Odds and Ends: Fishing for reality
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girlfriday: So how about that premiere of Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village?

javabeans: It’s crazy that it hit nearly 10% ratings in the first episode. That’s NUTS.

girlfriday: Yeah it’s kind of crazy, but that series is one of the most successful shows on tvN (I mean, starting with the original on the farm). But the thing that surprised me the most was that Jang Geun-seok was cut out of it so completely.

javabeans: I expected them to cut around him as much as possible, like on a variety show when an actor gets in a drunk driving accident or something — where you can’t re-shoot but you want to show him as little as possible, and they just become this figure you see in the background. But in this case, they went a step further.

girlfriday: Yeah the normal practice is to reduce the footage to a minimum, knowing that everyone knows why so-and-so isn’t in 90% of the show. But in this case, Na PD actually managed to cut completely around Jang Geun-seok, so that if you never read any entertainment news and just turned on the show, you’d think that Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin were the only two cast members to go to the island.

javabeans: I was looking for a glimpse of him and could only make out brief flashes of a hand, or the back of his head. On one hand, that’s impressive editing. I knew Na PD was good, but that is like god-level good.

girlfriday: Yes, it’s totally creepy, actually.

javabeans: On the other hand, I actually don’t know if I like that. Variety storytelling is all about good editing… but I don’t like this idea that you could create an entirely false narrative just with the editing. It reveals something about reality television in a really stark way that I’m not sure is a good thing.

girlfriday: That it has nothing to do with reality? Yup.

javabeans: We all know this about television and entertainment, but it’s a really bald example of just how manufactured it is. How can you just pretend that things happened a way that they didn’t?

girlfriday: I don’t know, especially when everyone already knows about Jang Geun-seok being on the island with them.

javabeans: Yeah, I honestly don’t think anybody would have had a problem with presenting him there, and then gradually phasing him out. We’d all know why, and Na PD has such goodwill among the viewership that everyone would have given him that understanding. Nobody would have blamed him for awkwardly trying to minimize Jang Geun-seok’s scandal.

girlfriday: But this is the thing about Korean media. It’s so skittish about scandal, even though the press is totally fanning the flames. Television is held to this bizarre standard, where they’re afraid to offend anyone in any way.

javabeans: Regardless of whether or not you even like Jang Geun-seok, I just feel like pretending he didn’t exist is a crappy thing to do.

girlfriday: It’s strange how in this one instance, the agility with which Na PD has edited Jang Geun-seok out makes it worse.

javabeans: My problem with it is with the principle of the matter, I think. It just feels wrong. Even if you were dealing with the most hated person on the planet (and Jang is far from that), you asked him on the show, so it feels like you should show him on the show. Just a little.

girlfriday: I know it’s terrible timing with the scandal breaking just before the show premiered, but it’s like bending the truth if we all pretend that he was never there to begin with.

javabeans: One thing that really shocked me about this scandal was seeing just how much netizens in Korea hate Jang Geun-seok. I knew that he wasn’t universally liked, and that he even admitted to not being very popular… but that’s worlds away from the active vitriol I saw spewed at him over this. People were actually blaming him for ruining the show and daring to stain Na PD’s career, like he had done it on purpose!

girlfriday: It was really shocking, to say the least, because for one thing, it’s a TAX scandal. He didn’t beat anybody, he didn’t drive drunk, and he didn’t take drugs. He even paid his taxes later, or so we’re told. But it seemed like people were just looking for an excuse to dump on him.

javabeans: Yes. Blame him for the thing he did wrong, sure. But the kind of commentary this garnered was really nasty in irrelevant ways; it was really interesting. I wonder if it’s because those other offenses are seen as “crimes of passion,” so to speak, where you have a lapse of judgment and do something dumb. But tax evasion could be seen as a sort of “rich people taking advantage of being rich” thing, which is a hot-button issue. It stokes the whole rise-up-against-the-one-percent sentiment.

girlfriday: I can see that, and I agree that people seem extra critical of chaebols and celebrities getting special treatment for anything, say army duty, or whatever.

javabeans: Good god, the only way Jang Geun-seok could have garnered more hate is if he evaded taxes in order to get out of army duty, or something.

girlfriday: Well then he’d have to move to Japan.

javabeans: On the upside, I guess we could thank him for giving us Sohn Ho-joon as the third babo (c’mon, he’s always gonna be the babo, right?) later when he joins the two hyungs. Way to turn that ship around, Na PD.

girlfriday: And OPPA-YA! Jung Woo went along on the trip, apparently. It was a mini Answer Me 1994 reunion, since he was too busy to go on the Youths Over Flowers trip with the boys.

javabeans: I loved Jung Woo’s response when interviewing about this Fishing Village trip, which was basically, “It was really touching and meaningful and I learned a lot. Would I go back? HAHAHA.” I wonder if it still pains him that he missed the Youths chance, because he seemed really disappointed that he had to film a movie while they got kidnapped on their trip of a lifetime.

girlfriday: It pains US, that’s for sure. Just think of all the wounds it would heal if we got to see Oppa and Chilbongie being bros!

javabeans: GASP. I didn’t even think about that particular aspect! Now I wish we could go back in time and make it happen. Can Grandpas in Jordan just be Oppa and Chilbongie in Jordan?

girlfriday: C’mon, Na PD. You totally owe us.

javabeans: It’s not like you don’t have the skills to make reality bend to your will. We know better now.


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  1. kanz

    OMG it’s creepy and sad to see JGS completely left out from the show! And I’m not even JGS’s fan…
    Korean netizens and the whole entertainment industry must be sick!

    • 1.1 nomad


      • 1.1.1 buthy

        I am actually starting to believe the murmurs about a conspiracy against JGS. That there are some forces that want to minimize him in the industry. When I think of his friendships with others that the industry want ousted, I believe it more.

        The connection between all these people are those who are self-managed or not part of the big entertainment companies – they get offers that are below their level of stardom and any “scandal” about them is blown up to huge proportions. See Yoon Eun Hye, the JYJ guys, etc.

        I feel bad for JGS, and this actually gives me a negative impression of Na PD, because if someone has the power to stand up to the nefarious forces of the industry it is him. This makes me wonder, if he is part of those forces as well.

        I might not be a fan of JGS, and I have posted about not liking his new bohemian style, but still to treat him so oppressively, is way overboard.

        • mae


          • DramaAddict

            + 10

        • azfih

          It also helps to show how the drama Greatest Love showing how celebrities who are hated really get the shitty end is really, really true in Korea, to the extent which is crazy.

          This is all really, really sad

          • m

            i was reminded of that also.

            all this makes me so sad and angry too.
            how can people be so destructive towards other people over these kinds of things.

            i was looking forward to watch three meals but right now i cannot stomach any korean show.

            i am still fairly new to all things dramaland/hallyu and so on.
            through blogs and comments to recaps i understood some of the workings, which in turn made me reevaluate my thoughts about celebrities in other countries and what they might be going through that might explain for me until then inexplicable things/behavior.

            this level of crushing people to pulp is something that might be explained by the culture or the history, but i find it inexcusable.

        • mmmaggie

          I’m so, so disappointed in Na PD, whom I usually adore. Going back to 1N2D, I hated the way MC Mong was treated, but the public disapproval was so strong that I could see why they edited Mong out even if I didn’t agree. Also, 1N2D was a hit before Na PD and even though he grew it, it wasn’t his baby. Now though? Na PD has proven himself again and again, and he’s on TVN, not a national network more beholden to the public. I thought if he wanted to, he could’ve been more generous to Jang Geun Seok. He could’ve used his considerable power/influence/goodwill/what have you to present the show that he intended and as it was filmed. By completely editing JGS out, to me it showed a complete lack of loyalty or sympathy, and all I can say is, Badly done, Na PD.

        • Tee

          Wasn’t Kang Ho Dong also self Managed at the time when his tax scandal happened?

          He was forced out then when he comes back he signs with a large management company. Isn’t he with SM Entertainment now?

          Hmmm…. maybe a pattern there?

    • 1.2 mardie


    • 1.3 Chanchan


    • 1.4 moochie


      • 1.4.1 Minh


        • Georgie


          • Lidyadya


    • 1.5 Anna


    • 1.6 adelaide

      what did JGS do so wrong? I feel so bad for him. put him in Roommate season 3. hey,c’mon, you people there, that’s bullying already.

    • 1.7 bd5

      Ok – some of the “hate” may be overboard, but at least there are consequences if you do the wrong thing in Korea.

      Gil (Leessang) had to quit to quit “Infinite Challenge” after a DUI stop.

      But here in the US, eh, DUIs don’t matter and heck, a porn tape just makes you into a a bigger celeb.

  2. fat_crayon

    I’ve always heard that Jang Geun Suk is more well received in Japan than in Korea, but I wonder why that is so. His dramas did tend to not do well ever since his 2010 drama You’re Beautiful, but more actors have done badly(or even more so) but are not as disliked by audience. Can anyone shed some light?

    • 2.1 Jenny

      Hard to say, he has a good image there and before he was a huge star he was in a movie (horror movie with Kuroki Meisa and Horikita Maki). In general he’s just managed to be a hallyu star that likes being in Japan, occasionally does cm’s there and made a effort to communicate. He’s also managed not to put his foot in his mouth as certain stars regarding Korea Japan relationships.

    • 2.2 Dafuqwhat

      I heard it was because how he said whatever he wants to said and his frank personality didn’t sit well with hard-pressed-to-please, rigid socially structured Koreans. As in, he refuse to follow the norm. And we all know what will happen to the nail that dare to sticks out. His gradual change to more princely, eccentric image also didn’t help.

      But those were all from naysayers, of course. I didn’t know the truth either. That’s why I was hyped for this show because I want to see his real personality (or at least the real-est we can get behind all the editing..?) rather than listening to what people said. But nay, now it is all for naught. Disappointed :(.

    • 2.3 neverending.

      I think it’s not because his dramas don’t do well, but that they do horribly. You’re Beautiful was a flop domestic wise because they were getting 10% and mind you, it was 2009 not 2014/15. The follow ups, Mary…, Love Rain and Pretty Boy (?Bel Ami?) did even worse. The fact is, all the drama in which he played a lead in flopped. And when his dramas flop, they flop real bad, like worst-in-the-year bad. That coupled with the Korean public’s dislike for his effeminate image (the hair) and his supposed arrogance for crowning himself the Prince of Asia added to the negativity.

      Personally, I’ve got nothing against him, but I stay miles away from his dramas.

      • 2.3.1 Brittni

        I understand your point but I feel like you have it backwards. People don’t dislike him because his drama don’t rate well. His dramas don’t rate well because people don’t like him. I think its 100% his personality. Even he admits he’s strange. He is not in denial about public opinion or whether or not he’s weird. He owns it. Look at his interviews he is fully aware that Koreans don’t like him. Even Korean celebrities don’t like him very much. The few friends he has tend to be people known for their own personality quirks. He is very difficult to handle if you don’t know him beforehand. Some of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth is shear gold. I think he’s hilarious, but even I find myself saying okay man chill out. But the Japanese market love weird and over the top personalities so thats why he does so well over there.

        • Min

          jajaja yes his friends are the 4d people in Heechul’s chocoball group… and I love them because of their oddness. >_<

        • Jo

          honestly, when he speaks in Korean he seems sort of arrogant or pretentious, as if he is above it all. It translates into a sort of diva complex. but I don’t hate him. I just..don’t find him pleasant as a person (or the projection of him I receive from his interviews)

          • sweetgirl17

            for someone who claimed he is prince of Asia, he is definitely have some grandiosity complex. I can accept if he is that talented but his acting is mediocre at best and his singing… *sighs*….I heard that his album was never got released in Korea, this tells you a lot.

          • milia

            @ sweetgirl17 His 1 mini album & 3 full studio albums are not released in Korea because they are japanese albums (tracks in japanese) plus he officially debuted as a singer only in Japan & not in Korea. His project with his good friend Big Brother Team H is intended again for international fans, that’s why with the last album Driving to the Highway, most of the tracks are in english and maybe 3 to 4 songs have Japanese & Chinese versions aside from english. He has no intention at all of becoming singer in Korea but occasionally would record ost for his dramas because korean composers consider him capable enough to sing compare to other actors.

            Anyway Jang Geun Suk is the most successful korean actor turned singer.

        • mamacri

          Correct , Jang Keun Suk is not one of the cattle, just blindly following what is said, trained or ask to do, he is an real artist who dares to have his own color with a mind of his own and a unique drive and as far as I know artists are all ment to stand out and/or different, a bit quirky and outstanding in what they do naturally because of innate talents… because if we loose that concept it would mean artistry is nothing more than processed food or mass production. .a bit like how K pop and drama is turning to be..13 in a dozen. Everybody look, dance and act the same…not to be harsh but outsiders need a study to differentiate

      • 2.3.2 mamacri

        His drama’s maybe did low ratings in Korea (and I wonder about the rating system) but it should be known that his drama’s have some best turnovers overseas…where the real money is earned. .and there was no big media promotion needed for that…figure that…

    • 2.4 bd5

      Most of his dramas have stunk which the Japanese are willing to overlook (partly the whole sub/dubbing thing and partly the Japanese are more into emo-looking male celebs).

  3. ajewell

    It’s sad to admit this, but I’m so used to it on Infinity Challenge now, it doesn’t even phase me. Reality show editing can be a terrifying thing.

  4. merry

    I think it must be JGS who requested to be taken out. He did hint at it – that he did not want his fans to see him in it… sans make up and all. Imo, he did look terrible. The tax scandal just gave added excuse. The netizens may know more than we do or probably someone in the know got pissed off as well by this kind of face-saving ‘request’. His tax worries would be least compared to fans falling out of love with him in his terrible state.

    • 4.1 Haneul

      “sans make up and all” eh but didn’t he know about all this from the beginning? It’s not like they took him off-guard by the concept of the show. If he didn’t have the courage to appear like that, he could’ve simply turned down the offer from the start

    • 4.2 mili

      What are you saying is ridiculous! JKS was making a joke, he perfectly knew his fans will watch it anyway!

      And as the article says “the button” was pushed very timely – three days before the show’s premiere.
      The facts (you can check the blogs) – at 01.00 am in the morning a bunch of sites threws the bomb about billions of wons, evaded by taxes. It didn’t matter that there were no solid evidences and also the case was closed in NOVEMBER without any charges. The next few days there amny many news about Jang keun Suk and even AFTER he left the show the media continued to speak about his new building for example, implying where the taxes have gone. Wow, anyone with a little brain would notice that if a bank gives a loan of more than 15 million dollars to someone to buy a business building in January, everything about this client and his money were checked and approved. Jang Keun Suk works mainly in Japan, but was attacked for his income from China. Why? Because he gave his trust to koreans to represent him there.

      • 4.2.1 Alice20

        Whoa, I didn’t know any of this! This is starting to look just like “Pinocchio”, where the public believes everything they hear on the news and it tears one person’s career apart.

      • 4.2.2 geese

        i read somewhere that he admit about the tax evasion more likely “miscalculation of his tax” he paid it before it went to media…whoever whistle blower it regarding how late he paid was the real culprit behind all the ruckus…i mean the guy have already paid it’s just bad that media and other people have blown it up to a very big issue…and i mean he really don’t have a very good reputation on korea…even himself admitted that he was not that popular in korea comparing to Japan and China.
        and i think with the production team they really have no say in removing him at the show….well it’s not only his show there are two more people in it and regardless of their decision you will still have the decision of the cable station to consider…

    • 4.3 Aigoooo

      From what I have been reading, it was mostly the production’s decision. His face does look a bit bloated though from what I have seen in the show’s teasers.

    • 4.4 CoolyKT

      no it’s not true dear …. He didn’t try to save his face …. We all know and see his bare face very often ! We were just so happy that finally non eel fans can enjoy his real personality without us telling 🙂

    • 4.5 jane

      Jks didn’t know that he’ll be cutoff from the show. He left for Japan on the 14th smiling and he even requested jaejoong to be a guest ditto chu sarang’s dad who is a good friend of his. He was in Japan when he was told that he is not needed.

    • 4.6 Susann McGovern

      Jang Keun Suk at his worst outshines the faces of everyone throwing stones at him. Does the Korean viewing public have mirrors, have you looked lately at yourselves? Are you happy with what you see? What you write about others is read worldwide. The written word can reflect good or poorly on your country as a whole. International readers were appalled at the vitriolic tone of Korean citizens against one of their own, who did nothing wrong. He hired an accountant who made a mistake. He paid his taxes and fines and was found to have not intentionally done anything wrong. I find it curious that he was the only one targeted, although many others were investigated and their number was listed but no name. Isn’t it curious. Perhaps these other celebrities are represented by the big Entertainment Managers, who buy excellent reviews from reporters, threaten networks and cover up their clients faults such as abuse to women, drugs, etc.
      Jang Keun Suk brings enormous revenue into Korea. He manufacturers all his goods in Korea for sales worldwide. All others, Entertainment Mangers, outsource their goods to other countries which are cheaper and poorer quality. JKS wanted to help Korean manufacturers. He is so proud to be Korean born, speaks so well off his country, that foreigners, like myself, want to come and see the beauty and taste Korean food. We are studying Hangul, go to your restaurants, stay at your hotels and buy your goods. Jang Keun Suk is held in high esteem and regard internationally as a fine actor, entertainer and humanitarian. Why do Koreans not see the value of your own Shinning Star? The light on Korea has dimmed in my eyes and those of the world community. Thank you. Kamsahamnida.

      • 4.6.1 Georgie


      • 4.6.2 mae


    • 4.7 mamacri

      Fans of Jang Keun Suk don’t have to watch this stupid show to see his real self without make and proper dressing. .for that we have all his BTS of his movies and dramas and especially the bts from his shows and CD’s …we have seen him in all kind of stages long before any other idol was dreaming of doing reality or bts shows..he even went on show in Japan without make up…as if it’s important. His fans love him not just for his outer images but really for his inner beauty. His fans merely supported this show because he chose to do it…and with the way things turn out. .we saw enough backstabbing and chickens took of their masks. ..way to go

      • 4.7.1 Summer

        Plus one.

  5. mary


  6. Haneul

    This is all kinds of sad. I used to be a huge JGS fan and then I drifted away from him as an actor after what I call some disappointing career choices but I still have this sort of fondness when it comes to him and seeing what’s become of him now really pains me

    • 6.1 Dam

      I actually adores janggeunsuk back in da day, where he did manly roles and had short hair. After a while tho that changed. I still tried his dramas, but they were just terrible. His acting was still good and manly sometimes.. his hair tho and clothing style changed.. guess he finally chose to be just him or something dunno.

      • 6.1.1 Haneul

        I understand where you’re coming from but what I said doesn’t have anything to do with his manliness or his eccentric personality, he is free to be the way he wants to be and people should give him a break. I was just talking about his professional choices. I can’t help but feel upset thinking how great he was in, say, Beethoven Virus and Hong Gil Dong, I used to follow him religiously back then and I was sure he would become one of Korea’s greatest actors then You’re Beautiful happened and everything went downhill from there. He has so much potential but it’s all now going to waste and that’s what makes me sad

        • coffeenlucia

          And he was awesome in Hwang Jin Yi too 🙂

          • Haru


            OMG! Hwang Jin Yi, I almost forgot about that!!! I cried buckets of tears and couldn’t finish the drama after his character there passed away:(

          • Beanfan

            Oh my… I’m watching Hwang Jin Yi right now. No wonder he looked familiar! I’ve only seen him in “Mary Who Stayed Out All Night,” which was…forgetable. Had no idea he had a reputation. Too bad for him.

          • Haneul

            OMG! how could I ever forget about HJY? shame on me! That drama was one of the absolute best, utterly beautiful and probably my favourite of my beloved Ha Jiwon too and ofc JGS did an amazing job for his role that, albeit brief, was the one that touched me the most of all her lovers. Oh my God, I’m almost in tears just remembering about it T_T

    • 6.2 reeta700

      Kbs world ruined him and other actors with their stupid dramas😠

    • 6.3 Haru

      Same here @Haneul
      Not a fan anymore, but still have warm memories of JKS.

      I really wanted him to rise again in Korea. The saddest thing is that we are missing seeing him with what he is best at–acting. I cry when I remember his awesomeness in Hong Gil Dong and Beethoven Virus. I miss the silly HTK who I fell in love in and who was able to drag me into the K-drama universe.

      I don’t know how he will be able to redeem himself as an actor again. But since he is such a savvy businessman, I think he will use this as an opportunity to expand more in China, Japan, etc. Perhaps if he really strikes it big as a Film Global Star, K-netizens will change their perception about him? But he is soon going to have to go to the army, so perhaps time will be kind in terms of his reputation in Korea.

    • 6.4 coby

      me too… I wonder where did all my love for him go.

    • 6.5 pogo

      I feel the same way. I was a huge fan of his, still believe he has the talent to pull himself back up if he made the right career choices, and 3MAD looked like a step towards image rehab. But then this happened….

  7. Laica

    I haven’t seen the premiere but I agree, that’s ruthless and a little hurtful towards JGS if they edited him out so completely.

    I do think that it’s one of the conventions of Korean variety that the narrative is very much constructed and everyone acknowledges that; it’s one of the reasons I can watch and enjoy Korean reality/variety where I wouldn’t touch American reality shows with a ten foot pole. There’s this tongue in cheek, wink-wink sort of undercurrent where everyone knows and even talks about it – cast and guests often say things like “You’ll edit this out, right?” In a lot of shows you see the PD/staff and they even become part of the action. I like the fact that the fourth wall is not just broken often but becomes like this thin permeable mesh where the viewer iA invited in to the process of making the show which is very unlike the American reality format which tries to erase any trace of manipulation and scripting (even though everyone knows about it). Personally I find it refreshing to have that aspect out in the open, and even used as a source of humour, such as is often done on Running Man. Although of course there’s a lot more of it that goes on that we don’t see. Maybe it’s even easier for them to do it this way.

    I think what they did with TMD kind of takes this to an extreme. And like all extremes it kind of leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.

    • 7.1 chip

      true true i always thought korean reality was more honest about its own goals than other reality shows (which i mostly despise) and has a more naturally humorous style, so this magical editing comes as a shocker. That’s some scary level of manipulation, to cut out one person entirely from a trio of interacting people. They must take tons and tons of footage to be able to edit so carefully.
      I guess that’s the reason in some Running Man episodes the players can’t catch on to or connect multiple slips of the spy or draw relations between occurrences over the show as easily as we (the audience) can, because its been carefully edited to present the story it does, while the raw footage and actual games not only take much longer but must be a lot more long-winded and haphazardly arranged (i wonder if the final edited version even shows events in the same chronological sequence that it occurred.. if they shift around the sequence of events that would be serious manipulation, and completely change the appearance of it all)

      • 7.1.1 Gidget

        The tax problem was discovered and resolved a while ago. I suspect NaPD directed the show in a way that took into consideration the possibility that JGS might have to be edited out.

        Or perhaps the ‘character’ that the show had designed for him – if juxtaposed with the narrative of the scandal – would deepen the public’s negative opinion of him?

        It’s probably wishful thinking, but I’d like to believe that there was a charitable aspect to this. Otherwise it does feel like a significant betrayal of trust.

        • geese

          me too …it’s more like PD Na wanted to see if people will give JGS a chance of korean limelight since it’s a reality show they were probably trying to show his real side that people have already judge…and so sad that it didn’t even come out as 1st episode and they already had their press con doing fine…i wanna hunt down that guy who blew up the story…this is always the sad part of the kpop world, it reminds me when Hodong went for hiatus with the same issue.

    • 7.2 skelly

      Is this refreshing take on reality shows really true? I think it is an amazingly honest and healthy thing, to admit that these “reality” shows are anything but – that they are as carefully scripted and edited as any drama. Thank you Korea, for crediting your viewers with a brain!
      But that can’t be the case with all reality shows, because We Got Married always has all of these delulu fangirls insisting that the “romance” is really happening. A lot of people squee over this show, which really puzzles me, because it just seems like a very well-scripted hours worth of fanservice.

  8. saranga

    it’s a pity he was so completely edited out of it, because the show did feel a little chopped up. yet it STILL managed to be so entertaining, which was probably pure na pd’s touch.

    i don’t know if it’s because i already knew jang had been edited out and therefore was watching with a more critical eye, but some of the footage did look odd. i know nothing about this stuff, but the picture seemed weirdly cropped in a few scenes, and in some instances, the footage looked fuzzier than usual because it was cropped/zoomed in to focus on 2 people out of the original three. i don’t know any film lingo so forgive my clumsy description.

    i’m glad you brought up jang’s negative public image, because i’d been super curious as to why. i’d had no idea. i personally don’t care for him as an actor, but i’ve never disliked him. even my mom mentioned how all the ajumma netizens were ragging on him on the internet forum she frequents. does anyone know precisely WHY he might be so hated? (my mom says she started hating him when he started wearing makeup LOL)

    i mean, as far as i know, he’s never had any serious controversies prior to this. apparently he’s also quite wealthy and i never quite grasped just how. acting wise i think he only has a handful of domestic hits, if even that, and i never received the impression that he was ever as huge a cf star like kim soo-hyun or lee min-ho are, though i know he’s filmed a fair few. it’s my impression that he has considerable overseas popularity (though in exactly which countries i’m a bit hazy), and that he also held some concerts as well? apparently concerts are the big moneymaker for singers, so did the bulk of his money come from these factors?

    anyway, that’s just my perception of him. i hadn’t any idea his tax scandal had elicited such negative netizen reactions, but if they really were as severe as you say, then i guess i can understand why he was edited out. and i wonder if na pd just wanted to play it safe. i’m happy for him that he has such a positive image, but you just never know. he’s so successful right now, and success like that can breed envy and resent. one slip is all it takes for those who resent him to use that to turn others against him as well. just my two cents.

    i wonder if they’re just cutting straight to ho-joon’s episodes next week, and giving up on everything they’ve filmed in between?

    • 8.1 jane

      Probably because he is more beautiful than those who have had plastic surgery. A guy who used make-up in a movie, naturally handsome, much nicer hair and complexion than an ‘edited’ average Korean woman – a big insult to them who wants to be beautiful’

    • 8.2 mili

      Are you Korean? The reason he is hated is that he is not modest.
      I don’t know if I am explaining to the right person, but when people say to him “You’re beautiful”, he answers “I know”.
      Wow! The expected answer would be “No way, this is my make-up artist’s good job” and hiding his face with hands with embaressment.
      Or when he holds a concert or shoot a drama, he should thank his seniors and other people (around 100 of them) for the undeserved success he has.
      No, JKS is not like that. He is polite, he ALWAYS says ‘thank you’ to people he works with, he never quarrels and has very charming personality. He just doesn’t fits in the post-joseon korean society.
      Strangely, just because he is not a typical k-star, menaged and polished by their big companies, he is very well accepted in Japan, Thailand and many other countries. He doesn’t have prejudices and other people there don’t judge him too. Now do you understand?

      • 8.2.1 saranga

        yes i am korean, so i do know exactly what you are saying. i scrolled through some of the other comments too that asked the same thing, and i guess he came off as a bit arrogant in general? i never paid much attention to him in the media, so i wouldn’t know.

        all i remember is the crazy fashion get-ups and makeup, and his general “eccentricity”. but he always seemed good natured and well mannered to me.

        i don’t know well about other asian cultures (china, taiwan, japan) apart from korea though. do they not have this sort of societal norm to be excessively modest in their cultures then?

    • 8.3 pogo

      It’s interesting that the public image thing is so rigid and such a big deal, because it works both ways – just as Jang Geun-seok’s image and consequently cf deals/work suffers as a result of him being perceived as “arrogant” despite being talented, I’ve seen enough and more cf kings and queens who got where they are largely on the basis of looks and image, rather than talent.

      I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard about idols “X can’t sing” or “Y can’t act” but they keep getting jobs, because of perfect “visuals” or “because she works hard and smiles brightly” even if the actual singing/acting turns out substandard, time after time – why should “smiling brightly” be a reason to give someone a job they can’t do? The only other industry I’ve seen where you can achieve success on this scale without being any good at the actual job as long as your image is ok, is Bollywood. And this is not a compliment to either k-ent or Bollywood.

      • 8.3.1 luv_KimRaeWon

        Oh! Bollywood is another story. I hate how talented actors without backing usually struggle and mostly disappear and many mediocre or talentless people with backgrounds or backing get countless chances and eventually survive. Like everywhere, there are exceptions but this is the sad story of Bollywood. Sorry, I know this is off topic but I HAD to vent.

        • Summer

          Jks is very much aware of this too. That’s why he conceptualize a lot of strategies for himself. He doesn’t put all his money and future in one plate. He is very realistic with his feet firmly on the ground. He lives a thrifty lifestyle – recycled clothes, shopping at second shops – he works hard, earns much and save a lot. He now has 3 buildings including one in Japan which pay off the loans he got for these. He has his own brand of knick-knacks in Japan.

          This tax issue revealed some facts. We are all aware that tax paid is directly proportional to what we earn. It is said that he paid additional two digit million dollars to correct notes to financial statements. That reveals that in terms of $ earned he might be bigger than Sm, yg, jyp or FNC.

          Yes, based on pictures released by the media, LMH and KSH or even park shin bye and the rest of them may have a lot of fans, however these masses do not translate their admiration into revenues. JKS fans however translate their admiration of him in dollars. His fans are diverse and they have money to spend.

    • 8.4 milia

      Jang Geun Suk had done cfs since he was a child. With his 20+ years in entertainment business he had signed numerous endorsement contracts. Year 2011 after the huge success of You’re Beautiful outside Korea his cf asking fee has considerably increased, he gets somewhere in between $900,000 US dollars up to $1.2 million US dollars per endorsement contract in Japan not to mention his korean & chinese endorsements/cfs, during that time he was the highest paid korean hallyu star from his peer group. Kim Soo Hyun had lots of korean cfs in 2011 but his asking fee that year was only around $200,000 US dollars. Jang Geun Suk invested his money in real estate, bought buildings in Korea & Japan (luxury villas for himself & his parents, commercial building in Korea (Tree J) that is worth 13 million US dollars). He has many other sources of income, businesses, investment he’s not telling. He has Collecte de Zikzin in Japan, Zikzin Dining & Cafe, Zikzin Nail Shop & Salon. Don’t forget the albums (solo + Team H), concerts, dvd, photobook, cookbook & many other JGS goodies for sale. And also his never-ending magazine covers, appearances in Japan. In fact year 2011 & 2012 he was the only korean actor who made it into the top ten ranking for Japanese endorsements & commercials. Plus maybe other investment that he is not telling. 🙂

  9. Aigoooo

    You gotta love “suspension of disbelief”. We fear for a hero that we know will not die coz he’s the hero. We ship second leads that we know will never get the girl. We buy into the “reality” in reality tv/variety shows even though we know it’s mostly scripted.

    I was watching 2NE1 TV one time and saw Dara rehearsing her answers for Strong Heart. She acted so spontaneous on the show when I watched it. It busted my bubble big time. lol

  10. 10 Sour Grapes

    Oppa and Chilbongie bromance? Where to I sign a petition to make it happen? One of my biggest peeves about AM 1994 is that horrible passive hostility between the two equally great characters. I would love to see them act super friendly with each other in real life.

    • 10.1 nomad


    • 10.2 m

      Oppa & Chilbongie
      Seo-jinnie & Chilbongie, the con artist

  11. 11 achiedz

    Never been a JGS fan, but am looking forward to this show because of him. Like “ok, now what is it with JGS.”

    i watched the 1st ep, and yes…its totally creepy bcoz JGS not in it at all. 😱😱

    did he ever made a “false-statement-or-act” in Korea, other than the tax scandal, that he deserve this kind of treatment? 😑

  12. 12 Aigoooo

    Can anyone enlighten me on why JGS is so disliked in Korea? I am not really a fan but I don’t dislike the guy. He seems pretty laid back and friendly and I haven’t really heard of any scandal from him apart from this tax thing.

    • 12.1 R

      I don’t understand why neither 🙁
      I liked him when he was more focused on his acting career and think he is quite talented…From some interviews I saw he seems funny and friendly also…

      • 12.1.1 Aigoooo

        He was the first “Flower Boy” I have encountered in Korean entertainment. I remember watching YB and commenting to my sister how he looked too feminine to be playing a believable male lead and that he wears more make-up than Park Shin Hye. lol

    • 12.2 CoolyKT

      Would u mind reading this????? it describes everything about him…. i feel so much pain for him,,, he don’t deserve to be treating like this…. here is the link

      • 12.2.1 jane

        Wow! I haven’t read this. Now, I am a fan of his. Because I believe in having dreams and plans for myself and working towards achieving that goal in my life.
        Niw , I understand why they hated him ‘he cannot be their robot’.

      • 12.2.2 shin

        wow that’s a fascinating account. quite a story, and i liked the narrative style of the original author (though the translation could be better).
        if this is true (and it seems to be) all the hate for JKS is really undeserved. They basically hate him for not being a humble kow-tower. that’s pretty ridiculous, but i guess expected in a culture still steeped in confucian sensibilities.

        I guess chutzpah is the least valued quality in SK, and JKS just has oodles of it.

      • 12.2.3 Lizzy4e

        This article is biased. I am not harshing on the author or the subject, just stating a fact.

        Considering how the media (of any country) publishes biased articles it is only fair for the opposing side to also propagate biased articles, I am just saying keep your eyes open for Kool-aid drinking fanaticism.

        Also, JKS should come to America. Americans are not very good at following the rules, or going along to get-along. He would fit in nicely with all the non-conformists. Oh and pot is legal in several of the states and if JKS is not 4:20 friendly, then nobody is.

    • 12.3 Florita Cabug

      I asked this question to a korean friend she said jgs used to be so famous in korea until they notice a big change in his attiude, he became so arrogant and so full of himself…she said it was jgs who proclaimed he’s the prince of asia not the media. The tax issue is just the tip of the iceberg. Koreans know him more than us international fans. I think its about time jgs make an effort to reconcile with the korean fans, three meals would have given him the chance but the tax issue came. He should reflect on why many koreans think he’s a jerk and show more humility.

      • 12.3.1 mamacri

        I doubt koreans know him more, because if they have a fixed idea about something their view narrows down and they will stick to that idea..even if they are wrong they won’t easily come around and say sorry…they got mad with him because of his role in Beethoven virus, they found him ” impolite” to a senior…people…that is the character he played and it’s called acting, he is one of the most polite guy in K bizz I know who has no false humbleness but is sincere even you are not to him. ..what you see is what you get…I get sick when I hear koreans talking and favoring those so called nation little brother or sister…this emplies they are such obedient cute kids, who don’t smoke, drink, have sex, go out clubbing or making roadtrips but very obediently going around bowing, smiling and being submissive. ..hello world…who is kidding who?

        • florita cabug

          yeah but what my korean friend was telling jgs used to be a nice person, bubbly and prank and yet respectful and courteous! they saw a change in his attitude when he became a hallyu star that turned them off. he is not he was used to be before, they say his fame got in to his head.even the tax evasion controversy, jgs camp denied it first only to give in later by paying 10 million dollars..koreans thought it was an admission that he indeed evaded paying the right taxes. but i would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, my point is this not between jgs and his international fans whatever the international fans say, it will not matter to the koreans. the hate will continue unless jgs and his camp do something.

          • florita cabug

            i felt us international should be careful in commenting..our negative comments on the korean netizen (fans) treatment on jgs will not do him any favor but will only make matters worse. do not generalize, this has something to do with their conservative culture, we may not understand but we have to respect.

          • Summer

            I don’t think his fame got into his head. He still goes to the same shabby restored he used to go to all his life.

            They just refused to accept that the cuddly little boy who grew up in TV has a mind of his own and has a very high I.Q. and thus continually ask questions. Its not common in Korean culture to debate and stand for once ideas. Jks studied in New Zealand and in his classrooms students are challenged to debate.

          • milia

            Tax evasion is not the same as tax audit. They admit there is an auditing going on and of course they have to deny tax evasion, because they have no intention of doing that. That’s why the authority acknowledged accounting error and no persecution. Everything was settled month of November, now that he just bought again another building in Korea worth 20 million US dollars. Why would JGS who is capable of paying those taxes would think of not paying the right amount of tax, knowing in his country doing that is such a “scandal”.

            “We may not understand but we have to respect.” – Tell them that why they hate bullying and yet they do it themselves, enough… he paid his taxes already and that’s it!

    • 12.4 Daisy

      Well he wasn’t that badly disliked before.. The audiences didn’t like his careers choices & choosing to focus on the Japanese market.. Adding in his fashion sense & hairstyle is a turnoff to public since he tends to dress more “feminine”. The tax scandal made his image worse.. Sad because I was so sure this variety show would change his whole image around!

      • 12.4.1 Haru


        Yeah, i was sad that he couldn’t change his image this time.

      • 12.4.2 geese

        i actually didn’t know that this was the case because as for me for every artist specially in their country it is hard to maintain your status quo being the highest because admit it or not there will always be an artist who will come and change you on that throne being the best at their field..i was hoping to see him again at this show but apparently the public isn’t ready to see him yet….

      • 12.4.3 luv_KimRaeWon

        I don’t dislike him but I too tend to skip his dramas coz I find his make-up and dressing too feminine. I so badly wanted to watch his drama with the Hong sisters but gave up because of his makeup and look in the drama. I guess there are others like me.

      • 12.4.4 mamacri

        I know a lot of korean artists who dresses feminine and put loads of make up…so what is the difference, where does the discrimination come from.??.. .and if he does not get work in his own country what is the guy to do..he and his family must eat too… well you go to other markets where they can appreciate your craft…it’s that easy…

  13. 13 shinchae

    “Just think of all the wounds it would heal if we got to see Oppa and Chilbongie being bros!” – TRUE! PLS MAKE IT HAPPEN, NA PD!

  14. 14 dkaoru

    does anyone know where the fishing village is available in eng sub?
    I’m now curious to check it out. I like Cha Seung won, never been a fan of jang geun seok.
    More excited about Sohn Ho Joon joining the show

    • 14.1 asterido

      I watch the raw in dramacool but last i check, its not subbed yet.
      its a bummer to see only 2 person there, meanwhile you read and watch the pressconf……

      • 14.1.1 revlow

        I hope dramacool really does sub. Though they list the 1st season of Three Meals a Day, all the episodes are still raw.

  15. 15 Annie

    That’s such a good point about the editing! I’ve been edited on Korean TV before and it’s seriously an art. I have nothing but awe (and no small amount of fear) into what editing goes on these programs.

    From what I’ve seen, there is definitely a certain amount of consideration towards face-saving that goes on, and that’s why the gag-men make the big bucks- they take all the hits so no one else has to.

    Korean netizens can go nuts over anything, but there’s also a lot of nonsensical forgiveness. That recent drunk driving scandal? I know that comedian is conscientious and takes his actions more seriously than anyone on the street that I’ve talked to. Most people were more upset that he took on more than the basic consequences for his actions and quit his shows.

    But if someone was guilty of tax evasion? GET OUT GO HATE YOU BYE!

    It used to mystify me until I moved here and saw just how many speeding cars run red lights in Cheongdam and Apgujeong. The cops are too scared to pull over a VIP. I can see why people are upset at that, when government and services budgets are being slashed and money is being spent for naught. I mean, one only need look at the massive government blame chain that caused the Sewol sinking to see how much money is wasted in corrupt, poorly trained, or incompetent regulatory and response offices.

    I wish that Americans got this upset over tax evasion. We’d probably be much better off.

    • 15.1 Mamacri

      I would like them to be this upset about injustice…
      One is not guilty untill proven otherwise??
      He was not guilty and yet punished 100x over..
      Is this how the Korean way of life is? fake from the outside and cowardly from the inside?? blaming everything and everybody instead of taking up responsibilities

    • 15.2 park sung hyo

      I can’t stop laughing cuz w korean mind. What are their mind? They were so damnest full w racist,they simply kick ppl that they hate like dui case nhc,gil & tax envasion…but when k-idol hv same case lil worse nickhun.the so call korean was feel so sorry ④ him,they even feel damn happy he dated other idol. Man!damn RACIST KOREAN BULLY. I even feel hated w them but ARGH!😖😵

  16. 16 cheekbones

    I’m totally with you, girls. It’s crappy and creepy.

    I think JGS enlisting now is a good idea. I like him and I like to see him on screen acting, but with the situation you described above, it’s unlikely he’d get an acting job soon.

    Btw, nothing netizens, especially k-netizens, say can surprise me anymore.

  17. 17 Bonnie

    I was searching for JGS in the show but Na PD’s editing is really amazing! He is totally out of the pic!

    How can anyone be able to do that??? It’s simply scary.

    But another way to explain it was that JGS didn’t make an impact in the show. He probably didn’t talk or interact enough with the other casts to make it such a waste to lose him. And to be able to edit him out for an entire episode simply means he didn’t stood out much!

    Ho Joon didn’t talk much in 3 meals a day and if Na PD didn’t add such amazing subtitles for him, he would have simply be like the plants in the background. And if he had been in a scandal, he could also have been easily edited out.

    • 17.1 jane

      Koreans are good in editing – including their faces. Plastic surgery I mean.

      • 17.1.1 Haru

        @jane ROFL ^^

      • 17.1.2 dfwkimchi


    • 17.2 mili

      JKS were in the shooting twice . They edited so much, that from 3 days they barely made 1 episode!
      Ho Joon maybe will take some of JKS’s lines. We will see Cha talking to him, when in reallity he talked to another one.

      And don’t forget – JKS prepared all the products for the meals before the real cooking. Don’t believe it, if you see Ho with the knife, he was a guest!

  18. 18 Chandler

    Honestly, this literally breaks my heart. I actually had no idea that netizens disliked him so much!

    I have SUCH a soft spot for him.

    You’re Beautiful was the drama that brought me back to k-dramas after almost 4 years. I hadn’t watched since early 2008 and then in 2011 a friend of mine was watching it and I just adored it. I loved JGS so much in it!!! Really, this is probably the drama that started my real k-drama addiction. (In that, I began watching kdramas more than other shows at that point, before-I didn’t, except maybe 2007)

    That’s why this just bums me out, and, you’re right, the whole broadcast is just so uncomfortable and creepy. I mean, I’m sorry, I know three people are there interacting, fishing, and cooking with each other…but then I’m somehow supposed to be believing that only two people are there doing all that? I know to expect editing in variety and I usually don’t mind it because it’s typically well-meaning, but this is so lacking in authenticity that it’s ridiculous.

    • 18.1 nomad

      I agree…I’ve always find him a bit odd, but in totally an adorable way. This just makes me feel super sad…there was a quote I always remember “Love me or hate me, but spare me from your indifference.” Making someone totally nonexistent is just cruel.

      • 18.1.1 owl

        JGS is oddly adorable for sure! Best non-smile-to-smile face ever!

        • pogo

          “best non-smile-to-smile face ever!”

          good god, yes. (I have been saying this for years, but not as eloquently)

    • 18.2 meganG

      JGS in You are Beautiful is also what brought me to K-dramas. So it makes me sad too, to see him treated so. I will always have a soft spot for him and everyone in that show.

    • 18.3 Mandy

      I really agree. The lack of authencity is jarring considering everyone and their mothers knew JGS was initially a part of the cast. I wouldnt be so idiotic as to pretend there were only two cast mements in the first place. The editing can convince me all they want but it can’t change the reality I already know.

      If only they tried to air an episode with JGS. Maybe then they’d have a legitimate reason to cut him off if the numbers were bad. But now all my sympathy is for the guy that got asked to do a variety and then cruelly cut out to the point where it seems he never existed. All because of a supposedly resolved tax scandal. I was going to keep watching, I think I just convinced myself not to.

      • 18.3.1 jane

        This is a reality show of unrealities.

        • Spi


    • 18.4 DramaAddict

      You are beautiful could be considered my 1st korean

  19. 19 eynay

    why they don’t just airing JGS part & put notes/remarks in the beginning that they not edit out JGS part because it’s pre recording? Just like when Lee Soo Guen gambling scandal out KBS put remarks on 1d2n that they dont edit out LSG because of pre recording. It’s awkward to watch even to read recaps, its like hole or something not right.

    • 19.1 jane

      They can’t do this for jks because he can bring them to court – he did not evade payment of his taxes, the usual company audit of expenses and income excluded some financial accounting notes which were all corrected and paid for, and a court case will drag the tax agency for violating the privacy and confidentiality of a tax payer as agreed in oecd, then there will be tax agents who feed the stories to media.
      If I am jks I will file a complaint with korea’s office of the ombudsman and privacy commissioner.
      Tax regulatory rules were not complied with – he was not prosecuted yet the case was magnified.
      He can win this case – all he has to do is to look at the privacy and confidentiality clause in tax legislation and oecd rules because Korea is a signatory country.

      • 19.1.1 Mamacri

        yes…he should do this…
        He may be a public figure but NO one would want his whole business out on the streets.
        Even his countrymen hate him, he has a serious career and earns very well as to be able to pay so much taxes in his own country and koreans get to profit from that..
        Where is the respect…and obediency for the law??

  20. 20 Orion

    I went from a Jang Geun Seok fan to someone terribly put off and disappointed long ago and I have since then said my share of heavy things about his career choices, on-the-job behavior and work persona, but this is just ridiculous. They asked him to be on the show, they started filming with him and they should have continued like so, at least until they saw how the ratings went. If they drop, fine, give him an exit slowly.

    But to actually cut the man out of the frames is creepy, unprofessional, desperate and disrespectful to the guy and viewers alike. You are basically calling your viewers morons with a bad memory, who will be fooled about the guy’s presence just because they can’t see him. You’re erasing a person’s entire existence and that is far too offending for his crime. I hate the cheating rich as much as the next person, especially given the country I come from, but acting like tax evasion is as big a crime as murder and rape (going by the vitriol) is one huge case of overreacting.

    But we know netizens can be jerks and mentally disturbed, especially when protected by anonymity. It’s the production who are the real low ones here, because they should be professionals, they should be progressive and they should have some dignity and respect towards their business partnerships, which is what the contract they had with Jang was.

    It is this raging attempt to convince people that mostly scripted stuff is real and their fight to eradicate anything which threatens that selling of delusion that are the most disturbing. It’s a sick sick system. It’s why I stay away from variety and reality television. If I want fiction, I’ll watch fiction. If I want real life, I have my own. I don’t need to see people pretending to be perfect versions of themselves for productions who panic if they cannot sell their beautiful lie.

    • 20.1 mardie


    • 20.2 Ashley

      Totally agree!

    • 20.3 Mamacri

      evenmore so their was no crime commited and in this case taxes evation was not proven, declared a fault in interpretation while filing his taxes… and there was no conviction from the goverment too..
      Being so unprofessional, driven by irrational hate and shortsighteness. treating him like a secondary artist and his huge fanbase morons…(now they had 10 maybe they would have at least 15 if they had show him and his fans some respect) really unacceptable!!!
      Well..they really took off their masks

    • 20.4 DramaAddict


    • 20.5 Lizzy4e

      “If I want real life, I have my own. I don’t need to see people pretending to be perfect versions of themselves for productions who panic if they cannot sell their beautiful lie.”

      WOW. Just Wow.

  21. 21 Lixie

    This is such a perfect example of why I hate korean reality shows, they are so fake. I feel like everything is scripted, everyone has their fake personality and a loose script and they just follow along making silly jokes and people should believe it’s all real. I can maybe imagine that koreans are used to that fakeness and either they know about it and like it, or they just don’t know and imagine it’s real, but I have a hard time understanding how people from other countries manage to like this.

    • 21.1 REGIA

      I’m watching variety for the comedy and not thinking to much whether it’s fake, scripted, or real. Just enjoy the show, simple.

      Well, Korean probably thinking the same, they don’t have much time to watch TV anyway (except elder and housewives?)

    • 21.2 blnmom

      Huh? Are you saying reality shows in other countries aren’t fake? I was once on an American reality show, one of those home makeover things, and those are super fake also. They told us what to say, how to act, and then pretended that we did all the work when in reality it was done by a bunch of low-paid workers. I can imagine that more dramatic reality shows like Survivor are heavily scripted and edited by the producers.

      • 21.2.1 Lixie

        NO, not at all, I find them all fake as well but korean realities seem like they pretend harder that’s why it feels silly to me.

    • 21.3 es

      ….lol but all reality shows are fake, not just korean ones??

  22. 22 Peeps

    Y’know, if this is really just Na PD’s choice, I’m very much more interested in how anyone could’ve strong-armed him into this – to cut Jang GeunSeok out so completely. That… doesn’t seem to be Na PD’s style… Na PD, the guy who kidnaps people in broad daylight and sends them overseas, the guy who tortures his cast on 1N2D, the guy who pokes at anyone and everyone but always knows how to never go too far. I just… do not understand this.

    Also, Korea is so weird to me… at least, what I get from the internet. EVADE TAXES AND THE ARMY AND YOU DESERVE TO DIE! Rape someone or hit, kill and hide someone’s body and… it’s okay? The reactions just don’t match for me.

    • 22.1 ikr

      i’m not saying evading taxes isn’t a big thing, because it is (though from what I understand from some other posts it may be a misunderstanding of sorts, they should definitely first convict in court before punishing the guy in this manner) but i remember there was this thing a few years ago(?) where a major entertainment company was busted for exploitation and rape of its young talents, but the whole thing blew over so quickly, only one or two scapegoats got arrested and the company continued as ever before. were its programs boycotted or the owners driven to ruin? not even close.
      and this is a crime which should cause mass outrage, as opposed to a civil crime that can be addressed with a court case and fine.
      such messed up priorities.

  23. 23 tiny

    wondering if db would be recapping this…?

    Also, I miss your Variety Roulette. I really hope you’d cover Return of Superman. The Uhm-force is the newest edition to the show with his daughter. 😀

  24. 24 Mandy

    I’m so disappointed for JGS. Its just horrible that mere weeks ago, he was in the press conference talking about his experiences and troubles. Now, it’s like he was never there. I know how much hate he gets in SK, it’s nothing new. But would it really have been so difficult if they at least showed a little of him? At least acknowledge he was a part of the cast at some point?

    I wish I didn’t have to say this but the whole scandal made me lose respect for Na PD, the production and tvN. The way the scandal was handled is particularly demoralizing for JGS. I wonder, if they just went along with the real cuts and eventually replaced him, would the ratings have been half, quarter? I doubt it. So why the nasty treatment?

    I wish I could be happy for the show. The first/last time a variety broke 10% in premiere was Noonas, and that was a while ago. I’d have been proud of this. Now, it’s really left a bitter taste. I can only hope JGS somehow can move on to better things.

    • 24.1 jane

      Because Koreans hate him. To show how much, they all watch it regardless. The truth is Koreans are boycotting jks regardless.

      Well, he can continue his masteral studies in other countries now. His family is rich – fishing farm – and he has his own money too. He can say goodbye to show bus anytime.

      • 24.1.1 Alyssa

        I’m sorry but I have to say something. From the way you make it sounds like he’s ban from Korea for everything. “Go study in another country?”. He’s ban from entertainment but his life goes on. He can do whatever he wants to outside. How does it matter anyone if he gets his masters done in Korea?

        The man is rich. I’m sure he can pursue other businesses if he warns but he likes his craft so he stuck through.

        From people’s tone, sounds like he made irreversible crime. The man was greedy but he sure is paying for it now. Everyone makes mistakes.

        A lot of times people forgets that celebs are humans too.

    • 24.2 geese

      it didn’t really matter what show and producer it will be they are actually after JGS….its a long issue and yet till now still they want him out of the show…producers can’t do anything about that your living in the same country as for international fans we actually are not affected we can only say things while them that produce the show/artist in the show will have a different story…guess JGS really have to take different path…or do it in another country…it just said because i remember him saying he really wants to be someone likeable/accepted in their country as an artist just like LSG…it was in his interview with Hodong…

  25. 25 Emma

    Another proof that we have to be careful to base our judgements and/or opinions on what we see on TV or magazines… It is soooo now easy to bend the truth…

  26. 26 k lava

    My love for Korea and all things Korean is slowly fading. I can’t stand this attitude they have, I don’t what it is exactly this holier than thou thing they have going on be it race,class system or supposed scandals.

  27. 27 Chandler

    Also, may I just add that the name for this post is golden?

  28. 28 CoolyKT

    This translation is dedicated to everyone who wants to know the history behind the Korean backlash on JKS a few years back.


    Author: jks挚爱cri on Weibo

    I stayed in Korea for 3 years from 2006 to 2009, the goddess I admired fell in love with him in 2006, hence I hated him since 2006 because he occupied the heart of my goddess!! *cry*….

    But because of this, I started to pay attention to him. At that time I was in Korea, and he was criticized by all the Koreans, so later when I saw his tremendous success, I was very surprised. Although I don’t like him, although I hate him, I still have to admit that he is a tall, rich and handsome star worthy of admiration and to learn from.

    His character is representative of most men of his generation or the character that most men admire (despite that many men don’t like him). Here I have to clarify, every man (tall, rich, handsome or not) has his self-esteem and dignity, and his dream. Don’t deny it, so long as you are a man, you are like every man who has their dream of being a hero. We can endure poverty, laugh at ourselves for being short, ugly and poor, see our goddesses being snatched away, we can do without our shame, but we all have our dignity and dream – we value it even more, because this is all that we have (a little literary, but the truth in our heart). But he – his dignity and dream were trampled on and laughed at by all Koreans.

    Next I’m going to describe his experiences, this experience is what every man should respect. Because I have lived in Korea for 3 years, what I describe next is what I have seen personally.

    In 2006, almost all the Korean women were attracted to him through one drama. That year, he was only 18 years old.

    This drama had a star-studded cast, and he was not the lead character. But he, a child only 18 years old, snatched the limelight from the other stars. Possessing the face of an innocent child, he acted the role of an obedient and kind son of a rich man. That night on which his character died in the drama, this kind of comment appeared on the internet: “Korean women are all crying.” (I have not watched this drama, but this kind of comment did appear on the internet the night his character died.)

    I have lived in Korea for 3 years, and actually, Korea is more traditional than China sometimes. No matter whether it is the ancient Joseon or the Korea today, certain traditions could not be changed.

    Korean tradition is, children must be obedient, listen to adults and be sensible. Because of the character he acted in and his appearance and age, he became an obedient child in the eyes of Korean women, he became their darling pet. All the Korean people started to praise him; they saw him as an obedient child, praised him for his obedience, his innocent smile, his handsome looks, his youth, his acting and his professionalism, his sincerity towards people etc. The Koreans generously gave him a nickname “Perfect Man” (completely…

  29. 29 Denali

    Just think of all the wounds it would heal if we got to see Oppa and Chilbongie being bros!
    But… they were bros on and off the show. And nah. The delulu fans holding on to their ideal imaginary Chilbongie/Na Jeong pairing and resenting Garbage and/or Jung Woo would still remain blinded.

  30. 30 BedeliaJane

    Reminds me of how MC Mong was edited out in the 1N2D (though I think, he wasn’t edited out completely). Probably PD Na learnt from that experience.

  31. 31 jamkkanman

    Interesting. I didn’t know either that JGS was harshly criticized by netizens with respect to this tax issue. Are the critics more from the Korean side? I can’t read Korean comments, but I have a feeling that the international comments on the show are full of the JGS pictures and supportive words.

    I think the situation was difficult and requiring immediate reactions for both the producers and JGS sides. And we’ve got a chance to observe some ways of dealing with critical situations in the given circumstances in the given society. In the end we have what we have.

    But politics aside I’ve actually liked the show a lot. Apart from some awkward parts with the third plate / glass / hat / arm / voice here and there it was an endearing atmosphere and I liked both charismatic CSW and the good-hearted ajeossi YHJ. And the new puppy Sanche 🙂 But also the whole feel of the remote fishing village presented in a light-hearted way.

    Although I didn’t understand many things without the subtitles, but for me it was more interesting to watch than the first season. Probably because the conditions here were more critical. I am looking forward for the next episode.

    What do you guys actually think about the content of the show? Did you like it?

    • 31.1 geese

      ha ha ha ha…i like CSW putting the ladle that keeps going down…he he he…interesting right a guy who exudes charisma as model whoa it ruin that image from what i watch…i can’t put them together it’s like they are twins and different people…but i like his two sides and sigh…..

  32. 32 mia

    My thoughts exactly.

  33. 33 aco

    HAHAH why does this remind me of the drama Pinocchio 🙂 How the media just build on nonsense like a train that has no specific detestation.. keep on going and going and going…

    The same thing happens all over world in today’s media.. We receive Information so fast that we don’t have time to processes it before some new information is presented to us which eventually lead to that the truth gets buried in pile of sh#¤t… Therefore most of us human tend to follow the most popular outcome or voices without even knowing the entire story so we don’t feel left out…

    • 33.1 Gidget

      It’s also tied into the narrative of shows billed purely as ‘entertainment.’ They have a long history of being used as a tool in the shaping of public opinion and beliefs. And it’s a deceptively powerful tool.

      And now add to that, corps of bloggers and ‘netizens’ who are employed to promote ideas and create the impression that those ideas are dominant beliefs. They create bandwagons of ‘public sentiment’ for the less-aware (and I dare say less-thinking) members of society to jump on.

  34. 34 jane

    I hope jks will file a complaint with the government’s office of the ombudsman and/or privacy commissioner. He has a case and he can win this one.

  35. 35 SuzyBae

    With the new TV ratings system into the scene which take into consideration the views from smart devices , VOD’s & IPTV along with their previous system of 4000 households rating techniques…there’s no surprise as to why the ratings were good.
    Regardless atleast the team must be happy with the results, good for them and everyone who work for the show. But….. Hasn’t JGS worked equally hard just like everyone else for the show ?

    All the happenings are making me feel terrible not just for JGS but for every korean artist out there who is pressured by their society to be this god like flawless human beings , i’m now pretty sure that many of them put a fake image just to survive but wondering how many of them are like that? We will never know.

  36. 36 iggy

    Tbh. i dont like how he manipulates shows so much.tbh i guess i dont like how all variety/reality shows arent reality but manipilation and scripted a lot of the time.
    when i dont think about it too much it seems fine and i find i can enjoy shows despite knowing most things are just semi scripted or manipulated to milk the same cow and jokes or image that ppl like seeing.
    But when i am reminded of how its real but not real it kinda puts me off watching.
    I guess its cos i havecertain expectations to be entertained in certain ways when watching as well and im feustrated at myself for being like the thousands who also watch for the same superficial reasons.
    ehh. but Na PD is super good at manipulating shows to no end and i dont like the degree to which he does it.
    Its funny but definitely there have been times when i felt he’s trying to fit a certain concept or rapport into something that doesnt fit it properly.

    also. I still cant get over how quick they dumped Jang as well. I dont particularly care about Jang as a celebrity or actor but it’s just kinda horrific how Na PD and the team were so quick to almost appease and treat the crowds to what they wanted.
    It feels all backwards and too close to the unpleasant human traits that we all have to not want to be mixed with something that could do harm even if it means completely ditching another person and completely disregard another human In such a blatant way.

    ahhh and thisis why i am so conflicted about variety watching and should just bugger off from watching and commenting on it. :/

  37. 37 redfox

    no matter what, even if you dont like someone, doing it like this is terrorizing. are we dealing with South Korea or North Korea? sounds like something that happened to the leaders´ family members in North Korea, you know, they were also removed from everywhere. from video clips, even news.

    I can´t understand this hatred towards Jang Geun Seok. He might be a bit odd and stuff, but I believe he is a good kid.
    I really hope this won´t destroy him and his quirky personality.
    I really keep worrying. Hope he will stay strong and show them all that he is a good person. nobody deserves something like this.
    I went through something similar. someone started a rumor I hit my female teacher or something, it was all in secret. there was whispering and behind the back hatred. and I was pushed out from every circle I belonged. the rumors were confirmed false. but the effect lasted 5 years. during that time I almsot didnt talk to anyone at all, except my granny.
    being an outcast really hurts like hell and not everyone makes it through. do these people have any idea what awful bullies they are?

  38. 38 Susann McGovern

    I was quite surprised at the vitriolic, slanderous comments from the Korean press and citizens against internationally respected, Korean Super Star, Jang Keun Suk. We all know that entertainers hire accountants to prepare their taxes. When an error arises through no fault of the client, outstanding taxes and fine are paid. The tax department already stated it was not intentional by JKS and they were satisfied. It was not Income Tax Evasion, as the press wrote, to smear him. I understand there were others investigated, but only their numbers were published not their names. Could they have big Entertainment Mangers backing them? Why victimize JKS in the press just before a new show was coming out? We know entertainment companies fear him. They can’t control him or make money from him, so they try to destroy him through paying reporters to destroy his credibility. This is quite obvious to the international community. Do Korean citizens realize how much revenue JKS brings into Korea. He only uses Korean manufacturers to produce his good which are sold worldwide. All other celebs goods are outsourced to other countries because it’s cheaper. He employs Koreans in his restaurant in Japan. His international following is huge we study Hangul, come to Korean to see its beauty, enjoy the food, spend money in your hotels, taxis, restaurants, airports all because of his world appeal, how well JKS speaks of his Korea and his Korean people. Therefore, when he was cut from a tvN show, which he clearly didn’t need to do, but accepted because of director, PD, the world was shocked. Doesn’t Korea value one of their precious sons who gives back to the poor and his University so generously? Jang Keun Suk, shines a light on Korea through his celebrity. That light has dimmed in the eyes of the world. If you have a large mirror, please look into it and see if you like who you are?

    • 38.1 Aigoooo

      My suspicion is that self-managed artists are being targeted domestically by all these agencies because they don’t want anyone following suit. I don’t know of any celebrity who’s self-managed that has consistent work and famous.

  39. 39 Susann McGovern

    I wrote 2 comments and both came back error. Do you not want to hear an American point of view on how international star Jang Keun Suk was treated by his own people. The vitriolic, slanderous press and vicious comments by citizens is seen worldwide. The written word is visible to all. Korea needs to pick up a mirror and take a long look at itself, are you happy with yourself and what you see.
    Jang Keun Suk is a valued, precious person to his family, friends and international supporters. The light has dimmed on my view of Korea and its people. We come to Korea because of JKS and how well he speaks of his country, its beauty and food. He produces all his goods in Korea although it is more expensive he does it to give jobs to Korean manufacturers. All other celebs outsource their goods. He is admired and respected. Who were the other celebrities that were investigated, only numbers appeared. Suspicious! Everyone knows what Korean Entertainment Management is like, pay off reporters for good press and threaten TV stations. Korea may not value your precious son, but the international community respects him for his generosity of spirit and a courageous young man following his dream.

    • 39.1 Mamacri

      Yes.. at least Jang Keun Suk had the balls to make an official statement that it was about an audit and found errors were corrected immediately accordingly to Korean taxes regulations..
      If they had found something against the law they would have prosecute him..Non of this what was so wrong that tvN and the other koreans had to go to this extend???!! To humiliate one so severe; who can’t nor wants to retaliate because no matter what he says it’ll be used against him and his company.
      Tons of koreans are being audited on daily basis..
      THESE NEGATIVE KOREANS NEVER QUESTIONED THEMSELVES ABOUT WHO WERE THE OTHER PERSONS WHO ARE BEING INVESTIGATED TOO the ones the media only called by numbers..did those people or companies paid up to be protected or is it just discriminations or rancour against Jang Keun Suk .. Even in criminal cases internationally, full names are not use unless the person is prosecuted and found guilty; as far as I know non of this happened…meanwhile a lot of real estate missery is being investigated by the goverment talking about HUGE sums of money, done by people (big moguls) who bring their bigs SUMS of money OUT of the country and nobody seems to be worried about they are too busy being fed garbage by the press and spouting venom about someone who had a fault made by the accounting company (even then he did not blame others) Someone who earns most money overseas to paid huge taxes in his own country to benefit his own people…hmmm
      OK international fans get it, it is because Jang Keun Suk and his company did not pay off anyone to write good news about him or keep silent about bad news he is being slandered and slaughtered like a cow and everybody is sitting back and watch it like a reality show and keep silent….AND AL BECAUSE THIS YOUNG TALENTED MAN IS UPFRONT AND HONEST ,an easy target because he is too much well brought up and a gentleman for that to retaliate… Is that not why he is not liked in his country by some sour people..people jumping to conclusion and not using their own heads to think but just follow blindly what others say….He had the guts to talk about his dreams things he wanted to try to achieve and everybody took him like he is a fool and a gascon and laughing at him, like they are such big achievers… Nobody ever said in his or her life “I want to do this or become that”?? As far as we know he worked damn hard to make everything he said come true…even many counteracting him; I’m just very proud of such a person, one who walk his talks…. This child is a child of his time, he opens his arms to embrace everyone, who is sincere in his approache and his feelings, always possitive and loving. How honest are Koreans to others and more so to themselves..? When are thing bygones for Koreans?
      I would say…who is without any fault cast the first stone… Isn’t it a honorable thing to do; to speak up for the truth, fight against injustice, discrimination, depreciation and…

      • 39.1.1 Mamacri

        (sorry for being cut off)
        and bullying??… People really find this OK what the media and the bad mouth Knetizens in general and especially in this show did against Jang Keun Suk…. being treated like he is trash, a serial killer or worst?? Would there more sympathy if he had drunk drived and kill one or two people, using drugs, hit or cheated one or two women or other punishable deeds or are those priveleges only for the other well promoted stars or companies…Is it humane??? I’m very dissapointed with Korea..even more so because Jang Keun Suk always kept talking so highly about his country even they outcasted him..such a shame Korea; you are living your own K-drama…I hope it’s a happy ending…because I lost my taste for it all…it’s too fake for me to handle..(even an variety or reality show has no variety nor reality to it!!) For now I only look forward to Jang Keun Suk’s work, at least I have the feeling I’m not being fed processed food

        • jane


        • milia

          Agree 100%

    • 39.2 peaches

      the korean entertainment industry exists first and foremost for their people, so what you think as an american fan ultimately does not matter. yes, tourism is important too, but i know that some koreans believe that the hallyu wave was something to be regretted because of how their men and women have come to be so fetishized.
      i agree with javabeans and girlfriday that they overreacted by editing him out so completely, and that this speaks volumes about the “reality” of reality/variety shows, but it’s irksome when people from other countries bash another country for their beliefs and practices- what about your own country? less ethnocentrism please……

      • 39.2.1 mamacri

        If the international market is not interesting for Korea so why are they promoting this again in the west, China and Japan?…I could be wrong, but if you step outside you must expect people to see you…

    • 39.3 pogo

      I’m a fan of Jang Geun-seok and deeply disappointed in the actions of the PD here (even if I am disappointed by his professional choices in the last few years and think he’s wasting his talent).

      And I definitely think the way he is treated by the netizen brigade is unfair but I think your comment is gross, patronising and, like peaches says, ethnocentric as hell.

  40. 40 Lilly

    Tax scandals freak the elites out.
    Wesley Snipes was one of the biggest and most famous actors of USA, but after his tax scandal he never got back up to that high peak again.
    I think only politicians are allowed to have tax scandals for some reason and make a full come back.

  41. 41 Emmy

    Question: what did Jang Geun Suk do BEFORE this tax scandal, to earn him so much dislike in the first place?

    I can totally understand negative response to celebrity tax evasion. Tax evasion, if widespread, definitely is something that is hugely detrimental to society, especially society’s most vulnerable that are dependent on social and healthcare benefits. So as much as I can see that underpayment of taxes can be an honest mistake, I never bought the argument, “but it doesn’t hurt anyone!”

    However, this reponse suggests something deeper, like netizens have built up dislike of him because of prior actions, behaviour, rivalry with other actors, who knows what.

    As for editing around him, well, I’ve been jaded about “reality” shows for a really long time and stopped watching them altogether (except for the occassional running man episode). Not at all surprised they manage to pull off something like this, they probably had tons of footage that they could work their way around cutting out JGS.

  42. 42 dramaqueen4

    He must be on the shitlist of some corporate higher up(s) to get this kind of industry backlash.

    I’m an international fan and don’t know much about k-ent, but these arguments about arrogance and immodest behavior seem odd. Don’t get me wrong, he may well be a jerk. But really? When the show goes on for Park Shi Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, and Lee Byung-hun?

    • 42.1 jamkkanman

      agree. It doesn’t seem to be a game of just 2 players: JGS vs. show production team. Maybe broadcasters, or artists agencies, or some other behind-the-scenes factors, or even the non-spoken norms prevailing in the society must have played a role.
      Seems like working in the k-entertainment industry is inevitably accompanied by taking into account restrictions and pressure from different sides.

    • 42.2 Sunandmoon

      To be fair, none of those other people are back on Korean broadcast yet either.

      I wanted to see JGS in this show, but some of the comments from international fans are making it sound like he has been banned from the country or something. Let it blow over, and we’ll probably see him again soon. Maybe even in another Na PD program.

      As for JGS being arrogant, there have been reports of his fame and fortune getting to his head. Could be true, it happens to lots of stars. But that’s not the reason he was pulled from the show.

  43. 43 Haru

    Actually, now , I am curious as to how the show would’ve looked like with JKS in it.

  44. 44 Arhazivory

    Disappointed and honestly no longer interested in the show.

  45. 45 Min

    I feel that it’s really unfair because there are worse crimes committed by other artists and they’re back to celebrity life like nothing happened, :cough cough:: girlfriend beater KHJ::cough cough. The K-fans back them up like nobody’s business even if they’re not actually all that great at acting.

  46. 46 dfwkimchi

    I watched the raw episode n only heard JGS’s laughter in one snippet and not much of him elsewhere! Yup, the editing was super good!

    Even though i am not so familair with JGS’s career, i did read about the tax evasion case in 2014 – more than 6 months ago along with another famous K actress.

    The ironic part is that JGS paid 10 bucks in back taxes and fines and i can almost image that part of the money (if not most) went to corrupt people!!

  47. 47 Thatdoublenine

    Sounded like it came straight out from the Pinocchio world… The power of media. The change in flow of story by editing.

  48. 48 Cocoboo

    I’ve only see JGS’s acting in You’re Beautiful. I can barely remember the drama now and he didn’t make much of an impression, but I was curious about his persona in this variety environment. It’s disappointing that he was completely cut out of the show.

  49. 49 MANDY PAN

    Blame JKS’ accountant! They did such a shabby job that he gets the blame.

    JKS has guts. He refused to pay or bribe Korean media to write glowing reports about himself. He refused to accept payment to have ‘meal’ with rich female CEO. His guts is the norm in any country except in Korea where one has to toe the line.

    • 49.1 jane

      US$ 1 million on the table just to have dinner with him.


    Yeah, just ’cause he ha some problems, that dosen’t mean they should act like he doesn’t exist

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