Calling all Beanies to Beantown: Dramabeans in Boston
by | March 17, 2014 | 67 Comments

As promised, javabeans and I will be heading to Boston for an event at Harvard University on Friday, April 4. If you’re in the Boston area, come out and see us! The Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association invited us to come talk about running the site, beauty norms, gender roles, and and stereotypes in dramas. I don’t know if there’s enough time to cover all those topics in one sitting (Have you heard us ramble in our podcasts?) but we’ll do our very best.

We hope to see lots of friendly Beanie faces there!

Friday, April 4, 2014
8 to 11 PM (ish)
Sever Hall 113
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

This is a ticketed event for $10 admission, open to the general public. You can buy tickets online.

For more info, contact the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association.


67 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. shuchi

    is that you guys?which one is JB and which one GF?

    • 1.1 Eva

      The picture is of Gong Hyo Jin & Shin Min Ah.
      JB & GF are much more pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 1.1.1 Fab

        Shin Min ah looks so much different here, couldn’t recognize her with that tan and hair.

        But you could say SMA is Javabeans and Girlfriday is GHJ. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • shuchi

          ohh..silly me,couldn’t recognize them from mobile!

        • mira

          what if it was really them and they’ve been trolling everyone all this time ?
          how good is Gong Hyo Jin and Shin Min Ah’s English ?

          • pogo

            Gong Hyo-jin’s English is pretty near perfect since she spent high school in Australia. Don’t know about SMA.

            And she and Shin Mina are real-life besties, just like JB and GF….let’s get out the tin hats and conspiracy theories NOW!

          • Cid


      • 1.1.2 Annnsow

        Lol I was gonna sayโ€ฆ Omg guys you look like korean stars wth! One of you looks like Gong Hyo Jin!

        xD I wanna see JB @ GF I’m sure they’re 10x more pretty :p

    • 1.2 snow

      LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

      But I must say Gong Hyo Jin is looking a bit like JB here….

      • 1.2.1 pogo

        also side note, GHJ’s hair looks AMAZING in that pic. SMA could probably use it as a mirror, it’s that shiny.

  2. redfox

    wish I could meet some of you in Europe.
    Instead I am busy sending Vladimir Putin links to Boys Over Flowers, Gaksital and Three Days, hoping, for one, to make him a drama addict so heยดd stop being the terrorist, and two, to compare him to the baddies. Especially jun pyoยดs mom.

    • 2.1 Fab

      LOL. Yeah that old hag totally needs a hobby to keep him busy.

      • 2.1.1 Megan

        But I thought stealing back Soviet era countries WAS his hobby. Its more fun scaring the crap out of Europe and the US than it is having to do work and looking at the value of rubles drop everyday.

        But yeah, I think he would like sageuk drama’s the best. Ones with lots of martial arts in them.

    • 2.2 redfox

      actually, it would be great if other Dramabeaners could do that as well, on the Kreml home page.

      what would they think if everyone started recommending watching dramas instead of harrassing free countries….

    • 2.3 2-sides-to-every-story

    • 2.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I picture Putin as more the baddie from King2Hearts

      • 2.4.1 korfan


  3. hatchii

    While you are in Boston, try Oishii Japanese restaurant of Rod Dee, the best thai food in town!

    • 3.1 nhyn

      Second that!

      • 3.1.1 DMJ

        Don’t forget to stop by at the Paramount at 44 Charles st, Becon hill for Sat/Sun Brunch! They are the best in Boston, but be prepare for a long lining.. :))

    • 3.2 Rawrling

      A Japanese restaurant serving the best Thai food? lol.

    • 3.3 Jasmin Rice

      Is that Japanese or Thai restaurant.?
      Or Japanese with the best Thai food in Boston.

      Just curious. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 3.4 wickedwings

      How come a Thai food restaurant named Oishii?

  4. ilikemangos

    Too far for me, as usual.. Have fun everyone!

    Just the other day i was going through some pics of the shin min ah – gong hyo jin coupling. These two besties are so adorable together!! I want to see both back in another drama or film.. Particularly you shin min ah, who seems to be going incognito these days..

    • 4.1 pogo

      They are the cutest together, especially since Shin Mina has the most obvious and adorable case of unnie-worship of GHJ for more than half her life.

      (which is totally understandable, because I have it too. And I want her movies with Jo Jong-seok and Park Hae-il to come out soon!)

  5. jomo's phone

    I should go. It’s only a 10 hour drive. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Julia? JoAnne?

    • 5.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I’ll be there for sure. Please let us meet up and have dinner together or something. @JoAnne @Jomo

      • 5.1.1 trisha

        you guys have the username started with J and seems as GFF. You all should make a trio of something.

      • 5.1.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        I’m staying at the Courtyard Marriot
        342 Speen St, Natick, US 01760

        Arrive Thu – leave Sat. A swing by HMart somewhere along the way to stock up.

        Totally want to connect with some other drama fans for lunch or an early dinner friday or saturday.

        • aurohm

          110 a night? eek. are there any cheaper hotels? i’m from ny, 17 years old…. :'( do you know if there’s any hotels that are like…. 40 dollars for a night lol.

  6. VanillaSalt

    i wish there was one in LA

  7. buticut

    Wish I wouldn’t live at the other side of the world LOL. Hope all beanies attending will have a great time…I mean, I know they will! I’ve listened to some of your podcasts and you girls are absolutely hysterical.

  8. samsooki

    Woo… that’s less than 100 yards from my former freshman dormitory…

    JB and GF should have done this back when people were telnetting and IRC-ing (sigh, doubtful any of you youngsters even know what that was…. I am so old…) then I could have just walked over … now I am miles and many decades removed.

    • 8.1 Eva

      I still remember those days. I’m 30 with a Bachelor’s in CS. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 8.2 pogo

      I do know IRC *coughfansubsandscanlationscough*, but then, I’m old too.

      I’m jealous of the many cool people Harvard gets to speak to its students. I mean, they had J.K. Rowling, and now they have JB and GF….

    • 8.3 Denali

      Nice to read from you again, Samsooki.
      *toasting to City Hall days*

      You are so not old – my 1st day in computer class consisted of inserting 8-inch floppy disk into the FDD, which was “such a blast”, back in the days. ^^

      • 8.3.1 cingdoc

        I can beat that…papercards with holes punched on them for computer to read

      • 8.3.2 cingdoc

        I can beat that…. Papercards with holes punched in them for the computer to read

        • Mrgrt

          Me too!

    • 8.4 cingdoc

      @samsooki awwww….so close, chingu…you should go…the ladies would love to see The Samsooki’s fam…. I know I would

    • 8.5 cherkell

      Samsooki dahling!!! Good to see you’ve returned! We may be on the same calendar page here — remember the PROFS e-mail system that was only telnetted between certain college campuses? My first feeble attempts at coding FORTRAN and COBOL. Ah, good times.

      Have fun, Boston Beanies! Just bring wine, and no one will get hurt. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 8.5.1 AnotherFan

        Oh I know telnet and IRC too, well then I am kinda old ๐Ÿ™‚
        I started my CS degree back in the days when C++ was considered a really cool language and I learned Java on my first job..

  9. m

    darn it – of course this happens AFTER i move out of Boston. have fun & enjoy beantown!

  10. 10 nhyn

    Aaaahhh noooooo I’ve been waiting for you guys to come to Boston since forever and the one day you’re here I have to be away on a business trip!!!!! It’s 10 minutes from my apartment too! ๐Ÿ™

  11. 11 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Any recommendation on nearby hotels? The Boston Seaport Hotel I like to stay in has no rooms available. The Boston Harbor hotel is $420/night (choke).

    I’ll probably end up at the Courtyard Marriot on Speen St in Natick because it is right off the Mass Pike and I know how to get there and the rooms are nice plus a good breakfast and a pool. $112/night.

    So what is the best way to get to the event in Cambridge? By T? How late will the T run? What line/stop do I get off?

    • 11.1 DMJ

      I would recommend Hosteling International Boston at 19 Stuart Street, Chinatown. Although it’s not in Cambridge area, it’s really near T red and orange line. It’s a hostel but they have both private and dorm rooms with free breakfast. I stayed in their dorm room when I was in Boston for couple days and really impressed with the hostel.

      You can ride T read line nearby the hostel to Harvard square for about 19 minutes.

      Here their website: (

      • 11.1.1 Katie

        It’s a brand new hostel…opened up within the last 1-2 years so it hasn’t gotten all gross yet. I haven’t stayed there, but it’s near my gym (the Y).

        To get to Harvard, it’s pretty straightforward take the Red line towards Alewife and get off at Harvard Square.

        If you’re taking the Green Line, connect at Park Street. If you’re taking Orange connect at Downtown Crossing.

        • Katie

          Granted, I’m not advocating for the hostel, I’ve never stayed in one in the US, only in Europe, so it’s a little different haha. But hey if the other hotels are crazy ($420?! Sheesh, it’s Boston, not NYC or London :P) then I’d go for a hostel.

    • 11.2 papillon

      the T runs til around 12-1 AM ish. To get to Harvard take the red line

  12. 12 Hanan


  13. 13 Eileen

    OMG! Who’s going to be there? We should do a meetup before and after! I propose #dbmeetup if you’re on twitter!

    I went to NY last time when they all came over last time, and it was great! Hoping to see more of you guys on my home turf!

  14. 14 Katie

    ERGH. $10? Of course Harvard would charge lol. That aside, I’m excited you girls are coming to Beantown, wish you could have done an outside event as well ya know where we could all drink lol.

  15. 15 Lana

    Noooo, I just moved out of bean town and you guy decide to come now. Not fair. Sob……

  16. 16 korfan

    Awww, can’t attend ….. but wishing all those who are a wonderful time!

  17. 17 Ami309

    I wanna go there! But actually it’s sooooo far from my city and country. Maybe 12 hours or more by plane to get there (I’m from indonesia).
    I hope both of you will come to our country, cus there are so many drama and korean wave lovers here… ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 18 Pakykul Gunk

    wish I can be there

  19. 19 Mohammed

    Lucky to you beanies in US, you get to meet Javebeans and Girlfriday so often. That would be as awesome as seeing my fav K-drama actors in a fanmeeting ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maybe there will be an event in somewhere in Europe in the future. K-drama,Dramabeans fans over here too.

  20. 20 Kay

    Ack I’m so upset! After living there for 3.5 years, and literally beside Harvard, I just moved a month ago~!!!


  21. 21 Sei Ryoku

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEE Oh my gosh April 4th is my birthday!

    And now I realize that I live nowhere near Boston.. T^T ^_^
    But seriously, thank you ma’ams for working hard as you do and planning and prepping and writing (a LOT) for us beaniebays!

    Thank you for the awesome present – even if I will be staring wistfully out my window, wishing I was there. ^_^


  22. 22 hatchii

    Oopsie. Oishi is the best japanese restaurant in town. Rod dee is the best Thai resto in town.

  23. 23 Kdramalover

    I’m going I already purchased my ticket I’m very excited can’t wait

  24. 24 Yee

    Yes!!! Lucky enough to be in NYC for a business trip when Dramabeans did the NYC meet-up and now they will be in my neck of the woods!

    I’ve bought my ticket and will be there!! Can’t wait!!

  25. 25 princessjihyo

    lol the standard/premium female dorm is sold out for the hostel on that date. figures. ๐Ÿ™

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