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Prime Minister and I: Episode 9
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What happens when everyone can see how much you adore each other, but neither of you will admit to it? Outside influences continue to put pressure on the contract marriage, and just when our couple takes two steps forward, another tug at the guilt strings takes them one step back. But the thing about attraction is that at a certain point, it simply cannot be contained and requires the courage to take a step in the same direction.

And finally, and I mean finally, we get to hear the full three and a half minute song we’ve all been waiting for in this drama in all its warm and fuzzy goodness. Yay!


Taemin – “발걸음 (Footsteps)” for the OST [ Download ]

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As In-ho oversees the preparations for the new year’s press conference, he thinks back to last night’s backhug.

Da-jung wakes with a blinding headache and falls back into bed. Yul clucks disapprovingly, but her hangover doesn’t excuse her from today’s public appearance. He barks at her to get ready and walks out… only to peek into the bedroom again, concerned. Aw.

Meanwhile the reporters arrive at the estate, including Reporter Byun, who smiles devilishly at his hidden card (the snowball fight photo). He tells the Scandal News Team to look forward to his big moment, as Editor Go mentions that he too has another card up his sleeve.

Still nauseous, Da-jung leans against the wall in the hallway for support. She freezes when In-ho approaches and keeps her eyes averted at his concern and subsequent advice on how to tackle the media’s questions.

Just when he’s about to bring up the previous night, Da-jung quickly excuses herself and runs off, to his dismay.

Da-jung catches her breath outside and is joined by Yul, who places a hand on her forehead. He tells her that she can sit it out if she’s still feeling unwell, but Da-jung smiles and says she can’t be absent.

Turns out Editor Go’s petty revenge plan against Da-jung involves a spiked drink. He’s miffed when he gets ignored when she walks in and gleefully adds the laxative. I’ll laugh if Reporter Byun ends up drinking that glass, especially given how he’s downing his own.

Da-jung does swing by to say hello though, and Editor Go hands her the drink himself when Hee-chul hesitates to do so. Noticing how nauseous Da-jung looks, he points out that it looks like she’s trying to fight a hangover.

But that’s when Yul moves in to answer that his wife isn’t a drinker, and then downs the glass in one gulp. The Oh, shit expression on the editor’s face is priceless.

Da-jung does her best not to puke during the press conference. When she’s asked what kind of husband Yul is, she takes a beat before answering that Yul can be difficult and frustrating at times, “but he’s the best kind of husband to me.” Aw.

Then Reporter Byun rises for his big moment and drops the bomb of how the doting couple is deceiving the entire nation with their so-called marriage. He asks outright if it isn’t a contract marriage, which puts Yul and Da-jung on edge.

Slamming the photos down in front of them, Reporter Byun reveals all his cards that support his accusation that this marriage is a sham. Yul finally loses his cool, and then crumples at the reporter’s feet, begging for forgiveness. Ha, it’s just the reporter’s imagination, isn’t it?

So Reporter Byun laughs maniacally as he drinks in the crowd’s praise… which is when we cut back to reality as Da-jung finishes her answer. Then Reporter Byun rises from his seat… and farts. HA.

Hee-chul confirms that he gave the spiked drink to Reporter Byun instead, who fights his bowel movements while spluttering some sounds, then exclaims, “Where is the bathroom?!” before running out.

But Editor Go pieces those utterances together in his head, and then asks if the couple have agreed to a contract marriage. And to everyone’s surprise, Yul answers that it is.

He further explains that contract is an agreement between both parties, and they had agreed to do their best as a married couple. It technically isn’t a lie, then Yul turns to Da-jung and finishes, “I’m never going to let this woman go.” Oh, swoooon.

Their marriage is a lifetime contract, Yul declares, and that silences the entire room. Da-jung starts to gag just then and the media immediately speculates whether the young prime minister’s wife is pregnant.

They manage to dispel the pregnancy rumors, and Hye-joo remarks on how Yul has changed to say things he doesn’t necessarily mean anymore. Oy, if only really knew. In the bathroom, Da-jung giggles to recall the swoon-worthy statement before hurling again.

Needless to say Da-jung still feels awkward around In-ho, who stops her from making another exit. He says he didn’t sleep a wink last night reflecting upon his confession, but he doesn’t want to regret saying the words because his feelings are real.

He thinks it’s better that things are awkward between them now; he’d rather be someone she feels uncomfortable around than someone she feel comfortable with but oblivious to his feelings.

Reporter Byun returns to find his incriminating photos missing, and we see that they’re in Hee-chul’s hands now. Aw, you’re looking out for your co-worker noona. He hastily hides them before Editor Go sees.

Back at the estate, Da-jung has Yul sit down to share a late-night snack together. She offers to read to him tonight as well since it seems he’s having trouble sleeping again.

She asks what’s worrying him, and he answers that he has a new homework assignment but doesn’t tell her what it is. She advises him that he shouldn’t procrastinate on it, but he can put it off long enough to indulge in today’s pleasures. He smiles at that.

They dig into the ramyun Da-jung made for them, which Yul admits isn’t half-bad. Heh. Then they share in an almost Lady and the Tramp moment over a shared noodle. Yul breaks away first and Da-jung slurps it up.

Yul tsks and points to the trail left on her face. He takes it upon himself to clean it with his thumb when Da-jung has trouble finding it… which is when Na-ra and Man-se walk in and ask what they’re doing. HEE.

The kids assume that the adults were about to kiss, and then proceeds to tease them for it. Cute. Man-se happily chirps the story to the staff in the morning, and they eat it up readily. I love how the housekeeper hints that the kiss was nothing compared to what she walked into.

Da-jung takes offense when Yul sighs why he has to put up with such an unpleasant misunderstanding. She says she never asked him for his help, all while cornering him into the wall.

The proximity has Yul gruffly tell her to back away, and Da-jung leans in even closer to ask if she’s the only one at fault here. He pushes her away with his finger and tells her to stay at a two meter radius, adding his “That’s an order!” line for good measure.

Yul breathes deeply once he’s alone and remarks that his heart is beating fast. He thinks it’s because of this misunderstand, but we know better. A little later, the housekeeper wonders why Da-jung is still here when the prime minister and children went off skating.

Reporter Byun apologizes to Joon-ki for his failed mission and vows to find the ones who stole his photos. That prompts Joon-ki to ask if those were the evidence he was talking about, and the reporter shows off the copies on his phone.

Now Joon-ki realizes why In-ho didn’t want to implicate Da-jung in this matter, and he tells the reporter to hold off for now.

Hye-joo spots the two together at the golf course, and calls In-ho to confirm his suspicions. In-ho picks up a tail of his own, however, and is it just more or do those shoes look oddly familiar? Sure enough, it’s none other than Hee-chul, here to talk to him.

At the same time Hye-joo runs into Madam Na and her gossipy friends, who immediately jump to the conclusion that she’s here to meet Joon-ki. One sharp glance from Hye-joo causes Madam Na to stand down, and Hye-joo declares that she doesn’t get involved with married men.

She charges past them complete with an awesome hair flip, and when the gossipy friends offer to give her what for, Madam Na says Hye-joo is stronger than she looks. Heh.

Joon-ki informs his secretary that he didn’t want to make his move against In-ho with flimsy evidence. He finds it hard to believe that rumor has it that the prime minister and wife are a doting couple, which is more than one could say about his own marriage.

He chides his wife when she says she brought lunch, and she pouts that he’s always so harsh with her. I gotta agree with her on that. She cries that she just wanted to spend time with him, just like how she heard that Yul is off skating with his family.

At the skating rink, Man-se says that it would have been nice if ajumma joined them. Turns out the outing was Woo-ri’s idea, and he asks his sister if she doesn’t remember coming here often when they were younger. Hm, did their mother bring them here?

That’s when Da-jung arrives to join them, and she sees Yul skating out on the rink like a pro. Suffice to say she’s impressed, and Yul comes to clean stop in front of them.

When he asks what she’s doing here, Da-jung replies that it isn’t good for anyone for her to be left out. He asks if she hadn’t thought about how she’d be happier about getting some alone time, but she’s happier spending time together.

He tells her to do whatever she wants then, but breaks into a smile when he turns away. Aw. Yul leads his family in a speedskating lesson, and walks Da-jung through the steps himself.

He catches her when she nearly falls and holds her hands (for balance, of course). The family enjoy skating together until the kids complain that they’re hungry and tired. Yul says they can’t take a break now, but that’s when Joon-ki arrives at the rink with his family.

Joon-ki remarks that Yul has sure changed a lot with his display of public affection and even spending time with his family. Coming here was Woo-ri’s idea, and Joon-ki relishes in how Yul had no idea that the children’s mother frequently brought them here as a distraction from their busy father’s absence.

Da-jung speaks with Madam Na inside, who sneers that she’s too busy a person to be sewing silly frog dolls. She’s shocked to learn that Yul has also made a few despite his busy schedule.

Jealous of the prime minister’s newlywed bliss, she says they must be very happy together, and Man-se chirps that they are because he saw them kiss last night. Ha, this kid. Da-jung hurriedly ushers him away, and Madam Na seethes.

Joon-ki sits down a minute later, and when they catch Yul taking care of Da-jung outside, Madam Na wonders why her husband told her that those two didn’t have any feelings for each other.

We check back in with Hee-chul, who hands over the snowball fight photos to In-ho. He says that he’ll deal with Reporter Byun and advises In-ho to be more careful in the future.

Hye-joo joins In-ho at the same cafe a bit later, informing him that she doesn’t know what the reporter and Joon-ki are up to. She hits a sore spot when she asks if In-ho confessed his feelings for Da-jung yet, and is impressed to find out that he already has.

She admits that In-ho has won in the one-sided love race, but let’s be honest—nobody here in this dramaverse (well, maybe Joon-ki) can beat nursing a crush for two decades. She asks where he gets that kind of courage from.

Joon-ki gets a call from In-ho to meet up before he exchanges goodbyes with Yul and his family. Once they’re alone, Joon-ki says that it seems Yul has forgotten all about his first wife because of Da-jung.

Yul ponders over those words that evening, and finds a bowl of his favorite strawberry ice cream with a sketch by Da-jung waiting for him in his study. But the ice cream remains untouched and melts by morning.

Then it’s as if he’s fallen back to his gruff ways with Da-jung, being stern with her at kendo practice and dismissing meals. Da-jung sighs, wondering what’s suddenly changed, and Na-ra complains that she’s being too loud.

Man-se pops in with a question while holding Da-jung’s phone. It’s Dad, who’s calling to ask if his calculations about his card game are correct (they are) and to tell Da-jung that she appeared in his dreams last night.

He worries that things aren’t going well at home, but Da-jung assures her father that everything’s fine. Dad abruptly hangs up when she asks if he’s taking care of his health, and then we see that he’s actually playing cards by himself, talking to the air. Oh, Dad.

Da-jung find Yul deep in thought in the courtyard that evening. She offers to help him with whatever he’s worrying about, and Yul tells her to go inside. She asks if she did something wrong, and when Yul says she didn’t, she asks why he’s avoiding her and acting as if he’s mad at her then.

So Yul tells her that he feels uncomfortable around her now, “just because.” He appreciated her efforts for encouraging him to spend time with his children, but now he finds that burdensome. They’re in a contract marriage, he reminds her, so there’s no need to go the extra mile for each other.

Tears well up in her eyes as Da-jung says she doesn’t like that idea. Placing her hands on his arm, she says she’s someone who lives in the present and is determined to play her part as his wife to the fullest.

Shaking her hands away, Yul asks if Da-jung regards this as a game—is it fun for her to play married? It isn’t for him, he continues, and asks that she doesn’t cross that line again in the future.

He walks back to his study where he takes out the bow hairclip from his pocket. Both Yul and Da-jung spend the rest of the night brooding separately.

Yul looks at his bandaged hand, and then calls up Da-jung (saved as “Nam Geok-jung,” hee) before thinking better of it. In-ho enters moments later and asks to be excused for a couple of hours.

I assume it has to do with the text he received, and as he runs out, Reporter Byun calls in to report that everything is in place. And not far off, Hee-chul worries that the reporter is up to no good.

In-ho arrives at his destination and rings the bell to the hotel room. He’s surprised to see Da-jung open the door from the other side, having received a text to meet In-ho here.

They head inside before anyone sees them, and Da-jung shows him the message she received. But In-ho says he never sent it and it occurs to him that they’re being framed.

And outside the hotel, we see Joon-ki look back at the hotel and think to himself how Yul could dare to forget Na-young. Dude I know you’re still hurting, but it’s been seven years; maybe it’s time we learn how to move on?

Reporter Byun leads the media pack once they arrive, while In-ho and Da-jung survey their surroundings before sneaking out. Eeek, couldn’t you two leave separately or something? Catching you together is going to make it look worse!

Thankfully Da-jung arrives at that solution after they’re nearly spotted by Madam Na and her friends. But In-ho says he won’t go anywhere without her, and they backtrack when the exit is locked, only to find themselves face to face with the pack of reporters.

Reporter Byun alerts everyone to their presence and In-ho lets go of Da-jung’s wrist. In-ho shields her as the press snap their photos and pegs them with questions. Feeling smug, Reporter Byun then asks what business the prime minister’s wife and the aide might have to meet at a hotel so late at night.

When Da-jung starts to answer, In-ho replies that he was to escort Da-jung to an important appointment. That only raises more suspicion and Reporter Byun demands an answer. Then In-ho looks up and replies, “Prime Minister Kwon Yul.”

Yul walks through the pack and informs everyone that he wanted to hold a personal romantic gesture for his new wife. Reporter Byun cringes in embarrassment and Yul keeps a smile on his face and leads Da-jung to the hotel room, where he asks what happened.

In-ho is fighting angry tears by the time he steps outside and learns that Yul and the rest of the staff were given a tip-off from Hee-chul. When Hye-joo asks for an explanation, In-ho gets into his car for a broody ride instead.

Da-jung truthfully recounts the story to Yul, who tells her that’s enough. She asks if she made another mistake and placed Yul in another sticky situation today. He says that it isn’t the case, but rather he finds these kinds of situations cumbersome and tiring now.

Near tears, she says her head was full of worries about how much this situation would affect and trouble Yul. Walking up to her, he tells her to stop.

But Da-jung says that she has her own two cents to add and asks why everything has to be Yul’s way. He’s angry with her because he thinks that this is really her fault, she says, “and if you dislike me and are displeased with me that much—”

And then Yul pulls her in to hug her.


Eeeeee!!! (lots of indiscernible squealing) I’m so happy and relieved that Yul acted upon his feelings with the hug, since the deliberately cold and distant Yul leading up to it was hard to watch. I don’t think either he or Da-jung truly realized how their relationship appeared to everyone else, given how their care and concern for each other evolved so organically. It’s like the entire world knows how they feel about each other but themselves, a notion so common in rom-com land.

So when Joon-ki poked a guilty pressure point about Na-young, I can understand the reason behind Yul’s one-eighty in his behavior towards Da-jung. Losing a spouse is tragic enough, and that truth is compounded with how his three children will grow up without their birth mother. For such grief to be followed by new joy, it’s natural that guilt would accompany that happiness. I’m just glad that Yul didn’t wallow too long before he spontaneously hugged Da-jung—unplanned accidents do these two good.

For someone as stubborn and frustratingly difficult as Yul can be, it’s interesting that he does listen and considers the words of those around him. In fact there are times I feel that this thoughtful aspect in him is also his weakness, because he’s so preoccupied with these worries.

His character feels so wonderfully layered, especially when compared to Joon-ki, who continues to be the straight villain fixated on his revenge plan. His “how dare you forget about Na-young” was almost laughable because it was as if misery wanted company. So while Yul is putting forth effort to getting to know his kids, Joon-ki would be the bully who constantly jabs him about not doing so earlier. Which is pretty ironic coming from a man who hardly shows any affection for his own family.

Oh In-ho, what will we do with you? I had expected the awkward tension now that his feelings are in the open, and for some reason, I find that this consequence and words feels even more burdensome than before. I nearly facepalm-ed in frustration when he insisted on staying by Da-jung’s side at the hotel when the other less suspicious escape route was available (though I could see how Da-jung leaving a hotel on her own could still be suspicious), but I shouldn’t be surprised that his feelings are also clouding his judgment. Still, I appreciate how truthful he is to his feelings, and I suppose it’s hard competing with a man, let alone a prime minister, who says he won’t ever let go of the woman by his side in this lifetime.


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  1. tebz10

    Bless your heart, Man-se. Now go forth and spread more rumors about your Dad and Da Jung. 🙂

    • 1.1 Blkasian

      Man-se has a way of making you smile when ever he appears on the scene. He and all of the children in this drama are cute and really great actors.

      • 1.1.1 yong

        I agree with you… they I soo cute… I love nara and manse… haha

    • 1.2 mayakho

      I keeps LOL the moment Manse told the staff that the kiss was a SECRET but then happily went to told REPORTER about the news. Manse you kidd!! 😀

      • 1.2.1 sassysuzy

        Man Se happily went to tell Driver Shim.

        Not a reporter, this is probably a mistranslation.

    • 1.3 BaileyOtaku

      Kwon Man Se, totally knows what he’s doing. And Na Ra is finally coming around too… Aww this drama! How dare it do this to me?

      And who would have thunk that Yoona would be so infectious? Neither too cute, or too stale, just happily in the middle–and not too much of a cinderella either (thank God), or I’d have given up ages ago.

    • 1.4 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      I wish there was a like button. This comment deserves a thumbs up.

    • 1.5 erika

      yes, Man se is the cutest one and he’s the cupid for our OTP

  2. sarah

    This episode had so mich cuteness and honesty!
    Its such a feel good drama, its sad how it’s under the radar.

  3. JoAnne

    That hug was so satisfying 🙂

    • 3.1 tokkioncrack

      And just one of the several reasons I love this drama. I was thinking they might end the episode at the reporter faceoff to prolong the tension but this is Oh so satisfying.

      Yayy! to man se and ahjhumma. Go on spreading the rumors

      P.S. I found a cover of that awesome piano instrumental.
      Since I was begging for it last week I decided to post a link of it.

      • 3.1.1 barbara black fox

        Thank you! I love that melody and noticed it whenever it is played. (Does anyone know the name of the song?)

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        I have been thinking of siting down at the piano to figure this piece out and your link has the fingering! Thank you!!

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        I feel like I have definitely heard this melody before somewhere. Like in another movie or something. Does anyone else finds the tune familiar?

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          the piano score reminds me of the piano in gentlemen’s dignity but with a few small changes….but that’s just my opinion….. 🙂

        • azabaz

          ooppss…sorry. my comment about the piano score was a mistake. i was thinking about the music in the background while da jeong and in ho was talking about 4 minutes into episode 9.

          but yes, the piano score sounds familiar. something from a historical based k drama i think. listening to the video link reminds me of an ill fated love between nobles and court ladies or empress or something……wonder which drama it was….

        • mandelbrotr

          The piano constantly reminds me of George Winston’s December album “Night”. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xMnqE0K-ZA) It’s not quite there but it is where my ears think it is headed.

        • Michelle P.

          It’s from Goong Princess Hours perhaps? search it Goong – Ice Pond. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrrK1Op_dRM

        • madman999

          I could have swore I heard the piano tune from maybe The Princess Man?

          It sticks in my head every time it comes on.

          • madman999

            I think it has to be from a Historical Sageuk drama too of which I have only seen a few so maybe my list might narrow it down for someone

            Ariang and the Magistrate
            The Princess Man
            Queen Seon Deok
            Jang Ok Jang
            Gu Family Book
            The Moon Embracing the Sun

            Rooftop Prince
            Queen Inhyun’s Man

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        Thanks for sharing the link! Wish we could figured out which the score came from. It’s so befitting with the tense and brooding moments in the drama. So prettyyyy.

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        Thanks for posting! I’ve been searching for this too

        But why can’t anyone name the original song title?!?! It’s driving me crazy!!! Such a big mystery!!!!

        • Orion

          I find it odd that no one considers the possibility it is an original score. Which would make sense too.

    • 3.2 docster6

      I love the hug too….but I am more curious what Da Jung meant to say after saying, “and if you dislike me and are displeased with me that much—” You’re right, you’re right, the timing was right so that we don’t get to hear the rest of it.

    • 3.3 V.L.A

      About the hug thing at the end… I wish it wasn’t something that KY imagined. You know in dramaland, so it’s like that’s what actually KY wanted to do, but he actually didn’t, just imagining. Just like that hilarious reporter Byun case happened earlier. Ahh… How this imagination can bring joy and heart-breaking at the same time…

      I’ll just cross my finger…

    • 3.4 Seovero

      About the hug thing at the end… I wish it wasn’t something that KY imagined. You know in dramaland, so it’s like that’s what actually KY wanted to do, but he actually didn’t, just imagining. Just like that hilarious reporter Byun case happened earlier. Ahh… How this imagination can bring joy and heart-breaking at the same time…
      I’ll just cross my finger…

  4. Beng

    Yehey! been refreshing so many times =) thanks G!

  5. dons

    what a wonderful episode!! i am so loving this drama! its true what you say how the whole universe knows how they feel but they seem oblivious to it.. but hopefully soon, they face reality and admit they cannot live without each other.. can’t wait for next week.. thanks for the recap..

    • 5.1 KDaddict

      Really don’t know why more ppl aren’t watching this. Empress Ki is good and all, but this is soooo adorable.

      KY was doing so well falling for DJ, until his ex-BIL came by the skating ring to say: ‘Have you forgotten our Na Young?”
      Well, as far as the world is concerned, PM has remarried, so isn’t that a moot and nasty Qn? The marriage vow does say, Till death do us part. Is KY supposed to live in lonely misery forever?

      I was mad at KY for backing away from DJ after that, but the last scene just let us know that he was angry and uncomfortable only bcos the marriage was fake. He wants to love DJ for real! Yippy! Next week should give us some advance in their relationship.

  6. Katie

    YAYYY. Thanks for the recap. Literally squealing the entire episode at their adorable cuteness. Why are they so cute???

    Also, one thing I don’t quite understand is In Ho being mad that Yul showed up. Wasn’t In Ho trying to get Da Jung out of the situation??? How was he really going to explain who was going to show up? He should be appreciative even if it’s the guy he doesn’t want showing up to save Da Jung. Aish…boy in lurve I suppose.

    Why is Monday so far away??

  7. angel101

    It was heartbreaking when Kwon Yul was giving Nam Da Jung the cold shoulder… And when Nam Da Jung “says she’s someone who lives in the present and is determined to play her part as his wife to the fullest.” *heart breaks again*

    Nam Da Jung knows that this is a contract marriage and perhaps due to that fact – both unconsciously and consciously (when she realized her feelings in episode 7) , she is so focused to “live in the present” and worry about the future later. It might be irresponsible, but somehow one can understand where she is coming from.

    • 7.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      This episode I really felt for DaJung who keeps confronting a man with crazy mood swings who sometimes smiles, sometimes is cold, all for no reason she can understand.

      Dajung is consistent in her warmth, even if she can’t tell her husband that she loves him. Yul is the one going thru emotional turmoil as he realizes that he cares for the new wife.

    • 7.2 ravens_nest

      I think a lot of Da Jung’s “live in the moment” attitude has to do with caring for a father with dementia. She has to live in the moment with him because tomorrow he might forget and she’ll have to start all over again.

      Also, the future (before she met the PM&Fam) held nothing but pain for her. This is especially so after she learned the exact time frame for her father’s cancer and eventual death.

      Even from the outset Da Jung has seemed a very lonely person. Her only friends are her coworkers and an idol she was following around. Work related relationships often have a barrier that prevents full/unconditional friendships.

      So her only other real connection is her father who’s set to die in a few months. That kind of loneliness and despair would make anyone afraid of what the future holds.

      I feel that it’s very in character for her to have this fly-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of outlook on life.

      It also seems natural to me that this is why she clings so to Kwon Yul and the children. Kwon Yul is a serious and assured man who seems to always have his feet firmly on the ground and is willing to ground Da Jung too. The children represent youth, freshness, and growth for her.

      Both are opposite of the life she has been living until now: one of sacrifice, fear, death, stagnation, and pain.

      The Kwon Family has a stability and a hope for the future that she is poised to embrace wholeheartedly.

      • 7.2.1 angel101

        That is an interesting perspective.

        But Nam Da Jung’s preoccupation with living in the present did not really strike me as something that is based on a dreary outlook in the future. It felt more like her personality quirks more than anything else, as a result of her upbringing where she received a lot of love.

        Remember when she was eating ramen with Kwon Yul? She said Kwon Yul “should not procrastinate doing his homework because it is something he will eventually have to do. But he can put it off long enough in order to enjoy delicious food. Because isn’t it a shame to give up present happiness for something you can do anytime?” Or how she encourages the children to have fun and be just kids?

        Nam Da Jung throws herself in the moment in order to enjoy it. She realizes that she might get hurt later on, but it is something she will deal with later on… when it happens.

        • ravens_nest

          Mmmm…it does sound drearier than I’d wanted to convey. lol

          But those impressions of pain I got from her were really present when she got super drunk about her father’s prognosis. Also when she got so upset that he forgot her during the wedding.

          I’m not saying she handles her situation in a dreary manner. In fact, I think her coping mechanism is her constant cheer and bubbly attitude. But neither do I think that the smiling Da Jung is the only aspect to her but just a part of it.

          • Patch

            I like your take on DJ’s live in the moment attitude. Her naturally inclination is probably upbeat but long term illness especially one like dementia forces you to live in the good moments and endure the bad. I don’t find that gloomy, it’s a means of coping.

            Has the drama said how long her father has been sick? Because I’m thinking her dream of becoming a novelist probably faded around the time she became a pap reporter to pay the bills, hospital ones especially.

          • angel101

            Nam Da Jung’s dad had dementia, that was probably something she had learned to accept. Dad having cancer and dying was an entirely different thing. When dad had dementia and wanted her to get married, she was not planning on doing that because she wanted to stay by his side. But when she found out dad was dying, she now wanted to fulfill his wish. This is an example of why I think she does not have a dreary outlook in her future. Instead of focusing on the fact that dad is dying (which has not happened yet and something she can deal with when it happens), Nam Da Jung is instead focusing on doing the thing that will make dad happy and content while he is alive – which is to see her get married.

            Her pain in dad not recognizing her on her wedding day is realistic too… Because she was getting married so that dad could fulfill his wish of walking her down the aisle.

            Much like I hope Seo Hye Joo would find herself first instead of basing her existence on a man, that is what I hope for Nam Da Jung too – that she won’t stay married just because she need them or they need her. She will stay married because she wants to and because her and Kwon Yul love each other.

      • 7.2.2 Appelsin

        I find DJ’s behaviour quite “normal”, haha!! Remember that they agreed in the beginning that the marriage would be a contract for 6 months…so, if I was in her place, I would consider it as a long holiday, and after that you can come back to your life. And in DJ’s case, is sad what is waiting for her later, if her father dies…she doesn’t have a family, so it’s normal that she enjoys the experience and wants to live the present. Plus, she found something very special in that house <3 hahaha!!

        Ahhhh, I don't have words to explain how enjoyable and hearthwarming this drama is being. Every episode has the right amount of romance, cuteness, comedy…and a moment when they make you think that things will go awry, and suddenly it all works out and you can sigh in relief…I feel like the writer is playing with us, but in a funny way 🙂
        And the actors are so good and had such great chemistry. I still don't understand why this drama isn't more popular.

        Thx Gummimochi for the recap and the song! I was looking for it!

  8. ziggystardust

    I do enjoy how where other dramas might use the snow fight photos as genuine plot devices to hurt the characters like Reporter Byun imagined or have trapping Da-jung and In-ho at the hotel lead to a bunch of doom and gloom not-fun situations, PM&I subverts that by taking a lighter turn with it. Which is not to say the threats aren’t genuine in the circumstances posed, but it’s nice to see that one domino doesn’t necessarily make all the others explode into salty scandal makjang tears.

    Even Yul’s turn as grumpy push-you-away guy (which I’ve seen stretched out before over episodes and episodes… or, indeed, entire dramas, ugh) had solid emotional reasoning behind it, and sucked, yes, but didn’t overstay it’s welcome. Da-jung’s upset reaction and the hug didn’t feel jarring or sudden in direct contrast – it felt organic and true to the situation as well as the characters. It does make me wish other elements were more nuanced (i.e. Joon-ki), but if you’re going to put the energy into something it might as well be the main couple.

    • 8.1 angel101

      If Kwon Yul took longer than half an episode to be the “grumpy push-you-away guy”, I’d end up hating the action… I’d still understand why Kwon Yul did it, but I’d still hate the action.

      Anyways, it’s true… Prime Minister and I uses a lot of cliches, but the execution makes a world of difference!

    • 8.2 Orion

      I think Yool being scared of loving again is very natural, but as you say, it does not overstay its welcome just to draw things out for the sake of melodrama. It’s hard to root for a character when they do not want or do not try to solve their issues, so it makes a lot of kdrama characters unsympathetic when they do this.

      This drama does not go there. The ones with obsessions, such as In Ho and Hye Joo are presented as the sad people they are, not as ones to admire and swoon over, which is what other dramas do with their leads, who have some of the same issues.

      Flawed does not have to mean immovable and willing to angst and wallow in self-pity no matter what the circumstances.

    • 8.3 tebz10

      One of the things that I like about this drama is that we don’t spend too much time (episodes) with angsty moments and that misunderstandings get resolved right away.

    • 8.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Compare PM&I to Pretty Man.

      Pretty Man has Ma Te abuse and use Bo Tong for 14 episodes before a hug. Ma Te is all self absorbed and busy taking advantage of women for his own financial gain. Then one day Ma Te decides he wants Bo Tong, and it is as simple for him as one hug.

      By comparison, the reasons Yul is struggling to accept his feelings for Da-hung aren’t because of selfishness and Yul’s abrasive behavior is understandable because we know falling in love and letting go is a process for him. Yul’s hug seems so much more genuine.

      I am reminded of Playful Kiss. There were signs early on that Seung Jo cared for Oh Ha-ni, but it wasn’t until the hug that he finally admitted it. From then on, it was a done deal … Seung Jo needed the time to process his feelings, but the hug when he admitted them to Oh Ha-ni was game over. SJ might still tease OH, but he never waivered in loving her.

      I think PM will be as awesome as Seung Jo. Yul will love Da-jung without waivering. In fact, I believe he has been already even if he himself hasn’t figured it all out. Let this hug be Yul finally making the kind of commitment to love Da-jung that all the OTP fans want.

      • 8.4.1 dons

        i love that hug! it was so in the moment and real.. can’t wait for the next episode and what would happen after that hug..

  9. riya


  10. 10 angel101

    Maybe Park Joon Ki can not fathom how Kwon Yul can “move on” from the death of his sister after only 7 years when he himself is still stuck in the past with his feelings for Seo Hye Joo after 20 years and despite being married to another woman. Park Joon Ki says he is not in love with Seo Hye Joo anymore… but the fact that he feels that her rejection of his marriage proposal is still a big deal as well as the fact the Seo Hye Joo is still by Kwon Yul’s side irritates him to no end speaks volumes.

    And makes one wonder what is the real reason why Park Joon Ki hates Kwon Yul. Seems like his sister is another added reason, not the main one.

    Which is just sad. And pitiful.

    • 10.1 Windsun33

      I don’t really get a lot of the angst among some of them, nor do I get why so many cannot seem to move on with life. 7 years is quite a while, yet so many of these folks just seem to be stuck in the past.

      • 10.1.1 KDaddict

        If you want to look at it like that, you can also say: We’ve a guy who can’t move on from his first love after 400 years. That’s dramaland.

  11. 11 Elvira

    Love this drama so much. Heartwarming and all. Good chemistry between the leads (and significant improvement from Yoona!).

  12. 12 Alyyy

    I squeed so hard at that hug! >__<

    Now I NEED the next episode!!

  13. 13 Junjunpyo

    Loved this episode but in the preview for the episode 8 didn’t we see the prime minister rushing to finally kiss Da Jung on a rainy street ?

    • 13.1 Orion

      That was the kiss from the second episode, where Da Jeong was narrating their “love” to her doubting colleagues at Scandal News. 😉

      • 13.1.1 Junjunpyo

        Yeahh right. Thanks ! Lol I think I was to eager to see an other kiss between the OTP.

        • Orion

          Who isn’t? We’re at the midpoint, we have plenty of time. 😉

  14. 14 oneohone

    That ending <333


    • 14.1 Huang

      yeah……..me too.
      this drama makes me love Yoona too…( I can’t believes that I say this) ….
      I saw Love Rain…and yes, the chemistry are off….while in this, Yoona not holding back…
      I loovees this drama and OTP….
      in Pretty Man, I watch it while I’m doing others…just let the tv on and on….and watch it when I pass it ( aah…Jgs hair, distractin me )…while in PM & I, I just sit down, and squeel and happiness, and wonderin how come LBS can be such a Hot Ajuhsi with style and dignity and his ‘PM’ really really scream : Prime Minister !!!……
      Loveess everyones here…I even love Joon Ki, coz all his evil tricks makes Yull and DJ closer…
      So, I thinks that’s why acting along with real actor are Idol dream…
      Sometimes I do wonder, every second lead with some real talent actor got their lead act after acts with famous actor. And every Idol who act with seasoned actor will surely gains something, I do think those Idol really afraid of their sunbae actor, so they really are trying hard, practices hard .

      • 14.1.1 angel101

        I watched Love Rain too, and I think Yoon Ah and Jang Geun Suk do have chemistry. Watching the two of them together was the main reason I finished watching that series, because there was really not much of a story. Love Rain was more of a young love/first love kind of drama.

      • 14.1.2 Windsun33

        This is pretty much the only drama for now that I go out of my way to watch as soon as possible. Bel Ami, Star Dude, and a couple others I just pick up when I don’t have much else to do. I am still surprised that Yoona has been able to pull this off so well – well enough that I really hope to see her a lot more in dramas. I also like IU in Bel Ami, but for me Ma Te kind of kills the mood for me.

        Pretty busy right now with some house rehab and fix-up projects that I want to get done before the summer heat comes back, so not watching as many dramas as I usually do.

  15. 15 houstontwin

    Do you think that the PM knows that his late wife died with her lover? Did he keep it a secret from his Bro-in-law to preserve the memory and reputation of his wife? It is still not clear why In Ho and Bro -in-law blame the PM for the tragic car accident.

    • 15.1 JoAnne

      This is what I think, yes. He feels guilt for not having been an attentive husband/father, so perhaps he feels some responsibility for her straying – and that would war with his (very natural) feelings of rejection and betrayal.

      Since he IS a particular, rather grumpy person who actually KNOWS that he is a particular, rather grumpy person – you take those feelings above and add it to his self-knowledge and then sprinkle it pretty heavily with a feeling of guilt toward his children and a desire to protect their mother’s memory, let it simmer for 7 years, and you get a man who wants nothing to do with romantic relationships.

      However! It’s clear that Da Jeong is the antidote, and I love this drama to bits.

    • 15.2 Windsun33

      It might be that he knows, but prefers that the kids don’t find out about it. But so far not enough real details have come out about the whole car crash thing or the possible other issues to really figure out what is going on.

  16. 16 arin

    well, never expect the hug, but it is just great that it happens,,,
    the hug seems so real and nice,,
    this episode offers moments for me to giggle like a school girl and some heartwarming and fluttering scenes,,

    i find Byun reporter is addicting too,,,he’s so funny,,
    at the meantime kwon yul expressions are priceless,,,
    he knows how to show charisma,,,

  17. 17 Lyla

    I am guessing, and it could be totally wrong, that In ho’s brother was having an affair with Yul’s wife or something like that. Maybe they were just friends but so far I see no other reason for In ho’s behaviour.

    His brother was in a car accident that left him in vegetative state, Yul’s wife was in a car accident that killed her. We saw the flashbacks and she is in the passanger’s seat but so far it hasn’t been shown WHO was driving her car.

    I guess too Joon Ki has no idea what his sister was up to the they she died and Yul is keeping it a secret to spear him more pain.

    Da jung and Yul are great together. And I love this drama for always having a fun twist up its sleeve and not going the dramaland rule way.
    Our leads, in a contract marriage, conffesing their feelings NOT at the eleventh hour?? I fully support it.

    • 17.1 Thursdaynexxt

      In the flashbacks, I think she also tried to get out of the moving car before it went off the cliff (the door opened but then shut again).

      So if she was the passenger, maybe she wasn’t eloping with her lover, but was trying to go back to Yul?

      • 17.1.1 Windsun33

        It could have been one of those murder-suicide things also, which is why she was trying to get out?

  18. 18 angel101

    Scandal News Reporter Park Hee Chul (Lee Min Ho 1993) is awesome this episode! Really cares for his noona Nam Da Jung!

    • 18.1 docster6

      I always felt that Scandal News is family to Da Jung and I am glad that one of them came through as a hero to Da Jung this episode. Park Hee Chul, Da Jung’s former assistant, is the only one I trust to take care of his noona, always. I feel he is a great character in this drama to always look out for her and be totally loyal to Da Jung. I hope the writer gives him a larger role in later episodes; this version of Lee Min Ho is really handsome and tall, I like him a lot as an actor. Isn’t it ironic that the “scandal” near the end of episode 9 has all the serious reporters there, but not Scandal News? LOL. I saw in the Episode 10 preview that Yul will serenade Da Jung in a Karaoke bar? I hope Hee Chul will get to cover that for Scandal News.

      • 18.1.1 angel101

        Isn’t Park Hee Chul Nam Da Jung’s sunbae in the workplace despite being younger?

        • docster6

          During the “exclusive interview” with the Prime Minister candidate, Park Hee Chul was just the recorder and Da Jung was the main interviewer. So Park is Da Jung’s assistant. Also, during all those “tall tales” Da Jung told about her love affair with Kwon Yul, Park Hee Chul, the rookie, was totally fooled. I love his innocence and his do-good attitude even though he is in a tough business of exposing scandals.

          • angel101

            Isn’t Park Hee Chul the photographer in that interview? Because Kwon Yul was sorry for misunderstanding Nam Da Jung with Man Se, so he granted Nam Da Jung an exclusive interview.

            In the workplace interactions, it seemed like Nam Da Jung is the rookie.

          • docster6

            angel101, you are probably right. To me, I think they have different roles, Park Hee Chul is the camera person and Nam Da Jung is the writer. Although Nam Da Jung also took pictures early on in Episode 1. But I thought Da Jung’s dream was to be a writer like Jane Austin and she was college educated in that area. Yes, Man Se was the reason Scandal News got the exclusive interview.

          • docster6

            I checked it on Wikipedia, it says: Extended cast –
            Lee Min ho as Park Hee Chul, Da Jung’s aide. So I guess that is another way to look at it. But Hee Chul sure has a lot of respect for his noona.

      • 18.1.2 lee

        Lee Min Ho is just perfect in this episode.. yeah i agree with you. the writer should give more screen time in upcoming episodes..

  19. 19 angel101

    And Kang In Ho being betrayed by Park Joon Ki this episode by framing him and Nam Da Jung and throwing them to the reporter wolves… Will this be a turning point for his character?!

    • 19.1 docster6

      I think he will be angry for quite a few more episodes. He might become a “dark” character from now on. Aish! I think In-Ho was naive to think he could work on the same level with the veterans of the shady dealings. The people he messed with has a lot more power, influence and experience.

  20. 20 angel101

    One question though… When Kwon Yul and the whole family went skating, Kwon Yul was the only one NOT wearing a helmet… Why is that?! Being the Prime Minister, he would be a stickler for rules such as wearing head gear for safety concerns but he did not.

    • 20.1 Jennipoh

      vanity…the prime minister’s hair shall not be touched!

    • 20.2 Orion

      Because he was the only one who knew how to skate well. Normally, I imagine even he would be asked to wear the gear, but given they wanted to visually emphasize his good skating skills, I understand it from a drama perspective. Plus, if he did not want to wear them, who would dare tell the country’s Prime Minister to obey?

      • 20.2.1 angel101

        LOL I thought it was maybe because Lee Beum Soo had a big sized head. But my sister was side-eyeing me because head gears supposedly come in different sizes.

        • petmink


  21. 21 Alexio

    I really appreciate this drama cliff hangers. If they cut off the episode where In Ho and Da Jung got surrounded by reporter, it would have drive everyone nuts waiting to find out whats next in following week. Instead the ep ended on a softer, but more satisfying note. Too kind for audiences like me, love it!

    • 21.1 angel101

      All episodes ending with Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung scenes are really poignant and meaningful.

      I always end up thinking “This is so good, I absolutely can NOT wait for the next episode!!”

      • 21.1.1 jessie

        I know right?! This drama rarely ends in the conventional suspense omg-what-will-happen-next cut off but rather it usually ends on those meaningful, poignant Yul-Dajung scenes which leaves us wanting more rather than wondering what’s next.

        I honestly wasn’t sure if such ending was a good idea because it’s not much of a cliffhanger, but I grow to love it. It makes each episodes really satisfying in itself, and makes the wait a lil bit more bearable I guess…

  22. 22 pinkcarnations

    When the drama showed that scene whereby Da Jung’s dad was actually playing alone, I can’t help wondering whether it is hinting at the fact that his health is deteriorating? If it is, that would be so heartbreaking for Da Jung! Additionally, is that another hint offered when by the drama when the dad mentioned his dream whereby something bad happened to her?

    • 22.1 kyle

      that’s why i like kdramas they give very slight hints

    • 22.2 angel101

      Dad dreamed Nam Da Jung was wearing mourning clothes and that she was being chased by some creatures… So, yes, the dream could be foreshadowing his death.

      The part about Nam Da Jung being in trouble could be the scene in the hotel room that happened later in the episode. But it could also be a bigger issue that could happen much later, as in other episodes.

  23. 23 kyle

    though i dont watch the drama i can feel the romance in the recaps. i admire those who wait for the recaps.. 4am? incredible… 🙂

  24. 24 Emmy

    There’s so much cuteness in this episode that I actually forgot the age gap between these two leads! I am loving the chemistry and Yoona is playing her part well that she seems actually at par with the acting LBS is doing. I can’t wait for the next episode! I am also very curious as to how she will win Woo-ri later because so far he’s playing hard to get with his stepmom.

    • 24.1 megumi

      i don’t think he’s playing hard to get, i think he’s just that much attached with his birth mother who is now dead, maybe he is angry at the fact that da jung is slowly taking his mother’s spot, yeah it will be difficult for da jung to really turn him around and make him accept her…

  25. 25 candycow

    I’m actually surprised that they didn’t just make a joke out of the kiss from an earlier episode when Da-jung was trying to shush Yul though.

    • 25.1 docster6

      Only the two body guards saw that and the chubby one was totally into it. The next morning at the curb he reenacted the scene with his guy coworker for others to see. He went near a wall farther away, then he screamed, “prime minister, prime minister, ….” and ran up to kiss the other bodyguard on the lips. It totally grossed out his coworker and Secretary Seo standing nearby. That was the first time Secretary Seo realized there are extra-curricula activities going on inside the mansion.

  26. 26 mitty

    I have been waiting for the OST since last week. At last!! And I love how every episode the main couple is getting closer to each other even with lots of issues in their way. I love how quick they resolve it and results to our OTP understanding one another.

    I still can’t grasp what is InHo’s motive behind his actions, but I’ll take it for now since we have little info about the past. Also, JoonKi may just be misunderstanding the whole thing regarding his sister. If his sister was his reason why he’s so broody with Yul, that’s too much.


    Monday, where are you?

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    I love this drama so much, especially the subtle war these two are at the center of. They have allies and enemies all around and then there is In-Ho who is in the complicated position of being both. As I watched him yesterday, I thought, “This is what Shark should’ve been like. This is the self-doubting avenger I wanted.” And — is it me?–or is he stealing every scene he’s in? I love the OTP and all but wow, it’s really In-Ho’s thread that keeps me on my toes and questioning. Let’s face it: there is no question that the lovebirds will end up together so no real drama there.

    Glad the OTP is finally together but all that said, I am so hoping the drama doesn’t make Madame Na into a laughing stock…or even a pity stock. Thanks for the recap.

    • 27.1 docster6

      Thanks for the comment. I am now totally confused by the names of the Finance Minister’s family. I always thought their family name is Na because of Na Yeong, Kwon Yul’s late wife. On Wikipedia, Jun-Ki’s name is Park Jun Ki and his sister’s name is Na Yun Hee. I am confused why siblings would have different surnames. I have also written comments using Minister Na and Madame Na before, but the confrontation outside the golf course between the women all referred to the Finance Minister as Minister Park.

      • 27.1.1 angel101

        Park Joon Ki’s sister is Park Na Young (Kwon Yul’s first wife); his wife is Na Yoon Hee. Korean ladies do not change their names after marriage.

        • docster6

          Thank you for your explanation. I guess I got confused by too many “Na’ names for a while. I just finished watching Na Mi-Rae in Marry Him if You Dare.

    • 27.2 angel101

      I like Kang In Ho too! He is a really layered character.

      And ever since the first episode, he showed enough nuances in his interactions with Nam Da Jung which made it very believable that he later fell in love with her. Or is it just me? Because most seemed surprised by this development. LOL

    • 27.3 Thursdaynexxt

      I started watching this drama in the first place because of Yoon Shi-yoon – damn, that boy can act! Doesn’t hurt that he has good chemistry with YoonA, either.

      It never fails to amaze me how he’s all kinds of goofy earnest puppy in real life, but can convincingly play such intense, brooding and adult roles.

      (Okay, ’nuff said. I just luff him!)

  28. 28 light

    This drama seems very ‘goong’ to me in some ways…

    • 28.1 Whatsthescenario

      I never understood the love people have for Goong. I recently watched it, and maybe because I didn’t watch it when it originally aired, but I felt it dragged on forever! Plus, the chemistry was cute but a bit off. I hated that she was suddenly pregnant at the end too! I didn’t enjoy it as much as people adore that drama.

      • 28.1.1 sotongpok

        Hmm, I marathoned the Goong DVD with my mum and sister one or two years after it aired, and I still remember that I loved the first part where Chae-kyung was being all cute-bumbly-princess, but somewhere along the way (probably at the point MBC extended it), it definitely started to drag. And drag. And drag…

        I especially hated that the extra episodes were filled by rehashing that whole plot point of her meeting Yul in discreet-but-not-really places and the scandals that resulted from those meetings. From being a palace klutz with good intentions of trying to be the best princess she could be, she became this lifeless crybaby who kept having her strings pulled by others and still clandestinely went to meet Yul when they were just repeating conversations they’d had before and there were really no positive results from those meetings. For constantly dragging her out of the palace, Yul, too, became so easy to hate after being so easy to like in the earlier episodes. Ughh. Damn you, MBC.

        I was, I think, ambivalent on the chemistry (since Joo Ji-hoon wasn’t bringing anything much to his side of the table in most of it) and the pregnancy. Nothing much to say there. What’s interesting is that I did rewatch the first half that I really liked later on, but I didn’t finish it, which I usually do when I rewatch stuff.

        (light, sorry for turning this into a Goong discussion, haha. I’m watching PM&I on KBS World with my mum and don’t want to spoil myself ahead of upcoming episodes – 7 and 8 are showing this week. Hence the random scrolling through and commenting :D)

        • sotongpok

          Also, funny how they’re both Yuls, but so different. Ahaha, the things I notice at 3am.

        • sotongpok

          And the rambling… O brevity, where art thou?

  29. 29 belltinct

    Im in love with this drama too…specially with yul.. I kept remmber that yul was the taxi driver on *200 pound beauty*..lol….woah he change more and extreme got better now..im in love with yul..adding 1 charismatic ahjussi on my list..lol 🙂 thanks unni for the recap…fighting ^_^

  30. 30 docster6

    I wonder why Kwon Yul bought a hair chip for Da Jung. From the old pictures, his late wife Na Young has the same hair style as Da Jung now.

  31. 31 SH

    Replaying the ramen scene and the ending scene while squealing. They do know how to end an episode and leaving the us wanting more.

    Thanks for the recap!

  32. 32 jessie

    This is my favorite episode so far. The cliffhanger is really, really satisfying! *squee*

    Seeing the preview for this ep, I was dead worried that the drama will turn darker but it’s such a relief they managed to give it a lighter twist without making the problems meaningless. As always, the problems resolved very quickly and brings the PM and Dajung even closer.

    I loooove how the OTP has their own bunch of resident shippers lol. Cute Manse was all, “My dad and ahjumma kissed! But keep it a secret while I tell everyone else!!!”

  33. 33 PL

    Hey gummimochi,
    Thanks for the recap as always. <3

    Can anyone explain the wordplay behind "Nam Geok-jung" though?

    • 33.1 tebz10

      From what I know, ‘geok-jung (걱정)’ means ‘worry’.

    • 33.2 cmlee79

      Nam Geok-jung

      “nam” means “others” (like, not yourself) and as you said, “geok-jung” means “worry.” Slap it together and it’s along the lines of “busybody.” So, it plays on her last name, her inability to remain detached, and his feelings that she’s overstepping some boundaries 🙂

    • 33.3 PL

      Thanks, guys!

    • 33.4 lyn

      Nam Geok-jung is nickname given to DJ by KY (Ep 5). He gave her this nickname after the PM Banquet. DJ left her heels out in the patio while escaping from KY. KY saw and he picked them up and went in the house calling out to DJ.

      He asked if she is missing anything and she gleefully said “no”. That’s when he took out her heels and she look at her feet and opps…

      It’s at this moment KY said darn…he is so worried about her. And why not change her name to Nam Guk Jung…Ms Worrisome as in she always make him worry about her…

      And somehow that was the name KY has on his speed dial 5.

  34. 34 Suzi Q

    So many funny and touching scenes in this episode.
    Cute scene with Man Se and Na Ra chanting the rhyme when they thought they caught the Prime Minister and Da Jung kissing!
    LMAO at the press conference where the slimy reporter got the runs! Love the sound effects.
    More power to Park Hee Chul (Lee Min Ho 1993)! He’s cute. I loved him in Rooftop Prince. I hope he gets more screen time in this drama later.
    I’m going to be upset if it’s a dream..about the back hug between the Prime Minister and Da Jung because they put one dream sequence already. Everyone knows that they are crazy about each other except them. Da Jung realized it a little earlier and is always in the moment, but the Prime Minister hasn’t admitted it to her yet because sometimes he thinks too hard about the past and should just follow his heart. Seems like forever until next week.

  35. 35 Karen

    I just love this drama and its cuteness. And its honesty. I havent seen such a feel good drama in so long! I wish it got more credit then its given.

    • 35.1 dons

      true.. it has been awhile since i have become so invested in a drama that i watch it on live streaming even if i don’t understand korean.. the storyline is so good and no loopholes are left uncovered.. the actors are so believable in their roles that one actually forgets the glaring age gap the lead stars have.. their chemistry just makes up for it.. i really wonder why korean drama watchers are not watching this.. they are really missing out on such a wonderful series!

  36. 36 earthna

    I enjoyed this episode but the preview for next episode made my heart ache. It seems like Hye Joo is finally giving up on her crush. I’ve always wanted her to stop and just leave the PM alone coz she blew her chance many years ago but seeing her actually giving up somehow breaks my heart.

    In Ho is kinda frustrating though. lol.

    Thanks so much for the recaps, gummimochi~~~

  37. 37 Whatsthescenario

    Does Lee Beom-soo NOT kiss is drama’s ??? And I don’t mean that little peck in ep 2, but a full on romantic kiss. I remember in History of a Salaryman how they NEVER actually kissed, but in the last epi, homegirl was miraculously pregnant. Does the actor not do romantic scenes???

    • 37.1 Orion

      He kisses and well too. In ‘Giant’ and also ‘Surgeon Bong Dal Hee’. And in his movies, of course.

      You can see the ‘Giant’ one here. If we get something like this, I’ll be more than pleased.

      • 37.1.1 Whatsthescenario

        Thanks for posting. Giant is on my que to watch, but I haven’t seen it yet. Glad to see that he can give a good kiss, I was really surprised in HoS. I will wait until next epi then, let’s hope it’s a good one!!!!!

        • Orion

          I think the couple in HotS was more of a comedy duo, so they probably thought going for kissing would require more romance and lovey-dovey time, but they did not want to focus there. The second couple functioned more as a regular kdrama couple than the leads.

          As for this one, Yoona seems fine with older co-stars, Lee definitely has no problem, so unless the creators mind, we’ll get a normal one. I don’t think the creators would mind, since they even made fun of the lip-smack type of kiss, so it would be silly to not give us a good one. 😉

        • tebz10

          I highly recommend ‘Giant’. The length of the drama initially scared me, and I usually don’t watch 60-episode dramas, but it was a quick watch. I think I spent less than a week finishing it ’cause it was just too good to stop.

  38. 38 whilethemusiclasts

    So happy they finally released the full track of that Taemin song. 🙂

    Also, this drama is giving me so much feels. Ugh. I’m in love with Lee Beom-soo.

  39. 39 newgirl

    They’d better kiss! Especially after the scene where he declares that what she gave him was a lip-butt, not a kiss. And that as a man who was married, he would know the difference. I hope he can show us he really does know the difference!
    If not, how disappointing!

    The only problem for me in this whole episode was that, like almost every other Korean drama, she did not return his hug but stood there like a block of wood. Seriously? And she is the one who is supposed to be more aware of her feelings. I know that Korean social mores are conservative, but would it kill them to let the actresses respond by putting their arms around the man’s waist when they hug? I hope we see more response at the start of the next episode.

    • 39.1 MrBloo

      I have not watched Ep.9 yet cause I am watching PM& I on KBS World, and its 2 weeks behind but I am so looking forward to the hug.

      But what’s this, ‘like almost every other Korean drama, she did not return his hug but stood there like a block of wood’. Oh No, I don’t understand why they can’t hug properly. It’s my pet hate in dramas and almost always committed by actresses. Why can’t they hug naturally?
      The only time I saw a hug done right was in YTBLSS, where after IU and JJS kissed, they hugged each other tight, with IU arm’s around JJS’s waist (she had her hand on his waist even when she kissed him) and JJS’s arm circling IU’s back and his hand caressing her hair. And their bodies are perfectly aligned with each other, so close that there was no gap between them and then IU moved her arms up to hug JJS’s back and in doing so, her body moved even closer to his and you can actually see that both IU and JJS tightened their hold on each other. And the best part……they were both smiling. It was the best hug I have ever seen in all my years of kdrama watching.

      • 39.1.1 sassysuzy

        Maybe you should watch the hug in context first.

        IMO, Nam Da Jung’s reaction to the hug makes a lot of sense in context. Kwon Yul was continuously pushing her away/avoiding her/giving her the cold shoulder. She obviously feel hurt about this. And when Nam Da Jung and Kang In Ho were framed and then found by the reporters in the hotel lobby, obviously she felt scared as well as worried about a lot of things – mostly for Kwon Yul. And then Kwon Yul says that he now finds the situation (of them both) as uncomfortable/bothersome/tiring… Nam Da Jung would feel even more hurt, arriving to the conclusion that Kwon Yul thinks she is the problem and that he does NOT like her.

        So it makes sense that she will be shocked and left bewildered by the hug…

      • 39.1.2 docster6

        I was with the other 50,000 people admiring that kiss and hug in Lee Soon Shin. It was incredibly well-done between a 20-year old and a 33-year old. Wow!

  40. 40 cmlee79

    Some folks from youtube are saying that the piano instrumental is “Ice Pond” from the “Goong” (Princess Hours) OST. I think they might be right: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD-wbfglZPM

    • 40.1 Orion

      I think because people are reminded of that series and both pieces are instrumental with a piano, they are hearing something which is not there.

      All songs use the same notes and depending on the type and mood, music directors use a certain style. I hear no similarity here.

      As far as we know, that is Noh Young Shim’s music. That would be the music director for this series. I hope they release a score, because it is a lovely piece.

  41. 41 Niki

    Da Jung’s phone number = 010-1234 5678 hahahaha!
    I really can’t help it, Yoona and Yoon Shi Yoon looks so perfect together! When he shielded her from the press at the hotel, I was totally melting. (My Bodyguard feels! And the look he aimed at the press; the-i’ll-pulverise-you-look, squueee…..) I would totally ship them in another drama and although possibilities are low, i hope they’ll get to be the OTP in another drama.

    Best yet, a spin-off where DJ’s father has a lucid moment and remembers that she had twin sister, named Nam Da Ling whom they lost in a crowd and happens to be adopted by a policeman. And because of her abandonment issue, she has a prickly exterior and meets In Ho in a PM event where they fall in love and he lies about his identity. Then they find out that her adopted dad was involved in his hyung’s accident and anguish ensues. Da Jung and Da Ling reunites, anguish hyung case is cleared and they live happily ever after. Gosh…i feel so embarassed for my made-up makjang story. lol. Apologies ^^”

    Little Man Se is an adorable shipper. And i love how Hee Chul tries to protect his noona bts. (Go Min Ho, Go! This boy needs a leading man break, stats!) This is a given, but i need to say, when Yul cracked a smile at the skating ring, so swoony!

    • 41.1 maea

      ikr.. Lee Min Ho has an upcoming movie though and he’ll be playing the lead in that movie.. but i want to see him playing the lead role in a drama soon.

      • 41.1.1 Stuart

        THIS Lee Min Ho has a movie coming up too? What’s it called?

        • maea

          the title is School of Youth if i’m not mistaken.. 🙂

    • 41.2 sassysuzy

      Really hoping that Yoon Ah and Yoon Shi Yoon will be the leads in a different project after this, may be a romantic comedy drama/movie too.

      Seriously, these two have awesome chemistry in this drama even though the story line is just Kang In Ho liking Nam Da Jung… Can you imagine if it is two people liking each other?!

  42. 42 Blkasian

    This drama has finally come into the meat and potatoes of the story. I loved the interaction between the two main characters while in the hotel room. I hope the brother-in-law and the brother of the wounded person get to know the truth about the accident and the affair that was going on. The PM is being persecuted by that stupid brother – in -law without having all of the facts. I think it is time for that female assistant to get a life of her own because she will never get what she wants..the PM. Next episode please….lol

  43. 43 opio

    These episodes were intense! There’s more of a focus on the plot and less of family development and politics. It’s mainly two episodes focusing on the relationships between the four main characters.

    I feel really sorry for Chief Kang and I’m having serious second lead syndrome. As for the main couple, I feel like Kwon Yul is having to many fluxuations in his feelings, too many mood swings and indecisiveness about if he loves Da Jung or not.

    I can’t believe this drama could get this intense and I’m loving it! ^^ The scene with the poo wine was extremely hilarious and I hoping the PM will give his gift to Da Jung soon! Will Chief Kang officially be a bad guy from now on (noo!!)

  44. 44 gabbysteffany

    again and again..
    i feel so pity for Kang In Ho
    i can see how awkward In Ho and Da Jung meet each other bcs the confession
    In Ho tried to make the situation better, but Da Jung avoided him

    i feel so bad for In Ho..
    he feels so frustrated bcs his hyung and Da Jung
    i can see how much pain that he feels from his expression and his voice
    (ugghhh i can’t …………… >.<)

    and the story is really unpredictable!!
    at first, i guess Park Joon Gi will help Kang In Ho, but in this episode he makes a trap for Kang In Ho
    i just can't belive it

    i can't wait for episode 10!!!!
    the preview!!
    OMG the most heartbreaking part..
    when Da Jung asked to In Ho, "can we just go back where we were before?"
    then In Ho replied, "no..i don't want to be your friend"

    aaaaaaaaahhhh T_____________T

  45. 45 Shaw

    I think the instrumental music is familiar with the soundtrack from “Princess Hours”

  46. 46 rubi

    rather than a hug, i wish Kwon Yul kiss Da Jung to shut her up. why no kiss writer-nim?

    • 46.1 docster6

      Maybe there is an unwritten rule that only the female lead is allow to shut the male lead up with a kiss. I have seen that many times but never a male lead shutting a female lead up with a kiss. Of course, I could be proven wrong. In fact, Kwon Yul accused Da Jung of sexual harassment for her kiss-to-shut-up in Episode 4, can you imagine what the consequences would be if it were the other way around?

      • 46.1.1 Orion

        Dramaland has no problem showing non-consent. Both with women and men. The first kiss in one of people’s favorite rom-coms of the year, ‘Master’s Sun’ was basically the guy kissing the woman while she was possessed and out cold, unable to consent. And somehow, everyone found that romantic.

        So forced kisses being romanticized and idealized is a given in this industry. Personally, unless there is good, life or death reason, I hate seeing them. Da Jeong did not kiss him out of sexual intent, she did it to save both their heinies, so it was not forcing her urges on him.

        I would have accepted it the other way around too, but given more women are harassed by men than men by women, I understand why some would avoid it. Which I prefer, to seeing it idealized.

    • 46.2 Orion

      Because Da Jeong was in a bad emotional state and shaken at that moment. If he kissed her after she has calmed down, it would be ok, but if you surprise-kiss someone at a moment when they are unable to think clearly and consent, it’s sexual harassment.

      I hope any non-accidental or spy-repelling kisses here and in any series would be consensual, myself.

      • 46.2.1 docster6

        Both of your comments are excellent. I am 200% fine with Da-Jung’s “shut-up” tactic in Episode 4, I only mentioned the Sexual Harassment comment by Kwon Yul because it was so over the top funny and ridiculous. Judging from Da Jung’s dad’s narration of Da Jung’s romantic history in high school and in a woman’s college, it might even be Da Jung’s first kiss, too bad it was not appreciated readily. I am sure Kwon Yul did appreciate it because he kept having flashbacks of it.

        I love Master’s Sun also, but the male lead kissed the soul of a different woman, so to me, that didn’t count, LOL. With all the family-oriented dramas I watched, the only “forced kisses” I saw was in a late episode of “Secret.” Jo Min-Yuek trapped Kang Yoo Jung in his car and forced kissed her about 5 times before the last one was more like a consent kiss. She said it was an accident but he insisted several times that it was no accident. I accepted that sequence because she really had a hard life up to that point and it was difficult for her to accept affection. I love the ending of the “Secret” drama best out of all the dramas I have watched.

        • Orion

          I have not seen ‘Secret’, but having a hard time accepting affection is an even bigger reason for someone to take it slow, so what the guy did was horrible, in my opinion.

          But yes, I hope this series keeps its skinship and romance as mature as their bonding has been. 🙂

          • docster6

            Orion, I know you are great, I read a lot of nice comments about you on several other sites. You are a very dedicated KD participant. But “Secret’s” male lead, after the first 5 episodes, was fantastic. So don’t be offended by his aggressiveness on the forced kisses. He was a Chaebol who gave up everything he had and banished himself to Armenia for a year so he would feel he paid the same dues as his love, a recently released prison inmate woman. The reason I love Nam Da Jung in PM&I so much is that she is near perfect as a character. The female lead for “Secret” was also a perfect woman who went to prison by admitting to a crime she didn’t commit so her former boyfriend could continue to be a prosecutor. So she was as low as dirt after her parole and couldn’t deal with dating the CEO of a major company. You should watch that drama because it was written by two rookie writers with fresh ideas. The two leads also won the best couple award as did Lee Bum Soo and Im Yoon Ah.

  47. 47 erika

    ah it said that in episode 10 KY will kiss DJ but I just wish it wont be another dream. I love man se, hee chul and the body guards because they are Ky and DJ true supporters. I love Yoona here because she rocking it. I guess acting along with Lee Boem Soo makes her learn alot. Lee Boem Soo is way hot, and I don’t sense that he’s way older that yoona because of their hot chemistry. so I don’t understand why people especially koreans pass this drama just because the male lead is older..

    • 47.1 docster6

      I love the body guards too (also driver Master Shin) but I question their effectiveness (I know this is a comedy). When Da Jung was screaming inside Kwon’s office because her hair was caught in Kwon Yul’s shirt cufflink, those two body guards were tossed aside by Secretary Seo like two kids on the playground. Ha. Also, they couldn’t catch the Prime Minister and his wife on that street escape scene. ROFL. They were also tricked by Man Se and Ahjumma’s romantic rumors.

  48. 48 itaeonni

    how I long to see our prime minister without his hair cream off duty. The one that we saw in eps 3,when Da Jeong imagine him in the bathroom after shower smiling at her..rawrr! Never know that a PM could be that HOT!

  49. 49 Lilian

    Ryu JIn is pretty much wasted here. Luckily they gave Yoon Shi Yoon more to play around with. However, he will definitely have to let go of the past in order to move forward!

    can’t wait for the next episode

  50. 50 Yun

    Can anyone tell the song which played as backsound at cafe where chief Kang and secretary Seo meet at this episode? The catchy lyric from that backsound’s song is “and so it is……”
    I’m so curious of this song, I know I’ve heard it once, long time ago but then I totally forget the title or any thing related to that song. But I think its sing by a british band if I’m not mistake. Someone, anyone can tell??? Help 🙁

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