The Killer’s Shopping List: Episodes 5-6 (Drama Hangout)

Behold, your weekly Drama Hangout! We might not be covering this drama, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a place to talk about it, whether that’s squealing with excitement or piling on the analysis.

This thread is exclusively for this week’s episodes and anything prior, so let’s try to keep it as a place to chat about what’s aired — not spoil future plot points for unsuspecting eyes.


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I am still enjoying this show. I think the writer has done a good job at weaving multiple story lines into a mystery-thriller. The last two episodes are not as quirky as the first two in regard to humor but the serious subject matter(s) call for some restraint.

The last two episodes start to unravel what I thought was true: the main cases are not connected to each other. Dae-Sung is in the middle of all the cases by pure coincidence so he is the perfect narrator to find answers.

The week prior I knew after the first attempted attack on Veggie that she was not married (there was no second toothbrush in the bathroom). The reveal about her ex came quickly out of left field but it wraps up her stalking case and clears Meat.

Besides Dae-Sung, Five Won Man seems to be at the crime scene for several crimes: the teacher and the chairwoman. He is a diversionary character to draw attention away from the real killer. It is odd that he lives in a nice apartment with no means of support. I wonder if he is an accomplice or associate of the killer.

All indications pointed to Yul’s dad, Cheon-Kyu, as a suspect since as a realtor he had access to the apartments. He also has a temper. An abusive husband does not necessarily mean he is a random killer.

If my gut instinct is correct, the writer has one more big twist for next week's finale.


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