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The Musical: Episode 10
by | November 11, 2011 | 64 Comments

ZOMG! You know what the biggest bombshell of this episode was?! JAE HEE HAS A SISTER. Uh-huh. You read that right. A sister. Who holds the purse strings. And has the bank manager wrapped around her pinky. Yup.

Let the showdown begin. I can’t wait for a smackdown in the likes of Tsubaki versus Tsukasa in Hana Yori Dango.

Oh and the other bombshell? Park Ki Woong sings. Yes – the world is unfair.


Park Ki Woong and Gu Hye Sun “This is My Moment” – The Musical [download]

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Puzzled, intrigued, and secretly gloating, Kang Hee ends her practice and has Eun Bi wait for her to finish showering, dress in a brown suit, and put on makeup. She stares at herself in the mirror, perhaps looking at where her youth has gone as she is now forced to compare herself to Eun Bi. Meanwhile, Jae Hee is racing towards her home.

Kang Hee is mighty curious that Eun Bi changed her mind, especially since she’s not used to being rejected. However, Jae Hee has brilliant timing and interrupts this meeting. Ha – kinda like how Kang Hee expected. Back at his home, Jessie is acting all offended that Jae Hee ran out on her for another actress/singer, and she storms out on Gu Jak.

Kang Hee doesn’t want them to make a scene in her home. She tells Eun Bi to come back to the practice studio in two days, and Eun Bi leaves, not wanting to make further fuss. Now left alone, Jae Hee confronts Kang Hee – she just doesn’t want anyone other actress to sing his songs, right? It is simply her being completely selfish, even if it won’t change their relationship, right?!

Yes – but it’s more because she doesn’t want to see someone else make Jae Hee happy. She wants Eun Bi next to her, and in that way protect Jae Hee’s love for her (Kang Hee). That’s really dumb, because she abuses him like heck – dumping him when it’s convenient, and chasing after him when she can. Kang Hee argues that just because she chases after every opportunity that comes to her, that she puts “being an actress” ahead of love, does not mean she loves him any less. Yeah man – get over it!

He finds her words cruel and selfish. She finds her words honest. To-may-to, to-mah-to. But she’s the one who ends up crying on the floor in her room, trying to convince herself that Jae Hee’s words about her not understanding love won’t hurt her.

As Jae Hee leaves, he spots Eun Bi waiting at the foot of the stairs for him, and they go back to his place for a serious talk. It’s so clear that Jae Hee thinks of how they first met, and every interaction to heart. He’s really in love with her, and yet she still can’t believe in him for that? He takes her hand to his heart, and says, “I love you. I never thought I could say that ever in my life.”

Oh – so you never said that to Kang Hee then?

He wants to go all the way to the end with her, but she’s the one who’s resisting. She pulls her hand away quickly, and muses about the end – the end of the musical, the end of his love, the end of her love. A bit pessimistic, aren’t we? Eun Bi is still affected by the fact that her mother left her at an early age because she couldn’t sing or dance; that abandonment convinces her that people can leave those they love easily. It’s not that Eun Bi doesn’t trust Jae Hee, but she just doesn’t trust people, and she doesn’t want to do a musical where she has to depend on people, all of whom are fickle creatures.

She sees Jae Hee as the person who opened the door to the world of musicals for her. He’s her guide, her mentor, her daddy-long-legs – not her lover. And she refuses to think of “What if there were no musicals between us?” – that’s how much she distances herself from Jae Hee. Poor guy.

Yoo Jin may have started out as the one with serious trust issues, but now it’s Eun Bi. Speaking of which, he is already privy to Kang Hee’s plans of making Eun Bi her understudy, and he has his secretary draw up a contract that would be favorable for the actress, rather than the production company. HMMMMMM. Methinks it means that if anything unfair happens to her (cough*gets kicked out*cough), she will be protected from the fall out… He even gets Sang Won to sign off on it, reasoning that Eun Bi is a special person.

A new day has come, and Eun Bi heads out for practice with the cast of “Count Monte.” Bok Ja is also getting ready for another round of rehearsals with “Gumiho” cast, but Eun Bi doesn’t want to hear a word about it. She’s still smarting from the pain of having to leave that musical. She heads out early to the studio and starts cleaning it up; ummmm – I don’t think understudies are supposed to be janitors either, but ok… During rehearsals, Eun Bi watches Kang Hee electrify the “stage” during one of the scenes. Yoo Jin also watches it through a TV in another room, and he smiles at the sight of Eun Bi.

Back at “Gumiho” rehearsal, Jae Hee returns with renewed vigor. Eun Bi had told him to share the beauty of his songs with the world, and put up the musical no matter what. With little choice, he focuses even more on the musical, which is good for the cast and Gu Jak.

But there’s also bad news – Joon Hyuk comes rushing in with a newspaper. Jessie has gone to Japan for an extended tour. That girl is not going to come back for the musical. They run over to her studio, where even her backup dancers are stunned by the news of her sudden departure. However, a dancer assures them that she’ll be back for practice, no matter how late it is. Time to just sit and wait!

The cast of “Count Monte” wraps up practice as well, and Eun Bi hurries to give Kang Hee some water – she brought cold water and lukewarm water for her to pick. Wow – according to Eun Bi, she’s just being sincere rather than kissing ass. Sang Won picks up his wife, and Eun Bi stays behind to practice some more, as she has a lot to catch up on. Like, singing and trying to hit the high notes, and failing. She practices so much she finishes off all the water in the cooler. Suddenly her savior arrives – Yoo Jin – with another water bottle and food.

Eun Bi is grateful to Yoo Jin, who asks only for a song in return. So she plays her favorite song, “This is My Moment” on the piano. And then invites him to sing. Yoo Jin’s eyes widen – him? Sing? No way! She keeps insisting, and starts off the song for him.

And he joins in. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* Oh sorry – did your computer screen just crack from my squeal?

He’s just so adorable because he’s so earnest and embarrassed at singing. He’s also having so much fun he’s forgotten to get in contact with his worried girlfriend, who’s wondering where he is.

After a few hours, Jessie finally arrives at the studio and sends away her entourage. With no one around, she asks for a smoke, and her high ditzy voice is gone. Well look at that – not only is she older than 21, but she also can’t sing. All her singles went up the charts because they digitally fixed her pitchy voice. Oh yay. She’s backing out of the musical now, since she knows that she’ll be found out as a fraud sooner or later.

So why did she want Go Eun Bi out of the picture so badly? Because if she were to sing alongside Kang Hee, the crowd would forgive her for not being as good as Kang Hee. But if she were bad next to an amateur like Eun Bi, her popularity would fall sharply. She also didn’t think they would willingly cut out someone who was so passionate for the project. That just enrages Jae Hee.

But that’s the price of fame: people expect her to have a nice body, get plastic surgery, be a little dumb. It’s a little sad how transparent and fake celebrity life can be. Suddenly Chairman Investor – President Huh – calls her, and like a switch, Jessie puts on her sweet baby voice. Disgusting.

In another studio, Yoo Jin leaves with a big smile on his face. Ra Kyung also arrives to pick him up after finding out his location from Sang Won, but then she hides behind a pillar at the sight of Eun Bi. They’re laughing and joking like friends, and he offers to walk her to the subway. He was to take the train because his car is broken. OH REALLY now?

Jae Hee and Gu Jak drink away their stress at their favorite pojangmacha by the river. Nothing they can do but to return the money and find another investor. He already knows that Gu Jak spent the investor’s money, which surprises Gu Jak. Jae Hee brushes it aside – he just spent about $100,000 right? They’ll just ask for President Huh to be patient for the money.

They get a call from President Huh and meet him at a private room in the bar. Turns out, Huh heard a different story – Jessie told him that she wants to debut in Japan first, and will do musicals later. Say whut? Jae Hee counters that claim, saying that Jessie doesn’t want to do musicals at all. Huh: “Jessie told me that when I meet you guys, you’ll say that she had no interest in doing musicals in the first place. She said that you will blame it on her.” And of course, Huh will believe his little plaything over his friends.

Well. This little lie helps ensure that Jessie will continue having a sponsor who will help her keep getting more popular.

Huh just wants him to pay back the money by the end of the week. He doesn’t mind waiting a little longer for the already spent 100,000, which is only 10% of what he gave them total. Yup – you did your math correct – Huh was actually only going to give them 1 million, instead of the promised 4 million. That’s a surprise to Jae Hee.

But wait! Gu Jak finally falls onto his knees and admits the truth. He only has 100,000 LEFT. Good job boy. Huh doesn’t give a damn – he wants the money back in one week.

Jae Hee leaves Gu Jak behind and drives off on his own. He heads over to a deserted field and lets out his frustration by punching his car (which hurts him more than it hurts the car) and screams out his anger. Falling to his knees, he cries, feeling like he’s being punished for not being as sincere about musicals as Eun Bi was.

Meanwhile Eun Bi nd Yoo Jin stroll down the train station and then head to different platforms. They head for opposite sides of the track, but Eun Bi is puzzled when she doesn’t see him on the other platform. That’s because he’s hiding behind a pillar, out of sight. He waits for her train to leave, and then exits the station. And goes back to the studio. Where his car is parked underground. On top of that – he hangs up on his girlfriend, who’s calling him.


Moping in her office, Ra Kyung gets a call from Joon Hyuk, but she doesn’t pick up. He leaves a video voicemail about the moon – about how beautiful it is, and how he thought of her. Feeling slightly cheered up, she goes out to the courtyard and looks up at that very same moon.

The next day, Jae Hee goes to the bank and checks his account – he only has a little over $21,000. The bank manager offers him some tea, and he snatches the opportunity. Since he’s a VIP member of the bank, shouldn’t he have a lot more money in his account? Does he have assets that would total up to say, 900,000? The manager is surprised – why does he need that much money all of a sudden?

Unfortunately he can only access $21,000 because the rest of his money is tied up in savings accounts and equities and such. His sister Jae Shin has control over all his assets; that was the sole condition when they put all his money there. Jae Hee: “But this is my money!” Bank Manager: “If you touch money other than the money in this account, Jae Shin will fly here from America, and then you and I are dead Jae Hee!!!”

HAHAHA. That sis sounds awesome.

So Jae Hee contacts his last resort – the girl group producer from episode 2. The producer wants Jae Hee so much that he’s willing to comply to any condition. Jae Hee wants $1 million by tomorrow. That’s such a hefty amount that the producer has terms of his own as well – Jae Hee will have to write the girl group’s entire next album, and take charge of their debut in America. It will mean he has to sell his soul for the next four to five years. Ouch.

Back at home, Eun Bi picks up a call from Yoo Jin. He wants to meet before practice and take singing lessons from her. The two of them are so chummy over the phone that it raises Bok Ja’s suspicions. Eun Bi just thinks he’s looking out for her because she joined the production late. Really – are you this painfully naive? Or perhaps she just doesn’t want to think of the other option (that he likes her). Either way, Eun Bi likes to keep all relationships around her simple and tidy, categorizing them into either “mentor” or “friend” but never both, and certainly never “lover.”

Jae Hee sits at his piano, deep in thought. He can’t even play the music in front of him in peace. He looks at the contract with the girl group beneath it, and then rips up the score for “Do Hwa’s Song.” And with that, he signs the contract.


Highlights: Jae Hee has a sister. And it looks like everyone is afraid of her. I am seriously hoping she makes an appearance in this drama, even though Jae Hee solved his monetary problems by signing on with the girl group. Who doesn’t want an older sister who will knock some sense into her romantic younger brother? Second highlight was Yoo Jin singing. He’s got the most charming smile, he’s opening up his heart to art, and he can sing!? Next up – Yoo Jin must tap dance for us.

However, while I love Yoo Jin for opening up, he’s become so mean to Ra Kyung. I can’t say I didn’t know this would happen, since he’s been kind of standoffish to her from the very beginning, but seriously. It’s a bit unfair and it reminds me of a kid who got a new toy for Christmas, so he drops his raggedy, comforting teddy bear for the shiny new truck. It’s good she’s getting some love and attention from Joon Hyuk – maybe she can use that as leverage against Yoo Jin.

Another highlight is we finally see Kang Hee crack. She’s been the Ice Queen Diva for so long that to see her break down and cry was a nice change. What I liked most about it was her trying to convince herself that she isn’t alone. Loneliness is her greatest fear, and its interesting to see how she tries to prevent that from happening, but all her methods are actually pushing people away from her.

I can’t say much else for this episode, other than I’m just waiting for Eun Bi to go back to “Chungdamdong Gumiho,” which I predict will happen in episode 12. Then something is going to happen in the “Count Monte” production, so she’ll leave. And then she’ll be back on “Gumiho” for the final episode. And all the while, Jae Hee will continue to suffer, doing things just so he can fulfill her wishes, and hopefully see her back onstage for his production. This pattern is starting to get tedious.


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  1. dany

    Thank you for the recap! Great first screen cap.

    • 1.1 she7374

      when is episode 11 coming out?

  2. sam

    thanks for the recap! Yoo Jin moments are so cute but that’s the only good part of this episode..I’m starting lose interest. I’ll keep watching for Yoo Jin.

    I agree with you, I don’t like Yoo Jin being mean to RK. He should let her go instead of torturing her like this if he isn’t into their relationship.

    I can’t wait to see JY’s sister 🙂

  3. Noelle

    Eun Bi is starting to annoy me. I get it, girls got issues. Who doesn’t. But come on, Jae Hee is so freaking cute and sincere. What’s he got to do to prove that there is more than a musical between you guys? I’m ready for the end already.

    • 3.1 cv

      LOL. I second that.

      • 3.1.1 kdrama filipina addict

        me three! i wanted to slap some sense into her when she took her hand away from his chest, but then i thought a little more about eun bi’s character, i dont think the fact that her mother just up and left her so young can be downplayed. that would mess a person up good and proper and make it hard to trust anyone. thats probably why she feels more comfortable with Yoo Jin than with Jae Hee cos Yoo Jin has been abandoned by his parents too. I think Eun Bi is scared of falling in love with JY thats why shes so nervous around him and always resisting, like shes already thinking of the end, when he stops loving her, when the musical ends, shes terrified of being let down and abandoned so she puts all her energies and “love” into musicals and as Kaedejun said: “Eun Bi likes to keep all relationships around her simple and tidy, categorizing them into either “mentor” or “friend” but never both, and certainly never “lover.”

        Id like to see how Eun Bi’s character develops into trusting JY and loving him wholeheartedly….

        • v

          yeah i agree on your view of Eun Bi, imagine you were abandoned so easily like her. I wouldnt trust anyone easily either D: just because insanely handsome and cute guy sincerly tells you they love you doesnt mean you have to fall at their knees and squeal “YES!”

          EUN BI FIGHTING!!!!!<3

    • 3.2 Birdie

      Don’t you think it is realistic that people do put their love life on hold so that they can focus on their career? Many actresses do that. Eun Bi made the right choice. Not mixing personal and professional life at this point of her career is sensible.

      • 3.2.1 kdramalover

        love – is when you’re interested only in love. career, someone else’s opinion, money etc. mean nothing to a person in love. and a woman abandoning her child for a career is anything else but a mother.

  4. sole moon

    I’m getting so confused… which is our OTP??? Totally shipping Gu Hye-Sun with Park Ki-Woong… what to do???

  5. Thatgirl

    Eun Bi, really needs a punch in the face, and Yoo Jin needs to be pushed in front of a moving train!!!!! Argh!!! Am I the only one who sees what’s happening?! Eun Bi is becoming the OTHER WOMAN!!!!! I feel so bad, for Ra Kyung. I was actually expecting Ra Kyung to follow them to the train station, and follow him back to his car. ARGH!!!! I can’t wait for the bitchy side of Ra Kyung to come out and confronts Eun Bi and kick Yoo Jin to the curb. I actually, feel like Eun Bi like Yoo Jin too she’s just in denial about the whole thing.
    For some reason, the whole emotional infidelity part in this episode feels really feel to me… its weird, like these things happen all the time in Kdramas but they never really feel this real to me….

    I was actually quite surprised at Park Ki Woong, HE IS GOOD!!!!! OuO

    *Sigh* I actually want to jump into the show and beat the shit out of this 2face Jessie chick. Argh!!!!!

    And ever since they got this new investor, I have been seriously annoyed with Gu Jak, YOU ARE A COMPLETE idiot!!!!! I wanted to beat the crap out of him too.

    Jae Yi-ah!!!!! xC You poor thing!!!! *Speechless*

    For the first time since I’ve been into Kdramas, I can honestly say, I can’t decide which of the male leads side to be on!!!!! Aside from the whole Ra Kyung thing, Yoo Jin is AWESOME!!!! he’s really own to earth, and… sincere to Eun Bi. And then Jae Hee, who I know I should be on his side because I know he will get the girl at the end, and because he’s the truest, most loyal, sincere about his feelings, guy ever!!!!! (Theres so much more I wanna say about these 2 guys, but my mind is going blank right now due to all the things I wanna say… Argh)
    I love both these guys because… bottom line, they are just real. They just do sweet things casually, no big romantic gestures, like all other Kdramas.

    • 5.1 Thatgirl

      Ki Woong’s singing I meant….

    • 5.2 hath

      Your post pretty much summed up every emotion that I had during this episode too. lol Love these 2 guys.

    • 5.3 BBTVXQLOVE

      You want to push Yoo Jin in front of a moving train, yet you say he’s awesome (!!!–Aside from the Ra Kyung issue).

      Eun Bi is NOT the other woman, what is she doing? You can hang out together, she didn’t kiss him, she didn’t even touch him. AND Yoo Jin is the one that is making Eun Bi the other woman.

      Eun Bi is right to push Jae Hee away. This is her career, her life, sure he could help her—but what if his feelings change? (She sees Kang Hee’s situation, so I don’t blame her for having doubts.) Eun Bi “left” her father to do musicals, so her leaving Jae Hee shouldn’t be a surprise.

      • 5.3.1 Thatgirl

        Eun Bi is becoming the other woman whether she knows it or not. She may not be seeing it coming, but she is! She’s falling for him! He’s falling for her. She’s becoming the other woman.

        And yes, aside from the Ra Kyung issue that makes me want to push him in front of a moving train, Yoo Jin is awesome!

        • Birdie

          It depends on what you mean by the “other woman”. “The other woman ” may have a negative connotation to some. EunBi has not done anything to deserve that title. She is not yet in love with him or in a relationship with him. The feelings so far seem to be on YJ side. Hanging out and being friendly does not make one the “other woman”.

          The relationship between YJ and RK is stagnant. This is something these two people have to resolve. I guess it would be better to figure it out before marriage.

  6. luraaa

    I JUST DIED. Park Ki-woong sings? Now I love him more than ever. I am sooo glad I became his fan.

  7. Birdie

    Thanks for the recaps, Kaedejun. I must say I am impressed how the writer is able to show us the difficulties of putting on a musical production amidst the journey of EunBi to be a musical actor. Another good episode.

    I know some viewers like to ship this couple or the other one but for a change, love is not treated in a simple way or linearly but more realistically. One will appreciate and enjoy this drama more if one takes time to think and reflect on what the writer is saying.

    I am bummed that we have to wait another week for episode 11. One episode a week is bad enough,and now we wait further. Come on SBS!

  8. Tammie

    Was never a fan of the Yoo Jin character, until he started SINGING! Holy Moly! He needs to sing MORE! More! I say, MORE! Give the young man a solo!

    • 8.1 junie

      I think he will sing in Full House 2. can’t wait…he is quite a surprise in this episode

      • 8.1.1 janine

        can’t wait for park ki woong in Full House2.. Go. Park Ki Woong!

  9. NOOoo!

    can someone tell me why episode 11 was cancelled this week?

  10. 10 janine

    this is one good drama, it’s just that we have to wait for a week to be a able to watch it. it’s a torment to us!!!

    • 10.1 v

      excuse me, do you know why this weeks episode was cancelled?

      • 10.1.1 Birdie

        Apparently SBS is showing a soccer match.

        • v

          *cough*hate soccer*cough* thanks for letting me know, i was honestly dying to know why! we wait a whole week is enough so must they toture us furthur…for a stupid ball game. D:<

          • sam

            boo..this really sucks. why..oh why!!?? I was really looking forward to the next episode.

  11. 11 Alicia

    Totally agree that the biggest bombshell of this episode was that Jae Hee has a sister and SHE controls the money. I always thought Jae Hee got his wealth from writing music, so now it seems like he’s got family money backing him also.
    I hope we get to meet the sister also otherwise it kind of doesn’t make any sense bringing her up. They could have just said his money was tied up in family accounts

  12. 12 nonski

    I love Yoo-jin! Look at how cute and handsome he is when he smiles. But that aside, I love how he is right now, sans the hanging up on his girlfriend…

    Thanks for the recaps.

  13. 13 janine

    @alicia i agree with you, i hope we will meet jae hee’s sister soon.

    @Tammie let Yoojin sing again!

  14. 14 Cez Prieto

    I hope the plot of Musical will stop beating around the bush and stop complicating things around!

    One thing I love about this episode – PARK KI WOONG! Swoooooooons. Lurve HIM!

  15. 15 junie

    Come on SBS!!! It was a torture to us last nite…
    Yeah, despite being mean to his girlfriend, I do love Yoo-Jin..

  16. 16 Sam

    it seems like JY has become the 2nd lead and no matter how much he loves the girl, he’ll never win her heart. It’s becoming a boring and disappointing storyline. Forget EB, and find back your first love – your music!

    YJ would be cute with EB only if he wasn’t such a crappy bfriend. He reminds me of an ex. Hang ups. Not picking of the phone. Getting calls from the other girl. One word — Cheater! His heart won’t go back to RK.

  17. 17 aki

    The biggest question that comes to my mind after finished watching 10 eps is:

    “is korean musical something that everyone can participate in regardless to whether the person is good at singing or not..?”

  18. 18 abby

    Can’t ait for the next episode. The duet of YJ & Eun Bi is just awesome. I hope I can see more of that.

  19. 19 Ren

    Yay! Thank you for recap! You rock!

  20. 20 vulkagi

    I found the similarities between Eunbi and Kanghee striking. Both of them put their relationship with Jae Yi on hold for their careers. I was surprised that Jae Hee didn’t show more angst at being put in second place because of an actress’ career for the second time.

    • 20.1 Birdie

      There are differences as well. Kanghee was in a relationship with JY, but Eun-bi did not start a relationship with him. JY will need more growth and find his passion, and hopefully write songs for himself and his love of musicals.

  21. 21 yumi

    Thanks so much for the re-cap.

    Arrggg–the cancellation of this weeks episode. The Musical is what giving me my K-drama fix. I hope I can survive until next week.

    After thinking about episode 10 for a bit, I’m wondering if we weren’t being set up for a time jump. I’m thinking they’ll pick up at the end of JY years of pop music servitude and after EB has gotten a foothold in the world of mushicals.

    • 21.1 eunhye05

      That’s what I fear too! NO! Not a time jump! Fix this mess now and not in 4 years! I sure hope the writers know what they’re doing! I want to see Gumiho staged!

    • 21.2 Birdie

      I won’t be surprised if that happen otherwise how would JY solve his financial problem or the fearsome sister will have to fly in to rescue him. Time jump is okay if done well, and we do not lose the plot. I would like to see more development on EB-YJ line before it happen.

  22. 22 Keipi

    This is getting soooo much bettah! Yoo Jin and Eun Bi = <3 WOOOOHOOOOOOO!

  23. 23 Foolmoon

    YAA… This episode is so intense! In real life and drama-land I always HATE this Yoo Jin’s character, who can’t appreciate love with sincerity and honesty. I hope in the end he’ll get neither EB or RK. Talk about giving him a lesson …

  24. 24 eunhye05

    Im wondering if we’ll learn more about JY’s sister just as much as we’ll ever learn more about EB’s long lost singing and dancing loving mother. Then again they could have just been references to carry the plot along. We have 6 more episodes left anything can happen in Kdramaland! 🙂

  25. 25 Kimmi

    first off just want to say I SHIP EB AND YJ ALL THE WAY. I dont even care that he has RK, from the first ep you knew she always loved him more and to him it was more business ties. You can so tell he is fallen hard for EB (with his cute little smiles). And even if he ‘going behind RK back’ it better they end it soon bc she needs to move on.

    2ND so what about YJ family back home with EB grandma? it seems the last two eps has forgotten about them. I thought that this family drama back in the country side is what will tie YJ and EB together??? or is just a side plot that really dont have much to do with the ending?

    Regardless im excited for the next ep!

    • 25.1 sam

      “I thought that this family drama back in the country side is what will tie YJ and EB together???”

      I thought that too when they were focusing so much on the relationship between the two families in earlier episodes. I definitely don’t think its a side plot. They wouldn’t have spent so much time building up that side of the story if it was. I think the writers are just waiting until they develop YJ and EB relationship a little more, and then drop the bomb about YJ’s mom. In the midst of the whole thing, they will realize their feelings for each other or something along that line..lol

      • 25.1.1 Kimmi

        I hope you are right! thats what i thought too, that EB will be there for YJ n grow to like/love him Eeekk that would make my day hahaha

        • sam

          mine too 🙂

  26. 26 TammieR

    Wait, WHAT?!?!?!?!??! There was no episode Friday!?!?! WHAT?!?!?!?

    ‘K so I’m REALLY irritated right now. HMPH! They tease us with Park Ki Woong singing and the NOTHING?!?!?

    Ooh, they better be glad that I live in San Diego and not Seoul! Heads would be rolling, I tell you. ROLLING!

    LET THE BOY SING! Not just once or twice, but EVERY EPISODE!

    Hmm… usually I feel better after I rant, but nope, not feeling one bit better. Grrr… It’s gonna be a long week.

    • 26.1 Intyce

      Hey….San Diego in the house!!! LOL I wish I were I were in Seoul….stalking Park Ki Woong! ^__^ haha j/k I <3 his sexy singing voice! =P

  27. 27 Lady Seoul

    This episode made me feel happy and enraged. lol

  28. 28 fmv

    i am so pissed at SBS for not showing this weeks’ THeMU.

    thanks KD for the recap.

  29. 29 Goofan

    Love the chemistry between Yoo Jin and Eun Bi

  30. 30 Sarah

    Is it wrong to want Eun Bi to end up with Yoo Jin??? They’re such a cute couple! And he *sings*!!!! More of that, please.

    And I’m not really upset with Yoo Jin about Ra Kyung. Mostly because he seems like such a decent guy; he proposed to her so he’ll marry her. I think he’ll leave it to her to break things off, if she wants to. Really, though, their relationship seems DOA anyway after the zoo trip where he wondered what it would be like to date other people. Whether he ends up with Eun Bi or not, I don’t think he’ll end up with Ra Kyung.

  31. 31 sleeplessinwgtn

    Either way EB goes, someone’s heart will be broken. I am shipping for EB-JH (because I just love Daniel Choi) but YJ is becoming a strong contender for EB’s heart. He is happier with EB than with RK.

    There’ll be a lot of broken hearts…

  32. 32 ahtetess

    I have to come out in the open (been lurking for a while) to say that for me the best part of this episode is the confrontation between Jae Yi and Kang Hee. The dialogue is brilliant, so many quotable quotes there, the acting solid. I went through the scene so many times I’ve lost count and will still go back some more times. The scene validates the esteem I hold for Choi Daniel, and now for Ok Joo Hyun, too, as actors. These are actors who know how to use their (speaking) voice, their eyes and their body to make the characters real. I hope they will be paired in another drama.

    Since I will go back to lurking, let me be honest here. Regarding Yoo Jin (Park Ki Woong), I don’t get it. I simply do not get it. What makes him a boyfriend/husband material? He is cute and I’ll be thrilled to have him as my son/sibling/relative/friend/neighbor/student. But I do not need “cute” in someone I’ll introduce to everyone as my future husband. “Cute” is only for something I want to display.

    My nominees for best acting so far (for no particular categories and in no particular order):

    Cha Kwang Soo as Yoo Jin Young
    Choi Daniel as Hong Jae Yi
    Kim Hyun Sung as Han Sang Won
    Oh Jung Se as Goo Jak
    Ok Joo Hyun as Bae Kang Hee
    Park Kyung Rim as Sa Bok Ja

    Bye now!

  33. 33 blurnutcase

    Just want to clarify on the money issue.

    In the drama, the Investor says he lent 10억, which is 1 BILLION, instead of 1 million (dictionary link below for reference):

    That is why Jae Hee is so upset, because he now has to come up with 9 million. I believe if it was just 900,000 dollars he’ll be able to get that little bit of money (comparatively) and he initially thought that Gu Jak only received 4 million and used 1 million of it.

  34. 34 mashmellow

    daebakkkk! i love YJ-EB chemistry.

    now i understood why EB didn’t accept Jae Yi’s love till now. She’s just being cautious. Her mother left her and she’s afraid if Jae Yi also leaves her easily since she saw the r/ship of Jae yi and Kang Hee was like that before. She feels insecured. now she must feel more comfortable with YJ since he also has the same family problems. i love on how EB and YJ both are very sincere about musical. not like kang hee and Jae Yi.

    i think yoo jin is not wrong. he’s not being mean to RK. there must be a story on how YJ and RK being a couple. YJ seems like he is not really in love with RK even before EB get into their r/ship.

    we can clearly seen in episode 7 that YJ said…

    YJ: have you not regretted of not seeing anyone else?
    YJ: how can you know without comparing?

    YJ already gave a way for Ra Kyung to leave him. hmmm… i hope the story about YJ’s mother will be explode as soon as EB-YJ r/ship develop well after this.

    cant wait anymoreeee!!!! i cant believe there’s only 6 episode left to be aired. i want it to be up to 20 episodes. huhuhu. hope the writer had plot the storylines smoothly and beautifully for the left 6 episodes…

  35. 35 halom



    • 35.1 Sisa

      Yeah, I’m wondering why there isn’t already a recap for chapter 11 yet. I’m DYING over there, need my fix yo!!

      Did i miss something here or is there just not gonna be anymore recaps for this?

  36. 36 Lisa

    I really hate how this drama doesn’t play twice a week like most K dramas do.

    I love how EB has become a center character that almost every lead interacts but its a repetitive role for Koo Hye Sun, where almost everything kinda revolves around her.

    I think this drama speaks about the different facets of love and like and passion.

    EB and JH are people who found LIFE through each other. JH inspired EB to quit for musicals and EB helped him be inspired again. We see a growth in them. It’s the most healthy in how pure it is but the unfortunate part is EB possibly not loving JH. She hasn’t made clear moves yet or she hasn’t seen that she does love him. I wonder if the drama will push EB as to chose him or music which he put the same test to BKHee and that ended bad.

    When JH was with BKHee, BKHEE was his drug because she was in a way forbidden and you KNOW what happen sometimes when you tell a guy no. He keeps coming after you. BKHee is the type portrayed as the “wants her cake and to eat it too.”

    Yoo Jin and EB’s relationship seems one of a great friendship…and a love amongst great friends. They have harsh backgrounds and a lack of family. Yoo Jin sees her as the only one who could know what his life without a Mom or Dad. Though EB does have her dad still, the relationship is not harmonious. Poor RaK because she doesn’t try and be more upfront or open to him. She fears losing him and from personal experience, the more one hides and becomes their loved ones’ “yes, my dear” ..the chances are RaK is gonna lose YJ by not trying to understand the true heart of his nature or even saying no to him or confronting him with all those lost calls and him distancing from him.

    Goodness, the love lines in this drama is COMPLICATED.

    I really hope EB and JH end up together because despite not being featured a lot together. Their subtle together moments are the most sweet. We see how far they go for others at times. Despite how cold or real JH acts, he did help EB and his scriptwriter buddy. Although, he might have sold his soul to write for pop artists…he sees “pure music” and “fake music.”

  37. 37 Sunny

    This Show is going to the shits.

    I was so excited when I first came across it because it was such a cool and different K drama concept.

    It’s now turned into a really boring show where nothing much happens in each episode. It’s like the writer has a mental block. They drag out scenes and waste lots of time showing the various characters just gazing into space. Yeah I get it, they’re being soulful, but do they really need that much air time??

    They keep using flashbacks as fillers in the scenes, and in episode 11 they flashback to whats only happened 5 mins ago to waste time. Its such a waste of good talent and a good script idea.

    Also, Eun Bi can’t actually sing to save her life. So I don’t know why they keep playing her awful song that she ruins.

    AAAARRRGHHHHHH I’m just so disappointed with this show because it had so much potential.

    I now only eagerly await new episoders of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Man of Honour etc.

  38. 38 Lala

    Damn. They should’ve named this drama “Painful Decisions”.

  39. 39 SunshineAni

    I’ve noticed throughout the 10 episodes that JY never mentioned he loved BKHEE… and he said to EB that he never thought he could say that ever his life.” So, in other words… he never loved BKHEE, but he truly loves EB… he was a playboy until the time he met her…

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