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Jung So-min: “Watching my bed scene with my parents was awkward”
by | January 1, 2013 | 92 Comments

Jung So-min is currently acting in the cable drama Can We Marry, which is heading into its finale… now. As in, today, almost right this minute. The show is hovering just under the 3% mark on JTBC, which may not be the incredible 8% ratings posted by Childless Good Fortune8%, yowsa—but is still a strong showing.

Jung’s last couple dramas haven’t been strong performers (Playful Kiss, Standby) but she’s a talent to watch, and so I’m glad to hear that Can We Marry is generating positive word of mouth. It’s a 20-episode romantic-comedy series that stars her opposite Sung Joon, and they play a couple struggling through the courtship dance and undergoing a bevy of obstacles to end up at the altar. (So we presume; the show’s not quite over yet.)

It’s a simple conceit, so the show’s charm is found more in its light and engaging execution than a high-concept premise or a series of dramatic events. Her character in this drama, Hye-yoon, is 28, which means she’s playing well above her age (23). I wonder if that’s why it’s a bit startling to realize she’s only been on the scene for two years; it feels like Jung So-min has been acting longer than her 2010 debut in Bad Guy.

On to the interview:

How is it, relating to a story about marriage that’s a bit off from your real age?

“At first, I wasn’t able to relate to it very closely so I asked my friends and cousin unnis for a lot of advice. I intended to borrow a lot of themes and motifs from them, but the character is so much like me that there really is no gap between us. So much so that sometimes I get confused about my real age.”

Were you bashful with the frank dialogue or bed and kiss scenes?

“For all those—the frank dialogue and the bed and kiss scenes—I did feel a little awkward, but as we set up to actually shoot them it became fine. However, when watching the broadcast at home with my parents, I did feel embarrassed. As it went on, they grew increasingly silent.”

How is your working dynamic with Sung Joon?

“We work extremely well together. At first it was so awkward when it was just the two of us together that I would even miss the actors I’d worked with in the past, but we’ve gotten closer now. We get along well and have a strong rhythm with each other. We can even ad-lib and the other person will just go with it.”

How is the filming atmosphere on this drama?

“The atmosphere is really great. Even though there are lots of times when I haven’t gone home in a week, it’s still bright and upbeat. The actors call each other a lot. There are three years between me and [20-year-old] Han Groo, but I don’t think of it as a very large gap and we act like [same-year] friends. She’s mature and seems like a peer. We’re hardly ever not filming, so after the show wraps we’ve promised to go on an overnight MT together.”

How is Lee Mi-sook, who plays your mother?

“She looks after me a lot, and sends me texts often. On set, she sets a bright mood. She jokes around and has an easygoing personality. I do call her ‘Teacher’ when we’re on set but when I text her, I comfortably call her Deul-ja Mom. Lee Mi-sook sunbae-nim is the one who causes the fewest NGs [outtakes]. She has a lot of dialogue, but most of the time she gets it on the first take without a mistake.”

If you had to pick one to date in real life, would it be Jung-hoon (Sung Joon’s character) or Sang-jin (Lee Jae-won)?

“I’d prefer Jung-hoon. Like Deul-ja Mom said, Sang-jin is too eloquent and has certain suspicious aspects to him. He seems like he would have an affair after he got married; if you broke up once because of cheating, it’s likely he’d do it again. Jung-hoon is my ideal type.”

Does that mean you’d like to marry somebody like Jung-hoon?

“These days, my ideal type has changed to Jung-hoon. It wasn’t that type before, but it’s made me think that I would be happy if I were to marry a man like him. We can always earn money together. These days I’m also thinking of how people work so intensely, but instead of that I’d like to be with someone who would work and also enjoy spending his spare time with me. It’s okay if we don’t earn tons of money. We’re all trying to live happily, but I’m seeing so many cases where people put the cart before the horse.”

What’s your real-life dating style?

“I go all-in to the relationship and the boyfriend. I don’t understand why couples have to do their ‘push-pull’ [akin to playing hard to get]—if you like each other you like each other, and if you don’t you don’t.”

You entered Korea National University of Arts at the very top of the class, you’re on a roll, your life is going straight ahead without any twists.

“I’ve had instances of being envious of people whose lives have taken winding curves. People who have had rich life experiences or come up against difficult times can draw on those to help in acting. So I was envious of them, but I came to the realization that I think the answer is to act in accordance with your experience.”

Kim Nam-gil, whom you worked with in Bad Guy, has come back from army service.

“Even back when filming Bad Guy, Kim Nam-gil sunbae-nim was thoughtful in looking after me even in parts he wasn’t in. It was my debut drama, and he taught me and led me along. After he got out of the army, he called regularly. Not long ago he invited me to a film screening at Jecheon International Film Festival, so I went.”

You must have a lasting impression of Oh Yeon-soo from Bad Guy, too.

“On a personal level, Oh Yeon-soo sunbae is someone I like and am friendly with. She played my older sister in that drama, and she taught me a lot about life. She didn’t have a big influence on my acting, but she was like a mentor for life.”

What kind of actor would you like to become?

“I’d like to be the kind of actor who is remembered for my character. You know how there are cases where even when you watch all the way through the end of a drama, you remember the actor’s name, not the character’s. I want my character’s name to be more remembered than mine.”

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92 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Orion

    One has to appreciate a young Korean actress not pulling the “cute and pure” angle, like most do. She sounds down to Earth. It sometimes feels it’s those kind of young actors who get the least publicity. A shame this country is so based on selling(out) yourself.

    I hope she gets some good works to mature through as an actress. These types of young ones are the ones we might someday see a A-listers. I haven’t been impressed by her acting so far, but she certainly has time and the mind to improve.

    • 1.1 Dominique

      And the look, too, in addition to time and mind. You’ve made really good points.

      In my opinion, pulling the “cure and pure” angle is more rampant with male South Korean actors and idols, with yuckier results. But, apparently, this is what sells in the domestic market.

      In the year that just ended, Psy coming out of the left field to conquer the world had to be the biggest reversal of fortune in South Korea and the biggest blow to ego for all the other entertainers (both actor/actresses and singers). I could hear the collective moan: how could we have gotten it so wrong?

      Good news: Lee Min Ho sells outside Asia.

  2. ilovedramas

    finally something on ‘can we get married ‘on dramabeans!

    • 2.1 tortyserox

      mte! this is one great cable drama! the chemistry between the two leads grew stronger and stronger by each episode of can we get married!

      sung joon X jung somin ftw!

    • 2.2 Mystisith

      She’s not even my favorite character in the drama but I will not be greedy in 2013 and appreciate what I can have. Really an excellent drama. “Frank dialogues?” Oh yeah! Even me was surprised by the tone and I’m normally used to this. I wish people who like classic melos (it’s not really a rom-com: More a family/melo kind of show with a bit of rom-com) would try this and tell us why they think of it: The old formula, I can’t anymore… In my top 5, maybe top 3 of 2012.

      • 2.2.1 Korazy Lady

        This drama has been a real treat for me. I am really liking the shows on cable so much more these days, and I think that’s attributed to the “real” dialogue and relationships – aka natural skinship, kissing, and frank discussions of sensitive issues. This is the show I look forward to the most each week. So sorry it’s almost over!

        And while I didn’t particularly like her character at first, I love her as an actress. She reminds me of a cuter version of YEH for some reason.

        • addylovesbwood

          I love jung so min. she does look a lot like YEH. I had a hard time telling them apart (with the short hair) but now I can clearly see the difference between the two ladies.

          I agree. JSM is a cuter version of YEH

  3. Ace

    Love her. Hope I can have some time to finish Can We Marry this new year.

  4. djes

    I love, love Can We Get Married, am surprised myself.

    The drama is so low profile, no intriguing plot twist whatsoever but I don’t know why I am so invested with the story, the characters, even I cried when the main couple broke up.

    Their banters, between main couple, the parents, the 2nd couple, feel so real, something you can find and relate in real life.
    I think if you’re living in Asian family you would easier to understand the problems of preparing a wedding, which doesn’t only involve the couple but the whole families.

    I agree with So Min’s description about Junghoon is the ideal husband material.. I think it’s more important to find someone who is willing to work and settle things together, not to keep things himself but to share and to find solutions together. However I do think Junghoon is kinda lack of confidence sometimes..oh well nobody’s perfect~
    And that’s the plus point for this drama..everybody has their own flaws, charms, but nobody is evil, they are humans, with real character.

    • 4.1 Seri

      I just picked up this drama 5 minutes ago and you managed to spoil it without having spoiler warnings, congratulations. *slow clap*

      I know you didn’t intent to but it’s such a must for drama watchers who wanna discuss things in a post/forum that doesn’t specify episodes…. sigh. Just ‘Spoiler ahead’ will be enough for me to stop reading your post faster than how the Road Runner stops at the edge of a cliff, now I’m Coyote falling to the bottom with a dust poof at the end.

      • 4.1.1 Mari

        It is not ruined. If you watched te first episode you know that there’s going to be problems up ahead for them before their wedding. Plus this story has such a great cast that you love all the side stories.The 50 year old aunt is awesome! the older sister,and her best friend have good stories you like. Oh, and there’s still 2 episodes left on he story soo we don’t know how it ends yet, so neither do you.

        • abbyshosha

          by two episodes you mean 19 and 20? because they aren’t subbed yet?

      • 4.1.2 Danna

        I read the comment thrice and I’ve yet to come up anything spoilery…she’s only described the overview of the show…something that was given in its promos, no plot details…so I don’t see what the problem is

        • jt885

          How is it SPOILER when the actual post said “If you had to pick one to date in real life, would it be Jung-hoon (Sung Joon’s character) or Sang-jin (Lee Jae-won)?”

          I mean she’s just stating that she agrees with how so-min chooses a mate? How is it spoiling it for you? and Yes it’s pretty much the premise of the drama. CAN WE GET MARRIED?

      • 4.1.3 Arawn

        Honestly, if you do NOT want yourself spoiled, you don’t come and read comment sections of posts about the drama. There will ALWAYS be at least some spoilery stuff.

      • 4.1.4 djes

        *hedging the slap*

        while I don’t think I was wrong – I knew they would broke up at one point by reading the drama’s description and watched first episode, I am sorry.
        I know there is some people who likes to start drama by not knowing anything about it..so you are one of them, I am sorry to spoil it to you.

        Don’t make “the spoiler” stop you to watch this awesome show. You know now they would broke up, but you need to know how, and how they’ll overcome it.

        • Seri

          No worries, I am just those type of people who will anticipate when they know information like that and I can’t focus on the side stories…

          I’ll get over it but I just get upset when it happens cause my attention span is really poor to watch dramas in the first place.

          Anyways, I saw the first episode and I don’t care about the first couple any more.

    • 4.2 abbyshosha

      I also love it, and I do cry in that scene too. I think So Min acted really well that scene and kill my heart.

      The side stories are awesome too and *SPOILER ALERT JUST IN CASE* Deul Ja! I mean, I think we all find her very annoying on the beginning but you came to understand the love of a mother, same for Hye Jin and her son. I was so touched by their feelings that it was like watching my cousin tell me about her hard life.

      I am really gonna miss this drama (I just see the finale today, raw, obviously, but at least I watched it). I am really looking forward to drams like this, that even if the plot is not that big or intrigued, you get to care for everyone and want to see what’s next in their lives.

  5. Gon

    omg, she looks totally like suzy..

  6. Gon

    omg, she looks totally like suzy + yoon eun hye

    • 6.1 Jesse

      That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the upper picture. The slightly open mouth and the eyes are very similar to Yoon Eun Hye.

    • 6.2 hanni12

      Could we please stop this trend:

      Everytime there is an post on Dramabeans about an less famous actor/actress there will always be this silly discussion who they look the most like.

      It is annoying and most of the time there is not even a trace of resemblance and I get the vibe that some people can’t tell Asians apart.

      • 6.2.1 Gon


      • 6.2.2 binyoshi

        I agree; good point.

      • 6.2.3 Orion

        I agree. Even known actors can’t escape that. It’s fine not being used to people of another culture and finding them similar, but that’s our own issue. Not reality.

      • 6.2.4 pogo

        People do that with lesser-known actors no matter what culture they belong to, the alllooksame problem is a real one but I think you’re really reaching here – especially considering that Korean fans – not DB – once nicknamed JSM ‘baby Yoon Eun-hye’ or something similar.

        Sometimes it’s really just as simple as them actually resembling each other, no need to jump down someone’s throat for a perfectly harmless comment.

        • Mystisith

          That’s what I think too. And comparing persons is a common way for people to process and engrave new faces in their brain. It can be irritating (especially if you like the “original” and not the “newbie”) and I was quite puzzled myself on viki when people compared JDG to Johnny Depp but hey, that’s how we work: By association of ideas.

      • 6.2.5 saranga

        there’s nothing wrong with the original poster’s comment. what’s wrong with saying someone looks like someone else, less famous or no?

        in my opinion the actress DOES look a lot like yoon eun-hye, something i think even javabeans herself has commented on before. heck, when i was watching this drama over the holidays, my mom came up behind me and asked “is that yoon eun-hye??” she did that twice on two separate occasions.

        i agree with commenter pogo, no need to jump down Gon’s throat.

        • pigtookie

          I agree, it’s the longer hairstyle that kept tricking my eyes into thinking she was YEH when I watched her initially.

          • Korazy Lady

            Now that I’ve read further down the post, I didn’t realize everyone was thinking the same thing (and what a controversy it would be, haha!) It’s normal to compare actors’ looks. Sometimes it bugs me, even in Western films, when they pick actors who look really similar for roles in the same movie (can’t think of any right off hand, though.) But if I’m not familiar with the actors, it’s confusing at first. I always think the casting company has a preference for similar type people. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s only something we do with Asian actors!

      • 6.2.6 denise

        Well even PS Hwang in Roe of Goong said that Jung So Min has a strong resemblance to Yoon Eun Hye not only in features but also on how they speak articulately and maturely.
        A lot of people have this misconception that Yoon Eun Hye is exactly like the characters in her drama, but PD Hwang and other people in the industry said that YEH talks with a lot of depth and is extremely articulate and not cutesy, so in this regard PD Hwang said Jung So Min and Yoon Eun Hye are very similar. http://kpculture.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/yoon-eun-hyes-interview-vogue-girl/

    • 6.3 pogo

      I was going to say, I thought she was Park Shin-hye in the top pic before I read the text but YEH+Suzy is accurate.

    • 6.4 firsttimenewbie

      As I watched, during the first few episodes I just kept seeing the Yoon Eun-hye resemblance over and over. I Googled it to see if I was the only crazy one. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one, and even the Korean media had picked up on it–with her feeling the need to apologize to YEH for some reason. It was actually kind of sweet she did that.

      • 6.4.1 a_fan

        I wouldn’t say she looks like Yoon Eun Hye but there is some similarity in the features. I think Yoon Eun Hye is able to convey more in static medium but it’s the opposite with Jung So min. These pics are bland when you compare her presence on video.

        • firsttimenewbie

          I agree. Also the resemblence it doesn’t come through at all in the pictures. She doesn’t really look like YEH, but at certain times you can’t help but be reminded of YEH.

          • firsttimenewbie

            I didn’t mean *at all* but rather *as much*

            She doesn’t really look like YEH, but at certain times you can’t help but be reminded of YEH while watching her on screen.

  7. bigwink

    I love her last answer. It sounds brilliant and ideal yet when it comes to reality, not always the impact we hope for. Case in example, Me Ah Ri.

    thank you for sharing!

  8. Kan Min Seul

    Awww, Jung So-min is one fine actress! I do have one question though, even if it’s really unrelated to this post (sorry!) I’ve heard of a sageuk in dramabeans, but I never really knew what it is, and that it’s different from a fusion sageuk. Please tell me what they’re about? Thank you sooo much for clearing it out in advance 😀

    • 8.1 hanni12

      The most simple explanation:

      Sageuk = historical drama

      Example: Shin Don, Im Kkeok Jeong, Great King Sejong, Tears of a Dragon, Queen Insoo…

      fusion sageuk = other genre + historical drama

      Chuno (historical+action), Joseon X-Files (science fiction+historical), Conspiracy in the Court (thriller/mystery+historical)…

  9. rainbow

    she is so sweet 🙂

  10. 10 Fasiris Fay

    Really enjoying this drama, and her in it. The ratings might be good, but she’s doing a superb job and I can’t wait to see what else she does next!

  11. 11 kfangurl

    Love her!! She’s got such a sweet, approachable quality about her.

  12. 12 Laurita

    I didn’t watch her in this drama, but I’ve seen her in others. Though I don’t remember her name, I definitely can/will recognize her: she has her own look (more distinguishable from other actresses with similar faces – in non-Korean eyes) and a certain acting manner. That’s a good sign, I think.

  13. 13 cheekbones

    I only recently became aware of the drama when I googled Sung Joon since I had been wondering what he’s been up to. I also like Jung So-min, so this is a drama I’m going to watch.

    I did wonder why the dramabeans ladies didn’t put one single article on the drama knowing that jb likes both Jung So-min and Sung Joon. But, here it is. So, thanks !

    • 13.1 news

      Me too! I was curious to see what drama he would choose after Shut Up. I hope we get an interview of him too. I’m only 15 min into episode 1, but I’m interested in hearing his thoughts on choosing this drama.

    • 13.2 Fab

      Actually if you read the OT on Fridays, practically everyone talks about this drama. It’s a real hit for many reasons.

      • 13.2.1 cheekbones

        Ah, yes, I don’t go to dramabeans’ Open Thread. Now with what you said, I’m more determined to watch it. 🙂

  14. 14 Shini

    Love this drama <3 never thought a simple storyline could be so engaging. Every character stands on its own <3

  15. 15 malta

    Wow. She seems lovely and poised at only 23. I like her even more because of this interview. She was the reason I watched Playful Kiss. Love her.

  16. 16 pogo

    I think she’s one of the most talented actresses in her age range right now, it’s only the way she played her character in Playful Kiss that made me not want to smack her (the character, I mean – not the actress!). And for the relatively small size of her role in Bad Guy, I was surprised by how good she was – can’t believe that was her debut!

    Much as I love her, though, it is a bit distracting to be reminded her character is 28, she’s great in her CWGM role but looks so YOUNG…

    • 16.1 news

      Sung Joon’s character is also 28 but he’s 22 years old, younger than Jung So-min.

      • 16.1.1 pogo

        And I find him equally distracting, to be quite honest.But he’s still less annoyingly young-looking than Yoo Seung-ho trying to play a 25-year-old in I Miss You.

        • canxi

          I dunno some older people do look really young. You can’t go on face alone these days,lol.

          • pogo

            haha I’m that old and don’t generally mistake people my age for 22, just saying – even if they are Korean.

            And they do look really young, they’re more convincing as teenagers in the recent-ish past than as late 20somethings, but they are adorable together.

  17. 17 mojaslatka

    Wow, she’s top of her class. That’s amazing considering how hectic acting schedule is. And she done 2 dramas last year. I love her in Playful Kiss and am planning to continue watching Stand by(too long too little time) because of her. I am also waiting for the sub for the second last ep of Can we get married so I can watch it. I am addicted to it I sometimes watch it raw if subs come later than the usual.

    I wish her the best in acting and school and hope she will have more drama in 2013.

  18. 18 saranga

    thank you for a post on this drama! it’s absolutely great, and if you haven’t started watching, you absolutely must rectify that soon 🙂 like some of the comments above, i was a bit surprised there were no posts about this one too, given your fondness for both leads.

    but i’m shocked that you say today’s episode is the finale. seriously? they’re going to wrap up everything today? i guess i was just happy to keep watching forever…

    i think lee mi-sook is really starting to create her own signature “mom” character. i never forgot what you wrote about her acting in cinderella’s sister, how you can always trust her to find the dark edge of humor. there were times in the drama when her charater was a bit overboard, but overall loved her.

  19. 19 pigtookie

    i’m surprised, so the main two ladies are 20, 23, and their lovelines are 22, 25? they looked their age, but i almost believed they were around 28 or 30.

    as an overseas follower, it takes longer to get the subs than other shows, but some episodes were worth the wait, especially if it’s just an extra 1-2 day wait after broadcast. (though the subs aren’t necessarily good.)

  20. 20 Arhazivory

    I’ve been meaning to catch this one because I’ve only been hearing good things about it. This was a great interview and I love what she said in the end about remembering the character’s name more than the actor’s. You know you’ve really stopped seeing the actor and seeing the character that way.

    Took me a while to not see Lee Jang Woo as Dojin or Chang Wook as Donghae and to this day, I’m trying to remember Jung Ryo Won’s (had to google it again) because I still call her Yeo Chi. ^^”

  21. 21 rabbitsfortea

    I’ve loved her since her debut drama, Bad Guy but yes, I do agree that her past two projects haven’t been awesome, especially Standby. That was just… bad.

    But I went into Can We Get Married, not expecting much and ended up really loving the drama. Although it’s a rom-com, it’s really not your typical kdrama and I have to say thank goodness it’s on cable because we get lots of kissing and what not 😛

    I’m really looking forward to seeing her in more dramas and hoping she’ll be propelled to fame soon!

  22. 22 John

    Thanks JB for this post.

    I’ve been enjoying this show. Jung So-min is so cute. I like her hair short. She reminded me of a young Valerie Bertinelli.

    Regarding Lee Mi-sook, She has a lot of dialogue, yes, her character chatters like a machine gun.

    I’m going to miss this show.

  23. 23 Nallali

    JTBC is up there with TvN as far as awesome projects go, and CWGM is another gem am so glad i got to watch! at this rate the big 3 should just go ahead and shut shop as far as drama productions are concerned ; )

  24. 24 magnus

    She sounds very down to Earth and focused on her work. She’s a wonderful young lady and I’m glad the interviewer didn’t focus in too hard on her dating life or appearances and waste an interview like so many other interviewers do when they talk to female stars.

  25. 25 crazedlu

    ooh. i like that last line of hers.

  26. 26 ck1Oz

    Wow she’s young and new- ish to the profession but she is so poised and gives such a great impression in this interview.

  27. 27 'dalia

    i definitely want to get around to watching this show…

  28. 28 hellochloe

    This is a show I really want to watch with my parents, because I’m looking forward to my dad’s commentary on crazy mom. But then I thought of the first episode… Ah, the perils of starting off the pilot episode with a bed scene.

    • 28.1 abbyshosha

      But its not like I need romance bed scene or something like that, is very careful and there is not skin except for the main topless and that is in the teaser and its no even “the bed scene” that all people talk.

      I recommend you to watch with your family. It has very good messages to understand them.

  29. 29 Melmax

    JB, thanks for showcasing this drama…. truly different from other dramas… frank and realistic… Jong So Min and Sung Joon, Lee Mi Sook, and the rest of the ensemble were so true to life. The irritating mothers, the son who did what parents wanted as a path to do what he wanted, and the banter-arguments, wow, it was so real…

    JB, I know you like Sung Joon and am glad you like JSM to, I really enjoyed her in Playful Kiss… Looks like these too will be in Kdramaland for a long time..

    Thanks so much… Happy New Year to you and the rest of the DB Allstars!!!!

  30. 30 kelinci biru

    She is cute. Of course it’ll be awkward watching that with your parents. First watching “Can We Get Married” i purposely didnt looked into the actors age. Well, Sung Joon and So min and Han Groo just played high school student and it was believable. Finding out their age from comments here apparently doesnt make any difference.

    I really like everyone here because the chemistry is so good, as friends, as lover, So min’ family, Jung Hoon’s family, Ki Joong’s family.

    I was watching kbs drama award, Sung Joon got an award for his short drama and as he give his speech (which i dont understand) he looked like Jung Hoon, his gestures and the way his body moves is still feels like Jung Hoon. If i haven’t seen him in shut up, i’ll definitely think he’s just Jung Hoon in real life..

  31. 31 Typeless

    I title made me laugh out loud

  32. 32 pohonphee

    More than Jung-hoon, I want to marry his father instead. Hah!

    • 32.1 Sarah

      Oh my goodness, yeah! His dad was the sweetest character in the entire drama.

  33. 33 jeanneth

    OH my!! Thank you for this 🙂 I hope you dont mind if I repost this to SImplysomin :~~~ Many Many thanksssss!!!!

  34. 34 momosa

    I absolutely love this show. JSM is great in it, everybody is great, in fact.

    I look forward to it anxiously every week to cliffhangers like ‘will they break-up’, ‘will they get back together’, ‘will she get back with Sang Jin’, ‘will he get paired up with Dong Bi’ etc, etc. I cried badly for the poor kid of the divorcing couple… and thought age must have caught up with me that I seemed so worked up over mild cliffhangers like these and emo over a TV divorce….

    It is a beautiful drama really.

  35. 35 avocadooo

    She looks so much Sung Yuri in the second to the last pic

  36. 36 Steamy Bun

    She is so dang cute! : ) I started watching Can We Get Married? just to check out the new format on Dramafever as I have taken a bit of a hiatus from kdramas, and it was hard to pull myself away. Simple but very, very cute show. I can see myself falling in love if I go back to it. And JSM looks so very pretty in it!

  37. 37 InSu

    Finally saw ep 1. I’m amazed at the depiction of women’s unmarried relationships. I don’t say ‘modern women’ because my k-gf were having sexual relationships in early 1990s. One was in Daegu another in Seoul. It was common even back then.
    In NYC, K-wives lunch once a month and the stories they tell about their Korean lives will never make it to TV, like it’s amazing how many married their English teachers to get to USA (just like some Chinese wives I socialize w).

    • 37.1 Mystisith

      Shhttt. You’re going to scare those who believe than K women are pure and remain virgin until they marry at 34 yo… 😉 I said it and I will repeat: You can’t fight hormones and body functions whatever the country you live in and the moral codes applied in it. Unless you drug people with tranquilizers.

  38. 38 jomo

    The responses to this post are extremely interesting, and cover a multitude of topics. I think this is why I love reading everything here. You never stop learning.

    As far as the interview, there isn’t anything about KJH and acting with him in PK. I wonder why…
    As far as remembering character’s names, she really may NOT want to be known as Oh Ha Ni. I will never forget that name and how sincere but vapid she was!!

  39. 39 Ladymoonstone143

    I just love her. I was ever loyal to PK because of her…and of course, I found it cute when she had a “crush” on KNG on BG.

    I hope she will have another drama I can watch soon…and why not a reunion with Kim Nam-Gil?..:))

    And she is so right about her last comment…I think of her as a cute Oh Hani…and KNG I always refer as Bidam….:))

  40. 40 Lord of the Things

    What a thoughtful actress. She sounds very intelligent and reserved, which is quite refreshing. I loved what she said about her philosophy with acting – at first I was like, why wouldn’t you want people to remember your name more? It means you left an impression! But of course it would be more successful if you sold your character to the audience so fully. Such a mature stance for a new actress.

    This really appeals me to the show, my Sung-Joon love notwithstanding.

  41. 41 a_diva

    i started watching this drama due to this post and as an american who only knows korean culture through the dramas i watch, i am really curious as to whether the things that are happening in this drama are true to life. i’m specifically talking about expecting parents to buy homes and furnishings and all this other stuff. it seems a bit extreme.

    i’m only up to episode 6, but hae yoon’s mom in particular seems so greedy. i can understand not wanting your children to suffer, but she’s so blinded by her misguided love for her daughter, that she’s ruining her daughter’s relationship with her mother-in-law, and we all know how important that relationship is.

    some of the themes are universal here and that’s what is endearing to me. when people marry, it really is about the extended family, because as much as we would like it to be just about the man and the woman, if the family does not get along it’s not good.

  42. 42 xianzhongfan

    OH HA NI!! Will always remember her as this character as she was the soul of the drama.

  43. 43 Rika

    Yeah, Oh Ha Ni is really sticked in my head. But I surprise to see her in another movie playing different character and she is quite into it.

    Smart, humble, cute, adorable JSM

    “For all those—the frank dialogue and the bed and kiss scenes—I did feel a little awkward, but as we set up to actually shoot them it became fine. However, when watching the broadcast at home with my parents, I did feel embarrassed. As it went on, they grew increasingly silent.”

    And those highlight, is really funny… If I were her, I must be feel awkward as well.. ha ha

  44. 44 Lilian

    I liked her since Playful Kiss. I did notice her in Bad Guy too but did not like the drama so can;t really say much about her debut. But yeah, she did well in Can We Get Married! Wish her the best of luck in her acting areer =D

  45. 45 Kei

    I’m also curious why is it there’s no question in her interview about the shipping of So Min and Hyun Joong and also about the Playful Kiss.

  46. 46 Sung joon

    sung Jun And Jung So Min Best Coupleeeeeee Forever, Can We get Merried <3

  47. 47 Sung joon

    She looks So Much Suzy and Sung Yuri

    Jung So Min Is So Pretty , So Beauty , so Sweety , So Smarttt Girlll ,

    Jung So Min Is Prepect Girl

    I’m Very Like Jung So Min and Sun Joon because They prefect Couplee and very Swetty Coupleeeee <3

  48. 48 Heny Riane

    Im always remember Jung So Min after together acting with Kim Hyung Jung, here acting is very beautiful, i also waiting the here cariere and drama…so i whant watching this Drama. I LOve U FULL My BestGirl,,,,Fighting.

  49. 49 kpra

    i like her innocents

  50. 50 jasa membuat web

    one day i randomly watched “can we get married?” after Nice Guy just finished at that period. And then suddenly i fell in love with hye yoon, even at the first episode. Because her character is soooo cute and simple, and pure, and lovely, and sweet, and felt realistic for me, i wonder if someday i meet a girl like hye yoon, i’d fall in love in a glance. The story is really2 good. It just a simple story, a man and woman who want to get married, but there’s a lot added value and meaning that i can take from this drama. This drama is the best romantic comedy. I really got into it, realllyyy… got into it… and that’s why i love jung so min too and after this drama i also watched the playful kiss, jung so min is really cute in that drama, remind me of yoon eun hye. And its like a new generation of yoon eun hye. But still, i fall in love with hye yoon.

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