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Suits and car chases in KBS’s Big Man
by | March 24, 2014 | 50 Comments

The next batch of shows are heading into production, and with that come first stills: Here’s our first glimpse at KBS’s Big Man (which I keep hoping will change its name—I know it’s late but a girl can hope), which is the rags-to-riches-to-revenge story starring Kang Ji-hwan and Daniel Choi.

With both of them playing chaebols (and big men, snerk), we can anticipate rivalry and, by the looks of it, plenty of suit-offs. In the present day they’re both polished adults, but they got there on vastly disparate tracks: Kang Ji-hwan plays a character who was a dirt-poor orphan who later finds out he’s the eldest son in a chaebol family, while Daniel Choi is the one who grew up a chaebol his whole life. I suspect that Daniel Choi doesn’t have a huge problem with his current station in life, but it’s Kang Ji-hwan who realizes that his new family and status comes with a whole world of hurt. When it threatens to destroy him, he finds himself in the fight against power and society in order to protect the ones he loves.

Also in the cast is Lee Da-hee (Secret) as the woman who aligns with (and then falls for) our wronged hero. Jung So-min (Can We Marry) plays the privileged chaebol sister to Daniel Choi, and Han Sang-jin (Birth Secret) has been cast as her former tutor who was able to gain entree into the chaebol corporation through the connection, who then harbors a one-sided love for her. So much one-sided love in this drama, though I suppose dramaland would be no fun if everyone got loved back. And by fun I mean full of pain and tears, of course.

Big Man will replace Full SuN on Mondays and Tuesdays, premiering in April.

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50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Alex

    Another “switched fortunes” plot? Seems like every other drama has one of those…

    Well, I’ll give this one a try because I like the actors. I thought Lee Da-hee was very good in “I can hear your voice”, and this sounds like an interesting role for Kang Ji-hwan!

  2. Helen

    Choi Daniel. Looking sharp as always :3

  3. windsun33

    “..who was a dirt-poor orphan who later finds out he’s the eldest son in a chaebol family..”

    Golly gee – why does that plot sound a bit familiar?

    • 3.1 Langit13iru

      I know right is it coz of Inheritance of Money drama.

      • 3.1.1 A

        Incarnation Of Money*********

  4. Dorotka

    I’m not much interested in the story… but I may check it out because of Jung Somin. I find her a talented actress and I have missed her.

  5. Perevell

    Ah. The premise doesn’t sound that great. But.

    Choi Daniel.

    Why. You and your adorable specs. How can I not watch you?

    • 5.1 divyrus

      Exactly !

      • 5.1.1 Lilian

        Ooh…I miss him too from School 2013!

        • pogo

          me too! I saw that drama special of his with BoA, but I wish he was lead in a full length series now.

  6. kanz

    I don’t understand why he needs revenge?! He’s poor and then adopted by chaebol and feels wronged therefore revenge against his family. Why? Oh well, it seems every person in Korea wants revenge against anyone else. It’s no kdrama if it didn’t involve revenge one way or another. The story seems similar with Five Fingers, where the male lead is orphan then been brought to chaebol family and wants revenge against his family

    • 6.1 running_wild

      He’s tricked. He’s actually not a chaebol son.

    • 6.2 themugen

      Thought I read somewhere (perhaps here) rhat he waa teicked into thinking he was a chaebol just so rhat he’d give a transplant to someone (Choi Daniel? ) ans then he was discarded like trash. But maybe im thinking od another drama?

      • 6.2.1 themugen

        *that he was tricked

        Damn tablet sorry for my misspelled words, wish I could edit them.

  7. howforwardsale

    Can there be suit-offs everyday?!

    • 7.1 jensredshoes

      Yes please! Although I’m biased and think KJH would always win. Mmmmmmmmm!

  8. Mandy

    Am I the only one who loves it that they haven’t changed the name yet? It is way too entertaining to give up on 😛

    On a more serious note, I really wish KJH would dye his hair another collie eventually. That brown is so unflattering. Daniel Choi, on the other hand, is so hot. As is LDH. I loved her in Secret, so I’m excited to see her in a positive role.

  9. John

    I like the two male leads and Jung So-min. I’ll give it couple of episodes and see.

  10. 10 Rushie

    And it helps that both men look fabulous in their suits. Min min, I don’t see any picture of her.

  11. 11 AAAA

    Kang Jihwan, you studmuffin, you. Kept me waitin’ long enough, bad boy~~~ By the way, SBS failed to recognize him at their end of the year award ceremony. He got nuttin’ for the amazing performance he pulled off in Incarnation of Money. Messed up. No wonder he switched to KBS this year… SBS, I hope you cry!

  12. 12 pootah

    Yay! waiting for this because of Oppa Ji Hwan-shi. <3

    Though the story is kinda cliche already but I'll give it a try because of Kang Ji hwan.

    His looks in the photoshoot was the looks he had in Lie to Me. I missed him a lot. 🙂

  13. 13 emma

    cant scriptwriters come up with other stories?
    all these fortunes switch around stories is getting stale.

    • 13.1 AAAA

      The screenwriter for Big Man is so-so. I’m brokenhearted that Cha Seung Won landed the drama You’re All Surrounded on SBS, which is being written by the screenwriter who wrote Kang Jihwan’s breakout drama Be Strong, Geum Soon.

    • 13.2 topper

      With demand comes supply. This type of story gears towards ratings.

  14. 14 cherish

    i’ve always been a huge fan of KJW but i wish the lead actress is someone in my A list of K actresses, i’m sorry but i don’t like LDH, her face seems like too many cosmetic jobs done, not natural! she’s also stiff in her acting in the 2 dramas i’ve seen of her! i’ll watch coz of my guy KJH fighting!

  15. 15 Nuha

    Ah, Daniel Choi. Such a handsome man to be in a show that is so utterly uninteresting to me.

  16. 16 Mar

    Kang Ji-hwan
    Jung So-min
    That’s two characters that are awesome at quirky.
    I like the supporting cast.

    Daniel Choi
    Lee Da-hee

    Will KJH and JSM get to be quirky?

    I’ve not watched anything by the director except My Fair Lady which was a total waste of BB cream for a great cast.
    I’ve not watched anything from the writer.

    A tentative maybe?

    • 16.1 givemekimminjong

      How is DANIEL CHOI a CON? I know people have different tastes and preferences but this is Daniel Choi we’re talking about. To say he’s a con is to say rainbows and butterflies are atrocious, and unicorns are not real.

      • 16.1.1 divyrus

        Unicorns are not real 😛

        But I do agree, in no way he is a con !

        • givemekimminjong

          No you’re wrong unicorns are very real and i refuse to believe otherwise

        • givemekimminjong

          No you’re wrong unicorns are very real and i refuse to believe otherwise. i just saw one on my way home yesterday.

      • 16.1.2 Mar

        For MY Pros and Cons list, Daniel Choi is a con. I’m allowed to do that, on account, you know, of having an individual thought process and personal preference. You go right ahead and enjoy him lol.

    • 16.2 Fab

      Noo all the cast are Pros(which is the only good thing about this drama so far)!! Especially Daniel Choi! He is Quirky with a capital Q.

      It’s a really good cast for a not so good drama considering the writers and the directors history. Crosses fingers.

  17. 17 damai

    I want to see bromance of that two hot man in suit!!

  18. 18 Carinne

    I can’t stop giggling seeing KJH with that green trucker hat. Weird but in a good way. I

    LDH as lead actress? She was awesome in ICHYV. She’s one of my girl crushes. I wish I had her model figure.

    I feel bad having not seen the last KJH drama and movie. Recaps were my salvation.

    • 18.1 AAAA

      If you noticed the Hanja on the cap- it says “Cho/Jo”, which is his real surname as well as the name for his own agency. So I think either it’s his own cap, or given to him by a fan. Oh, you should totally watch Incarnation of Money when you have time. He is wonderful in it. He SO deserved best actor award for SBS, but for whatever reason, popularity or whatnot, it went to So Ji Sub instead for Master’s Sun. The amount of work that Kang Jihwan put into Incarnation of Money was way, way, way, more than the So Ji Sub’s lightweight role (I enjoyed both dramas and both actors) Seriously, their performances cannot even be compared. Even Kang Jihwan said, Incarnation of Money was his most difficult role so far. And that’s saying something.

      • 18.1.1 pogo

        er, if you think a comedic role requires less ‘work’ than a dramatic role just because it’s ‘light’……

        • AAAA

          If you’ve seen both dramas, then you will be able to understand what I mean, and how unfair it seems… as I said, I enjoyed both dramas and like both actors.

  19. 19 allaussiesstink

    only bad thing is, ji hwan doesn’t have a deep voice, so necessary for a drama hero

    • 19.1 AAAA

      His voice grew on me. I love it now. In fact, I wish I didn’t like him so much! Deep voices get boring after awhile, like Cha Seung Won and So Ji Sub. Kang Jihwan’s voice is very pleasant to listen to, I wouldn’t mind listening to his voice on a daily basis.

      • 19.1.1 jensredshoes

        I agree! He’s so cute when he talks softly.

  20. 20 TS

    I love a good suit-off.

  21. 21 WBraa

    My favourite mum! Ill defintely be tuning in

  22. 22 Laden

    Just when I just started missing kang ji hwan in his spiffy suits,mehn does that guy look so good in suits,he just has that amazing body(a la Lie To Me)
    Now he’s back!!!

    • 22.1 AAAA

      Yes, the problem with Kang Jihwan and his suitacular body, is, how the hell am I going to find any guy half as hot as he in real life? This is a real conundrum. He’s upped the bar so much.

  23. 23 sharown

    My wish list for the lead actress for KJH:

    Son Ye jin
    Kim ha neul
    Ha ji won
    yoon euh hye
    han hye jin
    han ji hye
    and many other faves of mine!!! i’m not keen with this new actress! mian mian for her fans

    • 23.1 AAAA

      Cool. My wish list:

      Jun Ji-hyun (My Love From The Star)
      Song Hye-kyo (Full House)
      Gong Hyo-jin (Master’s Sun)
      Lee Bo-young (I Can Hear Your Voice)
      Kim Sun-a (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon)
      Lee Soo-kyung (Let’s Eat)
      Park Hee-bon (Shut Up Family)

  24. 24 Hawjimage

    Love both male leads, but don’t care for the female lead. What to do….

  25. 25 Sadie

    honestly…the ‘old me’ wouldn’t mind watching this…but these days…i really can’t watch too much sad things. angsty things really get me depressed and down… 🙁

  26. 26 Jenna

    I will watch this drama for Lee Da Hee and Daniel Choi !!! Lee Da Hee was so charismatic in almost every role that she took and she deserve the leading role. Just can’t wait for their collaboration.

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