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Full House 2 lands its stars in a pit
by | March 23, 2012 | 83 Comments

So here are some stills from Full House 2, the drama that I still can’t quite figure out. Like how it’s going to be related to/spun off from/relevant to the original Full House entity. Or why it has an airdate in Japan (May 2012) and has sold rights to China, but hasn’t yet fixed plans to air in Korea.

The stills feature Noh Min-woo (Rock Rock Rock) and Hwang Jung-eum (Can You Hear My Heart) as the two leads, who get stuck in a grave and covered in dirt, looking pathetic. The plot that leads them there: Noh Min-woo plays the big star who travels to the woods for an outdoor photo shoot, while Hwang Jung-eum tags along as his stylist. She falls into the pit while searching for the cat she holds.

Since Rain played the cocky movie star in the original and Song Hye-gyo was his live-in maid/contract bride, I’m guessing we’ll preserve some of that bickery dynamic with these two. I’ll say this for Hwang Jung-eum — she is a chameleon, looks-wise, always changing things up and transforming her image.

The original was big enough international Hallyu hit that you’d figure anticipation would be equally high at home — after all, the show did capture 40%+ ratings when it aired in 2004. Caveat: That was back when television shows as a whole got higher ratings all across the board (and numbers in the mid-teens were considered a disappointment rather than a success). Caveat to the caveat: 40% is still pretty damn high, in any context.

So I’m curious why we haven’t heard more consistent news about the show, or why the buzz isn’t higher. There are bits and pieces of information out there if you do some digging, but a production like this should be doling out the promotional goodies readily, shouldn’t it? And you’d think a station would be eager to snap up the show for its own. I’m confused, and it makes me wonder what’s wrong with the show.

Also starring are Park Ki-woong (The Musical) and Lee Seung-hyo (Queen Seon-deok). Full House 2 will air on TBS in Japan. The production heads to China later this month to film abroad.

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83 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fasiris Fay

    This is just SO strange. The pictures, the fact that it has no airdate in Korea, and the fact that it doesn’t really have anything to do with the original…except the name?

    • 1.1 gg

      the promo pics look almost as weird as those for History of the Salaryman!

  2. LK

    Sorry but the lead actress’ hair looks ridiculous.

    • 2.1 red

      She does, she looks like Annie

      But then again I thought her hair cut on CYHMH was horrendus, but it grew on me. I mean the woman is gorgeous. Im hoping this is pre-makeover or a one of bad hair day for the character.

      • 2.1.1 cocoonedsoul

        annie is nicer than what most netizens are calling her- chucky.

  3. Mystisith

    Someone can tell me why cute No Min Woo looks like a vampire out of his coffin?
    I’m also having a weird sensation about that pseudo sequel (DH2 lingering feelings maybe). Just hope they won’t keep the title, and give us an empty shell.
    I saw the BTS footage at viki, and found the man cold (i don’t think he is in RL, so…). I must say i loved him in Midas (but not the drama) and in My girlfriend is a Gumiho. But please sweetie, SMILE! You know we can’t resist you when you flash a smile…

    • 3.1 nomu nomu nomu

      Emo Hair Gumiho hunter was a poorly written character and had no depth.
      As for the vampire out of coffin, he was originally casted for Vampire Idol (he always did look like a vampire)

  4. Cam

    Ooo, riiiiight….I still haven’t heard about this drama yet & I am waiting for this to will able to start airing, of course. Also, I don’t understand why this drama isn’t starting yet – BUT this drama will start airing in Japan….so what about Korea…?? I thought it will be ready to start soon (in Korea), mm…?? O_o

  5. Alexis

    Bwhahaha! 😀 That’s funny ~ I am still waiting for this drama to start airing soon, yups. ^__^

  6. mollyP

    Full House was one of the first dramas I watched when I first started watching Korean dramas, an at the time I loved it. Even if I found it repetitive and draggy, I adored it. I cant watch the whole thing through now that I am beginning to criticise dramas (so much so I stop watching them half way through if they get on my nerves). But I probably will watch this one because of sentimental value. And because I love No Min Woo. And I really like Hwang Jung Eum.

  7. kaigou

    The girl looks like a reject from a casting call for the lead part in Lil’ Orphan Annie. (The splash of red from the scarf doesn’t help, either, or her diminutive height next to NMW.) Meanwhile, he just looks… rather baffled. Which might be in character, but then, I’d be baffled, too, if I found myself trapped in a deep pit with Orphan Annie. And a cat.

  8. topper

    By the way do the Japanese watch their Kdramas subbed or dubbed? If subbed at least the international (ripping) community can start earlier than the korean ones haha.

    • 8.1 Jane

      You can switch the dialogue and subs on the tv here. Just like in the States you can put the tv in Spanish. So I can watch a broadcast show in the original language or Japanese, with Japanese subtitles or without.

  9. JiHwan

    Noh Min Woo’s face looks like a sculpture. Not quite sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing..

    • 9.1 Cynthia

      That’s because he’s a member of The Scenestiller Club!

  10. 10 anotheraddict

    Sorry, but I just can’t suspend my disbelief in this case– there’s no way in h-e-double-l that the woman pictured above could be employed as a stylist to a Hallyu star. I don’t know if HJE’s hairstyle is worse here or in CYHMH– it’s dreadful in both. And in these pix, NMW looks an awful lot like a rather butch woman I know named Rose.

  11. 11 DramaticTeacher

    These pictures don’t make me happy. When I first heard that Hwang Jung Eum and Noh Minwoo were casted for Full House I even thought that it would be better than the first one with these 2. But their stylist (and definetely their hairdresser) needs to fired and there must be done some emergency damage control.

    Sigh.. That ahjumma hair (cringe cringe)

    • 11.1 blyssxoxo

      Yes that horrible terrible ajumma hair. omg, I’m totally turned off by that.

      I wonder if this is the same stylist by Wild Romance. As much as I love LDW, I can’t bring myself to watch the drama because of the female lead hair.

      And now I’m back to the same fate, I love NMW but whats up with that horrible hair for the female leads?!!!!

      Whoever come up with that hair style should be shot. argh

      • 11.1.1 triangrl

        absolutely, positively could not AGREE MORE.
        noh min woo looks like a he-she.. i think it’s the hair color that’s off setting.. makes him look sickly.

        and HJE.. hopefully, it’ll be a short term look for her.
        make over & transformation episode better be in the beginning!

  12. 12 sara

    someone cut that girls and No Min Woos hair, please…I beg you >_<

    • 12.1 Mystisith

      Well, his hair is dirty obviously… We should be able to hide some scissors behind our back while he’s having his hair washed. If we are agile enough, he won’t notice the operation…

  13. 13 myra

    the hair colour doesn’t suit his skin……i liked how he looked in MGIAG with dark hair…however, everytime i see him, he reminds me of my english teacher (a woman)….they really look alike a lot…

  14. 14 queencircles

    This reminds me of when city hunter was coming out and we were all like…so does this have anything to do with the source material? Lol

  15. 15 cv

    Is that their real hair or is what they are have on wigs? 0_o It looks to me like wigs….but I could be wrong. 😛

  16. 16 danna

    she’s supposed to be his stylist???????….Seriously???

    • 16.1 Betsy

      That’s exactly what I was thinking too. LOL. A stylist should probably know how to dress themselves, before having to dress others.

  17. 17 Miky

    What have they done with his haircut!!!!

  18. 18 panshel

    This looks weird. Don’t know if I’m interested. Hmm…

  19. 19 belleza

    Ah Full House, that show with gratuitous cleavage. Rain’s cleavage that is. His boobs were so impressive I felt in the pale!

    Full House Sequel buzz has been going for 4 years, and it’s always murky. What that tells you is there’s always been strong (but informal) monetary interest from foreign investors, but they can’t land the star power.

    Personally, I’d like to see a sequel to I’m Sorry I Love You, starring Yoo Seung Ho.

  20. 20 reeen

    Questions I asked myself about this: Is today April 1st? Who of those two is the male lead? Are they going to cohabit in a grave? Why didn’t they call it “Full Grave” then? Did they choose that hole in the earth to reduce set costs? How much does it cost to get a hole of these dimensions dug out? Is it really a drama about zombies pretending to be an actor and a make-up artist? Is the whole production team on drugs?

    • 20.1 Mystisith

      BWAHAHAHAHA…… And some people find me sarcastic… Sorry, i have to wipe my tears from laughing.
      *Handing trophy for best comment*.

    • 20.2 cv

      LMao! ^^ Cracked me up!

    • 20.3 triangrl


  21. 21 Hannah

    Are they serious??? I’m not gonna judge this because this haven’t been aired yet but…really? -_- I don’t find the pic funny…

  22. 22 Amber

    *snerk* the comments here are cracking me up, but not as much as that last picture. “Someone! Please save me!”

    • 22.1 Mystisith

      —–Handing hand—-
      Then grabbing NMW’s wrist to run the fastest i can from that shocking crime scene.

      • 22.1.1 Amber

        I’m picturing you dragging him along behind you with his heels bumping along in the dirt…hehehehe

      • 22.1.2 Amber

        I also watch too many cartoons 😉

  23. 23 kay

    well they look kinda adorable… but very bad hair. why anyone would hire a stylist that looks like her, is beyond me.

  24. 24 lenrasoon

    so many people i like in a drama i don’t want to watch 🙁

    • 24.1 lenrasoon

      and in my opinion sequels are not a good thing.

  25. 25 Christy

    Can’t judge a drama by the stills alone! Anyway I hope this drama is going to be a funny one.

  26. 26 Noelle

    At first I was like whose that woman and child in a pit? Low and behold it’s my beloved NMW! Something needs to change about his look pronto.

  27. 27 Lawura

    thanks JB,

    The ahjumma hair stylist and the employer look like pale nerds and the CAT TOO, white fur !!

  28. 28 luraaa

    Noh Min-woo has Voldemort-like fingers.

  29. 29 jyyjc

    Hate no minwoo’s hair T__T and HJE’s too but I don’t rly care much for her.

  30. 30 king kong

    My sister had to beg me to give Full House second chance, When I first watched it I stop at episode 6. I didn’t feel the chemistry between the leads (I think it was due to the actress because I watch her in the drama “World Within” Binnie and Song Hye-gyo had no warmth, with so many intimates scenes I just didn’t feel the passion. Last year on my sister turn her basement into a movie theater heaven and we re watch Full house on a big screen and I have to say it wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t great or good but it wasn’t bad.

    I love the main actress in this spinoff, every since Giant and Can You Hear My Heart I think she one of those few actress that bring out the best with anyone she co-star. I’m differently on board for this one. I just wish that Si Won was the lead, I think they would have been good together, but then again I though he be good with the girl from Wild Romance and that was a bust!

  31. 31 Cynthia

    With all of these ‘appalling’ hair comments, it’s probably a good thing that JB didn’t post a pic of Park Ki-woong’s hair. His got bleached.
    It just might be a good thing that DH2 is airing in Japan first.

    • 31.1 Cynthia

      Sorry – meant FH2.
      I’ve got DH2 on the brain.

  32. 32 come2noona

    when I’m stuck with a day
    that’s grey
    and lo-one-llllllllyyyyyyy
    I just pick up my chin
    and grin
    and saaaaayyyyyyyy

    All together now! You know you want to!

    The sun will come out…….

    • 32.1 Amber


  33. 33 im_eve

    maybe because it’s “making” has been on the news since FH1 ended that people already tired up about it?? hehe

  34. 34 illia

    why couldn’t they choose wayyyy bigger stars?!

  35. 35 Tishi

    At least it has stills now?

  36. 36 canxi

    At this point in time the only thing that’s getting me interested about this drama is Park Ki Woong.

    The stills here remind me of that taiwanese drama Easy Fortune, Happy Life (or something like that) though. The part where they get stuck in quick sand. I did enjoy that drama.

    • 36.1 canxi

      I do like Hwang Jung-Eum too though. It’s just that I didn’t like original Full House (I can’t ever finish a drama with Rain in it, it’s so weird).

  37. 37 djes

    oh I thought FH2 will only air in Japan?

    I’m not surprised with NMW’s looks, he’s often sharing the pics via twitter..that pretty boy is quite narcissistic.. but then with his face, I can’t blame him.

    Never watch HJE in any show, don’t really like her only by the image, so I think I’d pass this.

    btw, I guess stylist here is more like wardrobe assistant?
    I’m following Kpop and that the images I got from the idols’ stylists… There are “real designers’ who design and choose the outfits, and then give them to their “stylist”

  38. 38 missjb

    OMG, all the pics cracked me up XD

  39. 39 mommyD

    oh my, i can’t stop laughing over those stills

    they actually look funny

    and maybe the reason he looks like that is because she is the stylist

  40. 40 Alixana

    I hate his hair way more than HJE. I hated Rain’s entire look in FH as well. I still shudder when I remember those loose Hawaian shirts with cleavage he wore all the time. 😛

  41. 41 gia

    omg, look like adam family that full house

  42. 42 hanie

    noo min woo! looking forward to him but not full house 2.

  43. 43 divaz_sha

    hate the hair…hate the hair…hate the hair…hate the hair…
    i know they want to make her look dumb or something but..
    that hair need to be burn on fire

  44. 44 aidablue

    Cant’s say i not at least intrigued by this Full House 2. As for the cast, plot etc, etc i’ll hold my thoughts till will get to see at least a teaser and have an air date for the show. I guess I will watch at least the first episodes just for being related to the first one, afterall Full House has been the first Korean drama I’ve watched.

  45. 45 m2

    His face so dirty but his hand so clean….weird….

  46. 46 dany

    It’s not Full House 2, it’s “THE HAIR”! Oh my God!!

  47. 47 Cruelsummer

    So I’m laughing at these stills, but kind of cringing at the same time. The actors look so sad. Like they are totally regretting that they signed up for this foolishness. The only time being stuck in a grave was funny was ‘Misfits’ Season 2 Ep 1. I doubt that FH2 is going that route, but I would love it if they did 🙂

  48. 48 DarknesEyes

    No min woo looks good but he’s too skinny!! He needs to put some meat on those bones!!

  49. 49 bjharm

    I do not know, I get the vibe it being made for money while not spending a lot of money ..if you get what i mean, With such a low promotion inside of korea and all. Or if you like they hope to sell the ‘brand name’ full house and sell it overseas, rather than look for any at home success, after all lot of recent K-drama have been utter flops domestically but hits outside of korea, I get the feeling they already decided it not going to do well in korea itself, so why bother.

  50. 50 Hannah25

    It’s the Yellow Hwarang people. The Yellow one!

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