Dramabeans 5-Year Anniversary Giveaway #3
by | January 15, 2012 | 1,011 Comments

girlfriday: Week three of the blazin’ birthday giveaway extravaganza extraordinaire!

javabeans: You know what that means: More presents! Man, what a spoiled 5-year-old Dramabeans is.

girlfriday: Right? If DB were a kid, we’d have one needy brat on our hands.

javabeans: Then again, most 5-year-olds receive presents, and DB’s giving ‘em out. Although I don’t know who gave that kid my credit card info.

girlfriday: Is that what’s going on? That explains a lot. This time we’re giving away a brand new iPod nano, but that’s not the best part. It’s chock full o’ goodies! It’s got a Javabeans Playlist on it, which I’m gonna venture to say is worth more than the player itself.

javabeans: We’ve also got a few more premium memberships to give out to Dramafever, in case you want to get friends/siblings/parents addicted to your drama poison of choice. Because as we know, drama addictions are best shared, not cured.

girlfriday: Yeah, rehab’s for quitters, and we’re no quitters!

javabeans: So get crackin’! By which we mean, please post up lots of nice thoughts for our many many guest posters over the years.

girlfriday: They know how much we appreciate them, but as we know from personal experience, sometimes the warmest thanks comes straight from you guys, so please be generous with the love!

And the winners of Giveaway #2 are…

  • Bethany, winner of a one-year premium subscription to Dramafever,
  • PrincessSerenity81, winner of a one-year drama membership to Crunchyroll,
  • and Bluefyre, winner of one $100 gift certificate to Yesasia.

Congratulations! We’ll be contacting you shortly via email. On to the next one!


Giveaway #3

Question: Actually it’s not a question this time, but a prompt: Thank a guest blogger, any guest blogger. That can mean any of our current contributors (i.e., gummimochi, kaedejun, HeadsNo2) or anybody who’s ever written a guest post on Dramabeans in the past. (*Don’t forget to use a valid email address, and please indicate at the bottom of your comment if you are NOT a resident of US/Canada.)


  • 1-year premium membership at DramaFever (US/Canada residents only)
  • another 1-year premium membership at DramaFever (US/Canada residents only)
  • an iPod nano (maybe with some stuff on it, wink-wink).
    DramaFever offers free legally-licensed dramas and movies with high-quality English subtitles. With a premium membership you can watch unlimited, commercial-free, and enjoy extra content as well as unlimited mobile device access and high-definition. Check out recently added titles here.

Winners announced: Sunday, January 22, at 8pm, Pacific Standard Time*

*Or, 10pm in Mexico City, 11pm in NYC, 1am in Buenos Aires, 4am in London, 5am in Paris, noon in Singapore and Manila, 1pm in Seoul and Tokyo, or 3pm in Sydney and Vladivostok. Okay, you get the point. (You can refer to this handy Time and Date converter to find out what this is in your time zone.)


1,011 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Lisa H

    Thank you, orangy911, for your recaps!!!!

  2. julianna

    I would like to say thank you to only1tony! I love the movie reviews and hope to see more from you! ^_^

  3. yooney

    okay, seriously, i love gummimochi. the squees of joy that come across in their recaps, as well as their somewhat cryptic yet hysterically funny twitter posts that cause me to wait for their recaps to appear on dramabeans… well, it’s become a fixture in my life.

  4. MelodyShell

    Thank you so much red pill and cassie.opeia for your wonderful recaps of Sungkyunkwan scandal! I absolutely loved reading them 🙂 An extra thank you to girlfriday who was a pinch hitter as well!

    • 4.1 bubbletea

      I second that! It was really wonderful of redpill and cassie.opeia to take up the recapping of SKKS! Those were the days of me racing over to DB daily, refreshing continually throughout the day, anticipating the recaps. (Alas, due to schoolwork, these days I often watch a drama and/or read the recaps long after they’ve been out. 🙁 )

      *Not a resident of US/Canada

      Congrats to the winners of the 2nd giveaway!
      And I agree with girlfriday on the Javabeans playlist being worth more than the iPod! I love the indie tunes attached to individual posts by javabeans! *thumbs up!*

  5. huesofscarlett

    I would like to thank gummimochi for the Running Man recaps. I just have this odd feeling of kinship when someone enjoys watching something just as much as I do. Lots of love to you all 🙂

  6. Caroline

    I would like to thank kaedejun because she’s been a guest blogger for a long time and has recapped some of the dramas that girlfriday and javabeans don’t have time for, so for that I am extremely grateful. I really enjoy her style of writing and I hope that she continues to blog for a really, really long time (:

  7. Ace

    Thank you HeadsNo2 for the Wild Romance recap. Also for Salaryman. 😉

    *Not a resident of US/Canada

  8. Rayray

    Samsooki! Thank you so much for the ‘My name is Kim Sam Soon recaps’! I’ve watched the drama when it first came out and forgot about it until I saw your recaps! Thank you for devoting so much time, I know it can’t be easy! Lots of love, Rayray

    • 8.1 indigowine

      Samsooki! Not a day goes by without me frantically waiting for your crazy City Hall recap. I love every words you spill, your undying love to a certain “mister-assistant-Soo In” and your witty sarcasm.

      I quoted and re-quoted all of your lines, including but not limited to:
      – BB starts turning colors that I didn’t think a human body could manufacture
      – At the celebration dinner at Mexico and the Chicken, everyone is there, except for Soo In (glaring absence! grrrrrr.)
      – It is as if PD Kwak gathered together all of the Chuno writers, and announced, “Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I think we can make Dae-Gil’s life even more brutal…”
      – etc

      AND HELLO… I didn’t even know you’re a GUY until several months, I mean.. seriously, who would’ve thought somebody who’s basically in love with Soo In the Jo Gook’s assistant could turn out to be a male? *not even trying to implicate any racism here*

      ~not a US/Canada resident

      • 8.1.1 mUshroom

        O_O OMG Samsooki is a guy?!? I didn’t know that I was totally imagining a girl rattling down all those words for the Samsoon recaps.

      • 8.1.2 aceyyy

        I agree, i was late on the City Hall train and samsooki’s recaps were the perfect accompaniment. That drama is still incredibly special to me, but when I try to rewatch it, somehow not having his comments to respond to, agree with, laugh along and discuss make it a less satisfying experience. Thank you samsooki ajusshi! When will you be back with more?

        (not a us/canada resident)

  9. tinabobina

    Thank you samsooki for My Name is Kim Sam Soon recaps! It was nice revisiting one of my favorite dramas! 🙂

    • 9.1 godninja

      yes, samsooki, you inspired me to watch sam soon!

  10. 10 iin

    Thank you kaedejun for your recap in The musical!! I loved reading your recap and I hope to see your drama recap soon in dramabens ^^

  11. 11 LoveHDH

    I would like to thank samsooki because he recapped my favourite drama of all time, City Hall. He did an amazing job on the recaps and I loved that he included the ‘character to watch for’ little part at the end. I also really admire the fact that he’s a guy and he’s afraid to admit that he’s an avid drama watcher.
    I hope he comes back one day and recaps another epic drama !!

  12. 12 mango cream~

    Special thanks to gummimochi for her awesome Running Man reviews! xD I love reading them~ Your commentary is always so hilarious 😀

  13. 13 totallyskates

    Thank you kaedejun for your 2011 rankings and all your other posts!! I ended up getting hooked on 49 days because of it! 🙂 Great drama. 😀 Thanks to all of the other guest posters as well! ^^

  14. 14 Jenn c

    Thanks gummimochi for running man!:)
    Red pill and Cassie.opeia for sungkyunkwan scandal!:)

  15. 15 Katie

    I’d like to thank Gummimochi; I’ve recently been following the High Kick 3 weecaps and I have really enjoyed the insights and opinions from the posts!

  16. 16 Mareeya

    Thanks to HeadsNo2! I love the way you write <3 And i really liked the Padam Padam halfway report you wrote recently!

  17. 17 eret

    wanna thannk kaedejun for the pp recaps which enjoy as much as the drama !!!!!!

  18. 18 Akanksha

    I have become a fan of HeadsNo2 ever since History of Salaryman and Padam Padam Halftime Report!
    Yay! keep it up HeadsNo2! Jjayo 🙂 Kamsahamnida

    *resident of US

    • 18.1 anduril

      Diddo. Salaryman didn’t manage to capture me, but I can’t stay away from the recaps. While I was sad Padam Padam could get the full recap, I jumped at the halfway report. Thanks HeadsNo2!

  19. 19 SweetiePie54

    Thank you gummimochi for doing the Running Man recaps! I started watching RM summer of 2011 and was hooked immediately. The recaps are so well-written and entertaining. I have to wait until the episodes are subbed so it’s nice to read the recaps and anticipate the awesome that is coming my way. 🙂

  20. 20 reeen

    I’m sooo glad orangy911’s recaps made me curious about Me Too, Flower. It turned out to be one of my favourite dramas in 2011 and I always looked forward to orangy’s thoughtful commentary on it. I hope to see you post again on dramabeans in the future!

    • 20.1 reeen

      totally forgot about this: not in the US/Canada

  21. 21 alittlesmile

    kaedejun, if it were not for the fact that you are currently recapping What’s Up, I would have never been motivated to watch it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! =)

  22. 22 indigirl9000

    Thank you kaedejun for your recaps. When I don’t have time to watch dramas, i read your wonderful recaps! It’s great!

  23. 23 Z

    I will think kaedejun because there’s been a few dramas that I wasn’t interested in that I gave a chance to because of her recaps… and quite a few that I’ve lost interest in but got to see how they panned out because of her recaps.

  24. 24 poyi


    you are awesome

    i can honestly say a large part of my enjoyment of Tree came from reading your insightful and entertaining recaps

    actually i think is was reading the recap of the 5th ep that made me even give the drama a chance

    so…THANK YOU :]

  25. 25 Andongkim

    Thank you kaedejun! We have got the same taste!!

  26. 26 casan

    orangy911, thank you for your recaps and i can remember when i first saw your recaps. i enjoy reading your recaps, thanks for all your effort to bring a smile and laughter on recap readers…please keep writing drama recaps, aja aja fighting!!!

  27. 27 Lost In Translation

    Kaedejun, thank you for recapping all the dramas that served as my drama crack for the past year or so. On the days that What’s Up airs, I watch the raw episode with wide-eyed confusion that turns into understanding through your recaps. 🙂

    Quite simply put, you’re awesome!

  28. 28 naturegurl48

    I want to thanks HeadsNo2. I am a lurker so I don’t actually comment on your posts, but I really, really appreciate them. I absolutely LOVE how you write. Especially your History of the Salaryman recaps. Even though I’m not watching the show right now (damn you school), I always make sure to read your recaps. You manage to make me laugh out loud just with your writing and how you explain scenes. I’m definitely planning on watching it when I have time along with Padam Padam. Thanks for writing a half-time report too, so that we know the show is still going strong.

    Also thanks to gummimochi for your Running Man recaps. Those are aweosme and always make my day better.

    I’m a Canadian resident. 😀

  29. 29 therealpacman

    I love gummimochi’s recaps of Running Man. It looks like so much more fun compared to American Variety Shows. Honestly, I love Korean Variety Shows like Running Man, 1N2D and going back X-Man and Love Letter as much if not more than dramas (not that I don’t also love dramas), so thank you gummimochi for providing recaps for variety shows and showing off other aspects of television media besides dramas.

  30. 30 jomo

    Thank you orangy911 for a fun ride along the M2F freeway of love! It seemed too short, but it was fun while it lasted to read your careful analysis of their personalities and turbulent lives.

    Thanks, kaedejun, for sticking with Romance Town of Greedy Maids. It was fun figuring out who was what and who loved whom and what ended up where in the end. Although, I am still not sure where all the money went.

    Thanks, HeadsNo2, for loving Tree with Deep Roots as much as me. It was PERFECT. I don’t know when a better show will come along.

    Thanks, samsooki, for going down memory lane with Kimm Sam Soon to learn again, “Why did she hate her name so much?”

    The dramaworld is a better place with you recapping in it.

  31. 31 komawolinda

    For you’re merry humour and cold jokes.

    • 31.1 mud

      I second this thank you!! A Double Thank You To Santa Claus!!

    • 31.2 sophie

      I second that too. Thank you, Santa Claus!

  32. 32 Sukispop

    Hi HeadsNo2,

    I just wanted to thank you, very much, for providing us with both the Episode 1 recap and Halftime Report for Padam Padam. It really is an excellent drama, and your recap and Halftime report have been wonderful companions to watching the drama.

    Thanks again, and I hope that we may see more drama recaps from you in the future. 🙂

  33. 33 Waetoriya

    Orangy911, seriously, thank you so much for making Me Too Flower even more enjoyable, with your witty commentary! I absolutely love your comments at the end because always always you see things that I would have never ever considered before. I must say that, even though I’ve not done with it yet, Me Too Flower has been such a roller coaster ride and I love having someone to help me along and hold my hand, in a way, when I’m so confused!

    Also, kudos to all of the contributors at Dramabeans, because even though I may not have been here on this journey since the beginning, it’s been wonderful experiencing it with all of you~

  34. 34 myr

    I wanna say THANK YOU to KAEDEJUN for recapping You’ve Fallen For Me. It’s ten times the fun reading a recap from a fellow Kang Min Hyuk fan. XD
    and I LOVE your 2011 Year In Review. Kaedejun is one brave girl! XD

  35. 35 Joy

    JAVAAABEAANSS. Thank you for recapping City Hunter, my all time favorite drama :3 Keep up the great work LOL

    • 35.1 Ace

      LOL! Had to laugh at this, sorry.

      Since when did Javabeans become a guest recapper in this blog?

      • 35.1.1 yakuna

        I guess I’m like JOY….’am lost here too…..but it seems like an award sort-of-something!!!!

  36. 36 birdscout

    Thanks to all the guest writers for adding their blood, sweat, and tears to this wonderful site! And for spreading the LOVE of kdramas! Dramabeans actually awakened my inner Korean and I’m going back to the land of my birth this summer for the first time since emigrating over 40 years ago! I can’t wait!

    • 36.1 anotheraddict


  37. 37 xylophonic

    Thank you to all the guest bloggers of course, for the hard work and time they put in, but I want to especially thank HeadsNo2 for being awesome. Love your writing style, and your recaps are fun and easy to read, while still being illuminating and intelligent! If it weren’t for you I never would have been able to understand all the Joseon politicking that went on in Tree. So many thanks be to you!!

  38. 38 Jenny

    Thank you for your recaps, kaedejun!!!!

  39. 39 mizzxtiffany

    I want to thank kaedejun for your recaps! I enjoyed reading Iris and Romance Town!! Thanks for your wonderful recaps!! I truly appreciate it!! 🙂

  40. 40 Little One

    I would like to thank Kaedejun for all the posts she has done. The reason why is because, I know how hard it is to own your own blog, but take time to post in another. I appreciate all the posts you’ve done here, and the ones on your blog as well. My favorite post on kaedejun was “It’s Not Hard To Date A Drama Addict- Really :)”. I loved all your recaps of You’ve Fallen For Me. I believe that what makes a recap enjoyable is who writes it and how its written. I love your charming and witty comments on every recap you’ve done. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. 🙂 I also would like to thank anyone who has done a post here on dramabeans. We all appreciate you for taking time out of your personal lives to feed our drama addictions!!!!

  41. 42 shirleysan

    Thank you for your recaps, gummimochi! I loved reading them!

  42. 43 mud

    I want to thank everyone who’s ever taken away from their precious watching time to write something up for Dramabeans. Your writing has helped shaped Dramabeans to what she/he is today. Thank you so much!

    I want to give a special thank you to samsooki for his many insightful opinions he shared on OT and for his recaps of City Hall and My Name is Kim Sam Soon. For me, reading the caps were just as fun as watching (if not more in some instances).

  43. 44 yuong_gl

    Thanks so much Headsno2 for your Tree with Deep Roots and History of a Salaryman reviews! Wit and bite in every review without compromising the meat and heart of the episode. Plus, I seriously die laughing every time I read a HoaS entry…so good! I can no longer read HoaS reviews at work…

  44. 45 Reese

    I would like to thank Dahee_Fanel for your Year In Review. The anecdote at the beginning of the review about your drama addiction and how you have grown up to see dramas through the eyes of someone who isn’t so addicted today and see’s the dramas without a magic sheen that presumably hid the flaws was something I could relate to.

    Unlike Dahee_Fanel I started my drama addiction in my mid-teens, but I still used to and watch anything and everything, but now (about five years later) I’m much more selective.

  45. 46 Nabby

    Thanks to all of the guest bloggers on DB, but a special thanks to gummimochi! You have no idea how happy I get to see the High Kick and Running Man recaps one after the other! They really help get me through a weekend of studying!

  46. 47 sophia

    I want to thank KAEDEJUN for her recaps! They were so funny and I LOVED reading them!

  47. 48 crazedlu

    dude, DOING THIS ONE!!

    well, i want to thank kaedejun for “romance town” and finishing off “you’ve fallen for me”. those dramas could’ve been something. tears.* even though they turned out o_0;, THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK.

    thanks, gummimochi for tag-teaming with javabeans to bring us delightful recaps for “high kick: counterattack of the short legs”. seriously, Best. Daily. Drama. Yet. THANKS.

    a big thank you to HeadsNo2 for the “tree with deep roots” recaps. i did not want to dedicate too much time to watching the show, so i appreciate the wonderful recaps! THANKS A BUNCH.

    thanks, dramabeans. always a blast when i click in here.

  48. 49 angry mama bear

    Thanks HeadsNo2 for recapping Tree with Deep Roots. Thanks to all the guests, though, since recapping all those dramas is too much to ask of javabeans and girlfriday. Reading your guys’ thoughts helps make drama watching even more fun!

  49. 50 hangukeando

    Dear HeadsNo2, thank you for your excellent work with High Kick…Every time I finish watching the episodes I like to read your reviews and can’t help but feel that I’m discussing the episode with a friend that has my same opinions about what happens on the show. Keep up the good work and thank you ^.^

    • 50.1 yakuna

      HEADSNo2,,,so you did HIGH KICK?????That’s where I discovered Jeong Il-woo… can’t get enough of him..Million thanks to you for making me enjoy episodes after episodes……

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