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Jo Hyun-jae, Seo Hyun-jin headline MBC sageuk
by | September 16, 2013 | 48 Comments

MBC has lined up a nice cast for its upcoming drama King’s Daughter Soo Baek-hyang, with Jo Hyun-jae (49 Days) being the latest to join the production. Previously cast actors include Seo Woo (Glass Mask), Seo Hyun-jin (Goddess of Fire Jung-yi), Jeon Tae-soo (Cruel Palace), Myung Se-bin (Rascal Sons), and Yoon Tae-young (Late Night Hospital). All in all, a solid lineup.

On the other hand, King’s Daughter Soo Baek-hyang is a daily drama, which pretty much automatically takes it off my radar. I can do daily shows once in a blue moon, but a long-running sageuk with over a hundred episodes? Nope. The drama is taking the timeslot following Gu-am Heo Jun, which will end later this month with Episode 135. I expect a similar episode count for King’s Daughter.

The drama is set during the time of King Muryeong of Baekjae, back in the sixth century A.D., and Jo Hyun-jae’s role is of Muryeong’s son (the future King Seong). He’s in love with the drama’s title character, Princess Soo Bae-kyang (Seo Hyun-jin), but thanks to the fates is unable to let his feelings be known. King Muryeong will be played by veteran actor Lee Jae-ryong (Believe in Love, General Hospital 2), while Jeon Tae-soo plays Jo Hyun-jae’s rival as the son of the previous king Dongseong. Muryeong gained the throne after Dongseong was killed, and something tells me the son isn’t gonna stand for that.

The princess has her own rivalry going on, with Seo Woo playing a beautiful and clever young woman who’s described as a bit of a femme fatale. When she realizes that her stepsister is a princess, she sets out to steal her fate, willing to do whatever it takes to protect what’s hers (or what she’s made hers, I suppose).

The drama is written by Frozen Flower’s Hwang Jin-young and directed by Light and Shadow’s PD Lee Sang-yub. It will premiere on MBC on September 30.

Via Osen, Mk.co.kr, Newsen


48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. “Seo Hyun Jin” – YESSS!!!
    “Daily drama” – Oh… aaah no, please not another.

    Will she be the leading lady or supporting?

  2. Joy

    HAN KANG!!! LOL that’s the only thing that comes to mind when I see Jo Hyun Jae.

    Also, the writer of Frozen Flower? Hmm..

    • 2.1 Pipit

      LOL! Yes, our Kang-ah is finally back!
      I was quite disappointed when he didn’t join Hwatu/Empress Qi but now on second thought this is so much better!
      I wouldn’t mind a 100+ episodes just to drool over him.
      Thanks for the good news. It just made my day ^-^

      • 2.1.1 Kiara

        To be honest I prefer him in this role. He has been a Baekje king before so this is kind of a part 2 for me.
        Like you, I don’t mind watching him in a long sageuk. The longer the better lol.

        • JAS

          He will be playing his previous character’s grandfather.

    • 2.2 Lea

      KANG AHHH!!! that’s exactly the physical reaction I get when I see Jo Hyun Jae’s face.
      That’s how much a character really meant to you, cause I usually forget character names easily.

      • 2.2.1 Pipit

        No body will ever forget Kang-ah!

    • 2.3 YY


      • 2.3.1 Pipit

        It takes Kang-ah to bring you back LOL!

  3. lovenwait

    Was hoping that Seo Woo would play the lead role. I have never seen her in Sageuk (besides Tamra the Island..which I am not sure if that’s Sageuk). I hope her role isn’t too evil. I couldn’t stand Kim Huyn Joo’s role in Cruel Palace no matter how much I adore the actress..hence I dropped the drama. Will check this out though.

    • 3.1 Rovi

      Seo Woo fills the bitch role (seriously no offense in my part) perfectly since her face looks like it’s made for one. And add in some Chinese-influenced hanfu and her character description, and voila…

      “Tamna” wasn’t even a sageuk in the strictest sense, so to speak; it was a “fusion sageuk, which unfortunately is the latest trend in historical drama productions these days. And frankly, that kind of genre is slowly losing its touch and appeal to the public masses, as evidenced in the recent epic fails of historical dramas that has passed (and not) GF & JB’s radar
      (okay, except maybe “Guam Heo Joon” & “Cruel Palace”).

      Even casting Choi Su-jong (the king of sageuk) is no longer enough these days, as evidenced by the disaster that was “The Dream of the Great King”. The old masters of sageuk (the writers and the PD’s, first and foremost) are already either dead or too old to whip up a long-needed epic of a masterpiece…

  4. Bellamafia

    I got super excited..till I read ‘daily drama’… 🙁

    • 4.1 Kiara

      Its not so bad if you wait to watch them weekly.

      • 4.1.1 Pipit

        A very good idea.

  5. Annie

    Wait wait wait… isn’t Soo Baek Hyang daughter of King Mu Ryeong?

  6. Quiet Thought

    For some reason, the actresses all looked to be doing their homework for their second year courses at the university.

    Anyhow, congrats to Seo Woo, who hasn’t gotten marks for acting at any of her entries on Dramabeans, but keeps getting work. I think she has probably clocked more time on screen the past few years than any other actress her age in Kdrama.

  7. bebeswtz

    Just wondering how is Seo Hyun Jin gonna juggle being in this drama as well as “Goddess Of Fire, Jung Yi” even if her role in Goddess isn’t a big, big, role, but is in, practically, every episode

  8. Quiet Thought

    Could someone with more expertise in actress looks tell me what it is about Seo Woo’s eyes that makes them so distinctive? The best I can tell at this distance is that she seems to have jet-black irises.

    • 8.1 Sophia

      Yeah, that’s about right. Jet black irises, and the eye shape looks different because of her double eyelids (which I’m assuming is from surgery, along with most other parts of her face).

  9. KANGly

    Jo Hyun Jae!!!

  10. 10 Sophia

    No way, I can’t do daily dramas either. Love Jo hyun Jae but won’t be watching this. And I hate Seo Woo.

  11. 11 Carole McDonnell

    aaargh! Why does it have to be a daily drama? WHY?? WHY???????

    • 11.1 KANGly

      so that i may have my daily dose of Kang-ah

  12. 12 ~Feather~


    I’m sorry but I can’t commit to a daily drama. I like things that don’t drag out. +100 episodes are too much for me.

  13. 13 Pipit

    I wish my Korean is progressing at light speed speed so I won’t have to wait for sub.

    But perhaps this is where I don’t need sub at all. When I look at my screen all I have to do is concentrating on my man and still get all the happiness from watching a drama.

    • 13.1 KANGly

      Someone Eng subbed “Gu Am Heo Joon”, let us hope they will Eng sub “King’s Daughter” as well.

      But even without Eng subs I will still be in cloud 9 just looking at Jo Hyun Jae’s handsome face. OMG! 120++ episodes of Jo Hyun Jae on my screen! Did I just die and went to heaven?

      • 13.1.1 Pipit

        Amen. Praying that some very kind subbers will take this project.

        And I’m with you there in cloud 9 and going to heaven ^-^

        • YY

          I can watch without subs. I’ll just make my own dialogue in my head when Kang-ah speaks I LOVE YOU KANG-AH!!!!

          • Kiara


  14. 14 Jewi

    Jo Hyun Jae is a very good choice..Had won my heart with Seo Dong Yo..Best Regars from TURKEY

  15. 15 Pipit

    Just the mention of Soe Dong Yo brings back all the good feeling I experienced during watching that saguek. It’s my fav saguek btw.

  16. 16 ilikemangos

    Im just wondering how these daily dramas work in terms of filming schedule. If they were to churn out an episode per day, how long are the episodes? Do they film several beforehand? Hard enough for k-dramaland to churn out 2 a week without live-shoot catching up to them.

    • 16.1 KANGly

      I read somewhere 35 minutes per episode, so around 2.75 hours per week

  17. 17 Trina

    Wow.. Seo Woo doing another daily drama. 0.0 I would love to watch this sageuk for Jo Hyun-Jae. However, I sooo can not watch daily drama. 🙁

  18. 18 dulcedeleche

    kaaang ahhh

  19. 19 maymay

    I like JHJ…Too bad his last drama was just average…and too bad I can’t commit to a long-running drama …

    I actually liked SeoWoo, since her Tamra stint, and I think she’s a pretty solid actress. Can’t quite wrap my head at the hate. If it’s plastic surgery, almost every actress in korea has done it…surely that’s not the issue right. A friend of mine hate her since Cinderella’s unni, but I think that’s a job welldone since she isn’t supposed to be likeable much there…

  20. 20 Ethalina

    How cute is Jo Hyunjae in the picture above?

    Ahem. Please ignore this shallow comment.

  21. 21 YY

    Kang-ah, I miss you so…*sobs*

    • 21.1 Pipit

      Now, YY, as much as I’d like to think he returns for the enjoyment of his fans, he might come back just for you ^_^

      No, body, I mean no body could sing his praises like you do. And I MEAN that. We have Jomo that could sing like a bird, and write amazing poems for THT but for Kang-ah that’s you.

      • 21.1.1 YY

        That’s a lovely compliment, Pipit. What can I say, my darling Kang-ah brings out the best in me.

  22. 22 Rach^^

    Kang ah why are you doing a daily drama… as much as I love you I can’t watch a minimum of (100 episodes) of sageuk… 🙁

  23. 23 Gaeina Lee

    Kang-ah, daily, over 6 months.. ~ Thank you, Drama God, for answering my prayer.

  24. 24 jenna

    So glad to hear seo woo is one of the cast, but hoping not an antagonist ones, she is one of my fav actress in kdramaland

  25. 25 JHJfan

    After a long wait… Jo Hyun Jae is back. Just loved him act! Just a good actor, a singer & a beautiful person inside & out.
    So nice he’s in the lead role again after Ad Genius.
    Been following King’s Daughter online..thanks to MBC for a very good English subs. Non-Koreans like me do appreciate the kindness…

  26. 26 MsB

    This drama has been amazing! The first 73 episodes were EXCELLENT! Now we have reached the heartache period. I must say it is also the most romantic saguek I have seen.

  27. 27 Naw Moe Thidar Aung

    I like all Historical Drama from MBC. The King’s Daughter is very good.The scriptwriter is very clever.Seo Hyung Jim is very pretty and simple face.Jo Hyung Jae and Seo Hyung Jim is best couple.

  28. 28 گالری عکس

    I like all Historical Drama from MB

  29. 29 christine

    I love seo hyun jin acting

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