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Lee Da-hee in talks for lead in Big Man
by | February 27, 2014 | 53 Comments

Lee Da-hee (Secret, I Hear Your Voice) is said to be considering the female lead in KBS2’s upcoming Big Man. (Sigh. I guess that unfortunate title is not going away. And so, because I just can’t help it — will Lee Da-hee be woman enough for the Big Man? Womp womp.)

Big Man is the story of a man played by Kang Ji-hwan (Incarnation of Money) who gets entangled in a plan to save a chaebol heir, played by Daniel Choi (School 2013), in need of a heart transplant. Kang Ji-hwan is tricked into believing he is also a chaebol heir, but when everything he’s told turns out to be lies, he embarks on a mission to balance life’s inequities.

Lee Da-hee has been offered the role of daughter to the chaebol group’s chauffeur, and manager of the in-house staff. She is loved by Daniel Choi’s character, the only son of Hyunsung Group, and in an effort to save his life, she gets involved with Kang Ji-hwan’s character. Inevitably, she falls for the disadvantaged man seeking justice, and winds up secretly aiding him on his mission.

The actress debuted in 2002 as a supermodel, and has worked steadily since then, beginning with bit parts and then with more meatier roles until she received widespread acclaim for her turn as frenemy prosecutor Seo Do-yeon in last year’s I Hear Your Voice.

Jung Ryeo-won recently turned down the drama, so here’s hoping Lee Da-hee takes on the role, and the complete foursome (with second female lead Jung So-Min) will congregate for next week’s first table read.

Writer-director Choi Jin-won is in charge of the script, and PD Ji Young-soo (My Fair Lady) will direct. Big Man will air April 14th.

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53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. AAAA

    Jung Ryeo-won, why did you turn down this chance to star opposite KJH?! You prefer Daniel Henney?!?! You think KJH’s not pretty enough for you!? 😛 What a loss. I’d love to see Jung and Kang together. She earned my respect in “Which Star Are You From” I think she’d have been a great fit for our big man. Now how did they go from one of Korea’s most natural beauties to one of the most beautiful yet plastic actresses? That, is a mystery. Still mourning Jung’s loss in not accepting this drama. I think she would have had sizzling chemistry with Kang, even more than YEH in Lie To Me. Just imagine those big eyes of her glaring at Kang! And that deep but girly voice arguing with him 😛

    • 1.1 DayDreamer

      How was “Which Star Are You From”? I wanted to try it out but a little hesitant since the synopsis I read was not really a synopsis.

      • 1.1.1 AAAA

        Hi there, it was good! I wasn’t a fan of her before (didn’t like her character as a spoiled stubborn cold rich girl in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon) but I became one after watching that. Totally different character, totally different acting. More passion and warmth and sweetness and vulnerability. I just started a “drama blog” with a list I compiled of good dramas in my humble opinion. Unfortunately I haven’t written so much reviews, right now it’s just a list, but it’s a list I really stand by and believe in.

    • 1.2 AAAA

      this “liking” comments thing is rigged… because I just experimented and clicked like on my own comment 26 times! hey! that’s not right.

      • 1.2.1 Jess

        Yep, you can “like” as many times as you can; just close the browser, re-open and click click click, which makes the whole “like” concept a bit moot.

      • 1.2.2 pigtookie

        Yeah there are ways to prevent this, but I also like the fact that we can skip the step of signing in to an account.

        • AAAA

          me too, I like not having to sign in. well it’s a honor system then! I promise, I did not click on my own comment 500+ times, only 26 or so! 😛

    • 1.3 G Babe

      Lee Da-Hee awesome! she is my new fave kdrama actress right now.. Love her on Secret and IHYV!

      • 1.3.1 Sandy

        I like LDH and think she’s an awesome actress, but not in this role. She has no chemistry with the lead actor and that’s a shame. What is truly surprising is he and Jung So Min have excellent chemistry in this drama. I think they should have probably made her lead actress after seeing this drama now on ep 6.

    • 1.4 mo0mi

      tbh i’m turned off this drama not only because lee da hee is chosen and not JRW, but also the plot seems meh..
      revenge is overused and i love KJH but daniel choi as the third wheel? i wish i could have a drama to wait for, seriously i waited for miss korea and YWCFTS since the announcements and wasn’t disappointed, but now i don’t have anything to expect!

      • 1.4.1 Sandy

        I was turned off at first from watching, but it’s really good. Can’t say much for the romance, but the story is really, really good.

    • 1.5 Jessica


      I like Lee Da Hee way more than Jung Ryeo-won.

      I think Jung acts a bit… weird at times. Not sure what it is, but she looks a bit out of place in many dramas as a leading lady.

      She’s perfect as a secondary character though.

    • 1.6 AAAA

      I take back what I said about Lee Da Hee. I guess I was just upset the other actress would decline such a fine opportunity to work with arguably Korean drama industry’s most talented actor. I’ll be hopeful and optimistic, maybe they both never got any plastic surgery. I still prefer seeing real noses, eyes, and chins on the screen no matter what anyone else says 🙂 If that’s something that doesn’t bother you, then more power to you!

  2. chhavi

    *crossing my fingers*

  3. sososo

    @AAA, Jung Ryeo-won is not a natural beauty also, don’t be so lazy googling on that and just make fun of others.


    • 3.1 AAAA

      what? she wasn’t born with it? darn. are you sure? 100% certain? great, now it’s plastic vs. plastic.

      • 3.1.1 Ash

        tbh, I don’t get why being a “natural beauty” makes one actress better than another. Genes are the luck of the draw in the first place, and it’s not like changing your face suddenly bestows or removes talent. And let’s be real here: it’s the tv/film industry – you want good lead roles, then being less attractive isn’t really an option.

        Bashing people for the climate they have to work in just doesn’t seem fair to me.

      • 3.1.2 pogo

        why should you care so much about whether either of the actresses changed her face via surgery or not, as long as they can move their faces to be able to emote and look somewhat natural and human, it shouldn’t matter. And from what I’ve seen, Lee Da-hee and Jung Ryeo-won are good actresses (as are many others), plastic surgery or no.

        It’s not like having a nose job or jaw shaving reduces someone’s talent, and I’d much rather have the lead be a so-called ‘plastic’ with acting abilities than some ‘natural’ beauty who can’t act.

        • AAAA

          look somewhat human is all you care about? really? I see. find it hard to believe. I’d rather see a naturally ugly girl who can act rather than a girl who put herself under the knife, removing parts of her body, in order to boost her popularity. you don’t think life in Korea is hard enough as it is for women, now we also have to all have double eyelids, snow-white skin, high nose bridges, slender face, and puffy lips in order to receive approval and employment opportunities? sometimes you gotta change the way you think. look at the system and how it’s totally twisting your life around.

          • moose

            Exactly? It’s the system’s fault, not the actress’s. Lee Da Hee can act, so what’s the problem? You’re trivializing the reason why they do this. You think it’s all about popularity, but for many, it’s a dream that they want to accomplish. You’re trying to argue for talent over plastic surgery, but all I see is you focusing on looks over talent. Are you sure you’re truly aware of exactly how hard it is to live there? considering that you seem to look down on those who did cave to pressure. The ps has already been done, is there something she’s supposed to do about it now? Instead of shaming people for it, isn’t it better to just encourage people to be happy the way they are and give them support?

  4. Alyyy

    Ah! This piece of news makes me happy!

    Lee Da Hee was so good in “I Hear Your Voice”. I was really surprised by her performance. I think she’s capable of handling a lead role now.

    Let’s hope they change the title though.

    • 4.1 AAAA

      Yes, I admit Lee she has a certain charisma that’s hard to explain. She’s like a stoic barbie doll, or barbie’s serious older sister. And yes, she oozes tons of estrogen, which is why the director would cast her. But she’s got a kind of coldness that I’m not sure will respond well to KJH’s acting. He needs someone as passionate as he is, and as willing to get crazy. But I’m worried how well she would be able to handle the fiery comedy that KJH is capable of. And she tends to be really poker-faced. Results known until tested. It will either be amazing or amazingly bad.

      • 4.1.1 MO

        I know you’re an avid fan of KJH, but it seems like you’re giving LDH a bad review just because you’re butthurt about JRY passing this drama. It’s not like LDH is an experienced person, but get that she is still “new”. And it’s not like you can give a review based on her, considering her previous roles needs her acting to be “cold”.

        • Sandy

          Go check out Big Man, a great drama–but LDH is not a romantic lead. She’s to prime and proper. They should have given it to Jung So Min because she’s tearing her role up and on top of that–she has great chemistry with the lead actor.

      • 4.1.2 Sandy

        You are a freaking genius!!!!! You posted this back in February before he drama aired and you have nailed her personality in this drama, now going on episode 7. They have NO chemistry. However, he and Jung So Min (playing this sister) chemistry is WOW!!! He had a kissing scene with both actresses–one had passion, the other was cold. You guessed it, the lead actress was cold. Thank goodness the drama is good outside the romance.

        I’m copying your post to another thread because you capture what I’ve been stating.

    • 4.2 pogo

      That entire role (of Seo Do-yeon) was so unexpectedly awesome, and Lee Da-hee really did it justice. I was totally expecting her to be standard second lead bitch at the beginning, but then she turned out to be layered and complicated and genuine, and I just fell in love with her.

      Also, Jang-byun/’that bitch Seo Do-yeon’ (as she calls her) for life! <3

  5. Mandy

    I loved loved loved her in Secret – she was seriously fantastic and her agonizing, complicated and somewhat passionate chemistry with BSB was even better than the OTP. I always thought she was leading lady material so I’m really glad she’s getting her big break with a network channel.

    I wasn’t gonna watch this since none of the other cast members are actors I’m fond of and neither is the PD. But I may have to rethink that now.

    • 5.1 Krystal.Anne

      same here.. i wasn’t originally planning to watch this one because i’m neither Kang Ji Hwan nor Choi Daniel’s fan though i have watch atleast 1 or 2 of their dramas but if Lee Da Hee takes it then i guess i’ll atleast have to give it a try and just hope it was good.. I like her since i watch her in ‘I Hear Your Voice’ because i thought her acting was really good and then i happen to watch her again in Secrets (who i only started watching because it was beating Heirs in ratings and i’m curious if it was really good) and among the cast i actually like her acting the most alongside BSB.. They just have this aura that command attention when they’re on screen that made you stop what you’re doing and focus on them..

      • 5.1.1 AAAA

        Not a Kang Ji Hwan fan yet? We must do something about that! I offer you “Be Strong Geum Soon” and humbly ask you your opinion after you are done. At this point in his career, he is fresh-faced and I’d call him one of Korea’s biggest hunks ever. Plus, the drama is highly enjoyable. One of the highest rated dramas, over 40% viewership. He appears in the main actress’s life after a few episodes, so be patient. You’ll end up falling in love with both leads, and their families. This drama is impossible not to love once you get into it. Really good writing and really sweet ending.

  6. The Real CZ

    I absolutely love Lee Da Hee, so I hope she takes the role. I like Jung So Min too, but I only saw her in a few episodes of Bad Guy before I dropped it (and judging by the reviews of that drama, it’s a great thing that I did). I like both actors, and Kang Ji Hwan has been in some of my favorite dramas over the years (Capital Scandal, Incarnation of Money), so I just hope the writing and directing is solid since the cast is pretty solid.

    • 6.1 pogo

      If you really want to see the full extent of Jung So-min’s abilities, I strongly recommend Can We Get Married.

      It’s easily one of the best kdramas of the last five years, has a fantastic cast, and JSM holds her own against some true veterans, not least among them being Lee Mi-sook.

  7. Jess

    She was like a rating-magnet last year. Maybe the trend will continue?

  8. dearly

    For Lee Da Hee, I’m in. She was fantastic in “I Hear Your Voice” so I’m happy that she’s now considering the leading lady and no longer the second lead. I hope she accepts it.

    Big Man doesn’t sounds interesting. Why not change it to “Despair Angel”, “Empire Enemy”, or “Empire Man”? The title suggestions should refer to the yin-yang (dark-cold, nice-evil).

  9. canxi

    Lee Da Hee is a such a pleasant surprise.

    I can’t really explain but she didn’t seem to me like someone who would be a really good actress. Maybe it was the characters she was cast on but she is really great. It’s like you come in thinking she’ll play the same ‘ole stock second lead but she adds such a nice layer. I really like her.

  10. 10 sara

    She was the only thing I liked in IHYV! I’m still re-watching the court scene with her dad..glad she landed on her first lead role with KJH.

    She’s ridiculously thin though! she should put some weight

  11. 11 sogazelle

    She is too thin for me…too sickly looking.

    Definitely not my favorite…acting and looks wise.

    And if she accepts, I will be really saddened because I just adore…I mean really adore….KJH!

    therefore I’ll have to bear Lee Da Hee

    On a side note: Both Lee Da Hee/Hae are some of the 2 most looking plastic Korean actresses.
    To each their own, I just find it interesting that they have the same name.
    Lee Da Hae is almost unrecognizable in the recent pictures from Hotel King script reading.

    • 11.1 AAAA

      yes… Lee’s face has something unnaturally beautiful about it, which bothers me as an artist. can’t explain it, I’ll need more time to study her face to be able to put into words what exactly is off. all I’m going to say about her looks is that girl was born beautiful, and even if it wasn’t exactly doll-like, she was a very very pretty girl. now she’s beautiful, but in a plastic and slightly creepy way. I’m really not trying to be mean to her, or to any other reader who might have had some surgery done. I’m no beauty in real life, either. And I have some really beautiful people in my life, even some who are beautiful and tall enough to be models, who if they wanted to, could have become supermodels if they went back to Asia to expand their careers but chose to settle down in the US. yes, it’s unfair to be 5’3″ when your other family members are 5’8″ and getting all the attention since childhood. but you just have to deal with what life gives you and make the best of it. personally I couldn’t stand the pain of plastic surgery.

      • 11.1.1 Jacek

        I find her face unnatural, too. I really believe she got some works done but this never bothered me because that’s how Korean showbiz works. Living in the U.S. is the biggest difference between you and her. While you get to live a normal life even if you were below average looking, she wouldn’t have much chance at almost anything let alone being an actress if she looked like you did. The cultures are very different as Korea highly values outside appearance. For instance, a job application will require a photo of the applicant with it. That’s the reality and to survive, she did what she had to. I just hope you understand her a bit better and possibly look at her at new perspective.

  12. 12 crazedlu

    I like her.

  13. 13 blahbahbah

    I don’t hate Lee Da Hee, but just can’t picture KJH and her together… can’t see the chemistry there. Jung Ryeo-won definitely would have been a better pair with KJH. They both can give off that same lovey-dovey-crazy-funny air. Sigh… I’m disappointed that she didn’t sign on.

    • 13.1 AAAA

      sigh… I’m sighing with you here on that! I’d just love to know why exactly her agency turned down this role. Those heartless bastards, lolz. Did she have a personal dislike for KJH and his previous characters? Maybe she just doesn’t like crazy men like we here do. There are some girls in this world who prefer their men mature, grown up, and restrained. Hard to imagine, but I guess to each their own 😛

  14. 14 AAAA

    I’d also like to add on the side that KJH has an extremely kissable neck and great shoulders & back for piggyback riding (watch Be Strong Geum Soon for proof of that) Those are his special features which I have not seen since in any dramas for some reason and miss for some reason! To the stylist for Big Man, please let him wear lots of unbuttoned shirts so we can see his lovely alabaster big manly neck rowr! (I am not like this in real life, I don’t know what got into me. Maybe seeing my comment liked 500+ times pushed me over the edge today. Thank you all, lovely people)

  15. 15 zia

    i don`t know that KJW has very immature fan who hates plastic so much. I saw some in soompi too, his fans tend to hate many women.

    • 15.1 AAAA

      not liking plastic surgery = immaturity? lol then I’d rather not be mature 🙂

      • 15.1.1 plastic

        at least raise your standard a bit-immature is ok, but respect your standard and your fav actor/actress . Looking at your post will make some thinking “poor Kang Ji Hwan”.

        • AAAA

          Joking aside (after all, this is just entertainment news. nobody died) I’m probably older than you and have seen and experienced more things, and my policy is zero tolerance for plastic surgery- unless you were disfigured in an accident. it’s just not worth it, believe me. physically, psychologically, or emotionally.

          • Silverteem

            With the way on how you described it – makes me think that you had one done yourself.

  16. 16 sososo

    Hah, Lee Da Hee has confirmed she will join in.

    so, to those policy maker, hate it or like it, you have to bear the screen time with your so PERFECT KANG JI HWAN.

    In real life, he did go out with another plastic Lee, that you hate so much-Lee Da Hae and Kang Ji Hwan had a holiday in my country Thailand.

    • 16.1 AAAA

      how can I hate someone I don’t know? I don’t know the other Lee actress. I want to go to Thailand someday too, with KJH 😀

  17. 17 kanz

    She’s not a bad actress. But if I could pick between her and Jung Ryeo Won, definitely JRW..

    JRW has so much warmth and her looks is unconventional. Still, because I love LDH in IHYV, maybe I’ll watch a few eps of this drama

  18. 18 lulu

    She’s so pretty.
    I saw her in Happy Together and she didn’t seem comfortable being interviewed at all, not even a relaxed setting like Happy Together. She also cried when the hosts said they didn’t really like the dish she had prepared. Talk about sensitive!

  19. 19 whitewire

    Contrary to popular opinion, I actually prefer Lee Da-hee than Jung Ryeo-won for this lead role. I want LDH to soar high! I saw potential in her in Secret and I Hear Your Voice.
    (I’m the absolute #1 lunatic crazy fanatic of King of Dramas so I acknowledge JRW as an actress.)
    But, because of this news, Lee Da-hee, pls accept this, and I’m willing to watch this drama for you! Fighting!

  20. 20 enna

    I will watch this drama if Lee Da Hee took the lead role, love her in secret..

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