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Hong Gil Dong: Episode 16
by | February 21, 2008 | 78 Comments

The Hong sisters are getting better at plot transitions — today we get a new storyline, a new baddie — although I still think they’ve got much room for improvement. But their stories have consistently been dramatic and engaging, which isn’t always an easy feat when you’re working with multiple different plots that don’t connect with one another. Despite the lack of continuity between story threads (Gil Dong being framed for murder, girls abducted into slavery, sword-stealing), the character development keeps the flow intact, and that makes for a drama that’s exciting and addicting, even if it’s kinda low on the finesse meter.


Sweet Sorrow – “Lost” from their recent second album. [ zShare download ]

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As you may have guessed, the kissy scene is a bit of a fakeout, since it doesn’t result in an actual kiss, but it’s cute nonetheless. And the suggestive undertones are real, so it’s still satisfying on that count. Leaning over Enok, Gil Dong says in a warm, flirty tone:

Gil Dong: “You don’t feel anything, even like this? Your gaze is unsteady. This isn’t how one regards a leader in respect.”
Enok: “W-w-what?”
Gil Dong: “Look at that, you’re having trouble breathing too. Go on, breathe. Or do you need emergency CPR? If you close your eyes, I’ll give it a try.”

Trembling, Enok nervously tells him she can breathe; she doesn’t need CPR. (Silly girl!) Gil Dong finds her valiant efforts to control her attraction amusing, and lets go of her.

He tells her (totally playing on her attraction by retreating) that he’ll abide by her wishes, and admires her patience and fortitude. Pretending not to notice her agitation, he leaves with a cheery “Jiayou!”

Enok’s return “Jiayou” is much less enthusiastic. After Gil Dong leaves, she tries to get a hold of her thoughts.

Hae Myung asks Gil Dong if he’s decided to accept Enok into the fold, and he answers, “Yes, we’re going to stay together now.” Hae Myung warns it’ll be difficult, and Gil Dong understands:

“But forcing ourselves to be apart is hard on her, and me too. We’ll stay together and watch over each other.”

Adorably, Gil Dong grumbles that Enok has developed a “useless” sense of patience and fortitude. But he’s willing to adjust to Enok’s wishes: “I should match her pace, and take it slow.”

Which just goes to show that Gil Dong has decided at last to stop fighting their relationship and let it happen. (Yay! and Finally!) In the Hong sisters’ previous dramas, I’ve noticed a tendency for the guy to take longer in coming around to the romance (Mong Ryong in Chun Hyang; Gong Chan in My Girl) — but once they do, there’s no changing their minds. They’re in for good. I’m trusting in this pattern again for Hong Gil Dong.

Eun Hye’s newfound knowledge of Enok’s identity has provided her with a moral quandary: Still unable to get over her love for Gil Dong, she knows this information would drastically affect his relationship with Enok. She knows she can’t be with him:

“But it makes me so angry. I can’t have him, but someone with an even bigger reason to not have him is right now at his side. … I keep having these wrong thoughts, awful thoughts wanting to tell him [about Enok] even if it’s just to hurt him.”

For the moment, she realizes that such a line of action would be wrong, but who knows how long her reason will keep her jealousy in check?

Chang Whe, who understands the power he’s been given in the form of Hwal Bin Dang’s support, tells Lady Noh that his duty to be king isn’t because of the sword but, as Gil Dong said, because of the people: “If I’m with him, can I become the kind of king the people would want?”

Lady Noh reminds him of the dangers that lie therein: It’s true that Gil Dong’s support will bolster Chang Whe in his goals. Gil Dong’s involvement will win the common people’s support for Chang Whe, while the sword will win the nobility: “However, think carefully. The people Hong Gil Dong fights are the nobility.”

Chang Whe, flirting with the dark side, tells her ominously, “I hold two swords in my hands — Hong Gil Dong and the Sa Yin sword. I want to use both.” (Lady Noh doesn’t waste her time with foreplay and grabs the dark side by the balls — she considers Gil Dong a dangerous liability, and wants to get rid of him for good. Again.)

Chang Whe sends Chisu and his men to the Hwal Bin Dang headquarters to deliver weapons, and sends a message for Enok — merely that he’s doing well without her, and still able to occasionally laugh. It’s a total lie, but he wants to put her at ease, and Enok, bless her everlasting simple heart, has no reason to disbelieve it. (Chang Whe tells himself again that he can manage fine without her — and I might feel more for him if it weren’t for that horrible ballad that always serves as Chang Whe’s mopey-sad-times anthem. It’s that one by Park Wan Kyu on the OST — the one that’s as poignant as a power ballad by a ’80s glam-rock hair band — and is just so emo that I crack up whenever it’s played.)

I think we can all safely presume that Chisu is madly in love with his master (which isn’t to say I seriously think he’s gay — the intensity of his devotion and man-love for Chang Whe practically transcends romance and sexuality — although a gay Chisu would still totally be hot) — and Chisu can’t bear to have Chang Whe continue to mope without Enok’s awareness of his feelings. And so, he starts to tell her, “Actually, that’s not it—” but cuts himself short, as it’s not his place to say. Oh Chisu, you’re so tragic.

Meanwhile, after some initial dick-measuring between the Yongmun fighters and the Hwal Bin Dang bandits, the two groups settle in and bond with each other. Su Geun entertains with uproarious stories, Gom playfully steals a sword, Mal Nyeo flirts, and Yeon falls in love with a beautifully made weapon.


Grandpa Heo’s old myths about Gil Dong make a comeback once the story becomes known of his confrontation with the king. The stories of Gil Dong’s amazing abilities are too unbelievable to be true, but the villagers start buying into them because how else could he have engineered such a successful escape from the palace, with so many guards?

Kwang Whe, meanwhile, is consumed by his need to capture Gil Dong, to the exclusion of all other issues. He orders his men to make Gil Dong their number 1 priority. I suspect he is not alone in that line of reasoning.

Get used to this guy, because he’s our new bad guy, probably for the next few episodes. A Chinese ambassador, he’s here on official government business (and the government ministers are put on their best behavior to receive their VIP visitor), but wastes no time with his own nefarious plan to addict the populace onto opium. Already a large number of people are hooked, enabled by dirt-cheap prices — once the people are sufficiently addicted, he plans to drastically raise opium prices. Evil! Also called: Starbucks.

Gil Dong hears of the opium, and taking down the opium dealer becomes Hwal Bin Dang’s next mission. Their goal will be aided by Chang Whe & Co., who are already involved because Minister Seo has engaged the Yongmun merchants to help host a banquet for the ambassador.

Gil Dong plots out Hwal Bin Dang’s moves, and asks which of the bandits will accompany him on his first task. Immediately, Enok’s hand shoots up in the air, Hermione-style, and the other guys play along and remove themselves. Gom, however, may just equal Enok in his lack of perception and happily volunteers himself, causing Yeon to shove his hand back down. Hehe.

So Gil Dong takes Enok with him to the gisaeng house to find out about the source of the opium.

At one point, a gisaeng takes an interest in Enok, thinking she’s a new young gentleman; to avoid trouble, Gil Dong quickly distracts her by bringing the gisaeng to sit on his own lap. He flirts with her, then smoothly asks about the “merchandise” that’s such a hit these days.

Enok is not amused.

The gisaeng brings them to meet the opium dealer, who’s reluctant to give Gil Dong what he wants (large quantities of opium for resale). But he changes his mind when the gisaeng warns them to escape because “soldiers” are coming on a “raid.” Not knowing that it’s Su Geun dressed as a policeman leading the bandits, the dealer expresses his gratitude to Gil Dong for getting him out of the mess, and leads them to his home base — an opium den.

Gil Dong and Enok are shocked at the grim sight of people lolling around, barely conscious, hopped up on poppies. The dealer brings an opium pipe for Gil Dong to sample his merchandise, and Gil Dong tries to decline, unsuccessfully. It becomes increasingly clear that he’ll have to smoke some, since the dealer tells him that a dealer who’s addicted to the stuff will sell it better. (I’ve heard it said that a dealer actually shouldn’t sample his own wares — you’d consume all your merchandise and end up with no profits — but let’s let that slide for now.)

The thought of using the opium sickens both Enok and Gil Dong, but they can’t risk making the dealer suspicious. Finally, Enok snatches the pipe and smokes it — Gil Dong is helpless to protest — and assures the dealer that it’s good stuff.

They seal the transaction, then part ways. Enok feels sick from the effects of the drug, and when Gil Dong asks why she took it, she answers that Gil Dong couldn’t risk becoming impaired.

Gil Dong carries her home.

Over the next few days, Hwal Bin Dang monitors the opium dealers and keeps an eye on their movements. They locate their main warehouse as the Chinese ambassador’s quarters.

Gil Dong confers with Chang Whe, and they settle their plans. Gil Dong intends to infiltrate the warehouse and confiscate all the opium. Chang Whe will handle things on the ambassador’s side.

(Gil Dong loiters after they finish their business, leading Chang Whe to ask if he wants anything further. Gil Dong hesitates, then says: “I’m hungry. Give me some crackers. Your crackers here are pretty good.” HAAAAAA.)

A message is delivered — shot on an arrow — to the palace guards, outlining the map Gil Dong has drawn of their opium-related targets. A message is scrawled indicating that Hwal Bin Dang will be raiding the marked spots. In Hyung takes this as a challenge by Gil Dong, and orders his men to move out. Shortsighted In Hyung falls straight for the bait — the police will stake out the marked locations, and while they’re occupied, Yongmun will host the feast for the Chinese ambassador and Korean government officials at the gisaeng club, and Hwal Bin Dang will steal into the ambassador’s quarters to take the opium.

At the dinner, it’s obvious that the Chinese ambassador, who sees Korea as a puny little country to be subjugated, grates on the nerves of the proud government officials (in attendance are Ministers Hong, Seo, and Choi, among others), but they can’t upset diplomatic relations and offend their important guest. Minister Seo is perfectly willing indulge the ambassador in obsequious kowtowing, but Minister Hong has a particularly hard time.

Gil Dong raids the opium warehouse successfully, but confronts an unexpected obstacle — it’s the Chinese ambassador’s secret weapon, a giant of a man who I assume is meant to look much bigger through camera tricks and angles but instead looks like a freaky variation on the Nutcracker. He IS creepy, though.

After getting the crap beat out of himself, Gil Dong regroups and manages to take down the giant. Hwal Bin Dang gathers the crates of opium, then heads for the banquet —

— which Gil Dong crashes unceremoniously. He storms across the table and kicks the corrupt ambassador to the ground, disgusted with his evil deeds.

He’s recognized by the ministers (including his father), and the alarm is raised, immediately bringing armed guards to capture the infamous Hong Gil Dong. But just as quickly, the Yongmun warriors poised above (in disguise) draw their own weapons to cover Gil Dong.

Gil Dong snarls at everyone — the ambassador, the officials — to get their act together (meaning to stop being so corrupt, yo), then goes outside. Chang Whe directs everyone to follow him outside to see with their own eyes the “merchandise” brought to their country by the ambassador.

Everyone pours outside to see Gil Dong reveal what’s hidden in the crates — large amounts of opium. And just as he sets the drugs on fire (hm, is that completely safe? Isn’t opium smoked?), Chang Whe looks up and spies one of his own men in the window, poised to shoot Gil Dong.

In the chaos of the moment nobody else has noticed the sniper, other than Lady Noh, who ordered the hit in the first place, eager to dispose of Gil Dong. With no time to shout a warning, Chang Whe makes a quick, rash decision —

He leaps in front of Gil Dong and takes the arrow in the chest instead, shocking everyone.


Well. You can’t really argue with an arrow to the chest, can you? Chang Whe, you show signs of greatness, and your constant flirting with the dark side continues to make me nervous. Gil Dong represents both your biggest strength and weakness; strength because his faith in you proves you’re worthy of having faith in, and weakness because your selfish desires always threaten to overthrow your better half, being that you’re jealous that he’s won the heart of the girl AND your people. But when you took the arrow, at least for now it shows that you chose to be strong instead of weak, and I can’t really knock that.


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  1. anner

    thanks to you, these recaps can sustain my long wait for subs 😀 thanks so much!

  2. Berz


  3. Lizzie

    I just love your summaries! This series is wonderful! Chang Whe, how will you turn out?!

  4. AudHepFan

    opium might have been cheap in the beginning, but I don’t think Starbucks was ever cheap.

  5. Baobao

    LOL I totally loved it when u said “Also known as: Starbucks” hahahaha oh geez its soo true! Even though i don’t drink coffee i think its too expensive and from what I hear addicting. Great recap and love your additional comments!

  6. javabeans

    AudHepFan – touché! Although I swear every time I go to Starbucks the price has increased.

  7. EEvEE

    LOL i laughed a lot at this summary. ur so funny dramabeans!!! haha man i need to watch this episode but its really late and i cant even open my eyes. But thank so much! im right now watching the reruns on KBS world with english subs, but I love how i already know the background from ur website. so now i can just enjoy the dialogue and the funnies.

  8. Linda

    thanks for the summary! back to waiting once again…

  9. nileey

    i’ve been waiting for this recap…thanks a lot 🙂

    and Starbucks…hahaha…how true is that?!

  10. 10 Auntie Mame

    OH! That girl is desperately slow on the uptake. All she had to do was close her eyes and she would have been kissed. What a lost opportunity!
    As usual, thank you JavaBean for your recaps, insights and humor. You’re always great.

  11. 11 Berz

    oh no I don’t think my comment every worked cause I got hooked on reading your awesome summary. Anyway Chang Whe…. MY HEROOOOOO! I guess I gotta say for once thanks Chang Whe for taking the arrow for Gil Dong even when its shot by your own clan. Loved the part where you compared Starbucks with opium hahaha I agree that Starbucks is addictive I usually like their hot drinks during winter =P mmmmm Anyway thanks again Javabeans! Now another week to countdown…

  12. 12 Movall

    Ha ha ha, Javabeans, *roll on the floor* reading your STARBUCKS comment, so funny.

    And, GD’s just so cute with the crackers/cookies again LOL.
    You don’t like the OST by Park Wan Kyu as “Chang Whe’s mopey-sad-times anthem”, look, LOL you never fail to crack me up with those humour sentences. But for me that song is ok.
    And the part “we can all safely presume that Chisu is madly in love with his master”, Oh yeah, you think that too? 😀

    The episode is definitely more interesting after your recap. Thank you.
    I’m dying to know what happen next to Chang Whe, he shown his heroic strength here.

  13. 13 hjk

    “Lady Noh doesn’t waste her time with foreplay and grabs the dark side by the balls”
    LOL!!! What imagery! 😆

    “I think we can all safely presume that Chisu is madly in love with his master (which isn’t to say I seriously think he’s gay — the intensity of his devotion and man-love for Chang Whe practically transcends romance and sexuality — although a gay Chisu would still totally be hot)”
    Oh, yeah!! Now, Chisu can nurse CW back to health. 😉 And he’s got more lines and expressions in the recent episodes. Keep ’em coming…

    Thanks, you rock! *holds one hand up (with ‘I love you/Rock on!’ sign-language) and a flame in the other hand (none of this new fangled cell phone-light crap) and waves them both in the air*

  14. 14 missmanderley

    woohoo… the requisite piggyback scene! hehe, leave it to the Hong sisters to put that in 😀

    i am in love with your summaries, javabeans! i know i should leave more thank yous that i do…. but nonetheless… awesome job!

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    thanks for the recap Javabeans…another great episode…looking forward to next week’s episode.

  16. 16 vanilla

    I hope they don’t make Enok addicted to opium! My mom told me that once you smoke it, you’re hooked! Oh Hong sisters let this not be so! But then again, they always put her in the worst situations like going to prostitute herself to the king and such. She better not. Better not.

  17. 17 canyayasis

    another home run, javabeans!
    I love this show!

  18. 18 Sils

    Once again you cracked me up and I too can relate to the addiction that is Starbuck :D. Oh yeah, Chisu is totally hot!

  19. 19 Bamidele

    God your wittiness is wonderful. I loved the Strabusk, dick measuring, and every other bit of sassiness. Keepp it coming. I still don’t like Chang Whe though, he seems to always have ulterior motives.

  20. 20 lili

    Thanks…very interesting..
    at least l understand watching without sub…at the moment

  21. 21 gail

    SBUX, ha! I shouldn’t even be commenting on the coffee chain since i’m a constant visitor to your site using their network. 😛 but what the hey, that was a funny comment.

    thanks for pointing out that tendency of the heroes in hong sisters dramas to come around late in the game, but staying in for good. that’s exactly why both dramas are my favorites. i can’t stand wishy-washy heroes (and heroines).

    thanks for the recap, javabeans.

  22. 22 E

    I love that CH took the arrow for gil dong because serious that man has been hit already – it’s enough! Lady Noh needs to learn a lesson! Anyways I’m sure he’ll be fine – i vote for a happy ending! lol

  23. 23 javabeans

    Lol, seriously. It’s like, “Lady Noh! What part of DON’T KILL MY FRIENDS don’t you understand?”

  24. 24 Anonymous

    I think he took the arrow because he thought the person who was in danger is Yi Nok…

  25. 25 giddygirl108

    Ooo I love procrastinating by reading your recent blog summaries 🙂 I laughed at your Starbucks comment. I envy your wit!

  26. 26 nixxochick

    hmmm for some reason i didnt enjoy this episode as much as the others….

    i feel like this is the turning point in Enok’s and Chang Whe’s relationship, hopefully im wrong

  27. 27 Guest

    I’m always suspicious about nobleman characters and their manservants. o.o I thought about Chisu being gay, too.

    Poor Chang Whe… Love triangles suck for the third wheel… Sometimes, the fact that Enok has no noonchi is so annoying. o.o The girl is too naive and innocent.

    I prefer Mal Nyeo’s character. She’s so coy and glamorous. When it’s business, she becomes serious and she’s up for kicking ass.

    Hahaha. It’s cute that Yeon falls in love with none other than a mighty, mighty weapon!

    Enok looks quite cute as a man. It’s the eyebrows/eyes.

  28. 28 tealeaf

    Nooo! Chang Whe couldn’t possibly die. Not now. Not like this. Not when there is so much hope for him. Enok would be so sad. Chisu would be even more heartbroken. Damn you, Lady Noh. Geez, I can totally relate to your anguish at the end of episode 7 (when Gil Dong suffered the same fate), javabeans. LOL.

    Couldn’t the Hong sisters make their villains … uhh… any less cardboard-y? You can spot these guys like a mile away.

    Thanks for the recap javabeans. Hmm, agree with your theory on SB. Can’t say much about opium, but never underestimate the addiction power of caffeine. I can’t quit even if my life depends on it.

  29. 29 Skangrrl

    “Already a large number of people are hooked, enabled by dirt-cheap prices — once the people are sufficiently addicted, he plans to drastically raise opium prices. Evil! Also called: Starbucks.”

    ROLFMAO, that totally slayed me!

    And re the giant henchman, it reminded me of the typical James Bond villain. There’s always a “freakish henchman” in James Bond like Odd Job or Grace Jones etc.

    Colour me slow but what’s the joke re the crackers? I don’t get it. Maybe I need coffee …

  30. 30 choleng

    ok, i haven’t even finished the whole summary yet but i just have to say this… dramabeans, i usually already find you very funny. since i have to battle my roommates for control of the tv, i always end up taking the diplomatic route and so therefore i do not get to watch hong gil dong. however, i read your reviews every week. but this:
    “Already a large number of people are hooked, enabled by dirt-cheap prices — once the people are sufficiently addicted, he plans to drastically raise opium prices. Evil! Also called: Starbucks.”
    this is priceless. i loooove this! keep ’em coming!

  31. 31 YM

    Looking forward for next week episode..Thanks javabeans.Gil Dong and Enok…..

  32. 32 Michelle

    your writing is great. i’m eager to see the actual video, but reading your summaries and comments is just as good. i really like the details you catch, feels like things i would be interested in if I was watching the drama myself. your blog is tops!

  33. 33 bethany

    lady noh’s the typical plot mover alonger…. i suppose. exciting. and thankful for entertainment in the midst of craziness!

  34. 34 maltesers

    “If you close your eyes, I’ll give it a try.”
    hahahaha!!! i almost fell out of my chair!
    i love how the story of the leads is developing 🙂

  35. 35 javabeans

    Skangrrl, regarding the crackers —
    It’s not a big deal, just a minor recurring bit. Enok is always offering Gil Dong little foodstuffs, among them crackers that she got from the merchants, saying they’re particularly yummy. Gil Dong at one point ate one, heard they were from Chang Whe, then sneered that they weren’t even any good. So then in Ep. 15 he tells Chang Whe not to feed Enok too many crackers, which is his roundabout way of saying, “Back off.” And today, it’s doubly funny that he asks for crackers since he’d previously insulted them, and now admits that they are in fact good. It also occurred to me that maybe he was going to bring them back for Enok, but that didn’t play out…

    Oh, and yes I agree — we’ve got cartoon villains galore. It’s outta control — they’re so eeeevil they might as well be simultaneously cackling over bubbling cauldrons of witchy-brew, stroking black cats, and twirling mustaches.

  36. 36 alynizzle

    “Already a large number of people are hooked, enabled by dirt-cheap prices — once the people are sufficiently addicted, he plans to drastically raise opium prices. Evil! Also called: Starbucks.”

    HAH! I nearly snorted out the Starbucks I was drinking.

    This summary was more entertaining than the usual! Love your hilarious side comments. Out of the four, I don’t know which is better – High!Enok, Hermione!Enok, Jealous!Enok or Sexually-Frustrated!Enok.

    Other highlights of today’s episode include angry old men and Gil Dong carrying Enok on his back. That’s pretty much a trademark kdrama cliche – piggyback carrying at one point or another. Thanks for this Javabeans – as always you remain awesome.

  37. 37 hjk


    All I can say is…

    or, at least,
    Peet’s, Peet’s, Peet’s…

    must.get.sleep.now. 😉

  38. 38 Jessica

    In the Hong sisters’ previous dramas, I’ve noticed a tendency for the guy to take longer in coming around to the romance (Mong Ryong in Chun Hyang; Gong Chan in My Girl) — but once they do, there’s no changing their minds. They’re in for good. I’m trusting in this pattern again for Hong Gil Dong.

    Oh no! I bet they’re also going to have the girl-sacrifices-herself-for-the-guy-and-they-don’t-meet-up-until-x-years-later bit then??

    Please no more X years later. They already had a 1 year later 🙁


    Also, didn’t Gom bite his tongue off? So he can no longer talk?

  39. 39 Marzy

    hmmm.. on that last scene with CH. its a great deed on CH part. and yes it does show a lot in him. a great deal. i dunno if he really did it with the right feelings in mind and also if he really knows the consequence. well.. we know CS is gonna react. but what will YN’s be? and importantly GD’s? Lady noh bad bad bad woman!

  40. 40 Anonymous

    38, Gom did try, but he got medical attention in time (from, of all people, Lord Hong) in the prison. He’s fine, and as sprightly as a post-traumatic 12 year old can be.

  41. 41 Jessica

    Thanks #40 🙂

  42. 42 mali

    u’re just great…..awesome ..

  43. 43 estelle

    Brilliant recap, Javabeans! U just brightened up my week! =) And the Starbucks comment was totally hilarious! Hahaha… I’m so in love with Hong Gil Dong!

  44. 44 Jo

    WOO, go Chang Whe. All this time, I didnt like you (mostly because of his overly eyelinered eyes lol) but you are winning my vote for king more and more

  45. 45 Skangrrl

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation … was going slightly crackers cracking my head about the crackers.

    But at least the Hong sisters have stopped with the toilet humour. Hope I do not speak too soon …

  46. 46 Livvie

    Javabeans, I particularly love your side comments in this episode puahahah
    ah starbucks *looks at starbucks sign across the street and laughs*

    and LOL you think CS has a thing for CH also? I find CS similar to CH in the expression department – he’s starting to show signs of life (especially in this episode)..I just hope they give him more lines and such in the upcoming episdoes!

  47. 47 Miki

    *cries* Don’t die!!!

    Well, if he died, the drama will have no satisfying ending. XD But still, what a heroic thing for Chang Whe to do. I’m so glad that he’s proving himself worthy.

    Lady Noh needs to have someone slap her! What the heck?! I mean, didn’t Chang Whe already told her to stay away? I mean, HE’S the prince, and HE’S the one that’s trying to regain the country. She’s always, “I’m doing this for your own good.” What, doesn’t she trust his judgment?

    She disgusts me.

  48. 48 nadseventh

    vote for happy ending..

  49. 49 kishaleigh

    yah, vote for happy ending……
    thanks javabeans for the recap….you make my day complete^^^^

  50. 50 Rachael

    I’ve detected a change in your language.
    For some weird reason, you’ve described this episode in a very laid back, witty manner. It’s really funny.
    Did you have a good day today or something?

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