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Jung So-min to crush on a Big Man
by | February 20, 2014 | 51 Comments

The details are falling into place for KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Big Man. Jung So-min (Can We Get Married) has been cast as the younger sister to a chaebol heir, played by Daniel Choi (School 2013). She’s grown up privileged and is used to getting her own way, but will her powers of persuasion work on a Big Man? The rules of dramaland tell me her love for a revenge-seeking businessman, played by Kang Ji-Hwan (Incarnation of Money), will go unrequited. (Annnnd… anybody getting Bad Guy flashbacks with this setup? Just don’t have her fall for her brother, please. -jb)

Now we anxiously await casting news of the leading lady, who will complete the love triangle with Daniel Choi and Kang Ji-Hwan’s characters. As javabeans noted, Jung Ryeo-won is in talks, but it looks like she probably won’t be taking the role.

Big Man will air after Full Sun beginning April 14th.


51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. D's handphone

    finally… i missed MinMin on my screen.

  2. Joy

    omg I cringed when I saw the title bc I thought she’d be the leading lady. thank God she’s not.
    I’ll be waiting for news about the female lead!

    • 2.1 liz

      Hm, but why? She was good on her leading role on Can we get married? But I’m sure most of people didn’t check it out and judge her because of her PK role.

      • 2.1.1 tata

        She was good, even in PK. Right? I love her.

        • pipiet

          Yes….her acting is awesome, she deserve to be leading female.

        • mrmz

          I didn’t like PK but her acting was alright there. As for Can We Get Married? she did a good job there, even if her character was annoying 😛

          • samkaz

            I really liked her in PK. Her role was meant to be silly, childish and immature. I thought she played it really well. She is beautiful too. I look forward to her as a leading lady….

        • nechama

          Yes I loved her in Playful Kiss!!!

      • 2.1.2 Joy

        I saw her in Bad Guy & Playful Kiss but idk she wasn’t really anything memorable. I kind of found her acting awkward at some times. Idk maybe it’s just me lol.

    • 2.2 Chandler

      I think she’s a great addition to the cast. But I agree that I don’t necessarily want her as the lead. Mostly because I really want Jung Ryeo Won to take it! I wish she would 🙁

    • 2.3 blairxkitkat

      What?I think she is very talented and likeable.One of the few younger actresses I actually like.

  3. Rushie

    I’m so happy I could cry!!!!!!!! I have missed Jung So-min so much. I’m definitely watching this now even if It’s the only drama I watch in April.

  4. coby

    I love this girl! I will definitely watch this drama…I miss KJH!

    • 4.1 eny

      i like her in bad guy

  5. Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

    I’m officially love this website o was just asking my friend what happened to Ha ni from PK lol I’m not lying i asked her like 5 secs ago Love u guys

  6. myra do

    We do like JUNG SO MIN as the leading lady, SHE’s quite an adorable personality & great in acting too! Daniel Choi is one of our favorite KOREAN Actor too. This drama must be very good because of its cast. Thanks for the update!

    • 6.1 nomad

      Agreed! I miss her so much that I watched you who came to my life and became a star. I shoulda known with a title like that I’d ended up being sad.

  7. tata

    OMG. Excited about this. I miss heeeeer!!!

  8. Jyyjc

    Omg yay! I want to see her in a leading lady role but this is ok for now.

  9. Waiting

    I missed her as well. Now that Can We Love is on and reminds me of Can we Get Married where she was paired with Sung Joon, it is nice for them both to be in projects.

    She needs to be in a sajeuk which I don’t think she has done to-date. If not mistaken her university training was in traditional dance and drumming. Who better to be in a sajeuk?

    • 9.1 Shiku

      I think it’s spelled sageuk

      • 9.1.1 Waiting

        Yes! Typo!

    • 9.2 Sarah K

      Yeah, she’s actually got multiple traditional dancing awards under her belt, I remember something like that when she came on Strong Heart. She would be perfect in a sageuk role. Not to mention she was a top student at her school. Truly a very talented young lady who deserves more exposure.

  10. 10 hipployta

    I need So Min in an awesome leading lady role again

  11. 11 callmeadreamer

    Blah… I don’t like her acting. I watched in a drama and she annoyed me so much.

    At least she isn’t the lead, hopefully she won’t have much screentime.

    • 11.1 liz

      Well, are you sure you didn’t like her acting, or you didn’t like her roles?

      I mean Oh Hani was just annoying and creepy,
      Monnet was spoiled and annoying brat in Bad guy
      In can we get married she played a selfish and annoying woman.

      And now she will play again an annoying role, I’m sure people will call her names.

      • 11.1.1 pipiet

        Althoung she played annoying role butcin reality she is kind hearted person…very cute and adorable that’s why i love MM so much..

      • 11.1.2 callmeadreamer

        It’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s her acting I didn’t care for. Her character was pretty terrible too, thought.

        • pipiet

          callmedreamer…you just envy about Jung So Min talent and beauty…that’s why you bashing her.

    • 11.2 19877

      Hong Monet was annoying and an unlikely antagonist to the already present anti-hero, yet she was able to give dimension to the character despite being a newcomer. She held her own against the likes of Kim Nam Gil. That’s saying something.

      Oh Ha Ni’s actions were cringe-worthy at times, yet she was incredibly enduring. She made a potentially disastrous character into a likable one and carried the whole drama on her shoulders. Not to mention she was actually able to have chemistry with the still stone-faced Kim Hyun Joong (who has thankfully improved).

      Hye Yoon was your typical pre-wedding batshit crazy bride, but she also had values and was quite a complex character. She has gotten tons of critic compliments for her realistic portrayal of the character. And again, she held her against freaking Lee Min-Sook. LEE MIN-SOOK.

      I’m not even her fan, just happened to watch her dramas. And I respect your opinion, but you can’t deny that this girl has more raw talent than most of the idol actors rolled together.

      • 11.2.1 callmeadreamer

        Are you sure you’re not a fan? Seems like you are.

        I think the comparison to a typical idol is apt.

        • 19877

          Hmm…nope, she hasn’t blown me away just yet.

          Defending her talent doesn’t make me her fan, it makes me a dynamic spectator who happened to watch her dramas and chose to disagree with you. Pretty simple really.

  12. 12 bebe swtz

    “Bad Guy” flashbacks big time…. But then again…. JUNG. SO. MIN!!!!! I’ve missed her being on the small screen so much 🙂 I haven’t seen her in anything after “Playful Kiss” cuz “Standby” and “Can We Get Married?” didn’t really do anything for me, sadly 🙁

  13. 13 Museofmanymasks

    And the Bad Guy is reincarnated as the Big Man. I’ll be on board as long as everyone makes it out sane and alive…or at least dies sensibly. Fingers crossed this is the better version story-wise. I’m pretty much cool with this cast, though not really excited about anyone except Daniel Choi and Jung Ryeo-won if she says yes. It’s all up to you plot! I (want to) BELIEVE IN YOU!

  14. 14 damai

    She deserve more screen.

  15. 15 Pipiet

    Yeayyy….JUNG SO MIN is back, i love and miss her so much…her acting is awesome…can’t wait her new drama…MM FIGHTING!!!!!

  16. 16 Nisha

    I’m agree too…she is very good…i love her so much.

  17. 17 canxi

    Bad Guy was the first thing that came to mind!!! Lol, oh that crazy show. But, I do love her as an actress..she tends to take on these really spiteful characters sometimes but she adds layers to them that other actresses may not–like her role in Can We Get Married? People hated her but I didn’t at all. I really think she is so cool, hahaha.

    I watched a drama special with her and Kim Ji Suk and I was hoping they’d pair up again in a full-length drama but I guess this will have to do since I’ve been waiting for her to get in something again.

    • 17.1 Sarah K.

      I think Hye Yoon came off as a fire-spitting dragon because Jung Hoon was so very soft-spoken. Otherwise she was this tough-as-nails chick that didn’t take bullshit from people. I loved Hye Yoon 😀

      Funny thing is Jung So Min is such a sweetheart in real life, so adorably soft-hearted. She tears up over everything, haha.

      • 17.1.1 canxi

        Right, right. It’s funny because going into the show I wasn’t expecting Sung Joon to play such a passive/sweet guy, lol! Like, not at all! hahaha.

        Their characters were really polar opposites but I agree she didn’t take any shit. I liked how she expected nothing but the best from her man and got mad when he wasn’t giving it his all. And I liked that were friends first (I’ll never forget that little fist bump they did, hahaha). That was a really awesome, complex character!

        Jung So Min is really sweet–maybe this is probably why she takes on these roles. As an actress, it must be so fun to NOT play yourself (with the added bonus of doing it well). I appreciate it.

        • Rie

          Yeah love both of them in the drama! So min is one of the young actresses I like the best, very talented and adorable! Sung joon is also really great, I had hard time believing he is the same actor in Shut Up FBB and also in his interviews he seems quite different from the passive Jung Hoon 🙂

          • Rie

            and here is the sweetest video ever (Somin and Sungjoon kiss scenes in CWGM 😉 )

    • 17.2 pogo

      That was such a great drama, even when the characters did things we didn’t like it was impossible to not be invested in them – from Hye-yoon (who was bratty and immature, sure, but also complex and fantastically played) to Dong-bi (Han Groo is another actress who needs to move into lead roles, and soon) to Hye-yoon’s mother and unni and aunt.

      And at any given point in time, there was always someone to root for – whether it’s the best friend finally asserting herself to her previously-callous boyfriend, or the cutest older-gen noona romance ever, or even a single mom who’s fought her way up by hardscrabbling and is not about to take bullshit from snobby would-be in-laws.

      • 17.2.1 canxi

        *nods vigorously*

        I liked the journey and I also like when I am frustrated with characters and later become so proud and happy for them, watching them grow. It’s a small happiness *^^*, lol.

  18. 18 wanted

    she’s back again!!!=D

  19. 19 Chaeki

    Gosh she looks like a twin of Eliza sum

  20. 20 Cee

    Finally! (I mean like FINALLY) Jung Somin is back!

    I’ve watched all her dramas and she did awesome in each of it, even Playful Kiss. You guys gotta admit that one of the main reasons why PK made our eyes glued to the screen was Somin! I liked her in Standby too and she was just perfect on Can We Get Married!

    (and let’s not forget Bad Guy)

    Maybe she’s not a leading lady material for this kind of drama, but I do hope she will be able to break that stereotype through this drama! She’s one hell of a talented girl

  21. 21 John

    I like her and look forward to watching this. I’m curious as to who the main female lead will be.

  22. 22 Mel

    I love this child. How can she be hated? Of the Playful Kiss series, she was the best immature, blinded by love and enduring in the one sided until she got her man! In Can We Get Married?, JSM nailed that role! She stood her ground in front of her bullying mother and future mother in law at the cost of losing Sung Joon’s character but later catching her man again. Sung Joon’s portrayal of the hurting man and JSM’s pain during their break up had me balling. In Stand By, her nunna role vs Siwan’s puppy love was adorable! I have yet to see Bad Man–but it’s on my radar! Thanks for the news I look forward to this drama with two great actors along side our JSM! Hopefully, this will be recapped by you….. Thanks once again.

  23. 23 Sadie

    what is with all the brother-sister love lines???!

  24. 24 Ellie

    Glad to know Jung So Min is coming back on small screen soon after the special drama with KJS In You Came to Me and Become a Star. Love her in Bad Guy, PK and YCTMBS. I hope she be paired with Kim Ji Suk in full length drama some day but this drama would do for now. 🙂

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