he must’ve hit Su Ha so hard he must’ve fell into a coma and woke up with amnesia. While he was comatose, Min Joon Gook would’ve gotten his fingerprints that way. But then I realized that there was a much simpler and even more plausible theory which is that he stole the knife and Su Ha’s cellphone on that day they had a showdown and planted it at the crime scene. Doesn’t explain how he became an amnesiac though . . .

    Damn it, I was hoping for a better reunion scene. Instead, Su Ha has amnesia. Argh! It certainly was dramatic though.

    I really hope that Hye Sung pulls through and saves him.

  32. 32 Z

    1) Not Amnesia!!!!! Did not see that coming and I’m not very happy about it. On the one hand, I hope it’s real because the thought of him having all this pre-planned is creepily devious. On the other hand, I hope he’s faking because NOT AMNESIA!!!

    2) Obviously, Suha didn’t kill Joongook. Is he crazy enough to chop off his own hand in order to frame the boy? I think he’s too clever for that. There are better (read: less grizzly) ways to fake your death. My guess is that Suha stumbled on some other baddies doing the job for him and framed him for it. And, since this is Dramaland, they beat him and left him for dead… hence the (SIGH) amnesia.

    3) I was under the assumption that Lawyer Oska knew about Joongook’s death threats 10 years earlier. How did that not come up? Such a huge plot hole. Because, even if the files were late in getting to him (what is that all about, by the way?) that’s the kind of thing that would come up in a google search. Heck, that’s the kind of thing the neighborhood Ajummas would know about. That’s definitely the kind of thing the cops investigating the case should know about. And, even if The Worst Criminal Investigators Ever didn’t uncover that nugget, you would think that Suha or Hyesung would mention it. I feel like she can’t even be that mad at him since they withheld a pretty vital piece of information that would have helped him to understand what was really going on.

    4) I love how circumstantial evidence was not enough to convict Joongook but it is totally enough to incriminate Suha. Heck, who needs an actually body… a severed hand TOTALLY means murder!

    5) I still love this show but I couldn’t help rolling my eyes and face-palming myself at all the cliches in this episode. The accidental stabbing, the quitting your job after one mistake (granted it was a MONUMENTAL one, but can nothing ever be a teachable moment in Kdramaland?), the (SIGH) amnesia. I’m willing to forgive the show, since they’ve been pretty good at circumventing the cliches up till this point. Just please don’t get stupid on me, that’s all I ask.

    6) I am falling in LOVE with Do Yeon, she’s got more sense than anyone else in the room. I totally forgive her for that firecracker incident. We’ve all been dumb teenagers before. She just had the sense to learn from her mistakes (looking at you Oska… and pretty much everyone else in this drama).

    7) NOT AMNESIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 32.1 owl

      #3 – such a huge plot hole
      That, following the huge autopsy plot hole.

      ex-lawyer oska as sauna employee – yukayukayuka!

      episode 10, fix the holes, pleeze!

      watching it for you, Su ha!

    • 32.2 ilikemangos

      Agree with you on all your points, and i feel most strongly about your #3. when lawyer cha got the files all “late” and stuff or didn’t think to look into his history until AFTER the case wrapped up is just a big huh?
      I’m actually warming up to do yeon and i like the fact that she pushes our heroine to push herself. Except now, our heroine has regressed back to her old ways.
      The fact that Su-ha is suspect of a murderer and yet they don’t know if min joon gook is even dead or not. A severed hand does not always mean a lifeless body. smh show.
      But it entertains me so~ i keep coming back for more.

    • 32.3 eqhmm

      YES to everything!! Especially #4 – and this might point to how Suha might actually be faking. He knows the failings of the system and how he would have to deal with proving his innocence.

      Look at how the new cop is already so attached to the idea of him being a murderer (what he said to Hyesung, the cuffs, even how he implies Suha is guilty but faking by being “really clever”)….

      And the preview – looks like they brought him to the “murder” site. I can’t wait to see how Hyesung is going to be badass again trying to clear his name as the main suspect, regardless of whether he’s faking.

    • 32.4 kilmenyanne

      I am falling in love with both Do-Yeon and Sung-Bin. So many strong women in this drama. So many.

      • 32.4.1 redfox

        I so totally felt Do-Yeons´ frustration with Hye Sung and her recitations. Borrowing Su Has ability I read her mind: If you are not going to get it together I´ll throw a bucket of cold water on you! My ears are bursting, I cannot be in this courtroom any more! and shaking her in her mind….

    • 32.5 dobabado

      To a judge, death threats are just adding to the pile of circumstantial evidence. For Lawyer Cha, the death threats were enough for him to believe in Su Ha and to go check on Hye Sung. It didn’t prove that MJK was a killer.

      • 32.5.1 alua

        I agree. I don’t think the death threats would have made a difference to the verdict, the only difference would have been that Oska would have believed Hyesung and Suha.

        Which is lame enough… he should have believed them from the start and investigated better to find solid evidence that was needed to prove murder.

      • 32.5.2 Z

        That’s my point. They should have told Oska the whole story about the previous case and about the death threats. Not because it would have proven his guilt but so Oska would know where they were coming from.How can you be mad at him when you didn’t give him an opportunity to understand?

        Still, I’m finding it impossible to believe that this didn’t come up in even the most cursory investigation. Either Oska is a lazy lawyer or the writer is a lazy writer. And I love me some Lawyer Oska so I’m gonna blame it on the writer.

        • On a QIHM High

          I’m pretty sure KW did know that MJK threatened her but now he’s reading the exact transcript which has a different impact than “he threatened to kill me”. Also, I think it just changes what he thought of the killer but not what he did for the investigation. He has a duty to believe his client. When HS worked with the prosecutor to put the twins in jail, people were shouting foul. But when it came to HS, everybody wanted him to try to find evidence that could charge his client. A bit hypocritical, no? He can’t abandon his duty on the basis of personal feelings. Whatever happened in the trial 10 years ago happened, but it can’t be the basis of thinking MJK is guilty. HS has emotions and history that stop her from evaluating the situation fairly…he can’t just take her word. She is biased and he knows that. He does not know she has a thought-hearing friend. She needed SH’s confirmation too to know MJK killed her mother.

          And I think they did look into the evidence best they could. There was a reason the judge was divided in his verdict. The CCTV was mentioned and so was the possibility of the head injury arising from a blunt object. But that is not enough to believe he is guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”, which is required in a law system that works on a presumption of innocence. None of his actions or his relationships after entering jail (and then exiting) support revenge. Honestly, if we weren’t biased by knowing the story, I think a lot of people would have believed MJK.

          When it comes to SH, the reason why SH can be convicted of being a killer more easily is because he has a lot of evidence that combines together to push the judge over the 50% mark: he had a history with the victim, people knew he wanted revenge, he’s attacked MJK before, he talked to him last, his fingerprints were on his knife, etc. Once again, if we were not biased by his promise and HS’s faith in him, we’d think he killed MJK too.

          As the audience, we’re judging the other characters by the information we know and the biases we have. But we have to remember that they don’t know and they can’t interpret it the same way as us.

          • alua

            “now he’s reading the exact transcript which has a different impact than “he threatened to kill me””

            Yeah, sadly (IMO), because it revealed clearly that he was more willing to believe his client (a stranger) than Hyesung (his girlfriend).

            “He has a duty to believe his client.”

            I don’t think he does. He has a duty to defend his client, but he doesn’t have to believe him. As long as he doesn’t let it show through in the defense, it’s fine if he doesn’t believe him. I imagine it’s probably quite common not to believe the clients, because if public defenders only defender who they believed I think it’d be a problem.

            “He can’t abandon his duty on the basis of personal feelings. ”

            Actually, he can. It is, of course, an extreme choice and one that most of the time you would not make, but if he had truly wanted a relationship with Hyesung, that’s what he should have done. I’m not saying either choice is per se better, but it is a choice that you make, with specific consequences, deciding what is most important to you and whether you want to stand up for something or not (think Edward Snowden as a real life example…).

            “And I think they did look into the evidence best they could”

            I’m going to disagree with that because the forensic evidence is truly the most uncompelling bit about this show, as much as I love it otherwise.


          • Z

            Exactly my point. Knowing the whole story would change what he thought of the killer. Which would change how/if he defended him. A defense attorney does not have a duty to believe the client. He does have a duty to defend the client… but that does not necessarily mean getting them off. I wouldn’t want him to do what Hyesung did to the twins. I just think he would have been better served for having all the information. The way the show portrayed it, he had no idea what really went down in the courtroom that day. That makes no sense to me from a professional angle or from a personal one. How does that not come up in questioning witnesses or in speaking to the victim, with whom he has a personal relationship?

            I agree with the way Lawyer Oska handled the case once he decided to take it. So I’m not faulting him for that. But maybe he doesn’t take the case at all if he knows the whole truth. I do understand why Hyesung felt that he should have been on her side regardless. But, once it’s obvious that he’s been fooled by a slick criminal who has fooled so many people before (don’t forget, the only reason she and Suha see through him is that they a) have seen him in action b)one of them can read his thoughts), I think she should have sat him down and told him everything (even the mind reading part if neccesary).

          • alua

            Forgot: Lawyer Oska resigning in the end is in fact on the basis of personal feelings… Just an episode late 😉

          • On a QIHM High

            alua –

            Yes, sorry, I meant defend not believe. But what he should have done with this case (once he had taken it) is the same regardless of whether he believed MJK or not. So I don’t think it would have made a difference in court.

            When it comes to having a choice, I agree with you. He did have the choice as a person. But as a defense lawyer, trying to find evidence that the prosecution hasn’t found to make your client guilty is not ethical. So to do that, as you pointed out, he’d have to make HS his priority and forgo his duty as a lawyer. He didn’t. That is why I wouldn’t want HS to go back to KW. But I don’t think he should be faulted in not searching further as a lawyer who made his righteousness his priority.

            For the most part, I do agree that their forensic/legal aspects are lacking. However, in this case, I don’t think they missed anything so major that it would change the verdict.

            Z –

            “He does have a duty to defend the client… but that does not necessarily mean getting them off.”

            If there is enough chance that the suspect can get away with innocence, then the lawyer should not be making him plead guilty. The prosecution is there to bring enough evidence that the suspect pleads guilty. The defense only tries for a lighter sentence if they know they can’t convince the jury of innocence. Legally, I don’t think Lawyer Cha should have argued differently from what he did (unless of course, as you and alua talked about, he wanted to put HS a priority).

            “How does that not come up in questioning witnesses or in speaking to the victim, with whom he has a personal relationship?”

            Questioning witnesses wouldn’t have given him information of the trial 10 years ago. None of the same people are involved in this case. And it’s not like he could question people from the old trial for this case. But yes, HS could have told him more strongly. And although I still don’t think it would have changed how he could defend him, maybe he would have chosen to resign instead of take on the case like he did eventually.

            (p.s. I find it amusing how both of you refer to him as Oska :P)

        • Z

          “He does have a duty to defend the client… but that does not necessarily mean getting them off.”

          If there is enough chance that the suspect can get away with innocence, then the lawyer should not be making him plead guilty. The prosecution is there to bring enough evidence that the suspect pleads guilty. The defense only tries for a lighter sentence if they know they can’t convince the jury of innocence. Legally, I don’t think Lawyer Cha should have argued differently from what he did (unless of course, as you and alua talked about, he wanted to put HS a priority).

          “How does that not come up in questioning witnesses or in speaking to the victim, with whom he has a personal relationship?”

          Questioning witnesses wouldn’t have given him information of the trial 10 years ago. None of the same people are involved in this case. And it’s not like he could question people from the old trial for this case. But yes, HS could have told him more strongly. And although I still don’t think it would have changed how he could defend him, maybe he would have chosen to resign instead of take on the case like he did eventually.

          (p.s. I find it amusing how both of you refer to him as Oska 😛

          When I said “question witnesses” I meant questioning people involved in the case 10 years ago. That’s the kind of thing I would expect a defense lawyer to do. But like I’ve said before, I think that it’s more a flaw in the writing than in Lawyer Oska’s skills. The man dressed up in a school uniform to investigate a case that wasn’t even his so I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t do all he could to find out the truth in this case

          I also agree with you that he shouldn’t have argued the case any differently than he did. He agreed to take the man’s case and, if he insists on pleading innocent, I guess the lawyer has to work within those parameters. Which is why I don’t think he should have taken the case in the first place, regardless of if he believed Joongook or not (to be fair, Lawyer Shin kind of bullied him into it a little). It was like a Conflict of Interest standing on top of a huge pile of Conflicts of Interest, all of them singing the official Conflict of Interest Theme Song.

          Anyway, I love Lawyer Oska and I’ve been on his side from the beginning. My only beef is with the writers on this one. That scene in Episode 9 where he is shocked at reading the transcripts implies that he had little or no idea what happened that day, which is just bad lawyering. And we all know that he’s a very good lawyer so it does not compute given what we know of his character. I would have been fine with it if he had read the transcripts before and still went on with the case out of a sense of duty. I would be a little more mad at him but I would have understood.

          This, I can’t understand. I call bad writing but I love this show so I’m trying to overlook it. I just don’t like having to stretch my brain to reconcile huge inconsistencies.

          PS. I never even watched Secret Garden (read the recaps though). I call him Oska because it took me a few episodes to remember his name and by then, I was fond of calling him Oska and couldn’t bear let it go. Maybe because his character here is the Anti-Oska.

      • 32.5.3 dobabado

        Oh dear I thought Oska was the judge but you guys are talking about Lawyer Cha haha oops. Disregard most of my previous comment then. :’D

    • 32.6 alua

      With #3, all I could think was, you need to court documents to tell you this because you believed MJG, a stranger with a criminal past, but you didn’t believe Hyesung (if he asked her, or if he didn’t ask her, he should have)?

      …which was only a confirmation of how lame he behaved with that case. I’m glad Hyesung shot him down when he approached her after the judge declared MJG a free man. (How could he even approach her?)

      #6 Do-yeon has a lot of potential. I’m hoping she’ll end up besties with Hyesung by the end. And that both stand up to Do-yeon’s adoptive father, because he’s definitely a fishy guy.

      #7 I’m not bugged about the amnesia. I trust they’ll handle it well. Plus, I’m not convinced it is amnesia. Or that Suha lost his mind-reading ability. He locked eyes with the detectives when they showed up… both in the chicken cage and when he emerged.

      I kind of like how everyone is rather flawed in this show. Like Hyesung turning into that one-sentence defender again (and falling back into messy habits at home). Or even being willing to lay the blame of the stabbing on MJG ––– she definitely has something to work through there, because though she means well, her methods are not good. Oska of course is on the other end, being too trusting in the innocence of clients, and now he finally realised he got burned. Funny to see him revert back to his dorky appearance (glasses & all) again too. We are sort of back at where we were at the beginning, but at the same time we aren’t, because some things have been reversed: e.g. Hyesung now looking for Suha.

      Really liking Seongbin. Lovely, lovely friend.

      • 32.6.1 Carole McDonnell

        I so wish Lawyer Cha would work legally from his heart. He seems to be a loving person but he holds the law and legal evidence above such pesky things as mere human non-evidential words.

      • 32.6.2 On a QIHM High

        “We are sort of back at where we were at the beginning, but at the same time we aren’t, because some things have been reversed: e.g. Hyesung now looking for Suha.”

        THIS. When I got to the end of the episode, this was my first thought. So much stuff happened, but it caused everyone to go through a full circle and get back to where they were originally (kinda).

        Also, I agree about the flawedness of the characters (which makes me like them all the more) and that Seong-bin is an awesome friend/person.

    • 32.7 jicachan

      LOL. Am I the only one who likes amnesia? I hope it will be bittersweet, like this time it’s Hye-sung’s turn to “chase” Sooha, getting him to remember. There could be a lot of possibilities plotwise. Very curious of how they will write the show from here.

    • 32.8 DarkChoco

      About the 4#…

      I think you guys are all misunderstanding this part. At this moment Sooha is just a SUSPECT, not a criminal. Remember the innocent-until-proven-guilty thing ?

      And the amnesia. Yeah, it’s totally worth an eye-rolling because of its ubiquitousness in the Kdrama world. But since I put my whole faith in this scriptwriter considering that she’s done very well up to this moment, I believe she has found (or will find) a new brilliant way to handle this cliche. And give the true duck-faced Gum back to us ~

      • 32.8.1 Z

        I do understand that he is simply a suspect. I’m just laughing at the fact that the evidence is just as flimsy yet everyone is convinced that he did it.

        I’m more incredulous about the fact that everyone is talking murder without a body. There is less proof that a murder has taken place in this case than there was in Mom’s.

  33. 33 crazedlu

    DUUUUUUUDE! First, AMNESIA?! But hey man, Drama, just do it well, ok? Second, Suhaaaa! Third, Hyesuuuung! I’m so glad tomorrow is Thursday and it comes with another ep.

  34. 34 owl

    So with amnesia, you can’t hear thoughts anymore?

  35. 35 Anvesha

    This episode had me worried sick at every turn.. And admittedly I was slightly annoyed at the “who am I?” track.. But I trust the show will not falter (Please!!!)

    Also, I loved the role reversal where she runs after a Soo Ha look-alike.

  36. 36 Mar

    Rarely does a drama surprise me anymore. Well played writer(s). I was expecting a time jump but not this soon. I was expecting a separation but not this soon. I wasn’t expecting a floater boater appendage and a Su Ha in the chicken house memory trauma separation that’s for sure. I enjoyed nerd lawyers comic relief hair bouncy hair very much.

  37. 37 yuka sato

    just finished watch it from dramaholics, first impression that i have was that sooha fake the amnesia thingy. but for what reason, i don’t really know. since judging from sooha’s old personality he wouldn’t do something lame like that.

    but my gut kicking at my former idea.
    so i guess we just have to wait for tonight ep for more.

    i’m so torn with this drama hiks.. TT^TT

    • 37.1 dani305

      I’m pretty sure Soo Ha is not faking it just as much as I’m sure Min Joon Gook cut off his own hand. The SOB is alive somewhere enjoying all this drama play out.

  38. 38 koy333

    Definitely don’t think it is Soo Ha who may have killed Min Joon Gook. My money is on Lawyer Cha. He’s too sweet a character and it would make sense that he would do that given he feels guilty for taking on his case and saw him run off. Excited about the next episode! Hate the amnesia though.

  39. 39 Airyn

    I hope there’s a perfectly good explanation for why he got amnesia. I hope he’s not faking it either! Please let it be a good backstory, Writer-nim.

  40. 40 Divyrus

    This episode ! Ahhhhh !!!

    They know exactly what not to give us so that we would die for more ! Even though we hate it, we would die for more !
    Keep pulling the rug every from us every episode !

    After we saw what hye sung did , and how they both sacrifice for each other, all we wanted to see was their reunion together ! How much they mean to each other! Out on their faces !!
    Then the writer goes and delays it ! With amnesia !

    It’s like su ha’s love for her took first 8 episodes forward ! And now it’s like her love for su ha against all odds !!!!
    My heart !!!!!!

  41. 41 nisha

    actually the drama setup looks more and more like the movie primal fear in my mind…Not the exact same setup obviously but kinda similar…anyone else feels like they see shades of it here?

    • 41.1 ilikemangos

      Maybe just the part where lawyer cha totally gets suckered into believing the nice, caring persona min joon gook created is actually innocent and manages to set him free.
      I just remember going o.m.g. at the ending haha.

  42. 42 Penny

    I am still holding out on the hope that Suha is just faking his amnesia because the show’s been delivering greatly since the start and to hammer in a well-worn trope like amnesia is like committing suicide for them, right? RIGHT? IT HAS TO RIGHT.


  43. 43 DDee

    AMNESIA???!! why oh why oh why. but i echo others in that i hv faith that this show will handle it well.

    and anyone else feel heartbroken that lawyer cha quit when he was the one who was truly passionate about the job?? i’ve always been in his corner and i hope the drama throws him a bone!

  44. 44 Penny

    The part where Hyesung texts her DEAD mom daily – GAWD THAT BREAKS MY HEART. I almost cried. And I was just reading the recap. What more if I finally watch the episode. Aaah this show…

    • 44.1 ilikemangos

      omg, me and you both. i mentioned above, but it was just so perfect.
      all those texts she sent her mom — she just misses her so much. And the fact that hye sung just seemed so alone. Lawyer cha left, su-ha left, and her mother left. Girl has like, no friends except seong bin (who i absolutely love). And maybe the jerk that keeps ratting out su-ha but manages to do good in this episode.

      • 44.1.1 alua

        Soengbin is awesome.

        Yeah for a secondary character that has the lead as her love interest, but doesn’t get jealous and manipulative about it as in every other K-drama out there, but instead is an awesome friend.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Exactly! And we just knooooooooooow that she and annoying classmate are gonna get together one day.

          • alua

            Which is good, she deserves a happy end too.

    • 44.2 Stardust

      me too me too…. I am reading this in my office after my lunch, and I had to stop my tears from spilling out… cos…yeah… my colleagues will think I am going nuts hahahaha

      I haven’t been watching the drama, but keeping up with the amazing exciting recaps, so thanks very very much! *XOXO*

  45. 45 saranga

    this episode was INTENSE, and i was actually quite literally biting my nails (something i never do) throughout. i wasn’t really expecting a time jump to happen, though i know lots of people talked about it. i wasn’t expecting the story to take such sober dips, what with mom’s murder and now su-ha.

    how sweet is it that sung-bin is holding up her vow to do hye-sung’s nails forever? that’s some great bonding. that made me aww.

    i don’t believe for a single second that min joon-gook is dead. i’m inclined to believe he cut off his own hand, and i think we’ll see him make another attempt on hye-sung’s life before the show ends.

    i too was dismayed with the amnesia plot, but i’ve developed enough faith in the show (and writer!) that it won’t disappoint. i trust where she’s going with this, though i just really wanted the old su-ha back.

    i love love love love this show! again, i can’t believe i ever thought it was going to be a dud…

  46. 46 chaosgirl

    I hate amnesia more than any other trope in existence, buuut this one isn’t bothering me yet. I’m waiting for more info before I jump to conclusions, and it actually works pretty smashingly on a narrative level.

    Okay, and this might be really sick of me, but I sort of think it would be awesome if Min-gook cut off his own hand. He has been a really great villain for a k-drama (although some of those mothers/mother-in-laws are pretty terrifying), and I’ll be disappointed if they just drop the character like that.

  47. 47 Mystisith

    I loved that damn painful episode. It’s like trying to catch a rabbit running in the wild. Phew. There is not a single scene I would take out of it: No filler.
    I firmly believe that SH is faking the amnesia: He wants to outsmart the vilain and the judiciary system both at the same time. He wants to put all the human factor under the light. The white sheet element is also smart because he becomes neutral for his lawyer(s). No way to know for sure what happened: Trust can bring you so far as we could see and she will have to move her ass and go on the field to collect the evidences. In a way, amnesia is also a way to protect her: If they act like strangers, the killer could lose interest in the persecution. I bet 10$ that we will learn at one crucial moment that when he looks into her eyes at the police station he is thinking “you’re buying it, right?” I also think that lawyer Cha knows that SH is pretending.

    • 47.1 ilikemangos

      Exactly — not a single filler. I was on edge for most of the episode, and if i wasn’t on edge, my heart was breaking or i was crying or feeling for our characters.
      Interesting theory about su-ha and his possible fake out. I wonder if it’s possible we might be giving su-ha too much credit but if that were to happen i really would not mind. The guy has always been smart and way beyond his years.. but evil-mastermind smart? Hmm.. Perhaps after the stabbing incident he started plotting out a long term plan to catch min joon gook once and for all, and to lure him out of hiding. If that were true, mad props to su-ha and the writer.

    • 47.2 chewyish

      i’m one of those people that is leaning towards believing that su-ha really has ammesia partially because he looks like a completely different person (but that might just be stellar acting on LJS’s part) but i’m actually really liking your whole theory about not avoiding incrimination (because we’ve seen in the past that su-ha is completely selfless when it comes to hyesung and wouldn’t worry about his own welfare in the situation) but rather as a way to trap min joon gook….i think this whole orchestrated situation could be what suha was alluding to when he told hyesung he wasn’t going to do what she thought he was going to do
      at this point i’m fine if they take the amnesia thing either way because there are so many possibilities. looking forward to change in the hyesung suha dynamic too.

    • 47.3 nomaden

      The fight…I’m over 30 and I had to cover my eyes and watched from between my fingers like I was 10 and watching Twilight Zone! Wow! intense!!!

  48. 48 zsa

    I don’t want to comment on the amnesia thing….coz there’s plenty already, but I’d like to thank Girlfriday for positively looking at possibilities of these two getting together without cringing….I Love them, and age difference doesn’t matter to me, so i find them really suited and made for each other…so let’s hope this ship sails, if not smoothly and stays afloat!! Yay to crazy beautiful love!!

  49. 49 Airyn

    Wait, so is Hye-sung not dating Kwan-woo anymore?

    • 49.1 ilikemangos

      Nope, because at the Jjimjilbang pretty the paralegal mentions that lawyer cha never asks about hye sung.

    • 49.2 panshel

      I would stop dating the person who set my mother’s killer free, too.

  50. 50 panshel

    I swear, his amnesia better be a fake out. I’m convinced that he is pretending to not know who he is and who she is because she told him not to tell anyone what went down that night. I doubt the writers would let Su Ha lose his memory and his mind-reading abilities.

    Opening scene, I was like, “What happened to Hye Sung?” Then as she frantically searched for Su Ha, I was all, “WHAT HAPPENED TO SU HA!?” Su Ha really should have been there for Hye Sung at Min Joon Gook’s sentencing. Just as I was wondering whether people in the courthouse could hear her breaking down between the revolving door, the judges do. Frickin’ double jeopardy — now Min Joon Gook can’t be tried for the same crime twice.

    The whole face-off scared the living crap out of me. Half of me was yelling, “Baby, run!” but the other half was rooting him on, “Stab him!” When Hye Sung ran into the knife and they both took a moment to process what had happened, I was so nervous Min Joon Gook would take that opportunity to attack them, which of course, he did. I thought Kwan Woo was actually in the parking garage, and that’s what scared Min Joon Gook off, but he was still aimlessly running around the building.

    So much love for the kids this episode. Choong Ki taking Su Ha’s backpack and Sung Bin giving Hye Sung Su Ha’s teddy bear. This episode confirmed Hye Sung and Kwan Woo’s relationship is unsalvageable. I love the paralleling of Hye Sung chasing down possible Su Ha’s just as he did all those years. Su Ha is definitely the end game.

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

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