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What’s Up: Episode 15
by | January 26, 2012 | 60 Comments

Being obsessed with a show has a double-edged sword; when things are going well, it’s great. When things go exactly the way you want them to, and/or turn out to be better than you expected, it increases the level of fandom. And that’s difficult for me because I can’t go shouting on the rooftops, “What’s up, WHAT’S UP!!” and turn on everyone’s computer to episode 1. I’d get the stink-eye, no matter how sweet or charming I think I am. The point of all this “fandom rambling” is: this drama needs an official OST, stat. The songs are what increases my love for this show each week because of the talent involved. There’s only so much I can do with editing audio tracks from the drama episodes to create my own personal OST.

Sun-Man is informed of Team Yang’s progress via Prof. Yang’s assistant. (Frustratingly, I have not heard her name yet, but she did change up her hairstyle.) They not only have a musical (“Fame”) but are already rehearsing the choreography. Doo Ri is also in Sun-Man’s office, listing all these history facts about “Fame” as if she read the same musical encyclopedia Byeong Gun probably wrote. She’s always around him, and Sun-Man offers $50 if the assistant can help him get rid of her. Sun-Man has the gall to say that he’s disappointed in Prof. Yang’s lack of creativity, for not using the students to create an original script, score, and choreography. He wants to do an original musical, to which Doo Ri quickly shuts down because they have no script, score, or even actors. Sun-Man throws a book at them – here’s the script! Except… It’s just one liners on each page. You have the start (a “challenge”), a failure, a build up to climax, and the ending. Basically it’s the bare bones of the “Hero’s Journey.”

He presents this to the freshmen class in four large sheets of poster paper. Even if some of them are working on”Fame,” they can all participate in creating the script for his musical. All they have to do is write about their experiences and express whatever they want on the appropriate poster sheets. He asks who wants to write the script, and Doo Ri, Byung Gun, and several others raise their hand. Sun-Man points out that it’s going to be hard work writing the students’ real story (and two people put their hands down); the writer will have to connect the dots between the scribbles (one more down); whatever can’t be expressed in dialogue must become a song (another down); and the writer cannot be onstage at the same time (Byeong Gun’s hand goes down). Sun-Man is surprised to see Byeong Gun want to be onstage, because it will require singing. But Byeong Gun insists on trying – he will audition on the final night of auditions. That leaves Doo Ri as the writer (much to Sun-Man’s reluctance).

Class is dismissed, and Tae Hee hangs back in the hopes of speaking with Jae Hun about last night, where he just broke up with her. Since she wants to be part of the play too, she hopes that things won’t be awkward between them since they will have to see each other. Jae Hun doesn’t care, and so Tae Hee stops him for one more request: can he tell her what she did wrong? She promises to fix whatever it is that pissed him off. Jae Hun: “Just think of it as you meeting me is like you sitting on dog shit. Let’s just go our separate ways.” Tae Hee doesn’t understand, which frustrates him more. She can be so clueless at times! He even yells, “Should I quit school to avoid you?!” And with that, he rudely just leaves her.

Doo Ri is left to deal with the aftermath in their dorm room, when Tae Hee can’t stop listening to the depressing version of “My Funny Valentine.” She finds Tae Hee crying silently to herself, and encourages her to just cry out loud. Tae Hee is so lost; her father usually appears to talk to her whenever she needs him, but lately he hasn’t appeared. Doo Ri understands the root of the problem is Jae Hun, and she storms out of their room.

With Do Sung’s help, Jae Hun is dragged to an empty stage for a confrontation with a very angry Mama Hen named Doo Ri. She wants to know what on earth Jae Hun did to Tae Hee, but he just turns to leave. Do Sung won’t let him, and when Byeong Gun appears (having followed the boys out of curiosity), Jae Hun is trapped. Doo Ri: “Jang Jae Hun! Are you trying to run away? What’d you do to her!?” Jae Hun: “What are you to know about my business?!” Doo Ri becomes violent, throwing chairs and props at Jae Hun. Dang – never piss off Mama Hen again.

They finally reach a stare-down, and Byeong Gun neatly summarizes that Jae Hun must have dumped Tae Hee for her to be crying for two hours straight. Doo Ri thinks it’s just one of the games boys and girls play, where boy meets girl, boy dumps girl, then boy and girl get back together. However, since she knows her naive roommate knows nothing of these games, she asks for Jae Hun to fix the problem. Even Do Sung calls Jae Hun out on his feelings, noting that everyonein the school knows he likes Tae Hee. Jae Hun: “I know this may sound funny to you guys, but I’m doing it for Tae Hee.” Yeah – to an outsider, you sound like a noble idiot. But we all know it’s because of his longstanding guilt towards her. Doo Ri is disgusted to hear that’s his only excuse, and Byeong Gun jokes that they’re in the romantic comedy-melodramas on TV. (So true!)

Jae Hun: We learned in class to look into your own heart. I looked into my heart this time, and I found out I was pretty gross. I’m selfish, dirty, and cowardly. I’m also weak – a total loser…. Thus I realized I shouldn’t be hovering around her.

He doesn’t expect Doo Ri to understand him, but he’s grateful to her and Do Sung, because he now knows that Tae Hee has really good friends by her side.

Having reached this impasse, Doo Ri goes back to the classroom and snaps photos of the half-filled posters. Already there are a bunch of ramblings and drawings from her fellow classmates, and she belatedly notices that Chae Young is also in the room, staring at the posters too. Soo Bin enters and hands her some music sheets. He’s been up all night composing music for Tae Hee. He wants Chae Young to be his messenger: have Tae Hee sing his song for her audition tomorrow, and to make sure Do Sung is present to listen. It’s extremely important that Do Sung be there – because Soo Bin is throwing the gauntlet! You want risky!? I’ll give you risky! Soo Bin would relay the message himself, but he’s too tired. To punctuate his point, he lies down on the plastic chairs and proceeds to sleep (much to Chae Young’s annoyance).

Tae Hee is sitting in one of the practice rooms, trying to prepare for her audition. However, her voice keeps wavering and she can barely sing two lines of her song. Unfortunately, Chae Young happens to witness this. In her “I’m only trying to be helpful, but not really,” manner, she asks if Tae Hee can’t sing because of her breakup with Jae Hun. Chae Young then takes action; she calls up Director Oh and begins to yell that Tae Hee isn’t being managed properly. Because Tae Hee is now a mess over a guy, she can’t sing! Great – what a way to twist things and make Tae Hee seem like she completely disobeyed Director Oh’s instructions! The result of this call? Now Director Oh will be sending someone over tomorrow to check up on Tae Hee. If she can’t sing by tomorrow, she’s probably going to be cut from the agency.

The next day, Doo Ri heads over to Sun-Man’s office to present her idea for the script, but his office is empty. Prof. Yang’s assistant catches her practicing to no one, and is pleasantly shocked to see that Little Miss Stalker doesn’t know everything about Sun-Man! Since it’s a Thursday, Sun-Man always disappears after his 3 o’clock class. She doesn’t know where, or if he’s meeting a girl, but she relishes that Sun-Man has managed to keep at least some secrets from Little Miss Stalker.

Sun-Man is meeting a woman – a female doctor that is. She looks at his scans and notes that his liver isn’t functioning as well as it should be. He should seriously be admitted into the hospital, but Sun-Man vehemently refuses to. He just wants pain killers – preferably a brand that won’t make him seem so drowsy all the time too. What’s heartbreaking is that he refuses to acknowledge the gravity of his situation. Though he’s probably aware of it, and his doctor is trying to make him see reason in getting treatment in the hospital, he refuses to do anything about it. He doesn’t want to center his life around this liver disease, but rather is just making it another facet of his colorful life. We all know that this is just going to end up being very bad for him, so it makes me feel worse to see him refuse treatment.

Back in school, life goes on. Jae Hun witnesses Doo Ri and Tae Hee bonding in a practice room; Prof. Yang teaches more obscure classes where she has everyone stand like a tree; Tae Hee can’t stop looking at Jae Hun in class and in the hallways but he just walks off in the opposite direction, no longer hanging out with all of them. Before the audition, Doo Ri and Tae Hee go over the music Soo Bin gave her, writing original lyrics for it based on the experiences written down by their classmates. Byeong Gun is absolutely jealous that he, the roommate, doesn’t even get a chance to sing Soo Bin’s songs. He even claims 30% of the credit for the song, because he is the one who has to put up with Soo Bin when he enters his frenzied writing state.

Tae Hee then spots Jae Hun passing by their common area and quickly chases after him. He stops automatically, recognizing the sound of her steps. Without looking at him in the face, Tae Hee quickly asks that he be present for her audition. She doesn’t know if she can sing still, but if he’s there, she’ll feel safer, and her throat just might become unstuck. Looks like she’s been practicing this speech for a while now… She apologizes for being so “pathetic” in still clinging on to him, but Jae Hun doesn’t reply. He just stares at her, and then waits for her to walk off on her own. He looks like he’s debating whether watching her audition would be a wise thing to do.

Meanwhile, Prof. Yang takes Director Oh around the school. Since he’s going to be their sponsor for the NYMF festival, she suggests that when he produces his own original musical, he should use their students. He scoffs – no way in hell is he going to hire amateurs. He witnesses practice going on, and meets with the student director Chang Jin. With just a look, he tells his secretary to go hire the agency’s award-winning choreographer to redo all their routines, and to find another experienced director to take over from Chang Jin. Chang Jin and Jeong Dae are confused and astonished by Director Oh’s demands. It’s only because of their wide-eyed looks that Director Oh amends his statement – he’ll hire the director to do the work behind the scenes, but everything will be done in Chang Jin’s name. He will also look into the judges so that they can prepare accordingly to appease each judge’s taste.

Chang Jin and Jeong Dae’s reactions: “What the hell just happened here?” The only person actually thrilled about this arrangement is Prof. Yang, who can finally see the award that much closerΒ in her hands. She even practices her acceptance speech with the boys, choosing to substitute “passion” with the word “fame” because, they mean the same thing right? Thank goodness she’s not an English teacher…

It’s audition time for Team Sun-Man! Doo Ri follows him close behind through the school hallways, which freaks Sun-Man out. Usually, she’s a step ahead of him, waiting for him at his next destination. Doo Ri corrects him; she’s not following him, but is observing him. I correct Doo Ri; she’s stalking him, not observing him. She wants to know exactly where he was in the afternoon, and if he met a woman or a man. He says ‘woman,’ and that elicits a huge glare from her. “What?” Sun-Man says, “I can meet a girl if I want.”

In the audition room, Tae Hee and Byeong Gun both want to audition. She goes up first, and hands the music over to the pianist. Jae Hun and Do Sung are not in the room watching. The pianist begins to play, and the door opens. Tae Hee looks over excitedly – but it’s Chae Young and a man from the agency here to observe. She misses her cue, and has the pianist start again.

Jae Hun is actually standing in the dorm lobby, debating on whether to go or not. Sung Jae and the Rapper from his class catch sight of him and drag him off to play a round of basketball with them. On the way to the courts, they are stopped by a deliveryman, who has certified mail for Jae Hun. It’s from the police station. It’s a request for attendance for interrogation. Oh boy. Once again, Tae Hee misses her cue to sing, and Sun-Man is ready to just up-and-leave. So Byeong Gun stands up – he’ll sing with her. He’ll help her get started, since the beginning is usually hard. Once she sings though, her throat should open up; Byeong Gun knows this from experience. Sun-Man: “I don’t think you’re really in the position to give that kind of advice…” HAHA!

But Byeong Gun insists – it would be an absolute honor for him to sing Soo Bin’s song. Sun-Man sits back down, and Byeong Gun places his brother’s drawing on the piano as a good luck charm. While he thinks back to his brother’s words of how inspiring his music was, Tae Hee thinks of her request for Jae Hun to come see her sing. It’s where they’re trying to gather their courage from. The pianist begins again. And hesitantly, Byeong Gun sings:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

There’s no need to be afraid now. Let’s start again / Hey, hey, hey! Listen to the sound of my heart beating… Let your body move to the rhythm of life’s music. There’s joy as our voices reach the sky. Though the world seems hellish at times.

And JAE HUN ENTERS THE ROOM! Tae Hee smiles, and her throat magically opens up.

There’s a melody that always protects me. What’s up! / It’s best for me. / What’s up! There are no regrets / Know me? / What’s up! Throw your worries aside / What’s up! Everybody what’s up! / Give, give, give it up! Let your body move to the rhythm of life’s music. There’s a joy as our voices reach the sky. That crazy sound makes my heart beat. I’ll risk my life for it. This world, I’m gonna make it mine / make it mine, make it mine… Shout it out!

Chae Young glares. But looks of pride emanate from Sun-Man and Doo Ri, and most importantly, Jae Hun.


YEAAAAAAA! Byeong Gun singing? In front of MORE THAN ONE (living) PERSON!? And he even raps! Now that’s what I call a winning episode. If his disease of stage fright is contagious, so is his disease of “singing well.” I love that he gulps audibly before singing too. Jo Jung Suk is amazing to watch because he’s such a good singer, but he can portray an amateur with severe stage fright so convincingly. This guy needs to be in more dramas so I can see him more, or he needs to come to Broadway. This episode moved quite quickly, so I felt it glossed over the Jae Hun-Tae Hee storyline a bit. But I think the key takeaway for it was that they’ve broken up, and that’s that. Doo Ri can throw a tantrum all she wants, but no one can save the relationship except for the parties involved. It’s a quick resolution, but true and honest. Life is so much more than just one heartbreak, or one performance, or one musical; it waits for no one, and the added time constraint of 45 minutes per episode doesn’t help either.

As for why Jae Hun shows up at the audition in the end, I think it’s because he knows that he may not see Tae Hee for a while, and so this is sort of like his “seeing her for one last time” moment. Despite his feelings of guilt towards her, it’s heartening to see him smile when she finally finds her voice again. Their friendship – whatever is left of it – comes first. He’s both supporting her, as well as indulging himself with one last glimpse of her shining before he has to go answer for his past crimes. The final song speaks so much about our ragtag bunch; they individually have a lot to fear, but if they put their trust in the music of their hearts and find their voice, they can do anything. They are stronger together than they are by themselves. They can be honest with themselves and with each other. They can live their life and have fun.

The mini story at the end focuses on Chae Young and Soo Bin. Chae Young’s jealousy shows through when she asks about why he lets Tae Hee follow him around. He points out that most girls are like Chae Young – they fake a lot around guys and pretend they’re starring in their own mini-drama, but Tae Hee is real.


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  1. xiaoSxin

    I am sad this drama is ending already this weekend. This was supposed to be a 20 episode drama! Give it back to me!!!!!

    • 1.1 zeyy

      what?!! is it no longer 20??!!! noooo i refuse to believe it!! its like the best drama ive watched in a few years!! its superb quality, not full of idols who cant act πŸ™

      • 1.1.1 Ella

        LOL except the girl who plays tae hee..

    • 1.2 alua

      Is it? I though it was 20 too…

    • 1.3 Bluefyre

      On Dramafever it says 18 episodes

  2. xiaoSxin

    I agree WHAT’S UP needs to release their OST.

  3. Steph

    Ok. You’ve done it. I’m going to go and check out the first ep (after I finish my writing assignment, of course)>

    • 3.1 kay

      yay!!! more people need to watch this drama.

    • 3.2 Saima

      I’ll second this. Have been hearing many good things abt this show!

  4. Ani

    Hey, so I haven’t been around for What’s Up – recaps and actual drama – but I just noticed something by scanning these pictures. Sun-man and Doo-ri are also in Wild Romance. Not as a couple, but Doo-ri is in there as the ever cute know-it-all yet dense Dong-ah and Sun-man as the ever loving and supportive hyung Dong-soo. I need to pick up this drama one of these days.

    • 4.1 Mystisith

      Would you believe me if i told you i watch Wild Romance mostly for Teach and Doo Ri ?

      • 4.1.1 Ani

        I can totally see that. The things fans do for love. XD

      • 4.1.2 alua

        Yup! I love the ‘extra Doo Ri screen time’ in Wild Romance… except of course that she isn’t Doo Ri that. But she still rocks!

    • 4.2 Saima

      Ohmygosh!! The actress playing Dong-ah in WR stars in WU as well! She is soo awesome as the spaced out ferocious reader cum erotic writer, heh. She’s stunningly beautiful. I really want her to hook up with the uptight manager. He’s hilarious not in the blatant sense but more like, oh man he stands out like a sore thumb amongst the other eccentric characters. Wait, he’s eccentric as well! Oh wellz!

      • 4.2.1 Yasmin

        heh!! i love dong ah and that manager dude!! their characters are so quirky and eccentric in their own ways.

        SPOILER/ i luved ep 7 of wild romance cos of the manager and his spouting of baseball history to buy them more time. Also the bit where dong ah convinces him to help using not-so-clear logic hee!! so cute πŸ˜€ END/

        Back to what’s up!! BYUNG GUN CAN SING!! he is totally my favourite character in this show along with doo ri!! He never fails to make me laugh and his acting and singing skills are amazing!1 I just love him!! I hope they cast him in more dramas!

    • 4.3 Caitlyn

      Well, now I have another reason to watch Wild Romance. I wasn’t sure about it but if those two are in it as well, it’s now definitely on my list.

  5. riin

    you are so right about the OST!
    We need it right now!!

    • 5.1 mindo

      do u already got its OST?
      need them too

  6. JoAnne

    I tell everyone I can think of that would care about a KDrama that this is the one to watch. Even with the oddly chopped pacing at times due to the shortening of the episodes, this is the only one I’ve ever seen (ok, I haven’t seen HUNDREDS, but I’ve certainly seen several DOZEN) that consistently, every episode, makes me happy. Doesn’t get boring, doesn’t get lost or sidetracked, doesn’t drag out some stupid misunderstanding for 3 or 4 episodes. Stuff happens every time. Stuff we CARE about. To people we care about. And it’s all accompanied by one of the most glorious soundtracks you will ever find. And not for nothing? But I could listen to Tae Hee and Byeong Gun sing duets FOREVER.

  7. come2noona

    This was an awesome episode. I was happy to see more of Doo-ri and Byeong-gun and to have the relationship mess kind of pushed back a bit. I adore Sun-man and his story line is gonna break my heart. I was wondering if anyone else thinks Jo Jung-suk looks a little like Gong Yoo. I don’t know why, but he reminds me of him. This drama needs to be longer, oh well…

    • 7.1 JoAnne

      I’ve been thinking that the whole way through!!!

    • 7.2 JoAnne

      oh wait…is Jo Jung Suk Byeong gun? In that case, no. But the male assistant to Professor Yang, HE looks like like Gong Yoo to me. So much so that at first I thought he was doing a cameo.

  8. Linda121

    I love how when Byeong-gun went up and everyone was sort of like “oh great” rolls eyes, and then he starts to sing and Sunman just positions himself up!!!! And the look look on Chae young is just left breathless. It was soo satisfying to see that her plans are not going to work. I love Byeong-gun and Tae Hee duets! There voices just compliment each other so well! I need this dramas OST

    • 8.1 alua

      For me, Chae Young’s look I think suggested that she really just realised that the others are FAB, while she is totally not.

      Too bad for her she has been spending all her time planning various kinds of schemes, rather than practicing her singing! I don’t feel bad for her at all!

    • 8.2 Jinny

      Yeah i was like hell yes when Byeong-gun started singing!! I kind of wished Chae Young didn’t get to hear it though, because she would’ve heard it during the actual performance and have been doubly shocked and not have time to make up an evil scheme to ruin their musical….Now that she knows how good everyone is we can definitely expect an evil interference πŸ™

      • 8.2.1 Linda121

        I totally agree, I really wanted her to be super shocked that byeong-gun can sing. I feel really bad for chae young though, because all here time plotting and hating on everyone else, she should’ve practiced!!! It all comes back to you

  9. Today I'm writing as Kaedejun's fan

    Kaedejun, what is it in your writing that makes me teary eyed? If you have published, or will publish, a book (a novel, a collection of short stories/essays/poems) in English, please let me know. I’ll buy one for my collection.

    • 9.1 xiaoSxin

      I’m happy you like reading kaedejun’s recaps.

      • 9.1.1 Today I'm writing as Kaedejun's fan

        xiaoSxin, it’s kind of you to acknowledge my presence. Thanks. When time permits I may participate in a future dramabean thread and will surely look for you. Since Notting Hill and While You Were Sleeping are favorites of yours, I like you already. ^o^ Meantime, ciao!

  10. 10 momosan

    And for those collecting OST clips, at the very end of the episode, there is a complete version of Those Magic Changes that is, shall we say, easily ripped. Honestly, any episode where Jo Jung Suk sings is a win – dude is a star.

  11. 11 kay

    i seriously want to cry when i think about how much more perfect this drama would be if we were given the full 60 minute episodes and all 20 of it. gaaaaah just give us the ost at least! please

    • 11.1 JoAnne

      I would seriously buy the soundtrack for this series.

      • 11.1.1 xiaoSxin

        I would buy about 10 OST albums, one for my car, one to keep in the shelf and the rest will give them all to my kdrama friends.

  12. 12 L

    I see the Gong Yoo-ness too. But I think we might be the only ones XD

    • 12.1 L

      This was supposed to be a reply to come2noona‘s comment..

  13. 13 itunscrewstheotherway

    I love this show! Thanks you so much for your wonderful recaps!

  14. 14 Cynthia

    What’s Up! has been and continues to be, wonderful.

    That it is this good, in spite of all the awful, chopped editing for time constraints, plus the total obliteration of 2 entire episodes makes me wonder just how incredible this must be in its’ pristine, original state. This will be one DVD I will purchase solely to see it the way it was meant to be seen.

    I realize that every time I’ve referenced “Fame” in my comments about WU!, that it must feel by this point I’m continuing to beat a dead horse – but I will admit the moment the students were assigned their new production and it was ‘FAME’, I felt unabashed smugness. Heh.

    There’s just no getting away from that ambiance of the original – WU! was soaked in it and I have to give a big, thumbs up! to the Korean team that was able to translate such an American production into what we’ve been watching here.

    • 14.1 diorama

      I agree with you absolutely. I love this drama as it is, but I almost cry thinking of all those scenes that have been hacked out by evil producers. If that DVD ever comes out, and if it ever gets subs with English, I’m going to be all over it.

    • 14.2 xiaoSxin

      I do hope an director’s cut dvd will be released but seeing that even a mere OST is still nowhere to be found.. that reduces the chances even more. πŸ™

      If only there were more Korean fans instead of us who are outside Korea. Korean fans usually are very good mobilizing their power to petition broadcast stations to release OSTs and D-cut DVDs (for network dramas). But of course, another unchartered territory for What’s Up is that, they are on a cable channel. Cable drama rarely have an official DVD release. Example: Kdrama Someday (OCN Cable Channel) DVD was released by YAE.

      There is hope.. we should request the drama to YAE. HEre is the link:


      Let’s make this possible!!

      • 14.2.1 Cynthia

        Thanks! Already put in a request.

      • 14.2.2 Bluefyre

        Requested! Director’s Cut! I really hope more people request too. This one is too amazing to be left by the way side!

        And an official OST for ALL the songs goes without saying! C’mon, MBN!! Take my money already as long as you give me what I want. πŸ˜€

        Awesome, awesome drama!

      • 14.2.3 JoAnne

        Me too!

  15. 15 YBisTOP

    wow! I just noticed that there are two people in this drama that is also in ‘Wild Romance’. <3

  16. 16 soomp

    i feel the same – i always think of “What’s Up” (and Salaryman) as the best dramas that no one’s watching ;P i wonder if they will release an uncut DVD set – makes sense since they already have the full episodes. that’s something to look forward to! 2 more eps *wah*

  17. 17 littlestgoon

    i wish they did more with Do-sung`s character. i know his issue with his mom has been partially resolved…but it’s like they dropped his story line completely.

  18. 18 V V

    I really really wish they will release a director’s cut DVD set for this drama!!!!

  19. 19 alua

    I wasn’t too keen on Doo Ri getting all upset at Jae Hun. No, it isn’t his responsibility to take care of Tae Hee because she has been crying for two hours.

    It’s kind that Doo Ri cares, and she should take care of her roommate, but Jae Hun is being honest: he broke up with Tae Hee (noble idiot or not) and you don’t take care of the person you broke up with, because that doesn’t help the pain, it just extends it.

    But I was more annoyed at Tae Hee saying “Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it, I’m good at that” when she did not in fact mean it. Jae Hun did tell her what to do: to avoid him, to leave him alone. She, however, totally did the opposite. She can be all upset, angry, frustrated, etc. she wants but why say one thing and mean another?

    • 19.1 JoAnne

      You don’t think she meant ‘tell me what to do and I’ll do it’ so that they could be together again?

    • 19.2 Cynthia

      Wow, alua – you’re one tough cookie πŸ™‚

      Tae-hee is a young, naive girl from the country, her first time away from her small, isolated community and in her first romantic relationship.

      The only thing she understands in this episode is that she’s lost her voice, lost her father’s ghostly appearances and lost her first boyfriend(with an out-of-the-blue phone call) – and she doesn’t know why any of those events have come to be. She’s left emotionally adrift.

      So, is it really so surprising that she’d attempt to approach him for some support? She explained quite clearly to Jae Hun why she was asking him to be there for her. She just doesn’t have any past experience to draw upon in dealing with the ‘etiquette’ of a breakup. She takes the blame upon herself and thinks that if he can tell her what she did wrong, that she can ‘fix’ it.
      And how many times have we all heard that?

      • 19.2.1 alua

        hehe… yeah I’m being tough on her, true! πŸ˜‰

        I totally get why she is acting the way she is acting – it is completely normal for sure, certainly if she has no experience with relationships at all.

        But I just wish she could act like that without saying ‘tell me what do and I’ll do it’. But then again, if you really look at her throughout the drama, she is actually quite bad at listening to others, most of the time others talk to her and she runs off in the middle of the sentence to sign contracts and things of the sort. Only singing exercises and things of the sort she follows word for word. Half the time she listens, half the time she doesn’t. I wonder why she considers herself as someone that is good at listening to what others say and following their instructions?

  20. 20 Dita

    aigoo… I don’t even realize that this drama has been reached 15 episode… Really enjoy every moment in this drama ^^

  21. 21 Xtineee

    Omgoodness, I thought I was the only one requesting for OST(s) from this drama. I kept searching for the OSTs (soundtracks), but I couldn’t find any. Then I realized that they pre-recorded this drama, actors/actresses did not record the songs, and some of them are in different projects or military right now. I really do hope that they make a soundtrack for this drama, because the music is phenomenal!

    BTW kaedejun, I heard (amongst the fans) that Kim Byung Gun is an actual musical actor in real life. Not sure if it’s true but that would explain his awesome singing or he is just plain talented and sper gifted.

    Seriously, Kim Byung Gun is my favorite character. I can not wait to see him in his future projects!

    • 21.1 MsB

      I found a couple! I downloaded Lunatic and Genie. I also go the duet between Tae Yi and Byeung Gun. I’ll try to remember where I found them and post the website. It had several.

      • 21.1.1 Xtineee

        OoOhh… That would be awesome! You’re awesome. =] Thanks a bunches!

  22. 22 WvR

    Great episode! That song at the end was awesome! Thanks for the recap!

  23. 23 Claire

    thanks for the recap!

    ok i’m actually still at episode 8 and this drama is super great! i’m just disappointed that it was such an underrated drama.. :(( it’s ending but people still don’t recognize how great this drama is…

  24. 24 Yee

    I swear when tae yi started singing, I got the shivers!
    Lol! But anyways, this is such a great drama!
    But I agree, this song needs an OST. MORE MUSIC!
    & ya know what, kim byung gun raps in here!
    Thats totally awesome ! <3

  25. 25 cikkalut

    Anyone who knows the song since in ep 10 already.. but id’know d title
    The female singing voice

  26. 26 jeane Risty

    I realy like this movie…
    And i likes every song in this movie…
    But, went i search to find the song, i cant find that…
    Just Lunatic from Daesung BigBang….

    Huwaaaaaaa….:'( realy need OST.this movieee!!!!!

  27. 27 sleeping dogs

    Sleeping Dogs Game Review At first this game puzzled me because I thought it was set in America.
    A lot of people are speaking in American accents. But it turns out Hong
    Kong is it’s actual setting (there’s even a British guy in there as well.) Spotting
    the genuine Asian person is the challenge. Anyway that doesn’t really matter, my job is
    to give you a game reviews light sprinkle of words and
    wisdom as to whether or not you should buy the game, so we shall begin. Straight away
    it gives signs of being heavily story orientated which is a good thing in my opinion! I like the story, I’m
    not going to give a big break down of the whole thing because that’s what makes Game Reviews long and I don’t want to spoil things for you.

    But, the story gets a thumbs up from me. I’ll talk about
    the things which I like about Sleeping Dogs, first off there is a pretty nifty game mechanic where you have
    2 different experience systems. You gain experience as a cop
    and as a triad (saying cops and triads shouldn’t be a spoiler, you should
    be aware of this.) So you gain experience as a cop by completing undercover cop cases and not killing innocents and wrecking the place.
    You level up as a triad by beating down bad guys and
    the usual gang related things. I really like the combat though, the fist-fighting seems quite fluid and
    I actually get beaten a lot of the time which
    to me, shows that the combat is a challenge (which not a lot of
    games are these days.) The developers have done well to keep weapons out of your hands as much as possible.
    So you do have to fight with your fists most
    of the time, it makes a refreshing change from every man and his dog packing
    heat in other games. Things I don’t like so much about the game include
    – the graphics, they’re OK but that’s as good as they get.
    Also some of the driving controls are very unrealistic.
    I get that they wanted to put some extreme stuff in there,
    like hijacking cars by jumping out of one and into the other, fine.

    But ramming other cars is just plain bad, there’s a button to ram car’s and when you press the button you seem to get a boost of speed in the
    direction of the car you want to ram. I mean ANY direction, even if it’s parallel to
    your car, it’s bad design in my opinion. Finally the only other gripe I have is the fact that every female you meet in Sleeping Dogs
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    Now I’ve heard a few things about Hong Kong but this is just
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    I think its a good game, you’ll get a lot of hours of game play for your money and it’s very entertaining with a good

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