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ATHENA: Episode 7
by | January 13, 2011 | 59 Comments

Kim Myung Guk is alive! Sean Richard has a name (Randy)! BoA appears! And Hye In continues being a cold-hearted Athena agent – except she gets caught. Or does she? My belief is suspended in this episode, but now, I’m used to it. I’m just going along for the ride because really, the acting trumps all else.


“Hurricane Venus” – BoA (Well of course I gotta give a shout out to her!) [download]

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So before I get a chance to be all pissy over Sook Kyung’s lack of protocol and wonder if everyone in NTS is somewhat incompetent, she steps outside to make a call. She has leaked the information to Hye In, and now all they have to do is wait for a reaction (presumably Son Hyuk’s or DIS) to figure out where her loyalties lie.

Is she reporting to Director Kwon? Chul Hwan? or Jae Hee? Either way, it’s interesting that Sook Kyung suspects Hye In, while going ga-ga over Son Hyuk.

Son Hyuk calls Randy in, who doesn’t initially believe that Kim Myung Guk is alive – after all, there was a bombed house and a dead body… Son Hyuk practically calls him an idiot for believing the NTS reports, and properly chastened, Randy goes to retrieve satellite images of the house during the bombing.

Hye In and Jung Woo are working late and she offers to make a cup of coffee for the both of them. Well hell’s yeah he’s going to accept that offer. They chit chat, and he tells her that an NTS report regarding all the terrorist organizations in the world is what’s keeping him at work late. He brings up Athena, and asks if she’s ever heard of it. She retains that frozen, wide-eyed, “I do not know and I’m trying to convince you that I do not know” expression as she denies any knowledge of it.

Well how about IRIS? That she heard of. While IRIS tries to control weapons development, Athena tries to control the world’s energy resources. What’s more is they have infiltrated into the CIA and DIS (and who do we know is part of DIS, dear Jung Woo?!). He speculates that the two guards’ deaths were Athena’s doing.

Director Kwon calls Jae Hee to his office. Since she’s read the report about the terrorist organizations, she should know that the kidnapping of Jo Soo Young and the attempt to get Kim Myung Guk were probably all Athena’s doing. As the liaison between DIS and NTS, she should be even more careful. He’s not suspecting Son Hyuk, oh no, but is “keeping his mind open.”

Randy gives Son Hyuk the satellite images, showing a partially-masked man looking up at the sky prior to helping Kim Myung Guk in the getaway car. An identification system ID’s him as Jung Woo. Son Hyuk: “You should have done a better job covering your face, Lee Jung Woo.” Kaedejun: “I so agree.”

Son Hyuk calls up Hye In to inform her that they’ve found Kim Myung Guk and need to meet. She excuses herself, and Jung Woo offers to drive her home. Clingy much?

Son Hyuk informs her that Dr. Kim is in Japan, although they’re not sure where, and taken by none other than Jung Woo. He wants her to get even closer to him and find out where Dr. Kim is exactly. Likewise, Hye In tells him that NTS has a report on Athena, and advises him to be more careful. A look of surprise mingled with fear flashes across his face, and I’m wondering, shouldn’t you have expected this?

The next day, Jae Hee calls Son Hyuk informing him that she has something to report to him. Since he refuses to go to NTS for a while, they arrange to meet outside. Ooh – a date?

As for Hye In, she is intercepted by a couple of guards who are to take her for more questioning by Internal Auditors in regards to the two security guards’ death. Hye In sits at her seat uneasily, and when she sees Jung Woo sit across her stonily, she begins making up excuses defending herself, saying that she had a solid alibi and was questioned more than enough.

Jung Woo is not here to ask her about that though; he’s here to confront her about her affiliation with Athena.

WHOA Jung Woo – when’d you get so good?!

Hye In covers her shock by laughing it off nervously. Jung Woo says with a straight face that they found evidence but Hye In says she’s never heard of Athena until yesterday. Jung Woo begs her to confess, and Hye In becomes increasingly nervous.

I’m thinking this has got to be a dream sequence, like what Italy was for Jung Woo. Except this has got to be Hye In’s worst nightmare.

Hye In doesn’t say a word, and so Jung Woo calls in the “evidence”: Sung Chul, Sook Kyung, and Joon Ho, and a couple of other ITS agents. Joon Ho comes out from the back…with a cake!

Happy birthday Hye In! Hope we scared you to death!

Hye In doesn’t react, and Sung Chul immediately blames Jung Woo for using such a serious prank. Jung Woo apologizes, and that’s when Hye In cries. She looks touched – but she’s just quaking in her boots. Mwahah – Cold Hearted Hye In ain’t so strong anymore.

They cut the cake, and Sook Kyung presents her artificial wine. It’s hilarious that everyone doesn’t want a sip of it, claiming that they’ll have stomach problems later. Joon Ho tells his junior to drink it – he’ll pump his stomach later. They all have a good laugh, and the one outside looking in is Jae Hee. Yep – she’s hurt at not being included in this love fest.

Hye In later asks Jung Woo to go for a drink with her (a real drink), and at the bar, he presents a small gift for her. She breaks the news that today’s not her real birthday. As a Black agent, her profile is all fake. Wow – go ahead and just broadcast your Black status even more – and while you’re at it, might as well tell him that nothing about you is real since you’re an agent for Athena!

He tells her that he hadn’t expected her to have such a severe reaction to his accusation of her being part of Athena; instead, he thought she’d see right through his prank. Hye In brushes it off to being scared since she was already blamed for a murder. She then brings up the oddities surrounding Kim Myung Guk’s death, and it becomes Jung Woo’s turn to be at unease.

She receives a call from Son Hyuk, who informs her that they know where Dr. Kim is – so she can stop pumping Jung Woo for information now. Now their drinking session can be purely casual.

As for Jae Hee, she’s got her own love fest to attend – she meets Son Hyuk for drinks and admits that she has nothing to report. She just wanted to ask what it feels like to be a Korean working under the U.S. and doing things that may harm his mother country. Son Hyuk responds that he’s never felt any allegiance to either country – he only works for himself and aims to only wield power and influence since he was completely helpless when he was younger.

Hye In arrives home and opens up Jung Woo’s gift. It’s a necklace too, but with a very simple cross pendant. Unlike how she treated Son Hyuk’s gift, she holds on to the necklace and ponders thoughtfully, probably wondering about that sudden rush of warmth or compassion that she must have for Jung Woo.

In Osaka, an agent is running like mad from a group of other agents. He does his best to escape through a warehouse but is shot through his side. Despite his wound, the agent takes down as many as he can, shooting some, beating others senseless, and strangling the last. He stumbles over to a laptop that was hidden in the warehouse and sends through a document.

It’s that document that sends Chul Hwan running to Director Kwon’s office. They received word that Dr. Kim has been kidnapped (and Son Hyuk is super pleased in his car), and his bodyguards killed, except for Agent Jang Myung Shik, who had sent those damaged files.

Sook Kyung recovers those damaged files Agent Jang had stolen from the enemies, and it contains a concert schedule for a singer in Japan. (Oh my! Who could it possibly be?!) Since under official records Dr. Kim is dead, Director Kwon orders that this entire operation be kept under wraps, and that Jung Woo and Jae Hee will be sent undercover but with no knowledge that they’re trying to locate Dr. Kim.

So Jung Woo thinks he’s got a bodyguard gig for BoA, since he just has to keep a look out for intelligence activities that may occur during her concert. Sung Chul is mad jealous – he should go instead, he knows the moves to “Hurricane Venus”!

Jung Woo meets with BoA’s manager Han Jeong Suk and the singer, who’s practicing her choreography for her concert. Two members of SHINee even make an appearance and say their hello’s before disappearing. During the meeting, BoA plays on her phone the entire time while Jung Woo gives her a summary on security protocol while in Japan. BoA must be playing a diva-fied version of herself, since she snarks that she must be working for Jung Woo instead of the other way around.

Ki Soo leaves his office to find his gambling parlor completely empty. He goes in search of them, but encounters a couple of tough guys – agents who want to take him away. Ki Soo can’t believe this ridiculousness and kicks all of them in the nuts. Yeah – even badass agents go down when kicked down there. He tells them to get the hell out – but another agent comes in – with a gun. It’s Jin Young – a fellow agent in North Korea.

Ki Soo is awakened by a splash of water and finds himself in a basement tied to a chair. Jin Young calls him a traitor, but Ki Soo leans forward threateningly. In comes a bigger agent – it’s none other than Park Chul Young himself, and this time Ki Soo cowers. He does a weak salute, and then realizes that a salute is no longer appropriate since Chul Young is no longer a simple lieutenant.

Son Hyuk sends Randy off to retrieve a package in exchange for money. As soon as the hand-off is done, the other man walks right into Hye In’s knife. Blood squirts onto her hands, and she then leaves for Randy to clean up the mess.

Hye In goes to a bathroom to wash off the blood. As she runs the water over her hands, she thinks back to all the people she’s killed, how she used to kill from afar with sniper guns but how recently more of the blood literally spilled on her body. She thinks of the young daughter crying in the funeral parlor… and a couple of tears escape her eyes despite her stony expression. She ain’t doing too well on getting rid of her compassion…

In a junkyard, a bunch of cars are being taken in to get smashed and destroyed. But when a particular silver car gets crushed, a worker notices blood oozing out of the trunk. It’s none other than Lee Yong Chan, the man Hye In killed. Lee was a professor at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

In her investigation, Sook Kyung finds remnants of dysprosium – a metallic element used to control nuclear reactors or guided missiles. Yep, that’s what our dear Randy wanted! While it’s not that suspicious for the element to be found on a nuclear scientist, the amount in the car suggests that it was transported somewhere. Hye In takes this information in silently.

Joon Ho reports his findings in a meeting: scientists have developed a tool, SNC, that can allow for new nuclear reactors to run without needing a replacement for 100 years. It’s now missing. NTS is responsible for making sure the SNC doesn’t leave Korean shores; they will track it down and start investigating Lee Yong Chan’s coworkers.

Ki Soo broods in his gambling parlor, released and back in business. His conversation with Chul Young had him all bothered. Chul Young lays on the guilt, saying that though Ki Soo was never that loyal, he never expected him to defect to the South. I love it – bad ass Chul Young is back! He tells him that Ki Soo left some unfinished business behind – including his mother, who is now in a prison camp. Chul Young: “It’s not too late. You can save your mother.” GAH! Cheesy but effective – Ki Soo calls up Sung Chul for a meet-up.

He meets Sung Chul for dinner and starts complaining about how NTS didn’t compensate him for saving Jo Soo Young in Italy. Now having broken the ice with that bit of fluff, Ki Soo asks about what Dr. Kim is up to nowadays. Sung Chul wonders why Ki Soo cares so much.

I’m wondering why Sung Chul isn’t the least suspicious about how Ki Soo knows that Dr. Kim isn’t dead.

Ki Soo brushes it off, saying that people Jung Woo saved are people he saved too – ha! He then finds out that Jung Woo is on “business” in Japan, and looks away uneasily.

The problem having escalated, Director Kwon must now report to the President that Dr. Kim has been kidnapped and the SNC is missing. The pressure is on for Kwon to find the both of them, because if anyone else has them both, they will have the technology South Korea has been working on for years.

Tottori, Japan – first stop in BoA’s concert tour. Also the location of where the kidnapped Kim Myung Guk is taken to. He enters a warehouse that conceals a nuclear research lab, and is greeted by none other than Son Hyuk. Dr. Kim doesn’t know who Son Hyuk is, but fearfully asks what he wants from him.

BoA prepares for her concert while Jung Woo and Jae Hee inspect the concert venue. Of course, Jung Woo takes a few minutes to watch BoA practice. Who wouldn’t?

Back at the hotel, he checks the CCTV cameras in the hallways and spots BoA leaving her room unannounced. He goes after her and blocks her from leaving. BoA just gives him a surly look, and her manager shows up in time to explain that she needs to spend time alone on stage to ease her nerves before the concert. Jung Woo escorts her to the venue, and drops her off as he goes to park the car.

BoA comes upon three men backstage taking apart the speakers to remove heavy duty cases from within. She asks them in Korean who they are, and when they don’t respond she asks in Japanese. One of them gets up and starts dragging her away. Jung Woo arrives in time to hear her scream and he runs to save her.

He takes down couple of them and then goes for the third. The third puts up a good fight, and BoA decides to help out by grabbing him from behind. That leaves Jung Woo free deal with the other two. BoA grabs a guitar and slams it on the back of the third one, but he grabs it from her and pushes her violently against the wall.

She falls, semi-conscious, and the third man raises the guitar…


Bam! Slightly better cliffhanger, except, as much as I love BoA, I don’t really care what happens to her. I know she won’t get hurt, ’cause Jung Woo will be amazing like that and save her.

This drama is somewhat surprising in the sense that I was beginning to think it was predictable and all the characters were going to be lame agents. Son Hyuk will always find things out through Hye In, Jung Woo will do anything for Hye In, Jae Hee will always be moody, and Dr. Kim will be in the center of another fiasco, etc. But this episode was surprising in that it put Hye In in the spotlight to show that things are not as shallow as it seems. I just wish that Jung Woo could be given the same treatment. I would like to delve deeper in his relationship with Jae Hee, because I feel like there’s a lot of bad blood between them, more so on his part than on hers. And I want to know why he seems to hate being around her so much, since it’s not her fault that they broke up. (Or so it seems.) Right now, it feels like Jae Hee is just getting closer to Son Hyuk to seduce him for information and to make Jung Woo jealous – which, if that’s the case, makes her more bitter and hard-core than she appears.

Another surprising element was the fact that Sook Kyung knowingly leaked the information to Hye In. I guess it may not be so surprising for a spy-genre drama, but it was for me because, again, I was expecting everyone in NTS to be lame agents. And Ki Soo? Damn – with the little that he’s given, Kim Min Jong really adds a lot of depth to his funny character.

At least these bits of depth make up for the nonsensical BoA plot line, which I don’t understand why it has to be included at all.


59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. YBisTOP

    Ahh, BoA is sexy. I started to watch this drama but stopped at ep 3 . I’ll watch it when it’s done airing and read the recaps for now. πŸ™‚

  2. bee

    Lol, that BoA plotline… seemed so… idk. It seems almost like they tried too hard to include it and make it work, hahha

    • 2.1 coffevampire

      sometimes I question where they are going with this.

  3. watchingforsiwon

    am i the only one who is worried about the otp’s future?
    i mean, hye in cant exactly redeem herself..
    and i don’t really get the plot with boa either
    but yay for sook kyung suspecting hye in πŸ™‚

    • 3.1 Revy

      Yea i agree that Hye In can’t redeem herself & i will be mad if they writer makes that happen

  4. Biscuit

    I don’t understand anyone’s logic here.

    Oh yeah, let’s tell Hye-in the real info on Dr. K just to see if she’s a spy! And it doesn’t matter if Dr. K gets kidnapped due to that because figuring out if Hye-In is a spy is more important!

    This is drama is glorious in it’s visuals and fighting sequences, but it still feels like this drama is trying to pretend to be something it can’t be. It feels so… fake?

    Still, I don’t know why I still watch it. For Randy? Ki-Soo? Son-hyuk!?

    This is a drama where we have to turn off the logical portion of our brain, put patience on full speed, and just enjoy the eye-candy!

    Btw, do we REALLY have to call Randy… well, Randy? I miss calling him Sean Richards. Granted, it’s too long. But we’ve called him that for 6 episodes already.

    • 4.1 kaedejun

      HAHA – I’m fine with calling him Sean Richards… but I noticed that it caused confusion too. Randy makes him sound so…rancid… πŸ˜›

      • 4.1.1 Biscuit


        Curses for Sean’s name being revealed too early on! Honestly, he was much more cooler when his name was unknown. It made him SO much more mysterious. At least he wasn’t named “K” or “L”, or whatever letter of the alphabet given to a leader’s right hand man.

      • 4.1.2 dramaboy1

        i dont think they should give sean richards lines in korean…he plays the role well when he speaks english, but his korean is weird/off that it breaks the aura his role should have…i just laugh when he speaks korean and just cant take his character seriously

    • 4.2 Laica

      Agree, he was way hotter as Sean Richards. “Randy” makes him sound like the lonely unwashed dude who hangs out at the neighbourhood video rental place, creeping out female customers with his staring.

      • 4.2.1 Biscuit

        Well, we could pretend that “Randy” is a fake name he uses :/

  5. luraaa

    Thanks! I only like this episode because of Hye In. Funny but I am still watching this show not because of the writing but mainly because of the actors.

    I think Sean Richards sounds better than Randy. I do not know why, but it just sounds sexier and more badass. I think it is the Richards that is pulling me to choose this name more.

  6. stars4u

    The bloody car crushing scene reminds me of a NCIS episode…

  7. Lovepark

    I absolutely loved Ki-soo’s part in this episode. Kim Min-jong was great, and I’m seriously only watching this because of him (I’m not a spy/thriller k-drama fan). Kim Min-jong makes everything better, but I can’t believe they put three of my favorite actors in the same room, in the same scene! Kim Min-jong, Kim Seung-woo and PARK SUNG-WOONG! Plus, I think I saw Park Sung-woong in the preview for episode 11… oh, the things I do to watch a measly thirty seconds.

  8. John

    I am dying to know who Sook Kyung is talking to. All the mysteries is really keeping me hooked to this drama.

    • 8.1 ivy

      Exactly. And I don’t think it was the NTS director who directed her to leak that information. Because if that were the case, because director Kwon was plenty surprised when Kim Myung Guk was kidnapped.

  9. Revy

    I think SK told Director Kwon she leaked the information to HI since he already suspects there is a breach. I am also curious as to why JW hate JH so much & hell yea i am all for JH & SH since they both will be playing each other and i am curious abt the outcome.

  10. 10 omo

    Everything seems off in this drama. It is trying so hard like it is a spy/action thriller wannabe, but don’t know how to be one. I’m kinda disappointed when you have such a promising cast and an obscene budget. Methinks they should fire the editor(s) first and foremost. No wander the rating is going downhill by the week.

  11. 11 azuray

    *Spoiler*If you haven’t seen ep. 8 that is.
    I just wanted to discuss some of the characters.

    Surprisingly, the only character I’ve latched on to is Ki Soo who I find adorable, dorky, and really hot too, lol. Of all the characters, I didn’t think it would be him. I love his tough-but-not-so-tough act. I was initially looking forward to Cha Seung Won (whom I absolutely love!) but I don’t think the evil-mastermind suit fits him well.

    Su Ae I think is doing a great job but because her character is such a cold blooded killer (and user), I’m having a really hard time sympathizing her. But it is interesting to see how her icy facade is starting to chip.

    Then there is Lee Ji ah who’s acting I feel isn’t as bad as it could have been. There are times when she is doing pretty decent but mostly she repeats the same expressions: arrogant, angry, and stiff. But I am really curious to see if she will fall for CSW. In fact, I really want the two of them to fall for each other BADLY. I mean, it would beat watching Dr. Kim Myung Gak being babysat by different people in every episode

    Anyway, I do find myself wishing they would put Choi Si Won more out there. The scene of him saving the SNC from the terrorists was kick-ass! Great action even though its kinda hard to believe he got away alive.

    Also, Jung Woo Sung had caught my eye in the first couple of episodes but later my eye moved on because his character is just frustrating. Mostly because of his idiotic and illogical love for Hye-In. And does anyone else think its weird how many girls they keep tying him to?? First came Yoon Hye In, then came Jae Hee, then Lee Bo Young as the president’s daughter, and now Boa. huh? I didn’t realize until Boa that Lee Bo Young and her weren’t meant to stay as permanent cast members. I guess it was a weird antic to attract more people? Anyway, what I’m waiting for is when Jung Woo FINALLY realizes that Hye-In is part of the enemy. Actually, I can’t wait until all the idiots at NIS find out who she and CSW really are. THAT’S when the fun is really going to start…hopefully.

    • 11.1 John

      This will sound pretty ridiculous but I think that a lot of the women on the show are connected to JW is because he’s good looking and he is displaying a innocent,goofy charm that may be appealing to some women.

      • 11.1.1 azuray

        hmm, that does make sense. But why do they keep emphasizing that part of his character in every other episode? I just find it weird.

  12. 12 bjharm

    BOA? I always knew there was something about that girl ..so she a spy..that explains everything. ‘Nods sagely’
    lol I missed the first one looks like I am going to miss the second too.

  13. 13 mary

    Just breezing through the recaps but I like the Ki Soo character best. Too bad he doesn’t get much screen time.

  14. 14 dany


  15. 15 nell123

    I like Athena and Watch it diligently every week but I’m not surprised that the ratings are going down.

    JW-HI is cute but boring and the fact that JW is an idiot doesn’t help. No matter how pretty are the places they visit it’s not going to make their interactions interesting to watch.
    Then, we have all that cat and mouse game around the nuclear scientists which is also boring because is basically who told what, to whom, when and how and, of course, both sides take turns in kidnapping the prof. Which is not out of place in a spy drama but the execution could have been better.
    All I want to keep watching is less JW-HI, more SH-HI or JH, more of the other agents(specifically SR/Randy, JH,KS and PCY) and no more unnecessary idol/singer cameos but more action, please!

  16. 16 LaLa

    Thank for the recap! πŸ˜€

    Not so sound ungrateful or anything, because I really appreciate that you guys take time out to recap the episodes, but is their any particular reason the recaps are a little late? Or am I just being impatient?

    Anyways, I enjoyed this episode, especially since I think this is the start of a very interesting relationship between Son Hyuk and Jae Hee, which I know for a fact will be very hot indeed!

    Thanks again!

  17. 17 aidablue

    I’ve started watching this drama because of Choi Shi Won, which I have to admit was pretty good up until now, and I have a feeling he won’t disapoint us in the episodes to come either. But truly I wouldn’t have watched it if it weren’t for the action packed plotline, even though babyface chocolate abs is in it or not. True, the drama has flaws, lots of them in what concerns the actual story. The characters which should be the best agents act like some rookies taken out of a comedy rather that an action drama, some problems could be solved much easier or even avoided taken the intel they own and their hightech equipment. Put hell I am not watching it for this but for the actual ka-bam ka-bang actions scenes which until now have not disapointed me. And you have to recognize that much of the crue’s efforts have been invested in this. But what has got me intrigued and eager for the Monday’s to come has been the relationship that seems to be developing between Jae Hee and Son Hyeok. No matter how hard I try I can’t predict what is going to happen between these two. There are lots of supositions going around but we will need to wait and see what the scriptwriter has in store for tehse to because their story, at least from my point of view, is not predictable at all.

  18. 18 aidablue

    I’ve started watching this drama because of Choi Shi Won, which I have to admit was pretty good up until now, and I have a feeling he won’t disapoint us in the episodes to come either. But truly I wouldn’t have watched it if it weren’t for the action packed plotline, even though babyface chocolate abs is in it or not. True, the drama has flaws, lots of them in what concerns the actual story. The characters which should be the best agents act like some rookies taken out of a comedy rather that an action drama, some problems could be solved much easier or even avoided taken the intel they own and their hightech equipment. But heck I am not watching it for this but for the actual ka-bam ka-bang actions scenes which until now have not disapointed me. And you have to recognize that much of the crew’s efforts have been invested in this. But what has got me intrigued and eager for the Monday’s to come has been the relationship that seems to be developing between Jae Hee and Son Hyeok. No matter how hard I try I can’t predict what is going to happen between these two. There are lots of supositions going around but we will need to wait and see what the scriptwriter has in store for tehse to because their story, at least from my point of view, is not predictable at all.

    • 18.1 Kimys

      Jae Hee and Son Hyuk relationship isn’t predictable, but we shoudln’t hope too much (at least from him) since he seems to be into Hye In.. no?

      thanks kaedejun for the recap!

  19. 19 Antonia

    Thanks kaedejun

    They had to get pentagon to identify the lame nts agent, what a joke, not covering his mask properly, was it a blunder or purposely to leave track to flush out the enemy ?.

    What is the significant of giving a cross pendant ?
    while son hyuk gave her a star or flower pendant ?. Win their hearts to blow candle and received cake from colleagues who don’t even know her well, true example of an office politics.

    Yes, why jung woo hated jae hee so much, when they were onced lovers, now he totally ignored her even as colleague. I guess it has to do do with his father’s death (army officer) and Jae Hee’s father, there must be some botched instruction/work .

    Ki soo is funny but crafty too, he has his own agenda too befriending jung woo and hye in. Jae hee totally ignored him while working in Italy, remember at the hospital ?.

    Who is sook kyung taking instruction from ?.
    Son hyuk or Kwon assistant or secretary choi jin hee or jae hee ?.

    • 19.1 Antonia

      “I guess it has to do do with his father’s death (army officer) and Jae Hee’s father, there must be some botched instruction/work .”

      Correction :- JW – son of an agent .

    • 19.2 Jacks

      I just have to say that I think that Jung Woo is not as Simple Minded as he is having everyone believe. I think that he actually IS on to Hye In and is PLAYING Her ..Just like she thinks she is playing him! I think that he is treating Jae Hee so coldly in order to protect/help her from the pain she is going to feel from watching him get closer to Hye In in order to get to Athena. Those earlier flashbacks of their love are there to show us that that he has a deep connection to her ..I think he still loves her but knows she is going to be hurt because his mission is to get closer to Hye In and thus Athena…..Well this is what I want anyway –A girl can dream <3 Though I think he has feeling for Hye In ..his heart is with Jae Hee. I also think that Sook Hyung is reporting to Jung Woo that she leaked the info to Hye In…??

      • 19.2.1 Asa

        I read an interview where the director/producer(?) of this show was watching the last season of 24 and taking inspiration from it and I have to say, they generally do a poor job emulating whichever spy/action thriller they get inspired from. JW is STILL such an annoying protagonist. All I can say is thank god for the bad guys (including Hye In) or I would have lost interest in this show a few episodes ago.

      • 19.2.2 Asa

        Whoops, sorry. Didn’t mean to make that as a reply to you. Meant it as a stand alone comment. ^^

    • 19.3 Joan

      cross pendant ?, not romantic enough ! everyday gift .

  20. 20 IamB

    Love Su Ae…

  21. 21 kathy

    Thank you kaedejun,

    They let the black agent wash her bloody hands with kimchi sauce !.

  22. 22 mycorrhizoid

    I’ve noticed that whenever one of the SME artists gets a role in a drama, there tend to be cameos from some of the others as well. SNSD in Siwon’s OML, Onew in Shindong’s Dr. Champ . . . even baby Taemin’s sitcom (and he wasn’t even a major character) got Heechul and Jessica.

    I wonder if it’s something SME specifically wants/asks for, or if they offer the use of their other artists and the production teams decide to have them cameo in the hopes of higher ratings. Either way, it does get a bit repetitive.

  23. 23 Pat

    Thankyou kaedejun,

    Noticed something strange here, all nts staff handphone conversations were not taped (bug) or scrutinised by their security intellegence for any breach/leaking or sneaking out infomations ?.

  24. 24 elle loves kdrama

    “An identification system ID’s him as Jung Woo.”

    So does that mean that I need to start walking around with a mask covering my entire face from now on? I really enjoy the show, but I shake my head a lot at some of the agents’ actions… namely Jung Woo who is acting like a love sick puppy.

    Anyone else who has watched “City Hall” secretly hoping to see Cha Seung Won and Choi Siwon dance to “Sorry Sorry”? πŸ™‚

    • 24.1 Laica

      LOL I would love to see that! Not going to happen unfortunately πŸ™

  25. 25 Jacks D. Campos

    love it love it love it

  26. 26 vanillaicecream1008


  27. 27 Mr Chihuahua

    If you don’t watch the preview of upcoming episode in the end I think this drama becomes a lot better. I’m really disappointed that they give away nearly all twists in advance so you are never surprised.

    • 27.1 elle loves kdrama

      That’s true! I just finished watching a later episode and the preview completely ruined the last minutes of the show. And yes, the show keeps getting better and better!!

    • 27.2 Laica

      I never watch previews for that very reason. And in this type of drama, unlike a rom-com where the ending is basically predetermined, not knowing what will happen next is essential for the suspense, which is a major part of the enjoyment of a spy drama.

  28. 28 coke

    I’m a huge fan of BoA, but I don’t care about her when I’m watching an action drama. It’s OK if her story line adds something to the general picture, but it isn’t in this case. BoA’s appearance is just another crappy add-on similar to JW’s dream in the second episode.

    I see many people complaining JW just being a junior boy blinded by love, but I find it OK. Logic and love are never companions, once you’re in love, you lose consciousness no matter who the heck you are (that’s what HI said to JW in previous episodes). But the problem is JW is too simple-minded, lacking the sophistication of an agent, and always acting on his own (I think the fact he got HI’s birthday wrong proves it).

    While the flaws lie in the original script, almost all of the cast did an amazing job. I was caught by Su Ae–her eyes are just full of conflicting emotions, totally pulling off the complicatedness of HI. I think Lee Jin Ah did the worst, not because she was bad, but because others did too great–I wonder why she always has the same kind of expression @_@

    • 28.1 Marilyn

      tg kaedejun

      it is just staring point blank, always open eyes widely when talking to jung woo except for the crying and her lips doesn’t move much when talking, sometimes like she mumble, trying to act cool but not convincing enough .

      • 28.1.1 Sophie

        if you are talking about Hye In, then we are viewing with the same wave length.

  29. 29 Laica

    Thanks for the recap, Kaedejun!

    This was an ok episode, but a lot of it is setup for ep. 8, which was a lot better IMO.

    My favourite scene in this one is Jae Hee and Son Hyuk’s conversation in the bar. So much unsaid there… And I find I only like Lee Jia’s acting when she’s in the same scene as Cha Seung Won. Maybe she’s just captivated by him in real life and it’s not her acting? πŸ˜› I wouldn’t blame her…. the man is mesmerizing.

    Kim Myung Guk storyline is getting seriously tired… let’s see someone uncover Athena and get some serious dirt on them (without being instantly eliminated). With consequences.

  30. 30 Rachel

    Psh, the nonsensical BoA plot line is included because SM Entertainment has dibs on this drama and they WANT it that way.
    Appearances from SHINee, Siwon in the cast, TVXQ on the soundtrack, and now BoA’s got a plotline.

  31. 31 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, kaedejun!

    Only people in Jung-woo’s profession will think it’s an okay thing to pull that trick on Hye-In for her surprise party! I was feeling really bad for her! =*(

    I love BoA but her cameo here is as subtle as most product placements in dramas.

  32. 32 CH0C0CAK3

    who is deceiving who???

  33. 33 Asa

    I read an interview where the director/producer(?) of this show was watching the last season of 24 and taking inspiration from it and I have to say, they generally do a poor job emulating whichever spy/action thriller they get inspired from. JW is STILL such an annoying protagonist. All I can say is thank god for the bad guys (including Hye In) or I would have lost interest in this show a few episodes ago.

  34. 34 konacoffee

    I threw logic out the door after the first episode.
    Now,at the 7th, and I’m still hating JW. LOL
    Ki Soo is the saving grace. And I’ll throw in CSW! Maybe, JW is only pretending to be the bumbling idiot and all will be revealed by the end of the drama. LOL Alright, I hope it won’t take that long.

    • 34.1 Jacks

      I agree..read my answer back on # 19.2 —

  35. 35 loveit

    Just watched EP11 raw…dying for the sub titles now…the pace is picking up

  36. 36 Lilian

    Hmm…..I am watching this for two reasons only.
    1. Choi Siwon XD
    2. the cameos…..

    which makes the whole drama seem pathetic.
    Hard to believe but my princess and dream high is more interesting…!

  37. 37 Nikki

    So far this show has been a disappointing drag. The characters aren’t compelling or interesting enough. IRIS (yes, I know I shouldn’t compare but they are similar type shows) had full fleshed out characters. Everyone in Athena is one-dimensional!

    Also, the so-called romance between JW and HI is a snooze fest and JW’s ex needs to get a life. When she told her father indignantly that she would never love again so she’ll never have kids, I almost laughed. Grow up! He’s just not that into you (anymore).

    I’m only watching this because I need something to fill the time before more episodes of My Princess are subbed.

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