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News bites: February 25, 2017
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Park Seo-joon, Kim Ji-won, Ahn Jae-hong

  • Kim Ji-won (Descended From the Sun) will star opposite Park Seo-joon (Hwarang) in Third-Rate My Way, and has won the role over competitor Chun Woo-hee (The Wailing). I’m glad someone else chose, because I wouldn’t have been able to! Ahn Jae-hong (Answer Me 1988) is also confirmed as a lead, and his character description is somewhat hilariously thorough. In the drama about young people without specs who refuse to be relegated to lesser lives, Ahn’s a guy who was very nearly the lead in a 1999 TV show (the role that went to Lee Jong-won in Trap of Youth). He’s in no hurry to marry his current girlfriend of three years, the daughter of a jokbal (pigs feet) street vendor, and he’s also fighting a growing attraction to the daughter of the CEO of a jokbal company, who’s studying abroad. Maybe he really wants to be in a relationship with jokbal, but just doesn’t know it? Third-Rate My Way will air in May on KBS. [Joongang, Ten Asia]
  • Hooray for Drinking Solo fans: A second season is confirmed for the fall, with director Choi Gyu-shik, writer Myung Soo-hyun, producers and tvN all on board. Still on the table is whether the second season will be a continuation or a reboot, which will also determine whether they bring the original cast back. Cast members have stated that they are itching to reprise their roles, and viewers have expressed the same desire. The team behind Drinking Solo 2 is aiming for a September to November broadcast. [Sports Chosun]

  • Nam Joo-hyuk, Shin Se-kyung, Krystal, Gong Myung

  • A slew of confirmations are in for Bride of the Water God, with Nam Joo-hyuk established as the water god Ha-baek, Shin Se-kyung as his bride, and Krystal and Gong Myung as goddess and wind god, respectively. The fantasy rom-com begins shooting next month for a fall broadcast on tvN. [Xports News]
  • Joining the new weekend drama Sister Is Alive is Lee Ji-hoon (Legend of the Blue Sea), who’s been cast in his first leading role in a broadcast show. In the latest from makjang queen Kim Soon-ok (My Daughter Kim Sa-wol), he’ll play a guy who grew up in an orphanage and has a damaged past. Sly and devilish, he’s capable of taking down the world with one blow, and he’s also reckless in love and work. Yet, he has the ability to make strangers laugh within three minutes of meeting them, and he’s also great at cooking, cleaning, and fixing broken objects and making them new again. The first part of the description made the role sound similar to his last, but the latter makes me wonder what his character’s connection will be to the trio of women who raise a little girl as their own in the story. Sister Is Alive will follow Our Gap-soon on SBS in April. [Joongang]

  • Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yumi, Park Jung-min

  • Na PD is back, and he’s bringing back some old faves. There’s little info available about his latest variety show (no title, no nuthin’!), but it will be a travel show supposedly unlike all of his previous programs, and he’s whisked Lee Seo-jin (Grandpas Over Flowers), Yoon Yeo-jung (Noonas Over Flowers) and Jung Yumi to Indonesia this week to begin shooting. [Xports News, Star News]
  • Speaking of Jung Yumi (Discovery of Romance), she’s also set to reunite with her Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho in his latest film. She’ll get to play a villain this time in Psychokinesis, which previously lined up Ryu Seung-ryong to play a father who suddenly has the ability to move objects with his mind, and Shim Eun-kyung as his daughter who gets swept up in a messy situation. Park Jung-min (Entourage) has been cast as a human rights attorney who comes to the aid of Shim, and production on the movie will begin in April. [E Daily, Osen]

  • Jo Jung-seok, Han Ji-min, Park Hee-soon

  • After striking comedic gold together in The Face Reader, Jo Jung-seok (Jealousy Incarnate) is set to reunite with Song Kang-ho in the upcoming movie Drug King. The newest from director Woo Min-ho (Insiders), Song signed on early to play the kingpin of an illegal substance empire, and Jo is considering the role of a prosecutor. Casting is still underway, and filming will begin once pre-production concludes. [Joongang]
  • Han Ji-min (Hyde, Jekyll, Me) is positively considering an offer to play a helper/assistant to Park Jung-min‘s disabled pianist in That’s My World, a film that’s already cast Lee Byung-heon as his hyung and Yoon Yeo-jung as his mother. [Sports Chosun]
  • The upcoming criminal thriller Pollution is courting Park Hee-soon (Detour, Age of Shadows) to play a chief engineer. Set on the seas and involving the Korean coast guard and a ship’s crew, the plot is about a murder incident, a smuggling operation, and the quest for truth. Park’s lack of recollection about the murder will hinder the investigation. Cameras are expected to begin rolling in June. [DongA]

  • Park Hae-il, Moon Sori, Park So-dam, Yoo Ji-tae

  • Park Hae-il (Last Princess) and Moon Sori (Legend of the Blue Sea) are getting back together with director Jang Ryul (both were in his Love And…, and Park was in Gyeongju as well) in the upcoming film Good Day. They’ve been cast as lovers staying at a Mokpo inn, Jung Jin-young (Glamorous Temptation) has been cast as the innkeeper, and Park So-dam (Cinderella and the Four Knights) has been cast as the innkeeper’s daughter. Filming will begin in April. [TV Report]
  • He’s focused on acting for the past three years, but Yoo Ji-tae (The Good Wife) is putting on his director’s hat again. He last directed the feature film Mai Ratima three years ago, which wasn’t a commercial success, but received the Jury Prize at the Deauville Asian Film Festival. This time, he’s collaborating with CGV to co-direct a large-scale melo fantasy movie called Man Seen Only by Me with director Bang Eun-jin. Thankfully, he won’t be away from the screen long—we’ll see him in Money next. [Sports Chosun]


94 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Joyee

    Hooray! Kim Ji Won in her first lead role! I’ve been wanting to see Ji Won take on a lead role & It is a big bonus to have Park Seo Joon opposite her. I’m in!!!

    I think either Third Rate My Way or From a distance green spring (KBS) will be up against Ruler: Master of the Mask (MBC) & Beware This Woman for SBS
    The line up for May is on. who will reign? LOL
    My may kdrama schedule is full-packed!

    • 1.1 Sea

      That photo of Kim Ji Won is stunning. She used to look young to me, but now she looks mature and confident. I can imagine her as the next Song Hye Kyo.

    • 1.2 drss

      Er…. actually, her first lead role was in What’s Up, a really nice drama to watch in its own right. It lingers with me today, though sadly not many know it, sniff.
      Worth a watch, really. The performances (and Jo Jong Suk! This is the drama I fell for him first, sigh) are overall great, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I greatly recommend!! (…though as a warning, the ending is believable but still kind of random)

  2. divine

    drinking solo 2.looking forward to it

    • 2.1 Emsel

      Cheers! 🍻

  3. nada

    Just realized you guys haven’t post about the leads of chicago typewriter confirms their casting, it’ll be Im Soo Jung comeback drama after 13 years, even tho the other news outlet already reported it, it’s just weird seeing it unreported here

    • 3.1 gadis

      Yup. I read that all leads (Im Soo-jung, Yoo Ah-in, and Go Kyung-pyo) confirmed for that drama.

      • 3.1.1 Chiisan

        OMG what kind of #dreamcast is this? I’m so excited!

    • 3.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      I think DB missed it. Yeayy for Im So Jung. With three great casts, I just hope it will be a great drama.

    • 3.3 agoodheart

      I’m so over the moon with this casting, too! I hope this project will do them justice ✨

    • 3.4 blo

      Sweet. Two of my favorites. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Jin

    Na PD and LSJ going to Indonesia!!! Im curious which location they’ll be (close to my place, please! _burn offering _)

    • 4.1 Boomboompow

      They landed in Bali if I’m not mistaken,

      • 4.1.1 gadis

        Why is it always Bali? I really hope that since it’s Na PD show, he will choose a non-mainstream location. After all, we have many places to choose from. But maybe it’s easier to get a permission for shooting in a more popular area.

        • Chocopie

          Theres loads of non-mainstream tourist sites in bali where crowds dont rly gather~ and locals tend to be laidback despite sightings of public figures. I guess..

          • Omang

            Yups, so true ^^
            We, balinese people are pretty chill about this kind of stuff. But, personally I’m a fan of Jung Yumi so I’d like to see her here if I got the chance 😀

        • okitokki

          I looked at a list of Indonesian airports on Wikipedia (not the most reliable source, I know, but this is just casual research) and though there was over two dozen international airports listed, Korean airlines only travel to 2 of them, so it’s not like they had a lot of choices :p

          And besides, just because they landed in Bali doesn’t mean they’ll stay and shoot there exclusively. If I remember correctly most if not all of Na PD’s shows have the participants travel around to other locations

          • Omang

            Well, maybe they will be shooting in the smaller islands near Bali. They can go back and forth for a day between the 2 islands :p

      • 4.1.2 Ms. Auggie

        Oyeay! Indonesia!!

  5. sharry

    like seriously…… why is there no
    saimdang light diary episode recap anymore

    • 5.1 okitokki

      They only did a first episode recap of that one. They do that sometimes, just recap the first episode of a show with no intention of doing recaps for the show’s entire run.

      Usually there’s a disclaimer in the recap (I just glanced at the Saimdang ep 1 recap and didn’t see one anywhere, which surprised me—there’s even a few comments in that recap asking why there were no more recaps!) but the biggest indication that they have no intention to keep recapping it is that it’s not part of the “In Progress” dramas at the bottom of the page.

  6. Kbfm

    Since both Bride of the Water God and Drinking Solo S2 will air on fall Gongmyung shouldn’t be back to Drinking Solo, right? I dont think it would look good for tvn to have an actor playing in 2 dramas that both airing in the same week.

    Noooo my 3 noryangjin idiots ;_;

    • 6.1 Emsel

      Let this not be true :/

      • 6.1.1 WishfulToki

        But will one of them be pre-produced? I need my three Noryangjin idiots too.

        • Kbfm

          It’s not the matter of pre produced, it’s the matter whether gongmyung will play as a student on mon-tue and whatever that is on fri-sat, on the same week

          • okitokki

            He wouldn’t be the first to do it. In fact, Ha Suk-jin was in Drinking Solo and 1% of Anything, which I believe overlapped for a few weeks last fall… except those at least were on different networks haha

          • Kbfm

            Yep I know, its in the same network now which raised question, at least for me lol.

  7. Boomboompow

    So happy for Kim Ji Won but a bit sad to hear that Jo Jung Suk’s next project won’t be a drama. I mean it’s good for him but not so much for us international fans.

    • 7.1 Chandler

      Last year, he filmed a movie the first half of the year and then did a drama the second half. Hopefully we can get him back at least by the beginning of 2018!

      • 7.1.1 Kiara

        I think he does stage in between too. It’s good to be Jo Jung Suk!

    • 7.2 Sera The Ms Temper

      i am fine with him going back and forth from movie to drama. He is talented and versatile, I am glad he is doing both at the same time. I think he will do the drama as well this year.

      I seriously want him and Seo Hyun Jin as a pairing in a good drama. I hope we don’t have to wait long for it to happen.

  8. Flightey Gazelles

    Lemme look for trouble….

    So TVN is doing follow follow with JTBC (AOY 2) and OCN( Bad Guys 2), eh?

    So many positive casting confirmations:

    FINALLY we can move on to the production ( and bashing lol) of Bride Of The Water God.

    Lee Seo Jin is such a dimply joy.

    Kim Ji Won congrats

    Park Jun Mi, rise!

    Yoo Ji Tae, call me!

    Happy Saturday y’all!!!

    • 8.1 mellina

      LOL… abeg abeg abeg. no make me laugh.
      TVN ratings Don dey do somehow. The channel will do everything in its power to Get its reputation back. JTBC and OCN are getting their own fair share of success.

      • 8.1.1 Flightey Gazelles

        lol, careful with the pidgin English cause of db comment policy. Remember, we want LMH to love us someday, right?

        • Sybil

          oh boy finally thank God. I fit say na only me dae use dramabeans for naija I nor know say my people full ground for here. on a second note TVN are doing great I love their dramas so much and they tend to at least change genre unlike OCN with their plenty Crime. sotay Voice na 19+ now because of those gruesome scenes.

          • safeenah

            likewise…..tot I was d only one…..I’m happy I’m not…

          • BTS

            lol.. hailing from naija…

          • Purple Owl

            I respect you all for reading an American based blog. I can’t speak any other language to even attempt that.

            The LMH rule is more for people who choose to type that way but can write in academic English.

            However, I think the rule that applies here is the rule to use English. Pidgin English is a form of English and I’m sure it takes much to learn. But because I and most likely other beanies can’t figure out some of the wording, I think you’ll have to use academic English.

            This isn’t against Nigerians. Beanies all over the world work hard to comment in English. For most it is a 2nd or 3rd language, like @Kaybee I’m pretty sure.

            Some of us English only beanies take the language aspect for granted. And the fact that pidgin English is in fact an acceptable language may go beyond our understanding.

            Have pride in your language. Just respect rules laid out by the creator of the blog.

            Thank you for reading all that.

          • BTS

            @Purple Owl.. thanks

            English is actually our official language in Nigeria.

          • Flightey Gazelles

            Awwww, thanks Purple Owl!

          • Purple Owl


            You’re welcome and thank you. I had “English – official language of Nigeria” stored somewhere in my brain and misplaced it. Thank you for reminding me.

            Awesome name by the way! Favorite boy?
            Mine is split between Jin, Jimin, Jhope and my squishit’s are Valley & Jung kook. Ya’know just more than half the team lol

          • Purple Owl


            I don’t even use those types of words. Even as a mistake. I should have triple checked my comment. Boohoo, my handle has been tainted.

            Where’s that edit option? Please?

  9. Gem

    Every time I hear Jang Yumi, I want to hear her being cast in a drama again. When will that happen??
    To, Nam Joo Hyuk, good luck man, I hope the risk that he is taking turns out to be a success against all odds.
    Yayy, for Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won…….can’t wait.

    • 9.1 salt n' pepper

      Same here. I miss seeing Jung Yumi in dramas. I don’t really get to watch K-movies so it feels like I haven’t seen her in forever (minus Train to Busan, of course).

      But yay to her playing a villain role this time! That should be interesting.

  10. 10 Kiara

    I’m glad Kim Ji-won is taking the role but I think it’s not a case of winning over Chun Woo-hee. Chun currently has a movie offer with Oh Dal-su and Sol Kyung-su to consider and it doesn’t make much sense for her to turn it down in favor of this drama.

    Park Hae-il <3.

    I'm excited to hear Jung Yumi playing a villain. Love her.

    • 10.1 Sera The Ms Temper

      I am glad CWH taking the movie instead. Working with the veterans like Oh Dal Su and Sol Kyung Su – not everyone can achieve that. For this drama I am mad with the BTS drama, because why offered the same
      e role to two actressess at the same time and announced it publicly. sigh. For whatever reason, I dont think it is a good choice to do. I just hope this drama will turn out to be good. KJW and PSJ need that.

      Jung Yu Mi will play a villain – YES YES

      • 10.1.1 Kiara

        Yea Chun Woo-hee is getting great opportunities in Chungmuro and that’s hard to come by for that age group.
        I’m with you on the media play. KBS has been getting on my nerves lately.

    • 10.2 Chiisan

      Jung Yumi can do no wrong in my eyes! I can’t get enough of her!

    • 10.3 azteca

      that word “won over chun woohee” is bothering me as well. chun woohee is more into movie than drama. and most movie actress / actor doesnt like the timeframe drama works which is like 4-5 months working nonstop for 24 hours.

      Kim jiwon probably is more famous now thanks to DOWS. but acting wise, she’s still below CWH ( her fans can argue…but talent wouldnt lie). and drama is by far needs popularity than acting talent. and some actress prefer to cast with more talented actor rather than in a drama that destined to be exported .

      • 10.3.1 Kiara

        Right, had to roll my eyes at that. I don’t think she was even competing for the role. Rejecting dramas has become a habit with her.

  11. 11 Milky Way

    So many actors taking films/dramas continuously now and then. Why is my favourite artiste not taking up any project? I am so bored 😭😭😭

    • 11.1 MapleSilver

      I know exactly the feeling. 🙁

  12. 12 Lespoir48

    Kim Ji Won + Perk Se Joon = can new drama couple be even prettier?? Don’t think so. I think chemistry will be amazing

    I’ve been waiting for Kim Ji Won’s career to rise since Heirs. Loved her with Woo Bin

    • 12.1 Chandler

      Apparently it’s going to be a friends-to-lovers romance too and it’s setting out for a more realistic portrayal than most rom-coms, which I look forward to seeing. As long as the writing holds up, this drama should be great for them.

      • 12.1.1 Purple Owl

        I adore friends-to-lovers!

      • 12.1.2 bbstl

        Oh, yummy! Can’t wait.

  13. 13 neener

    Just seeing Na PD’s name makes me giggle and happy! I just love his shows! If only he could do another Youth Over Flowers or any of the Flowers. I would love to see it, with or without subs!

  14. 14 depe

    well I’m gettin really excited reading this news.
    PARK HAE IL and SO DAM in one shot? just make it happen rn please
    I hope I’m still having good eyesight bcs if I’m mistaken I’ll be disappointed

  15. 15 potatodrama

    So happy they’re making a second season of Drinking Solo!!! This show is pure gold, and was my favorite in that timeslot back then – competing with Moonlight and Scarlet Heart!!

    • 15.1 WishfulToki


      • 15.1.1 Purple Owl


  16. 16 WishfulToki

    I just finished Reply 1988 so am ecstatic that Jung Bong will be on my screen again soon, and alongside Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon! I’ve always liked Kim Ji Won in her many secondary roles, and I need to memory my image of PSJ in Hwarang. Looking forward to this.

    OH, and Drinking Solo 2?! YES PLEASE, but only if my three Noryangjin idiots are in it. This was the drama I rushed to watch every week rather than Moon Lovers and MDBC. I don’t usually like second seasons but this one deserves it.

    Such quality news overall. And yes, thanks to Drinking Solo I can never say ‘quality’ without chortling and pronouncing it a la High-Quality Trash.

    • 16.1 WishfulToki

      *erase my memory of PSJ in Hwarang.

      • 16.1.1 Kiara

        I’m starting over with him. I don’t remember what happen in that drama that shall not be named.

        • Purple Owl

          How many dramas have this label now?


          Sorry to irritate lol

          Anyone want to add others?

          • WishfulToki

            What dramas? I don’t recall watching these. 😛

          • Rufuru

            Don’t forget Fashion King and Entourage!

          • Flightey Gazelles

            “What dramas? I don’t recall watching these.”


          • anon2001

            *cough* in the *tss*

  17. 17 Yaya

    So happy to hear about the news of a second season of Drinking Solo!

    I’m really hoping they bring the 3 students back. I mean, they should, right? After all, they didn’t pass their tests.

  18. 18 Adal

    Anything to watch my darling Key on screen again! Yay to Season 2 of Drinking Solo!! Please bring back the original cast. I’ve never been so excited at the news of a sequel. Funnily enough, my love for the three Noryangjin idiots strongly eclipses my memories of any other Kdramas I watched during that period.

  19. 19 Sera The Ms Temper

    Missing Park So Dam, glad to hear she will have new project. Many great news today that I dont care that much with Bride of Water God’s castings.

  20. 20 sahi

    Finally lee ji hoon in a leading role. YAY! So happy for him.

    Nam joo hyuk is back (been having serious WF withdrawals)

    Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won in the same drama. WOW!That is a dream pairing.

    These are enough to make me dance which I did causing my mom to roll her eyes. But hey! it’s all part of the life of a fan girl and a drama addict.

  21. 21 ilchul


  22. 22 saltofstones

    I am so glad Park Jung Min is starring in all these high-profile movies opposite acting veterans, he is so incredibly talented and totally deserving. Both movies seem promising too.

    I highly doubt Kim Ji Won “won” the role over Chun Woo Hee, most likely she rejected the offer because she is busy with her movie career. Not the first time she rejects a drama either. Anyway the drama sounds like a potentially good project, especially since they’re promising a realistic romance. God knows I’ve had enough of dramaland’s cliches in that department.

    The cast is also confirmed for Chicago Typewriter according to other websites. In the end it wasn’t mere mediaplay like some suggested since everyone accepted. I don’t know who drank what to even consider casting Seolhyun at some point (to star opposite awesome YAI of all people), but I’m glad that fell through. If anything fails in this drama, we can rest assured it won’t be the acting. Im Soo Jung and Yoo Ah In are quite the acting combo. Hope the writing won’t fail them.

    • 22.1 Kiara

      Park Jung Min is a gem. I curse you “Entourage” for wasting him.
      Rooting for him to rise in Chungmuro. He is promising so far.

      • 22.1.1 saltofstones

        I share your sentiments. I hoped Entourage would be a good project for him and propel his career even further, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. But he is getting good roles in Chungmuro which is even better. He received praise for Romeo and Juliet play as well so it’s looking good for him right now.

      • 22.1.2 Flightey Gazelles

        Its really such a (pleasant)surprise to hear Park Jung Mi in all these high profile projects cause the last time I saw him was in You Are All Surrounded where he was geeky and fumbly.

        I saw the posters for his play with Moon Geun Young, Romeo And Juliet. Quite the shock!

    • 22.2 azteca

      park jungmin is hidden talent…raw stone..
      cant wait for his upcoming projects

  23. 23 Purple Owl

    So much to react to!

    For some reason I mistook Kim Ji Won for Uee. Is there similarities there or did I got crazy for a moment?
    Yay, for strange habit hyung. I look forward to his storyline more than the leads, just from the writing. Does CEO’s daughter mean conflict between her and one of his employees’ daughter? Color me intrigued.

    As long as Key is in Drinking Solo 2, I’ll be happy.
    Gong Myung will be in BoWG at the same time. Can he do both? I didn’t love his character though so I’d consider it a step back.

    Na PD is back. And back to abducting? Or is it just the phrasing?

    Park Jung Min is staying busy. Good for him.

    How long until Jo Jung Seok returns to dramaland then? He’s my Seo In Guk antidote.

    • 23.1 WishfulToki

      For Drinking Solo 2, I wouldn’t mind a new group of teachers, but absolutely need Key and Dong Young. Gong Myung was the weakest of the three idiots. I’d be ok if he leaves or if he stays, as long as he moves beyond his noona crush.

  24. 24 Annnsow

    So many interesting news! First of all I’m more and more excited for Third-Rate My Way.
    Second, I’m definitely going to check out Na PD’s new show as well Jo Jung Seok & Song Kang ho’s new movie!

  25. 25 bebeswtz

    Oh wow, Chungmuro was on a role this week!! So much big screen casting news!!!

  26. 26 Rosy

    I’ve been hoping Kim ji won get casted in a lead role..at last it’s here!!!
    And I’m praying they don’t over hype things this time. see all the dramas that were over hyped (saimdang, moon lovers) just fell short of expectations…
    hear me drama, don’t fall into the hype-curse jebal…

  27. 27 Sybil

    no offence taken miss/Mr purple owl. pidgin was formed from English language during d colonial rule because most Nigerians who were used to their local dialect( we have tons of dialects by d way) couldn’t speak English fluently so they ended up pronouncing d words however they could and it became a norm 4 uneducated ones. its become a common dialect for every Nigerian for ages no matter your culture (we also have tons of different cultural groups) or educational status so we really can’t help using it sometimes sorry.

    • 27.1 Flightey Gazelles

      I don’t think she was condemning the use of pidgin English, just a reminder that, as db is a learning community with diverse people from all over the world, communication and interaction is key, which can be limiting if you don’t know the terms and foreign ( local) words used among some, like suddenly speaking Spanish or French with no translation, made all the more harder since English is a second (third and even fourth) language to some beanies.

      Pheeeeeww, that was some long a$$ sentence! #Peace.

    • 27.2 Purple Owl

      Miss 😉

      Thank you for explaining how pidgin came to be. My eonnie is obsessed with languages and loves everything about various types of pidgin. She’ll even read excerpts from time to time to see what she understands. I just wish I had her ability to understand. Pidgin English is so close but so far away.

      It’s cool that it’s unites your country even if English u is an official language, with all the dialects of other languages, I’m sure the most likely to find in common is pidgin.

      I think that’s about the same as how most creoles came about, as a way to communicate between two languages. My eonnie speaks French and has been learning Haitian creole. She says learning Portuguese and Spanish will help because they and English make up half of the stirring pot that made Haitian creole. It’s cool to listen to because I pick up the English influence more than the French because I don’t speak French. But I do recognize French more than the other ingredients because I’ve heard her speak it for years.

      I understand it is natural to use. Just if you want more than 15% of beanies to understand academic English might be better. We don’t know how much beanies from Brazil, Germany, Japan go through to read our comments.

      I try not to use slang like “shook” “r.i.p. my…..” “all up in this piece” because I don’t want to confuse. When I get confused I get frustrated with myself for not understanding. I wish that on no fellow beanie.

      Thank you for the background on pidgin in Nigeria.

  28. 28 kimwoobinseyebrows

    Yaaaas baby Jiwon is a lead now. So proud.

  29. 29 Kayla

    Well they have good leads so PLEASE make this a good drama for Park Seo Joon & Kim Ji Won! (I need something to erase the memory of that drama that must not be named HWAR–from my mind forever, amen.)

  30. 30 booitsjwu

    It’s kind of terrifying that the best actor on the Bride of the Water God’s main cast might be Shin Se-Kyung…

    • 30.1 pogo

      yeah, that is no mean feat – and it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

      Also, they’re talking about Mura and Biryeom as the second leads? What happened to Hooye and Nakbin?! Especially Nakbin!

  31. 31 MM

    Apart from Nam Joo-Hyuk I don’t know any of the lead actors and actresses. Nam Joo-Hyuk did great in WFKMJ, but as many have mentioned before, the role was kinda puppyish. Hope he’s pulling if off also this time. *Fingers crossed*

    Yoo Ji-Tae did such a wonderful job in Healer. Waiting for this next projects.. Or can someone name any dramas he’s acted in which is also good?

    • 31.1 larus

      Yoo Ji Tae did recently “The Good Wife” in 2016.

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