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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 10
by | April 19, 2012 | 687 Comments

My Hero! I knew you’d swoop in to save the day. It’s bromance and brothers and tough love, in an episode filled with harsh truths for everyone. Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, they do, and that’s just the tip of the Iceberg of Doom.


Jae-ha storms in to tell his staff that Hang-ah will be returning to North Korea. Mom and Jae-shin get word and scramble to go see her, but they’re told that Secretary Eun is taking care of it. No! Not Cruella de Eun!

He tells Hang-ah that North Korea has sent the order for her to return, and she says she was going to stick it out, but if Jae-ha has turned his back on her, then…

It does put a damper on the whole I-will-forsake-my-country-for-love if the love feels unrequited. I say feels because I don’t think it’s one-sided, but if you’re going to let your princess bride get extradited because she hurt your feelings, well, then your feelings don’t count.

Secretary Eun asks if she knows what the position means – not her love for Jae-ha, but what it means to be queen. He tells her that if she really wants it, he’ll help her get there. Well what’s this now? Suddenly you’re her fairy godmother?

Perhaps it’s sincere, or perhaps he knew that when he posed it as such, she wouldn’t stay to serve her ambition. She says that she’s a simple girl who wanted to live happily in a simple marriage—the position, the pressure, the people, the foreign country—they all scare her. And now that the king has turned away… (her voice trails off). All this solidifies the fact that the only reason she was ever here was for love, not that this is a surprise to anyone.

Jae-ha walks through the new memorial hall built in Jae-kang’s honor, lingering on the pictures of hyung. The prime minister is at his side, and he gets the report that Hang-ah is headed back North, and asks gingerly if he broke the engagement.

Jae-ha counters that they were never engaged, but when the prime minister suggests adding an official South Korean extradition order for her (to save face with the North), Jae-ha shoots him down with a glare.

He moves down the wall of pictures, and stops at the one of Hang-ah, smiling back at him.

She prepares to leave the palace, and Jae-shin meets her at the front door. Hang-ah tells her that she said something to Jae-ha once, that there’s nothing people can’t do, if their hearts are in it. “But it turns out that’s not true.” Aw, her broken spirit is the saddest loss of all.

Jae-shin tells her that it’s because it’s people—nothing can ever be done perfectly. “Please come back. When North-South relations are better. Please come back.” But Hang-ah has no intention of ever returning: “I’m sorry.”

She rides away, and the queen mother watches somberly from her window.

Jae-ha sighs to see engagement banners being stripped from buildings, and returns to the palace with heavy steps. He goes to see Mom, who’s silently burning up with rage, though on the outside she’s calmly tending to her plants, as always.

He opens his mouth to ask if Hang-ah left okay, and Mom hurls the rag in her hand right at him. Heh. Gotta love Mom. Though I would’ve gone with the potted plant for better hulksmash effect.

She demands to know what the hell happened, and he turns away to say that Mom was right all along, about how you should never show your weaknesses to anyone. She practically mocks him, asking if Hang-ah hurt his poor wittle feelings. I love that for this conversation, she has reverted back to banmal, clearly talking to him as her childish son, not the king.

She tells him that his father used to have to pee in a bedpan, and once she joked about it and he flipped out, telling her to get botox for her wrinkly face and that this is why royals shouldn’t marry commoners. Eeesh.

Jae-ha says this is different, but Mom cuts him off, “People are like that. They’re so childish that once you start countering every word, there is no end or limit in sight. Weaknesses? Secrets? You start seeing them as ways to inflict pain and grab them at any chance. You forget WHY you were fighting in the first place, and can only think of how you can inflict the most pain, scar the deepest.”

Gee, sound like anyone you know?

She says that the one line you do not cross is “Let’s break up.” There’s no going back from that. She says that if it was Hang-ah who crossed that line, then fine, she can’t forgive her either. But if it was Jae-ha…

He starts to give an excuse and she literally rolls her eyes to realize he was the one who said it first. “You really are trash!” OH. Damn. Mom doesn’t mince words, that’s for sure. And how much do I love that the smackdown is so immediate, and comes from her?

He looks back at her with a pained expression, and her eyes grow even bigger to realize that was the phrase Hang-ah must’ve said to piss him off. Her expression kills me, as if his girlfriend stole his favorite Mr. Bear so he pulled her pigtails and came to tattle on her.

Mom: “The whole WORLD knows you’re trash!” Pwahahaha. Her perspective is making their argument seem so silly. She says “trash” over and over and over, saying that he’s worse than trash from leftover food that leaks a trail of soup wherever it goes, and he’s like, “Mooooo~m!”

She’s on fire, screaming at him now, wondering how bad it must’ve gotten for Hang-ah to have even said those things. Didn’t he see what she said at the hearing? He looks back at her blankly and asks what she said. Another eyeroll. She tells him to watch for himself.

Oh, I sense a massive tsunami of regret headed this way…

He sits down in his room and watches the rest of the hearing, which he skipped out on the first time to go yell at the prime minister. When they ask Hang-ah about what she considers her national identity to be, she had answered more obliquely, about her relationship with the king.

She says that they fight a lot. And in the beginning, he even told her she wasn’t a woman in his eyes. She says she must have a taste for what they in the South call “bad boys.” Girl, that’s an international affliction.

But she continues to say that they bicker and they butt heads, but they’ve deepened their affection for each other as well, and now she thinks she can guess what crazy thing he’ll say next, and sometimes she even looks forward to what new tantrum he’ll throw. Ha. And aw.

She says that her heart races. And though sometimes her feelings get hurt, and sometimes she feels like she likes him more so that hurts her pride, “But, so what? Just the fact that he’s there, makes me very happy.”

He watches with tears in his eyes. Those had better be tears of oh-shit-I-fucked-it-up-real-good, otherwise you don’t get to cry.

While all this is happening, Hang-ah arrives at the crossing point, and then the royal aide tells her that she needs to leave all her princess wear behind. Augh, it’s not heartbreaking enough to send her away, but you’re making her strip off every last remnant of clothing?

She sits quietly alone in a room, and begins to de-cinderellafy, piece by piece.

She finally gets ready to cross back over the border, wearing the same hanbok she wore when she arrived. Dad is waiting for her on the other side, and once she rounds the corner out of view, she collapses on his shoulder in the most sorrowful wails.

Oof these tears are heartbreaking. It’s her first real chance to break down, now that she can lean on Dad.

As she cries, we hear the rest of her answer at the hearing in voiceover: “My identity? You’re asking who I really am? I’m just a woman who kept a man deep in her heart.”

Jae-ha sits in his office, mindlessly trying to crack hyung’s password, this time with a string of all the foods he can think of. Really? You think Jae-kang’s password might be “hamburger”? Jae-shin comes by with her pet parrot, who calls him “Comrade Lee Jae-ha” on sight. Ha. Did the bird spend time with Hang-ah?

He snaps at her to get rid of the bird, and she just smiles to know it ruffled his feathers. Now that she’s up to speed on what really happened, she lays into him for being so petty and unpredictable, “So different from someone, who was always the same.” Ouch, I know he screwed up, but comparing him to Big Oppa is mean.

He growls back at her that she’s right—he IS trash, and he knows it’s all his fault. He says he secretly hoped someone would stop him, but both North and South rushed her away at a moment’s notice. “I want to argue that I was swayed, but I know it’s my fault.”

But he asks what he’s supposed to do about it. She reminds him that he’s the king. He scoffs that the king might as well be a barking dog, since clearly all that blustering he did got him nowhere, and the truth about the North and the assassination stayed buried. “What strength does this country’s king have?”

He says that even if he brought Hang-ah back, the situation is exactly the same as before. What he has to do is find who’s responsible first. He sits back down at the computer, saying that makes this priority number one.

Well at least he’s thinking of what he needs to do to bring her back. But Jae-shin cries foul, “And when will that be? Will you bring unni back when she’s a grandma?!” And while we’re at it, would it kill you to at least clear up how you feel about her before you go crusading for the truth?

He fixates on the password all night long, until he’s lying on the floor like a carcass. I sort of enjoy the rhythm of the phrase-beep-rejection-from-password-lady over and over. It’s the perfect metaphor for his state of being, and also his bullheaded one-track mind.

It doesn’t help matters that his day gets filled with a meaningless exercise in publicity, shooting reaction shots for a soccer match that has yet to occur. This cracks me up, and now I’m curious if anything public figures do is real.

Jae-ha barely sleepwalks through the thing, but then something the director says triggers a memory—of a specific moment in a world cup match that he watched with hyung.

Yay, flashback! The brothers were kicking and screaming and flailing around in front of the tv, watching the game with their matching red shirts like a couple of regular guys.

Jae-ha had been his usual pessimistic self, but hyung was always the optimistic one, saying that their team would recover. He cheered at the top of his lungs – you know the one, the sing-song, “Repub-lic of Kor-ea!” Clap-clap-clap-clap-clap!

Suddenly he stands up, jerked back to reality. He goes straight to his computer to try that as the password. He chants, “Repub-lic of Kor-ea!” Nope. But then it occurs to him to try it again, this time the whole cheer, complete with clapping.

Presto! Open sesame. He beams, and then in the same breath, he sighs at hyung’s insistence on adding the friggin’ clap-clapping. So uncool.

He clicks on the first recording (I LOVE that we get more of Lee Sung-min this way) and Jae-kang addresses their father with a shaky voice, saying he didn’t know he’d have to sit in this seat so soon. Aw, I hope it helps him to see that hyung was just as scared when he started.

He sits back and watches a few entries, a drunk and happy one from the day that he entered the WOC, wishing that Dad was around to see it. In another he’s sad and defeated, from the time that Jae-ha had screwed things up in training.

He lets off some steam about Little Bro, and how he caused an international incident over a girl group, and Jae-ha clicks quickly to the next entry. Aw, is it like you’re still getting yelled at?

But in the next one he’s cheering with his fists in the air, that Jae-ha came through and completed the 60km course, calling him dependable. Aw, the smile on both brothers’ faces!

Jae-kang beams and teeters towards the camera (how hilarious is it that he’s almost always drunk in these?) and says all that’s left now is to find Jae-ha a wife, and shows Dad the finalists’ pictures.

He says Hang-ah is his first choice, but guesses that it’ll be hard to make that happen, and Jae-ha watches the moment with a bittersweet smile.

But then his ears perk up at the first mention in the recordings of Club M. Jae-kang brings them up in reference to the difficult union between Jae-ha and Hang-ah, saying that “Club M won’t be happy.”

He finds another where hyung is asking father what he’s supposed to do when someone is standing in the way of what he set out to accomplish, and talks about the bombing, and Bong-gu’s outright threats that he’s the true king.

“I think he’d kill me.” And then shaking, “I can’t… be scared… right?”

Jae-ha flashes back to his encounter with Bong-gu/John Meyer, the warnings from Hang-ah’s father, and he grows horrified to see his hyung trembling in fear. Yay for cracked passwords and forward plot movement.

Secretary Eun enters a secure library of records, where he finds Jae-ha camped out and knee-deep in research. Gotta love a prince who does his homework. Jae-ha rattles off deals with Club M and asks for confirmation of what he’s already figured out—that they’re an international conglomerate that makes money by lobbying and making backdoor deals, and in particular (as most arms dealers do) gains via warfare and strife, say that between North and South Korea, for instance.

Jae-ha asks about John Meyer, and the likelihood that he’s responsible for Jae-kang’s murder. Secretary Eun can’t hide his startled reaction, but answers truthfully that there’s a chance. Jae-ha asks to see him, but Secretary Eun quickly adds that it’s just as likely that anyone else could be responsible.

But Jae-ha ignores him and asks about his personality, reading descriptions in the press calling him a 21st century Gollum (ha) and a magician. He asks about that, and Secretary Eun confirms that it’s literal—he likes to perform magic tricks.

Jae-ha mulls it over, and concludes that he’s got an exhibitionist complex, like he’s profiling him. Okay, that’s hot. Can you be this smart every day?

He thinks back to the meeting, and then looks down at his pen. And then it comes back—the memory of the pen stabbing, the writing on the window. It dawns on him that they are one and the same guy, and Jae-ha looks up, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

I love that moment, like yeah, I got you now. He tells Secretary Eun to call him here, promising not to do anything stupid. The old man does not like where this is headed.

Bong-gu jumps for joy at the news that Jae-ha asked to see him, guessing that he’s finally remembered the pen stabbing. The man is literally giddy. He realizes that his heart is racing, and concludes, “I must be in love with him!” Ha.

He arrives the next day via helicopter, and Secretary Eun launches into this long explanation of why he needs to sit in on this meeting for national security and blah blah, and Jae-ha’s like, yeah whatever.

Bong-gu arrives and greets Secretary Eun with a big “HA!” but he just rushes right past him, and listens in on the meeting via security feed. Bong-gu stops on his way to peek in on Jae-shin, giving her a creepy-ass wave.

He walks in to meet Jae-ha all puffed up with expectation, only Jae-ha greets him with a smile. He asks if there’s a chance that Club M is responsible for Jae-kang’s murder, citing all the reasons why they’re the most logical culprits (because they have the most to gain), but then answering his own question with, “But you just run a tiny little resort, right?”

Bong-gu: “It’s not… tiny.” HA. Jae-ha laughs that they’re all the same, and continues on this hilarious fake-nice commentary about all the accusations against Club M, like it’s ridiculous that he’d have that kind of power.

He reads a description of him as an Al Capone, looks Bong-gu up and down, and chuckles. It’s awesome. He feigns concern for his little business and suggests that he take care of every last tiny venture while he can.

Bong-gu: “I took care of Anmyundo myself.” Oh shit. The air turns to ice. He leans forward, “Your hyung… I said, I’ll take care of him, you son of a bitch.” Jae-ha freezes.

Bong-gu: “Did you like it? Were you exhilarated when I fell for your provocation?” Jae-ha’s eyes widen in terror. He says he fell for it knowingly, why? “Because the puppet king of a tiny country is no match for someone as great as me.” Eeep!

He says that sure, the WOC, the North-South marriage scheme, they were annoyances, but that’s not the reason he killed Jae-kang. He proceeds to explain very calmly that he killed Jae-kang because he dared to ban his entry into the country. Whoa.

“You know he went without knowing anything, right? Like a fool.” Okay, you have finally succeeded in creeping me out in a sufficiently threatening manner.

Jae-ha can barely hold in his horror and fear. His hands tremble, as Bong-gu laughs in his face. Secretary Eun makes a mad dash toward the room.

And then… Jae-ha laughs. Oh NICE. “Are you high?” Ha. Way to pull it together. He coos that one oughtn’t tell such lies.

Bong-gu laughs at first, telling him to stop blustering. But Jae-ha holds his ground, saying that he must be mad at him or something, for not remembering him from before. He says he can’t remember any stabbing, but he does vaguely remember someone writing something…

Bong-gu totally gets reeled in, nodding as he urges Jae-ha to recall. He helps him along, saying it was a frosted window. Jae-ha mimics the motion with his finger, “I… am… Tom? Jane? No, that’s not it…” Hahahaha.

Bong-gu actually mouths king, and Jae-ha continues, “But your name is John, right? Or no… It’s Bong-gu. That’s your Korean name, right? Kim. Bong. Gu.” It’s the perfect way to cut him down to size, because you can read it on his face, how he hates that common, nobody name.

Jae-ha laughs, “That’s right, it was: I am Bong-gu!” Bong-gu SCREEEEAMS just as Secretary Eun barges in, and Jae-ha coolly gets up to say that he’ll definitely remember him from now on, “Kim Bong-gu-sshi.” So. Awesome. He leaves Bong-gu fuming impotently.

But the second he reaches his inner office, Jae-ha grabs the phone and calls Shi-kyung trembling, “In the lobby, you’ll find a whack job. Catch that bastard. Right now. Capture him immediately and cut his throat. Or TEAR HIS LIMBS APART UNTIL HE DIES!” Oh shit. That terrified me.

Shi-kyung and Dong-ha go tearing into the lobby and find Bong-gu being dragged away to his helicopter, screaming at the top of his lungs that they’re all dead. Aaaaaaaa my heart won’t stop pounding.

Secretary Eun calls Shi-kyung to tell him to stay out of it and do nothing. Jae-ha says he heard him admit it—that he killed Jae-kang. He asks Secretary Eun to bear witness to that fact. But the old man reminds him that he is the king.

Jae-ha, still shaking: “Who says I’m not? The person he killed was a king too—the king of the Republic of Korea.”

Secretary Eun asks if he’s going to run off on a personal vendetta, when he has no strength to do anything. He lays out the obvious consequences of attacking Club M with nothing but a confession.

It’s heartbreaking the way he looks up at Secretary Eun with those entreating eyes, wanting to catch his brother’s killer, while the man tells him why that’s not within his power to do. He even adds that they took contributions from Club M, though unwittingly. LIAR. Well, yunno, liar about most things, so that’s relative, but dude, you totally knew when you took that money!

Secretary Eun: “There is no justice in this world. Only power. Money.” Urg. Jae-kang is rolling over in his grave, old man. Damn.

Shi-kyung comes by looking for them, and overhears this next part: Jae-ha asks if they’re supposed to do nothing then, and Secretary Eun says the only road to true revenge is to follow through on the things that Jae-kang started that pissed off Club M in the first place: the WOC and the North-South marriage.

But that’s all water under the bridge now. Secretary Eun says that when he’s prepared to actually do something real, he knows where to find him. Shi-kyung is waiting outside the door, and asks Dad what Club M is.

Dad marches into his office without another word, and calls to upgrade security clearance three levels higher for royal archives, just enough that Shi-kyung has access to nothing. Wow, with him standing right there?

Shi-kyung just barrels right through, asking if Club M is responsible for the king’s murder. But Dad barks back, calling him by rank, and tells him to follow orders like a good little soldier.

Shi-kyung fires back that Dad is the one who told him that a good soldier does more than just blindly follow orders (it’s like he can’t compute how a person could say one thing and do another), and Dad says he’s the one who didn’t want to be more because he “didn’t have the ability to.”

Shi-kyung: “Is that why you’re disregarding the king? Because he lacks ability? The king just has different methods than you, father.” Dad says he’s seen Jae-ha grow up and knows exactly what he’s made of.

But Shi-kyung is just as sure that Jae-ha is made of tougher stuff, because he trained with him, and has seen his character. I love that he’s defending him so vehemently.

Dad doesn’t budge, belittling Shi-kyung for thinking he knows anything of true danger, or real character. He says he’s seeing what he wants to believe, because he’s always been that way—trust someone, trust them to the end. Yes, one would call that loyal. You should look it up.

This time Shi-kyung doesn’t back down, and argues that Dad’s the same—once he makes a judgment, he believes it till the end. I’m so glad someone said it, but it breaks my heart that it had to be your upright son.

He leaves Dad with a bow and finds Jae-ha in the memorial hall, looking up at hyung’s portrait. Jae-ha wonders to himself in voiceover, “Hyung, do I really have no ability?”

Shi-kyung watches him from afar, and Jae-ha asks if he’s here to tell him that he’s pathetic too, like a father-son combo pack. But Shi-kyung just approaches solemnly, and says with conviction:

Shi-kyung: You don’t need to be swayed by the words of others. Believe in yourself. You are already strong. The king that I’ve seen is very sensitive, and hates sincerity. But he knows the real world only too well, and has deep scars, which keeps him from leaping out ahead. So he wears a mask of laughter. I’m asking you to take off that mask now. Though you have complexes and people perceive you as weak, your highness is, to me, the most powerful king in the world. Please be fearless, your majesty.

He clicks his heels at attention, and bows at the waist. Proper chills, Eun Shi-kyung. You give me goosebumps.

Jae-ha stands there in shock, moved, but not sure how to react, and he slowly turns back toward hyung’s portrait to speak, as if addressing the sincerity directly is impossible for him. “Hyung, why’s he like this? I think he’s lost his mind.”

But Shi-kyung doesn’t move. He stands there, staring right at Jae-ha’s back, as if to say I’m not going to let you joke this away.

Meanwhile Secretary Eun begins to document what he knows about Jae-kang’s death, and writes an account of his meeting with the lobbyist that ended in his coincidental suggestion of Anmyundo as a place to vacation. But apparently the man has a conscience somewhere in there (a teeny, tiny, itty bitty kernel of one) because he goes back and erases “coincidentally.” Oh, YOU THINK?

Bong-gu calls, furious that his mole is being so useless and not keeping his king in line. He calls Eun Kyu-tae out on his delusions of sincerity and honor, laughing that actually, he’s much more useful with that one percent sincerity that keeps him thinking he’s on the side of right. It’s disturbing when the madman makes sense.

Jae-ha pours Shi-kyung a drink in the greenhouse, and Shi-kyung just sits there, not knowing what to do. Jae-ha tells him to drink comfortably, looking down in embarrassment… “Let’s be friends.”

SQUEE. Please invent a secret handshake. Please invent a secret handshake. I always knew you were meant to be BFFs!

He reaches out his glass to cheers, only that’s when Shi-kyung pulls his away, to turn and drink like a subordinate is supposed to. Aw. Jae-ha scoffs that he’s frustrating, just like he always used to say about hyung.

Shi-kyung asks right away about Club M, and Jae-ha tells him to begin investigating them down to every last detail. He says their code word for it will be: Bong-gu. Hee. Code word.

Shi-kyung asks him to be a little understanding of his father, and to his credit, Jae-ha needs no convincing on the matter. He smiles and says that Secretary Eun is super old-school, but he’s been serving this nation’s monarchs for thirty years. He knows that ajusshi is loyal and a pure-hearted person.

Now I’m heartbroken for the BOTH of you, who have faith in the old man. For now Shi-kyung smiles in gratitude. Jae-ha asks, “What should I do about Hang-ah?”

Apparently they try to call, but her father refuses to answer. He goes to meet her outside, where she’s returning from a walk with the bastard who fake-proposed to her. She complains of a stomachache, deciding it must be cramps, babbling on about how she’s a little late. Oh noes.

Dad drives her home, sweet-talking her into dating the guy, and she snaps that he’s just trying to hurry and marry her off because of what people think. He doesn’t deny that it looks bad, but tells her that there was no official engagement, so to just think of her sojourn to the South as a blip and nothing more. She starts to say that she’ll just… but trails off.

Shi-kyung is busy investigating Club M when Dong-ha calls with an emergency. Jae-shin is at the hospital for a checkup, but word got out and the exits are lined with reporters.

She grabs the phone and barks at Shi-kyung to get his ass down here and sneak her out undetected right this instant. He races down there, and deploys two teams of decoys, and then he and Dong-ha drive her out in an ambulance.

Meanwhile Hang-ah’s condition worsens, and she can barely stand from the pain. She falls the ground just trying to take some painkillers, and calls Dad in a panic.

Jae-shin’s ambulance picks up a tail, and they end up in a blocked intersection because of an accident up ahead. Dong-ha and Shi-kyung get out to try and clear the road, and Shi-kyung promises the nervous Jae-shin that he’ll be right back.

But once she’s alone, someone comes up behind the ambulance. Jae-shin turns back, and there’s the assassin, looking in the window right back at her.

The doctor comes out to tell Hang-ah’s father that they tried, but they’re sorry, they couldn’t save the baby. His jaw drops, “Baby?” Oof. She lost it before she even knew?

Jae-ha massages Mom’s shoulders as they watch a drama, and she asks if he knows why the man onscreen ended up handicapped. “It’s because he abandoned his wife.” Ha. Is that going to be her answer for everything?

But Secretary Eun interrupts to change the channel. And there it is, breaking international news: Hang-ah’s miscarriage, and King Lee Jae-ha’s irresponsibility as the father.

Oh. Shit.

Mom turns back, confused, “Baby? But you had separate rooms.” Jae-ha stares in shock as the news finally sinks in.


There’s nothing worse than that—finding out you were pregnant the day you lose the baby? AUGH. And the fact that they’re apart when it happens? Is there even a way to recover from that? Wow, I know I said this show pulls no punches before, but this is hardcore. It really is rock bottom at the halfway point. I feel gutted.

Once Hang-ah really did leave to go back to the North, it did occur to me that they might use a pregnancy to reconnect them (which I dreaded), but losing the baby this way, alone, I did not expect. And then the immediate public backlash? I mean, how do you ever shed the entire world thinking you’re the bastard who abandoned your fiancée and your child? I know he didn’t know, but there’s no leniency of public opinion on that.

And just when he met his first real challenge as king, and began to believe in something. It seriously filled my heart when Shi-kyung pledged his loyalty to Jae-ha, not simply out of duty or honor, but a deep belief in his character. The only thing that could ever break through Jae-ha’s incessant jokey façade is someone like Shi-kyung, who is so earnest that all that stuff just goes right over his head. It’s like they’re made for each other.

What really moves me is that every character has a hand in shaping Jae-ha into a king. It’s the it-takes-a-village mentality, like a community project to turn a boy into a man, only on a much grander scale. More like it takes a country to make a king. And it’s not just one incident, or one relationship that flips a switch. He grows inch by inch, one tough love speech at a time, whether it’s a smackdown from Mom or a heartfelt pledge from a soldier who believes in him with every fiber of his being.

Even at his best, Jae-ha will never believe in himself as much as Shi-kyung does, but that’s why he’s needed, and why a leader is only as strong as his most faithful soldier. I just love their relationship So. Much. I miss Jae-ha’s brotherly affection with Jae-kang, but his bromance with Shi-kyung is a nice substitute, especially because he is cut from that same mold as hyung. It drives Jae-ha crazy but it’s what he ultimately needs in his life.

Though this episode spent very little time with the couple, I liked the ramping up of villain conflict (he’s SO much more interesting when you put him in a room with Jae-ha), and the crucial development of Jae-ha as a leader. I know there’s only going up from here, but damn, little did I know rock bottom could be so low. Hold me.


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    Daebak! Thank you 🙂

    • 1.1 Czak

      Daebak episode, if I so say so myself. That pledge of loyalty, amazing!!!!..
      But I somehow lost hope that they will ever be together. Him abandoning her, well I’ve seen many of our drama heroes do it but those heroes somehow DO something to make their past *blah* actions be redeemed.
      but after what happened to hang-Ah, I don’t think there is any redeemable action or words to get back the hurt and pain she went through from being publicly targeted, feeling and battling for love by doing it alone and worse learning you lost a life because of all that unrequited love. I don’t know what and how jaeha will become the usual prince *ehem KING ehem* charming heroes. Mis-understanding or not, Miscommunication or not, I think hang-ah will always remember her dead baby with seeing jaeha and I don’t thinks that’s the pain she willing to go through. For me, unless jaeger move heaven and earth, I’ll never forget…

      • 1.1.1 Bali Dancer

        OMG… I have the similar thought.. not to mention she was a virgin when they slept together.. that must be so unbearable pain.. I’m a woman so I understand.. the fact that JH looks like he’s not loving HA as much as HA loves JH.. annoys me as well.. is it really difficult for him to show that affection towards her? I mean.. she long for that so desperately and her speech regarding her love to JH, killed me. HJW nailed it.. !!

      • 1.1.2 Meow

        well… i think somehow the pain she is going through will shake jae ha enough to come running to her and do all he can to win her back…
        .. but i guess he needs to really work out to win her trust back..
        for my part..
        i would love a heated argument where she just thrashes him…

      • 1.1.3 rae

        Seriously! As they said in the movie Can’t Hardly Wait, with the gal being so hurt and humiliated, the guy has to humiliate himself even worse before they can be together again. Patiently waiting for JH to walk through fire, move heaven and earth, and maybe take a bullet for HA – the least he can do after shooting her and knocking her up and kicking her out!!

        • gretac

          “shooting her and knocking her up and kicking her out” – yeah! well put!!
          and I thought, “Ha! serves you right!” with the media’s spin on this irresponsible king – trash, indeed!

      • 1.1.4 Summer

        Well, i would think differently.. Hang Ah may think that she can’t even protect the baby and may feel guilty about it. She will be feeling down that she can’t even have something left behind between her relationship with Jae Ha.

        Instead of feeling hurt by Jae Ha telling her off to go back to North Korea in Epi 9, i feel she will feel guilty about not being able to keep the baby. However, i do believe that she will also feel so disappointed and depressed about Jae Ha telling her to go back to NK too.

        I also do not want Jae Ha to win back Hang Ah too easily… but i hope it will be resolved in 1 episode… I would prefer to see them fighting together with that John Meyer..

    • 1.2 Banana

      Agreed. The most heart-wrenching and yet dorky at the same time drama i have ever seen.

      It tortures you even more when they flick between the depressing and silly moments :'(

    • 1.3 sesr

      errr how can she have a baby in her when they did it like 2 nights ago?????????????????

      • 1.3.1 topper

        Each episode is not a day for pacing sake as this is a miniseries, in fact each scene can be days or even weeks apart.

      • 1.3.2 Ace

        wow! how can she indeed? isn’t it amazing? 😛

      • 1.3.3 gretac

        at one point they made it clear that it’s a month later

  2. Dee Dee

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    • 2.1 JIW_sobangnim

      Yes I am exploding inside as well;;
      The emotions. The Backlash. The Uncover of the truth.


    • 2.2 MsB

      Between this and Equator, I am on pins and needles for next week episodes!! This was stellar!! I guess the question of whether they slept together is solved.

      • 2.2.1 ilikemangos

        YUP, the deed has been done

    • 2.3 Roma

      Yes ..me too
      This was the best episode… many harsh truth are revealed!
      I cannot wait

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    Off to read…

  4. deary

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    • 4.1 Fabmari

      I worry for the princess!
      She can’t die! Please dont let her die.

      • 4.1.1 deary

        yeah that would be effin cruel if they let princess die!

        • Jess

          Don’t worry y’all. Her love line hasn’t played out yet. Lol.

          • hoda

            i’m looking forward to her , falling in love with that ”

            (µoz*^rnbù%àç_è-eghci”&n”‘bgkeo-‘p&0idhaev HOT ) SOLDIER ”

            he killes me, he killes me, he killes me …@_@

      • 4.1.2 jane

        I’m even more worried for Shi Kyung though. I have this feeling that Shi Kyung will die somehow.. but I hope I’m wrong.

        • yellow buttercup

          I don’t think he’s gonna die, bcoz somehow we need a character to play a role as someone who trusts and defends the king till the end no matter what *but pleaase, Show… don’t you dare to kill this earnest Shi Kyung* and as GF said, to be another “hyung” for JH

        • Moll

          Oh gosh, I have the same inklings too. Like in City Hunter – the righteous one always dies! FINGERS CROSSED.

        • Jia Min

          Nooo! Shi Kyung won’t die… I can’t imagine that for him as he is super needed for JaeHa and JaeShin!

        • bjharm

          hmmm maybe half dead, that may bring the old man around and tell the truth and get behind the king. Right now the old secretary hamstringing everything the king trys to do, untill he either decided to be on the kings side or is taken out of the picture I can not see the king being able to do much of anything. Heck just bring back Hang Ah give her a gun and point her at the bad people and count up the bodies!

          • yellow buttercup

            yeah, I wonder if this drama allows HA to be back on her soldier mode, bcoz it will be such a waste if in the beginning her character’s developed to be so tough but later they make her so helpless

            So yes, please let her kick some of those villain’s ass!

          • rae

            YES! Dude, I’d actually forgotten that she’s a soldier after all that helpless crying. Send her after the magician!

          • Moko

            I think so too! Send her after that freak!

        • deary

          omg city hunter reminiscence!

        • ilikemangos

          if they kill off shi kyung without a REAAALLLLY good reason i am going to be done with this show!

          i love him too much. every drama needs a character like him, forreal. knock some sense into this world

          • 909

            No I REALLY doubt they would kill him off. What’s so great about this show is that they stick with the original story of “The Journey of the Hero” just like all myths:
            1)the young boy (typically orphaned) is called to adventure or his destiny
            2)He can refuse but that ultimately results in something bad happening in which he decides to answer the call
            3) he is met with a guide/protector (in this show it’s Jae-ha’s hyung)
            4) the go into adventure and meet monsters (that evil Club M guy) which he must defeat
            5) Meets a friend/companion (in this case Shi Kyung) who helps him on his journey
            6)And almost always, the guide/protector (former King) must DIE in order for the young boy to become a man and take responsibilities on his own

            They already killed “hyung” so Jae Ha can grow into a man and reach his destiny. Shi-kyung cannot die because he also serves a purpose as a “friend/companion” who brings out the hero’s inner self and lack of ____ (Jae ha hides behind a mask and has to “take off the mask” like Shi-kyung said in this episode)
            THIS is why i’m so in love with this show. It has proper structure and every character, like GF said, plays a part in bringing the young and immature Jae-ha into being a strong, respectable King) ^.^ Sorry if I wrote too much~

          • ilovemandoo

            Like 909 said, it’s too early in the story for Shi kyung to die. That being said, once Jae Ha has matured and become a proper hero… It could happen.

            BUT I DON’T WANT IT TO T_T

          • ilikemangos

            oh jeez.
            909 — this makes me feel a bit better.
            I know that nows too early for shi kyung to die.. because he’ll be a helping hand to help guide our king.
            But i just can’t help but feel the writers are going to pull another city hunter on us where the prosecutor dies T_T
            I feel like this show has it’s way of giving us surprises.. and things are unexpecting.. like the miscarriage.
            This show is capable of anything!

        • Michelle

          Well,buddy.. You’re damn right… *cries* WHY OH WHY.

    • 4.2 slfowie

      Didn’t the crazy black haired assassin leave the country in the last episode?

      • 4.2.1 jomo

        Crazy Man told Toupee Dude to bring her back.
        BonBon is her name, murder is her game.

        • slfowie

          off topic, but the Toupee Dude totally reminds me of one of my professors. And once i made that connection it was so damm difficult to not giggle in his class!

        • deary

          they way you said it…lol

          • slfowie

            No seriously he was going on and on about some stuff ( never pay attention in his class) and then that LIGHT BULB moment when i connected the two of them… Then it was off to the giggle land for me.. It was so hard not to laugh aloud in his class because i kept imagining our crazy villain coming in my class room and going crazing… That made me remember the King and the Ernest Bot, so it was off to dream land …. That and the subsequent class, I kid you not, i was an perfect student- never talked to other never fell asleep, paid attention to the teacher…. Only if they knew…

          • jomo

            What is his name and the school?
            I totally won’t send him an email with a clip from the show and ask him if he moonlights as a really bad actor.

          • slfowie

            God NO!!!! considering that I am the ONLY Asian in the class and i just finally gotten a B overall in that class. I so don’t want him to know that i have not been paying any attention to his class… Does not help he is Department Head 🙁
            But if I were you I would totally send him a clip and ask that.. 😛 😉

        • anotheraddict

          ♥ and LOL at what you had to say about that chocolate-swallowing dame “BonBon is her name, murder is her game.” (Only your words make her sound like a more interesting villainess than she actually is.)

  5. yellow buttercup

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    Wah i didnt expect Hang-ah to b pregnant, i thought Bong-gu had something to w/her pain, like poison in her food or something but i got surprised….

    • 6.1 Jia Min

      Nah… remember Bonggu has got exhibitionist complex so he would not do something so low profile since HangAh already left South Korea…

  7. ilikemangos

    -I love how the rest of the royal family (queen momma & princess ) are so supportive of hang ah. It’s just nice to see the in laws not acting all dramatic in order to create conflict. (That conflict in drama land wears thin for me.)
    The scene where they heard hang ah was going back to NK, you saw the look of ‘OH what did jae ha do now..’ as though they know it isn’t her fault.

    -Secretary Eun is seriously getting on my nerves. He separates our main couple and creates further misunderstandings. He tries to play dumb when deep down he knows he’s a rotten apple.
    I am seriously going to be so sad for shi kyung down the road when he finds out his dad is evvvil.

    -Jae Ha, you obviously are in love with that girl already! Go and make her yours again!
    Darn the fact that we have to wait a whole dam week until they make up.

    -Perhaps this shall make some of you happy after all the recent heartbreak of the death of our lovely king, the misunderstandings, the stress, and now, the loss of the baby :
    **Our hero picked Ha Ji Won as his ideal costar/woman when asked to pick from his previous: shin min ah & han hyo joo & ha ji won. And might I add, he said it frankly, and without hesitation. When asked if it was just because they were currently working together, he said perhaps, but THEN he goes on to say “But Ha Ji Won is really attractive as a person, no matter as an actress or as a woman.”
    *swoon* Here’s the interview!
    I knew I wasn’t the only one who always thought ha ji won had this quality about her where she would star struck even her costars.
    And then Ha ji won returns the favor by picking him as her fav. costar.

    Oh, they’re so cute. Makes it hard not to ship this couple.

    • 7.1 kungfupigeon

      Definition of…

      LOYAL: True to any person or persons to whom one owes fidelity.


      • 7.1.1 slfowie


        LOVED it!!!!!

        • kungfupigeon


        • Meow

          LOL!!! Aptly put..

      • 7.1.2 A-M

        Do you think that will fit on his desk’s name plate?

        • slfowie

          sure if u make the fonts really small or the name plate really long!

          • kungfupigeon

            Or just tattoo it on the mofo’s face

    • 7.2 namcha

      Ha ji won seems to have her costars falling for her. Just my observance, first Hyun Bin and now LSG. Is she dating someone?

      • 7.2.1 namcha

        That’s observation. I’ve gotten very little sleep!

      • 7.2.2 ilikemangos

        NOPE, namcha.. it seems she does have this quality about her.. her costars love her

        she’s just a very attractive woman in terms of everything. beauty, personality, style.

        • ilovemandoo

          This so much. She’s awesome. Even as a girl, I love her!

      • 7.2.3 rearwindow

        Did Hyun Bin fall for her?! I’m normally not one to be a crazy fangirl, but their chemistry was so amazing in Secret Garden that I went through a period where I was obsessively youtube-ing/googling the hell out of them to see if there was something going on. Of course, I’m totally over that. It’s not like I EVER youtube “Secret Garden kiss scene” at 3 in the morning when I can’t sleep.

        *skulks away in shame*

        Seriously, though, she has this magnetism about her. She just brings out the best in every costar. I think I’m a little in love with her, and I don’t even bat for that team.

        • ~Feather~

          no need to feel shame.
          After I finished SG, I went on a rampage trying to see if there was the smallest chance for a real-life romance. Unfortunately, Hyun Bin had to go for his army duty, so they didn’t have much time to spend with each other to develop feelings. T-T

        • ilikemangos

          Yeah, like what feather said about binnie going to the army right after the drama..
          If they even did have any feelings for each other its not like it woulda been reality to admit it right before he goes to the army.
          looking at the BTS of Secret Garden i can definitely tell they have probably had some gravitation towards each other. He was always messing around with her, laughing together, and i remember she told us one of their kisses made her heart beat, while binnie said the sit up “kiss” gave him butterflies.
          Yeah, their chemistry was off the charts though!

          • em

            I hope they will be partners in real life.

        • ilovemandoo

          They had amazing chemistry.. I would honestly not be surprised if they actually ended up liking each other. One particular scene that I remember is the BTS for a kiss scene where Binnie jokes and says that the director said that they have to do it again. And then she laughs and hits him. Seemed like flirting to me. 🙂

          • ilikemangos

            i loved that bts.
            BTW — has anyone else noticed that in all of the K2H bts, the atmosphere is just so light-hearted, relaxed, and humorous?
            They all joke around with each other, and i mean not just the actors but the staff.
            In some instances i saw the person directing them would laugh along with them.
            I just love how everyone’s getting along so well.

          • rearwindow

            ilikemangos, where do you watch behind the scenes bits for K2H?

        • ilikemangos

          Some of them are on youtube! (K2H bts)
          i’ll post some on here!



          HAHA he’s totally checking her out @ 2:10 here.

      • 7.2.4 babes

        I hope dear HJW dates soon, marries and settles down. She’s too lovely both inside and out to be alone!

        I first saw her in SeGa and didn’t really think much of her there but was curious and ended up watching Memories in Bali (one of fav K-drama) and Hwangjini. Now, I’m a total fan! She’s a great actress, both talented and super committed to her roles. After watching in her earlier dramas, I totally agree with some fans that she was “under-utilised” in Sega. Hope this will not be repeated in TK2H.

        Btw, I think the role of KHA is believable only bcos of HJW. KHA’s switches between tough soldier and innocent girly girl might come across as split personality put in another less able actress’ hands.


    • 7.3 kumon

      they are each others’ favorite co-star? *can’t..stop…..swooning………..*

      I am so shipping this couple! whether onscreen or IRL 😀

  8. penny

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    oh boy i think i should just wait and not looking for reviews until i watch it by myself.

  9. Joo

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  10. 10 Brittni

    Wow a miscarriage.. Way to punch me in the gut drama.

    • 10.1 diw

      i really think the miscarriage was needed so that HA can kick the butts of psycho BONGgu,, chocolate assasin, and fake haired german. as well as two toned secretary and his bestfriend daniel craig.

      HA cant kick their butts with a big stomach in tow. But Im really sad for the baby though.

      i miss HA comrades from the north.

      What Im really looking forward is the WOC competition, where i will be able to see the ultimate battle royale man vs. man scenario.


      JAE HA vs. psychotic who hates his own name bonggu
      > psychological ping pong at its best / battle of wits

      Hang ah vs. chocolate assassin.. > this would be epic because it is an all girl group fight. and im hoping some hair dragging with poisonous needles injected. After all it they are both assassins.

      Shi kyung vs. Father dear
      > this would be an emotional battle i guess

      Closet SNSD fan vs. fake haired german because i think his hair is just so fake.
      > well i dont know what will this battle look like

      and the two remaining WOC soldiers vs. bonggus bodyguards and his GERMAN Woman + Daniel Craig

  11. 11 ryuu99

    MUCH better than episode 9. kinda not feeling the back and forth fighting-bickering-reconciling of the two leads anymore. it’s in there every episode. first 10 minutes i was like, “okay she’s gonna cry again and he’s gonna realize he’s wrong again.” ehhhh….

    but the rest of the episode was awesome. don’t know why the ratings is still low. the people were probably turned off the first 10 minutes. it’s probably because they fight about the most nonsensical things and say words that should be said when things actually hurt the most. i mean, just ’cause your wife-to-be called you a trash doesn’t mean you can send her back to where she came from. if she cheated, i’d understand but come on. she didn’t even swear at him. bahhh. and now look, all those stupid things led to a miscarriage. i just can’t accept that. the writers should actually find a better or more serious way for the couple to actually “fight”. they recycle the couple-fighting too often. yeah, he’s going to the hospital i saw that from a mile away. next time i hope they give more gravity to the couple having a fight.

    • 11.1 Saima

      Last episode was effective in a way that it built up misunderstanding after misunderstanding (for HA) and she began to doubt JH’s true intentions towards her. This miscarriage is a vehicle for the masses to doubt their King’s abilities (or lack thereof) and his character! So, he’ll have to grovel not only for HA’s affections but also reassure the South Koreans of his capabilities!! ughhh, it’s a long road on both counts for our Jae-ha!!

      • 11.1.1 ryuu99

        still, the grounds for the whole conflict was based on misunderstandings and impulses, not some truly evil things, yet the results far outweigh the causes (in terms of gravity). like, how do you go from telling off your fiancee to a miscarriage? is it just me or did all this bickering not warrant a miscarriage at all?

        Jae Ha already has his hands full. Club M plus Secretary Eun plus the King’s murder. and now he has to deal with Hang Ah plus their unborn child plus the wrath of his family and the public. give the guy a break, and give us viewers a break as well.

        also, the writers already butchered Hang Ah’s kickass character. now she’s just a crybaby and all over Jae Ha. she can use that badassness to serve Jae Ha in the face once in a while. it’s always them fighting and ending up with Hang Ah crying and Jae Ha regretting it or asking for forgiveness and somewhere in the middle Jae Ha will say something stupid. come on, scriptwriters.

        i was at the edge of my seat when it was Bong Gu vs Jae Ha. the scenes with Hang Ah i just skipped since it’s been happening far too often for my liking.

        • Rashell

          The miscariage probably had nothing to do with the argument at all. In the first trimester MANY pregnancies end in miscariage. It’s just nature. Just like with everything for these two the worst possible outcome seems to be the norm.

          • topper

            Ditto. First trimester miscarriages sometimes just happens for no reason. Though in her case stress was a contributing factor.

          • techvet

            On a personal note, when I had my second miscarriage (out of 4), I learned of it during a routine ultra sound check up (towards the end of the 1st trimester). I will never forget the feeling of shock, loss, and sadness when I had to tell my husband over the phone that we had lost our child.

            Knowing that HA will learn of her pregnancy and miscarriage without JH in her life to lean on is heartbreaking.

    • 11.2 kedaiV

      i think it’s natural..
      i find man sometimes doesn’t make sense when it
      comes to their dignity..

      • 11.2.1 ryuu99

        LOL you sound like it came from experience. XD

    • 11.3 reglest

      The same question strike me after watched episode 9, wha…I mean, how Hang Ah could be this hurtful, JUST because memory and he doesn’t visit her, I know I sound mean and meaner to using the word ‘JUST’. But really, as you pointed out, there almost no led on that scene.

      (Now..I might sound like siding with the writer *cant help it though*). My inner self saying ‘Gee…why does she suddenly being that overly sensitive…’ And continuing with ‘ just look like she is on her cycle’ And suddenly, after watching episode 10, it feels like a dawn to me : She is preggie!! That’s the reason she become overly sensitive!!

      I’ve become too obsessed with this drama until the point I seek explanation for my self, but seriously, if the writer really thought that scene to be so, I need to send appraisal gift for them!

      • 11.3.1 G

        She became over sensitive because she’s preggy imo. 🙂

      • 11.3.2 babes

        At first I too thought she was over sensitive but watching it again I understand better. She went to the public trial thinking that JH wanted to see her sincerity cos that’s what Sec Eun told her. She dreaded going but went ahead bcos of her love for him. Imagine how she felt when she found out that bugger didn’t even watch it! I too would have totally lost it!

        • ilikemangos

          YUP. the way she handled it was probably even more sane than the way i woulda. i woulda dropped out right then and there. ha.
          “ITS NOT WORTH IT. ”

          Hang ah fighting!!

  12. 12 nuri

    Im crying already. what breaks my tears is Shi-kyung’s speech. you know i love you, right?

    Please tell me that next week this drama will climb up. there’s some reason i can’t watch Equator Man.

    • 12.1 reglest

      AMEN! I’m sincerely pray this drama will climb again, this drama deserves more!!*bawling*

      • 12.1.1 Joy

        Nadu! I just hope that somehow they’ll know that TK2H is receiving so much love from us!

        • Saima

          I’m not sure of the details but int’l fans did a fan project to show their support!!

        • Kelinci Biru

          me too… not only in rating but the story! happier time please people @__@

      • 12.1.2 Stephanie

        With the real life backdrop of North Korean testing missiles, I think many people in s Korea don’t find this entertaining. Th

        • nuri

          so true. i actually meant about the story will pick up again after hitting rock bottom. i just realize it can also mean the rating.

    • 12.2 Serena B

      I actually teared up during that part! Totally surprised myself by how much that scene brought the emotions out. So well done.

  13. 13 Rashell

    OMG…so many tears! I’m so pissed at Jae Ha and just heart broken for Hang Ah. And how much do I love mom and little sis! Not for one second did either of them give ANY sympathy to that big baby of a king!

    But then Jae Ha is pure AWESOME with Creepy Evil Dude and I start to love him a little again. And with Shi Kyung and the bromance I’m hooked again.

    Only to be ripped open by the loss of the baby. (I guess there is no more question about if the did or didn’t have sex) Just pure heartbreak, and I don’t know how they’re going to come back from that. Please hold me, and tell me there is a plan right?

    Can’t wait for next week. As always, thanks for the fabulous recap!

    • 13.1 ilikemangos

      yeah…pretty much, all these pass few eps have been quite the heartbreak for all of us.

      &i agree , i guess there is no question for the did-they-do-the-deed , did-they-not?

      • 13.1.1 Joy

        I am really sad for Hang Ah regarding her unborn child. But, I still feel a little cheated for the part where it was supposed to be Hang Ah’s first and the scene was anticlimatic. And Yup, they sure did it!

  14. 14 ginggangolli

    sorry for the word but shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! i cant wait for the next ep.!!!

  15. 15 kbap

    Thank you for the recap! Now that I’m properly gutted and ready to be cooked, I can go do my work in peace now. Oh wow I sound like a masochist. But this drama is so good, despite its flaws. This drama just never stops dropping the surprises, does it now.

  16. 16 Gab

    I love how the drama isn’t afraid to go down to deep… I’m really looking forward to the happy pay-offs down the road. Oh man, this is so good….


    • 16.1 Rashell

      So we’re confident that there are going to be happy pay-offs right?

      • 16.1.1 topper

        Sometimes not happily after ending can be good, a la 49 Days.

        • Rashell

          Don’t even mention that drama..sob…Kang ahhhhh! I’m not ready for that.

  17. 17 Ladymoonstone143

    Thank you GF for another awesome recap.

    This episode made me sit at the edge of my seat…even watching it raw. With my limited understanding of what was happening, I still got many of it right after reading this recap. The emotions of the characters and how they convey their feelings is so easy to guess.

    I can’t wait for next week. I hope Hang Ah will be back so she can help dealing with club M and also we can see her and Jae ha together too.

  18. 18 jomo

    Thank you for this recap. It really is a beautifully written piece. I just don’t know how you watch the show, and then collect these jelled thoughts so coherently so fast.
    I guess it’s call hard work and talent, eh?

    I had a lot of favorite parts, but I loved the I-am-the-effing-King-you-son-of-a-bitch! moment:
    But the second he reaches his inner office, Jae-ha grabs the phone and calls Shi-kyung trembling, “In the lobby, you’ll find a whack job. Catch that bastard. Right now. Capture him immediately and cut his throat. Or TEAR HIS LIMBS APART UNTIL HE DIES!” Oh shit. That terrified me.

    OK, it could also have been a very Godfather moment, but still, I love that shit from a manly man.
    It’s great because he really means it, like that time he got on the phone and banned SK from going to Jejudo for the meet-up with Hang-ah, but at the same time, he knows he is powerless. He knows it is just words…Just like Skunky said. I look forward to when his conviction about something matches his ability to carry it to the end…Ah future episodes, I hope you deliver!

  19. 19 LSGfan

    thanks GF! you’re the best! you captured exactly how I felt (like usual!) I wanted to see more JH-HA action, but at the same time I really liked how the rest of the story was building.

    i’m sorta sad that Jaeha’s character, even after he’s become king, is still hard to like and fully admire as king… it’s like just when he’s changing, his emotions and temper get the better of him. i like that it will take time for him to mature, that it won’t happen in an instant, but with hangah being SO sweet, it’s hard to take sometimes…

    and i’m still holding out that their “night” together was actually not out of pure comfort and drunkenness, but that it was a lovely event with it more about the love. and that the pd purposely didn’t show us much yet because they’ll show us flashbacks later on of the scene and show how in love they were, to counter the miscarriage sadness. hoping…

    • 19.1 reglest

      I second that option, but still think it’s a bit difficult since they have packaged schedule for next weekS, yunno, apologizing, reject, receive, PROPOSE, ROYAL ENGAGEMENT -spoiler- kkk

      I just hope the writer and director (no doubt for the actors) success bring the emotion when they are together again

  20. 20 Lise

    and i thought him shooting Hang Ah right through the heart would be the worst thing JH ever did ; (

    • 20.1 ilikemangos

      I swear to god i had no idea how she was able to recover after that.
      I mean it still scars her, but i remember right after she was all supportive of him and i was like GIRL, he was just willing to shoot you in the freaking heart. without hesitation too.

  21. 21 news

    So. GOOD.

  22. 22 slfowie

    ok i am watching the episode.. and will some 1 tell me why the evil sectary (that should not be our Ernest bot’s dad) confessed to Hang Ah that he basically told her a lie when he said that the King oked the public hearing? Is he just an old fool who wants to atone his sins by helping the couple. Or is he a evil mastermind that has some nefarious plans or reasons for doing something like that!?

    • 22.1 slfowie

      ok re watched it correct me if i am wrong but could it be that he was willing to overlook the fact that he doesnot believe North Korean would b a good fit to the royal family if she could be a stable and mature influence to the Child King ?
      Or is it just my hopes and imagination coz i totally think the actor is great??

      • 22.1.1 Rashell

        I’m not sure that we’re supposed to understand his full motivations at this point. I think, that judging from his reactions to the way she dealt with all the scrutiny during her trial, that he is impressed with her. I think that he has no respect for Jae Ha, but he does have respect for Hang Ah. And if she were willing to take on the “role” of queen, then he would support her. He just has no use for anything other then appearance because to him that is all the royal family is at this point.

        • slfowie

          ok so he would want Hang Ah to be the real power or at least half the power behind the throne along with him? And did he hold the view with the previous kings or is it just Jae Ha coz Jae Ha was “trash” before…
          How much do you all love the fact that his mom totally sticks up for Hang Ah and yells at him..

          • Rashell

            I’m thinking that he thinks that the throne has no real power, but the support of the people. And that is why he was so reluctant for a N/S union. But after getting to see Hang Ah, he is more impressed with her then Jae Ha. I thnk he believes she would be less likely to “mess up” then Jae Ha. (which just look at the situations this boy has managed to get himself into. He really does do some stupid things.)

            I think that Secretery Eun did respect the former king, but to him Jae Ha will always be the screw up. Shi Kyung said in this episode that once his father makes up his mind there is no changing it. For him Jae Ha does not have what it takes to be king, and he’s unwilling to even look at the possibility that those qualities are in there behind his front of joking.

            Maybe I’m looking too deep. But I love that Shi Kyun sees exactly the opposite. Jae Ha is really going to need that support now. In fact with the latest news Shi Kyung may be the ONLY supporter he has.

        • Meow

          i think that he is more concerned abt the titles of king and queen rather than their duty or roles.. he keeps insisting abt unstable monarchy.. blah blah.. i could be wrong but that guys stand at loyalty is really confusing. is he in the kings side or not????

          • slfowie

            don’t know but he really does not seem to like Jae Ha, but seems to respect Hang Ah. So guess the problem he is having right now is the person who is in the throne.

  23. 23 DarknessEyes


    • 23.1 ilikemangos

      LOL. i laughed at this comment
      the intensity increases from her on out i hope

    • 23.2 hoda

      HAHAHAHA it did

    • 23.3 ilovemandoo

      LOL exactly how I felt after this episode.

  24. 24 Atsirk

    This drama IS DAEBAK!
    Seriously!!! Thanks girlfriday 😀

  25. 25 Sheena

    Thanks GF! 🙂

  26. 26 amielee

    i cannot wait for the next episode.. this drama is love…

  27. 27 Lise

    gotta add am glad they didnt do the whole ‘wakes up in bed together, looks under the sheets, realises they had sex and lets out a terrified scream’ scene before, its so overused and frankly just annoying. I know he’s a playboy so it was no biggie for him but considering they r portraying HA as this innocent, untouched, naive(ha!) girl am so happy she just played it cool even we weren’t sure if they got jiggy or not ; )

    • 27.1 ilikemangos

      LOL i totally agree with you on that.
      our girl knows how to play it cool.

      and when grams said ” Baby? But you had seperate rooms. ” I was like G-MA, this is the 20th century. people don’t needa be sharing rooms to have sex.
      alldayerrday anywhere o_o

      • 27.1.1 ilikemangos


      • 27.1.2 Hagar

        lol at the last sentence

  28. 28 TIA

    That old second is worse than secret garden joo won’s mom. Mann I wanna kill him

  29. 29 Celest

    Baby?! Shit has REALLY hit the fan for Jae Ha. I just don’t know how a person can recover their reputation after all these things. I’m even more curious as to how JH and HA are going to get back together. I love the Mom and Shi Kyung in this episode. Rock on rational thinkers of kdrama land. I also loved the scene where JH and his hyung were watching the World Cup like a couple of average joes. Watching football can make a fanboy/fangirl out of anyone!

    • 29.1 babes

      Same here. How’s JA gonna convince HA that he wants her back bcos he truly loves her and not just to save his ass and his face before the whole world?

      Though I can’t wait for them to get back together, HA plz make JA grovel otherwise he’ll be right to say you’re easy!

      But perhaps after all the groveling, you can reward him with a little bit of sexy glamour that he likes so much! *kekeke* … and I’m not talking about tacky shoulder cut-offs, bear paws and bunny ears, dear…

  30. 30 Noelle

    Thanks GF! Off to read!

    • 30.1 Noelle

      I had to comeback and say the Cruella de Eun is the best thing I ever read. LOL. I’m gonna use this frequently!

      • 30.1.1 kungfupigeon

        I totally second that notion

        • yellow buttercup

          same here!

  31. 31 Jude

    Holy shit. This episode is the best!! Loving that Ja-Ha confrontation scene with Bong-Gu and his trembling and emotional response afterwards (I was half-screaming to the screen – well to Shi Kyung – to kill that maniac already!!) and loving Shi Kyung pledging scene to the Jae – Ha the king. And now I’m already on pins and needles waiting for the next episode. And it won’t be on until next week. Why did I decide to watch this drama before it’s finished?!! Now I’m suffering. In a good way.

    • 31.1 jomo

      It was great to see:
      1..The newly minted King stand up to the long been a looney John Mayer
      2..Uri newly minted MAN, LSG, stand up to the 25+ film and drama actor Yoon Je-moon


      The tension was believable from both sides. It was like watching a tight game of psychological ping-pong.

      • 31.1.1 Saima

        After BG confessed that he killed JK and the look of horror on JH’s face….i kept repeating: f*ck, f*ck, ……

        When JH reigns in his emotions what with tears in his eyes & adopted a manic look I literally went, “hot dayumm, this boi keeps bringin’ it and surprising me!!”

        Last, when trembling he orders SK to kill him I absolutely lost it. All sorts of swear words were flying outta my mouth….didn’t even know I could turn into this incoherent person by watching a RAW episode wherein I’m just discerning what’s going on by watching their acting!!

        SO.EFFIN.GOOD!! reallly!!

        • Leelee

          lol, am on the same boat. I think i muttered all sorts of swear that I could think of during that scene.

          Uri puppy’s just nailing it, really nailing it. He just continue to rock my world. Sigh, it will be a long agonizing week of waiting.

          Thank you so much for the recap gf!

      • 31.1.2 diw

        oh yeah.. awesome psychological ping-pong.

    • 31.2 Mioutx

      Jude, this is the first Kdrama I’ve watched “live” and I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. Better to watch 16 – 20 hours straight! Who needs sleep? The waiting is killing me!

      • 31.2.1 jude

        Amen to that!

  32. 32 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! This episode was awesome!

    • 32.1 Ivoire

      Hi, does anyone know the title of the military march that plays when Shi-Kyung encourages JA in the hallway where the portraits of the previous kings are? That song (or that musical score), is a reminder of the Lion King kind of songs, how do I find it online, please? Thank you!

      • 32.1.1 Ivoire

        Also, I lOVE, LOVE, LOVE Shi-Kyung! The way he stood up to his dad, make him look like a man. He looked very tall and in his own way, he is also very smart. I love the bromance, I hope it stays till the end and that he will have an actual love story with the princess.

        • ilikemangos

          Definitely agree. i am going to hope we get some bromance action every ep. haha.

          i just love his sincerity.. he has the power to touch peoples hearts.

          • Ivoire

            He does touch people’s hearts, doesn’t he? He is so well acted, you fall in love with the character and can easily believe he is real. All of them are like that (the actors/actresses). This show just draws you in and pulls you in deeper and deeper… But who is complaining?

          • Ivoire

            Did you notice that he always speaks softly (to the princess when they were outside the night he prayed for world peace and to his dad) but he gets to people. He even did that to the king and the King was moved, to the point of having tears (his eyes were red).

            ah, Shi-kyung, is there a real version of you out there (and as handsome, please), if so can I please meet him?

        • Ivoire

          sorry, meant to say “made him look like a man”

          • slfowie

            hon think you will have to stand in a long line to get a chance for him!

          • Ivoire

            @ slfowie, you had me LOL. That was good and probably true! Still, a girl can dream, can’t she 🙂 ?

          • slfowie

            yep! i will probably be behind you.. the one plotting to get rid of all the girls in front of me….

          • Ivoire

            You are so funny, LOL! I better watch my back then :-). See, this is why I think this kind of guy should be cloned, seriously, with different faces (so we don’t all get the exact same copy, look alike person), but still attractive. That way, we can all be happy 🙂

            What do you think?

          • slfowie

            hmm Would love that.. so should we search or build a time machine or just find one of the time portals, that seem to be sooo popular now a days, and just go to the future and clone and dragg back our own Earnest bot – with personalized features according to our preference?

          • Ivoire

            @ slfowie,
            Love “the personalized features according to our preferences” thing. Very good idea. However, why do we have to go to the future? I thought this drama is taking place in 2012. Have you seen their phones, and the buildings the drama is filmed in? Looks very modern to me.

            Would we really need a time machine?

          • TK2HLover

            @slfowie: cool! so after you get rid of all the girls in front of you…then I’ll take care of you! hehehe…. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            @ TK2HLover: LOL, very funny and clever :-)!

          • slfowie

            @Ivoire time machine to go to the future coz we have not really gotten the ability to clone stuff yet..
            @TK2HLover then be sure to take care of ur back coz there will b girls who will do the same thing 2 u !!!:P

          • TK2HLover

            @slfowie: I kinda thought about that so I’d guess I’ll just chill out for a moment until you get rid ALL of them then I’ll deal with you 😀 Actually I thought about having the King myself but I’m afraid I have to deal with Kang Ah ~ I don’t think I’ll have a chance at all! LOL!

          • slfowie

            Hmm take the King, we can ship Hang Ah to Hyun Bin. And I will personally help u get rid of all the girls after him. But even if u do want Ernest Bot more than the king will not matter coz me and Ivoire are planning to cone him and change him slightly according to what we want..

          • Ivoire

            @ slfowie,

            LOL. I love how you think (take the king, and we ship Hang Ah to Hyun Bin, clever :-)) and I love that you have my back. Yeah, let’s go to the future so we can steal the time machine. I hope you know this means we now have to talk to Yi Gak of Rooftop Prince and ask him to help us get into the future. Hope he will agree. Man, getting Earnest Bot is a lot of work, isn’t it? We have to get rid of all those girls and THEN we have to go and steal (or better “borrow”) a machine in the future.

            *Heavy Sigh* but he is worth it. So, when are we doing it? What does your schedule look like 🙂 ?

          • slfowie

            @ Ivoire
            For my very own Ernest Bot ( with few features personalized according to my taste), I can totally skip my classes. 😉 But then once we have the time machine we can go back to where we used the time machine ( is this making sense?) and not have spent any time ; but still have our very own Ernest Bot.( confusing rite?)
            For Yi Gak we can give him cases of that drink, or anything sweet that he loves, ( plus my chocolate cake is not soo shabby so we can give him that to) and get the information that we need! And while we meet him we can tell how evil Sena is too!

          • Ivoire

            @ Slfowie,

            You literally had me LOL to the point that I had tears :-). You are so funny!!!! Where do you come up with those ideas and what do you study? (what is your major?). You probably don’t need any reminder, but this is one of the reasons why we love Earnest Bot so much:


            You know, he reminds me of Dr. Poopy pants in Scent of Woman (Chae Eun Suk), if you ever saw that drama. Uhm Ki Joon did a really good job playing the 2nd lead who wouldn’t get the girl. If you saw the drama, I love the scene when she was at his place and he was cooking for her and she wanted to help and came and touch him and he reacted as if she had burned him or something (he kind of jumped a little) and asked her to leave because he couldn’t stand her being so close (he was that affected by her presence so close). I love Uhm Ki Joon, he is such a good actor.

            Ok, back to our plans. I have some questions: do you know why Earnest Bot is called “Bot?” I am assuming Javabeans or Girlfriday nicnamed him that, but why “Bot?” Is that supposed to mean something?
            Ok, so you would be willing to skip your classes (what classes are you taking, by the way?). I understood what you meant: we get the time machine, get Earnest Bot (that we will clone with our personalized features) and then we come back (in the time sequence) to where we originally were in time right? So, if you were in class, you go back to that, to that minute and I go back to what I was doing (or about to do) and things are back to normal, except that now, we have our own Earnest Bots, right? And what do we do with the original Earnest Bot? Do we return him to the princess? To the show?
            What do we do with the time machine? I think we should keep it, in case we need it again. I love your idea about giving Yi Gak cases of that sweet drink he likes, that should definitely work, very clever * High Fives Slfowie (hope you will high five me back).* and we introduce him to your chocolate cake ( I should have some too, if it is that good 🙂 ).
            I LOL at your suggestion that we tell him how evil Se Na is. I was literally visualizing us (each one on his side) trying to persuade him that Se Na is evil and he should stick with Park Ha and they should eventually get married. He would be the daddy, she would be the mommy and they already have their 1st set of children (before they get their own). That was what came to my mind when Yi Gak was yelling at Park Ha for not finding the handkerchief. The three minions looked like “Oh, dad is not happy and mommy looks frazzled. That’s not good.” That was so cute!!!!
            The thing is, do you think Yi Gak will believe us? At this point in the drama, he doesn’t really have a reason to, there are no clues to him that she is evil because she acts sweet in front of him. And he would have just met us, why should he believe us (will we have some evidence for our accusations?). Maybe we should show him some of the footage of the show that he didn’t see. You know how arrogant he can be (pointing his nose in the air), what if he does that to us, while asking us why we are saying such mean things about Se Na? What would we say then? We need to be able to back up what we are saying, don’t you think?
            You seem to be the brain behind this operation, so you tell me what you think and so far, you have had some very smart ideas.
            I hope your day is going well 🙂 !

          • slfowie

            That was a long one.. I am majoring in mass communication , but my focus in graphic design. I am that weirdo that loves to come up with what if scenarios and make a whole story out of it, and if people,like you guys, give me good ideas i can totally run with the stories . Let me answer in point form
            A) Bot i think is for robot? not sure
            B) Sent of of woman have not watched it bur read the recaps. And both of them do seem similar, but Ernst Bot also seems similar to his character in What’s up. Do you agree Ivoire?
            C) the time machine i think we should keep it, who knows we might want to use it later.. for Ernest Bot we should return him to the princess coz she and Jae Ha needs him more..
            D) return your high five, and yes i will make one for you too
            E) yep the three power rangers do seem like kind, but the blue one seems to have a crush on Park ha. but to remove the ekiness we will just make him into a mama’s boy
            F) for Yi Gak we could do what you said and we could also use the time machine to show him everything in “real time” . and on a side note we could also show him how funny he looks with his nostrils up in the air like that.. well maybe not .. u decide.

            Hope your day goes well to. I totally love how we have created a mini story, connection ( whatever).

          • Ivoire

            Good morning! (if you are in this part of the world). Do you leave in the US? (I do, in Northern CA).

            Yeah, my post/response was a long one. I don’t know if you participate in OTs, if you do, you will notice that I can be long winded like that. People do say however that what I write and say is quite interesting, so they usually don’t mind. I LOVE to talk and write, that’s how I bond. I do love how we have created a connection as well.
            You know, when I start writing, I never know how long it will be. It just becomes long, the more I think and the more I find out I have things to say and then it becomes like my last response.
            I studied communications in college as well, Communications and Spanish, to be exact, so we have that in common as well (besides being in love with Earnest Bot :-)).
            I agree with you, “Bot” must stand for robot, that actually makes sense because he acts like one, but he is so cute and endearing!!!!
            You have a very creative and vivid imagination! That is a quality, I like that about you. To be honest, I have not watched What’s Up, nor have I read the recaps. But I have read comments from people raving about it. Is it really that good? I guess I will have to check it out, at some point. It would be interesting to see Earnest Bot in another role. He is also in the movie “Introduction to Architecture” and he is a stage and musical actor as well, so he has done some projects there. He is starting to become popular and famous 🙂 and getting some much deserved attention.
            I agree with you. We should return Earnest Bot to the princess and Jae Ha. I hope he will have an actual love story with the princess, not one of those love that can’t be. Can you imagine Earnest Bot kissing, and the princess no less? That would be funny 🙂 I would love to see that, like if she gives him a peck on the cheek. He would be so flustered, like with the bird. Gah… He so cute when he acts like that 🙂
            Thank you for the cake, I am looking forward to tasting it. I am for making the warrior (in RTP) a mama’s boy, to remove the ickiness (that was clever, by the way. And yes, he does have a crush on Park Ha).
            I think we should use the time machine to show Yi Gak how Se Na really is and to show him what he looks like with his nose in the air. Hopefully he will laugh at himself and decide to lose his airs. We will see… He seems like he would be a lot of fun to be around if he lost his airs. I liked it when he knew what medicine Park Ha needed and the way he took care of her. That was cool! I would love to meet the three stooges. They seem like fun!
            My day started well, thank you. How many dramas are you currently watching? which ones? I am currently watching “[email protected]” and RTP (kind of), I read more the recaps and I watch the episodes raw because the episodes take a while to be subbed on Viki.

          • slfowie

            Me i am the east coast, but i am planning to move to CA after i finish my undergrad to get some optional practical training. To tell you truthfully, I checked this show out just coz Ernest Bot was in it and i loved him in What’s Up. What’s Up, it does have some issues- but the story seems to come from the writers and the actors heart. If you do watch it you have to check out the actress who plays Doori she is the same actress who plays the landlady in wild romance.
            For the shows TK2H and RTP are the only shows i am watching right now. I am planning to watch Queen In Suk’s man ( another time travel drama) when it gets subed. But with finals and my graduation so near i cant really watch a lot of shows. Well theses shows in Viki are subbed fairly fast, so i watch them. As for the King/Prince laughing with us when we show him how funny he looks with his noes in the air, I think he will yell at us then after some time after his king/princly ego has been soothed he will laugh.
            I don’t really participate in OTs that much but this show is just pulling me in! I just enjoy talking/ writing with you it makes it just more fun!

          • slfowie

            at the east coast sorry

          • Ivoire

            Yeah, I do agree that writing about the drama while it is airing is fun. We get to speculate about why the characters do what they do and what will happen next. I also agree that the prince/king would probably yell at us first and then hopefully calm down. I am hoping that the sweet drinks we brought and the cake will sway him and get us in his good graces.
            I hope that you will do well during your finals and congratulations on your graduation!!!! So it sounds like you will be relocating to CA soon, maybe this summer? I hope you will like it. Queen IN Suk (I might have mispelled it) sounds like a drama I should check out at some point.
            I agree with you that TK2H is addictive and it does pull you in. You are smart to stay away from the OT, that can be addictive as well (trust me, I know). I will pay attention to the actress who plays Doori when I watch What’s up. Thank you for the heads up.

          • slfowie

            @ Ivoire
            Thank you for the wishes! Ya if everything goes will i will be relocating to CA soon. Queen In Suk’s man does seem interesting but even more is the one with Lee Min Ho in it! I hope that one is good.. But it has Lee Min Ho in it I am going to watch it no matter what.

          • Ivoire

            Hey there slfowie,

            so you are a LMH fan I see :-)! I am one as well. I left you another message below at :

   Ivoire April 21st, 2012 at 4:52 pm.

            Yeah, it would be interesting to see how Faith fares. I have seen some fans’ drawings of LMH in sageuk gears, and he looked good in it. It will be his 1st sageuk. Good for him.

          • slfowie

            yep saw and commented! but I am so looking forward to Faith, just coz its LMH.

          • Ivoire

            I checked and it seems that Faith will air in either July or August, so in a few months :-). Good thing you have other dramas to distract you in the meantime. I also answered to your comment below.

      • 32.1.2 ddd

        tk2h ost is not released yet. I am waiting for ost album b/c tk2h have the best musics.

        • Ivoire

          I think I saw one song on youtube, it’s the only one I keep seeing. Thanks for your info, I will wait as well. I LOVE the musical score and songs for this drama, they really affect you emotionally. I know it does that for me and helps me stay glued to the screen when I watch the drama. Really well done! Reminds me of what they did with City Hunter, musically.

          • Saima

            They have released Taeyeon’s “Missing you like crazy” and K. Will’s “Love is crying”!! But, there’re no instrumentals released thus far!!

          • Ivoire

            Thanks, that’s what I noticed.

    • 32.2 Ivoire

      I have come to realize that what I also like about this drama is that the scenes where there are no dialogues are quite poignant, powerful in the emotions they convey.

      • 32.2.1 ilikemangos

        Yup, the silent scenes are stealers..
        Love it.
        Man, seunggi has been crying/tearing up so much lately esp in the last eps..
        He completely passed my expectations.. and i find myself moved by his wonderfully improved acting.

        • Ivoire

          I agree!

          • ilikemangos

            Ivoire if you have not checked out seunggi’s previous works you should!
            brilliant legacy & my girlfriend is a gumiho is two of his best works as of now and i totally fell in love with him.

          • Ivoire

            @ Ilikemangos,
            Thanks for the info, I will :-).

        • babes

          Second that! LSG’s acting blows my mind! Saw him in BL and didn’t think much of his acting then though I loved that drama too. It was my first kdrama and totally got me hooked.

          LSG is really a very talented young man and handsome to boot! He’s so manly in this show. I especially love how he grabs HA’s hand : at the couch before the Bo-peep scene, before the refrigerator kiss, etc. And the way he carries a suit…ah…swoon!

          Pls don’t go down the metrosexual, bordering on girly look, LSG, as some others have done.

          • ilikemangos

            LOL *cough* jang guen sook 😉

      • 32.2.2 reglest

        Scored this, Except in theatre movies, I found it’s hard to love silent scene because there always be lack of. But here, we have deep emotion, conveyed feelings + superb acting & awesome cinematography and Voila: I. LOVE. IT.

        • windmill

          Well, but since His Brilliant Legacy days I always think that Seunggi’s silent moments are so well executed. Of his best scenes in BL, for me, the way he delivered his acting of contemplating was really impressive.

          Now that his acting is much better than 3 years ago, no wonder, the silent moments of Jae Ha are just DAEBAK!!!!

          • Ivoire

            Hello Windmill,
            I have not seen LSG previous works yet, only seen him in 1N2D so for me seeing him in the King 2 Hearts is my 1st time seeing him act. I will have to check out his previous works. I do agree with you that his silent moments are powerful and speak volumes (even though they are silent moments 🙂 ).

        • Ivoire

          Very well said about the combination of things that the quiet scenes so moving!

    • 32.3 Ivoire

      I also love how Shi-Kyung looks at the princess. Reminds me of Tae Bum of Ojagkyo Brothers (the 2nd brother) and the way he would look at his wife, once he acknowledged to himself that he loved her. Oh my word, can these men act. So believable, so your-feelings-for-her-are-all-over-your-face kind of looks.

      Again, seriously, can we clone them? Who wouldn’t want to be looked at in that way by someone they are in love with? *Heavy Sigh*

      • 32.3.1 ilikemangos

        I know! the real life actor is so good at acting for being a newbie at this profession. but i am so impressed.
        =) we should be on the look out for our earnest bot !

        • Ivoire

          Hi, I think he is also a musical actor so he probably has done some stage acting, and might have had more experience and roles there.

          • slfowie

            Plus he i think is 31, so he has more experience as a stage/ musical actor. And since he isn’t a idol the fact that he is popular means that he is a good actor…

          • Ivoire

            So slfowie,
            explain what you mean by since he isn’t an idol, the fact that he is popular means that he is a good actor. Do you mean to say that his popularity must be more based on his talent as an actor than if he had been an idol? I don’t really understand because idols work hard too, don’t they? (and they are mistreated a lot by their agencies who push them to exhaustion).

          • slfowie

            @ Ivoire
            that is not what i meant, ( sorry was not really paying attention ) Idol as in a singer or model who decided to try acting, and gain a substantial fan base not coz they are good. But coz they were already famous, so a bit of acting talent with their singing talent and the the fact that they are already well known makes them a huge thing.
            And the thing bout him not being an Idol well he is a musical actor not someone who is known to the normal public. Even if he was a great musical actor, I really don’t think he would be as famous as the other drama actors or singers to normal everyday non musical drama following people. And well he became well known quickly even though he did not have a T.V background , so to me at least shows how talented he is. In short he is not popular because of who he is but what he bring to the screen.
            hope you understood what i am trying to say, seem like today has been a day where i vomit words and sentences that don’t make that much sense. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            You know, I totally understood what you tried to say. I knew what an idol was, but I thank you for clarifying what you meant by them gaining more fame and popularity once they try their hand at acting. They are building on a fame they already had, hoping it will expand.
            I think the thing with musical actors/actresses is that they are not as well known as regular tv-movies actors and actresses because their work isn’t shown on tv. We don’t get to see the equivalent of PBS of Korea, so to see them and to know about them, one has to live in Korea, love and go to the theater (and be able to afford it as well) so the public that gets to know them early on is smaller to start with. When they start acting in dramas mostly is when they become more famous, especially if they are good (which most of them are, it seems to me). Uhm Ki Joon is one of those actors who I believe started as a musical actor and from what I read is well known and well respected in those circles. The thing with dramas is that more and more people watch them, especially internationally, so it helps make the actors/actresses in them more famous and popular. That is also how they become households names in Korea. People like Hyun Bin are known for his dramas primarily and not as much for his movies, same goes for many of their actors/actresses (at least, that’s what it seems to me).
            I understood what you meant about JJS (earnest Bot) the actor. He is definitely talented and hard working , like many of his fellow actors. Someone on the OT said that Shi-Kyung in TK2H is a scene stealer and I believe he is. I am drawn to watching him when I see him on screen. I love how he has not raised his voice so far, but he seems to get to people when he speaks. He is a soldier, but he is a smart one.
            I have a question about RTP: I know among the Joseon Power Rangers, one is the warrior (so he is physically strong, but not the smartest), Man-bo is the brain and the one who often figures things out, Chi-san was the euneuch in Joseon and knew how to get into hardly accessible places for men such as giseang homes etc…He knew how to get information from secret sources. What is Chi-san’s role in 2012? I am not really sure about that one. Man-bo and Yon Sool (the warrior) seem to have stayed true to who they were in Joseon, but I am not clear about Chi-san. What do you think?

          • slfowie

            @ Ivoire
            We probably should be talking bout RTP in the RTP page.. Chi-san I am not sure, think he is the one that diffuses the situation, and to an extend can control the prince. Ernest Bot.. I have no words to describe him, i am grinning like a fool when he comes to screen.
            I am not familiar with Korea, was raised in the Indian subcontinent, but its the same there.. well its models turning into wooden actors. And even though the theatrical actors could be much better than the ones we see on T.V they are not that well known.

          • Ivoire

            You know, I didn’t have a problem talking about RTP because I went and reread our comments and most of them are about TK2H. The conversations have been interlaced with comments about RTP which came in a fluid way and those comments just seem to fit with the way the conversation was going. I have personally notice that people would often do that on this blog, they would make comments about another show or ask questions and people would answer. I asked the question about Chi-san because I happened to think of it while I was writing and you seem to be good at figuring things out, so I thought I would pick your brain, since I was writing to you, that’s all.

            Regarding my comments about theatrical actors, I used to watch PBS A LOT, and that was partly how I was introduced to a lot of news about this country but also introduced to a lot of art, theater pieces, cultural shows, cooking shows and many programs that Public Television offers, and I am grateful for that. I have traveled and lived in different places of the world and different places in the US so I just tried to use my experience of the world I have had so far, my own educational background and the things I have been learning about South Korea since I have become interested in the country, its peoples and its culture. That is how I deduct things, and as I learn more, I see if I was right in my assumptions or not. There are some good websites that focus on South Korea and I talk with a S. Korean family I know here. I am able to ask them a lot of questions and that helps. Given the opportunity, I would love to visit and maybe temporarily live there for a while.

            Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me. It was fun and interesting. I hope you will have a great week.

      • 32.3.2 ro

        O yes, yes! I wish to see something develop between Shi Kyung and Jae Shin. There’s this super strong attraction and chemistry between them that need not words to explain. Love them! (so when people say that they have a gut feeling that Shi Kyung might die, it just breaks my heart!)

        “Who wouldn’t want to be looked at in that way by someone they are in love with?”

        Agreed!! 100%!

        • Ivoire

          Hi Ro,
          I agree with you, the chemistry and attraction don’t need any words, that’s how good the acting is. I do think that at this point, Shi-kyung loves the princess, but I don’t think she feels the same way yet. We haven’t had any indications of that yet. I think it might be one sided at this point.
          I hope the writers don’t kill Shi-Kyung. It would be so nice if he could end up with the princess. I admire the people who have met and have their own Shi-kyung.

  33. 33 Emely

    O…M…G!!! I wish I hadn’t read the recap now, I’m dying for the next episode already! GAH How I love this drama!!!

  34. 34 Osi

    Thank you for the recap GF.
    This episode is DAEBAAAAAAAAK……!!!
    I pray, when I open my eyes tomorrow, it’s already wednesday.
    Argh stress….can’t wait to watch the next ep.

  35. 35 castleofgaems

    that was the sound of my heart shattering; think the whole neighbourhood heard that.
    btw on a lighter note, i love jaeshin’s parrot. it is a true scene stealer cos it will always be doing something to get her attention and being cute. HOPE IT GETS A NAME SOON AND IT WILL SOMEHOW WEAVE THIS ROMANTIC METAPHOR BETWEEN EARNEST BOT AND JAESHIN.

  36. 36 WWIV

    Thank you, amazing recap.

  37. 37 shl

    Thanks for the recap, GirlFriday!

    I think this episode really stepped up the pace. Looks like we’re finally headed for a proper confrontation between Jae-ha and Bong-gu, rather than the tap dancing we’ve been shown.

    Now I’m sure – this writer is way better at portraying human interaction and relationships than at devising villainous schemes. The scenes between parent/ child, siblings, friends – great.

    Not sure about Secretary Eun, though. Where’s he coming from? What does he really want? Having read several articles over the last week about the actor, who is highly respected, I can’t help but wonder if he’s thinking the same things too (‘what’s my motivation?’ ‘do I want to help this King or not?’)

    Also – 10 more episodes! Can they possibly keep up the momentum? I hope they’re able to without resorting to ridiculous plot devices or diving into overly-sentimental drivel.

    • 37.1 jomo

      I want answers to all of your Eun questions.
      Why did he wear glasses in all but ONE scene?
      What did that mean?

      • 37.1.1 reglest

        LOL! I notice that ONE scene too!
        Yeah, WHY??

    • 37.2 s

      Secretary Eun is so frustrating. It seems has if he himself has no idea where he stands. He is trying very hard to believe that 1% of himself is loyal and you know, un-evil. But I think that 1% was long gone. He could have been honest and revealed that he had unwittingly accepted a bribe. But that moment has passed and the minute he helped the enemy get into Korean grounds he has turned evil. I don’t care how much rationalising he does for himself.

    • 37.3 shl

      Just to add – I’m also not too happy with the miscarriage as a plot device. Was it really necessary? I think the two of them have enough to tussle with in terms of trust without throwing this in too. And what I’m most afraid of is that it’s a prelude to more scenes of Hang-ah crying and Jae-ha trying to make amends. Enough! Confident, ‘give-as-good-as-you-get’ Hang-ah’s got to make a comeback!

      • 37.3.1 pixiern

        After she was asked to return everything that was given to her when she went back to the North, I think the loss of the baby was the last piece of South Korea that she inadvertently had to give up.

        • jomo

          Really, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Now I’m crying again.

        • op103d940

          I’m glad I’m not the only one to think that – during the first viewing I was trying to decide whether it was a plot device or an incredibly cruel irony.

          • ilikemangos

            i guess the writers are just telling us(by using the miscarriage) to brace for the worst,the painstakingly harsh journey that hang ah and jae ha will have to overcome in order to be together.
            i’m not too happy with the miscarriage, but i’m glad it’s that over pregnancy that will reconcile them, even if i am sad for hang ah’s loss of a baby she never even got to know about. It’s too much for someone who just lost her virginity and then the day she finds out shes preggers is the day she loses it.
            I think that all the humiliation, betrayals, and pain makes their love that much stronger, as it’s harder to overcome all of it. Let’s just hope that these aren’t left under the surface to fester away like a sore. They better resolve all their issues!

        • Raine

          oh wow I never thought of it that way, but now that you mentioned yet, that makes a lot of sense, even though it’s really cruel to Hang-ah :\

    • 37.4 Emely

      This is a 20-episode drama? I thought it was only 16 episodes. And I thought I’d be able to wait until the end of the drama and watch the whole thing in one go. No way I’m gonna be able to wait another five weeks for that to happen!

      Damn HJW and her fantastic acting; making me so impatient for each episodes. Can we just skip all the other days of the week for the next five weeks and just have Wednesdays and Thursdays? 😉 Having said that, I don’t live in Korea, so I have to wait an extra couple of days for it to be subbed first. 🙁

      • 37.4.1 patacake

        U can watch it live online at http://www.ionair.tv with real time eng sub. Membership is free.

        • Saima

          really?!! there are real time eng subs available?? o.O How would one access the eng subs?

          • reglest

            I love ionair, It’s really simple. You need to register first, and login, then choose the channel that you want, in the right side, there’ll be option which language sub you want.
            For TK2H, I think there is sub for English and Japanese

            One reminder, dunno is it only happen for my country since it’s famous for slow connection? but better login before the time, because it’s always crowded at the time and failed to connect is oftenly happen.

      • 37.4.2 Bali Dancer

        I share the same feeling with you.. I even postphoned my holiday to watch the 9th and 10th episode.. OMG how can I endure the pain to wait for the 11th and 12th next week while I’m in Spain… HELP ME GOD!!!!

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    thank you GF!!:) we’re only half way through but the intensity of this drama is to the highest level now.. dont know what to expect for the next ep.. what a great writer! and SeungGi, the villain and all other actors are so damn good actors.. I am terrified too when the king makes that phone call..

  42. 42 s

    SO. GOOD.

    I had goosebumps a few times this episode, and that part where he told Shi Kyung to KILL THE EFFING MOTHERF was too, too good. Anticipating more of this take-charge, manly Jae Ha. YOU CAN BE THE BEST KING. YOU CAN BE. Believe what Shi Kyung tells you!

    Even at his best, Jae-ha will never believe in himself as much as Shi-kyung does, but that’s why he’s needed, and why a leader is only as strong as his most faithful soldier.
    THIS. I think as much as Jae Ha deflects what others are saying about him on the outside, deep down he thinks it’s true that he’s trash. It’s sad to see ;(

    I’ve lost count of how many times I shouted HYPOCRITE! when the old man appeared. Oh my goodness can he be more annoying? Pick a side and stick to it! He has this higher-than-thou attitude towards Jae Ha that irritates the heck out of me. The minute you sold your king out for the Beatles you don’t have this right anymore, old man. He reminds me of old farts who, because they have the experience and age, think they are beyond mortal wrongs. If he had actually a SHRED of conscience left in him he would have told the truth and removed himself from office. His staying there is actually a liability because he can be used anytime now.

    • 42.1 gretac

      re: your last paragraph,agree, and in addition:
      not to mention that his keeping his knowledge a secret is a major compromise to security!! how could he think that his withholding information about the king’s assassination wasn’t an even more major security breach??

  43. 43 Kairi

    Girlfriday, this. was. AWESOME. Thank you for the amazing recap. This episode…ah…I have no words! Is it next week yet??

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    This episode was dae bak!! starting from ep.7, things are moving really fast and very interesting. This drama is getting better and better!

    Jae Ha – Bong gu scene was the best in this episode. I was like glued to the screen.

  45. 45 abu

    I read this hoping I’d feel better. But, boy, this show left me pain-stricken and so damn worried for the characters..

    Thanks for the recap, gf! You’re awesome. 🙂

  46. 46 E

    I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe ShiKyung would leave JaeShin in that van alone – Ah crap – and now the dread is filling me that ShiKyung may not survive until the end of the drama…for his honor and his loyalty may be the thing the writer’s sacrifice for a good show. NOOOOOOO!

    I feel crazy right now…the baby was extremely unexpected. And damn that Kim Bong Gu is crazy.

    • 46.1 Rashell

      OMG…don’t even hint that the Earnest Bot could be a casualty….NO! I hadn’t even thought that, which considering all that has happened in this drama, I totally should have. Now I’m really scared. I swear Show, if you do this horrible thing, we’re breaking up!

      • 46.1.1 slfowie

        if he dies its gonna be like city hunter all over again with the death of the prosecutor..

        • Heather

          That was totally my instinct about him and now I’m terrified. I’m hoping because he’s not the second male lead this time he’ll be spared but still…especially b/c this drama does not seem to highly value happiness… 😛

  47. 47 E

    On a side note. JaeShin is a princess. She doesn’t have a doctor that can go to the friggin palace? Why does she need to go to the hospital? O.o

    • 47.1 cindy

      she went to make some check up.. the doctor can go to the palace but not the machines… lol

      • 47.1.1 topper

        Yup. MRI’s and Xrays won’t be in palaces.

        • Gordon

          Actaully I am not so sure. I know there is a LOT of gear that might there for a head of state. Also there are a few portable units.

          • reglest

            Well, a few like Ultra Sonography or X-ray has portable device (not that portable actually), but MRI and CT scan isn’t

  48. 48 coolsmurf09

    I’m so excited to find out how our main couple will deal with the miscarriage.
    Thanks for this awesome recap!

  49. 49 Raine

    Totally love this episode! I was skeptical about the miscarriage spoilers going around before this episode aired, but dang I didn’t think it’d actually come true. I was totally surprised the last few minutes of this episode. And the way Jae Ha learns of it! ouch ouch ouch for both Hang ah and Jae Ha
    lots of other really significant and tense scenes in this episode too, and that Jae-Ha Bong Gu scene, crazyy
    totally lovin this drama!

    • 49.1 Raine

      Can’t believe I almost forgot this scene… Hang-ah crying on her dad’s shoulder… OOF that totally got me real good. Was crying along with her during that scene, my heart totally hurts for her ;_;

      • 49.1.1 Lhej

        HJW is really good, she made me cry in that particular scene too! How I wish I didn’t start watching this drama, it’s making me crazy! The waiting is killing me!

        • em

          HJW is a great actress. I was crying also.

  50. 50 Ani

    I FIGURED IT OUT! Shi-kyung is the Merlin to Jae-ha’s Arthur (BBC version)!!!!!! Heck yeah. When Arthur was a brat, no one saw much worth in him, but Merlin came to believe in Arthur and his loyalty knows no end. This is Shi-kyung for you.

    *clears throat* Excuse me while I go cry over the fact that Series/Season 5 of Merlin won’t be here until Fall. For now, onward to Camelot. I mean the WOC.

    Also, love the “It take a village” bit. And Hang-ah is made of tough stuff, she can make it through this. I’m just sad that unlike Jae-ha, her support system is pretty limited. And to think I was getting bored and tired with this drama and mostly skipped through the previous recap. Heh.

    • 50.1 Roggy

      Nah… Merlin’s witty and totally NOT earnest LMAO. Love Colin Morgan <3

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