Dramabeans at KPOPCON in March
by | February 15, 2014 | 27 Comments

Attention, Bay Area Beanies!

Girlfriday and I will be heading a panel at KPOPCON, which is a K-pop-centric event held at UC Berkeley that’ll take place on March 8-9 this year. The event will include panels, dance workshops, an open-mic talent show, and fan meet-up booths.

Among other things, we’ll be talking about idols and dramas and idols IN dramas, which should be lots of fun. We’re not sure this conversation will go the way they want it to go, but they asked, we agreed. Our friend Stephanie from Viki will also be on the panel; if you attended the drama panel at KCON last year, you’ll recognize her as the moderator there.

If you guys go, be sure to say hi to us! We probably can’t organize a separate meetup this time, but we’d still love to chat with anyone who drops by.

Registration is still open; check out their site for more information. The event is open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Workshop Session III
3:10 PM – 4:40 PM
Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley


27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mawiie

    NOOOOO! I will happen to be in California (all the way from East Coast Canada!) at the time, but I’ll probably be sitting on a train from LA to SF at that moment. Can’t believe I’ll be so close and yet still miss this *cries*

  2. MeeisLee

    I was holding my breath that just maybe, just maybeeee kpopcon would in NY or somewhere close by on the east coast so I could attend but alas, gorgeous and very warm Cali has all the fun :(. I hope everyone that can go has loads of fun times and get to meet the lovelies from DB!

    • 2.1 m

      You know that Kpopcon is a fanmade event by the Kpop fans of UC Berkeley and that no actual Kpop idols make appearances there, right? All the performances at Kpopcon are by Kpop dance cover groups. If you want your own Kpopcon in NY, get your university to start one of their own.

  3. Ivy

    SO envious of my friend in Cali who gets the good weather and gets to go, while I’m in rainy England..
    But awesome that u guys r arranging this!
    Hopefully by the time I do my postgrad in Cali, I can go XD

  4. jomo

    It would be interesting/ironic if they ask. “How good are all the idols in dramas?” and your reply is that they usually aren’t. Would that be against the rules?

    • 4.1 Cindy8

      I’m trying to imagine the reactions on their faces lol

  5. cherkell

    COOL. Thanks for the heads-up — I just registered. See you (and other DBers) there!!!

  6. skelly

    My daughter goes to Cal, in fact she has classes in Dwinelle. I will try to be there. When it comes to idols in dramas, Ive got your back.

  7. ktiep

    I’ll BART over after my morning in SF. Are all the idols terrible in dramas?

  8. ricky

    It’s my birthday weekend and Berkeley is just a short bart ride away. As a present to myself, I’ll try to make it out there.

    • 8.1 skelly

      Happy Birthday!

      Should the beaners who are going ID themselves in some way? A pink carnation in the buttonhole?

  9. tigerl21

    I will be running a booth at the meetup! I hope I will have time to stop by and say “hi”

  10. 10 Eien

    Wow, why am I not in America? This sounds like fun 🙂
    I’m stuck here in Bordeaux, slaving away for my last year of Masters.
    I need a break T___T

  11. 11 jubilantia

    ohmygosh. I might… I might actually be able to make this. EEEEEEEE

  12. 12 Gaeina Lee

    Have to ensure my niece who’s a student there to attend and meet up with you guys. Now auntie is envying her.. >.<

  13. 13 Joy

    oh the cons of living in Canada…. :c

  14. 14 Suzi Q


    Both of my sons graduated from CAL so I’m familiar with the campus which I usually take the Bart to Berkeley.

    Unfortunately, I’ll be in Mexico on a cruise. I wish I could meet with you girls. I’m a fan and I enjoy your recaps so much.

    I wish I could attend. So near…. ; (

  15. 15 Fiona

    Aha, so THAT’S why I spotted a KPOPCON table on campus on my way to work yesterday! Count me in!

  16. 16 Flo Oy Womg

    I am a devoted Elder K drama fan. I cannot believe that you will be coming to Cal Berkeley. My conflict is that I have committed to another event in SF. Have to figure out how to get to your event. Will I be the only Elder among youthful passionate K drama fans if I come?

    • 16.1 skelly

      Heck no, I am 52.

    • 16.2 ktiep

      I’m 54 and plan to be there. And I go to FanimeCon every year too.

  17. 17 Stephanie

    Wow it’s cheap, fun and extensive! We’ll never have that in sg.

  18. 18 hapacalgirl

    Why couldn’t cool stuff like this happen BEFORE I graduated from Berkeley and moved back to southern california ::sadface:: . Although i am always looking for a reason to fly up and visit my alma mater, unfortunately due to grad school and volunteering commitments i will not be able to attend this. So jealous of the lucky attendees though.

    Hopefully your panel is in the main lecture room because It is easy to get lost in Dwinelle since the floorplan makes no sense (apparently it was meant to be two buildings but they didnt have room and ended up combining the two).

  19. 19 korfan

    Unfortunately, I cannot attend this event. Bummer.

    Perhaps another time.

    To everyone attending though, have a wonderful time!

  20. 20 MystikGem

    Darn. Missing yet another DB gathering.

    If you ever want to ditch KPOPCON, there’s a group going to Winebocon (5th annual meetup!) the same weekend in Carmel/Monterey. Except, it’s limited to a small group. Just saying.

  21. 21 Sadie

    i wish oh i wish i could go 🙁

  22. 22 soomp

    I won’t come to man the Soompi table, but I’ll come to see you ladies 😀

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