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Heirs: Episode 10
by | November 7, 2013 | 559 Comments

It’s a less traumatic episode than the last few, which I guess isn’t saying a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. The frenemy war rages on, and the two suitors literally declare that they will be fighting over Eun-sang because they have nothing else to fight over. Gee, and they say romance is dead. I’m pretty sure that both boys actually like her, but I’m also sure that they hate each other more, which sort of clouds that teeny tiny thing called motivation.


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The love triangle has another three-way run-in, but this time it’s in Tan’s front yard and Young-do isn’t exactly pleased to see that Eun-sang is chummy enough with Tan to be making house calls. He wonders what their relationship is, and jokes that it only leaves one possibility: “You’re siblings.” Shh, we’re in a drama! Don’t make jokes about things like that.

Tan quickly covers it up like they had a date after school, and apologizes to Eun-sang for having to reschedule. Before Young-do can get a word in edgewise, he shoos her out the way she came.

Young-do asks if his fiancée knows about his afternoon play dates, and Tan says without reservation that he’s dating Eun-sang and Rachel knows about it. It’s technically not true, but it sends Young-do seething. Well, more than usual.

To top it off, Tan tells him he’s headed somewhere to get his revenge, and then marches right into Young-do’s hotel to see his dad. It’s a little sad to see how Young-do suddenly becomes a tiny child in front of his scary father, and whispers at Tan not to tell on him.

Too late. Tan’s here to return his earlier asshattery tit for tat, and apologizes to Dad for fighting with Young-do. And hitting him. Twice.

Tan gets nothing but the royal treatment from Young-do’s dad, who declares that he’s grown up well. Tan saunters out of the office with this evil smirk on his face, knowing he’s untouchable while Young-do is about to get ripped a new one.

Sure enough, as soon as the door closes behind Tan, Dad slaps Young-do across the face (for being beaten up, mind you—he’s being hit for losing said fight, not for fighting) and unbuckles his belt. Augh, Young-do is evil but I don’t know if I can watch that.

But he’s saved by the bell when a phone rings… from the bathroom. He opens the door to find Dad’s mistress hiding inside. He turns around to go and asks Dad bitterly, “Were you like this when Mom was around? Or… is it that one of those women became my mother?”

As he trudges down the hallway with tears in his eyes, a flashback reveals the two boys in junior high, having sneaked into a hotel room to play video games. They hide in the closet when they hear someone coming, and end up witnessing Dad’s philandering ways.

Tan is still there and he gets into the elevator with Young-do. He declares that family is off-limits now, because they both know what the backlash is—they’ve felt it before. If you’re so concerned and know how much it might hurt both of you, how’s about we just knock it off and hug it out? Too easy? Too rational?

Young-do sighs that if family is off-limits, that only leaves one thing to fight over: Eun-sang. God, it’s going to get worse than before? How is that even possible? Tan warns him not to go near her, which of course makes Young-do want to win even more.

Rachel’s mom comes by to see Young-do while he’s on hotel dishwashing duty, and she tries to fawn over his bruised face like a mom, but gets squarely rejected. She happens to cross paths with her fiancé’s mistress in the lobby, and the first thing she does is call Chang-young’s dad for an ego boost.

At home, Madam Han is sick with worry that Tan still isn’t home, and Mom sweetly massages her hands to make her feel better. Tan comes home and she asks why he’d out her to Young-do when he knows their whole cover could be blown.

Tan asks why they have to hide at all, and when he sees how panicked his mom is at being found out, he sighs and apologizes for everything. She runs off in tears.

He gives Eun-sang the all-clear to come home, which you technically could’ve done when you left with Young-do, but whatever. He waits in the service entry for her to come home and pulls her into the wine cellar, insisting that they have to match their stories about today’s run-in.

He says they’re dating now, fully intending to date for real so that the lie isn’t a lie. She wonders if he’s just plain stupid not to have heard all the things she’s said up until now, but he doesn’t disagree that he’s dumb: “I like it when you’re angry and I like it when you’re smiling. I’d say that’s dumb.” Well I guess we agree on something.

She stops mincing her words and outright calls him a sheltered spoiled brat. She decides fine, they’ll date, and he’ll break his engagement and get kicked out of his house, and then they’ll see if he still says he likes her. She knows she’ll be the one who’s hurt and alone at the end of that story, but fine, they’ll date.

He only fixates on the dating part, but she douses him with a cold splash of reality: “Did you not know? If your mother finds out that we’re dating, my mom and I are on the street. So will you stop mouthing off about your first-world problems, young master?”

He asks if his sincerity means nothing to her, and decides that she’s right about them not being suited for one another then. He knows all the reasons she’s rejecting him and wounding his pride, “But I showed courage for you, and you won’t do a single thing for me.”

His words finally start to sink in, but he tells her that he’ll stop pestering then if that’s what she wants: “I thought you were a beautiful dream, but you’re a bad dream, Cha Eun-sang.” As soon as he walks away, she starts to cry.

The next morning Tan’s car passes Eun-sang on the way to school, and his driver asks if they should pick her up. Tan answers with his usual rhetorical questions, asking if it’s okay for them to ride together, and this time he’s the one to pass her by.

Eun-sang gets greeted at school by some girls who apologize and invite her over for study dates, now that they know her mom is loaded. She chooses to reject their offer and keep her head down.

Young-do saunters into class and asks Rachel if she’s ever been invited over to Tan’s house. It’s clear that she hasn’t, and Young-do starts to recount the amazing bit of news he encountered yesterday, when Tan interrupts him.

They get hauled off to finish their extra detention cleaning duties that they shirked the last time, and Eun-sang watches them from her class. Chan-young asks about her mom and the PTA meeting, and Eun-sang just says vaguely that someone else went in her place. Chan-young notes that she’s keeping an awful lot of secrets from him lately.

He asks if she had a fight with Tan, and she says she’s in the middle of running away from him. She heads up to the roof for a break, and shuts her eyes as she thinks of the kiss. When she opens them, Tan is staring right back at her.

He’s standing on the roof of the building opposite hers, which is a nice beat—they’re in the same place but so very far apart. She’s the first to break the gaze and run off.

Young-do finds her in the library and asks about her faux mom, knowing that mom in designer duds and multiple minimum-wage jobs doesn’t add up. She doesn’t give him a straight answer and snaps back at him to leave her alone so she can study, and he smiles at her sass. So today we’re sassy, apparently.

It’s time for midterms, and everyone puts in their best effort except for Bo-na who mostly doodles Chan-young’s name, and Young-do, who just marks all As down his test sheet.

Results go up, and Chan-young is first in his class as always, while Rachel takes second. Tan is in the middle of giving Chan-young a hard time, when the entire group chortles to see his name… at the very bottom. Ha. You tried, and somehow got a lower score than Young-do?

Eun-sang walks up to check her score, but Tan jumps to block her path. He spits out her score and succeeds in keeping her from seeing his embarrassing last-place finish, though I don’t see how you’re going to keep her from seeing the public announcement every time she walks by.

The teacher lists a few names of students who aren’t going on the class trip, including Tan and Young-do. But Young-do pipes up to say that he’s found a reason to go now, staring right at Eun-sang.

Rachel pulls Tan aside to say that Mom is requesting a brunch, and she tells him he can date whomever he wants, since that has nothing to do with their engagement. I’m pretty sure I can’t tell if it’s worse that he’s kind of cheating on you, or worse that you’re fine with it.

Tan doesn’t quite agree that his love life is so unrelated to their engagement, but invokes the very same excuse when she asks about what it is that Young-do saw at his house yesterday.

Hyo-shin comes up and comments that Rachel is too good to be clinging to Tan, and she balks at the clinging part. But Hyo-shin sighs that he’s jealous she gets to cling—he didn’t even get to do that.

Manager Yoon gets in the hotel elevator to go see Won, and runs into that mystery man he saw delivering an envelope to Chairman Dad. He plays elevator tag with him until he catches him trying to be evasive, and then tells Won that the chairman knows about his relationship with Hyun-joo.

He asks Won what he’ll do, and Won knows his father well enough to expect the question: inherit Jeguk or choose one girl? Hyun-joo waits and waits outside for their date, and then Won finally texts: “I can’t come. Don’t wait for me.” Ouch, I guess that’s his answer.

Hyun-joo wonders aloud to herself, “Is today the day? We must’ve broken up today.” How sad to spend your whole relationship just wondering when that day will come. She fights her tears and gives up waiting, when Hyo-shin pulls up.

She chides him for running around when his exams are so soon, but he counters that she quit on him first. “You’re not my tutor anymore, so I’m not your student…” He reaches out to her face and plants a kiss on her forehead, and leaves as suddenly as he came.

Rachel and Tan have breakfast with their moms, and Rachel’s mom brings up Eun-sang’s name, having met her “mother” at the PTA meeting. Rachel says she’s good friends with Tan, and cuts the pleasant chitchat with the announcement that she’d like to break the engagement.

The moms go into damage control mode and send the kids off, and Tan asks what she’s trying to gain by doing this. She scoffs that he’ll find out just how their families will react, knowing full well that this won’t actually break their arranged marriage in the least. Tan says this won’t get him to date her, but Rachel counters that he won’t be able to date Eun-sang either.

He sighs that she’s worse than he ever imagined, and Rachel spits back, “What were you doing while my affection turned to hate?” Dayum.

And as if on cue, Tan’s phone rings with a call from Dad. Rachel says they’ll find out if he’s really willing to trade everything for Eun-sang. I know Rachel thinks she’ll win this way, but I feel like we ought to thank her for sending Tan over the edge, or at least kicking his complacent butt a little.

Dad asks Tan what he did to make Rachel want to break the engagement, and Tan says he doesn’t like her. Dad scoffs as if that is the most absurd reason not to marry someone, and wonders if Won was right about his little brother. Dad says he needs Rachel as insurance (as in company shares, if his legitimacy gets called into question, because he is in fact illegitimate).

Tan sighs that he doesn’t need that kind of insurance, and adds that this house really does become sadder when he’s in it.

Meanwhile, Eun-sang is being interrogated by Madam Han for dirt on Tan—did Young-do blab about his family tree at school, and if not, why did Rachel threaten to break the engagement?

Tan comes in and tells his mother to stop having Eun-sang spy on him, and refuses to go to camp even when Mom cries that she paid for the whole thing because of him.

Eun-sang follows him out to try and convince him to go to camp, and gets stalled at the staircase, unable to follow him up. He won’t stay put though, so she follows warily up the stairs, and then hesitates again in the hallway outside his room.

He’s waiting for her on the other side of the door, but she can’t bring herself to knock or cross the threshold, as if coming through that doorway means crossing some invisible social barrier. He won’t talk to her anywhere else though, so she gulps and steps foot inside.

Madam Han comes knocking, so he hides her behind the door and says he’s undressed. She asks what his father said, and he says matter-of-factly that Dad told him he needed Rachel as insurance because he’s the son of a concubine. It sends Mom reeling, and Eun-sang cringes behind him.

Once they’re in the clear, Eun-sang says he needs to go to camp when his mom obviously went to the PTA meeting and did all that because of him. But Tan points out that if he and Young-do both go, one of them won’t come back alive.

He stops her from leaving with the excuse that she might run into his mother, and when she goes to leave anyway, he threatens to call out to Mom. Augh, the manipulative threats dressed as romance in this drama, I swear.

He calls out and Eun-sang clamps a hand over his mouth. He asks her to stay for just a minute, but she says she can’t be here—his room and hers are in two different worlds. She says there are some thresholds she can’t cross, and his room is one of them.

She turns to go, and he backhugs her: “Wait just a little. I’ll make it so that you can cross all the thresholds in the world. I’m looking for a way.” He tells her to have a good time at camp, and that he’ll miss her while she’s gone.

Bo-na is busy preparing camp couple shoes for her and Chan-young, and in return asks him for lots of handholding, piggybacking, and hugging. He laughs that they’re all skinship requests, and says he shouldn’t have held back all this time. She’s hilariously shocked that he was holding back, and calls him a pervert. Ha.

Everyone minus Tan goes camping, and Young-do jumps at the chance to help Eun-sang pitch her tent. Myung-soo comes by snapping photos of everyone, and when he looks at the one of Eun-sang and Young-do, it triggers his memory.

He finally remembers that the first time he saw her was coming out of Tan’s house at the crack of dawn. Young-do’s eyebrow goes up (er, more up) at that, despite her attempts to deny it.

Tan hangs out with Hyo-shin at the deserted school, and talk turns to Hyo-shin’s mystery medical ailment. Tan clearly knows what’s really going on with him, and Hyo-shin even talks about “last year’s suicide attempt” while he went to see Tan in L.A. as if he’s talking about yesterday’s lunch.

He assures Tan that he’s being good about going to the hospital and taking his medicine now (adding that his mother counts his pills daily). Tan asks if anything’s changed at home, but Hyo-shin shakes his head, and says that he’s planning to do something big to upset the order.

Tan tells him that it can’t be anything to harm himself, and Hyo-shin assures him that he hates hospital food enough not to try suicide again.

At camp, they get spit into two teams for paintball. Great, let’s give them guns and an excuse to hunt each other. This should go swimmingly. Bo-na gets trigger-happy right away and pelts Rachel before the whistle even blows, earning her a round of applause from her teammates.

The kids all movie-parody their way through the game, and Chan-young takes a hit to protect Bo-na even though they’re on opposite sides. I love that these two are just off in their own world of romance topped with cheese.

Young-do fires a shot at Eun-sang’s feet and wonders if he ought to save her or not, and says he’ll let her go if she tells him why she came out of Tan’s house early in the morning.

He wonders what her deal is, and then hilariously asks if she was adopted, and Eun-sang uses the chance to fire a paintball right at his heart. Ha, okay that made me laugh.

Young-do continues to follow Eun-sang around (do you keep changing your jacket color to match hers on purpose?) and kicks at her table while she eats, and then declares to the whole group that Eun-sang volunteered to wash dishes.

He offers to help her, and then parks his butt in a chair the whole time, declaring that his mere presence ought to be a comfort. It’s like you don’t know the meaning of words. At least she rolls her eyes at him instead of crying.

Chan-young comes by to help and asks if this situation is Young-do’s doing, and Young-do in turn asks how long he’s been friends with Eun-sang, and if he knows she’s a charity case. Bo-na comes by a second later and he asks her the same thing, and she confirms it with the same reaction, wanting Young-do to keep his trap shut.

Young-do pouts that he’s the only one who didn’t know, and then when Myung-soo comes he’s about to ask him too, when Eun-sang cuts him off and pulls him aside to talk.

He points out that she’s only ever interested in him when he does bad things. There are so many things wrong with that I don’t even know where to begin. Is negative reinforcement the only language you understand?

He asks again what her relationship to Tan is, and she fires right back: “What does it matter what we are? What you going to do about it? Who are you? Just pester me like before. I’m not afraid of you anymore.” She marches away and he hangs his head.

She hesitates and then calls Tan, and runs into Rachel in the woods doing the exact same thing. Rachel snatches the phone out of her hand, sees that she’s calling Tan, and slaps her across the face. What the hell is wrong with all you people?

But Eun-sang just says since she got hit today, she’ll do as much as the slap is worth, and asks for her phone back so she can call Tan. That fires Rachel up even more and she winds up to slap her again, when Young-do shows up to grab her arm in mid-air to stop her. Of course this is happening.

And in true Young-do fashion, he tells Rachel that he hasn’t introduced Eun-sang yet: “From now on Cha Eun-sang is mine. Only I get to pester her.” *facepalm*

He takes her phone and drags Eun-sang away by the wrist. Because she’s freaking incapable of getting out of these situations until a man drags her out of them, naturally. *sporkeye*

Once they’re alone, Eun-sang agrees that this suits him better—it’s more his style to terrorize her. He tells her not to assume things, and declares that she hasn’t seen half of what he’s really like.

And then Tan appears around the corner, which only Young-do sees. He says he’ll start showing her right now, and grabs her in a hug as the boys stare each other down.


Okay, besides the fact that Young-do is impossible to root for romantically (because hello, restraining order), character-wise his stuff would land better if he were allowed to act on his feelings instead of always reacting to Tan in some new volatile way. What is the point of that cliffhanger, when she doesn’t care for him, and he’s doing it to mess with Tan? I mean, if he were a real mastermind, wouldn’t he win her over, yunno with actual romance, not threats and territorial backhanded rescues? I get that it’s possible that his feelings are real (hey, they say even fish feel pain), but until he starts showing it in some other way than the if-I-can’t-mess-with-her-no-one-can rescues, I’m pretty sure I won’t give a flying fish what he feels, no matter how sucky his life is (and yes, it’s pretty damn sucktastic, but still).

It’s not like it’s a surprise to me that this writer’s brand of romance doesn’t sit well with me. I lived through Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity, and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we just disagree on some fundamental things. It’s not like it always ruins the entire drama, but we’ve hit the stretch in the story where everything builds to these moments that are written to be swooned at, but I can’t swoon at them because they make me want to call the cops and tear out all my hair.

I want to root for Tan, but his idea of giving a girl space is watching her on CCTV cameras and forcing skinship. I want to have sympathy for Young-do, but he thinks terrorizing a girl is a show of affection because negative attention is better than being lonely. And I really really want to get behind Eun-sang (especially when she puts on her sassy pants) but then she miraculously gets jelly-knees just in time for Tan or Young-do to swoop in and “save” her from the horrible [fill-in-the-blank-here], every time. She had some great moments in this episode where she finally didn’t hold back with Tan, and stood up to Young-do for herself. But somehow at the end of the day, she still ends up the pawn in their game.

How can I possibly root for my heroine to find love and cross all the socially divisive thresholds that unjustly separate her from her one true love… if I can’t even figure out why they’d be better off together? The story has convinced me that they live in different worlds, enough to be compared to royals and plebians, and enough to make their social crevasse a believable source of conflict. But it hasn’t convinced me of the other thing—that their love is worth all the wrist-bruising and pride-swallowing that it takes to get through the day around here. And until the show succeeds at doing that (or here’s a thought—we could stop yanking her around altogether!) it’ll continue to chug on ahead and leave my heart behind at the station.


559 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 OhPaulliexD

    I have mixed emotions about this drama.

    I don’t know, honestly my patience is beginning to wear thin with all this broodiness, volatile reactions, and possessiveness going on between the leads.

    At least ES is finally showing her backbone (most) of the time, but of course when it’s most important she suddenly spineless to be saved like a damsel in distress.


    On the upside, I’m really starting to be fond of the side characters like BN and CY, HS and even MS too-their interactions between other characters are hilarious and pretty adorable.

  2. 52 DanyDanyBobany

    This episode gave me a reason to not hate Young Do. Ok, hate him a little. I just understand it: He is 5. He doesnt really wants a toy, but he wants the toy from the classmate just because no one can has another toy. But he can’t have that toy. So he makes a tantrum. But of course, he has the force and resources of an 18 year old rich kid, so, instead of kick you in the shin or hit you with his little fist, he hits your face, makes you misarable and chase you to no end. And yes, his dad is horrible. When he was taking of his belt…*shivers* Thank God that they dont went there.

    Bo-Na and Chan Young! OMG! So cute and funny! I looooove them. One of this days I want Tan to hug his mom.

    Ah this drama. Can the writer give us more fun? I mean we dont really have a lot of romance or cute moments or great story, so more Bo na or everybody doing something funny will be welcome.

    Still I cant say why, but I want to keep watching. Oh yeah, Kim Woo-bin´s eyebrows. Damn, I love them.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 52.1 Momoi

      Can the writer give us more fun? I mean we don’t really have a lot of romance or cute moments or great story, so more Bo na or everybody doing something funny will be welcome.

      This is something the show is really missing. I fear we’ll get less since that happens as we approach the climax. It’s something I loved about other shows like BOF, Last cinderella, Kiss in tokyo, Master’s Sun, and such. I guess i’m not a fan of melodrama.

  3. 53 cellibeanie

    I loveloveloveeeed all the episodes except episode 10 because it’s annoying how tan does everything he wants with eun sang and pulls her all over the place, and finally when she shows a bit of backbone, he turns it around and makes her feel guilty. i don’t remember the last time they actually had a hangout as friends. rather, i keep seeing tan trying to force his feelings on her. and i liked young do until episode 10 because I was really hoping for him to show a different side to eun sang. this episode just made me feel like his only two reasons for bothering eun sang was because he wanted to know was if she was rich or not, and so he could win against tan. I thought that by going to camp, he and eun sang would finally get alone time so that he could win her trust and maybe even stop the fight between them. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I think this show is really making a lot of problems for itself. there are a whole lot of relationships that need problem solving, and we barely know what going on between each. WHERE IS THIS ALL GOINGGGGG. I WAS SO PUMPED UNTIL NOW :(((
    I’m hoping the writer is reading some of our responses so he makes next episode better

    • 53.1 Momoi

      i don’t remember the last time they actually had a hangout as friends.

      This seems true for a lot of Romance shows, or at least asian dramas.

      We get to see the passion and attraction, and the big moments and trials and fights and cute moments. But we seldom see them doing normal friendly stuff together.

  4. 54 Jolie

    You know, if this show has a melodrama ending as opposed to a happy ending, it makes sense. I just don’t see a way to redeem Tan and YD at this point.

  5. 55 May

    Only enjoying scenes of bona & chanyoung. Everyone else is so boring!!

  6. 56 Garrdan75

    Thanks so much for your recap, girlfriday! Always thorough, insightful, pert and wonderfully enjoyable to read.

    I’m enjoying the scenes between the two Moms more to those between our main couple…the comforting “hand massage” scene had me teary at the sad poignancy and smiling in admiration for both actresses for playing their roles so perfectly!

    I absolutely love every interaction between Bo Na and Chan Young…such an adorable couple…sure hope they get more cute and engaging scenes as the drama continues.

  7. 57 Obsidian

    Omg…this made me LOL: “… leaves one possibility: “You’re siblings.” Shh, we’re in a drama! Don’t make jokes about things like that.” HAHA…but seriously…that better not happen.

    I think that the main reason that Tan and Eun-sang should get together (other than the obvious…that they have feelings for each other) is that I think they can make each other better individuals. Through Eun-sang, I think Tan will be able to learn to stand up for himself, and not accept the position that he is. This is shown when he was talking to Eun-sang and told her that he will find a way to give her access to cross all thresholds. From what we’ve been shown, Tan accepts everything thrown at him, such as going to America, his engagement, etc. He hasn’t really taken an active part in his life. Eun-sang gives him the courage to not always accept what he is given, and dictated to do. I think that Tan will come up with a way so that he doesn’t have to hide his true parentage.

    I think through Tan, Eun-sang will also learn to stand up for herself. He can show her how to stand up for herself, and learn to cross the social barrier. And to have hope for a better future. I like Eun-sang, but she really does have a bleak outlook on life (not that I’m blaming her). She believes that she will never amount to anything, and I hope that through their relationship, she will learn that she is valuable, and worth it. I want to give her hope for the future. I want her to believe that her worth is not determined by the amount of money she has. I think it was a great moment when she walked up those stairs. If she hadn’t met Tan, she would never dream of taking those steps. However, because of him, she did. It may be a long stretch…but I think that it showcases that with enough willpower, she can cross the social divide.

    I believe that together they can fight the social barriers, and cross them together (okay…that sounded a bit corny lol).

    As shown by this episode, Won chose the company over Hyun-joo, while Tan is the opposite, he would be willing to choose Eun-sang over the company. I hope that this will help Won to see Tan in a different light.

    I think there’s even a parallel with Chan-young’s dad, and Rachel’s mother. Due to the fact that they could not cross their social divide for one another, they were never able to have a true relationship with one another. They seem to just have kept up an affair for years. This drama shows how destructive and heartbreaking it is to have illicit affairs. One prime example is Madame Han, who cannot even leave the house. Tan shows that he wouldn’t want to hide Eun-sang. He sees what his mother is going through, and wouldn’t want to put Eun-sang through that. Through Tan’s and Eun-sang’s relationship, it will show the alternate path of the older couple’s. Tan and Eun-sang will have the courage to break the social divide.

    I actually do like the drama…which I think is at complete odds with the majority of viewers. Obviously, there are characters I do not like, but overall, I think the story is there…but they just have to get that out.

    • 57.1 Momoi

      Hey an intelligent, well-thought out, and positive comment! =D

      I actually do like the drama…which I think is at complete odds with the majority of viewers. Obviously, there are characters I do not like, but overall, I think the story is there…but they just have to get that out.

      I agree with this. I think you and I both think differently from the majority of folks here for some reason.

      The show does a nice job of presenting the destructiveness of affairs and illicit relationships like you said. With the Trio of parents and also with the Tan siblings. Kim is still hiding his relationship with Eun Sung from some folks, but not others. Slowly it’s getting revealed.

      Won is another story though. He has been hiding Hyun Joo from the most part and we saw today what happens due to that, another guys comes. I wonder if that relationship will be secret too since he may be her student.

      The show likes to play on the theme that all Secrets will eventually be revealed, and how hiding them just tends to hurt folks in the long run. Almost everyone has a secret in this.

      • 57.1.1 Obsidian

        Haha…well I’m glad someone also has the same thoughts as me! I felt all alone in this dramaverse. A lot of readers here just don’t seem to like it…and I was like alone in the corner. I feel like this drama has a lot of layers, and maybe it just can’t seem to get that across.

        I think that the relationship between Hyun-joo and Hyo-shin will get revealed, if Hyun-joo is actually willing to take their relationship to the next level. Hyo-shin did say he was planning something big. Plus, I wonder what’s going to happen when Hyun-joo starts working at Jeguk group. It will definitely be interesting. I also hope that Won will learn to value Hyun-joo more and maybe not always put the company first.

        I agree with you about the secrets. It’s not long before it will all come spilling out…especially when their whole society is about keeping up appearances. It’s like the higher your position, the harder you will fall.

      • 57.1.2 marie21

        “The show does a nice job of presenting the destructiveness of affairs and illicit relationships like you said. With the Trio of parents and also with the Tan siblings. Kim is still hiding his relationship with Eun Sung from some folks, but not others. Slowly it’s getting revealed.”
        I agree with that comment, Momoi… I have mixed feelings about this show!!! there are things I don’t like, such as the cliches, the main romance which takes sometimes too long and remains rather platonic, but there are other things, like the development of these “rich” characters, and their complex, conflictual family ties which keep me interested!!!i really like the scenes with either Kim Tan with his borther, Kim Won, or his “parents”, same with Young Do and his father!!
        I must confess that I am especially interested in Kim Won! I long to see him “open up” a bit!

    • 57.2 boms

      I almost think that because Won knows of Tan’s situation with Eunsang and that he’s pursuing the relationship that Won couldn’t choose to have with HJ (although it was technically his choice), he may end up rooting for Tan. Won is vicariously trying to gain the confidence to be with the one he is forbidden to be with through Tan, and their relationship as brothers may change for the better 🙂

      • 57.2.1 Obsidian

        Yeah I think that Won will definitely be able to see Tan in a different light, and hopefully it will improve their relationship. He will see that Tan has the courage to do what he couldn’t.

        Won has always been worried that Tan will take over the company. However, through choosing Eun-sang, Tan may have to give up that rights to the company. And Won may finally be able to see that Tan really does have different interests, and he was never after Won’s position to begin with.

    • 57.3 viluven

      Gosh! I completely agree with @Obsidian explanation, which I understand but not able to explained in words. Thank you for make it clear for me, that’s exactly what I feel for the story. I will copied and paste it into a note on my phone ^^.

      • 57.3.1 Obsidian

        Thanks for agreeing with me! I’m glad I was somewhat coherent in my explanation!! Haha.

        I’m also glad that you also enjoy the drama too!!

    • 57.4 soprection

      In Madame Han’s case, I don’t think she can’t leave the house at all but that she can’t inhabit the social realm that all of the other rich characters do because of her forbidden status as mistress. That being said, she has had to give up a lot of freedom for her status so it’s similar to being a prisoner.

      I don’t think this drama is talking just about illicit affairs but about marriage and romantic relationships in general in this realm. Money and inheritance and companies become so important to most of these people that they lose sight of what’s really important or (as with the kids), they have that choice of having a legitimate, loving relationship taken away from them. In keeping with the royalty theme of the show, it’s just like royals of the past using their children’s marriages to make or strengthen political or strategic alliances. Marriage is not for love. It’s just a means to an end. When you live in a world where your parents set up your marriage for you to solidify their business when you’re still underage, it’s not surprising that some people would end up having illicit relationships.

  8. 58 Every Idol's Noona

    It makes me think. What exactly is in Kim Eun-sook’s writing that compells people? I mean, characters from A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden, and Heirs could get along quite well since they sorta have the same level of maturity.

    Lovers in Paris is one of my K-drama Walk of Fame, tho.

  9. 59 katiamon

    I can’t even remember how many times I’d said WTF while reading this recap.
    I’m almost sure that writer-nim is trying to fight makjang with makjang to win the ratings war with Secret or maybe he has been possesed by a cave man.
    Either way…Thank you!

  10. 60 sayit

    Overhyped drama, overhyped writer, overhyped actors

    Lee Min Ho
    His acting has stunted like his character in this show. He may be popular now but once he reach his 30s, let’s see how far his pretty looks can carry him. Hollywood pretty boys have to work extra hard to rid the stereotypes and those who do are now more known for their acting prowess instead of looks, like Leonardo Dicaprio. Closer to home, Won Bin is a good example. Just watch him in Ahjussi and especially Mother. Lee Min Ho is too self conscious to do anything unless he changes.

    Park Shin Hye
    I get why she is criticized for her acting. There is no range. It’s the same old expressions, same old everything. Maybe being a child actor doesn’t mean the experience show. Just gets more jaded.

    Kim Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk, what are you guys doing in this show? Such a waste of talents!

    Silver lining for everyone is that with the ratings going up, I guess Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will get more popular, maybe win an award or two. Hopefully Woo Bin and Choi Jin Hyuk gets some CFs and endorsements to make their time worthwhile. And the writer will be known as she who writes trash and gets high ratings nonetheless. These sound a lot more cheery, doesn’t it?

    • 60.1 atz

      Regarding your comment on LMH… I was very hesitant to bring up his lack of acting skills since there are many his fans might upset with my opinion against him. I often was puzzled with his popularity,,, though I understand girls like his good look.
      Though people adore his gaze over a girl, I just did not get it and I thought I was the only one that does not get his acting skills ! You make my day. I think a bit too much cosmetic surgeries( despite of natural lookings) tend to lose expressions on their faces.

      Generally speaking I think Koreans like the boys over 185cm. Regardless of his acting skill, if a guy has more than 185 cm, he is more likely to get a good role in a drama. Do you guys have some ideas who are actors with good acting skills with less than 175cm-180cm or something? I think Lee junki is one of them.

      • 60.1.1 sayit

        Actually I don’t care if he is over 185cm or has cosmetic surgery. Neither do I think having cosmetic surgery affects his ability to express himself. I thought he had spunk in BOF although the acting wasn’t up to par. At least he had some fire in him then. Now, he just sleepwalks in his roles, same old expressions. I see only Lee Min Ho in every character he plays. He needs to play a gangster or vigilante or some unglamorous role to get himself out of this pretty boy rut. The question is whether he has the skills to do so. Maybe the world is fair, Woo Bin who I can never call handsome has half the looks of Lee Min Ho but twice, probably more, Lee Min Ho’s talent. I thought he might improve but with millions of fangirls adoring him, where’s the push?

      • 60.1.2 HYA

        I don’t agree with you about that LMH has lack of acting skills. His acting is impressive. I can see he works hard on himself to improve. I didn’t like him in BOF (generally I didn’t like that show as the main actress was annoying me with her overacting) but he was brilliant in PT , City hunter and Faith. I can not find any repeat in his acting in these three shows.

        I think this show is waste for his talent. The script is not written thoroughly for all the actors not only for him. He has not show off his looking expect this show.

        • August

          The script for Heirs is sorely lacking.

          I agree with you that each of the characters that Lee Min-Ho played from Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Faith, and now in Heirs are all different from each other. You can see his committment to making each character unique. Compare his physical appearance and presence in the all of these projects…from the hairstyle, gaining or lossing weight for a role, the character’s stride, nuances based upon the female lead in each of the romantic scenes, distinctness of his fighting sequences and his body movement during the action scenes, diction, delivery of lines, and etc.

    • 60.2 wendeedy

      Well said!!!

  11. 61 anna

    Man, they are really trying to make Young-do an ass with no redeeming qualities. I do feel a bit sorry for him because his dad is no prize either, but there is no excuses for the shitty things he’s doing.

    • 61.1 xxvxx

      If it was any other actor, we would hate him so much. Woo Bin is the only factor pulling me back from hating CYD as much as I wish to. However, I feel he is just a sad and lonely boy beneath that PSYCHOPATH behaviour. Really wish CYD’s dad and Rachel’s mom won’t get together so that CYD and Rachel can be together. Clearly they deserve each other cos both of them are the same kind of people, just diff genders.

  12. 62 GoldenDiva

    Well least we know its not like Boys over flowers aughhh I want to see lee min oh do a big boy show now😔 ohhhhh with the dude from my princess I’m so ashamed I don’t know his name anybody know ????? Or Ji sung yup big boy show for a big boy who’s with me 😃😃😃😃😊 ????

  13. 63 Faye

    I am getting tired of this story…at least Secret Garden and Gentleman’s Dignity had some type of plot. This kdrama is just one big mess with all the relationships and the angst. The plot is moving nowhere. I will keep on watching, but it’s for the pretty faces.

    • 63.1 Pororo

      I keep watching despite finding it kind of boring and nonsensical mainly because I love reading the comments here and I like having the reference of having watched the show. Plus, I am on bedrest and really, really, bored.

  14. 64 Momoi

    Was it suicide they were talking about in the gym? I thought he was talking about himself visiting Tan in America was suicide? need to find a different sub maybe.

    Loved that kiss though.

    Enjoyed the episode, but was hoping for a bit more. Still waiting for a few things:

    -Hyun Joo’s Backstory
    -Hyun joo starting to work at the school
    -Won finding out about Hyun Joo (can you tell I like Hyun joo?)
    -Something dramatic between Young do, Chan Young, and Rachel’s parents
    -How Rachel’s mom and Chan Young’s father met even.
    -Won to start warming up to Tan.
    -Tan finding out his dad is having someone follow him (glad Won found out now)
    -Maybe Eun Sung’s secret being revealed.

    A lot of things were resolved and revealed here, but at the same time it doesn’t really feel like the halfway point. I do think the show has too many characters and story arcs to spend as much time as it does on starting. Would like more balance.

    Wonder what the last 10 episodes has in store.

    • 64.1 PlumWine

      Yes, Hyo Shin tried to commit suicide in America, failed, and ended up eating horrible hospital food.

      Rachel and Chan Young’s dad seem to have meet in college, where he had a crush on her.

      Won, really you don’t know your father by now? You knew he had spies at work to follow your every business move, you didn’t think that applied to Every Breathing Moment from the Puppet Master?

      Maybe if there was less staring, soulfully/hatefully/ confusedly we would get more story. Enjoy the ride. 🙂

    • 64.2 marie21

      I also would like to know more about Kim Tan and Kim Won’s childhood or when they were younger… I’m so interested in Kim Won, I’m sure something happened to him in his boyhood, mabe something related to his mother, that made him build up all those “walls” around him…so now he seems to have this cold and harsh facade!! he’s an interesting character!!
      I’d love to have some back story about him and Hyun-Joo too!! I also like Hyun-Joo! I hope to see more of their scenes together and this other love triangle is as intriguing as the main one, or maybe more since I’ve got a crush on Kim Won/ Choi Jin Hyuk! I hope the writer won’t disappoint me there!!!

  15. 65 mia

    i only root for Chan Young and Bo Na to stay together for long
    lol they’re so adorable together

  16. 66 Le Anh

    Like dramas heirs.like lee min ho and park shin hye. I hope kim tan and eun sang love story with be the fairy tales and happy endings.

  17. 67 Ceecile

    Can you believe we’re already half-way through? 10 episodes of nothing.

  18. 68 crazedlu

    This show sucks.

    • 68.1 wendeedy


  19. 69 blah blah

    this drama is like eating cotton candy. big package but nothing inside. Poof… but we still like to keep eating it and expecting more…

    • 69.1 viluven

      somehow I agree 😀

  20. 70 kit

    Thanks for the recap …… because it’s the only thing I’m reading/watching in terms of this drama now. I perked up at the forehead kiss, because that love triangle is the only thing that interests me at all (other than the concubine mother heh.) Won, lose her, she takes Hyoshin. Tan, learn from your brother. Bye.

  21. 71 Sudina

    I feel bad for main leads..they have family problems…dont know which comes first…Tan being an illigemate..Eun sang being poor with disable mom as maid..Young do being a bullier coz of his father’s Adulterousness…
    There’s no solid ground to exemplify whatsover..But I like the character having changes..Changing for what they want..how are they gonna achieve it..They are late-teens shown with the burden of being Heirs..Totally different from normal school-gooners or Teenagers..I dont know what to expect..but one thing Im damn suru is I want more of Young do and Eun sang together not as shown in this episode..But you know what I meant….
    Another week god help me to survive.
    Anyways Thank for recap

  22. 72 sangay

    hmm, how many episodes do we have ?
    into episode 10 and I don’t see the drama going anywhere with Tan or Eun Sang !

    too many ‘mysteries’ about all the different folks’ secrets.
    can we get back to the main story ?

    i must have missed something when i read the outline for this drama

  23. 73 xxvxx

    I really love Lovers in Paris, and fully enjoyed A Gentleman’s dignity and somewhat managed to get through Secret Garden but The Heirs is just not doing anything for me – other than all the pretty I MEAN LOOK AT THAT, PRETTY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

    I was fully invested in the show initially due to LMH, KWB, Krystal and CJH however I know I shouldn’t expect much because I was never a fan of PSH’s acting. I think the writer is doing a bad job with PSH’s character. She cries too much, has inconsistent behaviour and is so annoying the first few episodes, she was lamenting her fate and her environment, blaming her sister, blaming her mom, so much resentment, it doesn’t gel well with me. I don’t like my heroines to behave like that.. One day she is sassy, next day she’s a wuss.

    I don’t see why both dudes are fighting for her so hard. I’d rather they fight for me. LOL.

    I think the writer is doing well with the secondary characters, even they have more depth than PSH’s CES!!!! Like, where is her priority man..

    I have so much more to say but I’ll wait for later episode recaps LOL.

    Obligatory (and of course sincere) “I love Bo-na and Chan-young together and separately” comment.

  24. 74 Dons

    I really dont like how the drama i have anticipated for long is turning out to be a disappointment. I dint get what Tan and Youndo sees in Eunsang.. I get that she is pretty but what has the writer done to make her character believable as someone being chased by two hunks? No wonder people are saying that her being chased is not because of love but because they guys chasing just want to win over the other..
    I am one with others in saying that i fast forward to scenes involving Bona and Chanyoung.. They are the only redeeming characters in this drama.. They are believable as high school students experiencing the sweetness of love. They give relief from all the angst of people around them. If i may say, the only people who are likely to benefit from being in this drama are Krystal and Minhyuk, they seem to became so much more loved because of their characters.. But for others in the cast, they are most probably gonna regret signing up for this..

    • 74.1 xxvxx

      UGH YES. I can’t see ANYTHING attractive in her that both of them sees. Like???? Oooh poor girl ooh..

  25. 75 One

    i watch this with “Secret Garden” plot in mind… overcoming the social status gap to be together… just like a cliche fairy tale..but the casts made me keep tune.. 😀

  26. 76 pauper

    There’s something about the face and the overacting of the guy playing Myungsoo that make me want to shove his face in the mud and let it stay there. Annoying presence with no redeeming quality and purpose whatsoever.

    • 76.1 luv_KimRaeWon

      LOL!! that guys annoys me too.. *shove his face in the mud and let it stay there*..second best comment on this thread after the Kimchi one..

  27. 77 starb

    It is so much fun to read people’s opinion here. Hey… you can say that this drama is crappy, but it still bring a lot on the table to discus (fight) over…

    It’s so funny that people often complain that the male lead for most kdrama is a chaebol-jerk turn into a softie; now that the situation is reversed, people still rooting for the jerk even when the jerk is the second lead. Hahaha… we sure do love bad-boys.

    I may get a lot of hate mail for saying this, but I actually like the way Tan handle YD by going to his dad and ‘manipulatively’ apologize. Not as a human being but as a character we are always being told that Tan WAS worse than YD, at last we are shown that Tan CAN be scarier than YD because he is manipulative. But what I like to highlight is that he CHOSE not to do that even though he CAN and actually doing it to defend his mother. I think both Tan and YD know what each other are capable of, they just surprised that they are in a such bad relationships that they are willing to purposely hurt each other. The scene in the elevator kinda tells us that, that’s why YD doesn’t look as hurt as I thought he would be.

    But yeah… I think this show gets slower and slower plot wise. I’m kinda disappointed that ES got a low grade, I thought she was supposed to be very smart, and hope that she would help Tan with the study because she’s doing good in class. And what about the broadcasting club, hopefully there is more about that.

    I am hoooopiiiinng that this show will go towards mending all the broken friendship. Time skip wouldn’t hurt either, because everybody just seem too mature to be an 18; maybe that’s the weight that you have to bear when wearing a crown… you look older than your age.

    I am not going to stop watching, but I’ll think I’ll wait until it is completed that watch it all it once. It would be less frustrating I guess…

    • 77.1 marie21

      “I may get a lot of hate mail for saying this, but I actually like the way Tan handle YD by going to his dad and ‘manipulatively’ apologize. Not as a human being but as a character we are always being told that Tan WAS worse than YD, at last we are shown that Tan CAN be scarier than YD because he is manipulative. […] I think both Tan and YD know what each other are capable of, they just surprised that they are in a such bad relationships that they are willing to purposely hurt each other. ”
      I absolutely loved that moment!!! I loved seeing some kind of fear in Young Do’s eyes, and that the one who could outbeat him on the manipulation front, was Kim Tan!!!! That was awesome!! loved the flashback scenes too!!! more of that, please!!!

  28. 78 Sudina

    I feel bad for main leads..they have family problems;dont know which comes first.Tan being an illigemate,Eun sang being poor with disable mom as maid,Young do being a bullier coz of his father’s Adulterousness.There’s no solid ground to exemplify whatsover.But I like the character having changes,Changing for what they want,how are they gonna achieve it.They are late-teens shown with the burden of being Heirs.Totally different from normal school-gooners or Teenagers.I dont know what to expect.but one thing Im damn suru is I want more of Young do and Eun sang together not as shown in this episode.But you know what I meant.
    Another week god help me to survive.Anyways Thank for recap

  29. 79 CFLH

    Love is the moment…

    • 79.1 PlumWine

      Stop it!

      • 79.1.1 CFLH

        i’m sorry every time some romantic scene comes up…the music swells and there it goes…haha…i’m a bit annoyed at it…

        • PlumWine

          Thanks for the laugh. 🙂 Unfortunately that blasted song swelled up in my head just by reading your words. Seriously, it did it again when I refreshed and read again. Ughhh! I need sleep and a new tune.

      • 79.1.2 HYA

        hahaha. This is really funny 🙂

        • blah blah

          i agree. 10 episodes have past… it is time for another song please… hahaha…

  30. 80 Gillian

    Am I the only one having these thoughts? I feel that although the lead actors are the main storyline, but seriously you also need to give other actors more screen time! For example, Kim Won is like just being shown for like 11 seconds in this whole hour long drama. Star studded casts? I only see lee min ho and park shin hye. I’m watching this drama not only for lee min ho and park shin hye but your other star studded casts. If you’re not letting them in the screen, don’t even cast them in the first place and make it a drama with only 2 lead actors. No being bias or anything but even Cinderella give the stepsister their moments.
    We’re already halfway through the drama but it’s proceeding too slowly. They’re not even at the happy times before the big ‘obstacle’ but still lingering their affections for one another.
    But one thing I like about the drama is the reversed roles. The second male lead that doesn’t gets the girl should be the more gentle and the perfect prince charming every girl would one while the male lead would be the badass guy getting on the girl’s bad side every now and then… But hmm, it seems like young do is the one leaving bad impressions on eun sang whilst Kim tan is the friendly guy.
    And the confusing part as to who should get the girl. According to classical kdrama logic, you’re ousted if you become friendly with the girl and she’ll eventually be your partner if you she don’t like you at first. Whoops, eun sang just confessed she likes Kim tan in the recent episodes.

    • 80.1 DanyDanyBobany

      Im with you. Whats the point of casting so many people if you are not going to use them? I dont care about the young ones, but Choi Jin-Hyuk should have more air time. The same with Lim Ju-Eun and the story between them.

      At first I thought that many actors would be a problem, but she focus on the leads, wich is a good thing, because hey, they are the leads. But why give us glimpse of other stories if she is not going to explore them? or why casting famous actors for those stories? At this point I think that maybe the writter is going to throw all she has in the last 10 episodes.

  31. 81 weenhiecookies

    The only reason that keeps me going through this show is YD. For real. Though his character is a total jerk to the highest level, at least we still have a lot to know about him, I mean his character still has a lot to develop. And him and ES have chemistry.. unlike with KT.

    KT is overly possessive and I hate him for that. Add to that, that every time YD and ES would have a serious moment KT will show up, like WTF?! First time that I’m not rooting for LMH.

    It’s a pain that, though I officially hate this drama, I still can’t give this up. WHY?? asfhjklg!

    Please drama.. tell us what’s the point of watching you.. where is the main conflict?? I’m lost.

    And please… Give us some YD and ES moments.. for at least one episode where KT will not ruin it. PLEASE.

    • 81.1 Beng

      i’m also shipping YD and ES. YD is only spineless when it comes to this Dad, but KT is all vegetable in all forts – dad, brother, principal jung, and even to ES. I don’t pity him at all. I don’t think he has shown his love enough to his brother, that’s why KW hate him so.

      It seems like i don’t like a gentle Lee Minho, i want a badass LMH like in Boys over Flowers, City Hunter, Faith and even in Personal Taste. hayszzzz!!!

      • 81.1.1 Jd

        Agreed. Lee min ho looks hotter when he plays bad boy roles.

        • HYA

          I wish I can see him in spying role or at least another action as city hunter

    • 81.2 PlumWine

      I actually think YD was about to be kinda nice/apologetic/ somewhat sincere in the last few moments but Tan showed up. Which made me go arghhh, because I thought I’d see a step away from caveman to the medieval or the roman era of male emotional growth.

  32. 82 earthna

    What I don’t like the most in this drama is how they treat Eun Sang as a thing they can possess. So far, I can’t even say that they actually love her. Right now I’m more interested in Rachel’s character.

    The best thing for me though is Chanyoung-Bona couple. They are so adorable!

    I’m starting to think about not continuing with this drama but thank you for the recaps!!

  33. 83 Beng

    why is Eun-sang becoming a damsel in distress? it’s like the writers are trying to make her character as opposite as possible to Jan-di’s character in Boys over flower.

    Have some backbones please. You’re not Go Dok-mi.

  34. 84 rhia

    I will just fast forward to Chanyoung and Bona scenes, thank you.

  35. 85 ren

    I think Secret Garden was likeable enough to ignore most of the sexism but this is just ridiculous. 100000% done with this show.

    • 85.1 elza

      Now that you mention it, I used to feel so super frustrated while watching secret garden cuz they made ha ji won so weak sometimes.it’s the same writer , rt?

  36. 86 Francis

    The side characters like Bo-Na and Chan Young are by far the most interesting and entertaining characters in the show.

    I kind of like Madam Han too…as well…as Hyo Shin’s character.

    • 86.1 Beng

      i hope Hyo-shin would be able to win his tutor Hyun-joo over Won.

      And YD wins ES from KT. No girls for the royalties, hahahah

      • 86.1.1 luv_KimRaeWon

        Another Hyo-Shin Hyun Joo shipper..yippee.. I’m rooting for him to get her

      • 86.1.2 PlumWine

        At least give Won a wake up call. Idiot.

      • 86.1.3 DanyDanyBobany

        Yes! Hyo-shin + Hyun-joo = good.

        • Rossi


  37. 87 Dons

    @Xxvxx i also dont see what they see in Eunsang. So far the drama has failed to make her character lovable. Plus she has no chemisty with Kim Tan. No wonder people would rather ship her with an ass like Young do.. I can only scratch my head thinking what is it in her that deserves her being chased? I really dont see the appeal of her character..

    • 87.1 atz

      I said what you wrote here to myself while I was watching this drama. Maybe being poor( even YD does not know her true identity, he could sense that her class is different from him from the beginning) somehow is her attraction???Otherwise what is so special about her ? I get a feeling that Korean has such disparity between the rich and others, they seem to have more Cinderella complex?

  38. 88 PlumWine

    Thanks Girlfriday for the recaps and the snark. By the way how is your face? Between the facepalm, sporkeye(?), and … (wasn’t there a headdesk somewhere?) I think you may need an ice mask and maybe 4 to 5 drinks.

    I actually felt that this episode was pretty good. I really felt there was forward movement until I read most of everyone’s comments ( don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the discussions 🙂 )
    Rachel saying she wanted out of the engagement (although not for the reason of kicking away a lousy fiancé, dang it!), Eun Sang standing up to Tan and his impossible dream (make your own way Tan, then you can be together – although I’m not really liking that boat right now, Tan standing up to Young Do’s threats (didn’t like the way he did it though – longer comment on page one), Won picking business over love ( dammit!), Tan standing up to his dad (kinda), Eun Sang confronting Ypung Do somewhat on his behavior (loved x2 the paintball scene), Young Do trying (?) to be nice to Eun sang with the tent and grabbing Rachel’s hand (dude, you know how to do dishes too!), and Hyun Joo coming out of her daydream with Won (loved that forehead kiss).

    If they added more scenes like the camping trip, meaningful suicide conversation, the two moms, and took out all those staresssssss, I would enjoy it more. Otherwise I’m ok with the ride.

  39. 89 Wendy

    Wait… we’re supposed to be halfway through the show right? Why does it still feel like I have only watched 2 episodes?

    Rich boy meets poor girl. He loves her, she doesn’t think they should be together. Rinse and repeat.

    We’re only up to THIS?

  40. 90 Rushie

    This show has proved to me how loyal I can be to something. I’m rolling my eyes a lot but every week like clockwork, I’m back for more.
    Also, I used to love backhugs and consider them the most romantic things on earth, but now I guess I have watched too many K-dramas.

  41. 91 valleydale

    I wish I were far enough ahead in my study of Korean to read the comment sections of domestic fan sites concerning this drama. Are they as exasperated as we here at DB? I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be, because this show is a complete mess. Like, debris-field-from-a-plane-crash mess; literally all over the place.

    I’m so disappointed. Is this really the same writer responsible for the drama crack that I own on DVD, and have watched more times than I can count, Secret Garden? Nope. It simply can’t be. She’s on a beach somewhere in Thailand, sipping cocktails while some lowly assistant pounds out scripts 2 hours ahead of the next live shoot.

    I see a lot of commenters running down Secret Garden, and suggesting it explains why this drama is such a mess, but I think they’re indulging in a bit of revisionism, forgetting why SG was the runaway hit that it was. At least Kim Joo Won was lovable and three dimensional. Sure he was an egotistical and self-centered ass on the surface, but he really loved that stunt girl, and was willing to give up literally everything for her, including his own life. And he grew as a character over the course of the drama. He had a compelling back story that showed his touching vulnerability. You knew why he loved that girl because she was interesting in her own right, and was not just a prop in a contrived love triangle.

    Tan is a self-centered brat with few other characteristics to recommend him, and Young Do, his rival, is simply odious with not even a single redeeming trait. What is it that Eun Sang is supposed to see in either of them? And what of Eun Sang? She’s a mere cardboard cut out of a thing. A punch list of stereotypically underprivileged little match girl traits. Nothing sparkles in her personality. Others are right. It really baffles trying to figure out why these two bad boys want her so badly. KT and YD are like lions fighting over who gets to devour the tasty little lamb snack they’ve got trussed up and wriggling on the sidelines. It really bugs me that ES has virtually zero free agency. What the hell was that “hug” at the end of episode ten? Like really girl? You were powerless to extract yourself from Young Do’s one-handed clutch? Rendered paralyzed? Really? 바보!

    • 91.1 PlumWine

      I loved SG! It made me cry my eyes out and look up Hyun Bin was. (I had no idea that it was actually the third drama of his that I had watched and liked!) So I totally agree with you on that point.

      As for why they like ES, I have some flimsy reasoning, but then her liking Tan is just as flimsy, so in short – it’s just what the writer wants.

      Also she needs to get some shit kicker boots or shoes with spikes and start stepping on these boys feet!

    • 91.2 bbstl

      wow, valleydale! you said it, sister! Agree, agree and agree, and I would dearly love to know what Korean audiences think of this show and its characters.

    • 91.3 jayne

      Yeah…. I agree with you too, especially sbout SG. It has some rolling eyes-hair pulling-head desk moments while watching it, but somehow the whole story makes sense. Ha Jiwon is amazing, Hyun Bin is believable and they have a great chemistry.
      in Heirs, I don’t feel the chemistry, don’t really believe the characters, can’t find anything for me to root for this drama.
      What a waste for Jinhyuk…

  42. 92 moniq

    heirs…why your story become so boringggggg???? pls..do something writer!!!! the actors and actresses are doing great!! but the story…o my god…………pls make it 16 eps…i guess 20 eps are too long for heirs……..

  43. 93 chocolander

    Even though this drama is having me pulling out my hair due to sheer frustration, there’s something about it that makes me keep watching it, yes most likely it’s the pretty that’s reeling me in like a sucker. Yes, I’m looking at all the hotties here, namely LMH, KWB, KHN, and CMH… But why, oh why, is there no preview of the next ep when there’ve been one for the past few eps? Throw me a lifeline here… I do hope it’s not because they’re running behind schedule and can’t cobble enough highlights for the next ep…

    Hyo Shin’s forehead kiss is really random, though it is sweet, considering how Hyun Joo was just passed over by Won for the company. Ugh Won, are you really that hardhearted even to your girlfriend? But I wonder whether Hyo Shin is really interested in Hyun Joo? He seems to be a habitual flirt, judging from his interactions with his fan girls at school. And from his conversation with Tan, he told Tan he’s thinking of doing something to shake up the order of his home, that still remains the same even with his suicide attempt. This is some seriously messed up family. I think it’s most likely referring to him upping his advances towards Hyun Joo, a commoner. After all, it is pretty obvious that his mom disapproves of Hyun Joo and her clothes. It’s like he wants to rebel against the stifling shackles his family imposes on him. But then again, his shyness after he abruptly plants a kiss on Hyun Joo’s forehead and him scurrying away after the kiss incident kind of speak volumes of his genuine interest in her. Or maybe it’s just killing two birds with a stone; getting the girl and pissing his family off spectacularly… Ok I’m getting confused, so I’m going to wait it out and see what the writer throws at us… Nevertheless I do see a parallel between Tan and Hyo Shin; that they’re both thinking of fighting for the girls that they want. Too bad, I don’t think Hyo Shin’s gonna get the girl though…

    • 93.1 Holding Stars

      “Too bad, I don’t think Hyo Shin’s gonna get the girl though…”

      Don’t say that! T.T

      I ship Hyo Shin and Hyun Joo. He seems like a good guy who could treat Hyun Joo well, at least until now.

      I don’t like Won at all. He mistreats his brother because he can “steal his inheritance” and in this episode he chose his inheritance over Hyun Joon.

      He cares about money more than anything else.

  44. 94 maymay

    It’s weird. I’m still watching because hey it’s Heirs. But I like no one. Young Do is interesting to me but man the writer really f***ed up his character. You want to write a swoony second lead not someone who don’t stand a chance at all…and certainly not some psychopath. I don’t even like Kim Tan very much for that matter. He needs to grow up. Eun Sang’s worries are legitimate but he just brushes them away because love conquers all?

    And every time EunSang is jerked around I’m so mad. Why do they like the wrist grabbing so damn much. I usually don’t care much…but the wrist grabs are really violent in this drama. They look positively painful.

  45. 95 VanillaSalt

    So are they never gonna talk about Eun Sang’s sister again? Like whatever happened to her? I kinda wish they’d go back to that story line rather than the annoying parents

  46. 96 VanillaSalt

    Kim Tan be like “ugh my sweater has a loose thread!1!1 #firstworldproblems”

  47. 97 wren

    thats what i call ‘brilliant’ song-writing. funny that its stuck in my head. funnier still is that my cat wont stop hissing when i sing it. maybe its my voice. just maybe.hmm

    • 97.1 PlumWine

      I’m agree with your cat! It’s the song, play it and she/ he will climb the walls and leap to kill the sound source.

  48. 98 pe'ah

    wow, I’ve never felt so annoyed at a drama before this. seriously, when I started to watch this drama I thought it would be similar to BOF. BOF wasn’t the best, but at least it was fun to watch. so I thought heirs would have the same vibe, but right now it’s just worst than BOF.

    Heirs have a great cast, but somehow the show succeeded in making me unable to root for any of the characters or the pairings. The writing is most definitely the biggest flaw here. I wasn’t expecting a great twist or anything, but the writer couldn’t even give me a proper conflict that does not include boys staring down at each other fighting for a girl that doesn’t even want to be with them.

    If only someone out there can put some sense in the writer’s head, then this drama could have been sooooo much better. at this point I’m holding a grudge against the writers for making the cast looks like characters that don’t have any idea what they’re doing even though they’ve been doing a great job in the acting department.

  49. 99 Anna

    CHA EUN SANG IS THE MOST STUPID CHARACTER IN HEIRS. WHY? Because she is the most vulnerable to trampled upon by the rich and all she does is cry – episode after episode. There is no episode that she didn’t cry. What happened to the feisty Cha Eun Sang who was in the first episode?

    Kim Tan and Young Do are not really in-love with CES – they are both using her as their own respective bait. She’s the chip in the gambling game that they are playing.

    And there is a delaying tactic in this drama and the story goes around in circles without nowhere to go – the script writer ran out of ideas. There are two things that continue to happen from the last 7 episodes:
    1) the crying Cha Eun Sang who’s mind is floating – she doesn’t love Kim Tan – she’s absolutely ambitious with no respect for herself
    2) Kim Tan and Young Do – they fight in every episode.

    This is getting nowhere. The scriptwriter doesn’t have a solid script – period.

  50. 100 saranga

    i was really disturbed by the scene between young-do and his father. we knew his dad was hot-tempered, but i guess i didn’t realize young-do might have grown up enduring beatings possibly bordering on physical abuse. i mean, a belt!?

    i know it’s not unheard of… after all, asians discipline their children with rulers and sticks, but there’s something really savage, like being reduced to a beast… about being whipped or beaten with a belt.

    young-do’s done some terrible stuff, and his crappy home life doesn’t excuse any of it, but it does help me understand him. i’ve been sympathetic to young-do from the get go, and dear god i am well aware kim woo-bin is largely to blame. MAJOR kudos to him for being able to convince a nice chunk of viewers that young-do is worthy of receiving sympathy. played by a lesser actor, this character could have received all hate.

    i just felt so sorry for young-do in this episode, and so angry and disappointed in tan. i get why tan tattled: young-do crossed a line with him in purposely disrespecting with his mom. but what tan did to young-do just seems so much crueler on a whole different level that i don’t think even young-do would have stooped to.

    tan has been emotionally hurt by his own father’s seeming indifference to him, and knowing that young-do fears his dad, knowing the kind of hurt a parent can inflict on a child, for him to go and purposely provoke young-do’s dad into inflicting pain (physical AND emotional in this case) on his son… was just an incredibly low blow.

    someone commented that sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. i agree, but i think tan fought fire with fiendfyre (harry potter reference).

    and when young-do says “only i get to pester eun-sang,” i don’t perceive it as a threat. it’s his way of expressing how he feels about her, albeit in a very crude fashion. so when he says that, i don’t have a negative reaction to it, because i know (but not the characters) that he doesn’t really mean that he wants to make her life miserable. he doesn’t want others messing with her. i’m inclined to see it as more of a protective gesture than a threatening or menacing one; it’s just that it’s very poorly done and i don’t blame eun-sang, who hasn’t known him for very long, for loathing him.

    • 100.1 Lin_K

      That’s an interesting remark you said about YD saying “I am the only one to mess with her,” I agree that he means it protectively rather than threateningly. However, ES is inclined to look at it negatively given the behavior of YD.

    • 100.2 PlumWine

      I agree it was meant as a stupidly sounding protective gesture. Everyone knows that when he calls dibs on a victim to leave them alone. This just sounds wrong even as I type it, but it’s done out of liking her. (?). How messed up does this sound!?

    • 100.3 soprection

      Flip side, I’m not Asian but I was raised in a culture and country where it’s normal to discipline your kids by hitting them and my mother beat me with a belt at times growing up and the same thing happened to a lot of my cousins. It’s okay if you’re not comfortable with it because it’s something you’re not used to but it doesn’t automatically equal abuse. As someone said on page one there is a spectrum for that sort of thing and it relates not just to the amount of force used but to the intent of the actions as well. That being said, I certainly think that Young Do’s father has crossed the line and is abusive given his previous actions, his words and Young Do’s reactions to him. He seems to enjoy hurting his son and to try his hardest to beat him down physically and psychologically every chance he gets. I would definitely consider that abusive behaviour.

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