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You’re Beautiful: Episode 10
by | November 5, 2009 | 417 Comments

(It’s Lee Hong-ki’s uncertain “Uhhhh…..” face that makes this shot for me.)

As for the episode, I kinda hate myself for doing this, but:



Lyn – “Love U, I Love U” [ Download ]

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Heyi accuses Mi-nam of liking Tae-kyung, and notes that she doesn’t deny it. Mi-nyeo is in such shock that she’s speechless, and when Heyi announces her intention to tell Tae-kyung, Mi-nyeo drops to her knees and shakes her head frantically as the guys start to approach. Reading her panic, Heyi says, “You don’t want me to? Then shut up when I do things my way.”

Heyi turns to the guys and says with fake worry that Mi-nam is ill. They recall that she had the beginnings of a cold and don’t question her, not seeing that Heyi mouths to Mi-nyeo, “Talk and you die.”

Sung-chan is sympathetic and sends Mi-nyeo home, saying she can make up the shoot later. He gives Heyi a ride back as well and answers her questions cheerfully, not aware of how Heyi is pointedly directing the comments at Mi-nyeo. For instance, she drives home that Mi-nam’s facing an important role in the band: “If a problem arises with Mi-nam, President Ahn, you and A.N.JELL will both be in a lot of trouble.”

Sung-chan agrees with her assessment, so Heyi turns to Mi-nyeo: “You heard, right? You’ll have to do a good job so things aren’t ruined for Tae-kyung oppa. And you can’t tell anyone the secret conversation we had. If you tell, I can’t keep my end of the secret either. Understand?”

In the safety of her own room (since Mi-ja is out at the moment), Mi-nyeo cries over her dilemma. She feels the burden of responsibility for A.N.JELL’s continued success in the wake of Heyi’s blackmailing.

She looks at the childhood photo of her with her brother and says, “Oppa, I’m so scared. What if he’s hurt because of me?” To clear up any ambiguity over who she’s talking about, she looks over at a photo of Tae-kyung. “He’s someone who shouldn’t be liked by a thing like me. I can’t ruin him.”

As the shoot wraps, Tae-kyung wonders how Mi-nyeo’s doing and asks to take some limes home with him. He doesn’t see Shin-woo asking the prop guy for some limes, too, nor Jeremy. When the guys arrive home, they find that she’s in bed and feverish. Tae-kyung starts to speak in concern, but stops himself and instead says gruffly, “If you were sick, you should have said so. Because of you, today’s shoot was ruined.”

Mi-nyeo apologizes and promises not to ruin anything in the future, but her weak response has him dissatisfied. He wonders if she’s gotten used to his (brusque) way of speaking, or whether she’s just out of energy. He turns his glare to Pig-Rabbit to scold, “If you droop like that, it takes the fun out of picking on her.” He grabs the ears to perk them upright, then wonders how to feed Mi-nyeo the limes.

All three guys have thought of the nutrition value of limes with the intent of giving them to Mi-nam, so Tae-kyung has to hide his surprise to find Shin-woo and Jeremy in the kitchen with theirs. In keeping with their previously shown preferences, Shin-woo suggests making hot tea with his limes, but Jeremy would rather make juice.

Tae-kyung feels stupid now, so he has to play off his intent, saying he liked eating the limes so much he brought them home for his own enjoyment. He takes a bite nonchalantly, pretending it’s tasty. (I apologize for the crudeness of the gif; I’ve never made one before so I had to figure out how to do it, but the moment was just begging for an animated gif.)


Tae-kyung shoots a glare at Pig-Rabbit, then figures, “Since everyone else is taking care of Mi-nam, I guess I don’t need to step in.”

Shin-woo brings her tea, but since she’s asleep he sets it aside, although it’ll be cold when she wakes. (The point being: his timing is bad.) Seeing Mi-nyeo shivering in her sleep, he says, “Don’t be sick, Mi-nam, because then I can’t stand by and not do something.”

Later that night, Tae-kyung heads to the kitchen because he can’t sleep. (He blames it on eating so many limes, rather than entertaining the possibility that it could be any other reason.) As he closes the fridge door, he starts at the sight of a haggard Mi-nyeo standing there looking like death. She groans, “I need… water…” (Symbolism! After all, Shin-woo = tea, Jeremy = juice, Tae-kyung = water.)

She collapses against him, and he rushes her to the hospital. As he drives, he berates himself for letting her illness get this bad. They should have called for help earlier.

He pulls up to the emergency room, but Mi-nyeo resists when he tries to usher her inside. Knowing that entering the hospital will put an end to her masquerade as Mi-nam, she refuses and staggers away.

His concern making him angry, Tae-kyung grabs her — her fever is too high and being discovered is the lesser of her worries (in his eyes). But Mi-nyeo bursts out, “I won’t go! Aren’t you afraid? What happens if I’m found out? If a thing like me — I’m so afraid you’ll be hurt because of a thing like me.”

Tae-kyung: “It’s not time for you to be worried about me. And I’ve been prepared for it ever since I promised to accept you. I’ll handle it, so let’s go to the hospital.”
Mi-nyeo: “I also made a promise not to be discovered. So I cannot go to the hospital.”

In frustration, Tae-kyung has to let her have her way. In the car, he covers her with his jacket and tells her more gently, “It’s okay if you cry or throw up, so you don’t have to clench your teeth and hold back.”

At home, Tae-kyung prepares supplies and tells Shin-woo that Mi-nam is really sick. This time, however, it’s Tae-kyung’s turn to hold Shin-woo back. He says, “I’ll look after her. You don’t have to worry about it.” Shin-woo clenches his fist, but stands by as Tae-kyung takes his tray to Mi-nyeo.

Throughout the night, Tae-kyung applies a cold compress and monitors Mi-nyeo’s progress as her fever runs its course. Finally, at 5am, she wakes up, still weak but better now. He anticipates her comments, guessing that she’s about to thank him and apologize before she actually says the words.

Tae-kyung: “Seeing how you worried about me even though you were that sick, you seem to have some loyalty. Seeing you enduring through it, you’ve also got some spirit. I haven’t wanted to accept you and wanted to reject you, but because of this, I’m accepting you. I’m on the same team as you now, so I feel a duty to look after you, and I’ll take responsibility for your affairs, too.”
Mi-nyeo: “I’m truly sorry. I’ll think carefully about what to do from now. And thank you for saying that.”
Tae-kyung: “In the future, don’t do things to be sorry for. Just think and live with a grateful spirit.”

Now that she’s better, he heads off to get some sleep. Mi-nyeo decides, “I can’t let things go any further. To make sure I’m not caught, and that he’s not hurt, Go Mi-nam has to disappear.”

From the hallway, Shin-woo watches Tae-kyung leave Mi-nam’s room, figuring that she must be better now. I suppose this means he was there all night, and he decides, “I’ll stay just a while longer” until she’s better.

Meanwhile, Hoon-yi has been busy creating Mi-nam pogs and hadn’t even known Mi-nam was sick until the stylist tells him. He enthuses about Mi-nam’s success and thinks of an appropriate “legend” to add to the A.N.JELL history.

First, he thinks of making Mi-nam a descendant of Bruce Lee, but the stylist shoots him down. Then what if he pairs her with a princess? Since Jeremy has England covered, they could pair Mi-nam with an Indian princess.

The stylist shoots down that idea, too (there are no Indian princesses anymore), so Hoon-yi settles on Old Faithful: a birth secret. They could paint Mi-nam’s mother as a mysterious, grand woman. In Hoon-yi’s fantasy, she is the tough woman who stands up to an invading Japanese samurai and dies for her beliefs. Of course, the stylist vetoes this as well, calling Hoon-yi childish.

Next, we have a few more Mi-nam fantasies, but this time they come from Tae-kyung’s mind. He goes shopping for women’s clothing — something to make Mi-nyeo look “definitely like a girl” in order to “disguise” her.

He rejects the sexy black and the flirty pink lace because they’re not his style. But a classic Jackie O outfit catches his eye, and he thinks, “Yeah, I’d like her to dress like that.”

Then he catches himself: “What do I care about liking it? This is just for an emergency escape. Any women’s clothes will do.”

The shopgirl is excited at his purchase, assuming they’re for Heyi. (Heyi had declined their offer to “sponsor” her with clothes — i.e., she would wear their brand to heighten their profile — but now she would since Tae-kyung is buying them for her.)

Another brand happy to “sponsor” the celebrities is the couple ring purveyor, who had supplied the rings in the MV worn by Heyi and Tae-kyung. Since they’re a real couple, they offer the rings for the idol stars to keep, and Heyi guesses, “If I ask him to wear it for real, he wouldn’t, would he? But I’d like to.” She pouts, “He bought a hairclip for a thing like Go Mi-nam. I really hate her!”

Jeremy and Shin-woo are eager to take care of Mi-nyeo, offering her some lime juice and a blanket. When Heyi drops by, I love how the guys look dismayed to have Heyi ruin the party. She explains that she’s here to drop by on the sick Mi-nam and see Tae-kyung, who isn’t home yet.

However, she has another agenda, and starts out by getting rid of the guys first. She asks Shin-woo to retrieve fruit from the car, then asks Jeremy for a drink. Both leave reluctantly, uncertain about leaving Mi-nam with Heyi.

They head to Mi-nam’s room for a word in private, and Heyi says, “I thought you’d get scared and run away, but surprisingly you’re hanging in there.” Mi-nyeo answers, “I won’t run away like this.”

Heyi enjoys seeing Mi-nyeo squirm, so she says that Shin-woo and Jeremy, who are so good to her, are bound to change if they knew the truth. She threatens to tell them: “You should be begging me.”

But Mi-nyeo startles her by answering seriously, “I will tell them. I’ll tell Shin-woo hyung and Jeremy. They probably won’t forgive me, but I will tell them the truth and leave.” Heyi adds, “Then can you tell them that you like Hwang Tae-kyung, too?”

Mi-nyeo’s face falls at that: “Do I have to say that too?” Sensing weakness, Heyi asserts, “Of course. That’s why you got caught by me, because you didn’t know your place and fell for him.”

Mi-nyeo gathers her nerves, then says, “Then I will say that, too.”

Heyi doesn’t like this, because it removes her power. All along, she’s been trying to be the puppetmaster and constantly finds herself thwarted, so by now she’s tired of being outsmarted. She says spitefully, “Fine, tell them everything! When oppa gets home, gather them together and tell them all! I’ll see with my eyes what becomes of you.”

In a bratty tantrum, Heyi knocks the glass out of Mi-nyeo’s hand, sending it crashing to the ground.

At the noise, Shin-woo walks in with concern. Immediately, Heyi switches on the act and says in a wounded tone, “Mi-nam, why are you doing this? It’s really mean of you to act like this just because I touched your things.”

She’s been outplayed, so Mi-nyeo just apologizes and crouches to pick up the pieces. When Shin-woo helps, Mi-nyeo asks him to get the vacuum. Heyi follows Shin-woo out and says with false concern, “Mi-nam is acting strange. I think he’s hiding something. Does he have something I’m not supposed to see?” She insinuates that Mi-nam’s overreaction suggests that he’s hiding something from Shin-woo.

Shin-woo doesn’t know the extent of her fakeness but he’s sharp enough to know Heyi’s no saint, so he doesn’t take her bait. He’s not interested in digging into people’s secrets. When Heyi asks if such a secret would make him feel bad, Shin-woo replies, “I’m sure there’s a reason for it. If it’s a reason I can understand, then no, I don’t feel bad.” Confused and frustrated, Heyi next tests Jeremy:

Heyi: “If Mi-nam does something wrong, do you just put up with it?”
Jeremy: “But he doesn’t do anything wrong.”
Heyi: “There could be a big thing that you don’t know about. What would you do then?”
Jeremy: “I’d put up with it. I really like Go Mi-nam, so everything is fine with me.”

Heyi has heard from one of her staffers that Tae-kyung bought clothes, ostensibly for her, and sees the shopping bag when he arrives home. When he walks past her, she deduces that the clothes aren’t for her — which mean they must be for Mi-nam.

Heyi has something to give him “because I need proof you’re mine,” then holds up her hand with the two couple rings on it. Tae-kyung takes the man’s ring and comments, “It’s pretty.” Then he puts it back on her hand, “Looks good on you. Wear them both.” He adds, “I’m saying this in case you get confused, but let’s make this clear. I’m not yours.”

Mi-nam requests a meeting with all the A.N.JELL guys, ready to tell them something. They all wait for her to speak, as she works up the nerve to tell them the whole truth.

Meanwhile, Heyi worries, “What happens if Go Mi-nam reveals everything and Shin-woo and Jeremy are still okay with it?” Then, a worse thought strikes her: “What happens when Tae-kyung finds out Mi-nam likes him? I can’t let her tell him!”

Therefore, Heyi races back inside the house, determined to put a stop to Mi-nam’s confession, arriving just as Mi-nyeo says, “What I want to tell you… Actually, I…”

Heyi makes a grunting noise to get the others’ attention. As the guys turn toward her, she says, “Tae-kyung oppa, I have something to say to you” — and gags again.

The implication is clear (she’s pregnant!) and everyone gapes in surprise, most of all Tae-kyung, since he knows this is clearly not possible. Jeremy connects the dots: “If she gags, does that mean… that thing that happens often in the dramas…?”

Heyi manages to say, “Oppa I’m sorr—” just as she gags again and rushes for the bathroom.

I LOVE JEREMY — even if I didn’t love him already, I’d love him for his next line as he says hesitantly, “Then do we have to have a congratulations party?”

Shin-woo prods Tae-kyung to take care of his girl. Tae-kyung knows Heyi’s playing around but denying it won’t get the others to believe him. He gripes, “She’s so dead!”

Heyi is pleased with her performance — she stopped Mi-nam from talking AND gave Tae-kyung a shock. Two birds, one stone. From the bathroom, Heyi calls Mi-nyeo to instruct, “Don’t tell them now. Revealing the truth won’t help Tae-kyung at all. Reveal it and take responsibility somewhere else, when there are a lot of people gathered. You don’t want those people [A.N.JELL] dragged in and hurt too, do you?”

Heyi brings up Mi-nam’s press preview for her music video: “End it there.”

Tae-kyung confronts Heyi about her stunt, but she airily tells him to be cool and refuses to tell the others it was faked. Understanding how her mind works, Tae-kyung follows her out and indicates the rings she’s wearing: “You were mad about that?” She answers, “You should have listened. Don’t piss me off.”

Taking her phone, Tae-kyung sees that he’s not #1 in her speed dial. (Her father is #1.) She’s flattered and asks, “Why, do you want to be #1?”

He asks, “Is your father scary?” Thinking to give Tae-kyung a good warning, Heyi says that her father is so scary that if he were to piss him off, he’d rip out all Tae-kyung’s hair.

This setup recalls the shoe scene at the lake, so we know to expect something as Tae-kyung punches in a few keys, and says, “Good thing you’re afraid of him.” He shows her the message he has typed: “Dad I’m pregnant.”

Heyi panics and tries to wrest the phone away from him, warning him not to do it — but he pushes SEND and off it goes. He asks, “What’ll you do? Looks like you’re getting a haircut today.” (Immediately, her phone rings. Tae-kyung leaves Heyi assuring Daddy that it’s not true.)

Tae-kyung explains to his bandmates that Heyi was merely feeling ill and warns them, “Don’t imagine anything more.” Now they recall that Mi-nam had something to tell them, but now that she’s been blackmailed by Heyi, she can’t come clean. Mi-nyeo apologizes for causing so much trouble, and they respond true to form: Shin-woo understands, Jeremy says it’s okay, and Tae-kyung says it’s hardly the first time.

Mi-nyeo is touched at their response, and prays, “Mother Superior, I have received such good care that I don’t deserve. Please give me courage to do what I have to so they are not hurt.”

Smelling pay dirt, Aunt Mi-ja had told Hwa-ran that she doesn’t know where the twins are. They may have even been adopted. Since she’s the sole blood relation to songwriter Go Jae-hyun, Hwa-ran can just hand over the money (for the remake) to Mi-ja…

She then toasts her impending riches with some friends, bragging about her encounter with Hwa-ran and gossipping about a hunch — she’s certain that Hwa-ran had something going on with her brother. She wonders if Hwa-ran knows who the twins’ mother is, but a friend wonders if Hwa-ran herself is the mother. Mi-ja pooh-poohs that suggestion, because an unmarried and pregnant Hwa-ran would have caused a lot of rumors. But then, she remembers that Hwa-ran had briefly retired, some twenty years ago.

Hearing that the twins are out of reach comes as a blow to Hwa-ran, who drowns her sorrows listening to the song. She asks, “You wrote this song asking me to come back to you, didn’t you? You made it for me. You only loved me.”

Tae-kyung also listens to the song and thinks, “Did you beg for him to return and abandon me?” He asks Pig-Rabbit, “She wants to remake a song like this — can you understand that woman?” He sighs that when he’s feeling down like this, he’d prefer Mi-nam to the Pig-Rabbit, since “the real Go Mi-nam has some use.”

So, next he finds Mi-nyeo outside, gazing at the sky. She can’t make out the stars, though, because the lights are too bright. Tae-kyung advises that she turn off the light, so they stand in the dark for a while.

Tae-kyung asks if she’s worried about her press conference tomorrow. She’ll have to go alone, because Sung-chan thinks it’s better to focus attention on Mi-nam rather than the other A.N.JELL guys.

Mi-nyeo says, “Later, when I think of this place, I’ll feel like it was a dream. You, Shin-woo hyung, and Jeremy are far-away people like those stars in the sky, and I will have been among you. Because the stars can be seen from anywhere, I’ll always be able to see you even if I’m not here.”

Tae-kyung squints to look at Mi-nyeo’s face — blurry in the dark — and reminds her, “I can’t see you very well. Not being able to see you is frustrating. So don’t be somewhere I can’t see you.”

Mi-nyeo points out, “You can’t see me very well even though I am here.” She waves a hand in front of his face, but he grabs it.

Tae-kyung: “I can see. I can see you enough to know you’re there.”
Mi-nyeo: “Do you really see me?”
Tae-kyung: “Yes. I can see you. So when it’s dark, stay at this distance so I can see you.”
Mi-nyeo: “I understand. But I have a request. When I quit being Go Mi-nam and return to being a girl, even if you see me well, please act like you don’t see me. I’ll pretend not to see you, too.”
Tae-kyung: “You want us to act like we don’t know each other?”
Mi-nyeo: “Yes. Please promise me that you won’t act like you know me as a girl.”

Tae-kyung is surprised at her request, and he looks at her in confusion, but bravado forces him to say, “Of course, that’s how it should be. I’ll promise. Let’s not act like we know each other.”

She thanks him with tears in her eyes and heads back to her room. Tae-kyung remains in the dark — both literally and figuratively — as he frowns over her words.

In her room, Mi-nyeo finds the clothes he’d bought. He texts her the message: “Those are clothes for you to wear when you have to leave quickly. Keep it out of sight. When you’re dressed in these like a girl, I won’t act like I know you at all.”

The next day, Mi-nyeo prepares for her preview event and is wished well by the guys as she heads off with Hoon-yi.

However, at some point she slips away, meaning that by the time she is supposed to take the stage, she’s nowhere to be found. Hoon-yi races around looking for her, and Sung-chan nervously barks at him to find Mi-nam asap. Heyi anticipates the show to come and calls Mi-nyeo to make sure she’s ready.

The A.N.JELL guys hear about Mi-nam’s disappearance, and Tae-kyung suggests that they go to the preview. If Mi-nam doesn’t show up, at least they’ll be able to manage the press.

When Tae-kyung changes his clothes, his eyes land on Pig-Rabbit sitting in his chair, like normal — but missing its hair clip. This is odd, so he heads into Mi-nam’s room, where he finds the shopping bag empty.

He thinks of her words last night. Now they have an ominous reading, and he guesses what she’s about to do. He leaves her a voicemail: “Go Mi-nam, run away instead. If you show up in that outfit, you’ll be in big trouble! I’ll take responsibility and handle this, so you can’t come here.”

All the while, Mi-nam heads toward the event, having gone elsewhere to change into her female garb. Mustering her courage, she tells herself, “I have to take responsibility. I can’t push it off to other people.”

The three guys cause a stir, but their worries are focused on Mi-nam, who is still missing by the time they arrive at the screening hall. In an effort to buy time, Sung-chan orders the video to begin, causing the lights to flick off — meaning, Tae-kyung can’t see.

Tersely, he tells Shin-woo and Jeremy, “I can’t see a thing, so I can’t look for him. Find Go Mi-nam.” They have to find Mi-nam before anyone else does, and knowing that time is ticking, he gives them one last, key bit of info: “Look for a girl.”

Shocker! Shin-woo is not surprised, but Jeremy is stunned. Baffled, he protests, “But you said to search for Go Mi-nam.”

Tae-kyung tells him quietly, “Go Mi-nam is that girl.” He has no time to explain, so he tells them to find her quickly and take her away. He heads back outside to the lit lobby to continue the search, almost missing Mi-nyeo as she walks right by the fans, unnoticed, and heads into the theater.

Tae-kyung chases as Mi-nyeo makes her way slowly down the aisle, walking toward the front. Tae-kyung is standing behind her, but everything appears blurry.

Fighting his desperation, he tries to make out her form in the dark as he mutters, “I can’t see anything. I can’t see Go Mi-nam.”

Frustrated, Tae-kyung yells out into the quiet room, “I told you not to be where I can’t see you!”

That causes a stir, as everyone looks around for the source of the outburst. Mi-nyeo stops in her tracks, recognizing Tae-kyung’s voice, and turns back around to face him. Knowing he can’t see her, she thinks, “Please don’t see me here. It’s no good if you see me.”

Just then, the lights turn on.

Girls squeal as they recognize Tae-kyung, but his eyes land on Mi-nyeo and focus sharply on her, just as the music kicks in — rather perfectly — “I shouldn’t have done that, I should’ve acted like I didn’t know, like I didn’t see you, like I couldn’t see you…

The crowd is starting to stir, sensing a big moment, but they haven’t recognized Mi-nyeo yet…

…and at just that moment, Shin-woo whirls her around — to hide her face — and holds her to him.

Shin-woo trades looks with Tae-kyung, then Jeremy, before he turns to the reporters to announce, “She’s my girlfriend. She’s the girlfriend I couldn’t reveal before.”


Finally, Shin-woo’s timing works out! Earlier when she was sick, he had told Mi-nyeo that she should be well, otherwise he’d feel forced to act. I’m sure he recognizes that Mi-nyeo doesn’t feel the same way about him as he does for her, and I think that’s why he’s taking a voluntary backseat. He’s too much a gentleman to play the part of the stereotypical overbearing Kdrama Second Lead who forces his affections on a woman who doesn’t reciprocate. So the only thing that would actually force him to step up and assert himself is if she actually needed him to — ergo, the ending scene.

I’ll admit that the last shot, of Shin-woo holding Mi-nam to hide her face, didn’t have the same punch for that it probably was supposed to have because a similar moment was so fantastic in Last Scandal of My Life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it anyway. I’m often iffy about secondary romances swooping in to impede the main romance at this point in the story, but this is a case where it’s done right.

This moment of Shin-woo stepping in and pushing Tae-kyung aside (metaphorically) isn’t just a contrived plot twist; it works because it’s a confluence of factors that have been built up and layered in over the course of the whole series. The song is layered over Tae-kyung’s blindness — and subsequent sight — which is layered over the star-moon conversation, layered over Shin-woo’s desire to help but only when he must, layered over Heyi’s manipulations, et cetera… It’s a great build-up to an important moment and therefore I digs it. Furthermore, this happens just as Tae-kyung is getting to the point where I think he’s ready to admit his feelings for Mi-nyeo, having gotten past most of the initial denial, only to have that snatched away from him. Angst!

I’ve raved about the Hong sisters plenty, both regarding this drama and in the past, but I’m not blind to their faults and I’m still going to point out when something is dissatisfying. Therefore I have to say that I find Heyi as the big evil pretty funny for the first stretch, but thought it started feeling like “Give me a break” stuff by this episode. The Heyi thing definitely starts to feel like too much, but thankfully, with this episode she’s been totally de-fanged and stripped of her venom. Hopefully this means that the remaining conflict is more about the people at the core of the relationship, rather than a spiteful third party messing things up for our main characters.

(The Hong sisters have definitely improved on their plotting and angst development over the years, because I know a big complaint about Delightful Girl Chun-hyang was the overclingy second leads. That improved in My Girl but there was still a little bit of contrived “Get over it already” obstacles keeping our couple apart. Hong Gil Dong was lucky (in one sense) to have the politics acting as another conflict, to take the burden off the romantic conflict from carrying the story through its latter stages. So I think that with You’re Beautiful, they’re continuing to improve.)


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