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Good Doctor: Episode 13
by | September 17, 2013 | 54 Comments

Our hero is hit with the past head-on and the resulting whiplash comes with some pretty significant drawbacks. In a hospital that never sleeps, there just isn’t enough time to deal with the matters of the heart, mind, and the soul. Not when you have a boss constantly reminding you to overcome your struggles to be the best, even when you’re not at your best.


When Dad suddenly turns up at the hospital, Shi-on is overwhelmed by the memories of his abusive childhood. Just the sound of his voice triggers Shi-on’s underlying fears, and he collapses, unconscious.

Shi-on comes to some time later and insists that he’s fine, though, the way that he nervously picks at his fingernails suggests otherwise. Thus Do-han denies Dad permission to see his son, which stirs his temper.

That’s when Mom shrills at him to do as he’s told, but her appearance launches Dad into another fit, and he has to be forcibly dragged away. His rage-filled screams can be heard from where Shi-on sits inside, and Shi-on slips away, unnoticed.

Both Do-han and Yoon-seo acknowledge that Shi-on’s emotional trauma must be more severe than they thought. Although Do-han is upset over how he’s been kept in the dark about Shi-on’s mother, he notes that they cannot keep that secret from Shi-on forever.

Meanwhile, Dad tears into Mom outside, calling her a liar and spewing threats at her as she pleads in a shaky voice to leave them alone. Enraged, he raises a hand to strike her when he suddenly doubles over in a coughing fit and hacks up blood. Is cancer on the horizon?

The assistant chief agrees to leave when he’s confronted by Doctor Choi about the for-profit hospital scheme. However, he gives the warning that he’ll soon return more powerful than before, and asks Doctor Choi to reconsider one last time.

Yoon-seo finds Shi-on sitting alone, his knee shaking anxiously. She assures him that they can temporarily keep Dad away, but Shi-on says he wasn’t afraid to see Dad earlier.

He says it felt like he traveled back in time to his younger self, which prompts Yoon-seo to ask if that means Shi-on remembers his mother’s face now. Shi-on shakes his head—he only saw a glimpse of her and she too was getting beaten. He hopes he doesn’t remember what Mom looks like because that piece of information will only upset him.

Then Yoon-seo softly pats him on the shoulder, and his knee stops shaking. Shi-on slides away at her touch and asks for some time alone. She looks back at him with a worried expression.

Yoon-seo informs the other residents to act normal around Shi-on to help him establish a sense of routine. But it seems the recent fainting spell also carries some side effects as Shi-on draws a blank at a question and is unable to envision the case in his head during their team meeting.

Both Yoon-seo and Do-han worry about the implications of the loss of Shi-on’s exceptional abilities on his clinical skills, wondering if the effect is temporary. Do-han says there’s nothing they can do to help him retrieve those skills.

Doctor Pomade suggests that they have a departmental dinner that night, only to hear that they’re all swamped with work. He turns to them individually, and he turns away from Shi-on without asking him. Aw.

Chae-kyung runs into Assistant Chief Kang on his way out of the hospital. She doesn’t hesitate to rub in his failed attempt to lure Doctor Choi and Do-han over to his side. He in turn points out her involvement behind the evil board administrator’s dismissal.

She coolly asks if he heard that fact from Creepy Chairman, and the assistant chief replies that he never mentioned that name to her before. Whoops, way to reveal your hand there.

President Lee is a ball of nerves about the hospital’s mounting financial issues. Chae-kyung basically tells her stepmother I told you so, which does little to calm her already stressed state.

Do-han consults a fellow doctor (a psychiatrist, presumably) about Shi-on’s present condition. He’s told that repressed memories are usually a consequence of severe trauma. There isn’t a quick-fix to bring Shi-on’s exceptional abilities back, but providing a safe and caring environment could help it along.

At the same time, Yoon-seo relays to Doctor Choi all that she knows and asks for his help with Shi-on’s parents.

Do-han calls Shi-on up to the roof and asks him if his father is whom he fears most in this world. Shi-on says no: “A patient’s death.” Do-han agrees with this and asks what they need to do to prevent that. Shi-on: “To correctly diagnose and treat the patient.”

To that, Do-han points out that Shi-on’s fear of his father currently inhibits him from tapping into his abilities. He admits that he thought Shi-on’s skills were just a side effect when Shi-on first arrived, but he then realized they could prove useful for their patients.

Plus, Shi-on still has to keep his promise to surpass him, Do-han notes. He tells Shi-on to overcome his struggles quickly and not to dwell on the issue for too long. “The more you think about that, the less patients you can save.”

During one of In-hye’s checkups, Yoon-seo shows her some updated photos of Opera Boy and Eun-ok on her phone. Adorbs. Then In-hye asks about the rose photo and breaks into a knowing smile when she hears it’s from Shi-on.

The senior nurses are adorably awkward around Shi-on after they hear the news from Jin-wook. It’s sweet how they shower him with endless compliments, even giving him a thumbs-up. Then Do-han orders him to take the night off, telling Yoon-seo to drag him out when he refuses.

In his office, Doctor Choi recalls a time when he dropped Shi-on at home and heard someone crying—Mom. She had closed the door on him, but the sight had troubled him as it still does at present.

At home, Dad continues to yell at Mom, goading her to run away like last time. She says she won’t and instead, tries to persuade him to stay away from their son. He won’t hear a word of it of course, convinced that his doctor son will bring him a steady flow of income.

He gets riled up again when he’s told that he’s done nothing as a father. But Doctor Choi drops by just then, and suffice it to say, Dad isn’t happy to see him.

He grabs Doctor Choi by the lapels and accuses him of stealing his wife from him. But then Dad crumples to the ground, coughing up blood again. Doctor Choi reads his pulse, and his wide-eyed expression tells us that It Is Serious.

On their way out, Yoon-seo brings up the topic of Shi-on’s confession, to which he asks that she pretend she never heard it. He tells her that it was a mistake, and says he felt the same way towards a childhood teacher who was pretty and kind to him.

Yoon-seo isn’t convinced on that explanation and asks him if he’s lying. Shi-on reminds her that he’s unable to lie, but she points out all of his excuses, like when he brought her a rose or bought a hammer which says otherwise.

In a gentle voice, she tells him not to feel sorry about what he said because she felt the sincerity behind his words. If she didn’t, then she would have laughed at him.

They relocate to a café, and Yoon-seo is the first to speak, asking if she’s his first love. She takes his silence to mean yes, and tells him about her own first love story with a church oppa. Thinking about him made her heart race and she couldn’t sleep at night, but it was one-sided, and she feels that she learned from that painful experience.

“I love you, too,” Yoon-seo tells him. “As a hoobae and as a cherished dongsaeng. This is love, too.” Oof. She tells him that he may be upset that she doesn’t see him as a man, but as time passes, she’s certain that they’ll be as close as real siblings.

Now Shi-on finally breaks his silence, and he asks what he should do if that doesn’t happen in the future. “If it’s still the same [then], what should I do?”

Shi-on says he feels even more frustrated now than when he was stuck in the mines. Although he’s disappointed, he feels at ease now that he’s confessed his feelings. He apologizes for putting Yoon-seo through the trouble and rises to leave.

Shi-on walks down the street, disheartened. He greets Doctor Pomade, who’s having a one-man pity party at a pojangmacha, and the department head invites Shi-on for a drink.

Six bottles of soju later, Shi-on yawns after Doctor Pomade regales him with the same tale about how he’s constantly ignored by his hoobaes for the umpteenth time. Doctor Pomade accidentally spits food at Shi-on’s face when he cries that he’s a surgeon too but nobody respects him.

Shi-on says that he respects his sunbae, and although Doctor Pomade waves off those words, the compliment still surprises him. Shi-on ends up with an utterly plastered Doctor Pomade on his hands, whose drunken muttering basically equates to nonsense.

HA, Doctor Pomade wakes up discombobulated in Shi-on’s bed the next morning. Shi-on already has breakfast ready (triangular kimbap and banana milk, natch) and though Doctor Pomade sniffs at the menu at first, he digs in anyway. D’aww, I sorta like the building bromance between them.

Do-han’s quizzes continue at the hospital, and this time, Shi-on trips up on the answers. It keeps happening over and over again, a bit of his confidence ebbing away every time.

It frustrates them both, and Do-han lets him off the hook. He thinks to how Shi-on’s current performance vastly differs from when he used to rattle off the answers without hesitation.

Shi-on slumps in his usual corner, his head hanging. That’s where In-hye finds him, and he says he’s worried that his crush will hate him because he’s been getting more annoyed lately and lying more often.

In-hye answers that Yoon-seo is too nice for that. It takes a few seconds before Shi-on realizes that she knows, and he suddenly rises in a panic. Hee. In-hye takes back her spiteful comment from last time, admitting defeat to the nice unni with a sigh. Lol.

In-hye admits that Yoon-seo is a tough case, since she already regards Shi-on as a dongsaeng. So In-hye advises that he press on with his sincerity, since it’s the only pull he’s got.

Doctor Choi collects Shi-on just then to take him towards another patient’s room. It’s Dad and the sight causes Shi-on to cower and triggers his motor tics.

Turns out Dad has a late stage of laryngeal cancer (bah, terminal illnesses), and all Doctor Choi asks is that Shi-on start to see him as he would any other patient, and not as the cause of so much pain. Shi-on runs off to catch his breath.

Then Shi-on treats a young girl who sustained some cuts in an effort to prevent her blind father from getting hurt. Shi-on notes the fatherly concern for his daughter, who takes it like a champ.

Shi-on runs into the girl afterward, and he learns that she takes care of her father after school. She regards it as another part of her daughterly duties to her parents, driven by the thought of how sad life would be without him. She cheerily thanks Shi-on for fixing her up and collects her father.

Jin-wook waits outside the bar for In-young, who isn’t happy to see him. He advises that In-young find a different line of work for her sister’s sake and her own health. But she answers that she has to do whatever it takes to pay for her sister’s surgery.

So Jin-wook offers to loan her the money instead. Ooh, not what you wanted to say right then. In-young misconstrues his good intentions for flaunting his money, and before he can explain himself, she tells him to find another girl who’s better suited for him. Aww.

Both Jin-wook and Shi-on are unable to sleep that night, their minds filled with countless thoughts. Jin-wook asks if Shi-on has ever liked anyone, and then figures he must have. “You are a man, after all.” He admits that he does like someone, and laughs to hear that is not-so-secret crush is known to everyone.

Shi-on says that Jin-wook possesses the qualifications to love someone: he’s cool, confident, and lacks nothing. And above all: “You’re mature.”

But there are no such things as qualifications when it comes to love, Jin-wook tells him. “But if you love that person unconditionally, then you come to possess the right to love them. The right that I only have.”

He admits to Shi-on that he hasn’t worked up the courage to confess his feelings yet, calling it the hardest thing in the world to do. He’s impressed to hear that Shi-on has already done so.

President Lee and Doctor Choi plan to meet the assistant chief that evening. They’re both surprised to be greeted by Creepy Chairman, and from their greetings, their relationship seems to go way back.

Shi-on works up the courage to walk by Dad’s hospital room, but he crouches down before his rowdy father can spot him.

We’re introduced to our latest medical case when a school bus accident floods the hospital with injured children. With about twenty children in the emergency room, the pediatric team gets to work to assess the children’s injuries.

Thankfully, the team is able to procure enough operating room, but the problem is that there aren’t enough surgeons to go around, even with the help of another department. They’re one surgeon short, and unwilling to transfer the patient to a different hospital.

Do-han thinks fast and puts Jin-wook on the job, but they soon run into another issue when another student comes through the trauma room. Shi-on rushes over to assess their newest patient… and gapes to see the blind man’s daughter.

The patient is suffering from internal bleeding, which means they must operate immediately. When asked about who will perform the surgery, Shi-on says that Do-han can do it—he’s done simultaneous surgeries before. Eek, I don’t get a good feeling about this…

Our various surgical teams get to work on their patients. Do-han orders Shi-on to prepare the adjacent operating room. Once everything’s set up, Shi-on runs back, which is when the patient starts to crash.

Shi-on grows increasingly nervous as the seconds pass and Do-han says he cannot leave this surgery. Then, the girl in the other room starts to crash.

So Do-han looks up at Shi-on and tells him to perform the girl’s surgery. WHAT.


Again, WHAT. I had a feeling that we would eventually encounter a situation where Shi-on would have to take the reins on surgery (which is yes, unlikely as a first-year surgical resident, but it’s always a possibility in dramaland), but I didn’t anticipate that today would be the day. At present, Shi-on can barely tap into his extensive medical knowledge bank, let alone hold a scalpel in his hand. This isn’t to say that Shi-on isn’t capable—because we know that he is—but ack, there’s so much at stake!

At first, I thought to myself that Do-han should have chosen another senior resident to do the procedure (although I wouldn’t trust Il-kyu to cut me open) when it occurred to me that Do-han could be referring to his challenge for Shi-on to surpass him, literally placing the scalpel in his hand. It’s a risky, dramatic move, and the current situation calls for desperate measures that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. Stripped of his ability to envision the surgical area and unable to retain large amounts of information like he usually can, Shi-on is left with the nerve-wracking anxiety with a life in his hands, relying on his own skills and abilities to avoid what he fears most: the patient’s death. I admit that I can’t help but wonder what would happen if that did occur, but the show seems to point towards another developing relationship with another life lesson with our latest medical case, so I can hope for the best… until the next episode airs.

Before we move on, I’m going to say: Dad sucks. There, I feel a little better now. It’s no surprise that Dad hasn’t changed and he’s still the same deadbeat dad (we’ve yet to see if his bunny-killing days are behind him) as before. If anything, I am proud of Mom to stand her ground against him, refusing to run away from him and trying to protect her son. And then, Dad has a terminal illness. Many of us have seen the trope before, but more than the cancer cliché itself, I’m more annoyed by how the show seems to hint at sympathy points for Dad by introducing to us a filial daughter and Doctor Choi’s suggestion to look past the abuser who is the main source of Shi-on’s childhood trauma. Have we forgotten about the bunny, Show?!

To the show’s credit, I do appreciate the pediatric team’s effort to keep the aggressor away from the victim, and acknowledge the horrors of abuse. But the show seems to nudge towards a possible father-son reconciliation—something that I’m totally for in principle—if only Dad didn’t return as the same awful person that he is. If that’s where the show intends to go, I don’t know if I’m prepared for it or will ever be.

With Shi-on’s confession of his feelings towards Yoon-seo out in the open, I appreciate that Yoon-seo explains her platonic feelings towards him, and how that still is a form of love. Though I still find it hard to imagine a romantic relationship between the two since their noona-dongsaeng relationship amuses me to no end, I like how Shi-on is the one to say his feelings towards her may remain steadfast in the future. Yoon-seo is starting to search her own heart as to how she feels towards him, romantic or not. On a slightly different note, I do like how our bromances continue to progress in this episode as Doctor Pomade is slowly coming around to Shi-on. If Shi-on can manage to reach out to a once-evil man like him, then maybe there’s hope for Dad yet.


54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. coby

    I’m excited to see him work for his first surgery! I think I’ll be cheering for him tomorrow! yay!

    I feel bad today as I want his dad to die…

    I still don’t like hospital takeover shenanigans.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 1.1 KDaddict

      You feel bad cos u want him to die.
      I feel good cos he has cancer.
      6 of one, and half dozen of another! 😉

      • 1.1.1 coby

        I said “Yay! he has cancer!” hehe

      • 1.1.2 valleydale

        Actually, I don’t feel in the least bit bad about wanting Dad to die and go straight to hell. cancer is the least that karma can wreak toward balancing the scales of justice. I hope it’s a slow, painful death.

        • KDaddict


          It’d be better and more realistic if SO doesn’t end up forgiving his dad right on deathbed. Human beings aren’t like that, and the writer should suggest that SO is a saint. He can just promise to process those feelings and hint at a day in the future when he may overcome his traumatized feelings enough to forgive this monster dad.

    • 1.2 july

      I hope si-on’s first surgery is success. Finger crossed. Btw rating for this ep is drop maybe because this week is chuseok holiday,but I want to see they dance… Thank you again for recap gummy <3

  2. KDaddict

    I’m happy that the writer has given Shi On’s father throat cancer.
    1. Becos SO has to be able to see him as a regular cancer patient in order to overcome whatever hurdles past pains and cruelties have put in his path.

    2. Becos it makes sense that all that non-stop hollering, yelling and shouting and drinking would cause some kind of upper GI type of cancer.

    3. If sb has to have cancer in a medical show, better him than anyone else, say SO’s mother, or one of the cute pediatric patients, e.g.

    • 2.1 kumi

      I would say, Shi-on has to see his Dad as somebody who is suffering and needs his help. ‘Regular’ cancer patient or ‘special’ cancer patient does not really matter so much in this case. What matters is that he can be the one who relieves/tries to relieve him of that pain.

      • 2.1.1 KDaddict

        Pls see #17 and 17.1 below.

        • kumi

          Yes, I share what you said there, thanks.

  3. Smile134

    I find part of this episode hard to watch, mainly because of sucky Dad appearance. Like you said, he doesn’t change one bit compared to the past, abusive and all. But seeing Do-han caring for Shi-on is the best. Still, I root for Do-han & Shi-on bromance more than any romance on this show 🙂

  4. KDaddict

    Shi On is developing bromance all over the place: With the good-looking doc who has a crush on In Hye’s sister; even with that lousy Head of Pediatrics.

    I’m sure Do Han already loves him, just that DH is much more stunted in showing emotions than out autistic hero!

  5. exile18

    I’m really loving good doctor! But I’m not getting good vibes from shi on’s first surgery. ..the bromance are great and getting better. All main actors acting is really good especially joo won and moon chae won!

  6. zakin89

    *rolls eyes at drama*

    And I am annoyed again -.-

    First: Hospital politics is back to which I say *yawn* It’s not interesting and I’d rather prefer more dealing with the everyday life in a hospital and how Shi On copes with all that…

    Second: Dad won’t get one sympathy point rom me EVER! Terminal illness (I kind of expected it) or not he is such a terrible person! Abusive husband and father (and animal abuser – poor bunny *sniff*) and probably an alcoholic he does not deserve forgiveness!
    So I got really annoyed when the filial daugher was introduced because… It’s kind of a difference if your dad is blind and needs your help and understanding or if he’s a rotten bastard who killed your bunny and beat the crap out of you!

    That said when they wheeled in the children I knew that we’ll get filial daugher probably on the brink of death. And when there was no surgeon left it was obvious that Do Han would give the surgery to Shi On which is wrong in so many ways but where does logic play a factor in dramaland?)
    Drama don’t you dare kill of the little girl! She doesn’t deserve it!

    But there was not only bad things in this episode!
    I loved how everyone was protecting Shi On from his dad and how the nurses tried to encourage him after he kind of lost his abilities.

    I’ll never get tired of the Shi On – In Hye scenes because they are adorable and it was pretty hilarious when SO found out that IH finally knows who his crush is^^

    And how much did I love SO and doc pomade together? So awesome 😀 Especially doc pomade’s not so perfectly pomaded hair in the morning xD I smell bromance (though I would love to see more bromance between DH ans SO as well!) 🙂

  7. KDaddict

    I know who else is an equally good candidate for getting terminal throat cancer:
    That crazy bitchy MIL in GoM!
    All that yelling. The throat must hurt.
    All that anger and hostility. Breeding ground for cancer.

  8. Yue-lie

    A part of me really wants Shi-on to be happy but the other part thinks that Do-han and Yoon-seo look great together!
    It may even be better if she was with Do-han…

  9. Appelsin

    THX for the recap! I can’t wait for next episode, there is so much going on! 🙂
    Shi-on, fighting!!

  10. 10 art critic

    Korean Dramas have taught me 2 things:

    1. Almost every plot is about a cool guy, with cool money, who has a cool girlfriend, he wears cool clothes and everyone refers to him as being a cool person.

    2. Despite all this he always fights with a frumpy dressed girl who tells him off. Yeah they fight, but he always seems to drive her home in his cool car and buy her some new clothes (which she wears only once). Then they fall in love. You know the rest.

    Good doctor changed all that for me. “Finally a drama that’s refreshing. With real characters. WOOT!!!!”

    Yeah I’m not getting those feelings anymore. The main reason being the “romance” between Sion and Dr. Cha U_U. (I don’t hate the acting just the romance!)

    I know. I can hear all the fan girls (and boys) give a collective gasp of horror. But before you start trying to pillage my house like the towns people in Frankenstein, hear me out.

    1. For me Dr. Cha and Do Han have more history and chemistry together. She not only has romantic feelings for him but she also respects him very much. They fit the criteria of most K drama couples for crying out loud. I think they should just have their own sup plot (that would be more interesting).

    2. Every time Sion and Dr. Cha scenes come up I just roll my eyes. At first she never really trusted him. (That’s why that little girl died. If she listened to him, she could have avoided that whole fiasco!). Yeah she ends up eventually trusting him, but she berates him by treating him like a child. He was right to tell her that just eating and drinking is not going to solve his problems. He’s not a child, that you give a toy to make them stop crying.
    And she never lets him stand up for him self! “Sion stop asking questions, and embarrassing me, even though they bring up valid points.” “Do Han, let Sion do the surgery with me!” (Ugh her whiney antics never seem to cease from one episode to the next). She is more like his older sister or mother than someone he could come to love.

    3. Some people are going to come up with the argument that she’s starting to love him for him. For the man that he is and the person he is on the inside! A noble gesture indeed! Pfffffft! Yeah right. Now think about this: Is Dr. Cha really in love with Sion or does she love the idea that he’s in love with her. Think about it. I’m sure all girls have done this at some point in their lives: A boy you clearly don’t like confesses or shows interest in you. You tell him you don’t like him in that way, let’s just friends. But then, he moves on and you’re happy right?! NO! You become jealous because you liked the idea that he liked you! It’s the same concept. Dr. Cha keeps following Sion around asking him to talk about his feeling for her. It’s almost like she’s chasing him down so Sion can tell her how great she is. “A’m I your first love?” she blatantly asks in one scene. What she is really saying is “Wow I must be really hot to be your first love and to get Do Han to buy me clothes within the span of a few episodes.” Or times where she puts her hand on his shoulder to “calm him down”. Yeah she knows what she’s doing; she wants the best of both worlds.

    4. Personally I think that the writer should have more scenes with Sion and Do Han’s ex girlfriend. The cool girl in most dramas gets brushed aside for the romance between the cool guy and the frumpy girl. It would be nice for them to end up together in my opinion. Now that would be refreshing. Do Han’s ex girlfriend and Sion also have mature conversations (Yeah Sion told Dr. Cha about his childhood and had a good cry. But as she was rubbing his head I thought she was going to sing a lullaby to rock him to sleep. Sister or mother figure, definitely not love interest!) He’s the only one on the show to actually put her in her place and also get her to smile once in a while. And you can tell that she genuinely listens to what he says. Sure she was snotty to him at fist but she’s the cool girlfriend, it’s in her job description.

    I didn’t write this to irritate people. I still really like the drama, and I hope the writers won’t go the typical route (main girl with main guy). I just want people to think and not just accept what is being presented to them. Who knows I’m not perfect, I’ve been known to change my mind. Maybe Sion and Dr. Cha’s relationship with work out after all. I’ll let you know

    • 10.1 siska chandra

      i like ur point 3 n 4… kkk.. agree with number 3.. but in the end, i still hope shi on and dr.cha be together as couple, not in dongsaeng noona relationship 🙂

    • 10.2 seersucker

      You’re being mighty hard on Yoon-Seo. She’s not perfect, but she is the only one who from the beginning tried to help him and showed him compassion, even if she sometimes went about it in the wrong way. Also, she’s learned from her mistakes. The things you talk about in #2 are from earlier episodes.

      Also, about #3, wow…harsh. Her talking over with him about their feelings wasn’t to throw in his face how hot she is (wth??), it was mature and kind–she doesn’t want him to get hurt. I think you’re really reading into things here and jumping to so many conclusions.

      I like the idea of her with Do Han better, but who knows what will happen in later eps. If Show can make a SO and YS romance believable I’ll jump on board.

      • 10.2.1 art critic

        Ok how hot is she was a low blow. But if she doesn’t want to hurt him then it would be better to take a step back. Let him deal with it. Its probably hard to have her there bringing it up. I would leave it alone.

      • 10.2.2 Annie

        I want to like SO – YS but it’s just too far out of the realm of believability to me. I also think the drama in general can amp up all the heartwarming moments if it stops devoting time to a ‘romance’ that for most people seems to be DOA.

    • 10.3 kumi

      In this episode Yoon-seo honestly tells Shi-on that she loves him only as dongsaeng, not as a man, and that in the future they can become as close as siblings at maximum. I see her question ‘Am I your first love?’ only as means to soften her honest statement.

      As for Chae-kyuong – Do-han pairing, I wish they had more chance to associate with each other, so that their romance would develop better. But, alas, they don’t have that chance. It looks like Yoon-seo is more lucky in this sense.

    • 10.4 PeterOZ

      Im with you pal, For those who may say its unrealistic to have Shi On and Yeon Su to be together. And Do Han makes more perfect sense. Its Kdrama, the whole premise of an autistic doctor who was bullied 2 weeks, and then have people around them change suddenly to a goody people in a short span of time is UNREALISTIC. With convenient patients who happen to relate to Shi On his personal development is UNREALISTIC. I have accepted that because i watched kdrama, so i expect Shi On to end up with Yeon Su, its my underdog fantasy that is why i watch KDRAMA and not a Documentary. So please Shi On keep fighting I’m with you bro, if Yeon Su that thickheaded “i only like you as a sister” doesn’t like him. Please writer kick the character out and insert someone who would reciprocate his feelings. I watch the show for Shi On MAIN CHARACTER, create a different drama timeslot for douche han.

  11. 11 Elvira

    Shi-on hwaiting!!!
    This dongsaeng will cheer up for you <3, dear dr. Shi-on.

  12. 12 Bengbeng

    argh!!! what a cliff hanger!

    but I like the fact that Shi=on has so many possible bromance on the side.

  13. 13 saidcool93

    Another Good Episode Of “Good Doctor”. Focusing On SO’s Past With His DAD & MOM. Do-Han Showing Care For SO.
    YS Re-Thinks The Whole Situation With SO.The Hospital Take Over Plot Continues. That’s Fine With Me.
    Thanks For The Recap.

  14. 14 siska chandra

    this might sound bad, but i want si on’s first surgery was fail n because of that he will learn much more after he overcome his fail. but to think about it again, i dont want it to happened. he already have issued with his appa, n if what i thought was happened then, it will become an end for a ‘genious’ like him! his confidence will shrunk over n gone… n besides that, i feel sad if the caring daughter having some bad ending.. 🙁

    SO, FINALLY… i hope he will success in his first surgery n learn from the daughter to start caring his own bad appa despite what dad have done to him n his mom before…

    n yeah, i love the relation between Si On n Pomade Doctor. this episode makes me feel that the evil doctor was not so evil as i thought. he has condition to done those bad things. i’ve gain my respect n tolerance (or sympatize?) towards him… thanks to Si On who opened up his weakness and makes me wonder how the evil doctor character will grown up for being more lovable than now.. kkkk…

  15. 15 saidcool93

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What YS Said To SO In The Café Was…………. At Least Made Me Hurt Myself. Reallyyyyyyyyy
    I Can Tell You From Now, YS + Do-Han. SO G

  16. 16 krikkrik

    i just love how the bromance developed in this story 🙂

  17. 17 seersucker

    Dad’s a level 10 jerk-face, and a despicable human at that. That being said, he’s not going to change. Why should Shi On hold onto his hurt and anger? Is that going to make Dad a better person or make Shi On feel better? No, it’s just going to keep Shi On stuck in his trauma-filled past and give his father all the power.

    Shi On has a naturally kind and forgiving nature, so regardless of what Dad has done, Shi On will find the most growth and the most peace from letting go of the past and being the bigger person, as difficult as that will be.

    • 17.1 KDaddict

      And Jerk-face Dad, being in the hosp where Shi On works, dying from cancer, will give SO the chance to work on him as he would any regular (other) patient. He always feels empathy and responsibility for his patients. He’ll come to care for this one as well. From then on, he can overcome the trauma his Dad from hell caused him in childhood.

    • 17.2 Suzi Q

      Who said you have to forgive the jerk face dad just because he has a terminal illness? He is a miserable, despicable human (if you can call him one) who came back to Shi On not to behave like a long lost dad, but to bilk him money now that he’s a doctor.I don’t had any sympathy for him and wish him a speedy death.
      Shi On should try to become a man and not be the fearful cowering child of the past and that his dad doesn’t have power over him anymore.

      • 17.2.1 kumi

        Only a strong person can forgive, not a fearful cowering one. In this light, Shi-on needs it even more, than his jerk face Dad. Keeping grievance inside never brings anything good, only damages.

      • 17.2.2 KDaddict

        @Suzi Q:
        You don’t necessarily have to think of it as forgiveness if you don’t want to. I understand where u are coming from. The alternative is to think of it as SO over-coming his fear of his dad by seeing dad as the pathetic, mortal, dying, helpless, meaningless, suffering creep that he is, instead of this looming, threatening, powerful giant that SO saw in his childhood.

        That way SO can overcome his fear, his complex, and not shiver in the face of those painful memories (without having to forgive dad). But SO being the kind, sweet person that he is, when he sees dad’s sickness and suffering, he will come to forgive his dad and move on. That is also the message that the writer wants to get across.

        Drama writing is often simplistic and dichotomized:
        Bad ppl hurt others, good ppl forgive. Sometimes that feels extreme, in that some chars deserve punishment for the extreme hurt that they’ve inflicted, but in this drama, it sorta fits.

        • WM

          Good points. Treating the dad, seeing the monster as frail and pathetic, eventually takes the teeth out of the instant fear you feel even just thinking about the abuser.

          This is not about forgiving an unrepentant father. It is about the victim finally being the one in control of the abuser, and breaking free of the final bit of control the abuser has on him.

  18. 18 Nheony

    Thanks for the recap gummimochi. I’ve been waiting for this … so happy it’s out.

  19. 19 krytonmj

    I’m so disappointed with the character development of the female leads in this drama. Moon Chae Won and Kim Min Seo are two amazing female actors. Their talents are being wasted in an overhyped but badly written drama.

    • 19.1 laraffinee

      I really disagree about this drama being overhyped and badly written.

      The character developments are very well done and the evolution of Shi-On is wonderful to watch. The actor is doing an exceptional job! I also think Moon Chae Won is doing a great job and her character is very well developed.

      The hospital politics are the “wasted space” in this drama. It seems that the writers thought that the lives of the interns, doctors and patients would not be interesting enough for the viewers, so they threw in some hospital politics just to make sure. The result is an annoying distraction to the human drama that is the real strength of this series.

      • 19.1.1 krytonmj

        By the way, I have watched all episodes. Maybe, I belong to the very few who thinks that GD is not a good drama. If you want to watched a good drama about autism, you should watched ATARU. I am not criticizing MCW’s acting. She is in fact one of the few actors in Korean drama who can pull off an amazing performance. One of the few actors who can captivate you with her acting even if she is not the lead. What I’m trying to say is there is no depth in her character. This has nothing to do with her acting. This has a lot to to with the way her character was written.

        • art critic

          Completely agree.

        • krytonmj

          Sorry, last sentence should be..

          This has a lot to do with the way her character was written.

        • laraffinee

          Well, to each his own. I love this drama, but I think “Master’s Sun” is silly and trite and I do not like the writing of the Hong sisters. I don’t comment about that on that board because I have stopped watching that drama. Have to watched all of the episodes of the “Good Doctor”?

    • 19.2 KDaddict

      I don’t have a problem w Moon CW’s char. Dr. Cha is sweet, loving, caring, hard-working, defers to her superior, helpful towards the weak. I find her to be a well-painted char. Of course there is more that can be done to flesh out her char even more, but this drama is primarily a Joo Won vehicle, so even the female lead has to take a back row.

      I do think that Kim MS’s char is a slim and 2-D one. It IS a waste of her talents and ability.

      Actors are lucky to find a meaty role for themselves once in a great while. The chances of that happening for an actress is even slimmer. Not just in KD, also in Hollywood.

  20. 20 K. Binodini

    C’mon Shi On, you can do it. We’re cheering for you…WHAITING

  21. 21 KDaddict

    I’d be fine if the romances in this drama don’t go anywhere.

    Dr. Cha, an independent career woman, can be happy without a man, for the time being, no? Why can’t an occasional drama allow for that possibility? It doesn’t have to be either DH or SO. DH is surly, a workaholic and perfectionist with an ego the size of Montana – not at all my idea of a great husband, hot as his body may be. SO has a lot of issues to work thru still, and IMO, isn’t really ready right now for an adult, romantic, amorous long-term relationship, with kids in the deal. I’d be happy if they leave that open, rather then force a relationship down their throats and ours.

    In-Hye’s sister needs help and support. Handsome doc is there for her. It’d be nice if she could be less defensive, less rejecting. If she isn’t comfortable w being in love w him for the time being, that’s fine, but no need to close off that door completely.

    The two nurses are old enough to know what they want, so if any relationship makes sense, it is theirs.

    • 21.1 PeterOZ

      totally agree. I would have taken a different route. This was a drama where the focus should have been on Shi On and everything else, should revolve around him. I feel somewhat cheated that the people are turning him into a second character lead, a tool just move the story along.

      Everyone has become Douche Han’s groupie, and Yeon Su seems to be flowing that direction too. I think the writer writes according to his or hers past kdrama experience, using the same steps to resolve things as past kdrama has. She lacks thinking out of the box, and only cater what Koreans expect, stereotypes. Such as Bad father= forgiven.
      Bad bullying characters= quick change to good people.

      I have been physically abused growing up by my stepfather. He was still abusive until the day he died.

      Its pure fantasy that often deludes people in thinking change can happen so easily. Much like the fantasy some girls have in liking good looking jerks then changing them into good boys. When really those jerks don’t change in real life.

      Do han character, suddenly changing to a goody person to Shi On in matter of days pffft yea right. Pure fantasy, Do Han’s groupies must be so happy.

      • 21.1.1 KDaddict

        I don’t know what you are agreeing to when you in fact “have taken a different route”.
        What you are saying doesn’t have anything to do with what I say.
        You and I watch K dramas (at least this one) very differently.

  22. 22 Angeliam

    I like to look at dr. Do Han he always remind me of shin ha kyung’s character in brain

  23. 23 Abbie

    Great episode. Great characters. Great story.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  24. 24 nina

    I see people blaming the writing for the lack of character depth, but I think the directing does little to elevate the writing as well. I hate the quick cuts between characters during a conversation, which this director uses all the time. As soon as a character says their one line, the camera cuts away to the other character, who then says their one line, after which, again, the camera then cuts away. And over and over again this happens and you just don’t get to see much of the actors at all to actually feel them in their respective characters. You don’t get to see the actors emoting or reacting long enough to get a deeper sense of their characters. I don’t mind the writing as much as I’m bothered by the directing.

  25. 25 Beth

    Don’t these people know what psychiatry is? I know this is Korea, but c’mon….

  26. 26 Noelle

    I am completely upset with how the show is handling Shi-on’s trauma and his relationship with his father. This push of forgiveness is really pissing me off. Such a man is beyond redemption. Episode 14 only solidifies that. I hate that blood is everything and is the be all and end all because it is not. This push is disgusting. That man is disgusting. He is deserving of nothing. Just because he’s a father doesn’t make him a Dad. Two very different things. Please show don’t let me down here.

  27. 27 goldeng

    No, drama, you wont make me feel sympathy for Si On’s dad… I DONT CARE if he’s alone or have no money but I WONT feel bad for him… it didnt work with the Mom who swears she thought about Si On every single day but had no intentions of staying with him and its even less than probable that I will ever feel bad for the father… The appearance of the dad makes sense because it could make Si On face his childhood trauma -it breaks my heart how he trembles- but this “doesnt matter if I hit you, kick you or abandon you, you have to take care of me because i’m your father! is SOO wrong!

    OH I almost forgot… uri Shi On got dongsaeng-zoned… 🙁 it broke my heart but im not surprised. In the meantime, I wish we could see more bromance! i giggle with his bromances with Nurse Jo, Sang wook, Doctor Pomade and even Do Han…! when he develops a full bromance with Do Han, I think ill faint!

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