‘East of Eden’

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Who’s to blame for confusing characters?
by | September 28, 2009 | 86 Comments
There have been several discussions on this site about this topic, so I found the following article pretty timely. I both agree and disagree with the points outlined below, but regardless of my personal take on the matter, I’m certain there is enough room for convincing arguments on both sides of the issue… “Who’s to... More »

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Ja Myung Go kicks off with a whimper
by | March 11, 2009 | 66 Comments
So, who caught the premiere of Jung Ryeo-won‘s new grand historical series Ja Myung Go [자명고]? (It has apparently dropped the “Princess” from its title.) …Nobody? Well, you’re not alone — ratings were abysmal (4.1%), considering the months of hype leading up to it. After trying to maneuver its premiere to evade ratings behemoths East... More »

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Sending off East of Eden
by | March 9, 2009 | 160 Comments
With East of Eden finally heading to its close this week — Tuesday will broadcast its final episode — the drama’s stars Song Seung-heon and Yeon Jung-hoon gave a closing press conference on the afternoon of Monday, March 9, at Seoul’s Lotte Hotel. Since I haven’t been covering this drama in detail, you can consider... More »

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Flower boy power
by | January 14, 2009 | 101 Comments
Lee Min-ho, Lee Min-ho, Lee Min-ho. Everywhere you look right now, everyone’s talking about Lee Min-ho. And for good reason, since the formerly little-known actor has experienced a meteoric rise in visibility — and popularity — since last week, headlining KBS’s newest smash success, Boys Before Flowers. The newfound attention has turned up pictures that... More »

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Finding merit in the mediocre [Year in Review, Part 4]
by | December 31, 2008 | 75 Comments
2007 was a rich year for drama-land. There was something for everyone, whether your tastes ran toward dark thrillers (Devil), intense dramas (White Tower), heart-warmers (Thank You), off-the-wall eccentrics (Mixed-up Investigative Agency), trendy fare (Coffee Prince), romantic comedies (Dal Ja’s Spring), and so on. 2008, on the other hand… not so much. Every drama has... More »

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Dahee Fanel’s 2008 review [Year in Review, Part 3]
by | December 30, 2008 | 60 Comments
The K-drama world rolled into 2008 still riding the high that was 2007, a year in which a startling number of quality dramas were made, and enjoyed. Maybe it rolled in too fast. It ended up getting smothered by the waves of its previous success. In fact, you could say that it even got hit... More »

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2008 MBC Acting Awards
by | December 30, 2008 | 146 Comments
MBC hosted its awards ceremony for the 2008 Acting Awards on December 30. Let me first reiterate that I think these end-of-year broadcast-station awards are mostly meaningless. That said, this year’s Daesangs were TOTAL WEAKSAUCE, MBC. Top honor (the “Daesang” grand prize) went to… Oh, you mean it was split this year? Between Beethoven Virus‘s... More »

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A grump reviews 2008 [Year in Review, Part 2]
by | December 29, 2008 | 91 Comments
How should one convey bad news in writing? By creating a buffer first. Avoid traumatizing your audience with the bad news all at once, but instead cushion the blow so that you can maintain goodwill. That textbook approach (business communication, by the way) would be dandy if the crop of 2008 dramas I watched was... More »

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More cast members to leave Eden following Lee Da-hae
by | December 24, 2008 | 126 Comments
So, it looks like there is not going to be any kind of consensus on whether Lee Da-hae‘s sudden exit from East of Eden was unprofessional or not. Fans of the actress have been vocal in their defense, a much as others have been critical. Still, what’s clear is that Lee Da-hae’s exit is going... More »

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Lee Da-hae: simply tired, or irresponsible actress?
by | December 22, 2008 | 177 Comments
Lee Da-hae has quit East of Eden. Her decision comes without warning, and is so sudden that viewers have been caught completely off-guard and are wondering why. She posted on the show’s message board on the 22nd, “It was confusing to take on this character of Hye-rin, who even I can’t understand… As an actor... More »