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Big: Episode 6
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Okay, I don’t know if they did that time jump because the previous episodes were missing that spark, but man I’m glad they did. It’s a new year and a new show, as far as I’m concerned. I might be putting too much stock in the potential that comes out of where we find all our characters a year later, but I’m hoping the change in the tide is one that’s here to stay. Best time skip ever: Nobody gets a lobotomy, and the plot gets a conflict. Win-win?


So we’re now a year ahead of the original story, and Da-ran attends a friend’s wedding. Yoon-jae’s shell walks right up to her and stands at the elevator, and she looks over in shock, “Kyung-joon-ah!”

But he doesn’t answer, so she asks haltingly, “Yoon-jae-sshi?” He turns and says it’s been a long time. She’s so floored she nearly misses the elevator, and then asks again skeptically, “You’re Kyung-joon-ie, right?”

He shrugs. Okay, that’s a dead giveaway, right? She asks why he hasn’t called, when he came back, what he’s doing here. He just says he’s here for a friend’s wedding, and she gets confused again, “Yoon-jae-sshi?”

Kyung-joon (I’m almost positive) looks over at her and wonders how she got so old in such a short time, and declares with almost too much nonchalance to be believable, “You’re not pretty anymore.”

She scowls, now sure, “You ARE Kang Kyun-joon!” He continues, “When I first saw you, you were so pretty I followed you around.” So it was true! That spins her around again though, “Yoon Jae-sshi?”

Kyung-joon smiles, “I’ve changed so much you can’t even recognize me anymore.” He leaves her dumbfounded in the elevator, and turns back with his trademark, “Uh-oh, mental explosion.”

When she snaps out of it, Da-ran shouts after him, “You ARE Kang Kyung-joon!” as the doors close on her. She catches up to him in the banquet hall and sits down to talk to him tenderly as Kyung-joon, not realizing that the entire wedding party sees her as desperately trying to cling to ex-fiancé Yoon-jae.

Wait, don’t touch his face! He likes you! He smiles to himself to see that she really was confused about who’s soul was in there, and then points out that the whole room is staring at them. Has she already forgotten about whose shell he’s in?

She covers her face in horror, “I only see Kang Kyung-joon, but they all see Yoon-jae-sshi.” Aw, I still find the sentiment really sweet, despite the social mortification happening right now.

Kyung-joon figures that the first person to stand up and walk away hangs onto their pride, and she agrees, suggesting they both get up at the count of three. One… two… and of course Kyung-joon springs up first, “Three.” Derp.

She’s left to clean up the mess, or rather get humiliated by having all her girlfriends run up and publicly console her. ‘Cause that’s so helpful. A real girlfriend would drag her ass out and into a bathroom first.

But just as she’s about to drown in a vat of her own pride, Kyung-joon opens the double doors and hero-walks back in. He beelines straight for her and says he’s counting to three.

She panics, not knowing what’s going on, and springs up at three. He grabs her hand and they go running out of the wedding hall like the end of a nineties music video.

Outside, she thanks Kyung-joon for saving her from an awkward situation, and he has to point out that she just got back together with “Yoon-jae.” He shows her their hands, still clasped.

It finally dawns on her what she did, only to have Kyung-joon tell her that’s actually why he’s here—”They’re telling me to get married.”

And then at the same time (or is it a flashback?), Mom is asking Se-young to stay by Yoon-jae’s side. Great. Now the monsters have teamed up?

Kyung-joon says Mom keeps pushing him to marry Se-young. Da-ran understands, “Because to Yoon-jae’s mother, you’re not an eighteen-year old blood clot.”

He makes this awesome silent oh-no-you-did-not-just-call-me-that face and tamps down his would-be outburst. “That’s a NINETEEN-year old blood clot to you!” Hee.

He says that’s what he needs Gil Teacher for—if he has to get married, then well, Da-ran is the only one who knows the real him. She hilariously leans in and narrows her eyes, asking if this is because he still likes her.

Kyung-joon: “I’m different now. I was too young then.” Da-ran: “You’re STILL young.” He explains that it’s not a real proposal—he just needs her to be his shield against Mom’s parade of women, including Se-young. Da-ran turns him down.

He catches up to her in his car, purposely making another show of their togetherness in front of her friends. She argues that if he’s looking for a girlfriend-shield, he should be looking for girls his own age.

He astutely points out that in his body, going after girls his own age would land him in jail. “I guess if I go to jail, I can’t get married.” HA. Plan B is jail then?

She says she can’t do it—after everything she did to break up with Yoon-jae and forget him, how can she be by his side again and look at him daily? He mutters, “Do you still like Seo Yoon-jae that much? Does it hurt that much to see me?”

He drops her off at home and then stops her, “Gil Teacher, will you say my name?” Da-ran: “Kang Kyung-joon. Kang Kyung-joon. Kang Kyung-joon.” If only this were Beetlejuice.

He watches her go with a wistful look. “I missed you. The one person who calls me Kang Kyung-joon.” Just break mah heart why don’t you.

Da-ran goes home and looks through her box of Yoon-jae stuff, stopping at the picture of Kyung-joon kissing her. I wonder if there are more Yoon-jae memories or Kyung-joon memories in that box, when all is said and done.

Kyung-joon dresses for work, now wearing his grown-up clothes with ease. His room is this strange mix of kiddie bed and figurines, with… medical books? Wait, he’s not going to attempt to be a DOCTOR after a year’s worth of self-teaching, is he? UM…

He meets his colleagues at the hospital and says he’s planning to return to work. He reads another medical text and murmurs to himself that he’s almost filled his brain. Dude. Not the matrix. You can’t just upload that stuff.

And sure enough, as soon as he walks into a ward, he cringes at the sight of blood. Oh, whoops, that part.

He sits with his comatose body for a while, and Mari greets him with surprise. Man, that’s some hardcore love for someone so young. He asks her about that very thing, and she says that because she liked Kyung-joon, he lost the person he loved most in the world.

So she’s going to keep liking him, and then become the person he loves most in the world. That’s… sweet. He gets it now, that it’s more like a loyalty thing for her. And if there’s guilt attached, it makes even more sense to me.

He taps his fingers on her head and that makes her ask directly if he’s got some special connection to Kyung-joon: “Are you… his dad?” Kyung-joon rolls his eyes and says that would mean Seo Yoon-jae would’ve fathered him at the age of twelve. He makes a cheesy Mari pun [Mari mari andwae = Mari makes no sense] and leaves her growling.

Aunt and Uncle work through the connection too—if he’s not Kyung-joon’s dad, then he must be some relative from the dad’s side of the family (they think maybe uncle), otherwise what’s all this talk about the inheritance?

Kyung-joon drops by the school, sending everyone into a tailspin (especially Na Teacher, who thought his competition long gone). He meets with the vice principal to ask about Kyung-joon’s credits required to graduate, and is surprised to learn that everyone thinks Da-ran was dumped.

He announces in front of everyone that he was the dumpee, and so he left to go improve himself and came back to ask again, and got squarely rejected. So cute. I do love that the guy walking around in Seo Yoon-jae’s body has no concern for Seo Yoon-jae’s pride.

As they walk out, Da-ran accuses him of making up an excuse just to come here and do that. He calls her smart and says he needed to do that so she could still save face if she were to date him again.

They argue over the issue again over dinner, and at one point she calls him a little blood clot again and he nearly stabs his fork right through his plate. He wants her to go see Mom with him, and when she refuses, he orders her to get all her newlywed stuff out of his house. Like right now.

She looks around at all the stuff, muttering as she wonders why Kyung-joon became so cold. What, do you even have to ask that? She starts packing up her things, and he arrives after meeting with Mom (just to update her that he’ll stay at the house alone and return to the hospital).

They bicker about when she’s going to move the stuff out, and he tells her to clean the kitchen while she’s at it. So petty. He then goes to the store to buy cleaning supplies and asks, “Which is one that doesn’t clean well, so it’s takes the longest time?” Cute.

Choong-shik goes shoe shopping with Mari, and I’m amazed that they got through a year and he’s STILL got pizzas left on his tab. He actually alludes to the fact that he’s winding down on pizzas, and says he has something to tell her when he’s no longer her slave. Heh.

Mari in turn muses that she never imagined Kyung-joon would still be asleep, three hundred pizzas later. Choong-shik asks if she’s heard anything about Yoon-jae returning to the hospital. For some reason she says no, and Choong-shik nearly murders a shoe as he says he’s been hearing rumblings about Yoon-jae’s return.

Se-young arrives at Yoon-jae’s house with a box of his belongings from the hospital. She walks in smiling in anticipation, but finds Da-ran there instead. They have a standoff in the living room, each wondering why the other is there.

But the hilarious part is, Da-ran is no longer concerned so much about Se-young and Yoon-jae, as she is about Kyung-joon having a hot, scantily-clad lady friend visiting him at night, and tries to reason that Yoon-jae has the mind of a 19-year old right now.

It flies right over Se-young’s head, and she acknowledges that Yoon-jae is different after the accident, but she’s not going to give up on him like someone. But all Da-ran sees is her long legs in her tiny skirt, and chases her out the door before Kyung-joon gets home.

Kyung-joon arrives just in time to see Se-young leave, and smiles to hear that Da-ran chased her out. She tattles that Da-ran thinks he’s a childish kid. Kyung-joon: “I am. I’m a kid. And I’m very childish. Can you handle it?”

Se-young argues that he’s not at all childish, or he didn’t used to be. And she’s not going to give up on him like Da-ran. He sighs, “Fine. If, IF that guy returns, you can have him.” You don’t think that’s a mixed message to the dog with a bone?

He comes in still smiling about Da-ran chasing Se-young out, but frowns to see her lost in thought as she looks at Yoon-jae’s stuff from the office.

She checks out his room and marvels at all the medical texts, amazed that he’s really as smart as he claimed to be. He says it’s not so bad, zooming to thirty in one go. But he doesn’t want to be married off the same way.

She agrees that it’s pretty serious if Se-young is dropping by this late at night. He pointedly mmmm-aaaahs at the thought of that sexy lady coming by at this hour. “Teach, this is a brain that knows no self-control.” Rawr? Or is that icky? Still confused. Though her face at his o-face is awesome.

She tsk-tsks that Se-young would turn right around if she knew that his brain was more blood-clot, kiddy-bed level. Determined to prove her wrong, he gets right up in her face, inching her backward, “Then Gil Teacher would never… ever… feel that pull?”

She says that’s right. Uh-huh. He plops down on his bed and says that’s why Gil Teacher is the only one who can protect his innocent kid-brain. Argh. Still the same Kyung-joon: a man when it’s convenient and a kid when it’s convenient.

She goes home and sighs—what is she going to do about Kyung-joon? She can’t just leave him like that. Kyung-joon looks at the picture Da-ran was holding when he walked in, sighing that the hearts were still coming out of her eyes. Aw, kid.

At school, Na Teacher bemoans never having made a move (for a whole friggin’ year, I might add) and asks Ae-kyung to shoot his heart into the race. She complies, only it backfires and makes her fall for him.

Kyung-joon decides to face the music with Da-ran’s family, but then hides in fear the second Mom appears outside the mandoo restaurant. “That ajumma is the scariest one!” He sneaks in posing as a customer and hides behind a fan.

Thinking himself cowardly, he puts the fan down and gears up to face them, only to see Dad wielding two sharp butcher blades and Mom tapping a rolling pin in her hand. He quickly hides again and makes his way to the door…

Where Mari appears and blocks his exit. They have a silent standoff while Mom and Dad greet her, and he begs her not to give him away. She lets him off the hook and has his mandoo packaged to-go.

They eat in the park and she scowls at another Kyung-joon-copying behavior, taking two radishes per mandoo (I hate that too!) and he gives her the excuse that he normally eats three.

She gets sand in her eye on their way out, and for a moment, while her vision is impaired, when Kyung-joon tells her she’ll be okay and tousles her bangs, she sees him… as the real Kyung-joon. When she blinks the ajusshi returns, and it leaves her puzzled more than ever.

Meanwhile, Yoon-jae’s mother tells Da-ran to clean her stuff out of the house because she’s selling it. Da-ran says that there’s someone who’s supposed to buy it back from Yoon-jae, but obviously Mom doesn’t care.

She looks around the house and worries, remembering how much Kyung-joon had wanted to protect his last remaining possession, and what lengths he went to, to keep it.

Se-young comes by to check in on Kyung-joon as a patient, and finds out from a nurse that Yoon-jae stopped by the hospital to visit this kid. She wonders why and starts digging around, and finds out the connection: they were in the same accident.

Da-ran gets a call to come home to meet a visitor, but Kyung-joon gets there first, to see Na Teacher (who he just calls Phys Ed, ha) making nice with the family. Dad delights in the prospect of having a son-in-law follow in his footsteps, and also squeals to find that his last name isn’t Seo (having long since come to hate the term Seo-suh-bang).

Kyung-joon sees Da-ran walk up, and stops her from going inside. His distraction tactic? An existential crisis about soul and body.

While she ponders his crisis, he sneaks in little questions about Phys Ed. Have they gotten close? She says no really quickly and without thought, and he smiles.

She doesn’t know how to solve his dilemma, but she knows one thing for sure: “You’re just Kyung-joon-ie.” She tells him that he’s young, so he shouldn’t be around adults who are drinking, and he can never smoke, and even though he has a license, the driving still worries her so.

He beams. Awww, that smile is freaking adorable.

Mari watches over Kyung-joon in the hospital, thinking over all the weird signs that Yoon-jae and Kyung-joon are so alike in every way. She wonders aloud, “In this world, is there such a thing as two people who feel the same?”

Uncle comes in to ask if she knows the relationship between the doctor and Kyung-joon, and then gives her yet another puzzling clue: that Yoon-jae bought Kyung-joon’s house.

She asks Choong-shik about it, and he says he doesn’t really understand all the changes that happened to Yoon-jae after the accident. Mari locks in on that—what accident? When? The clues are a-convergin’.

Da-ran and Kyung-joon get coffee, and he sits down first, squeamish at the sight of a barista’s bloody finger. She wonders how he read all those medical books then.

She looks over at him, noticing that his lean-back-hand-in-pocket posture is exactly the same way he sat in class every day. Aw, is she really starting to see him as Kyung-joon? She smiles at him.

But while she’s waiting for the coffee, a girl knocks into him with her drink, not even trying to pretend it wasn’t on purpose. She asks for his number. He takes out his phone and Da-ran grumbles that that kid is really easy, just as her phone rings.

Kyung-joon: “Are you just gonna watch?” HA. He reminds her that she’s supposed to protect him, so she goes running over with their coffee.

The girl asks if she’s the girlfriend, and Da-ran can only manage a “Well… um…” but it’s enough to make the girl go away. He scowls at her lackluster response to the question. He asks again if she’s going play along for his sake, and she says she’s still thinking it over.

He sighs that if Gil Teacher’s thoughts get long (gil-da-ran), her confusion just grows too. He illustrates with a piece of candy taken from a bowl.

“The bait is Kang Kyung-joon. Just bite. The only person in the entire world who knows the real me is Gil Da-ran. This isn’t happy fishing, where I’m trying to catch a lot of fish. It’s sad fishing, where there’s only one fish, and I’m hanging onto it. Gil Teacher, please bite.”

He pushes his metaphor candy across the table as bait. (There you are, Hong sisters trademark! Where have you beeeeeen?)

Meanwhile, Mari has hopped the fence into Kyung-joon’s yard, and discovered his bed inside the house. She fumes and starts attacking the glass. When that doesn’t work, she tosses a chair clean through the window. What’s a little B&E for a true-blue stalker, eh? She’s officially back to being creepy.

She hardly even registers the cut on her arm as she walks past the broken glass, and goes straight for the bedroom, kept exactly as Kyung-joon would. At the same time, Se-young visits Kyung-joon’s body and wonders about the accident that left one asleep and the other without his memories.

Back at the coffee shop, Da-ran guesses that in other people’s eyes, it’ll look like she’s getting back together with Yoon-jae. He says this in-between will never work: it’s either all or nothing, and she has to choose.

Da-ran: “Kyung-joon-ah, I really want to stay by your side and help you. But I don’t want to see Yoon-jae-sshi’s face. It took so much to clean up my feelings, but seeing you with that face… can I stop myself from being swayed? Will I be able to not feel that pull in my heart?”

His face falls as she says the words. He says she’s made her decision then, and agrees not to see each other ever again. He gets up to go. Why does this feel like a break up? A real one? It’s confusing in a really good way.

Her heart sinks as she watches him walk away, and she picks up the candy on the table with a sigh.

Kyung-joon comes home to find his window bashed in and Mari waiting for him. She gives him the third degree and then sticks out her bloody arm for him to treat. He turns away at the sight of blood.

Mari: “Are you afraid of blood too?” Eeep!

Da-ran arrives outside, apparently having changed her mind. I’m happy about that, but too panicked to register it right now.

Mari finally lets the missile fly: “You’re not a doctor, are you? Are you… Kyung-joon-ie?”

Her eyes fill with tears and he says nothing, frozen in shock. Da-ran comes in, of all things calling out, “Kyung-joon-ah!”

Oh NO. Looks of panic, three ways across. Mari asks if it’s true, and then grabs him in a hug, crying, “Kyung-joon-ah. Kyung-joon-ah!”


She found out! I’m actually a little impressed that she sleuthed it all herself, and it seems fitting that the only one who could actually get to that conclusion on her own would be the nineteen-year old. Because body swap is not a logical adult answer to anything. Excited to see what changes her new knowledge will bring.

I actually much prefer the one-year-into-his-adult-body version of Kyung-joon, so the time skip works wonders for me. The previous setup had zero chance of working out—perhaps one reason why many of us, me included, felt emotionally detached from the show as a whole despite liking it (though there could be many other explanations). For me, one thing was clear before: Da-ran was in love with the shell, and almost never saw Kyung-joon or put him first. To the point that it made me question her heart (or lack of one).

But now it’s a new game. For one, Da-ran sees him now and her go-to is Kyung-joon, not Yoon-jae. And he’s come back as an even more confusing version of the manchild that he was—now he seems more mature, more caught up to the body, but also knows better how to play that angle. Because he’s only aged a year, technically, but he seems like he’s closed the gap more than Da-ran will let herself believe. Or is he just playing adult because he’s figured out how to act like one? It’s more of a mind-bender, but in a good way.

Now Da-ran’s number one concern isn’t Seo Yoon-jae. Giving her a year to get over him offscreen is pretty much a godsend, in that now she’s no longer a Seo-Yoon-jae-comes-first mindless robot. She’s finally putting herself first, and has spent the year passing the teaching exam and growing from her pain, like a normal person. Honestly didn’t know she had it in her.

This puts the Body/Soul conundrum in a MUCH more interesting place. Before, Kyung-joon found himself having to compete with his shell, and always losing, which is a given. But now there’s a more interesting conflict: he’s trapped in the body of the man she least wants to see. Like of all the human beings ever. And that’s how she should feel. That’s what we wanted for her—to wake the hell up and grow a spine. Only, now she has… and he’s still trapped in that guy’s body. Whoops.

It’s a million times better a problem than the first one, which was rather simplistic. Before, the body swap wasn’t that big a problem. Sure, it was inconvenient, but fundamentally, it didn’t have a huge conflict that drove it (a mistake, I think, in expecting the body swap itself to BE the conflict). But now, the romance is pitted against the body swap in a crucial way: Will Kyung-joon ever get the girl wearing the body of the man who broke her heart? And if he succeeds, how much of that will be her residual feelings for her last love? Why we didn’t just start here is killing me. I suppose it needs some setup, but I don’t know if we needed five episodes’ worth.

Being stuck in the body that got Da-ran’s heart-eyes was bad, but now his shell actively causes her pain. And his hurt at that unfixable problem (FINALLY) starts to get me in the heart. I hope it’s a conflict that we tease out more, since Kyung-joon thankfully kept his crush going strong while he was away. The soul-body jealousy has been good from the beginning, but with this new dimension, it’s got some serious potential.

And I’m so glad that of all things, Kyung-joon learned to hate being considered a kid. It didn’t bother him before, but now the way he reacts whenever Da-ran calls him a kid or a blood clot is perfect. He’s figured out how to get the entire world to see him as a grown man, but the one woman he wants to impress still sees him as a tiny baby. He spent the first five episodes just wanting to be a kid again, which I understand but care less about. But now he desperately wants to grow up to get the girl, which tugs at the heart in a new way. I hope this is where the central conflict will stay for a good long while.


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    1st things 1st, Gong Yoo is just KILLING it as an 18 yr old boy trapped in a grown man’s body.

    He acts more like an 18 yr old than Shin does as Kyung-joon (who just sneered and acted all condescending)’ and his facial expressions are priceless (Gong Yoo does a great job expressing his character’s emotions w/ his facial expressions, but he doesn’t overdo it like some other actors). Every now and then, w/ certain mannerisms and facial expressions, I get a Han Gyul flashback.

    Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing for LMJ as Da ran, at least for the 1st few eps.

    While I understand that the Hong sisters wrote Da ran’s character the way they did (insecure, naive) so that Da ran has “room to grow” – they simply over did it.

    Da ran’s talking like a baby to Yoon-jae (and not just in a baby tone, but also so slooowly) was so annoying and really, who can believe that a Da ran played by LMJ would be so insecure? (Also kinda clashed w/ the very 1st impression we get of Da ran when she was delivering the bouquet.)

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    And what’s the thing w/ Korean stylists wanting to put their glamorous lead actresses in that bowl/mushroom bob? (Han Hyo joo and plenty of others have also suffered from the attack of the “mushroom head”).

    LMK looks so much better when her hair is pulled back (Korean stylist do the same thing for their male stars w/ that awful permed, pouffant poodle look).

    And speaking about stylists, my those are somw awfully short skirts (even for a K-drama) that schoolteacher Da ran is wearing (not that I’m complaining). One would think that the V-Principal (who is a hoot, btw) would have a problem w/ the short skirts that the teachers wear as she does w/ the perceived flirting/romancing btwn teachers).

    Basically, this drama did a 180 when Kyung-joon’s soul entered Yoon-jae’s body and Gong Yoo got to act the part of the 18 year old and got the screentime.

    I think the Hong sisters could have dragged the whole bickering btwn Da ran and the “OLD” Kyung-joon a little bit longer.

    Not only would it have been good for laughs, but it would have meant more time where we could have seen the change in how Kyung-joon sees Da ran, from his teacher to someone that he has romantic feelings for.

    It was a little bit too quick of a jump from the cold, noncaring Kyung-joon (in his actual body) to one who developed feelings and cares for another, esp. since the young Kyung-joon was a bit of a prick to Da ran and showed absolutely zero interest in Da ran (even if it was just “hot for teacher”; really, what 18 yr old male student wouldn’t have the hots for LMJ, esp. when she’s waering skirts that short, irrespective of the “mushroom head” coif?).

    And while I know this is K-drama land, it is also a bit hard to accept how “old” Kyung-joon is so “inexperienced” when it comes to the opposite sex and how he shrinks from physical contact w/ attractive (older) women (isn’t that most 18 yr old boys’ dreams?).

    Same goes for Da ran repeatedly calling/treating the “old” Kyung-joon a baby/infant. C’mon, he’s 18-19, not 14-15 yrs old (granted, Shin isn’t one of those “manly” 18-19 year olds).

    • 16.1 marisa

      You posted your insightful comment while I was typing mine (less insightful).
      Totally, absolutely, completely agree!

    • 16.2 obachan

      It seems like that you want to see a typical and cliched Korean drama other than “Big.” You criticize the LMJ/DR from head to toe, which I think is a bit unfair. I am not a fan of LMJ, but I do think she has improved a lot from episode 1 to episode 5. Even Korean news reporters who criticized acting in episode 1 recognized her drastic improvement, especially from episode 4.

      Also, isn’t it the whole point of this drama of how a “picture-perfect” facade can be deceiving and unreliable? That’s why I am curious to see how the audience of Big criticize or only pay attention to the look of LMJ (or equally Gong Yoo–although I myself do the same, HAHAHA) because that’s exactly the problem of DR, because she only saw what she wanted to see and all she saw was the perfection she imagined seeing in YJ. For her, YJ is Prince Charming with the right look, right status and the right age–without her even knowing what kind of person he really is. But I thought that’s why Big is so special in a way that it tries to subvert the Kdrama cliche and convention.

      Also, if Big is special exactly because it does not resort to the formula of letting the couple bickering back and forth non-stop. That’s only cute temporarily–just like the interaction between Mari and KJ. It’s interesting that Kdrama defines that kind of bickering as romance. However, there are so many different facets to the relationship between DR and KJ: they are like teacher-student, mother-son, sister-brother, (and potentially lovers), and it goes both way. It is KJ who puts DR’s foot in reality and let her see the world as it is. Similarly, in episode 6, when DR was confronted with YJ’s mother about the house, all DR thought about was the fact that that’s the last thing KJ’s mom left for KJ.

      I really appreciate the richness of relationship between KJ and DR. And I do think the natural chemistry between Gong yoo and LMJ helps to give a understated, not explosive, feeling towards this couple. It might not be addictive to some, but it reaches my heart. For me, a good chemistry is not defined by cutesy bickering or hot tongue-kissing, but by what the script demands of the actors and actresses and not over-do it. A lot of OTP overdo the kissing parts and let me feel like it’s purely fan service.

      BTW, contrary to your opinion, I think Big has an excellent PD, which is less hectic and more contemplative. Everyone has their own preference, but compared to other Hong dramas, this is one of the best directing I’ve watched from them.

      • 16.2.1 bd

        What are you talking about?

        Anyone who knows my history of posts knows that I absolutely can’t stand the typical K-drama with cliche storyline and stereotypical characters (hence, my disgust w/ “Secret Garden, “Lie to Me” and to a slightly lesser extent “Rooftop Prince” – which at least had the saving grace of the Joseon Power Rangers).

        • bd

          And what’s cliche is Da ran being so (fake) cutesy, naive and insecure.

          Sure I expect some of that (in order to make the story of “Big” go), but they took it TOO FAR where it was getting to be unbelievable (does anyone really think a Da ran as attractive as LMJ would be totally insecure; yeah, everybody has insecurities, but let’s keep it within the realm of reality).

          And didn’t I praise LMJ for doing a better job w/ the emotional scene later on (as opposed to her not entirely convincing crying early on).

          Anyway, as I had stated, my problem w/ LMJ’s Da ran overdoing the whole (fake) baby cutesy part lies not so much w/ LMJ, but the writers (Hong sisters) and the PD.

          And “bickering” is not cliche – that’s entirely what makes a romcom go (that’s like saying the romance in a romcom is cliche).

          Now as to HOW the writers/PD portray that bickering – it can be cliche (“Secret Garden”; “Lie to Me”) or comic gold (“Coffee Prince”; “My Princess”).

    • 16.3 sushi

      Funny you should mention the shortness of the skirts. We Koreans really don’t have a sense of length. I remember coming. To my first job interview here and being turned away due to the length of my skirt, I thought I was professionaklutz ajd modestly dressed as I had everything on top covered with a black blazer, etc. Nowadays I ve come to understand that the Korean and western versions of modestly are different where Koreans value modesty by what’s on top while western people care more about how much leg. So from a Korean woman’s perspectolive, the length of da ran’s dress is perfectly acceptable, now if.s he were wearing a tank top or had a hole in her back….. that would be unacceptable.

      • 16.3.1 bd

        Even so, I don’t think high school teachers in Korea wear skirts that short.

        Schoolgirls who “adjust” their uniforms by hemming their skirts get in trouble.

      • 16.3.2 Taber

        Thanks for the insight because the (Booty) length dresses and skirts are over the top. I think it very inapproaiate for any work place unless you climbing a pole. I have great pair of legs and killer thighs the last time I wore a skirt/dress that short I was 5. I also find it very, very funny and strange that korean are concern about a tank top or a small chested woman compare to a woman exposing her A** and the path to the Cherry bush!

        • malta

          “Thanks for the insight because the (Booty) length dresses and skirts are over the top. I think it very inapproaiate for any work place unless you climbing a pole.”

          LMAO XD

      • 16.3.3 malta

        I find the length of shorts and skirts in kdramas to be very uncomfortable and definitely inappropriate in a western context. A weak wind and “what your momma gave you” is on display for the world to see. eek!

        Also I think it’s kinda yucky that when you sit down there is nothing between your thighs and butt and the seat you are sitting on. Yuck…

    • 16.4 JD

      Contrary to your opinion, I actually preferred Shin’s version of the 18-year-old. I have yet to meet any 18-year-old that act as childish and ridiculous as Gong Yoo. The snooty know-it-all attitude is more befitting of an 18-year-old than Gong Yoo’s portrayal whose personality likens to that of a twelve-year-old. Of course, I attribute that to the Hong sisters’ script and not a bashing on Gong Yoo himself, because he can play a perfectly unexaggerated role as he demonstrates in this episode.

      • 16.4.1 bd

        Watching Shin’s version of an 18 yr old for 5-6 eps would have been a snore-fest.

      • 16.4.2 teambig

        I’m sure I can relate on him. I’m so childish, they think I don’t know anything.

  17. 17 Redge

    I hope Yoon Jae comes back soon. I can’t wait to see the drama and conflict he’ll bring to the table.

    And I miss his dorky self! </3

    • 17.1 SillyRnti

      Oh, me too! I can’t wait to see what happens story-wise when he wakes up. I think he did have feelings for Da-ran. How weird would it be if he woke up in Kyung-joon’s body and have to win back his love from a stranger walking around in his body?

      • 17.1.1 Matcha Latte No 1

        It’ll be so weird and the story will be a complete mess. I prefer the comatose body stay coma.

        • Redge

          But a switch-back HAS to happen, in fact I’m anticipating it. Because it’s not fair to YJ’s soul to be trapped in KJ’s body and for KJ’s body to be in a coma forever.

      • 17.1.2 Redge

        He had to have feelings for DR, I’m sure of it. Something just happened to him that changed him (possible regarding KJ). I still have hope that YJ isn’t the man we see him to be and I hope we’ll also get his side of the story.

  18. 18 -K

    I’m ready for homeboy to wake up and join in the fun; plain and simple.

  19. 19 Rashell

    Thanks so much GF! And of course I completely agree. I finally feel like KJ is an adult instead of a kid. And his love for Gil Teacher is adorable. That scene where he just looked at her after she left his car was just too sweet. But now he needs her to see him as an adult too. And while she FINALLY sees him instead of Yoon Jae, she still sees him as a kid. And the fact that he looks like Yoon Jae is now a problem in a different, and better way. This is exactly what the drama needed and a conflict that makes sense.

    Now that Ma Ri knows the secret, I can’t wait to see what happens. By far the best episode yet.

  20. 20 Kacey J.

    I had to admire Suzy climbing the fence and then jumping off in those high wedge/heels. I’d be scared of breaking a leg. She’s hilarious and I love her interpretation of Mari.

    This is actually the first episode I’ve watched of the show so far. The previous episodes didn’t really seem interesting from the recaps so I’m glad that I watched this one. Why are you so hot, Gong Yoo?!


    • 20.1 PengerSeat

      Well you should watch EP 3. Her first scenes were doubly hilarious.

  21. 21 Allarine

    So who is the OTP?? @_@

    • 21.1 Kris

      LMJ and teacher Na

      • 21.1.1 Allarine

        …I strangely might be ok with this.

        • 21

          I am all for it!

      • 21.1.2 rain

        oh lol. thanks. needed that.

      • 21.1.3 malta


    • 21.2 frances

      kyung joon and teacher gil da ran…what is 12 years anyway? is it a small blood clot or a big one? fun time with BIG!

      • 21.2.1 Indi

        Da ran is only 6 years older than Kyung Joon! Kyung Joon is 12 years younger than Seo Yoon Jae!

        Kyung Joon – 6 years- Da ran – 6 years – Yoon Jae

        • Ivoire

          I think Da ran is actually 8 years older than Kyung Joon.

          • ~Feather~

            After the time skip:
            Kyung Joon- 19 years old
            Da Ran- 25 years old
            Yoon Jae- 31 years old

            I think of it kind of like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop where the difference was also 6 years apart. It came down to how she felt towards each of the guys, and she ended up picking the younger one.

  22. 22 TheManFairy

    Hm…I’ve started to not care about the couple. I love Mari though.

    • 22.1 sunflower

      me too. I love Mari too.. KJ and Mari will make a sweet couple..

  23. 23 burningjonghyun

    Am I the only one who hopes that the reason why Da Ran went back to Kyung Joon’s house was to change her mind on the proposal? I was really liking Mari and I hope this revelation doesn’t make me dislike her, but I just know the show is going to become very complex. Thanks for the recap!

    • 23.1 Kacey J.

      Nope! I was thinking/hoping that too!

      We already have Seyoung and Yoonjae’s mom in the villain corner, so perhaps Mari will be more of an amusing and humorous threat than a malicious one.

      • 23.1.1 tieuyeunu

        I hope she gives up on him and nurse the real YJ, whose stuck in a coma while the rest of the world plays with his life, back to health and they can go off into the sunset.

        I think they’ll be better for each other, since Mari isn’t a pushover like DR and will likely keep a tab on him. I don’t believe YJ is a cheater, but he is indecisive.

    • 23.2 mary

      I think that’s why Da Ran came back too.

      Problem is, she caused more problems than she was supposed to solve…

      But wouldn’t it be better to have Mari (The Cute One-Track-Minded Stalker) on their side? Her priority will be protecting Kyung Joon. Since Da Ran is “only helping” while Se Young is “actively seducing”, the HyeMiBot should team up with Da Ran. Right?

  24. 24 mchall

    Great episode! How cute is Gong Yoo as Kyung-joon?

  25. 25 marisa

    This time jump might just be the “IT” factor to light up my interest again.
    I was just about to give up on this one.

    The heroine was doing my head in.
    I just couldn’t relate to her (I have a working brain!).
    She was just one too many doe-eyed, innocent, dimwitted, naive, forever-virgin heroine to endure.

    I could suspend disbelief for body-swapping but I could NOT believe Da-ran was a teacher.

    Looks like the Hong sisters might be back on track.

    • 25.1 JustJen

      Yeah, I think the biggest draw back to this drama is that the heroine is unrelatable. I don’t dislike her or anything, but so far the writers haven’t done enough to make me love her. I think it’s because she’s such a passive character, she reacts but she doesn’t cause anything to happen.

      On the other hand Goo Yoo’s Kyung Joon is turning out to be so loveable. If they want a romance between Kyung Joon and Da Ran (or Da Ran and anyone really), they have to prove Da Ran’s worth being adored.

      • 25.1.1 enz

        thats just it – in this case, she doesnt have to – he wants to be kyung joon. only she knows he is that and with her, he wont have to pretend to be someone else.

      • 25.1.2 toystar

        Yeah I couldn’t accept her or respect her as a teacher or as a woman!

        Thanks GF!!!!

    • 25.2 tieuyeunu

      thank you! I was so sick explaining myself to LMJ fan’s why I find it hard to believe DR as a teacher. As a part time teacher for charity myself, I am honestly offended by her lack of knowledge or integrity as a teacher.

      Seriously, a full time teach who can’t do senior year calculus? If she had been a teacher for say 10years and never touched math i could understand but a teacher still trying to pass her teachers exam to fail so miserably? Korean’s have very low standard.

      • 25.2.1 namcha

        That was unnecessarily harsh. No need to rebuke a whole race of people. She is a history teacher, that is not her area of expertise. Do you expect an english teacher to know biology?

      • 25.2.2 la dee dah

        Um…I can name a whole mess of teachers that don’t know senior calculus… because they don’t teach that subject! And how do you know she has a “lack of knowledge” of what she teaches? We hardly see her teach at all (just the first episode). She probably is good at her subject, we don’t know. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions like this without seeing anything.

      • 25.2.3 Wen

        She’s a history teacher, by the way. She probably took calculus a long time ago and was horrible at it like most people whose profession isn’t related to calculus.

        And she did pass her exam and get her degree. She was fully confident about her exam the year she met YJ, but yeah, he kinda broke her arm.

    • 25.3 la dee dah

      I feel I should defend Da-ran here. Can I ask why you do not think she is a teacher? How exactly should teachers behave? Teachers come in all kinds of personalities. I’ve seen teachers as naive and “innocent” as her, seriously. She has the “caring” attitude a teacher should have towards her student – look how she took care of KJ when he was sick. And how she looked out for him or was concerned about him several times. It’s that caring attitude that contributed to KJ falling in love with her. She may not have the “smarts”, but she certainly has the heart.

      Sure she started out very unsure and naive about her relationship to her fiance, etc., but she has really grown from the first episode. I can relate to growing up in the world, and look forward to seeing her get stronger. Everyone starts our naive and innocent, but learn lessons out in the world that make them grow up – she just happens to have to do it later than most. PLUS, her fiance that she was in love with but is unsure about just got into an accident and is lying in a coma while the spirit of her student went into the body of her fiance – she’s handling that situation MUCH better than others would. But of course, that’s just my opinion.

      • 25.3.1 Indi

        @la dee dah ditto!
        I myself am a literature teacher of teenagers and I only have 21 years old. My students have 15 years old, and most of them are almost 30 cm higher than me. Their mothers always think that I’m a student too. But guess what? Most of them appreciate me more, exactly because I just came out of my teens and I know exactly how each of them feel. Also I’m not afraid to to talk to them as real friends, because they sure need the image of someone who guides them, someone that they can relate to without looking at them as totally imature kids. And I’m terrible at math.

      • 25.3.2 msim

        You said it yourself: “She may not have the “smarts”, but she certainly has the heart.”

        I expect my teachers to have the smarts. I doubt she can find her way out of a paper bag. They could have chosen another profession for her.

        • la dee dah

          I’m not talking about the “smarts” as in “book smarts”. I’m talking about “smarts” as in “real world” or “street” smarts. You can lack these kinds of smarts but still have the smarts to teach a specific subject – and even then you don’t need to be an expert in that subject. I don’t know how it works in Korea, but in the U.S., you can have people teaching a subject in high school they don’t specialize in but they review and learn before the school year and as the school year goes on – it’s not like college professors who should specialize in the subjects they’re teaching.

        • mars

          I like how it’s unacceptable for Da-ran to not know how to do calculus, but it’s acceptable to most people for KJ to have self-taught himself how to practice medicine in a year. Keep on keepin’ on drama fandom.

          • msim

            I find that iffy too. She can’t grasp a concept and he is a boy genius.
            After Best Love and its adult heroine I just thought the Hong sisters were past their Go Min-nam phase.

          • Wen

            Also, she said it herself that she was a history teacher.

            I don’t know about you, but I took calculus soooo long ago in college and was terrible at it. But it’s not a subject matter you have to test upon to be a high school teacher unless you actually taught calculus.

  26. 26 jomo

    This, GF, was a PERFECT recap. Thanks!

    Not only did KJ spend a year figuring out how to act like an adult in an adult body, he also spent a year being treated like an adult. I would think he liked it, and got used to it.
    So when DR starts to see him as “blood clot,” it unsettles him. He feels those days are gone for him.
    Now, there’s only ONE person he has to convince that he is all growed up. It’ll be interesting to see if he really understand what that entails emotionally.
    How will he prove to DR he is not a kid?

    GY as cool collected KJ was awesome. How he does it, I do not know…

    • 26.1 Taber

      Sorry he is a kid, gosh he nineteen year old male, you can’t get no more immature then that. Regardless if people treat your as an adult, you don’t become an adult in 12 months, it a life time of development. It’s not like he 25 where can start to see the man he going to be, he 19 where you still see the child he still is.

      • 26.1.1 jomo

        That is what I meant to express.
        While everyone THINKS he is grown up- so he doesn’t have to convince them- DR knows he isn’t.
        Despite how he feels about his past year, he has a long way to go before he is truely emotionally an adult.
        I wonder what his plan entails other than asking DR to marry him for convenience…Prolly not much more than that, poor thing.

      • 26.1.2 Jessica

        People often become what they are based on how people treat them.

        Since everyone is treating him as an adult, it’s only natural he would start to become more mature.

      • 26.1.3 bunny

        I totally agree with you. Even KJ grow up a bit quicker than other kids because people treat him as grow up man, he is still a kid. I also feel sad that KJ is trying to grow up quickly only because he want to be with DR (instead of thinking how he can go back his original body).

        • Enz

          I don’t think he is trying to grow up quickly FOR da ran… He is forced to deal with a situation that he has no control over. How is he to know how to get back into his body. He doesn’t know if that will ever happen and he needed to behave like the shell he is in.. That’s what was expected of him.. He said many times, theyll prob be institutionalized if they tell about the body swap!

          So, he is just doing the best he can under the circumstances and he wants da ran there as he can only be kyung jun with her.

          • bunny

            Well…even that was forced situation, if there was no additional reason, I don’t think he would chose to live faraway from his original body without knowing when he will wake up.
            Plus, every time DR say “you are still kid” to KJ, he showed such a disappoint face. That way I thought main reason he went to US was for DR….to come back in front of her as newly grow up man.

      • 26.1.4 Shukmeister

        I have to say the age gap isn’t the biggest problem the couple has to face. After all, Cha Chi Soo in FBRS was also 19, and Baby-Faced Beauty’s 10-year gap between Lee So Young and Choi Chin Wook also explored the younger guy / older woman.

        I think the ultimate conflict will be the differences in personalities (conservative vs snarky), and that won’t change no matter the age of YJ and KJ.

      • 26.1.5 topper

        Why would a 19 year old male be the most immature thing in the world? LOL. I fail to see sense.

    • 26.2 topper

      Love your comment, especially the part about being treated as an adult for an entire year.
      And he came back to see the only person he missed entire year, only to be treated like a kid.

  27. 27 mary

    Gil Da Ran-sshi, come on, how can you *NOT* bite? It’s Kyung Joon The Adorable in Yoon Jae The Royal Hotness’ body!

    • 27.1 Kris

      your Kdrama laws are soo funny. Kudos

      • 27.1.1 mary

        Thank you ever so much! 🙂

    • 27.2 Maya

      LOL! Touché.

    • 27.3 Nheony

      Oh so true. I would BITE in a heartbeat. Rawr!

      • 27.3.1 Enz

        Aiyo.. Gong yoo, no bait also I would bite

  28. 28 Corn Tea

    Starting with episode 5, flight BIG has finally taken off! So ready for the journey to the destination (hopefully the destination won’t disappoint).

  29. 29 kopi_adik

    i will marry Gong Yoo! *Mari mode* lol but seriously… he is playing a true-blue Hong sisters hero and to quote you GF — HOT & FUNNY!

    • 29.1 Chaserine

      Mari Mode? hahaha

  30. 30 Maya

    Just hoping that YJ will wake up soon to stir up the plot. And I can’t help but wonder whether KJ finally managed to find out what kind of meeting that should have occurred on his birthday. I know it was supposed to happen during the time skip, right?

    Btw, is he legal already now he is 19? 😀

    • 30.1 am

      I was also thinking about that meeting! Ugh! I’ve been waiting for that to come up in ep5-6. I am disappointed.

      Isn’t the legal age in Korea 21?

      • 30.1.1 Maya

        I know. It bugged me too. Hope it’s not a plot hole. And shouldn’t he see that Miracle book lying around during the time skip? YJ’s mom got it, and YJ also got it. Heck, I think the whole family got their own personal copies..

        • am

          It bothers me so much that they revealed a very important plot yet they pushed it aside for 2 episodes. That ain’t cool Show, not cool.

    • 30.2 mita

      I think the legal age before is 20 but I read at koala’s playground that last 2011, the legal age was change to 19 years old.

      • 30.2.1 Maya

        He is LEGAL! 😀

  31. 31 Mary

    There was a lot of things in this episode I liked and a lot that left a rather bitter taste in my mouth

    Like se-na I mean seu young I just want to punch her for many reasons but mainly cause she’s a **** (is that word allowed)

    Then I know it’s suppose to be they story that she falls for the kid in the mans body but i’m still not buying it

    Lastly the lead da-ran I want to punch get too I man seriously are you still so effing clueless!!! That really grinds my gears!

    Okay rant over. But last thing they’ve got to pick up the pace here because as much as I love gong yoo and the character ma-ri this drama is sinking fast in my book

    • 31.1 girlfriday

      No. It is not allowed. I have replaced it with pretty stars.

    • 31.2 jomo

      LOL! Yes, it is a bad word.

      As far as SY, once she finds out about the soul switch, wouldn’t she run screaming in the other direction?
      She never signed up to take care of a kid. She likes the aloof, confident 30 year old doctor.

      • 31.2.1 mary

        What? And here I thought she just likes the hot, famous doctor and will take him whatever soul is inside.

        I guess I never took 2nd leads’ feelings into account. That Se Young could *really* be in love with Yoon Jae and isn’t just a normal man-grabbing selfish 2nd lead. 😛

    • 31.3 Cynthia

      Uhh… let’s NOT use that word here, okay? It’s really offensive – and I’m not easily offended.

      • 31.3.1 via

        Se young already had a bf and she was playing around with YJ, and at the wedding she called him and told him that she broke up with her bf, what do you think of her now? I think she finally realize that YJ is a better catch than her previous bf. I think at first YJ find her interesting and fall for her but he knew about YJ bf and that is not stopping him for liking her, but then when he found himself interested in another woman (DR) at the wedding he maybe at some point want to let her go. But thank God DR fall in front of JY so by the time he want to talk with SY about what she told earlier he was force to save her first. I think he was in a big dilemma, he still like SY but he feel sorry for DR?

    • 31.4 Amberscube

      Never thought i would see that word in here. Just plain offensive.

      • 31.4.1 Maya

        And… the ultimate bitch from Personal Taste 😀

  32. 32 Taber

    Okay, I still don’t see where this going, he one year older (19) now what? I for one was hoping they switched back, because I see a 19 year old in a grown man body. I have nothing against a cougar but this is a little bit on the cradle rocking side.

    • 32.1 Laeah

      She’s only like what.. 6-8 years older than him?

      There are tons of kdramas with 19-20 year old girls with older men, I don’t see a difference here.

      -shrug- it’s a Kdrama.
      I’m shipping KJ DR all the way.

      • 32.1.1 Olivia

        Hmm, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. I’ve seen way more older woman – younger man dramas than the other way around… but maybe you’ve seen more dramas than I have.

      • 32.1.2 topper

        Because there are a lot of people fine with young women marrying much older guys and not the other way round. Societal norm and values imposing on interpretation of dramas.

      • 32.1.3 mia

        ITA! A 19 year Yoona was paired with Kwon Sang Woo who was 14 years older than her at the time in Cinderella Man. And don’t even get me started on Suzy. All of her leading men have been over 6+ years older than her while she’s still underage. Both Taecyeon and Kim Soo Hyun were six years older than her in “Dream High” when she was 16 years old. Lee Je-Hoon who was her love interest in “Architecture 101” is almost ten years her senior and she’s still under age at 17. Plus some nimrod at her agency actually had her play the love interest of a 31 year old Son Ho Young in a MV when it had only been a few weeks since she turned 17. So 6-8 years between two legal adults in a drama really isn’t a big deal. Even the gap between LMJ and Shin Won Ho as actors is not as big as what actresses younger than him have had to deal with. Even if the real Kyung Joon winds up with Da Ran at the end, the actor playing the role is already in his twenties and not an underage teen.

  33. 33 misachan

    Man, when he looked at her from the car and said, “I missed you. You’re the one person who calls me Kang Kyung Joon,” that seriously choked me up.

    Gong Yoo is SUCH A GOOD ACTOR!!!!!

  34. 34 I love LMJ and Suji, the hell with Shin and GY

    I want to root for KJ and DR but the show failed to give me reasons to. he can’t just fall in love with DR simply because she is prettty. And now, he’s fallen head over heels with her. I mean WTF?!? Im mad because I like LMJ but things are not right, at least not yet right now.

    • 34.1 Enz

      I think it’s more that she is the only one, at least to the end of the episode, that knows who he really is… Who will see him as kyung joon and whom he can be his real self. And not the shell he has been put in. They went through a lot in the space of that 5 episodes, so I don’t think it is too far fetched that he feels for her. He was already very protective and I’ve believe once you love someone in a protective way, you’re done for 🙂

    • 34.2 rearwindow

      I don’t know, I actually think KJ has a lot of reasons for falling for DR. She consistently reaches out for him and has shown him kindness when nobody else would. She’s truly a decent person, and even when she makes decisions that hurt him, she tends to realize what she’s done and apologize quickly and genuinely. It’s clear that even though she’s conflicted because of the awkwardness of him being in the body of her ex, she cares for KJ deeply. On top of it all, DR is the only one (up till now) who knows his true identity, so they share that bond.

      Granted, I think his affection for her is tied up in his longing for a family and a mother figure, so I think their romantic connection will have to be further developed as the story progresses (and particularly DR’s attraction to KJ). But it makes perfect sense to me that KJ would harbor a deep, intense crush on GR given all they’ve been through together.

      • 34.2.1 JustJen

        I agree with everything you’ve written… but somehow it doesn’t feel like it’s enough yet. I wouldn’t be unhappy if we don’t get more than this as reasons for why KJ would fall for DR, but I would be happier if DR did more to earn it.

        But, since we’re still so early in the drama, I’m going to trust that we’ll get much more to make us love these characters and their relationships as we go along.

        • rearwindow

          Yeah, I definitely agree with you that it’s not enough yet. I don’t think they’re anywhere near where they would need to be to start a real relationship. I don’t believe that Da-ran needs to do anything more to “earn” Kyung-joon’s love, but I’m not convinced that she’s feeling anything other than a platonic fondness for him at this point and obviously that’s a problem. So it would/will definitely be nice to see their relationship shift into a more reciprocal one.

          Intellectually, it makes perfect sense to me that Kyung-joon has fallen for Da-ran, but emotionally I’m not feeling it as strongly. And that is not a criticism of the drama, because I think that is 100% what the writers & director want us to feel at this point, given that Kyung-joon’s romantic feelings for Da-ran are inextricably tied up in his loneliness, his uprootedness, and his emotional need to belong to a family (which Da-ran and her family provide for him).

          I do feel a chemistry there, and I’m willing to bet that Da-ran’s feelings for Kyung-joon will continue to grow, and that as Kyung-joon continues to mature, he will learn to distinguish between his longing for a family and his desires for a romantic partner (rawr!). Actually, that’s one of the main reasons I find the time jump so interesting–since he’s been on his own for a year, he has probably had time to sort out how to live when he is emotionally alone (since YJ’s mother does not seem the most warm-hearted of parents), and what he is looking for in a romantic partner.

          • JustJen

            Forgive me, I have a habit of framing all possible romantic relationships (fictional ones that is) in terms of them ‘earning’ their love stories, i.e by proving they’re worthy of the other person, the audience comes to believe in their union. ‘Earning love’ is really a rather coarse way of putting it, I’m just obsessed with romantic narrative structures.

            “Intellectually, it makes perfect sense to me that Kyung-joon has fallen for Da-ran, but emotionally I’m not feeling it as strongly. And that is not a criticism of the drama, because I think that is 100% what the writers & director want us to feel at this point, given that Kyung-joon’s romantic feelings for Da-ran are inextricably tied up in his loneliness, his uprootedness, and his emotional need to belong to a family (which Da-ran and her family provide for him).”

            @rearwindow, this paragraph. Yes.

            @obachan I really like what you’ve written here, KJ and DR’s relationship so far has felt so much more real than anyone else’s.

          • JustJen

            Just clarifying: I don’t literally mean Da Ran has to earn love, as much as proving oneself is an essential function for a romantic plot to be successful. In the same way that a traditional hero has to ‘earn’ being a hero by undergoing the “hero’s journey” ala Joseph Campbell, that proves himself to the audience.

          • rearwindow

            @JustJen: “I have a habit of framing all possible romantic relationships (fictional ones that is) in terms of them ‘earning’ their love stories”

            Oooh, that makes much more sense now. I would agree with you, then, that Da-ran has “earned” love in the abstract sense (as in, she’s a nice person in the world of the drama and I want to see her continue to grow and ultimately end up happy), but she hasn’t yet “earned” a union with Kyung-joon specifically. I think for us to be on board with a KJ/DR union (narratively speaking), we will need to see DR first realize her feelings for KJ and then fight for him as much as he has fought for her. That will put them on more equal bearing and make their relationship much more satisfying when they do come together.

          • JustJen

            @rearwindow Right, Da Ran definitely is loveable, and we understand why KJ would fall for her, but you’ve hit it- Da Ran has to fight for KJ specifically. I think all my flailing about ‘earning’ has really been about Da Ran not yet proving herself to Kyung Joon – which at this stage of the drama, I wouldn’t expect anyway. I trust that it’s coming, and I hope the pay off is worth it.

            In some ways Da Ran occupies the place of the male hero in most dramas- in that usually the hero is the last one to properly realise his feelings, and because he comes to the realisation late, he has to “prove” himself to the heroine, that his feelings are genuine.

      • 34.2.2 obachan

        I actually find something interesting. The way Mari idolizes KJ constitutes a parallel to the way DR idolizes YJ. For Mari, KJ is this cool quasi-brother and husband-to-be. For DR, YJ is an impeccable “husband” material with qualifications of what every girl in the universe dreams to have as her partner.

        In comparison, the relationship between DR and KJ from the get-go was much richer–and it felt so real to me. Maybe it’s too real to everyone’s liking. It does not matter whether KJ needs to have “reasons” to fall for DR. Or if he has a justified reason like Mari’s dedication to KJ (out of guilt), then that’s not “love.” In a sense, DR is KJ’s “soul mate” in a very literal sense of the word. Mari does know KJ longer, but DR fulfills KJ’s emotional needs. Not only that he wants a “motherly” or “sisterly” care; Rather, he wants to feel needed because he sees the most vulnerable moments of DR. When she cried over the phone in episode 1, KJ couldn’t bear seeing her cry like that and took her away with his bike–especially after DR dodged the punch for him from her own brother and gave him a set of uniform.

        • rearwindow

          REALLY lovely observations/analysis. I agree that at this point, Kyung-joon is more a symbol to Mari than a real person (just as Yoon-jae was a symbol to Da-ran). It’s also interesting that we’re getting glimpses of Kyung-joon’s past through an unreliable narrator (Mari), just as we did with Yoon-jae via Da-ran. There seems to be a recurring exploration of the idea that “love is blind”–this ties in, of course, to Mari’s love (for KJ) and Da-ran’s love (for YJ), but also to Choong-shik’s love for Mari and Na teacher’s love for DR. Notably, both Kyung-joon’s and Da-ran’s judgment seems to be clarified (and not clouded) by their relationship with one another.

          I completely agree that the connection between Da-ran and Kyung-joon feels incredibly textured and real. They share in each other’s worst moments, whereas the alternate pairings (Mari/KJ & DR/YJ) seemed to only function when the characters were doing well.

          The Hong sisters really seem to be subverting the notion of fairy-tale love, here. How interesting that Mari knows Kyung-joon so well that she was able to conclude all by herself that Kyung-joon is in Yoon-jae’s body. Contrast that with Da-ran’s confusion at the beginning of the episode, when she suspected that she was speaking with KJ but instantly doubted herself. And yet I don’t suspect that KJ will end up with Mari, given the depth of the bond that he shares with DR. Isn’t it fitting that, at this stage in their relationship, Da-ran and Kyung-joon are still feeling each other out, learning about each other, and slowly but surely weaving their lives together?

        • enz

          good point – soemtimes just being there for someone at their deepest pain stirs something within you that is more powerful than any reason. i also agree with rearwindow, htat kj’s feelings for her may not be deeply romantic love yet.

          i dont ‘see’ that da ran has to earn what kj already somehow feels for her. but if she were to grow emotionally and she can no longer see him as just a kid, it could start the road to a true romance for both

        • jomo

          Good point here:
          KJ couldn’t bear seeing her cry like that and took her away with his bike–especially after DR dodged the punch for him from her own brother and gave him a set of uniform.

          Why DID he do such a rash (and selfless and heroic) thing for this lady? Not just romantic love, but he was touched by her early on. We never see DR acknowledge this act of kindness either. I guess we will have a bunch of these scene strung togther later in a heart(crushing) (maybe soaring) flashbacks…

          • obachan

            @ JustJen @rearwindow @jomo
            It’s interesting that Justjen uses Joseph Campbell’s concept on mythology and indeed, the way our emotional universe is by and large–and for better or worse–structured in terms of this delicate economy of “earning” and ‘rewarding,” which is why heroism and martyrdom will never fade out in human history.

            HOWEVER, the thing I feel most beautiful about Daran is, as dense and heartless as she seems to be in the first 6 episodes, she already “earned” KJ’s love without actively trying intentionally to “earn” his love. As Jomo points out brilliantly (and I hope I didn’t misunderstand Jomo’s point), DR did NOT “acknowledge” herself as being nice and kind at all (on the contrary, we all know that she has a terribly low self-esteem). She just did these nice acts intuitively, without thinking or doubting, and for me, that’s the ultimate manifestation of the bodhisattva heart in Daran. It does not matter whether she treats KJ like a little brother like her student. The point is, she is treating this strange kid she met on the bus with generosity and a rare kind of “unconditional trust” which KJ finds unusual and precious.

            It’s not to say that DR is a saintly figure. We all know that she can be blind and cruel just like anyone of us. But then in critical moments, she always puts KJ’s well-being at the forefront. Even KJ knows that, which is why he could lured her away with his fake “psychological problems” when the gym teacher came to meet DR’s parents in the restaurant. Granted, DR has felt the narrowly defined “romantic love” toward KJ yet, and to a certain extent, one can say the same for KJ’s feeling toward DR. But isn’t it why Big is so unique because finally, we get to see how each character reflect upon and improve himself or herself, and build a much more nuanced and substantial relationship with one another?

            I see in Soompi and other forums that a lot of comments are targeted against DR for not reciprocating KJ’s love and therefore, DR is not a “worthy” object love choice. But what is really “love”? DR might not see KJ as a potential love object, but one cannot discount DR’s genuine care and concern for him. And my point is, exactly because DR does not attempt to “earn” or “own” KJ’s love, we get to see how a real DR in her interaction with KJ (especially in comparison to DR’s interaction with YJ(, which eventually will make KJ fall for her even deeper.

        • Enz

          Obachan, love your insights and comment about da ran and her innate kindness, which to a kid who was prob used to ppl treating him well for what he can do for them was a powerful force in making him drawn to her.

          You all are so articulate.. Wish I could express half as well

      • 34.2.3 jomo

        Nicely written. Totally agree!

      • 34.2.4 la dee dah

        Thanks for your comment about Da-ran. I just get frustrated that people harp on Da-ran for being pretty much stupid and naive, but never acknowledge that she has a big heart and has shown much kindness and care to KJ. I would rather be with someone who had less smarts but massive heart than a smart person who acts like a prick.

        • rearwindow

          I totally agree with you, and I actually find that Da-ran’s acts of kindness register as much more realistic than a lot of similar heroine “types” in other kdramas. I appreciate that she isn’t a martyr, nor is she perfect, but she is just a decent person who doesn’t hold a grudge and does the best she can with her limited experience. She was certainly naive and blinded by her love for Yoon-jae, but when push came to shove, she put others before her fantasy vision of what her life with Yoon-jae should be. And eventually, she learned to put herself before that romanticized vision.

          I also like that she’s never a pushover with Kyung-joon. She does her best to shield him from pain and to care for him, but she doesn’t sacrifice her own well-being to do so (which I think is very healthy in a real relationship, but not something that is often explored in a kdrama). I don’t think she’s the cookie-cutter naive heroine that a lot of people are making her out to be.

    • 34.3 niKai

      I think KJ falls for DR because of her lovely charm and sweet disposition. And she is so kind to him from the very beginning. A lonely orphan with relatives that cares only for his money, I’m not all that surprise that he would fall for someone as loving as DaRan. I think that nature of hers is what’s attracting him.

  35. 35 leila8mae

    the BEST episode by far!

    I really felt Kyung Joon.. I don’t know why I haven’t.. honestly, I have not felt him.. but seeing him RIGHT NOW.. speechless.. there’s really a different feeling, a different aura.. and soo much spark.. just.. WOW!

    Gong Yoo, I think I really love you now ♥

    • 35.1 Kacey J.

      Same! The scene where he drops her off and he just leans on the steering wheel of the car. . .be still my heart! XD

  36. 36 crazykel

    I also liked this episode. I agree that it was interesting to have Mari figure it out first (with the exception of Da Ran). It fits with her character; as the girl who will do just about anything to find out details about Kyung Joon, I felt it a nice touch to have her be the deducing one.

    Da Ran’s character has become more tolerable to me since the time-skip. I didn’t like how dependent she was on Yeon-Jae, and now, sans Yeon-Jae glasses, Da Ran seems more level-headed than before. That doesn’t mean I’ll always like her, but I’m more invested in her character now.

    I cannot wait to see how the conflict of Kyung-Joon being in the body of the man Da Ran least wants to see will play out, and what measures Se Young and Evil Mom will go to next.

    • 36.1 tieuyeunu

      Correction, DR didn’t figure it out, she was told by KJ and had to be convinced.

      I doubt if we put her in the same position as Mari she would have figured it out, since she obviously didn’t know YJ well enough nor did she wished to cross him.

      I think that was the basis of her break up with this relationship, she simply didn’t know him so when faced with any uncertainty, her insecurities steps in and she readily believes the worst.

      While with KJ, she’s doesn’t have the same sense of romantic wishing so was able to care of him, post time skip, and really get to know him.

      After time skip, I think its more than just the wish not to see YJ, I believe she’s afraid of falling for him the 2nd time round. Only this time, she’s falling for someone else in his body.

      If they do get together and YJ wakes up, she would find it hard to explain to him.

  37. 37 MJ

    The Episode 6 reminds of the movie titled Monster-in-Law that came out in 2005. Starring

    I can see Yoon-Jae’s mother & the Lee Se-Young (female Doctor + Co-worker + Seo Yoon-Jae’s lover + shifty rival of Gil Da-Ran) setting out together to destroy the relationship between Yoon-Jae (Yoon-Jae’s host-body + Kyung-Joon’s spirit) and Da-Ran when they learn of Yoon-Jae’s engagement to Da-Ran. Hopefully, Da-Ran will not go down without a fight when or if she catches on to their plans.

    Nancy Drew Sleuths proclaims Jang Ma-Ri as an Honorary Sleuth. On This date June 19th, 2012.

    She figure out through deductive reasoning that Dr. Seo Yoon-Jae is Kang Kyung-Joon

  38. 38 mihinikki

    Big is just great. I’m frustrated there wasn’t an ep. 7 preview. Any predictions?? I think Ma Ri’s mission will be to switch them back. And then as Da Ran fall for him, Kyung Joon will try to never switch back. I believe the tears will be flowing!!!

  39. 39 PengerSeat

    The camerawork on that last scene is actually reminiscent of the heartbreaking scene with Hyemi and Samdong with her knowing his hearing problem.

  40. 40 Nheony

    Thank you Girlfriday. Nice to come home to this. Now that Mari knows can we please just wake up Yoon-Jae in Kyung-Joon’s shell.

  41. 41 Shraffe

    Holy shizzle! This is getting interesting! I wonder how will the story goes since Mari realizes the body swap a bit too early than the cliche one.

    well, of to download episode 6!

  42. 42 Natalie

    Thanks for the recap! I’m rooting for KJ all the way. He is just too cute pining for her. I am looking forward to her falling in love with him though, and all the angst that is sure to follow. This new dynamic is awesome!

  43. 43 Rachel

    I’ve enjoyed this drama from the beginning. I don’t feel like we had 5 episodes of setup, and I’m fine with not knowing where it’s headed, and I buy the teacher/ student pairing. The one stumbling block for me is that the original Kyung Joon has *such* a baby face, that it’s hard for me to picture him with Da Ran, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Love both leads, and they have amazing chemistry.

    The funny thing is that I felt that sense of detachment you describe when I watched Best Love and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. To me, this one has the old Hong Sisters magic.

    • 43.1 rearwindow

      ITA. I felt the same sense of detachment with other Hong sisters’ dramas (though for me it was You’re Beautiful–I know, I SO wanted to like it–and MGIAG), but I’ve been hooked on Big since day one. To each her own, I suppose! 🙂

    • 43.2 obachan

      Rachel: I feel the same way!! I’ve lost my faith in Hong Sisters from MGIAG and Greatest Love for me is a nightmare. And then they came up with Big! I fell in love from episode 1. And from episode 4 to 6, I feel that I am in complete heaven~

    • 43.3 girlatsea

      I felt the same about the detachment with Best Love. I have watched almost all of the Hong Sisters dramas (save the one with GJS and Sung Yuri) and I just couldn’t get into it. Loved most of the characters, especially Pil-joo(?), but it just didn’t work for me.

      I’m so happy and excited that I feel differently about this one. Hopefully it doesn’t lose me. ^^

  44. 44 mslhudz

    will Mari stick to ‘Gong Yoo’ then after she knew that he is Kyung Joon? There will be ‘war’ between Daran and Mari then… :p can’t wait for the next episode…

    • 44.1 toritorisan

      I’m hoping that if she does find out (and KJ and D don’t make up some excuse that changes her mind), it will be more of a friendly rivalry – like maybe they will team up out of need to keep him out of the hands SY. I’m not a fan of Suzy’s acting, but I don’t find Mari’s character as annoying as SY, and with Mari’s straightforwardness, she could really take SY down.

      I have a feeling that this drama will somehow end like 49 Days where although Nam Gyu Ri’s character was the main character (later portrayed by Lee Yo Won when NGR fell into coma). In the end, Lee Yo Won had the happy ending. I have a feeling it’s because she was the main star and it’s rare to see one of the second leads end up with the main male lead. In this drama, although KJ is the main character (portrayed by Shin) the main star is GY and I think YJ and D will be left standing together (maybe KJ will end up with Mari).

  45. 45 gummimochi

    Oh, derp. As usual your recaps are absolutely splendid. 🙂 Can’t wait ’til we get some Shin Won-ho back in the body-swappin’ action.

    …isn’t it Monday yet?

    • 45.1 hanabi

      “…isn’t it Monday yet?”

      lol. Aren’t people usually asking for Friday? Leave it to a drama to make us look forward to Mondays.

      And I’m with you on the body-swapping. Coma-boy needs to wake up.

    • 45.2 HeadsNo2

      The derp! Teehee. And agreed – both on the awesomeness of the recap and Shin Won-ho. I knew a star was being born when he was the second best thing in Veggie Store. (First, Ji Chang-wook.)

  46. 46 momosa

    Hope Daran’s wardrobe would change soon. What’s with the little/teenage girl little flair skirt? It must be intentional as I don’t see Se Young or her mother dress like that…

    • 46.1 mihinikki

      I think her wardrobe is cute. I just wish she had a different haircut. Lee Min Jung is so pretty, but her hair reminds me of of the mushroom cut Han Hyo Joo had in Brilliant Legacy.

    • 46.2 malta

      I think they dress her like that because LMJ/DR can get away with it being super petite and also being a super naive character…Kdrama fashion hardly ever makes sense. I mean DR runs around in stripper heels half the time.

  47. 47 panshel

    Yesh, ecstatic Mari figured it out first before Dr. Bitch could. I knew she would. What’s the point of being an obsessive stalker if you don’t know your stalkee inside out?

    Kyung Joon’s lovesick glances at Da Ran tear me up inside. I literally started crying when he leaned against his steering wheel and sighed, “I missed you. The one person who calls me Kang Kyung Joon.” T.T How exhausting it must be to have to spend your life pretending to be someone you’re not. Which makes me thankful Mari now knows. Despite what Kyung Joon feels towards Mari (hate, annoyance), at least he can be himself around her.

    “I only see Kang Kyung Joon, but they all see Yoon Jae sshi.” is a very telling line. I ship Kyung Joon and Da Ran… but only Big Kyung Joon and Da Ran. I’m at the point where I don’t want Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae to switch back. Besides not being able to picture Da Ran with Little Kyung Joon (Shin), I don’t think Da Ran would still like Kyung Joon in Kyung Joon’s body. I also don’t think the Kyung-Joon-in-Yoon-Jae’s-body is that big of an obstacle for Da Ran because Yoon Jae never really hurt her. Da Ran just assumed he wanted to call off the wedding and rekindle with Dr. Bitch, but with Yoon Jae being comatose, it was more of a one-sided breakup.

    • 47.1 Laeah

      Honestly, people will shoot me for this, but I find Little KyungJoon much more attractive than Gong Yoo


      • 47.1.1 rain

        i just want to emphasize right now that this is a joke. but yes, i am currently loading my gun right now. (lol)

        seriously, i don’t own a gun. ;D

      • 47.1.2 enz

        iwhy would we want to shoot you? its one less competitor! its the rest i wanna shoot off :p

      • 47.1.3 momosa

        I love you for saying this. I want to say this but I’m denying myself the logic to do so. Logic out of window, yes, he’s full of charisma & he’s cute as well. For being cute, he outed Gong Yoo because GY’s too old to be cute!! I hope he’d wake up soon….

        • jomo

          I’m not sure GY was every cute.
          Even in Biscuit Teacher when he was allegedly 18 years old, he was very manly.
          GY is a manly man with manly features and GIGANTIC and expressive eyes that are attached to an unbelievably masculine body.
          I was right there with Eun Chan trying for a peek under his towel in the first episoe of CP. They can’t even call that a meet-cute. It was a meet-manly!

          • momosa

            I came across a photocopier technician coming to fix our photocopier who looks like that – huge eyes, tall & manly, a bit like Gong Yoo (except musculine part). I totally forgot what was wrong with the machine….and I asked him ‘do you have relatives from South Korea?’ very thrilling encounter…..

          • girlatsea

            I noticed that today as I watched this episode. I asked myself if he was opening his eyes really wide but NOPE they really are GIGANTIC.

            I love me some Shin Won-ho though.

          • jomo

            You know what that means, momosa:
            Mission: PHOTOCPIER SABOTAGE!

          • momosa

            You know Jomo, I got to tsk, tsk your eyes which momentarily not in sync with the brain when it comes to seeing expressive eyes tall masculine man! But then again, I got to find worser words to describe my brain for momentarily losing memory because of someone that only looks like Gong Yoo but not Gong Yoo!! lol lol!

      • 47.1.4 sachiko erin

        i like kyungjoon more and i was hoping they got the soul swapped back..and we can see how the real kyungjoon in his own body interacts with da ran

      • 47.1.5 la dee dah

        When I first saw Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince, I did not think he was attractive. But as the series went on, I found him being more and more handsome until I now totally think he’s attractive. Shin has that “pretty boy” attractiveness, but Gong Yoo is more “adult” attractive – and in this episode, with that styling of his hair… swoon!

    • 47.2 Laeah

      But I agree, I think Da Ran would have reservations (more of them) if he got switched back.

      But since in the original Big, he went back, maybe in this Big, he will stay Big?

    • 47.3 Jess

      Don’t think Kyung Joon actually hates or even dislikes Mari. I mean, he’s just being a teenage boy and Mari’s this girl he’s known from diapers who’s his die-hard stalker. It’s like having your lil sis tagging around all the time…

      So maybe extreme annoyance is really what it is…

      • 47.3.1 jomo

        There is fondness there, too.
        Why would he spend alone time with her (if the flashback is rea), and touch her head with his hand if he hated her, right?
        He just doesn’t want to marry her.
        Intersting how the story gives us only two choices with them:
        1. Get married
        2. Fight like the dickens to NOT get married.
        What about
        3. Carefully discuss your feelings, situation, goals and determine if being together makes the most sense?

        • am

          3. Carefully discuss your feelings, situation, goals and determine if being together makes the most sense?

          I don’t know why they’re ignoring this…they need a serious serious talk really. Everyone needs to pause and think everything thoroughly. arrgh. I’m frustrated hahahaha

          Do I need to ask Gim Boong Do to mediate or what.

  48. 48 Eliza

    I actually was hooked from the very begining. Each episode has a new twist or surprise and Im dying for the week go by. I honestly dont have a clue or prediction on whats going to happen next. My burning question from the moment of the body switch is: Is Yoonjae in Kyung Joon’s body? Or is he totally dead. And also why/how are these two connected?

    • 48.1 kumi

      He can’t be totally dead, or he would have been just a corpse. It is the spirit soul (inside or nearby, but still connected by the special “string”), that allows the body to continue.

    • 48.2 girlatsea

      That’s what I enjoy about this drama too. FOR ONCE, I’m not entirely sure where this drama is going. I’m just here for the ride~ ^^

    • 48.3 topper

      I have a feeling he is dead. His soul is gone.

      • 48.3.1 Enz

        Me too

      • 48.3.2 kumi

        then the body should decompose

        • topper

          The owner of the body, KJ’s soul, is still alive.
          KJ’s soul is preventing YJ’s body from dieing. In fact, remember that YJ was technically dead in the first episode, before KJ took residence in his body.

          • kumi

            I see your point. You mean to say, one soul is controlling two different bodies, right? Unbelievably as it may sound, but, yes, I agree: such things are possible due to the soul’s unlimited powers. I wonder why KJ in YJ’s body is not aware of it.

            A little technical correction to what you said: the soul is never “alive” or “dead”. It is eternal, but changes his destination.

  49. 49 ajj

    please tell me Shin will wake up..It would be so disappointing if he’s in coma until the very end..I want to see the kid act as Yoon Jae.

    • 49.1 Laeah

      It will probably happen around 4 episode before the end since that is the major conflict.

    • 49.2 Cynthia

      I think it’s going to be difficult to have KJ waking up with YJ’s personality. It will be hard for us (as viewers) to connect with YJ’s personality because we saw almost nothing of what he was really like in the past episodes. He was taciturn and rather mysterious. At least with KJ, an 18 year-old is easier to identify and connect with, immature mannerisms and all, no matter what the outer shell looks like.


    • 49.3 Redge

      I hope he wakes up by episode 8!

    • 49.4 am

      I seriously want YJ and KJ to body swap soon because I really want to give YJ the second chance he deserves. He did cheat on Da Ran but there’s gotta be something more to it. Not that I’m justifying his cheating.

      It would totally be exciting to see how things will end up now that Da Ran puts herself first before anything else. I like that change where she’s finally stopped seeing YJ as ‘the perfect man who can do no wrong’.

      • 49.4.1 xyu

        Me too.. i want YJ to have a second chance too!

  50. 50 DEE

    THANK YOU…..

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