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Meet the cast (posters) for Joseon Gunman
by | June 12, 2014 | 53 Comments

Gorgeous. I love these posters for Joseon Gunman, which are just so crisp and rich in detail with a lovely touch of grit. They read, from top to bottom:

Group poster, above: “In this time of enlightenment, a man with a gun appeared.”

Lee Jun-ki and Nam Sang-mi: “I will protect you, no matter what…” (This tagline gets repeated in Lee Jun-ki’s solo poster, with the additional line, “The gunman who harbors a knife in his heart,” metaphorically speaking.)

Nam Sang-mi: “Please promise me, that you will survive. –The woman who harbors a new world in her heart.

Han Joo-wan: “To me, revolution was you. –The lonely revolutionary

Jeon Hye-bin: “Even if I had to exchange you for the entire world, I wanted to have you. –The flame of desire” (Her description explains that her dream was to have the whole world in her hand, but her love for the hero sways her to changing her dream to having him instead.)

Yoo Oh-sung: “I will not let even one infidel walk away alive. –The ambitious sniper

June 25, where aaaare youuuuuuuuu?

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53 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. shisuisen

    The posters are all so pretty~ They all looked more like posters for movies~ Can’t wait for this drama!

  2. crisu

    2 weeks! Toooooooooo long!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Quiet Thought

    All the Bad Guys use Mausers . . .

  4. utopious

    Simply beaaatifuuulll!

    Lee Jun Ki looks so damn dashing even with the dirt lol

    • 4.1 Claire

      I don’t think a mere dirt will be able to erase Joon Ki beautiful striking feature….

      Im so with you DB…
      June 25th ..Where are you ?………….


  5. cr

    Gah. These posters are GORGEOUS.
    Nuff said.

  6. Chandler

    Okay. Lee Jun-Ki has gotten increasingly sexier in all his post-army projects.

    But this. THIS. This takes the cake. I mean, all rugged and covered in dirt, that’s how I like’em. And so this shall be crack this summer. No no no, don’t tell me not to get my hopes up. This WILL be my crack this summer. I have faith.

    Oh, and Nam Sang-Mi’s poster is puuurrrrrtyyy (but this doesn’t mean I don’t wish that I was the one riding on LJK’s back *sigh*)

  7. Andy Blue Skies

    We have to wait Two Weeks to see LJK? Haha. Just read what I wrote….

  8. damianna

    Certain lyrics come to mind

    ~He’s got looks that books take pages to tell~

  9. san


  10. 10 nisa

    Just come quickly, drama… seems like time is getting longer within this waiting, maybe i’m too excited. LJK and NSM poster is just awesome… i will go down with this ship.

  11. 11 paper

    Good LAWD these posters are so exquisite!!!
    The colours of the costumes in this drama are gonna kill my eyes @_@ SO DANG PRETTY!!!

  12. 12 madame kim


  13. 13 Uhnny

    These are oh so gorgeous!!!
    Amazeballs! 👏

  14. 14 Manin

    The posters are so awesome. Cannot wait until this starts. You better be good show you hear me!

    Also while I do feel like we have seen a lot of posters for this show, this is definitively marketing done right. Its close enough to the air date that it just ups your excitement. Its powerful but also not overwhelming (Like a certain.. uhm, heirs drama that just never started compared to the promo material. Or the Exo teasers before debuting that also went on forever).

  15. 15 kanz

    The posters are just amazing!!
    A feast in the eyes and by far the best drama posters we see this year.
    Two Weeks more!!
    Please dramagods, make the two weeks fly so fast for us!

    • 15.1 Claire

      that’s what Tae San want too…
      make the two weeks fly so fast…

  16. 16 kooriyuki

    I hope we get a good dose of bromance between Joon Gi oppa and Han Joo Wan!!

    • 16.1 utopious

      hm I’m not sure if there’ll be bromance because it appears HJW’s character is also in love with NSM’s character, so they’re kinda rival. Btw, the first poster reveals who’s in love with whom (follow their gazes lol)

      • 16.1.1 utopious

        To add, in HJW’s character description “To me, revolution was you” — “you” here probably refers to NSM.

        • verte

          Wouldn’t it be so cool if the ‘revolution was you’ part was directed at LJK hehe

          Also, JHB looks so much cooler than NSM :'( second lead syndromeeeeee

  17. 17 Peridot

    I can’t wait! No more needs to be written ;).

  18. 18 lenrasoon

    I hope Nam Sang Mi’s character isn’t a damsel in distress and have some kind of sass in her personality.

    I can’t wait to watch Joseon Gunman but i know i have to lower my expectations ’cause i had too many disappointments w/ dramas this year.

  19. 19 tiffanytop1

    i just can’t wait oopa fighting

  20. 20 crazedlu

    So gorgeous. Bah.

  21. 21 maldita

    Pretty posters are pretty.

    And I just wanna say that Jeon Hyebin’s come a long way from her X-Man days.

  22. 22 Scientia

    Okay after reading Jeon Hye Bin’s character description and her tagline: “Even if I had to exchange you for the entire world, I wanted to have you. –The flame of desire” I think I might just have fallen for an early second lead syndrome. I have weakness for second lead females who are part bad-ass, part-possessive, to a point that they’re willing to sabotage their big dreams of villainy or what have you, to posses the protagonist. I think it’s really sexy, whew.

  23. 23 ami (@ratgirlina)

    i think i recognize the second lead man hanbok. isn’t that from arang?

  24. 24 redfox

    why does remind me of PotC?
    to be honest, JunKi is sort of like Jack and the last one is like Barbossa

  25. 25 Cocoboo

    Loving these posters! I love the soft glowy lighting and beautiful colors. ^__^

  26. 26 D's handphone

    I’m super excited.

    Hope they get to keep the expensive pretty cameras to shoot the drama until the end and not loose the lighting man halfway through.. (yup, i was watching some random eps of Arang last weekend)

  27. 27 Rossi

    Oh man, I already have 2nd female lead syndrome cause she looks more visually interesting …this will not bode well! =/

    • 27.1 FU

      Nam Sang Mi is beautiful on the last poster.
      And her weakness will overshadow strength of Hero.
      Let’s believe in Lee Joon Gi. I think, he had no last word on choosing his female partner.

  28. 28 snuffie

    Lady, it is considerably more difficult to aim, not to mention to shoot, when one has another person clinging to his back, so hands off our Jun Ki.

    Wait, that came out weird.

    • 28.1 Quiet Thought

      Hah! When I was a kid, I used to shout that at the TV screen while watching the old movies where the heroine would cling to the hero while he was trying to fend off the monster.

      “Let go of me, you idiot, I have to fight this alien!”

  29. 29 haruka

    The posters totally remind me of those batches for Face Reader. The prettehhhhh.

  30. 30 Quack

    It’s just based on the poster, I’m rooting for Jeon Hye-bin’s role. Well.. yeah.. I know it hasn’t even started. But, how can’t I.. when she was that gorgeous?

    This will be the first time I watch Nam Sang-mi, hope (and believe) she’ll do well. When this show’s starting, Doctor Stranger still has 4 eps left. Already suffered from Hoon & Quack ship, I can’t imagine how my ‘drama-life’ if I also ship Jun-ki & Hye-bin.

    SLS, please….. stay away from me unless she/he will be happy or get the boy/girl.

  31. 31 Kiara

    So tired of being teased. This is killing me.

  32. 32 Carole McDonnell

    Ah me! I think I feel the stirrings of a new hobby: collecting kdrama posters.

  33. 33 SDV

    Looks like another damsel in distress role for nsm…

  34. 34 Quiet Thought

    I want this drama to do so well that they make a sequel in which he takes a steamer to frontier Seattle to protect Korean migrant workers being victimized by evil railroad barons trying to make money off the hapless, greedy gold rush heading for the Klondike.

    And along the way, he meets an American character, say, a US marshall, who isn’t a buffoon or a simple-minded bigot who speaks English like he’s reading a dull textbook, that would be a hoot.

  35. 35 Lulla

    Cool … Now I understand why I really like Lee Junki for a long time. He is just so .. cool and interesting

    I don’t mind with Nam Sang Mi becomes a dimsell in distress. So many main female characters with similar characters in korean drama : bad ass, spunky, etc. I kinda wish that Joseon Gunman creates a different one this time, since having a similar character again will become too boring and predictable already

  36. 36 RyeBlossom

    *I am so melting here…* ^____^

    They should redefine “fanservice”, and have THAT as an example!!!

  37. 37 Harliey nick

    Omg I’m soooo excited Summer is gonna.be so good with lee jun ki and Kim Nam Gil <3

    by the way Javabean, the teaser for "Pirates" (kim nam gil' s movie )is out ^^ could you make an article about it? Thanks! 🙂

  38. 38 earthna30

    I’ve never been good at waiting. Gimme gimme!

  39. 39 Ndhochoco

    Is it just me or NSM really look like Lee Young Ae in the poster?

  40. 40 jgi

    These are just gorgeous! Ji Hyun Woo for Mon-Tue and Lee Jun Ki for Wed-Thur. The drama gods are seriously generous!

  41. 41 izce

    One more week til we get to see this drama 🙁

    i just hope that i will see more action in Soo-In’s character…i want this to be as challenging as possible because it looks like the story has a lot to tell/show the viewers

    fingers crossed…

  42. 42 flibbet

    the aesthetic reminds me of early episodes of the princess’ man! breathtaking.

  43. 43 Luna

    Damn, I effin love the posters!!!

  44. 44 sf fan

    Lee Jun-ki and Nam Sang-mi – teamed together again! They were in ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’.

    And reading on asianwiki, this is a first-time drama-series writer, though he has written two screenplays for movies; Nam Sang-mi was in one of them.

    I wonder what we can expect from a first-time sageuk writer.

  45. 45 salt n' pepper

    Oh no, based on the posters alone it seems like I will be cheering for the second lead. /sigh/

  46. 46 Fralilia

    These posters are just incredibly beautiful.
    Is there any possibility to buy them on the internet? My question might be silly since they may probably be not available for sell but… Damn, these are some pretty posters! I’d love to hang them on the walls of my room :3

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