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Pig-Rabbit for sale (calling You’re Beautiful fans)
by | November 6, 2009 | 195 Comments

If you were charmed by the “Pig-Rabbit” stuffed animal that was featured prominently in this week’s episodes of You’re Beautiful, you’re not the only one: the production company has been flooded with inquiries about it. One source explains, “The phone won’t stop ringing with questions regarding the Pig-Rabbit. With the fans requesting merchandise of the A.N.JELL cut-outs [pogs] and the Pig-Rabbit, we have looked into it and plan to begin production soon.”

In case you’re behind on the drama, “Pig-Rabbit” arose out of a nickname that Jang Geun-seok‘s character had for Park Shin-hye; the plush version was created when he cannibalized two stuffed animals in Episode 9 to produce a bunny with a pig snout. (As you can see, it sure made her happy.)

The stuffed animal was also featured in Episode 10 as he continued talking (and venting) to the doll. The cartoonized A.N.JELL figures (pogs and stickers), which were used as a plot point, also got fans talking.

Meanwhile, the drama finally broke 10% ratings with the last episode; its 10.0% (via TNS ratings; AGB’s give 10.8%) held up against IRIS‘s 30.9%.

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195 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. alison

    ooo i so want the pogs!

  2. YABaddict

    Hello YAB mania! I’m glad they are getting so many calls, shows them they are indeed quite popular and successful! Way to go YAB!
    Thanks JB for the fix, and are we to assume you will let us know how to get one?

  3. tripper.

    I’m not sure about the pogs, but I actually would like a pig rabbit plush too!

    I also think they should have dolls for each A.N.JELL member too. Just saying. hehe.

  4. starletbang

    that pig rabbit was so super duper cute!!!

  5. aquarianunicorn

    i want it!!!
    i want the clip too!

  6. julie


    ME WANT!

    It better come with the hairpin (and Jang Geun Suk). And I hope they deliver internationally.

  7. all4movies

    I need to get my hands on pig rabbit and pogs for christmas presents!!!!!

  8. bumblexbee

    laughin` at d gif right now
    i want d clip too.haha.
    please update when u find out wer we can buy it
    or immuh have to cannabalize my stuffed toys myself.haha.

  9. jacolian

    yay! i’ve been hoping they would sell it… the pig-rabbit is just the cutest stuff toy ever!!!

  10. 10 gorditachan

    I do believe you’re getting addicted to making GIFs, DB. It’s a lot of work, but don’t you love the satisfaction of finishing one. Ah, where can we international fans get our hands on the merchandise?

  11. 11 Lisa

    Available soon at eclickkorea.com and yesasia.com!*

    *not a guarantee

    Uuuuugh I would SO buy the pig rabbit. …but only if it was reasonably cheap.

  12. 12 gallivanter

    This sounds like a Christmas present to myself. One can never be too old for stuffed animals *nods*

  13. 13 Meru

    I’ve been wanting a pig-rabbit myself.

  14. 14 Philippa

    pig-rabbit w/ the pin is the best christmas present ever! LOL
    its pretty sick!

  15. 15 K-Dreams

    🙂 I was wondering when the Pig-Rabbit would be made available. *shamelessly squeals* oh dear… lol

  16. 16 Alyssia

    Let hopes ratings will hit 11% next week.>>>>>>>> please guys make it happen!!!!!!!

    I wouldn’t mind buying one if they would sign it. lolz

  17. 17 tinyviolin


  18. 18 rockpinkslip

    aww that pig rabbit plush is soo cute! I want one now, strange hyrbid but so cute!

    Pogs?! Wow I haven’t collected & played those since I was a kid which was like idk 13 yrs ago? Didn’t know they were still around haha.

  19. 19 le meera

    Damn. Their production company is amazing. They know what and when will get them some CA$$$$$$$$H.

  20. 20 Lili!

    AWH! yeeeah! i want a pig-rabbit stuff animal! teeheee! its so cuteee~!!! and minam sure looks happy! i love that episode and her reaction, when she saw it! its soo funny! and cutee ( ;

  21. 21 shang

    That’ll be great. though I’d prefer JGS though xD =P

  22. 22 @lay

    i want one!!!! haha

  23. 23 jo

    may the crack-dealing begin for this week.

  24. 24 xiaoSxin


    I’ll definitely buy one!!! I bought the Alfred doll (Goong) and Samshik (MNIKSS), so definitely this will be on my top priority!! I have been collecting Kdrama collectibles, and so far I got a few:

    Alfred doll – Goong
    Samshik – MNIKSS
    MongRyong cell phone accessory – Delightful ChunHyang ( the one HCY made for Jae Hee)
    Moon and star necklace – BOF

    I have been looking for the snowglobe that Seol Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) gave to Ju Yu Rin (Lee Da Hae) in My Girl, but no luck! anybody knows where I can still buy them?

    I hope it becomes available thru yesasia… that where I buy most of my K Drama collectibles.

    • 24.1 keikoloveskdrama

      wow!! thats soo awsome! but who is HCY??? and which drama is that from???

  25. 25 beiyah

    HOW CAN I GET ONE?!! korea is miles away from where i am. ugh. bum! i so want one! hehehe

  26. 26 mizuki

    i was not the only one then, i would love a pig rabbit + hairpin for my Christmas present! hopefully it will be available internationally =D those A.N JELL pogs are also really cute.

  27. 27 Ant

    OMG I DEFINITELY WANT ONE. This drama just ROCKS!!!

  28. 28 strawberryfields

    i’d love to have JGS..hehe! but the pig rabbit is really cute with that hairpin & bowtie!

  29. 29 Mary

    This is the cutest thing I am definitely getting one.

    This show just keeps on getting better and better.

  30. 30 lyd


  31. 31 pze

    will be anticipating the release of pig-rabbit…hopefully internationally cause i live no where near korea…..ur never to old for stuff animals…hehe….

    tats gonna be my christmas gift to myself n maybe some friends….hehehe…

    n like someone mentioned above the should release tk, go minam, shinwoo, n jeremey figures too..

    keep us posted on the release….

  32. 32 baekworthy

    lol, gif obsession!

  33. 33 Mandy

    aww, I really want it! It would be so nice if they somehow had that in stores or something.

  34. 34 Song Yuri

    omg I waaaant one! ^_^ I’m in love with it.

  35. 35 oink2

    i want one!!!!

    where can i buy some???

  36. 36 celestialorigin

    OMG! I have to get one! I will ask my Korean colleagues to buy me one when they visit their families in Korea for Christmas or New years holidays. Or should I check China town in Sydney? I’ll be there twice this month.. may be on the later trip, it may be out by then? Can’t believe I can get this excited about it, lol… I hope they’ll come out with various sizes, so that I can hang one on my carry on bags and have one at home? OK, I’m losing my mind…

  37. 37 lollyobsessed

    Yay ratings have increased!! Let’s hope they keep going ^^

    Bwahahaa, I’m pretty much a lost cause…I already want their phone, and now they’re selling pig-rabbits and cute A.N.Jell stuff?!?! How will my wallet stand it??

    Time to start scrimping.

  38. 38 wootwoot

    i soooo want a pig-rabbit!

  39. 39 yvree

    ^______________________^ waaaaaaaaaaa~~!!!!!

    I am SO deeply praying that they will have international selling I WANT THE TOKI-DEJI!!!!

    SO AGREE with Tripper and Julie, i want the hairpin (and hopefully) dolls for each characters. waaa!!! cant wait!

  40. 40 pakim

    love the pig-rabbit too…
    it was very cute when she woke up to see the pig-rabbit…
    and of course who wouldn’t buy one…i know i would…

  41. 41 alynizzle


  42. 42 monica

    omo i want one too!!!!!!!!! definitely! it’s so cute! it’ll be good as christmas present..hahaha! i so love YAB..^_^

  43. 43 le meera

    i’m happy their ratings went up… but at the same time, YAY! GO IRIS FOR BREAKING 30%!!!!


  44. 44 linz

    hahaha loove the gif!!

    i want a pig-rabbit!

  45. 45 v

    Yay!!!!!! I totally want one!!! So cute!!!! The pig-rabbit surgery – one of my favorite sequence of the drama so far! 😀

  46. 46 tohru19

    oh gosh I want one pig rabbit and the stickers as well….I hope they sell them on yesasia…

  47. 47 serendipity

    Oh, for heaven’s sake. Now I’ve heard it all (as TK would say).

  48. 48 glitzyglam

    OMG i was JUST showing my mom this and telling her how much a I want it.. and when I go to Korea (or if she goes soon) that I need to get it!!
    I’m trying to collect cute drama stuffed animals (:
    hehe I already have that wingy bear from Fire Bird/Phoenix/Bool Sae and the ggoolggoolee piggy from SamSoon!! heheh now I must add this little cutie to my collection! <3

  49. 49 nsn

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!

    Hurray for pig-rabbits and higher ratings!!!

    YAB is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  50. 50 Ana

    Ha I was totally waiting for this post.:-D The pig-rabbit would be an awesome Christmas gift.:-)
    And ha add one more point to Kdrama cliches – A ‘unique’ preferably handcrafted stuffed toy is a must in a rom-com drama.It plays a pivotal part and also allows the leads to vent out their hidden feelings when no one is looking:-D

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