Dramabeans Podcast #26
by | January 10, 2015 | 194 Comments

First podcast of the year! It’s a bit of an in-betweener, as we wrap up the year that just ended and catch up with what’s on our plates currently, while waiting for the new cycle to start up in the coming days and weeks.

Happy new year, everyone!

Podcast #26

Running time: 46:24

Topics discussed:

  • Wrapping up the old year, writing up the year in review, drama awards, starting off the new year
  • She’s So Lovable: Some very brief words (7:50)
  • Misaeng: How we picked it for our Editors’ Picks, its outstanding actors, cute character bonding (8:50)
  • Secret Door: The disappointing ending (15:55)
  • Pinocchio: The cute chemistry, why we love Park Shin-hye in comedy, comedic versus dramatic acting (18:55)
  • A detour to talk about actors who fall in love believably, rewarding comedic acting (24:55)
  • Healer: Just a whole lot of “Omg I loved it when…” (29:30)
  • Shows we’re looking forward to catch up on, like Punch, and shows that will be premiering in the coming weeks, like Kill Me Heal Me, Ho-gu’s Love, Heart to Heart, Spy, etc. (40:00)

Names mentioned:
Rain, Gwanghae, Lee Sung-min, Byun Yo-han, Kang So-ra, Kang Haneul, Im Shi-wan, Park Shin-hye, Lee Jong-seok, Lee Min-ho, Kim Woo-bin, Jung Il-woo, Joo-won, Seo In-gook, Gong Hyo-jin, Han Groo, Jeon Ji-hyun, Yoon Eun-hye, Bong-soo(k), Ji Chang-wook, Park Min-young, Yoo Ji-tae, Hyun Bin, Han Ji-min, Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“Non-fiction” by Every Single Day from the Pinocchio OST
“외로운 시간을 견디며” (Waiting for loneliness) from the Misaeng OST
“사랑은 눈처럼” (Love is like snow) by Park Shin-hye from the Pinocchio OST
“Eternal Love” by Michael Learns To Rock from the Healer OST
“When You Hold Me Tight” by Yael Meyer from the Healer OST


194 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Chandler

    YAY a podcast! Thanks so much guys!

    Omg, *chants* “I will not skip ahead to Healer, I will not skip ahead to Healer, I will not…” Oh, who am I kidding I’m totally skipping to that part first, LOL. AFTER Misaeng though 😀

    • 1.1 Skyofblue

      Haha, I skipped right over to Healer. #noshame

      But on the other hand, besides Pinocchio, I didn’t watch any other drama that was mentioned, and Healer appealed to me more than Pinocchio on my limited time, so Healer it was. Ahh, tis so fun to hear them squeeing over the drama too!

      • 1.1.1 Hyades

        Same here 🙂 ! I am only watching Healer and Pinocchio and My feeling more with Healer than Pinocchio.

        • maroua mimi

          Yes I agree with you healer is beeter than pinnochio *_*

      • 1.1.2 Diamond

        I feel connected to healer. With Pinocchio, its good but that vibe whn u watch healer is unbeatable. Its just OMG!!!!!…..

      • 1.1.3 Diamond

        ……………..OMG!!!!! I watched healer, ep 10, its….I’m speechless!!!!!! It is soooooo……….unbelievable!

    • 1.2 Minihaha

      hehehe, good luck with that chant Chandler *smiley wave*
      I’ve just went ahead and skipped to Healer, 😉

      thank you DB

    • 1.3 Chandler

      @Skyofblue @Minihaha My chant worked! I actually listened to the whole thing 😀

      I died laughing during the part about JB’s mom being such a Misaeng fangirl! Loved all the side discussions on actors who fall in love convincingly. Also completely agree about Park Shin-hye on everything. I’d actually noticed that I like her with guys like Yoon Shi-yoon and Lee Jong-suk for exactly the same reasons you mentioned.

      But, yes. My favorite part was the Healer love-fest, though I can understand not wanting to jinx it hahaha! It really almost feels to good to be true 🙂

    • 1.4 azfih

      I SKIPPED AHEAD TO HEALER!!!!!! #kdramafangirlingforthefirsttimeinalongtime

      I hadn’t taken a kdrama in a long time thinking that I was done with them and they’re magic had worn off… but then something like Healer pops up, and I noticed it when I was casually going through the comments in dramabeans where epode 7 of Healer went form aroud 200 comments to 2000 comments in episode 10 LOL

      *sigh* After marathoning 10 episodes and now having to wait for Mondays and Tuesdays I can’t believe my favorite day is Monday and my least favorite is sunday (because I work the whole day sunday LOL)

      • 1.4.1 azfih

        ALSO LOL javabeans and girlfriday are sooooooo fangirling XD even their rotating heads haves Ji Chang-Wook featured in them

        God. I’m obsessed just like them> I simultaneously love and hate crack drama obsessions cuz they make it sooo hard for me to focus on something else

      • 1.4.2 bongsook

        lol same. Mondays were great because of Cantabile Tomorrow before, but now they’re even better! I’m thankful for Healer 😀

        • azfih

          Right XD thank god tomorrow is monday. I’m heading straight to my room as soon as I finish school and work LOL

      • 1.4.3 xoxoxq

        Ep 10!!! 😍 Rewatched the confession a gazillion times! The way JCW nodded his head to PMY’s questions.. S.W.O.O.N.!!!!

        Love the good ol’ fashioned phone marathons between the OTP! 😍

        • dramapenchant

          YES! ~swoon~

          • xoxoxq

            I watched JCW in Smile Again twice on my local TV channel cos my MIL liked it but he was so dull in it! But now there’s so much of him to love! Healer and Bong Soo.. I can’t decide!!! 😍

          • dramapenchant

            Who says we can’t have both?? 😀

        • azfih

          OMG YES YES YES!!!!!! I thought I was the only one who was in love with the way he nodded yes to her questions. asdfkfjdnsffskfjn.

          That is my favorite scene in the whole episode. I don’t even know why. It gives me tingles!

        • Christina Olds

          OH YES!!! I have re-watched that confession segment over 20 times now. The way he slowly blinks his eyes when gazing at her. The superb way he slowly nods his head and then says “Yes” twice.

          • azfih

            *sigh* I just guess that some drama moments just have those feels LOL sometimes some stuff just occurs naturally and it’s hard to recreate.

      • 1.4.4 nerissa

        Oops u just said exact thing that i did…i was wary of starting new dramas…and then stumbling upon healer episode 7 recap and reading dramabeans comments i thought just y not give it a try just episode 1….
        Nw i am total healer fangirl….😁

    • 1.5 koreandramalover/kay


      Hahahaha!!! @Chandler you are too fuuunnny!!! 😉

      But I totally am with you!! Healer all the way!! 😉

    • 1.6 dramapenchant

      LOL @Chandler, I’m buffering the podcast just so I can skip ahead to Healer! We Healer fans are incurable really LOL

      But as @Skyofblue so succinctly put it, #noshame! I haven’t had a “crack” drama like this in a real long time so let me gush, swoon and fangirl as much as I can while it lasts!

      • 1.6.1 Heartoppaya

        Me too!
        I just downloaded it to listen about Healer and to hear our darling duo gush about it. Their fangirling is so addictive!
        No Shame, heartoppaya!

        …… atleast you weren’t pervy about it……

    • 1.7 millionstars

      another skip-er here. and i don’t feel guilty at all for doing so lol

    • 1.8 JWC7987

      Omo! I totally skipped everything and went directly to Healer!! I am so addicted to Healer, that my family think I am going nuts. LOL
      I love the chemistry between Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. The cast is awesome and the story line is captivating!! Healer hasn’t disappointed me. I can’t wait for the next episode!!

  2. Laica

    Yaaaay, new podcast! I was thinking we might be due for one soon. THANK YOU, and a very happy new year to you both as well.

    Was having a terrible day/week/year so far, but this puts a smile on my face.

    • 2.1 anotheraddict

      Hugs, Laica. I hope your week and year get better and better. Or at least that you keep finding things that make you smile amidst the challenges.

      • 2.1.1 Laica

        Thanks so much! I’ve been dealing with a serious illness long term (many years) but the last few months have been particularly difficult. I started a new treatment a week ago, VERY painful but I’m hoping desperately that this will be the path to wellness. So every day is a struggle. And Dramabeans, dramas/variety, and lovely people like you are definitely reasons to “smile amidst the challenges”. Happy new year! 🙂

        • Skyofblue

          I don’t think mine is particularly life-threatening, and nor is the treatment I’m receiving painful, but I have a chronic illness too, which has its own bite when it gets bad. Strength to you beanie. Push on and don’t ever fall down- and even if you do, I’m sure there are people who will gladly pick you back up.

    • 2.2 Fab

      Came home yesterday and cried in the dark about unfortunate events that no matter how I wish I could change I just can’t, they’re way out of my control. And then I watch my favourite drama, and read this beloved blog and forget every negative thing in that moment…

      • 2.2.1 Laica

        It’s so true, that feeling of being helpless and alone can be so debilitating, and sometimes the only thing to do when we have no power to change things is to distract ourselves with something beautiful. And in our case that something beautiful is Korean dramas and the wonderful blogging community.

        I hope that things begin to look up for you. And in the meantime I wish you strength. *hugs*

  3. Skyofblue

    I’m listening to your section where you’re talking about how you wish YS would fall for both guys, Bong Soo and Healer, and then realize they’re both the same guy! I’d voiced my thoughts on that exact same scenario a couple days ago (or was it? I have completely lost track of time, don’t know what day and night is anymore). It’s cool to see we, and probably other beanies too, shared the same sentiments JB and GF.

  4. pogo

    Awwwww it’s so cute that your mom flips out over Misaeng just the way we do, hehehe. It really was a great drama. I’m still not over how it came and dark-horsed us all, even with the prequel short movies that should have given us a heads-up about just what kind of drama it was.

    Funny to see us getting dark-horsed by actors twice this year – Misaeng’s Byun Yo-han and to a slightly lesser extent (mainly because the drama shoved him in jail and lets him only have like 20 seconds an episode now) Pinocchio’s Yoon Kyun-sang. Both of them went from zero to making us want to sob on a weekly basis. And the ’86/’87er problem you guys mention in the podcast has me slightly worried in the case of these two – I don’t want the army to take them yet! 🙁 Or have they already served?

    re: the falling in love with you costar thing, Gong Hyo-jin is actually one of those actors who goes method and crushes on her leading men for the duration of her projects – she’s mentioned it pretty frequently herself ^__^)

    P.S. Totally agreed on Yoon So-hee getting wasted in Secret Door. She’s capable of much better, looking at her previous projects :/

    • 4.1 kanz

      Most 86/87’er have not yet served in army.. They probably are going to serve this year or at most next year. Brace yourself! *sobs*

      • 4.1.1 pogo

        I will be sad to lose these particular two since they barely got their breakout but I’m still hoping against hope they don’t have to go.

        (and I personally look forward to the ’88-90ers stepping up while their hyungs are gone, I’m not a particular fan of most of the 86-87ers but I’ll look on the bright side)

    • 4.2 bongsook

      I think it’s so great that GHJ admits that she falls a bit in love with her co-stars. That’s so honest. And her recent interview (about wanting to play characters that grow during the drama, and not just ones that pursue a love interest) makes me love her more! I can trust that she’ll seek good roles.

      • 4.2.1 pogo

        yeah, I’ve never been disappointed by her in any role. That’s quite a feat, for an actress with this long a career behind her (sixteen years!)

        • Fab

          Same here. When you watch something just because her name is attached to it’s never appointing. 😉

          • Fab

            Meant to say ‘disappointing’.

  5. Nora

    I’m here for Healer!


    Healer and Pinocchio represent!

    I will get bashed for this but I hate Misaeng. So overrated. So slow, boring, mundane… Just ugh. People keep saying it’s personal and all, but wouldn’t watching a current news affair or documentary be more personal? Or reading someone’s autobiography…

    Watched 2 eps then quit, 2 eps too many. I should have trusted my gut instinct and watched only the dramas I thought looked great, and not what other people told me to watch.

    And Siwan has the same facial expression every damn time like omg. People are highly critical of acting and having many different facial expressions but this guy just got a free pass.

    • 6.1 nasikerabu

      thank god!.. I thought I was the only one who think misaeng is too overrated. I have not passed epi 3 and a complete snorefest for me

      • 6.1.1 Daisy

        I thought the same too, I completely dozed off while watching Misaeng. But hey since it was highly rated I decided to watch it til the end and appreciate it for how it was. I can understand why a lot of people would like it since it’s very relatable. For me it was boring but to others it was good. Differences in taste I guess 🙂

    • 6.2 jongsuk

      It’s so strange to see that there is someone that /actually/ does not like Misaeng omg. But to each his own, we all have different tastes!

      You’ll have to watch more than 2 eps to really judge Siwan’s acting though. Trust me, actors don’t just get free passes on DB. If there are opinions to be seen and heard, we get a healthy dose of them all. Positive and negative.

      It’s a pity you won’t see more of Misaeng. I’d say Lee Sungmin is the heart of the show, but Siwan’s pretty great in it.

    • 6.3 riya

      It’s the only drama of 2014 that made me cry…I think it’s enough to prove how great Misaeng is!

    • 6.4 abc

      “And Siwan has the same facial expression every damn time like omg. People are highly critical of acting and having many different facial expressions but this guy just got a free pass.”

      or maybe that’s just because your standard of judging is just different. people don’t make all kinds of exaggerated facial expressions to show emotions in real life, and that’s the approach Misaeng take. ok, so maybe some ppl with animated personality do that, but that’s not the characteristic of Siwan’s character.

      Anyway, different people just have different way of looking at things, no need to call people giving him free pass just bcuz you don’t see things the way others do. Taste is subjective. I find Healer overrated too, but that’s just my opinion. Not a fact or everyone else’ fault or sth.

    • 6.5 pogo

      I’ve seen plenty of dramas that people on db love and I don’t enjoy, but I don’t feel the need to blame them for it by implying their taste is flawed. Maybe Misaeng is just not your cup of tea, and that’s fine.

      And good acting doesn’t just mean having lots of different facial expressions in a scene and over-exaggerating all emotions. If anything, it takes even greater skill to play a character who is quiet and represses his emotions, and I thought Im Shi-wan did an excellent job of it.

    • 6.6 alua

      I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people that don’t like Misaeng – I just find it strange to say you “hate” the drama (that’s a pretty strong word). That it’s “too slow” or “boring”, sure, as people have different tastes, but, really, “hate”???

      There’s nothing wrong with taking people’s recommendations. Sometimes you find gems that way, sometimes you find whatever people recommended doesn’t work for you. If I only went by dramas that ‘looked great’, I’d definitely have missed out on some stuff – some of the best dramas, have the worst promo, or at the beginning just don’t appear particularly interesting/promising. Some that I pick without anyone’s recommendations don’t work out either.

      Going to disagree with you on Im Siwan’s acting in Misaeng though. 🙂

    • 6.7 Fab

      At the of the day taste is subjective…what I don’t understand is how hustle one can react to something they don’t like just because it gets so much praise.

      If I may compare them, Misaeng is completely different from City Hunter but I liked them both. But I do get how Misaeng if just not your cup of tea.

    • 6.8 Mohammed

      I have no interest in seeing more of Misaeng either. A story that is so mundane can become really boring if its not great characters, strong actors. No way that Siwan idol dude who sucked royally in Triangle is good enough.

      I can see why Misaeng is popular, real life work story gets overhyped because its on cult channel.

      If i want mundane life drama i watch the great Yoona’s Street which has much better leads in Kim Ok Bin, Lee Hee Joon. That drama should have more following in DB but its not about young actors, idols,flower boys…..

      • 6.8.1 alua

        Well, some of us like mundane stories. That’s why I personally watch a lot more Japanese dramas – slice of life is much more common there.

        Triangle was just a poorly written drama that underused its cast right across the board. Jaejoong was the only one who really got a chance to show anything of acting skills. Siwan was fairly average in a pretty sucky role, as were some of the more veteran actors in the drama.

        I think plenty of people have praised Yoona’s Street at DB. I have seen it recommended for sure. It didn’t get recapped (but that’s something for Javabeans & Girlfriday to decide – it’s their site, and they get to recap what they want), but some of us also didn’t watch it because 1) it wasn’t widely available, esp. not subbed (it’s still only available with a little over half of the episodes subbed where I watch dramas, so personally I’m not going to watch it until all the subs are there) 2) it’s a 50 episode drama which aren’t always watched by as many people as 16 or 20 episode ones. Not everyone wants to commit to such long dramas.

        What’s a cult channel? Personally I don’t pay attention to what channel a drama is on. TvN: let’s see, Boy ending in Age 9, Emergency Couple, My Secret Hotel, Marriage Not Dating, Surplus Princess – dropped all of those because they were just not my cup of tea. I did love Nine Times Time Travel and Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Let’s Eat and Monstar I’m quite fond of as well. But generally, there are as many awful dramas on each channel as there a brilliant ones. Personally, I go by appeal based on plot, actors that I think are good and writers/directors whose works I have enjoyed before…

        • Mohammed


          I like mundane stories too and i watch japanase dramas for that too. There is just too many good k-dramas out there to follow every new one when there are actors i rather see more of.

          I follow writers,actors. Siwan was not good enough to try in lead role imo.

          I have to choose between Misaeng and other current dramas im watching like Ýoona, Punch, couple of japanese dramas. There is not enough time to give second chance to maybe an improved Siwan.

          I have huge respect for DB and i didnt expect them to recap Yoona. I meant some fans missed out on Yoona because of the 50 eps length. I didnt say anything about people who work hard to write in DB, who own the site.

          Its just preference people prefer different kind of dramas. DB gals didnt like A Secret Love Affair for the kind of drama it but its by far the best drama in 2014 for me.

      • 6.8.2 pogo

        No way that Siwan idol dude who sucked royally in Triangle is good enough.

        As someone who watched Triangle right to the bitter end, I can safely say he didn’t suck. He did a decent enough job considering he was given very little to work with. And the boy actually has talent which he showed in spades in previous projects, he’s not Song Seung-hoon.

        As for the crack re: Yoona’s Street, I think that’s just plain catty and unfair. The drama wasn’t recapped, but Open Threads were positively buzzing with praise for Yoona’s Street while it was on, so that little aside claiming that dramabeans does not grant a following to shows which aren’t about “young actors, idols, flower boys” is not only unnecessarily bitchy and patronising, it’s plain wrong. (and alua already explained the probable reasons why DB chose not to recap)

        • Mohammed

          I didnt say anything at all about DB not recapping Yoona. They recap the dramas they want, have interest in.

          I said Yoona is underrated and missed in the sea of many weaker dramas. Overhyped ones i have seen that is loved by fans in DB. Didnt say anything at all about recaps, people who work so hard to make this site great.

          Some dramas are overrated imo because they star the big popular male,female leads.

        • pogo

          @Mohammad – You didn’t talk about the recappers (and none of us have any right to, it’s their site), but you did target the fans on this site – and that’s exactly as petty, unfair and bitchy as I called you out for in the first comment.

          You’re free to not like a drama, but going in on the dramabeans community like this for generally liking one (and in the case of Misaeng, which “big popular star” did it have, pray?) is uncalled for.

      • 6.8.3 pogo

        And this again:

        No way that Siwan idol dude who sucked royally in Triangle is good enough.

        It’s called improving and growing as an actor – a thing defenders of some actors who don’t even have the talent contained in Im Shi-wan’s pinky toe, like to claim their faves have done when they so much as manage to remember their characters’ names.

        Why the reluctance to acknowledge when someone actually does well? Is it because he’s a idol?

        • Mohammed

          Not because he is an idol because he was not good enough in his last drama. There are several talented young idol actors Park Hyung Sik, Lee Joon etc

          Eric Moon is vastly better actor as an idol than many non-idol male lead actors in dramas.

          Just understand not everyone has interest in Misaeng.

          • alua

            No one’s questioning that not everyone is interested (or likes) Misaeng. People have different tastes, no problem.

            Some of us disagree with you though that he “sucks royally” as an actor.

          • Mohammed


            Yeah i might have overstated when i said he sucked royally in Triangle. His character was mostly horrible in a drama that i felt was a real waste.

            I hope he improved in case i see him in another drama i have more interest in than Misaeng. I have more lack of interest in mundane work life story in the drama itself than Siwan as the lead.

          • pogo

            Just understand not everyone has interest in Misaeng.

            We fully understand that, and you are free not to like it, as I said.

            What I do fail to understand is why you have to resort to making disparaging comments about the tastes of those who do like it, it sounds like you have some trouble with the idea that other people’s tastes are not the same as yours.

            It’s not even as if fans of these dramas are as argumentative or troublesome as fans of certain other dramas (which could conceivably affect someone’s impression of a drama)

    • 6.9 junnie55

      Misaeng being overrated umm maybe a little but hey that drama is super good so its understandable when many people call it drama of the year 2014.
      ‘Siwan having same expression for every damn thing… is a big nope. Never watched his drama before so I watch Misaeng with zero expectation. But woah he blown me away with his performances. Im wondering is he that good too in other drama or he just good here in Misaeng. I’m still not yet watch his other drama/movie but I thought he did excellent job. So it kinda bother me when people comment Siwan just got free pass with Misaeng instead of his acting skills. But ones again maybe we all have different preference and opinion so there is no right or wrong.

  7. Alinka

    Healer ya!
    That ajumma is seriously cool though XD

    Thanks a lot for the podcast!

  8. capricorn

    loving ji chang wook, yoo ji tae and kim mi-kyung as the hacker ahjumma, as well as the rest of the actors on the healer…

  9. lilliums

    Totally squee-ed at the exact moment as javabeans at 35:32! I don’t know if my fangirl heart could handle it if such a scene actually happened. I keep sitting here and grinning to myself at the thought of it.

    • 9.1 azfih

      OMG I usually don’t listen to podcasts cuz most dramas don’t get me excited enough. Now I’m sitting here looking through pictures online to put as my phone and mac screen saver LOL

      And this podcast on Healer (didn’t listen to anything else LOL) I was grinning through the whole thing whenever they pointed out the scenes I loved – my favorite when she grabs his hand and runs after the he causes the plant pots to topple over, and he smiles from behind her GAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  10. 10 Blueribbon

    Thank you for the podcast. By the way your mom sounds adorable. 🙂

  11. 11 Pearl~ai88

    eeeeeeeeeeeee podcaaaaaaast! ~^w^~

  12. 12 koreandramalover/kay


    Javabeans and Girlfriday are squeeeeling over Healer and JCW!! 😉

    Sooooo good to know the Healer Ruined Us Support Group lovelies are not the only ones doing the squeeling!! 😉

    How awesome is this drama to JB and GF that they cannot even say anything about it apart from squeeling about JCW and PMY?

    Oh, I LOOOOVE how you gals are just like the rest of us who are madly in love with Healer/JCW!!! 😉

  13. 13 hawoojinruinedme_nowhealerisruiningmetoo

    JB to GF: What are you talking about?! It’s totally realistic! I could have my own Healer. He’s watching me at this very moment! It’s totally not creepy.

    HAHAHAHA. I will stand by this until the day I die. Healer is a real person in a real world, and I refuse to believe anything that is otherwise!

    I love that JB and GF really have a lot to talk about the Healer drama in the podcast but were just gushing all over the OTP like teenage girls do over their crushes, as we would and do, too. I looooove it. Healer really is taking the drama universe by storm. Ah, what a good time to be alive. Haha

    • 13.1 bongsook

      There’s good reason for all that hype! Taking the drama universe by storm indeed 😀 The action and intrigue is what I went in for, but I’m staying for the romance. The plot and characters are all satisfying, but the drama is just TONS of fun with this main couple!

    • 13.2 mary

      LMAO at your new name ^___________^

  14. 14 coby

    I forgot to bring my earphones… sobs sobs

  15. 15 mellina

    LOL I can’t believe I skipped ahead just to listen to the podcast on hhealer What is wrong with me?

    love JB and GF fangirling over JCW…I guess there’s a longgg line of fans in d same fangirling mood. hehe. Good Job$

  16. 16 Sunshine

    Totally here for Healer!!! And wow, what a squeefest!! I love you more now, Javabeans and Girlfriday!!! 🙂

  17. 17 autleaf

    Thank you, thank you JB and GF. While wallowing in Healer ‘s love fest, I kept thinking when the next DB podcast will come out. Lo and behold, here it is and I squealed. My neighbors can finally confirmed I’m a weirdo.

    Ok, finally I get to enjoy Healer’s MLTR OST in this podcast. I hate it when it was used in the first few episodes of the drama but after Episode 8, the song and lyrics become more relatable to the scenes and plot. And yes, I did sing along with it while listening to the podcast.

    And yes, I want a Healer of my own. Stalking me is not creepy and totally realistic. Muahahaha…..

    • 17.1 azfih

      Right? What he has a legit reason to be stalking her! She keeps getting into neardeath situations. I was just telling my sister that all she needs to do is keep getting herself into neardeath situations and he is going to be there XD.

  18. 18 Sunshine

    Totally here for Healer!!! And wow, what a squeefest!! I love you more now, Javabeans and Girlfriday!!! 🙂

    I laughed out loud at the “personal contact” discussion! That’s exactly what I felt about that moment.. And about Young-shin calls him Bong-soo and Bong-sook, without even realizing the fact! That’s why Young-shin’s character just clicks for me, she’s so believable..

  19. 19 bongsook

    Misaaeeeeng! I still miss it ;;

    Loving Pinocchio at the moment though! Hope you enjoy it if you decide to watch it, JB. You’ll definitely like the cute, funny moments, not just with the main couple but with Grandpa and Dad as well. Choi family is LOVE.

    Despite the ‘coincidences’ and whatever degree of accuracy the show may have in terms of the reporting stuff, I have to say the plot still holds my attention. From the beginning, because of the injustice faced by Dal Po/Ha Myung’s family, Pinocchio completely held my attention. It made me angry? And then it made me care a whole lot. And then I loved how everything unfolded from there on (not that I loved that Hyung killed people), especially the main relationship (except the break-up, not that I didn’t understand it). OTP’s relationship is one you wished you had bc I think it’s entirely based on trust and understanding and devotion. And honesty, which is so great, in my book. I want Wednesday to come quickly, so that I can know what happens, but I also think this drama will be hard to let it go.

    Park Shin Hye really does so well in comedy! She really shines as In Ha, I’m so glad she did this role. From all the redundant negative comments when she got casted, you’d think she’d be horrible, but I’m extremely happy with her refreshing performance. I agree she does better in comedy, than melodramas definitely! However, I always empathized with her characters, even in the sad roles she did.

    I never saw her as petulant, but I can understand where you guys are coming from. For example, I feel like many will remember Cha Eun Sang for being such a pathetic character, but I dare say that she moved me enough, so that I cried (in the first few episodes of Heirs, when she met her sister). Coming out of it though, I feel sorry FOR her, because she had to deal with those two shitheads. Anyways, enough about that mess, Heirs.

    Maybe it’s because they’re same age friends, but she and Jong Suk harmonize so well? Their personalities match so nicely, I think. They made one good-looking couple, too.

    At least when Pinocchio is over, I’ll still have Healer to look forward to every week! Really amazing, I’m like nodding my head with what you two say because everything rings true! I don’t feel like I should ask for too much, because Healer is providing so much with the action, intrigue and romance with every episode. And I don’t want to jinx it as well, lemme just be satisfied with what it gives, you know?? But I hope Young Shin would fall for Bong Sook too, the Superman/Clark Kent storyline would be SO GREAT. Uh, wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right? I’ll try not to keep my hopes too high. I just need Healer, whatever it gives, just keep being good.

    Ji Chang Wook is wonderful in his role as Healer, totally swoon-worthy. But PMY’s Chae Young Shin is really the kind of character I can get behind. So much win. She’s so brave, and I don’t think of her as the traditional Candy…

    • 19.1 bongsook

      … at all. CYS, I’m totally on your side, always. Btw, JCW and PMY would make such a cute couple! He described her as a bright and kind noona, if I remember correctly.

      I’m so impatient for Ben’s OST though. I’m hoping they’ll release it this week!

  20. 20 Ahsley

    Agreed, ‘Healer’ has many interesting plot to talk about but OTP moments are just amazing that you can’t much concentrate on other aspects. They look very good together. And I also love Park Min Young’s character and would love to have a friend like her

  21. 21 anotheraddict

    Great– I can’t wait to listen to this. I was just thinking today that you guys should do another drunken podcast– slurring enthusiastically about Healer this time, like you did for City Hunter. (That one still cracks me up!) Maybe for Healer part 2?

    Thank you!

  22. 22 dramapenchant

    I’ve been waiting for the podcast for like ever. Of course as soon as I clicked on the link, I made sure to scroll down to find where the Healer discussion starts…

    “I love the scene where…” “My favorite scene is…” “I love that…”

    10 minutes dedicated to just gushing about Healer? Ahhh, I can actually listen to JB and GF talk about the show for the entire clip and more. How about a podcast dedicated to just Healer? no? #justhadtoask

    I completely agree about how Healer is one of those rare shows that completely consumes my thoughts. There’s no such thing as the “brain-dump” while waiting for the next episodes since I’m either constantly thinking about the show or re-watching the highlight reel.

    I LOVE the Healer/Bong Sook dichotomy. It’s such a great dilemma for Jung Hoo! So much fun yet also manages to break my heart (that rejection after declaring that he’ll give up his Healer persona if she’ll accept his mundane self!). I really hope that we’ll see glimpses of YS treating BS more than just a hoobae that needs to be protected (ha!). Since I feel like the personalities of Bong Soo and Healer combined make up Jung Hoo the person, I want to know that she loves both versions of him. Can’t wait until YS finds out, but I hope it’s as you guys discussed, that it’s through the tiny gestures and the fact that BS/JH’s presence has the ability to comfort and calm her.

    Honestly, I’ve never been that big of a PMY fan but this drama has totally changed my opinions of her. The Young Shin character is AWESOME and doesn’t feel as restrained as her previous roles. Plus I adore her short hair here!

    Hmmm, PMY and JCW are adorable together and their chemistry is off the charts…but I want him for myself!!! ;P

  23. 23 Pinokio

    I just listened to the Pinocchio part since i`m only watching that drama. And i somewhat agree that Park Shin Hye really have a crack for comedy. And about Pinocchio as a whole, I`m still enjoying it till the latest episode and anticipating the finale. I like the plot, the acting, and the actors` chemistry. Not just the main leads but also the supporting cast.

    • 23.1 leejunki

      I love everyone in Pinocchio! Except Rosa and SCO, but I do find them compelling characters. Looking forward to the finale as well!

  24. 24 August

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for Podcast #26.

    ☒ She’s So Lovable – Hopefully Rain’s next drama project will erase the bitter taste, sour memory of She’s So Lovable.

    ☑ Misaeng — Daebak (Awesome)! Absolutely positively loved it.

    ☑ Pinocchio — Lee Jong-Suk shines again, Yoon Gyun-Sang making a name for himself with his performance, Choi Father/Son duo Gong-Pil & Dal-Pyeong. 🙂
    Regrettably the talents of Lee Yoo-Bi & Lee Pil-Mo are being underused. I keep imagining…a what if scenario of Lee Yoo-Bi as the lead & Park Shin-Hye as the 2nd lead.
    So that’s what it is…Park Shin-Hye has better chemistry with Beta male types like Jang Geun-Suk, Yoon Si-Yoon, and now Lee Jong-Suk…or maybe the Alpha males need the letter S in their names.

    ☑ Punch — 1st time seeing/introduction to Kim Rae-Won the actor. So far no regrets…enjoying it like Empire of Gold. Excited to see where the writer takes us. My expectations for writer Park Kyung-Soo are high.

    ☑ Healer — Good to see Kim Mi-Kyung in another drama. I’m always on the look out for her. All the squeeling & spazzing for Healer…I’m just not there yet, although I do enjoy the episodes. Feels like I’m in the minority or stuck in the twilight zone.

    Last year, I missed out on watching Gap-Dong, It’s Okay, It’s Love, Liar Game, and Witch’s Romance. I didn’t want to kick off the New Year making the same mistakes with Healer.

    • 24.1 Skyofblue

      Liar Game, for one, was a fantastic drama. Very compelling, and practically brain food in terms of discussion for the psychological traits of characters and plot, especially the mastermind. I do hope you get a chance to watch it, as it is one of the few shows I deem epic (the other one being The Princess’ Man).

    • 24.2 pogo

      Totally agreed re: Pinocchio. It may have its flaws (notably the procedural stuff, also a weakness in IHYV), but it’s really lovable, especially everything involving families. And yay for the breakout of Yoon Kyun-sang!

      Healer…..yeah, I’m not quite there either. Not sure if I want to put in the work, since I felt the same way about The King 2 Hearts at the end – really liked it a lot but not enough to take part in generating 1000+ comments on it 🙂

    • 24.3 pogo

      re: Park Shin-hye and costars, I actually think she had some sparks with Kim Woo-bin in Heirs (but I agree that the chemistry levels with LMH were negative, despite everyone’s best efforts).

      But she does seem to make great pairings with actors who do well as gentler characters, I remember the very first Heirs recap had people wondering if we’d like Kim Tan better if he was played by Lee Jong-seok.

    • 24.4 Fab

      I agree about Lee Yoo-Bi and Lee Pil-Mo being underused. So disappointing that they weren’t written stronger… Cap Hwang is strong, but just in the background. I feel like he should go head to head with Song Cha-ok about everything that goes wrong in reporting objectively…

  25. 25 August

    Forgot to mention…

    My wish to the Kdrama fairies — for Yoon Eun-hye & Jang Geun-Suk to pick good drama projects whether in 2015 or beyond.

    • 25.1 pogo

      I almost feel like that’s a vain hope, considering how long I’ve waited for it to happen :/

      (but at least JGS’ new variety show sounds like fun)

    • 25.2 Fab

      You and me! Especially YEH, Jang Geun is at least an Idol. I read here and there that Eun-hye is busy with a lot of things, but what I only watch dramas and movies, everything else seems a waste of her talent.

    • 25.3 leejunki

      I need JGS in a good role!

  26. 26 Sumee

    Well I totally skipped to healer .. And I want me own healer too …

  27. 27 Tiffy

    Your podcast on healer got me all smiley and giggling. Maybe you can dedicate a podcast to healer. I’m sure many beanies would love it.😍

  28. 28 piper

    skipped right ahead at the healer part. daamn

    now listening form the beginning.

    loved all the squeeing and giggling over the compelling part of the love story from healer. I was doing the same thing here hahaha

  29. 29 Skyofblue

    LOL, it’s practically another Healer thread here, and I LOVE it.

    • 29.1 dramapenchant

      Any post on DB that has *anything* to do with Healer eventually becomes a Healer thread.

      We Healer fans have practically taken over DB LOL

      • 29.1.1 hawoojinruinedme_nowhealerisruiningmetoo

        Aint this the truth haha

        • pastmidnite

          LOL-ed at your post name! 😀 It got cropped on my phone, too long 😀

          Now everywhere I look, here in DB, I see the word Healer!

  30. 30 Michi

    It looks like 70% of the comments here are about ‘Healer’. Haha…I love that drama and JCW very much! ^^

  31. 31 R

    LoVe it !! Thanks for this podcast.

    I dropped Pinocchio after falling in love with Healer but will be back to it later ! From what I have seen in Pinocchio, PSH is doing a very good job, and I’m happy she took this role 🙂
    I absolutely adore Joo won who is a great actor, but agree with you about the on-screen-in-love thing…except in ojakkyo brothers imo.

    I’m crazy about Healer and became Ji Chang Wook fan with this drama !! The way he acts with his eyes and expresses his emotions awww… he seems to always have awesome chemistry with his partners, especially Ha ji won and Park min Young !!

    I will miss them when the 87er actors go enlisting: joo won, Ji Chang Wook and many others …

  32. 32 liezl20

    Am I the only one who dont enjoy Healer?? I tried to watch some episodes but I dropped because it bored me to death. I watched it with my sisters and we had the same thoughts “so boring”. Or maybe, I have different taste when it comes to Korean dramas.

    • 32.1 liezl20

      Misaeng, Liar Game and Pinocchio are really jjang! Waiting for Hyde, Jekyll and I

    • 32.2 redfox

      nope you are not the only one.
      I want more action, more fairy tale and more feeling. it doesnt have the exitement I was hoping for.

    • 32.3 Rayon

      Nope. You are not alone. I am just not there with healer myself. I am certainly liking the drama. And i like the healer,ji chang wook . Though i am not much on board with park min young’s acting, but i find her character to be likable. But to be honest, I just don’t get the hype the drama seems to have in this blog and only in here. Going through the comment section, sometimes may result in headache.. 900+ comments.. that too pretty long summaries. I certainly don’t feel its that great of a drama to be swooned over.. Just that, i know its popular in here.

      • 32.3.1 redfox

        chicken flock

      • 32.3.2 Birdie

        You all are not alone. It is a likeable drama but in terms of the plot, it is quite predictable and boring.The action scenes could be better. I prefer JCW in Empress Ki.
        Can’t say PMY ‘s acting is that much better either. I hope she chooses a dark character instead of bright cheerful one in her next drama.

        • leejunki

          I thought it was me alone! I thought they tried too hard with the action scenes (I watched it only for that, at first) I thought it would be more exciting.

          It’s too bad, but I quite like the drama for what it is right now. I’m mainly in it for the lead couple. The plot is coming together well, but as you said, it is predictable.

          I like PMY in this role, although it seems familiar to her. But I still like CYS a lot. I think it’d be interesting to see how she would approach a dark role too!

  33. 33 redfox

    I am not a Healiber. It is not as engaging for me.

    Tried to watch Misaeng again, fell asleep in my chair.

    I am just on a totally different wavelength.

    actors who fall in love convincingly: Lee Dong Wook, Kim Hee Sun….dunno.

    • 33.1 redfox

      oh and how to catch up fast? start watching it backwords.
      from the latest to the first. trust me on this. I do it all the time. I did it with the 5 last ep of pinocchio

  34. 34 lily

    I’m waiting for hyun bin and han jimin drama, also i hope jaejoong drama success this time so far “spy” story is good and interesting to watch.

  35. 35 Berns

    I am a fan since Day 1, but I can’t pinpoint out the voice of Javabeans and Girlfriday.

    • 35.1 Fab

      Javabean’ is softer, it’s much like my friend’s voice.

  36. 36 Fab

    YES YES I skipped to 29th minute. Dramabeans is been kind enough to let us all constantly swoon about Healer. It’s too good, from the plot to the sweet moments between our OTP. Your commentary is exactly how I feel and rant about it since its first week of airing, LOL. (^-^)

  37. 37 lana ahmed

    fight pinocchio drama ILove park shinhye&leejong suk darling couple ep18,19,20

  38. 38 es


  39. 39 lana ahmed

    pinocchio drama the best couple and drama fighting inha&dalpol darling couple Ihope end happy and wedding and sweet kiss

  40. 40 lana ahmed

    pinocchio drama agood drama addict park shinhye every thing and drama fighting the end and she so cute and sample

  41. 41 lana ahmed

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  42. 42 lana ahmed

    darling couple fighting pinocchiodrama

  43. 43 lana ahmed

    inha&dalpol the end drama this week Ilove leejong suk &park shinhye fighting 2015 so happy

  44. 44 lana ahmed

    pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppparkshinhye so cute nice Ilove so much pinocchio drama Iwish the end sweet heart wedding and sweet kiss and kids

    • 44.1 hawoojinruinedme_nowhealerisruiningmetoo

      Okay, easy. Calm down sweetie.

      Im not sure if this one’s a person or a bot, but that “wedding and sweet kiss and kids” bit is seriously cracking me up haha

  45. 45 lana ahmed

    pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppparkshinhye and leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeejong suk darling couple fighting pinocchio drama

  46. 46 lana ahmed

    pinocchio drama the best drama for me Iam so happy to see darling couple fighting ep18,19,20 I love parkshinhye so much

  47. 47 lana ahmed

    pinoccccccccccccccchio drama fighting ep18.19.20

  48. 48 lana ahmed

    pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppinocchio drama the best darling couple

  49. 49 lana ahmed

    pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppark shinhye the best acterss for me fighting

  50. 50 lana ahmed

    pinocchio drama woo Iwait see the next ep18,19,20 the end happy end goodbye drama fighting parkshinhye&leejong suk

    • 50.1 mellina

      ok ok @Lana Ahmed.. we hear ya LOL

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