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Miss Ripley: Episode 12
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He knows! It’s the death of the puppy and the rise of Dark Yoo-hyun, who is no less polite than before, but eerily icy beneath the surface. And let’s not count out Myung-hoon, who is quickly becoming Miri’s biggest opponent yet. Basically everyone serves Miri up a slice of humble pie, and it’s kind of awesome. Let the real fun begin.


Awkward family dinner, party of five? Right this way.

Let’s see, we’ve got Dad, Evil Stepmom, Son, Daughter-in-law-to-be, and… her ex-boyfriend? Why not? I invite all of my exes to meet my next boyfriend’s families. It’s the new passive aggressive way to say, “I’m just not that into you.”

Myung-hoon sits down and it’s really interesting, the divide—Lee Hwa, Myung-hoon, and Miri all know what’s what, while Yoo-hyun and his dad are all smiles, none the wiser. Though Yoo-hyun isn’t a complete fool, as he picks up on Miri’s tense vibes, especially when Stepmom starts asking Myung-hoon pointed questions about his love life.

He says that he was seeing someone but they broke up, and Lee Hwa asks what kind of person she was. He looks up at Miri: “I think there was so much that she wanted… that I couldn’t fill.” Dayum. Such good tension.

He adds that he was lacking, and that she left him when she found something else she wanted. He purposely uses the word “greed,” though out of context (in the gold-digger way) it can also just mean “really really want.”

They get left alone when Dad has a coughing fit and the family gets up to help him to bed. Shaking, Miri asks how far Myung-hoon is planning to take this: “Are you going to cut off my air supply too?” He smiles, a little amused that for the enormous size of her lies, she seems more afraid than he would’ve imagined.

I’m such a fan of this new dynamic. They were great as a couple but now he’s the perfect antagonist for her—he’s a spurned lover, he’s wise to her lies, AND he’s in a position of power to totally mess up her program.

She tells him that no matter what he does, she won’t go back to him. Oh, okay Princess. He makes it clear that he’s not waiting. Good. Now that we’ve got that off the table, let’s see if we can’t toy with her a little. I’m now seeing Myung-hoon as a sadistic kitty, and I LOVE IT.

Yoo-hyun returns just in time to overhear a key point in their conversation, as Miri tells Myung-hoon that his mother came to see her. She tells him that she explained that she won’t go back to him, and that her heart changed through no fault of his.

Myung-hoon: “Loving you, and you becoming like this… it’s all my fault.”

Eeeeeee! He knows! He knows! I might’ve been a little more satisfied had he put some clues together himself instead of happening upon an incriminating conversation, but I’ll take what I can get, since he’s too trusting to go digging without a big push.

Lee Hwa rounds the corner, pleased as punch to see Yoo-hyun listening in. Oy, what is this, 49 Days, with the lurkers having lurkers? But inside Miri admits with a different twist on his words that yes, what she’s become now she owes to him. (It’s so interesting that he means that he’s to blame for putting her in the position to hurt so many people, while she takes it to mean that she owes her success to him.)

Then Myung-hoon asks: “Song [Yoo-hyun]… do you sincerely love him?”

And then we cut away before she answers! Aaaaaaargh. Well at least Yoo-hyun realizes that this is a question for her, like there’s a possibility that her answer is no, whereas until now, he’s never considered it an option.

He’s particularly distant and cold to her as he drops her off that night, and Miri worries, though she doesn’t know what’s changed.

Myung-hoon gets a call from the hospital and rushes off, but finds that his mother was never able to fully recover from her collapse the day before. Before he knows it he’s in funeral clothes.

Everyone comes to pay their respects, while Miri sits alone at her desk, finally struck with guilt for maybe the first time ever. She tries to rationalize that it couldn’t be because of her, but she can’t shake the thought. I feel bad that she died, but I love that it’s indirectly Miri’s fault.

Yoo-hyun arrives at the funeral. He lays a flower down and bows, and then looks up at the picture of Myung-hoon’s mother. Dun dun. It confirms everything—she’s the woman who pleaded with Miri that day and collapsed, and he was the one who brought her to the hospital. There’s no denying it now, buddy.

Myung-hoon confirms his suspicions that her collapse that day was the instigating factor in her death, but Yoo-hyun doesn’t reveal his part in the matter. He does confide how he dealt with his own mother’s passing, at age nine when he didn’t understand that death meant a forever kind of goodbye.

He relates how his last word at his mother’s coffin was the send-off you say when someone is returning to you, which breaks my heart. It makes Myung-hoon feel lucky to realize that he had a lifetime with his mother, while Yoo-hyun lost his so young. Aw, man, their friendship is so sweet. I just want it to last forever. But sadly I know that this bromance is not long for this world.

On his way out, Yoo-hyun sees Hirayama walk in, and remembers him right away from the day he chased Miri away from the gosiwon. I love that once someone sees one of Miri’s lies, all of her others start to come into focus. If you only knew how little of the iceberg you’ve really seen. Hee-joo notices him too, at the door.

Hirayama returns the money that Myung-hoon had given him, announcing Miri’s name publicly. Myung-hoon drags him outside and tries to get him to take it back and leave, but Hirayama makes it clear that if he’s been dumped by Miri, he’s no longer of any use to him. Oh snap. What’s worse than being cast aside by your ex-girlfriend’s pimp/debt collector? That’s gotta be the strangest rejection ever.

Hirayama: “Love is not the kind of thing that ends because you don’t see her, or because she’s dating another man. You know what the simplest calculation in the world is? Money. My heart’s debt goes long and deep. Because love is a petty thing.” I love that this guy talks in riddles and aphorisms, but twists them around for his own dark purposes. It’s such an interesting character quirk, especially in a drama where everyone else speaks quite plainly, if veiled.

Yoo-hyun ponders all the facts he’s now gathered about Miri atop his perch above the city. His assistant comes with Hirayama’s envelope with his club’s name on it, and tells him that they’re tracking down the address now. Nice. I love the rise of Dark Yoo-hyun. Puppy version was cute and all, but this guy’s kinda hot.

He meets Miri the next day, his demeanor totally different now that his rose-colored glasses are off. He asks her about her childhood and her dreams, as if trying to reconcile how she became this way and looking for a reason to explain it all.

But as she talks about her mother and off-handedly says that he wouldn’t know what her life was like, he bitterly notes that she’s assuming she knows something he doesn’t, and that it implies she never thought they were the same. She wonders if it’s possible for any two people to be alike down to the bone, and he answers darkly, “Is that so?”

Iiiiiiiinteresting. You know what’s creeping me out? He’s seeing her true face but at the same time he’s showing his too. I don’t think he loves her any less either, because maybe he’s always seen her this way—as something to have. I feel like he’s decided long ago that he must have her, so he’s going to see it through somehow, no matter what. He’s starting to scare me too.

Miri can sense something’s off the rails, but is in no position to manipulate the situation now. I love that the power balance has flipped for her in BOTH relationships. He tells her that he’ll be busy for a while, purposely distancing himself from her, but for what we don’t know.

Meanwhile Lee Hwa gets some alarming news of her own, that someone is digging into her past and her whereabouts, starting from the orphanage where she left Miri. She’s told this by the secretary of a deceased company president, who I’m guessing was her first husband. Just positing a guess, but it’s likely that she abandoned Miri to marry her first chaebol, and then when he passed away, she traded up for a new one in Yoo-hyun’s father. The man asks if she doesn’t want to find her daughter now, and she tells him no.

But she goes to visit her old apartment building anyway, for the first time in twenty years. She walks up the steps only to be confronted by a vision of young Miri, asking her what took her so long. With tears in her eyes, she heartbreakingly smiles up at her full of guilt and longing, as she tells her that she was in America to earn money.

She follows Little Miri up to the door of their old home, and then she disappears, leaving Lee Hwa to call out, “Child, child!” out at nothing, only to realize that she’s alone. Okay, while I dislike this Stepmom/Mom story thread altogether, I do for once feel a twinge of sympathy for Lee Hwa. Just a drop.

Miri goes to work the next day and finds that every promotional brochure and video with her face on it is gone or in the trash. She panics. Her tower is finally starting to crumble. She meets Hee-joo, who tells her that she’s resigned at Mondo, and plans to go study abroad.

Miri freaks out, turning it totally around to her, “How can you do this to me?” Whoa. She takes self-absorbed to a new plane of existence. Hee-joo tells her plainly that she doesn’t want to live with her anymore, and Miri reacts like a child being abandoned by her mother all over again.

She keeps repeating that she can’t do this to her, that she’ll be all alone, which really makes me wonder how she’s worked it out in her brain that Hee-joo is family and all she has… and yet treat her the way that she does.

Hee-joo stands her ground (yay!) and tells her that this isn’t what she wants. She asks where the Miri she knew went—the girl who refused to let other kids call her an orphan, or helped her hide so she wouldn’t get adopted.

Miri looks at her in genuine shock, and her disbelief in this situation is in turn really throwing me for a loop. Are you really that surprised that Hee-joo wouldn’t want to be your BFF? Her shock, at something so obvious to the rest of the universe, is so fascinating.

Yoo-hyun starts to piece together a few key events, like the timing of the two baseball games—the first where he was stood up by Miri, then the second where she was suddenly so friendly… right after the banquet at Hotel A. Ding ding!

Wow, I didn’t even give you the benefit of the doubt that you’d think that through, but again, once you see through one of her lies, you kind of can’t help but start to revise the entire past sans love blinders.

Miri finally makes her way to the funeral, but stops short in the doorway at the sight of Myung-hoon. She can’t bring herself to go inside and face it. And though I desperately want her to, to confront her guilt and even to comfort Myung-hoon, it’s fitting that she doesn’t, or rather that she’s too scared to face the consequences of her choices.

So Myung-hoon buries his mother without so much as one word from Miri, finally shedding a single tear after she’s laid to rest.

Then Yoo-hyun meets with him to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. He tells him about having seen his mother before with Miri, and asks directly if their relationship is that kind of relationship.

Myung-hoon doesn’t hem or haw, which I like, and neither does Yoo-hyun, who is clearly uncomfortable, but would rather hear the truth. Myung-hoon tells him about how he had spent his twenties and thirties just trying to stay afloat, and then one day turned around and realized how alone he was. It was then that he met Miri, who reminded him of himself in his twenties.

He shares his own harsh background, having to become the head of a struggling household at the ripe age of twelve, upon the sudden death of his father. He saw himself in Miri, and was happy to help her, and felt somehow like he was reliving his youth through her. Aw.

Yoo-hyun asks if he’s ever told Miri these things, but Myung-hoon says no, “Because these aren’t the things you want to burden the person you love.” Still crushing my heart.

Hee-joo stops by the orphanage to tell them that she’s going to study abroad, and happens to see Lee Hwa’s contact stop by to ask about the person digging into her past.

Miri goes to work and finds that Myung-hoon has put up a notice looking for her replacement, in effect putting her head on the chopping block. She storms into his office in a fury, calling him petty for stooping so low. Damn, the entitlement on this girl… it’s just a sight to behold.

She asks if this is because of his mother, and he admits that he doesn’t entirely not blame her. But he explains that this is purely a business decision, which I believe, and adds that he’s already cleared it with Yoo-hyun. Well that effectively shuts her trap.

She stomps away in a self-righteous huff… that is, until her co-worker drops the bomb that a shady looking debt collector came to the funeral to return an envelope that Myung-hoon had given him on Miri’s behalf…

Which then Yoo-hyun asked for… the envelope with a rose on it.

She finally starts to clue into how far this has gotten out of her control. She races over to Flower Blossom to track down Hirayama. She pleads with him to let her go. But he confesses now that this isn’t about the money. It’s about her.

He reminisces about the day she came and found him, at fifteen, wanting to sell cigarettes in his club. He talks about raising her for ten years, half like a father, half like a boyfriend, which really makes theirs a lot like her relationship with Myung-hoon (the totally twisted dark version, don’t get me wrong).

With tears streaming down her face, she reaches the end of her rope.

Miri: Just let me go. I’ll do whatever you want. If you want me to work again I will. I’ll do whatever you tell me to. I’m begging you. Just keep it a secret from Yoo-hyun. I really love that person. I love him. I mean it.

And there’s the answer to the question. There’s no telling what love means to her, or if she even believes in love herself. But whatever it is, love or desperation, she’ll clearly do anything not to lose him.

They’re interrupted by someone’s henchmen punching their way into the club. Hirayama walks out and Miri peeks out from the corner to see Yoo-hyun’s assistant demand a meeting and escort him out. Uh-oh.

Hirayama gets taken to an empty office in a high rise, where Yoo-hyun waits for him like a power mobster.

Oh, this ought to be good.


I like how the tables have turned, now that Miri is two steps behind the guys, who each know more about her than she fears, even now. Before she used to be able to preemptively lay the tracks down for the next lie miles before she had to get there, but now she’s scrambling to catch up, desperate to plug a whole in a dam without realizing that the whole thing’s about to cave under the weight of her all her lies.

It works well because her lies are such a complicated web that the downfall is just as suspenseful as when she carefully built everything up. I also like the change in her demeanor, whether borne of fear and desperation or actual human feelings of love and guilt. Either way, it’s fascinating. And the way she interprets everything as a personal affront to her, like Hee-joo leaving, is downright batty and yet makes perfect sense in her completely self-centered worldview.

I was concerned that Park Yoochun wouldn’t be able to handle the dark turn in his character, because let’s be frank, there’s only so much character work a haircut can do. But he actually pulls it off rather well. I think it helps that the character’s razor edge is always couched in social graces, making him stony and polite on the outside, while the wheels are turning in his head. He’s no Kim Seung-woo, but he does a good job, and in this episode I really did feel a marked change in Yoo-hyun’s character, which effectively creeped me out.


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    Yoochun has come into his own with this drama. He’s shown that he’s able to flip the switch from adoring puppy to “don’t F**k with me” badass.
    (How ironic would it be to have Miri in a totally alpha-male dominating relationship, with her kowtowing to him? With the revelation of all her lies coming into the open, she’ll grab onto the lifeline of Yoo-hyun, only to discover that what she’s grabbed is an anchor dragging her to her figurative death.)

    As I said in a prior post, Miri’s downfall/destruction will come from the man who loves her the most – and that’s really looking like our Yoo-hyun right now.

    And how hot is it that his haircut should be qualified to a best supporting actor status? Kinda like our Flamingo Dreams! Woot! 🙂

    • 27.1 Bluefyre

      LOL. Flamingo Dreams for LMH. No-more-Vulcans for PYC. I like that. I really like that. *high fives* And DITTO on your comment 😉

      • 27.1.1 Cynthia

        All I can say is, when the time comes for JB & GF’s end of the year award show/rankings, I expect to see a category for BEST STYLIN’ OF A PROP/WARDROBE/HAIRCUT!!

        I don’t think that’s too much to ask after all the devotion and notice we’ve given to these precious items of note!
        JB & GF – are you listening?!
        🙂 🙂 🙂

    • 27.2 Tha

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  28. 28 Bluefyre

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    really???? and Miri is 24 so they have 10 years difference???? really????

    kinda creepy for me that Yuhyun actually looks younger than her.

    or maybe in the drama it is not 2011 yet..

    thanks so much for recaps, can’t wait to watch these eps with subs!!!

    • 31.1 yaya

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      so now I am confused..

    • 31.2 rilanna

      I think before the drama he was said to be 34 but they never confirmed it in the drama
      And I thought Miri is supposed to be 27…
      I’m confused too but I try not to focus on the age of the characters though

  32. 32 JLemonade

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    I feel disturbed and full of pity when Lee Hwa was imagining seeing young Miri when she visited her old flat. No mother would say that she does not love her daughter, no matter how long they were separated and for whatever reason. Can’t say much bcos don’t know the reason why Miri was left at the orphanage. After this, I am not worried about Miri’s wellbeing because it is confirmed that she is Lee Hwa’s daughter, Yoochun’s dad stepdaughter and automatically become Yoochun’s sister. They are all her family. I am sure they will protect her from that wicked Hirayama. What to face now is how Yoochun and Miri will deal with their love relationship when the truth of family ties is revealed. How to switch the love feelings between a couple to family love? Will they still able to marry? I am not sure of the Korean culture and traditions. Is it allowed?

    • 32.1 Honey

      I dont know.

      But I do recall that a drama called ‘Dear Heaven’ starring Yoon Jung Hee, that has a even ‘tangled/twisted’ relationship. In the end, the husband and wife share the same biological younger sister.

      So basically the plotline goes like this: A woman abandoning/forgetting a daughter in Korea and later married a man with a son from previous marriage. The woman and the man later had their own daughter. The mother returned to Korea to find her lost elder daughter and matchmaked her with the son. They got married in the end and later found out that they share the same biological sister.

      Anyways, back to Miss Ripley. I don’t mind the relationship between Miri and Yoohyun as long as they can be together in the end! It would be interesting if Miri’s mother in the end divorced the current husband so Miri can marry into the family without making the relationship all tangled up, but I know that’s highly unlikely for the mother to do that.

      Miri and Yoohyun fighting! <3

      • 32.1.1 JLemonade

        Its nice to share this common subject because both of us are rooting for Yoochun and Miri. Now I feel like convincing the Writer to steer the storyline this way. I don’t know whether you will agree. Here it goes:
        Lee Hwa will not divorce her husband. Looking at the health condition of Yoochun’s father, he might not live long because of the serious illness. I think the father will pass and Yoochun will takeover the helm of the hotel business, marry Miri and also look after the stepmother cum mother-in-law. Since Yoochun love Miri and the mother is remorseful and guilty for leaving young Miri, then they will educate her to be a refined person and live up to the expectations of being a chaebol’s wife. Miri need not lie again to survive after this correction/alignment of character. It won’t be difficult to change Miri because she already has many of the positive attributes such confidence, assertive, witty, smart in her moves and also pretty enough to make men fall for her charming ways to support her mission. Only this time these attributes have to be used in the correct way.

        • Cynthia

          It’s a nice theory, but unless the writers all get struck by lightning and develop amnesia, the drama won’t end like this.
          The ending of Ripley was already stated in the beginning – that’s what makes the Prologue so powerful. It tells us what to expect. By the end of Ripley, Miri is no longer there.

          • JLemonade

            Really? It is so sad then……..I love to watch a drama with a positive ending that is why I suggested the storyline to be this way. As a viewer, after going through all the roller coaster of emotions and tension for weeks should be rewarded a happy ending and lesson learnt. If the Writer follow Shin Jung Ah’s case then Miri will go to jail. Let’s see how the story will develop.

      • 32.1.2 Mel

        But I am disturbed with the Title “Miss Ripley who I loved….. does this mean that his love for her will end, or will Miri die in the end? so disturbed with the past tense used

        • Anne

          I’m so scared she’s going to die because of how Miri was introduced in ep. 1. Both were reminiscing of her which I don’t think is a good sign. Also based on a show w/ a similar plot, the female protagonist didn’t have a happy ending.

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    long way to go, but if he keeps this up, he’ll definitely become a bigger star

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    Who knew the cute little Micky would be able to get all badass gangsta in this. I guess maybe the infamous Chunface should have been a clue, but I’m pretty surprised, actually. We’ll just see how he does in the last 4 episodes.

    I’ve been trying to restrain myself from watching 11 and 12 until Viki gets the subs finished, but it looks like I won’t be able to wait much longer. They were at over 70% last time I checked. They’re coming up much faster now than they did in the early episodes. Woot woot!!

    This is really a rockin’ KDrama month, no?

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    I’m enjoying dark Yoohyun; I honestly am more into him into of scared of him (<– biased)

    I think dark Yoohyun is the wildcard/ dark horse
    True that Miri is two steps behind the guys but I don't think she'll see Yoohyun coming; he made a good choice of distancing himself a little
    Myunghoon kinda showed his card but Miri doesn't fully understand his motives like she thinks
    Hirayama she'll expect to destroy her but he has the most powerful advantages because he knows her and her past the most

    • 35.1 rilanna

      *more into him INSTEAD of scared of him

      A side note, if the rumors are true, this drama will be 20 eps instead of 16 eps!!

  36. 36 crazedlu

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    • 40.1 Schmazel

      *Such a shame

  41. 41 Dayan

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    Dang, I only read gf’s intro and comments (much like what I did for the past few eps haha) because even reading the recaps or looking at the screenshots gives me the creeps. Gah, how then will I be able to watch this later if I’m so faint-hearted?

    But Drama, kudos for being so off the beaten track! Except perhaps for the part where its teased that Stepmom fox as the real mom of baby fox.. though we still don’t know how its gonna be played out.. but still..

  42. 42 tata

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    His character is totally love <3

  43. 43 Birdvoice

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    actually i want they ended up together (yoohyun+miri). but I think she will not with anyone… *remember the tiltle that used to be :”goodbye miss ripley”

    thanks girlfriday!

    • 43.1 Honey

      I root for Miri and Yoohyun too!
      Perhaps she lost her memory in the end and work at the orphange to start anew – thus, ending alone and same goes for the two men.

      Ah I hope it wont extend it to 20 episodes. Extended shows never are well-received in the end.

      • 43.1.1 JLemonade

        I don’t know whether ext to episode 20 will be well received. The drama is too tense and making the audience jittery with anticipation already. If it is longer, then some plots might be diluted and some scenes draggy and it won’t be interesting anymore. A good drama is to keep the audience in suspense and glued to their TV or monitor to know what is next to come.

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    Thanks for the recap GF. As always it was insightful and delightful.

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    • 48.1 elle

      he wore a lot of white, black and baby blue in this drama… but yeah, the new dark yoohyun made me realize he wore black so many times! maybe bcoz when he was being Energizer Puppy, we only see his charming boyish bright charms hence only noticing how bright he was, not his clothing. but now, everything surrounding him seems darker in shades, including his clothes. lols. i dunno if this make any sense =P

      park yoochun, i am so proud of you!

  49. 49 jp

    i love ep 12 ! his cold stares and the last scene when the camera zoom his face and he turned back woots <3

    • 49.1 IluvYouchun

      I totally agree.
      In the last scene of episode 12, where Youchuns back is turned and he slowly turns around to look at Hiyarama and the camera pans in as Yoochun COLDLY stares at him just slightly narrowing his eyes… totally blew me away!’
      That look has been BURNT on my brain!
      PARK YOUCHUN… you have out done yourself.
      I think he shows such complexity of his emotions just with his brooding silence and his eyes.
      I loved him in SSK, that drama made me into a k-drama crack head.. it was my first.
      But here he is shows some serious acting chops here.

  50. 50 ohemgee

    i think LDH is perfect for miri–she seems to have some entitlement issues and comes off as an utter dolt at times too.

    Miss Ripley’s cast is slowly rising up in my “best kdrama ensemble of 2011” poll…

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