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Me Too, Flower: Episode 9
by | December 16, 2011 | 51 Comments

The dramatic reveal has finally taken place and I welcome the shift in power dynamics between the characters. The cute has virtually dissipated and we get way too much of the big bad Hwa Young, which makes this episode the least engaging so far. The cat fights dial up in intensity and Dal is pulled, but not totally sucked into, the dark side.


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Jae Hee finds Hwa Young in the room where the launching party will take place and he asks her how she feels about tomorrow. She replies that she has a good feeling, which counters her intial disapproval towards Jae Hee designing bags.

He asks her why she invested her time and money to help him in his business venture, and she tells him that he would have kept trying to pursue his dreams without her help anyways. His strongest and weakest asset is his stubbornness.

He smiles and asks if she gave an invitation to Bong Sun and she nods. Doesn’t he want the person he loves to see his art? He responds that he plans to inform Bong Sun about his work when the time is right. Hwa Young’s eyes shift around to indicate that she has other plans.

The next morning, staff members scurry around to finish party preparations as Bong Sun dolls herself up. Jae Hee takes a moment between parking cars to call Mr. Bae, who insists on skipping the party. As they hang up, Bong Sun walks up to Jae Hee and his eyes widen. Hee. He compliments her prettiness and she shyly replies that she hasn’t worn a skirt in a long time.

Young Hee bounds up to Bong Sun when she enters the building and grabs her into a hug. Bong Sun shakes her off, saying that defended her from the crazy customer as out of etiquette. They’re still not friends. It wouldn’t be Bong Sun without her porous wall of denial.

Young Hee tells Bong Sun to sign the guest list and gives her a gift bag. She advises Bong Sun to mingle with the other guests and elegantly drink champagne instead of scarfing down food. She scans Bong Sun’s outfit and gives an approving nod; she should dress like this more often. Bong Sun starts to head inside but Young Hee yanks her back. What relationship does she have with that parking attendant?

Bong Sun sarcastically replies that they went to Hong Kong together and Young Hee gasps. She can’t settle for just any man, no matter how desperate she is! Bong Sun pushes her away and Young Hee muses that her friend’s life is such a tragedy. Lol. I can’t wait to see how green she turns when Jae Hee’s identity is revealed.

Bong Sun snacks on a cracker as she scans the room and pauses when she sees Mr. Bae’s picture on one of the posters. Her unexplainable nervousness ticks up a notch when she spots Hwa Young speaking English with another guest. The two women lock eyes and Bong Sun quickly turns away. Oh, the tension.

Jae Hee slips into the security room and watches the party scene as the diamond bag is presented. A willowy model daintily holds the bag in her glass box. Bong Sun stares at the model more than the bag, sensing some odd familiarity. The model turns and Bong Sun gapes at the sight of a blinged-out Dal.

Bong Sun approaches Dal and comments that she’s impressed. Dal is actually doing something other than complaining. She calls her a professional and allows Dal to use the foot bath when she gets home…for ten dollars.

Bong Sun downs a glass of wine as Hwa Young sidles up to her and says that drinking less than two glasses is proper etiquette at these types of events. Bong Sun sarcastically apologizes, and when Hwa Young asks what she thinks about the party, Bong Sun replies that it’s distasteful.

She calls Hwa Young out for being hypocritical and brazen; she’s far from the cool woman that first impressed Bong Sun. Hwa Young coldly advises that Bong Sun go back to her seat as she hands Bong Sun the wrapper from her half eaten cookie. Unfortunately, Bong Sun’s too drunk to reject the wrapper/smack Hwa Young over the head with her police baton.

Bong Sun decides to head out but the lights dim and Hwa Young announces that she has someone she would like to introduce to everyone. Oh crap crap crap. She informs the audience that this person is a longtime friend and business partner who has been vital to the company’s success. Jae Hee snaps to attention and he stares at Hwa Young’s picture on the security screen. Uh. DO SOMETHING?!

Bong Sun starts to move towards the exit but a nosy journalist cuts her off. She asks for some inside gossip because she seems to know a lot about the “noise marketing” incident. Bong Sun replies that she’s a police officer who was involved in the situation but that she’s not going to reveal anything.

She tries to walks away but freezes in her tracks when Hwa Young finally drops the bomb that Seo Jae Hee is her co-founder. Dal and Bong Sun stare at the overhead pictures of Jae Hee working at the factory. Jae Hee, who’s still in the security room, directs his attention towards Bong Sun. She stands shell shocked and struggles with overwhelming feelings of hurt.

Jae Hee bursts into the launching party and security guards hold him back, claiming that he needs an invitation. Uh, are they blind? Doesn’t this guy look exactly like the person on the screen? In any case, he struggles with them until Hwa Young notices him. She states that her partner has unexpectedly arrived and flashes Jae Hee a challenging “whatcha gonna do” look as people crowd around him. Someone punch her face please.

He stalks out in search of a missing Bong Sun but later returns to the party room after the guests have left. Hwa Young commands the remaining staff to leave and then turns her attention to the fuming man-child in front of her.

She explains that she simply needed him to come out of his secret world. If she didn’t do anything now, he would have never revealed himself on his own. He inquires whether she thinks he’s a tool that she can use to obtain any level of success and chucks a wine bottle at the glass case the bag was in.

Just then, Dr. Park calls Hwa Young and she shakily answers. She pleads for him to come in quickly and he enters the room to find Jae Hee raging at Hwa Young. He calls her stunt cheap and yells that she should have informed him first. She can’t jerk him around without a good reason. With that, he storms out.

He heads to Bong Sun’s house but rings the doorbell in vain. She ‘s currently downing shot after shot of soju in a street stall. She recalls Jae Hee’s curious assertion that he could be a designer at the ramyun restaurant and scoffs at the irony. She begins to laugh when she remembers his speech about believing in him, which causes the street stall owner to stare at her in disbelief.

Bong Sun tells the ahjumma that her boyfriend isn’t dirt-poor after all. He’s actually a rich scumbag who owns a successful company. She muses that she must have saved the country in her past life. Isn’t she lucky? She tells the other customers that she’ll pay for their food and drinks.

Hwa Young paces her office and Dr. Park tells her that she was in the wrong. She should have continued to coax Jae Hee into revealing himself rather than throwing him into a pit of paparazzi. He tells her that Jae Hee has a social phobia that keeps him from interacting with the rest of society. Jae Hee, despite his tough outer shell, fears the outside world and its people because he grew up in harsh conditions as an orphan. The car accident added to his distrust in others and himself.

This new information rattles Hwa Young, who expresses her disbelief. The Jae Hee she knows is afraid of nothing. Dr. Park replies that she probably only saw what she wanted to see. He presses her be careful around Jae Hee. It seems that she has feelings for him.

He reminds her that she needs to respect Jae Hee and his personal decisions above anything else. They’re both adults, right?

Jae Hee waits outside Bong Sun’s house for hours, but eventually leaves. Bong Sun trudges home with Dal close behind her, who finds a note on the ground. She finds Bong Sun hunched over the porcelain throne and she reluctantly drags Bong Sun to her room. She throws the note at Bong Sun after reading it out loud. “I’ll explain everything. Turn on your phone. See you tomorrow. From J.”

“J” sits in his room at the factory and drinks as Mr. Bae shakes his head at Hwa Young’s surprise event. She enters the room and takes a shotglass. She extends it towards Jae Hee but he pours another glass for himself. Hint hint….

He tells her that she can use him; after all, he used her money. She bristles at that comment and responds that she invested in his company because she believed in his talents. He fires back that then she should have continued to trust in him and waited for him to make a final decision. She cries that he never would have done anything on his own will.

He shoots her a glare and she immediately relents. She apologizes, saying that she didn’t realize that this would catch him so off-guard. Liar liar pants on fire. He coldly laughs and replies that he’s been through worse. He learned from a young age how greedy and disgusting people get when money is thrown around. After all, his own family divvied up his father’s company and assets without any regard for Jae Hee’s future.

Being betrayed is nothing new. He’s more disappointed that Hwa Young is the one who pulled this selfish act. He trusted her.

Later that night, Hwa Young  embraces Ah In and starts to share a story. When she was younger, Ah In’s grandfather had bought her pretty dress made of silk and lace. She wore it only once for fear that she would ruin it and just admired it from afar. But one day, her younger cousin came over and took the dress away.

Apparently, her parents thought she didn’t like the dress because she never wore it. She confesses that she cried for days because she wanted it back, and Ah In asks why she didn’t reclaim it. She tells him that her cousin had already worn the dress multiple times and it suited her. Ah In exclaims that this is a sad story.

She agrees. Her parents didn’t know how much she treasured the dress. Even if she couldn’t wear it, she didn’t want it to be taken away. She still doesn’t want “it” to be taken away.

Jae Hee shows up at Bong Sun’s doorstep and ends up getting smacked around. He follows her as she walks towards the bus stop and even drives his bike next to the bus. At the police station, she tells him that she’ll shoot him the next time he shows his face to her. Lol.

The other store employees gossip about Jae Hee and fawn over how rich he is. Young Hee tells them to back off; he already has his Cinderella. The girls scram and Young Hee laments that she shouldn’t have prejudged him. Keke. Everything is always obvious in hindsight.

Jae Hee’s parking attendant colleagues alternate between calling Jae Hee “that bastard” and “that person” as they read the news. Their boss declares that Jae Hee is in for a beating when he arrives for making him look like a total fool. Only, when Jae Hee does arrive, the boss adds honorifics and quickly hands over the heater when Jae Hee claims that he’s cold. Puhaha. This reversal of power is going to be delightful to watch.

Hwa Young meets Dal and presents her with a deal. If Dal breaks up Jae Hee’s relationship with his new girlfriend, Hwa Young will provide Dal with every material good she wants (minus Jae Hee). Dal asks why Hwa Young needs her help, to which Hwa Young says that Dal wields a special weapon. She doesn’t inform Dal what the weapon is but mentally gloats that Dal and Bong Sun are sisters. Meh. I really dislike where this is going.

Dal again questions what benefit Hwa Young will receive if she breaks the couple apart and Hwa Young tells Dal to curb her curiosity. She doesn’t get the luxury of interrogation. Hwa Young briefly states that Jae Hee’s girlfriend isn’t good enough for him. Their relationship will hurt the company, which is something Hwa Young has to fix.

Dal rejects Hwa Young’s offer and offers a piece of advice: understand a person before trying to control them. She’s not easily controllable and she has a fierce sense of pride. Hwa Young throws a car key onto the table and tells Dal that this is just the beginning. She can become Cinderella in an instant. The last tidbit makes Dal hesitate and she finds herself staring at the bribe car.

Jae Hee meets up with Dr. Park who asks if he knows what ophidiophobia is. It’s the fear of snakes and Dr. Park lets him in on the secret to overcoming the phobia: keep touching the snakes. Afterwards, he throws an autographed baseball at Jae Hee and explains that the famous baseball player had a philosophy for playing the game: “hit the ball in order to overcome the fear of it.”

A baseball that is pitched at 100 kilometers a minute is frightening. It can cause a lot of physical pain if it’s thrown incorrectly and hits someone. The only way to deflect the ball is to hit it; only then can you can run to first base. With practice, an amateur player can become a homerun hitter.

Dr. Park tells Jae Hee that he can hit homeruns soon if he practices. Jae Hee rolls his eyes at Dr. Park’s analogies and asks for the main point. Dr. Park suggests that he accept the consequences of Hwa Young’s mistakes. He can make the most of this situation. Jae Hee brushes his concern off and throws the ball at Dr. Park.

Dr. Park dodges the ball and it ends up shattering a flower vase. As they clean up the ceramic pieces, Dr. Park asks if Jae Hee has a girlfriend. Jae Hee gives a small smile and admits that he does, but they’re still in the early stages of the dating game.

Maru and Bong Sun arrive at the police station and Jae Hee yanks open the passenger door. He demands that she get out of the car as she turns towards Maru to grab his gun. He refuses to give it to her and Jae Hee states that a police officer shouldn’t go around shooting her lover because of a fight. Yo, not the best time to be a smart-ass.

She stomps into the police office and grabs her colleague’s gun. The men try to stop her and Jae Hee steps in to point the gun at his head. He tells her that she can kill him. He doesn’t want to abandon her and die, but she can do it if she really desires.

The chief comes in and scold Bong Sun for acting so rashly with a gun, and I find myself agreeing with the crotchety, bland man. He’s not so useless after all. Jae Hee grabs Bong Sun’s hand and makes her kneel with him in front of the chief. He declares that he made a mistake that is only punishable by death.

And that, my friends, is the end of a very lackluster episode.


Grah. This episode just dragged on and on and I found myself unable to watch it in one sitting. It was just so boring. There were some fun bits, like when the prideful parking boss groveled at Jae Hee’s feet. I’m also liking Young Hee because her shallowness is amusing. I snapped to attention when Jae Hee’s identity (after close to 30 minutes of dillydallying) was revealed and I credit the actors for displaying a complex mixture of confusion, shock, and betrayal.

But nothing really happened after the party. Bong Sun’s mad, Jae Hee’s mad, Hwa Young’s upset that Jae Hee’s mad, and Dr. Park just watches the three run around in a circle. We’re barely past the middle of the drama and I’m already sick of Hwa Young’s sneaky manipulations. I understand that she doesn’t want to give Jae Hee up, but her explanation for her actions is absurd. It’s like she’s proud of the fact that her maturity level is the same as a five-year-old.

She compares Jae Hee to the silk dress she got as a child. Pft. Okay. Maybe she thinks that she owns him because she invested money in his company but he’s not some soulless toy. Jae Hee was never hers to begin with. Thus, nobody’s stealing anything. Also, she’s stuck in the same selfish mindset from when she was a child: I’m going to raise hell until I get what I can’t have. Ugh. I can’t even imagine how bratty she was as a kid.

I love to hate Hwa Young and her bitchiness gets me hopping mad, but Bong Sun is also a professional self-esteem slayer. It’s refreshing to move past the fake politeness and see the two go at it. Add Dal to the mix and you get a trio of pretty-looking vicious cats.

The last scenes didn’t particularly move me in any way possible because they were overly dramatic. A mistake punishable by death? Please. That makes him sound so egotistical. Instead of making loud declarations to the police chief (who doesn’t even give a damn about them), he needs to:

A. Stop man-handling her. She’s not a rag doll.

B. Give her time to cool down.

C. Coax her into having a conversation with him, instead of using brute force, which does the opposite of calming her rattled nerves.

I highly doubt Jae Hee would have pointed the gun at his forehead if he thought Bong Sun would actually shoot it. He’s constantly jerking her around (both literally and figuratively) and I want her to become strong enough to hold her own ground against him. She and Jae Hee bicker, but he always seems to have the upper hand. Now, he has to beg for her forgiveness and she better not give in to those puppy eyes right away.

An interesting characteristic of this drama is Bong Sun’s refusal to become “Cinderella.” Her fierce independence makes her coolly different from Dal. Dal, Young Hee, and the other store girls all want some chaebol to whisk them away into a slick modern castle full of the finest luxury goods.

Conversely, Bong Sun prides herself in her career and the ability to fend for herself. She values abstract ideas like justice more than expensive bags and perfume, which is why she suddenly feels alienated from Jae Hee. He’s not the person she thought he was; now he’s a stranger who lives in a world of fashion, wealth, and appearance.

I’m still irked that Jae Hee didn’t tell Bong Sun but whatever. At least one of the big secret is out in the open. I sincerely hope that Jae Hee follows Dr. Park’s advice and face his fears head-on. He needs to actually DO something before telling others to trust in him. Hwa Young’s stunt was 99.9% for her own benefit but it’s also high time for Jae Hee to take some responsibility for his company and for Bong Sun.


51 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. alua

    “It’s like she’s proud of the fact that her maturity level is the same as a five-year-old.” LOL. You’re so right though. And I’m sick of Hwa Young already – I’ve had my fill of her for M2F (I might just skip scenes with her from now on). And bored at Dal – I mean, come on!

    Jae Hee needs to open up. Not just because, but because I don’t see why he doesn’t tell Bong Sun everything. Maybe because the lack of communication and honesty is always such a red flag – because even if they reconcile in the end, if there is no foundation of communication and honesty, their relationship will always be problematic.

    I suppose it’s difficult for him… but still. And honestly, if someone pulled something like Hwa Young did on me, I’d never talk to that person again (he can still be an uncle but he should just totally break ties with that evil, immature woman).

    I’m a bit bummed actually that Hwa Young has to be such a stereotypical secondary female lead when Bong Sun and Jae Hee are (generally, most of the time) much more refreshing characters.

  2. Jomo

    Thanks for the recap!

    I agree that they could have fit half an episode of plot in the first part, but I still enjoyed the tension.
    I don’t think JH really believed he was worthy of death.
    I understood it as
    “OK, I understand how bad this betrayal is to you. You said you would kill me. Do it, kill me, or don’t because I would rather stay with you.” The mistake wasn’t punishable by death, but he understands BS’s temper makes it so.

    I like how you said this: she suddenly feels alienated from Jae Hee. He’s not the person she thought he was; now he’s a stranger who lives in a world of fashion, wealth, and appearance. Poor wounded child who does not want to be alone again. She didn’t want to trust JH, but gave it. Now she feels as if she is paying for that foolishness on her part.

    • 2.1 JoAnne

      She thinks that eventually he’ll leave her because they live in different worlds… poor little girl 🙁

      I really have a bone to pick with her mother; I know she was unhappy with her husband but she walked away from her child. ‘You scare me’. What IS that? Dad is just a jerk. Mom is bone-deep selfish.

      Hwa Young, I want to punch you.

      • 2.1.1 malta

        “Hwa Young, I want to punch you.”

        hahahahaha. 😀 I’m laughing at violence, but I don’t care. I want Dal to punch her. That would be hilarious. Huge brownie points for the drama if that were to happen.

  3. isa

    In the case of Hwa Young, I think she treats JH the way she does because she still her husband’s death against him, even though she doesn’t say it outright. That’s why she acts like she owns him. Not because of of the money but because JH has to compensate for the accident with his life! HA HA, that’s pretty dramatic to say but this show is kinda like that.
    I was hoping for this show to be something special, especially because of Bong Sun. She is the kind of female one can respect, in that she is independent and has a strong will. JH has to man up and start treating her like the gem Bong Sun is. I hope this show doesn’t end up having a stupid conclusion…

    • 3.1 bjharm

      I think deep down she feels he ‘owes’ it to her to replace her dead husbands place, she owns him, it up to her if she decides to take it to a romantic relationship. She just as mixed up if not worse than the other two leads.

    • 3.2 MsB

      I agree, her need to possess JH has to do with her husband’s death; nothing else! I think its her way of making him pay, I don’t think she really loves him.

  4. tegami

    I don’t think his declaration of him being deserving of death was egotistical in the least. I think it was his way of showing how very sincere he was in his apology towards Bong-seon. He knows what she’s going through right now and the enormity of the impact the betrayal has/is having on her has not escaped him since he himself was also betrayed in this episode by someone whom he deemed a close friend.
    And it’s also endearing how willingly he casts away his pride when he sought Bong-seon out in the aftermath of the party-fiasco and just keeps repeatedly coming despite her harsh rebuffs.

    Yoon Shi-yoon’s acting – in my opinion – really stole the show this episode. For a moment there when he was raging against Hwa-young, I nearly feared for her because he looked so close to losing all self-control and going berserk.

    • 4.1 MsB

      I agree, YSY acting in this episode made it interesting!

  5. malta

    Thanks so much for the recap!

    I find it easy to ignore Hwa Young’s evil scheming. There is just so much else going on and Hwa Young’s scheming isn’t a crux for the plot (Jae Hee and Bong Sun have many issues to resolve between the two them alone), so while the scheming is a bit heavy handed and crude for my taste, there’s just so much else to enjoy about the drama, I don’t mind it. Anyway Hwa Young and Jae Hee have such a twisted, screwed-up, and co-dependent relationship, its kinda fascinating. The psychological underthread (yes, made that word up!) of this drama is very strong. These are people with Issues, capital ‘I.’

    The other thing that happened which I thought was refreshing was that Hwa Young felt the consequences of her wrong actions fairly quickly (although we’ll see if those consequences are lasting ¬¬) Jae Hee ripped into her immediately after she revealed his identity and he was mad as hell and rightly so. She wasn’t expecting him to be like that. I think she expected him to play nice for the cameras. Also Dr. Park called her out on what she did too. When this kinda scheming happens in a really cliche way, the evil doer doesn’t even get confronted about what they did and certainly not right away. So I appreciated that about how this played out.

    I love the interactions between the characters so I don’t mind so much that this episode was slower. I think the drama places as much importance on Bong Sun and Jae Hee as individuals as it does on them as a couple and so I find the moments these characters have alone or with other characters dealing with their personal, non-love, problems just as interesting. I would be interested in Jae Hee or Bong Sun even if there was no love story in the drama.

    The gun thing at the end is weird and bizarre. It’s the first time watching this drama that I saw something that just didn’t work. You don’t just pull out a gun on somebody when you’re a cop. It’s sooo blatantly unrealistic I just couldn’t do the ‘suspend your disbelief’ thingy. And it doesn’t fit the tone of the drama at all. Weird.

    • 5.1 reeen

      The gun incident was extreme, but I found it believable in the context of the drama. It’s been established that Bong Sun is bipolar and has trouble finding appropriate outlets for her aggression. Remember when she bit Jae Hee’s arm because he wanted to sue her? What sane police officer would do that? That could’ve already ruined her career. And compared to that offense (wanting to sue Bong Sun), the betrayal she felt at the end of the episode is a lot more intense, so of course the measure of retribution she thinks of would be more extreme as well.

  6. Abbie


  7. jusash

    Thanks for recap!

    I like their interactions but not the script.
    It’s a very serious offence to abuse the power she has been bestowed – I mean the gun incident.
    In other places, such an irresponsible act of impulse nad poor juegement would immediately result a panel of inquiry… suspension …. resignation.

    Can anyone lock HY and Dal in a cell together already – to claw each other to a slow bloody death?

  8. Mystisith

    Before anything, thanks for the recap Orangy. Much appreciated.
    Now, i have a kind of a life or death metaphysical question : Does this show need villains and plotting to be effective and complete ?
    My opinion is that the strongest points of the drama are :
    1 : This incredibly magic main romantic couple that grabs your attention just eating lunch or chatting on a public bench or playing pranks on each other.
    2 : The journey of Bong Sun and Jae Hee dealing first separetly, then together with their mental / emotional injuries, helped by the wonderfully entertaining Dr Park. When you suffer from depression like BS, little annoyances are mountains to overcome. Watching BS using her resilience to beat those daily life obstacles would be just enough for me. ( For those interested i refer here to NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming that Dr Park uses in his sessions ). No need to add bag robbery, blackmailing ( except for skinship, THAT is just so cute coming from Jae Hee ), and overdone third wheel clichés to threaten our couple. They are already unbalanced enough if you didn’t notice.
    By the way, why not make use of the phobias of Jae Hee like driving cars, being yelled at etc… all that he tells his Parking Boss ?
    In my opinion Hwa Young is just pure interference the way her character is written here. I could really care for her, if for example the writer had given her the will to get out of her sickly mourning routine : You know, just her asking ” help me ” to Jae Hee or to Dr Park or anyone. Here, she’s just unidimensional b—ch.
    Dal’s character is simply unbearable and distractive and useless in her own way ; and it doesn’t help that the actress always played the same kind of roles in all her previous dramas.
    Last thing : I think the story would have taken advantage of a second strong older male character to interact with Hwa Young, as a love interest maybe.
    Don’t be fooled. I allow myself those critics because i LOVE this show, despite all the missed little things. But i can also see that the Occam’s razor principle has not been applied here and it sadly weakens the show. So unfair. To quote Dr Park : ” You thought this world is fair and peaceful ? ” Big mistake of mine i agree.

    • 8.1 E

      I think you bring up great points. Some of my favorite dramas have just centered around relationship building without all the frills. Part of me thinks the writers are pulling stunts to boost ratings, but who knows?

    • 8.2 alua

      I agree with you all the way – the cliched characters are NOT needed here. Hwa Young is too undimensional and Dal does very much feel like a useless character.

      I did wonder for a moment if Dr Park might not end up Hwa Young’s love interest? Just when he talks to Jae Hee (I think) and suggests that a man that is there for her all the time needs to be found, with Jae Hee responding whether there is someone like that, Dr. Park says “Is there not?” I just had this feeling then that HE sympathises with HY enough to want to be that mean. (I think this is a scene from episode 10 though.)

      I don’t think it would make the most interesting pairing – it would almost feel like a cop-out and bringing in a new character would be much preferable.

    • 8.3 Momo

      I completely agree with all of your points. The show had so much potential to be special but it is not really using it and that makes me feel very frustrated. Now I feel exactly like Bong Sun feels towards Jae Hee. I can see how great everything could be and I want to continue to trust that it’s going to be better again but the misunderstandings make me feel disillusioned and I fear that something that I love a lot is just going to totally disappoint me in the end.
      Sooo, please writer go back to what made me fall in love with the show and give JH and BS the chance to heal together and apart from each other instead of getting more and more scarred, pleeeease!

  9. Abbie

    Okay, yes. This episode sucked. It was boring. The “big reveal” was the best part. I agree with you, Orangey911, that the ending was a bit over the top and overly dramatic. That said, I am still anticipating episode 10.

    Thanks for the recap, Orangey911!

  10. 10 luvmydramas

    This episode was important as showing the beginning of the fracture in Hwa Young and Jae Hee’s relationship. The camera shot from behind the broken glass after Jae Hee threw the wine bottle at it illustrated it very well. Before, he would have done anything for her and was willing to sacrifice anything that he might have wanted for himself – including love – but after this their relationship will never be the same. Thank God!! She is one sick puppy. After 10 years if their relationship hasn’t gone anywhere, duh, what are you expecting? Bongseon has a journey of her own to make from this point, figuring how she can step out of her own prison she has made for herself. We have faith – but it’s going to get down and dirtier for a while… just don’t forget the cute and sweet in between to help it all go down a little easier, please writer!

  11. 11 E

    I didn’t think this episode was boring in the least. After all- the sh*t really hit the fan, so now I can get over my anxiety about it LOL. Plus, everyone’s favorite Boss B*tch is showing her ass. A bit more vindictive than I would expect, but we need at least one evil mastermind in every Kdrama 🙂

    Am I the only one here who thinks JH is an idiot? He should have laid everything out on the table that night they crossed the bridge. I know he’s got problems, but he can’t ask BS to be with him and trust him while withholding these HUGE details.

    Thank you for the recap 🙂

    • 11.1 jusash

      Yes with you too. I said earlier on Ockoala’s that rather than wait for his deep dark secrets to be outed one by one by HY .. or discovered – the dude should have just come clean.

      He asks for “trust” but he doesn’t do anything earn it or build up security in their relationship.

      • 11.1.1 JoAnne

        But that ties into his issues/phobias. He is very aware of and damaged by the differences in how people treat others based on perception.

        So here’s this girl that he loves, and he just needs her to trust him. No questions asked, and for no reason. Just trust, and in the end he’ll prove her right. He needs her to do that – it’s what will bring him back into the world. But this girl is so damaged, she can’t trust anyone, even if they ARE trustworthy – and yet, she keeps trying, over and over, for him.

        We know they’re going to get there, but don’t you find yourself just straining toward the screen to reach out and touch them and give some reassurance? I know I do – these characters are so well written AND well acted that I completely buy it. Except for the gun, that was stupid. I know why they did it – but it didn’t work.

        When I think that this kid walked into the role when it had already begun shooting? NO time to prepare. And yet – can you imagine anyone else in this role? I remember how much we all laughed when the first stills came out and how ridiculous they looked together – and I don’t hear a peep about that now. I haven’t heard a peep about it since the first minute of the first episode. They are KILLING it.

        • bashful

          Couldn’t agree with you more. The actors in this drama are OUTSTANDING. The writing is OUTSTANDING.
          I find myself rooting for imperfect characters. I do not see Lee Jia or Yoon Shi Yoon; I see Bong Sun and Jae Hee.

          At first, I also thought the “point the gun” scene was a bit exaggerated and senseless. I also agree that it can be viewed as unrealistic since Police officers are expected to be calm and not to point their guns on innocent people. But remember a previous scene where Bong Sun told Jae Hee not to appear infront of her again or else she would shoot him? So when Jae Hee still insisted in seeing Bong Sun at the police station, Bong Sun, who is short tempered, decided to follow through on her threat and pull a gun and point it at Jae Hee. 😉 Again, we would say this kind of behavior from a Police officer is definitely a no-no. But Bong Sun is not just a Police officer, she is a woman in love with emotional baggage and anger management issues. Just my thoughts…

          • bashful

            Oops, I forgot. Thanks much orangy911 for this recap! 😀

          • Drina

            yeah,,, and she keeps her words tightly. I love her for being emotionally hurtful and betrayed since her lover tends to hide all his secret from her. Jae hee needs to be punished,

          • bjharm

            I thought for sure she get a full suspension for pulling and pointing a weapon at someone {as indeed she should have been} but shows despite her tempter she is very much spoiled and protected by her mainly male colleges

          • malta

            My issue with the gun scene isn’t so much that she pointed a gun at him, but that there were no repercussions for such a serious action. No investigation, no suspension. Her boss should have at least flipped out not just let her and Jae Hee walk out of there.

            Jae Hee should have told Bong Sun, but I think we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. What he does need to do is tell her the truth about the nature of his relationship with Hwa Young. Tell her about his accident. She already know it happened, she just doesn’t know some very important details. I don’t see any real reason for him not to tell her except it’s hard to talk about, but I feel like the consequences of not explaining it to her are worse.

          • Jomo


            I agree that IRL, BS would never had gotten away with pulling a gun on a guy. I think what they are showing us is how tight she is with her police buddies.
            They surrounded her, yelled at her, struggled against her like a real family would. I love that Maru offers:
            “I’ll shoot him!”
            When JH goes into the station, he sees his woman being protected by four people. He literally will have to go through them to get to her.
            She has worked with these guys for years, and despite all her failings, they support her. It isn’t this group that will rat her out.

        • reeen

          Totally agree with your assessment. Because Jae Hee has deep-rooted trust issues he’s still testing Bong Sun. He was attracted to her, because of her trust and support for him when she had no reason to do so (back when all the evidence pointed towards him being a thief). As a result, he let down his guard a little with her, but he’s still not entirely convinced. He tells Dr. Park that they are still in the evaluation phase of the relationship. Of course it would be better if Jae Hee simply told Bong Sun his secrets and it’s unfair to her that he doesn’t trust her enough to do so, but it makes sense that his character would behave this way.
          I think it’s good for the couple that Bong Sun doesn’t forgive Jae Hee easily this time. If she overlooked the betrayal or easily forgave it, it would probably look like she cares too much about his money after all. As long as Bong Sun is antagonistic towards rich Jae Hee it serves as proof that she liked/likes him for himself.

        • jusash

          Ok I hear what you’re saying.

          But I still think it’s a lot to ask of her – esp given her own emotional baggage and history (and he knows what she’s been through).

          She’s forthcoming, he’s not. It’s unfair and unbalanced. And he swoops in with some drama to reolve the issue each time – be it the kissy kissy or the high drama in the police station.

          There must be a basis for demanding absolute trust.

          There’re many ways to approach the truth gently without coming to the real core IF he thinks their relationship is too young/or that BS can’t handle the hard-core reasons just yet.

          All I am saying is – at least make some efforts to bring some of his secrets to clearer light. Nada, I don’t see anything of that happening.

          So at least she’s prepared and not dealt a HUGE blow everytime some shite of his hits the fan.

          To me, he’s just avoidant-escapist.
          It’s not her fault if 2 + 2 = 5, if he doesn’t say anything (and she does). And he really doesn’t have much right to ask absolute trust out of her either.

  12. 12 Noelle

    Hwa Young is a selfish bitch

    Thanks for the recap.

  13. 13 Dux

    I know this is silly, but would anyone care to vote for Me Too, Flowers at koreandrama.org? I thought that Lee Jia or Yoon Shi Yoon are doing such an OUTSTANDING job that we should show some support, especially when the rating is not particualarly high

    • 13.1 Mystisith

      What do you think i’ve done for the last two weeks ? :)))

    • 13.2 mamadua

      thanks for letting me know! Glad you mention it! I voted today, and will do so hereafter. Cannot believe Heartstring is beating this wonderful drama!!

  14. 14 Alice20

    I agree with your commentary. Jaehee needs to stop expecting Bongsun to be so super understanding all the time. She’s not a doormat, ya know. You’ve got to actually step up to the plate and take some risks:let her into your world a little. I loved seeing Bongsun trusting others more little by little, and taking more emotional risks, but it’s high time he reciprocate! She gives him Way more than she gets back.

    The gun scene was ridiculous, though. I don’t believe that any cop would ever point a lethal weapon at someone over some relational problems. It’s not a toy, you idiot! And Jaehee’s explanation of why she did it was so stupid. No chief’s gonna go for that bs.

    • 14.1 reeen

      The obstacle Bong Sun has to gain Jae Hee’s trust may be near insurmountable, but once she’s overcome it he’ll probably be extremely loyal (judging by his loyalty to Hwa Young and Ah In). In that he’s the total cliche of the guy with a rough exterior who is just waiting for a girl that can get through to his true warm and fuzzy self and whom he will treat like a princess once she does 😀

      I think the gun scene is consistent with their characters. It’s not like they’re sane people who make rational judgements – not in highly emotional situations at least. But in real life Bong Sun would certainly lose her job over that and go to court or something.

      • 14.1.1 Mystisith

        I agree with you about Jae Hee’s commitment. But he should better have a proper way to prove himself at the end… Did i see handcuffs somewhere ?
        About the pulling gun scene : Bong Sun is extremely angry, partly against Jae Hee but mostly against herself for having trusted him. I think that if Jae Hee didn’t insist to explain and apologize then she would have dumped him right on the spot without looking back. But he does : clinging and teasing an harassing her like he knows so well. So pressurized BS sees literally RED and wants to eject him from her landscape trying to scare him to death. It also proves how much she cares for him : you don’t react so dramatically if you don’t like the guy.
        And you know, when you hear in the News that a guy killed all his family because the baby was crying and he couldn’t watch his soccer match on TV ? To me it’s unbelievable and pure madness, bu it happens nonetheless. It proves how fragile and unpredictable the human mind is.

  15. 15 Kimmi

    i want to get mad at jaehee for thinking its easy to get back into her grace, i want to smack him for taking it as lightly as he is…..but i just cant! LOL i find JH egotistic ways so manly, maybe its just me but i like a man man someone who knows what he wants, says what he wants and full force come at me hahahhah!! if JH would of sat back let me cool down, and come back all sorry and regretful i would get turn down LOL that just not his character type, he was meant to be hardheaded and i just love that about him XD

    • 15.1 reeen

      the paradox is that Jae Hee would probably start to distrust Bong Sun if she let him off too easily. I’m pretty sure in that case he would doubt her sincerity and suspect her for liking his money more than him, because that’s what he had to experience so often and it’s his worst fear.

  16. 16 malta

    I feel like Me Too Flower should have been on a cable network instead of MBC.

    • 16.1 Jomo

      I agree completely. It isn’t standard fare. It has an indy feel to it.

    • 16.2 Zoya

      Yea, I feel you, amen. (grins & shakes head)

  17. 17 asianromance

    I loved this episode and thought it went at a snappy pace. Jae Hee may have been a fail in this episode, but Bong-sun was pretty awesome and I do cheer on this episode for moving the Jae Hee x Bong-sun relationship forward. They’re so messed up, they needed someone/something to rip off that dirty bandage and start swabbing the wound with peroxide.

    The only really cringeworthy moment of this episode was the ending. The last scene was too overdramatic. I liked the line he said abt him not wanting to die and leave her alone and abandoned -which shows us that he has some inkling of Bong-sun’s loneliness. But the vehicle for that line was just wrong since I feel like BS would be the type of person who would say something seriously cold and hurtful to someone she felt betrayed by (like the stuff she had said to her mom).

  18. 18 Katie

    Lately I have been trying to watch dramas with no evil second female lead. We all know that k-dramas never punish the deserving and that is beyond frustrating to me. In K-dramas we often hear about how cool a move or a statment might make the charcter look, I want to shake the writers and say, don’t you think a seriously cool move would be a complete and utter verbal bitch slap leaving the evil dower down and out totally and utterly regretting their wrong doing? I am not asking for much just pain and punishment in balance with what they gave out. why must we have a second male lead to be a love interest for the manipulating b@@@@? why must she get a happy ending tied in a bow? it would be so much cooler if she got her just deserts, end of her story line, moving on with the main characters…geez. At least with Me Too, Flower their is no second male lead for crazy tits to live happily ever after with, but I know she will get off super easy…gah!!!!

    • 18.1 reeen

      She should at least lose custody of Ah In… I feel sorry for that little boy 🙁 Although we haven’t seen her psychological problems impact her relationship to her son – excepting the dodgy bedtime story – she’s so messed up it’s bound to have a bad impact on him… Is she going to be just as scarily controlling with him when he grows up?

    • 18.2 asianromance

      she shouldn’t have been made evil in the first place. I blame the writers more for making the second female lead so stereotypically evil than for not punishing them. While i love Me Too Flower and while Hwayoung isn’t a cardboard, 2d cackling witch, I was still hoping for a little bit more nuance from the Hwa Young character. We only know about her mind through her interactions with Dr.Park. The rest of her time is just full of evil looks. The writer also wrote My Name is Kim Sam soon, and while some people didn’t like the second female lead there holding onto Samshik, I liked her for being not-evil. I don’t mind the evil second female lead get a happy ending, only if the drama does a good job in showing that she has learned her lesson and regretted it. Yoon-ju from My Princess, who was mean to female lead for absolute no logical reason, still getting Cute Professor second lead was a travesty.

      I think of Hwa-young like the younger versions of all those evil, scary mothers-of-the-hero in kdramas. I can definitely see Ah In grow up in 20+ years to be some chaebol guy. He’ll be spoiled, but still goodlooking and good-hearted enough to fall in love with a poor but plucky girl. And Hwayoung will call her out and throw a glass of water at her and try to pay her off.

      • 18.2.1 JoAnne

        I agree with you about Hwa Young, actually. They could really have shown a nuanced character there.

        Here’s this young woman who takes in a motherless boy and makes him family, even going into business with him. He accidently kills her husband, leaving her a pregnant widow, and yet does she cast him out of her life? Does she withdraw her investment in him and avoid seeing him to protect herself from pain? No. They actually grow closer.

        It appears to have been a familial, caring, mutually satisfactory relationship for a number of years, considering that they both are recovering from an horrific tragedy and he’s already dealing with multiple mental health issues, and at some point she actually developed romantic feelings for him, in a way. She really did look at him as her husband, in all ways but the bed. And maybe she even wanted that, but I couldn’t see it happening. Think that would make you a little nuts, loving the guy who killed your husband?

        It’s only when JH starts to come out of his shell and brings another woman into the scene that HY goes bat-shit crazy…I would rather she displayed jealousy, resentment, etc, all normal things that someone might feel when the foundation of their life is changing, but in a more normal way, one that people could identify with and put themselves in her shoes. She still would serve as an obstacle for them, but not in this over the top way that just makes it all a joke and distracts us from what we want to see, which is their struggle to heal.

  19. 19 Cam

    Oo, that’s more interesting & I didn’t see that something so boring in this episode ~~~ THANKS for this recap, Orangy911, I love that you have a good points about this drama! ^__^

  20. 20 hi

    Tanx orangy for recap even when you’re busy with final exams and messy things around end of the year!
    AND tanx for all you guys for ur deep understanding of the show.
    I really enjoy reading recap and comments after watching the show, it help me to get more aspects of characters or show overall

    I can understand BS to reject jae hee even when she is in love with him! I dont khow, but i think lonely person are more frightened of fear of being alone than being alone itself .

    And by the other hand for independent character like her who gain every little things in her life by hardwoking till childhood and protect herself in hardship barehanded and just by her own self it’s not easy to accept jae hee from uper class of society. as she says : she look for similarities
    and she frightened of being dumped :((

    and i agree that the lead character have lots of potentials to grow to like each other or relief their pains by these complicated situations which just give them dizzy head nothing will be solve .

  21. 21 hi

    in Soompi there is a essay which admire lee ji ah for her act in this drama , you can support this essay too !

  22. 22 Francesca

    Hwa Young is SO pathetic! She’s got the brain and looks but low confidence. How could she pin a young man like Jaehee down for herself and not let him grow?

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