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I love Korean dramas and I write about ’em. (And write about ’em. And write about ’em. You may have noticed that brevity is not my friend. I want to be ITS friend, but it shuns me regularly.)

I’ve been watching Korean dramas (on and off) as long as I can remember, for almost two decades. My first Korean drama was the 1992 hit Jealousy, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Man does that make me feel old.

I started this site because I couldn’t find a site providing meaty (or any) analysis for K-dramas, a longtime guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy marveling at the pretty as much as anyone, but also wanted to express appreciation for quality that didn’t automatically dismiss something for being popular. Or, on the flipside of that same coin, to discuss something popular that went beyond surface discussion of the plot or hot cast. (Although, let’s be honest! Hot cast = a nice bonus.)

My underlying modus operandi: Just because it’s pop culture doesn’t mean discourse has to be shallow. I’d like to sustain a fun but hopefully substantive level of conversation, mixed with some irreverence. Because it’s not worth it if it’s no fun.

I occasionally tweet (@javabeans). And even less occasionally blog (elsewhere, that is). There’s also a Dramabeans Facebook that gets ignored a lot.


about girlfriday

I’m 50% writer, 50% couch potato. I lean left; politically, not footwise. I like to make snap judgments, then reconsider them to a pulp. I enjoy grammar, if only to break some more rules. I’m a tv junkie, a critic, a fan, but mostly importantly, I’m a writer who likes to procrastinate by watching k-dramas. The fact that I can do both now blows my mind.

I feel very strongly that people can have thoughtful discourse on just about any topic, and that artβ€”mass, pop, high, pulp, whatever it may beβ€”can and should be discussed intelligently for the thing it is.

Hence, I thought Dramabeans would be a good place to exercise my brain. Or was it exorcise? That would explain the confusion.

About the name: A Girl Friday could rule the world, if she really wanted to. You know herβ€”the best friend smartypants, the plucky assistant who always knows exactly what the private eye/cop/secret agent/superhero needs? She’s cute and clever and sassy and loyal, and pretty much smarter than everyone in the room. I mean, could Jack Bauer have saved one day, let alone eight, without Chloe O’Brien?

My favorite Girl Fridays are of course ones that break the mold. Willow Rosenberg and Veronica Mars are the contemporary evolution of the classic character, and give us all hope that the geeky outcast can and will save the world.

Just think of me as Dramabeans’ girlfriday: the Miss Moneypenny to javabeans’ Bond.

I sometimes tweet things I shouldn’t. And ramble on in a blog.


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806 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. crankywriter

    Im an Indian… its great to know that TV is watched with so much enthusiasm as it is done in India… we have lotsa soaps here… I’d like to know more about what kind of soaps do you have in Korea…

    Btw, in India we kdramas too… but here that means… the shows starting with the letter “K”…. which here are more famous than other shows which are named with other letters πŸ˜›
    Kind of strange… I know… but K does play a huge part in every TV loving Indian here πŸ™‚


    • 1.1 LovelyPhil

      Please, I am desperately looking for the complete Recaps of Queen Seon Deok. AnY ideas where I could locate it?
      I love reading your recaps because it fills the gaps. I hope you could make a recaps about that show. Please?

      • 1.1.1 rext

        I FEEL YOU

      • 1.1.2 Mai

        Hi Hi
        I didn’t know there was such a HUGE Indian Population who watch K-Drama Lol. My parents watch A LOT of Desi Serials, just listening to them is a headache with all the dramatic bg music lol.
        Weirdly enough after many years of following DB I just found this comment feed

        My ABSOLUTE fav dramas incl.
        Kill Me Heal Me
        It’s Okay Its Love
        Shut Up Flower Boy Band
        Reply 1997/95
        My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
        49 Days

        ughh so many. but ugh so good

        • harsh

          I’m also pleasantly surprised at the number of indians watching k dramas .. what up desi friends ^.^

          the reply series is really good but HEART TO HEART is hands down the best thing i have ever watched ! i very strongly suggest it to everyone here!

          peace and good vibes

          • harithira

            omg, these many indians. i really didn’t expect this! looks like not all our watching baahu and saas fighting.
            i’m glad i found this website.
            i’m indian too. From tamilnadu.

        • ami.625

          I hated shut up flower boy band but I guess someone could like childish shows like that… No offense!

    • 1.2 rez007

      So true … ‘K’ is like the most famous alphabet in Indian TV.
      All the ekta kapoor serials.

      • 1.2.1 Mary

        so true!!!
        but the problem is that they are soooooooooooooo long!!!

      • 1.2.2 pari

        yes indeed ekta maa. I thought i was the only Indian. Good to have company. My first k-drama is heartstrings

        • Ramya

          hi iam also indian my first drama is also Heart Strings only

          • Sadia Aleem

            Yeah the K thing in India, we had a long run of those soaps, didn’t we? Well, now its not the hype though.
            And surprisingly my first drama was Heartstrings too!! ( I do not and will not count Love Rain). And then after heartstrings I saw Lee Min Ho and Hyun Bin and decided that I will stick to K dramas forever!!

        • Shashank

          wow….my first kdrama too was heartstrings….and that led to “you’re beautiful, then “love rain”, secret garden” and on n on…..

        • aish

          hey, same pinch my first drama is also heartstrings…….and i am also an INDIAN…

    • 1.3 jaejoong


      I am Indian too! But I prefer Kdramas more than the Indian soaps for a number of reasons:

      1. They have a much cuter/hotter actors playing :p
      2. They are less dramatic (rather than repeating the same scenes for 3 times!)
      3. And more importantly, they actually finish ie have an ending after 15-20 episodes, rather than keep continuing for years at end!!!

      • 1.3.1 xombie

        Do let me add that these KDramas actually have a story that makes perfect sense and doesn’t abandon you five episodes in.

        And, most Korean drama actors can.actually.ACT. Period.

        • Neha

          Indian soaps do whatever they can to drag it on for 1-2 yrs!

          • samridhi

            I agree currently that pavitra rishta and balika vadhu… they r like i-am-doing-double-role-to-touch-my-own-feet and we-just-need-useless-plots-to-drag-the-show…. duh… k-dramas are million(th) times better than u guys… !!!! :-/ πŸ˜€

          • afha sara

            ikr!!! k dramas are awesome!!! i hate when it gets dragged !!!!

      • 1.3.2 Shalu

        I So agree with you, I just accidentally dropped in Korean Drama world…I was you-tubing and hit the video of Stars Falling From the Sky and that was it…since then I’m glued to it.

        Each and every point I agree…in my life I haven’t once said that oh this Indian actor is hot…Oh man…I could say Korean actors are hotties…

        I so wanted to brag about this and I’m glad I found the place to do so.

        Love them and can’t keep away from them.

      • 1.3.3 Mary

        4.k dramas sometimes make sense…….as opposed to ours!

      • 1.3.4 Florence tonsing

        I am Indian too..and like you said i prefer kdramas which are more facinating, cute and makes sense.. I’ve been an avid fan for almost 8years.

        • Dimple Kaushal

          which is ur fav. Kdrama???? . .;)

      • 1.3.5 Dimple Kaushal

        xctly. .:)

      • 1.3.6 nids

        wow i had no idea there were so many Indians watching Kdramas till i saw this link and just like you i also prefer the Kdramas to our saas bahus.
        Kudos Kdrama for thinking out the box !! πŸ˜€

      • 1.3.7 jannat

        wow i can’t believe so many indians r watching kdrama….i thought i m the only one

        • chhavi

          WOW….its so great to see so many Indians here
          Join me too…I’m from U.P.

          • phil hickson

            Did you know this new Korean drama site recently launched in India? it’s called cool2vu, it’s free to watch, it’s formatted for mobile, multilingual and expertly subtitled. Hundreds of series. I see many of these comments were made 1-2 years ago but I recommend this site to you and your friends if you love K-drama and K-pop etc! It’s got everything. Cheers!

    • 1.4 dramaaddict

      i m also Indian n i find kdrama very addicting..i m big fan of k-drama in all form…..Day N Night i m watching dramas..and i prefer korean than indian becaz of their simplicity & no unwanted twist n turn like Ekta’s k-drama….

    • 1.5 Radhika

      wow cant believe so many east indian ppl are actaully watching kdramas too.. i thought i was the only one.
      GOOOOOOO kdramas!!!!!!!

      • 1.5.1 Mary

        same here!!

      • 1.5.2 Sam

        I am South Indian!!

        • dina

          Me too.. From tamilnadu. a very big fan of KDramas. Especially, addicted to ‘Full House’.

          • BlueButterfly

            I am also a South Indian..My friend introduced me to the world of K-Dramas..Boys over flowers was my first drama..after that there has been no looking back..:)

        • pari

          Me too. I am from chennai.

      • 1.5.3 Florence tonsing

        Same here I’m east Indian:) who stays at Bangalore

        • afha sara

          i am from karnataka…!! addicted to k drama

    • 1.6 Kavya

      lol i liked your ‘kdrama’ comment πŸ˜€ same name but VERY different in content, acting, everything xD

    • 1.7 horan


      im not korean and i get pissed when kdramas dont have subtitles

    • 1.8 dino

      and i realised that there’s no “f” in the hangul alphabet

    • 1.9 Sam

      I am Indian too and get bored with the nonsense we get on TV here. My sis who lives in London and I am hooked to K-dramas. What has Korea and Korean Dramas done to us! We are addicts.

    • 1.10 Indian girl

      I am an Indian too and I love K ( Korean ones kind of more than the indian ones :p) Dramas!!

      I have watched a ton of them till now and they are really nice!!!

      My favorites are listed below

      Full house
      My girlfriend is a Gumiho
      Coffee prince
      secret garden
      You are beautiful
      personal preference
      The greatest love
      My Girl
      shining inheritance
      A love story in Harvard

      And the list never ends!!

    • 1.11 dob

      fuckkkkkk your kkkkkkkkkk bitch fuckkkkkkkkkkk

    • 1.12 kpopdrama$addict

      I am an indian too… you page helps me so much..with my k-drama obsession…. i am a huge addict… in india v generally have some boring, few intresting(negligible) daily soaps… but its korean drama which lets me through to the tortures… i am thankfull i found this site…
      Please keep on recaping …. till the very end…
      Kamsahamnida… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    • 1.13 raokapow

      ahh so many indians! makes me so happy.

      But I absolutely hate Indian soaps (sorry ajji!). Especially *shudder* Kannada soaps. The music is so awkwardly dramatic, and I just kinda want to puke all over the ugly actors’ faces.

      • 1.13.1 nerissa2

        I am suprised with the huge volume of indian k drama addicts. I am also Indian who was hooked to the k dramas since I first watched Boys over Flowers. And I really love dramabeans. Its great platform for getting to know dramas and read the recaps. Great job both girlfriday and javabeans and all other dramabeans staff.

        Huge applause from the Indian fans

        • bloom

          it seems m the last indian to join this bandwagon but certainly not the least! i have had alwez a thing for japanese anime since childhood n animax was like a holy pilgrimage 4 me but then once i discovered an episode of we got married global n voila! m hooked to k drmas now honestly i felt like a discovered a treasure that keeps me happy throughout no matter how hectic or drastic my day has been!
          n m glad tht my fellow indians too appreciate this awsum stuff! honestly the nxt big thing tht can bind a culturally diverse nation like india wud be kdrama! he he!! πŸ˜›
          p.s: m 4m calcutta!

    • 1.14 notgonnasay

      i am an Indian too and i love k drama…. just like yu…thank god..i thought i was the only one

    • 1.15 rainbow

      we Indians rock everywhere
      me tooo a kdrama addict
      I watch indian soaps too bt dey r lengthy
      still IPKKND, saraswathichandra n YHM r my fav
      my frst korean dramas was BBF

      my fav are
      Playfull Kiss
      Youare beautiful
      Coffee Prince
      Dream High
      Answer me 1997

    • 1.16 KDramafan

      Indian and K-drama’s are two words I never imagined anyone other than me will ever use.

      Glad to know you exist.

    • 1.17 KDramafanGirl

      It would be a dream come true if all the indian kdrama fans would just make a group somewhere. i’m dying to spazz abouttt my k-drama addiction with every other indian who upto this moment believed, “DAMN I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY INDIAN K-DRAMA FAN”.


    • 1.18 Shreya_Yonhi

      hello i’m an indian as well and an overly kdrama obsessed girl also!!
      i want to spread more of kdrama in india so please like my Fb page:

      • 1.18.1 Ishita

        HEY!!! More Indians! and I thought I was the only one… We’re truly everywhere. I see a lot of peopel from the south here. I’m North Indian. An Indori NRI for that matter. I adore K-dramas and I started with The Heirs last year and it still remains my favorite.

    • 1.19 tammy

      Hi…,guys i am indian too! i just love kdrama. i almost watched every kdrama, so recently start watching some chinese dramas and they are great too.
      one of the chinese drama like most is “Boss and me” you guys should watch it, its Really very good drama. i am sure you guys going to LOVE it. The main leads are too cute. i already watch it 4-5 times.

    • 1.20 Greenfields

      Happily shocked that the first thread here is about Indian fans of K-dramas! I am a lawyer in Mumbai and K-dramas are how I beat all that stress of my everyday life.
      I’d probably have an alcohol addiction otherwise or maybe a boyfriend and a life? ^^ Not sure, could go either way.

  2. mayumi

    I’m a pretty new blogger myself and was browsing around when I saw yours. A fellow drama addict leaving you a reply. I am currently watching Lovers in Paris right now. Much love to asian dramas!

  3. kaitlin

    i recently discovered your blog and will definitely be following along with you. i like your writing style and the information a lot ^^

  4. fanfon

    I think we need more people like you! πŸ˜€ Thanks for all your summaries! Very entertianing.

    It’s making me sane again from all that waiting. XD

  5. Diana

    I was searching for a Dal Ja’s Spring review and accidentally came into your site. I am an avid k-drama watcher myself, and very very appreciate all the stuff you have put here! I simply love the songs you posted, I get so attached to the OSTs when I watch dramas and now I can hear them anytime. Also, your writing style is very cool and inspiring. Keep up doing the great work (^_^)

  6. lyn

    that’s very vague. What are your dreams? sorry for being nosy. πŸ™‚

  7. fresca

    i just began watching hello, miss! and found your site…i’m looking forward to reading more from you, thanks! πŸ™‚

  8. Dani

    Hi there. I just want to say that your website is fantastic and I think you are somewhat witty. Good to find fellow drama fanatics. Its great being able to watch japanese and korean dramas back here in Australia, my housemate got me hooked on them while I lived in Japan. Just wish I could speak Japanese and Korean so I don’t need the subs!

    • 8.1 mj

      omg same.sadly i’m a major addict now

  9. perpetualgirl

    Just found your site. What a great idea!

  10. 10 Angelz777

    I love ur blog. Not only is the content entertaining and insightful. But I also love ur site. Its one of the best put together sites I have seen to date.

    Aja Aja Fighting!!!

  11. 11 KK

    I want to encourage you to continue this good work, it takes a lot of heart and time, and you are doing a great job!

    I am also a big fan and always looking for a great site that can recommend me what to watch, so here it is – a review site written by a fan…can anything better than this?

    Keep up!

  12. 12 Catherine Morgan

    I like your site…it’s a lot of fun. Good luck with your endeavors.

  13. 13 jxbeaucp

    Hey cool new layout!!!!

  14. 14 Christine

    kip up the g0od w0rk!!!

  15. 15 Dais

    You are a wonderful writer! I thoroughly enjoy your summaries and choice of music. Thank you for all your hard work. So glad I found you!!

  16. 16 Anne

    Thank you for your dedication in writing these wonderful summaries! Keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

  17. 17 javabeans

    Thanks so much for all the positive comments, everyone! I love reading what you all have to say, especially in the episode discussions πŸ˜€ I’m just thrilled to see there are so many other (k)drama freaks like me out in the world.

  18. 18 gail

    Hey there! I really appreciate your blog, and I enjoy reading through all of it. Good luck with “the career of your dreams.”

  19. 19 catinmyfridge

    I’m curious, are you ethnic Korean?

  20. 20 jxbeaucp

    Will you post recaps of Bambino!! Japanese drama or show


  21. 21 javabeans

    @catinmyfridge, yup, and i dig your screenname

    @jxbeaucp, nope, not planning to cover bambino as my japanese is not nearly good enough to do translations! i believe there’s a group fansubbing them though, which you can find on d-addicts

  22. 22 dragonpoop

    i love your site! your recaps/summaries are so wonderful! they’re very well written

  23. 23 rokris88

    you are good! thanks for sharing your talents to us non-korean speaking korean drama lovers. you wouldn’t know how MUCH you are appreciated! cause even if you try to imagine, there is no way you’d be able to count us all! wish you well!

    • 23.1 berlin

      my sentiments exactly. witty, funny and gives attention to syntax, semantics and cultural context with a dose of drama from time to time. thanks much!

  24. 24 jazzywinter

    Hey i really enjoy reading your summaries too! and i believe in your reviews, certainly full house was absolutely overrated. Am now watching witch’s amusement and stumbled onto your site. Hope you can give the final 2 reviews as well! by the way, are you korean?> just curious..

  25. 25 secret admirer


    you’re one talented writer… luv your honest-in-the face twisted sene of humour (kinda like mine). good luck in pursuing your dreams.

  26. 26 gail

    funny, your qualified rating for WYH is higher than your rating for QSS (solid A vs. A-)… or should i read that as ironic?

    keep up the good work, javabeans.

  27. 27 javabeans

    gail — my “real” grade for WYH is B-… the A is totally with irony. that is, it’s an A series to watch if you intend primarily to enjoy for the mock factor.

  28. 28 rezaecha

    hi…javabeans…i love to wtach K Drama & J Drama too..love to read all your review…My everlasting fave All About Eve ang Goong….nice to meet you….

  29. 29 jxbeaucp

    love your site banner

  30. 30 f3lheadhunter

    no javabeans here, go figure…

  31. 31 marie s

    my all time favorites are full house, goong and goong s. so i actually surprised myself by actually agreeing that full house is a bit overrated. i think the reason is both because rain and song hye kyo are so popular individually, and because their team-up was so widely accepted.

    clearly, the hype has its own foundations, because of the two reasons i mentioned in the first paragraph. did you know that it garnered a 50+ ratings both in the philippines and thailand, which is such a feat.

    the premise in itself sparks many questions. i am often asked by my kdrama friends that full house’s story can NOT really happen in real life…how can dong wook sell the house without ji eun’s signature? i just figured that since dong wook works in a bank, he may know ji eun’s safety deposit box number where the deed may be kept.

    i like full house because of its script and pacing. it is just so damn funny and cute at the same time, with no boring moment passing by.

    the actors not only act well, but they do have some kind of strong chemistry, especially rain and hye kyo.

    the characters have a good heart. this is one of the few kdramas and dramas in general where i find that no one is sooo “sinister”, which is a reality in life. not all characters are like kim tae hee in stairway to heaven. i mean, the second leads were doing something bad but not sinister, and they only did so because of love.

    and last but not the least, i think nobody would contradict me in saying that full house is highly “rewatchable”. there are kdramas that when you watch them, they’re very good. but come re-run, you just can’t seem to get yourself as glued or even glued as you were before.

  32. 32 marie s

    the same goes with goong and goong s.

    i couldnt say that the actors acted well, especially for kim jung hoon. yoon eun hye and song ji hyo were fine but not great. ju ji hoon was tolerable. he was so stiff, but i guess that’s fine since he’s portraying a stiff character anyway. (the same approach he does his oh seung hwa character in the devil. m beginning to wonder if he has an acting range.) there’s also no denying that eun hye and ji hoon definitely have chemistry.

    the premise was magnificent and creative. who would have thought of modern monarchy in korea? i agree that goong was a bit draggy. but i think it was because it was extended during the latter part due to its high ratings.

    i also like the conflicts of the story. it’s very deep. min hyo rin and lee shin being first loves. lee shin falling in love with shin chae gyung unexpectedly, the past happening again…shin and yul’s father falling in love with yul’s mother at the same time. lee yul, who is shin’s cousin, falling in love with her sister-in-law chae gyung, who was supposedly his bride had his father not died, the struggle for the crown prince position between shin and yul, the similarity between yul’s mother and hyo rin as being ambitious, the parallelism of hyo rin’s character with camilla, the dilemmas o not being able to follow or even have your own dreams because as a royalty, you were destined and duty-bound to your country. there are just so many aspects and conflicts that were expounded so nicely.

    and this is highly re-watchable too.

  33. 33 marie s

    goong s for the most part shares similar plots and conflicts with goong, except for the reverse of the main lead. shin chae gyung’s counterpart here is se7en. but i can see a little bit of chae gyung in both hoo and soon ae, as their both from out the palace and they’re both always committing mistakes. i can see both shin and yul in joon. shin because he’s stiff, and yul because he led a damned hard life psychologically. min hyo rin’s character is manifested in shin sae ryung.

    the premise is the same and strong, but the pacing and character development were not. for one, and in my opinion, the dragging part was mostly in the middle, during the contest for the crown prince position. the preparation and the contest itself was so lengthy, and the story was just stagnant and going nowhere.

    i was surprised to find out though that se7en’s acting wasn’t bad at all, like most of the internet sites are saying. hey, hands down, he was better than ji hoon and jung hoon. and even showed some nuances. heo yi jae was the kim jung hoon of goong s. she was such an amateur. but i still like both of them. they’re both good-looking people.

    the main difference, which i liked though, was that hoo is more romantic and showy than shin. there were a lot of lovey-dovey scenes between hoo and soon ae, and their love for each other was not merely kept to themselves but was explicitly agreed between the two, unlike shin and chae gyung, it’s all so implicit.

    the conflicts were not as strong in that the foundations were not laid very well. the love quadrangle was not as convincing as goong’s. for one, hoo was never in love with sae ryung. it was just infatuation. so how can you build a tension between the triangle soon ae-hoo-sae ryung? goong’s was very effective and deeply embedded because shin was totally in love with hyo rin and they had a relationship, not just a mutual understanding. secondly, joon and soon ae are not really as good friends as chae gyung and yul. in fact and if i remember correctly, there was even a scene in either episodes 5, 6 or 7 where soon ae tells joon to stop flirting with her. while yul fell in love with chae gyung during the formation of their friendship. the bottomline is, it was really a no brainer to conclude that hoo and soon ae would much rather choose each other than sae ryung and joon respectively. this was not the case with goong, as there is the “possibility” that they might choose the second leads, even though they are the ones in love.

    as with goong, i loved the rivalry between hoo and joon in both love and the crown, as i did with shin and yul. in fact, i think this conflict may par with my liking of the love aspect of the story.

  34. 34 marie s

    too add to full house character analyzation: Rain and Song hye kyo’s interpretation of their characters were so natural it’s like its their second skin. In fact, I think I started to like them as actors because of their characters.

  35. 35 marie s

    my girl??? i watched it in fast forward mode. i think the story is fine, and so are the characters. but it was hard for me to watch lee da hae’s “slapstick”antics. it was just too much of an exagerration on yoo rin’s character. had she not done so and acted just naturally, maybe i would have watched and rewatched it. (i mean, lee dong wook is so handsome!!!)

    another thing is i can’t seem to watch park shi yeon for a long time as well. her face, in filipino terms, looks or is “retokada”, meaning, she has undergone a lot of plastic surgery. it was just too obvious that it’s hard to watch her on tv.

    i enjoyed hello miss though. i’ve read on some sites that they see yoo rin and su ha’s character as the same. to some extent yes, because lee da hae’s acting range is not that wide. she can not interpret a character in a unique way. though being su ha, the exagerration way much lessened.

    i’d love to read a thorough critique of my girl. coz i’m really curious as to why many people like it. there really must be something in it i am not seeing.

  36. 36 jxbeaucp

    hey javebeans,

    thanks for all the recaps of eps. i have to agree I really like watching soulmate. At first i was a little hesitant to watch because there was so many couple, but towards the end of season 1 i started to really enjoy it. Do you know if there will be season two of soulmate?? thanks

  37. 37 cayabunga1

    Hi Javabeans, This is Cayabunga I have been previewing some of the other Blogs since I am new to WordPress and wanted to see who some of my other neighbors are. I am not familiar with your subject matter but at least I enjoyed some of your sounds while I was here. I like the fact you have audio on your site as it lends a different dimension to your blog. In addition you have some graphics and pictures of people which brings a different visual focus to your site. By the other comments in your site you also have a nice following. Well I have taken up enough of your time. So till later have an “AWESOME” day.

  38. 38 Mohamed Ezeddin

    hi javabeans I thout your blog is about a programming java programming language but it seems to me defferent however i like it
    I want to ask u way did you hose this name for your blog

  39. 39 Meyms

    I love yous site! Keep it up πŸ™‚

  40. 40 cacs

    hi! i’ve a number of things to tell you but let me start with your name… JAVABEANS… it caught my attention simply because I love jelly belly beans!

    I discovered your website just last night when I was searching for episode artworks of DJS. After I was done copying the artworks I read your posts about Dal Ja’s and really, I was so impressed with all the works that you’ve put in to do a review of the said series. I am a die-hard fan of Dal Ja’s Spring and I even reached the point where I’m trying to immitate DJ’s looks. πŸ™‚ What I did last night was added your site to My Favorites list because I want to read more about your works.

    This afternoon when I woke up I opened your site again and voila! I found out that you’re not only doing reviews/recap of DJS but also of other K-series. Now I’m really, really awed by your dedication and energy in doing these things. πŸ™‚

    Just before I did this comment I was reading your review about “Flowers for my…” and I immediately decided to start watching the series… while I’m waiting for upcoming episodes of RRLY. πŸ™‚

    Javabeans, You simply rock! ^_^

  41. 41 javabeans

    jxbeaucp, sorry to say Soulmate 2 won’t be happening. I’d be much sadder if I didn’t feel the first season was wonderful as it is, but I’m satisfied with the ending so I can live with that.

    Mohamed, it’s just an online handle i’ve been using, completely unaware of (or forgetting) the computer programming suggestion.

    cacs and everyone, i’m glad you like the site! thanks for all the support.

  42. 42 pandapop

    You are a very talented writer. I enjoy reading your reviews, analysis, and so on. You don’t use fancy words and yet, the whole thing becomes fancy and meaty. Thank you for your hard work. I also follow your recommendations before buying my DVD sets. Btw, how many different languages do you speak? Just want you to know that I appreciate your work.

  43. 43 Philippa

    Thanks a lot again! I’m non-Korean. I just want to tell you that I’m a Korean addict! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who is a Korean addict too! lol… When I wake up in the morning at 6:30 before I go to school, I turn on my computer to watch Korean dramas and when I get home from school, I also watch Korean dramas. Sometimes, I even stayed up to 6:30 in the morning finishing a drama even though the ending is so obvious! lol. Thanks again! I just wish I can speak all the languages in the world! That would be so COOL! Thanks again!

  44. 44 Auntie Mame

    Hello Javabean,

    I just discovered your blogsite and am totally awed by you! Your interpretation and evaluation of each drama is so concise and perceptive. Your blog is so well-written that reading it is a joy unto itself.

    You are better than the professional critics in the mass media.

    I so appreciate all the work that the various fansubbers do for our enjoyment. And, since I don’t have the skills to help out, I do and will continue to donate to support everyone’s efforts.

    Thank you so very much!

  45. 45 javabeans

    thanks guys! and pandapop, aside from korean i speak some japanese. not enough to watch dramas raw and understand them completely, but enough to get by.

  46. 46 SarangCandee

    hi there

  47. 47 SarangCandee

    I really enjoyed your blogs and love your opinions..I was just wondering if you are currently living in the U.S.?

  48. 48 SarangCandee

    Do you know why Soulmate II is not going to happen? I’ve been waiting because I too love Soulmate I to the max.

  49. 49 javabeans

    SarangCandee, yes I’m in the States, and no, I don’t know why Soulmate 2 isn’t happening. All they said was that the production fell through. I can just guess that the first season didn’t do strong enough ratings for them to justify it. It didn’t have poor ratings, if I recall it had around 10%-15%, but it wasn’t a hit.

  50. 50 SarangCandee

    It’s so weird how series that has low ratings in Korea or not a hit seems to be a big hit for us over here …i’m very sad that production fell through..I thought Soulmate was a very clever sitcom..what a waste of a good production!

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