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Faith: Episode 11
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The romance may not be the driving force behind this show, but it takes a nice step forward in this episode, interweaving nicely with the themes at large. I appreciate that while love isn’t the end-all-be-all for our characters (namely our hero), those emotional throughlines play into the dynamics driving the rest of the story. Love isn’t just love; it’s also one of the threads in the whole faith game, and just as caught up in the power plays and politicking as the other plots.


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Ki Chul backs the king into a corner, telling him of the plan unfolding right this very minute. His underlings have already begun assassinating the names on Gongmin’s roster—the ones he meant to bring in as supporters—and the doctor plays a role in part of it.

As we saw, Eun-soo is given her “choice” of who will be next to go: the princess, the doctor, or the warrior. Ack! If it were me, my thought process would be: damn, damn, and maybe he can defend himself?

The baddies have also kidnapped Eun-soo’s latest patient, young Yi Seong-gye. (Aka future Joseon founder, aka future Choi Young killer, aka Eun-soo’s current existential dilemma.)

Choi Young heads out, telling Gongmin to stall for time. With the help of his Suribang mates, he takes down the armed men holding Yi Seong-gye captive. Sigh. I want to tell this director: Making it slow-motion doesn’t turn boring into cool. Sadly, not everyone’s gifted with action scenes. *Dreams of what could have been.*

Young asks the boy where Eun-soo was taken. He doesn’t know, but Dae-man picks up the trail and directs them thither.

Hwasuin presses Eun-soo for her answer, because she was instructed to kill the person Eun-soo most valued. Yeah, you’re not really selling anyone on the whole “Tell me” part of the deal.

Hwasuin explains that this is Ki Chul’s way of winning over his people, to remove those close to them. Eun-soo asks if Ki Chul gave that poison to the young ex-king, and gets back the confirmation.

Asked whom to kill first, Eun-soo retorts that they can choose whomever she likes, because she’s not answering such a bullshit question. Hwasuin tries to force her cooperation by threatening to kill Yi Seong-gye, but Eun-soo just says, “Do it, if you want.”

That actually merits a confused look between the assassins. Eun-soo continues, saying, “I know you can’t kill me yet. Other people? Kill them or not, what do I care?”

She tries to leave, and Eum-ja draws his sword to Eun-soo’s neck to stop her. She calls his bluff, walking forward into the blade’s path… and he withdraws the sword. Damn, that’s ballsy. I like.

Eum-ja’s super-sensitive hearing clues him in to the arrival of Woodalchi, who face off to fight. Eum-ja decides he’ll call the doctor’s bluff as well: Does she truly not care about other people dying? He lifts his flute to play.

She freezes in her tracks. The death note has the men clutching their heads in pain, and finally she runs back to tell him to stop.

Before he has the chance to stop, an arrow whizzes by his face and forces the interruption. It’s one of Suribang’s archers, and now Young joins his men. He checks on Eun-soo, wiping the blood from her ears, then confronts the baddies. “What’ll it be?” he asks. “Will you continue, or retreat?”

Hwasuin concedes that they’ve learned what they came for—it’s Choi Young, isn’t it? “He runs to find you every time, without fail.”

Woodalchi allows Eum-ja and Hwasuin to walk away without a fight. Then Young turns to Eun-soo, but she knocks his hand aside and turns away silently. He lets her walk on alone, though escorted (by a nervous Deok-man who adorably has no idea what to do with her).

Back in the palace, Ki Chul informs Gongmin that there’s a reason that he (Ki Chul) is so confident while the king, notably, is not: The king is hung up on stupid ideals, like wanting to be a good king. Go figure. The people don’t want to love their king, he says, and they’ll complain no matter what he does. You’ve got to keep them fed to appease them—but not too much, or they’ll revolt: “Just enough. Withholding some.”

Young returns and reports that the princess and Eun-soo are safe, but five people from their list have been killed. The same message was left at each site: “If you know your mistakes, fix them.”

Ki Chul is smug that his threat has been transmitted to anyone in the nation—don’t side with the king. OR DIE.

Gongmin fumes at the loss of lives, but he regroups and counters: At midmonth, he will hold a royal lecture. It’s an event where the king’s supporters with gather to advise him, and Gongmin invites Ki Chul to attend.

Ki Chul is displeased. By convening Gongmin’s people, the king is patently disregarding his warning (not to have any people), and he starts to advance on the king. His hand flexes angrily with ki.

Young blocks his path, and Ki Chul places his frosty hand on Young’s armor. There they stand, both hands charging with ki, Ki Chul’s ice versus Young’s electricity. It seems like an even match… until Young lets out a gasp of pain. Still, he manages to throw off Ki Chul’s hand.

Ki Chul tersely agrees to attend the advisory lecture, then storms out. Young says he’s fine, and they beeline to the princess’s quarters to check on her. Gongmin grabs Noguk’s hand, knocking her tea aside, in an urgent way reminiscent of their first meeting. From now on, he declares that she’ll live in his palace, until they can guarantee that everything in her palace is free of danger.

As they leave, he tells her that Ki Chul threatened her safety, to which she merely answers, “I heard.” He jerks to a stop, then realizes her hand is in his and lets go of it. She agrees to stay with him, and that relieves his concern a bit. Hilariously, as the guards resume walking in step with the king, Lady Choi jerks an Woodalchi back and orders the entourage to walk slower. Ha, cute.

It’s only once he’s safely alone that Young checks on his shoulder, and finds it bruised (burned?) blue from Ki Chul’s energy.

Eun-soo paces, mulling over the threat to Young’s life. She heads to the hospital ward, where the injured Woodalchi are having their ears treated, and overhears Yi Seong-gye chatting enthusiastically to Young. Ha, he’s actually regaling Young with the stories he’s heard about him, basically telling Young how awesome he is.

Young takes a moment to teach the boy a few things, like how you shouldn’t covet anyone’s sword. And: “If a hundred enemies lie in wait for you, run away.” The boy gapes, and Young explains that if you’re really after the one guy hiding behind the hundred, why bother fighting the hundred? This is so cute. Young may be hot as the warrior, but he’s downright adorable as the hyung.

He spots Eun-soo at the door, and they have an uncomfortable conversation, all awkwardness and avoidant eyes. He asks to speak with her, and they head outside while Dol-bae and Deok-man smilingly take note. Ha, the Woodalchi are such romantics.

Young asks Eun-soo whether that boy is the one who kills him in the future, saying he doesn’t think the kid will be able to. He adds that he intends to request permission to leave the palace, so he can escort her to heaven’s door.

She reminds him that there’s no guarantee that the door will be open, plus he’s busy with important business with the king. He warns that it’s not safe for her here, because the number of people seeking to use her future knowledge will keep growing.

Eun-soo supposes that he would have fought Ki Chul if he’d deemed her to be in danger living under his roof. Who would win that fight? Young answers that he’d lose. To make sure she’s absolutely clear, Eun-soo asks whether “losing” means dying. He says yes.

So basically, what we’re getting at is: He would die to keep his promise, and she’s not loving that it’s a burden tied to her. She says she has to think it over.

Young notes that she doesn’t smile now, and asks if this is just because she’s with him, “Or have you become unable to smile?” You know, there’s something quaint and sweet about the way they speak to each other super plainly, because there’s a 700-year generation gap between them and they want to make sure that absolutely nothing is lost in translation. Dialogue that is this on-the-nose is usually an issue of bad writing, but in their case it’s subverted by the whole time-skip thing, making it poignant.

At the House of Ki, Hwasuin asks what Ki Chul plans to do with Choi Young now; he values the man, but can’t have him. Ki Chul answers that there’s still one way: Win over the king first. Then Choi Young will fall in line.

He doesn’t seem to think this will be much of a task, and is more concerned with figuring out who will appear at the king’s lecture. So he can kill them all. To that end, he intends to make contact with a secret group of assassins with a fearsome reputation; it’s time to swap kings. Before he does, though, he’ll make sure to show Gongmin his place.

Hwasuin asks if she should drag Eun-soo here, or leave her be. Ki Chul calls her a useful but foolish woman who doesn’t understand the ways of this world. She’s powerless without the king or Choi Young, so he decrees, “She’ll come crawling here of her own accord.”

Gongmin turns his attention to the upcoming lecture; he doesn’t have much time to amass his people. Advisor Jo huffs that this will be easy, because they’ve got the doctor on their side. She’s from heaven and saved the princess and Choi Young and Yi Seong-gye—soon all of Goryeo will hear of it, and it’ll be a stamp of approval.

Neither Young nor Gongmin like this idea, but when Young tries to argue, Gongmin cuts him short—he has all the same concerns, but what other choice do they have? Young argues that this is exactly what Ki Chul does, killing people to win hearts and then showing them off.

Gongmin bristles to be likened to Ki Chul, and moreover is offended that Young would dare criticize him. Young says he’ll gather the loyal supporters, without selling out the doctor.

“So you can return her and keep your promise,” Gongmin says accusingly, like it’s selfish of him. “Naturally,” Young replies, like it’s not.

Gongmin accepts the challenge, telling him to go ahead and bring those supporters. If he can do it, Gongmin will send the doctor on her way.

Eun-soo decides to take matters into her own hands, starting with a reminder to “Don’t worry, be happy.” Remembering Young’s comment, she puts a smile on her face, determined not to turn into someone who’s lost the ability to smile. Which is why we love her, I’m pretty sure.

She asks Deok-man for directions and writes them down—there’s no way Ki Chul is just going to hand over her diary, so she’ll go to heaven’s door and wait for it to open. She explains this to Jang Bin and asks how much money she’ll need, thinking to ask the queen for expenses (calling her queen-nim, which is adorable).

Jang Bin asks if she’s talked this over with Choi Young. Obviously she hasn’t. He asks if being here is so frightening, when she has Woodalchi for protection. She answers that she’s most afraid of herself: “I don’t know what I might do here, and that’s frightening.” She doesn’t want to be responsible for history, which seems wise. I have a Dr. Jin I’d like to introduce you to.

A cadre of warriors wearing veiled hats arrives at Ki Chul’s home; they’re the group he hired. Ki Chul hands over payment and sends them to do their job, which includes surveillance of a particular woman.

Choi Young and his Suribang buddies arrive at the house of their first recruit, a renowned scholar by the name of Lee Saek. Yet the man they find is lazy, irritable, and sleepy. Omo, he’s perfect for Young.

Young won’t put up with a slur on the king, though, and drags Lee Saek up, having a message to convey to his teacher. The man grumps that his teacher isn’t likely to understand the words of mere brutes, but Young states the message: If Teacher’s got the stones to meet Young, send word.

Jang Bin finds Eun-soo’s room empty, and Deoki confirms that she left. Sure enough, Eun-soo is on the road, in disguise in men’s clothing with her sheet of directions.

She stops to ask a traveler whether she’s on the right road, keeping her face hidden and attempting her best sageuk-speak. (It’s laughably bad.) She continues on her way, and peers down the road… where Young stands casually waiting, leaning against a tree. Ha. Well, that didn’t get her very far.

She ducks her head and continues in a different direction, but he grabs her sack and holds her back. She tries to kick back and wriggle free, but he’s not havin’ it.

Young rebukes his men for doing a lousy job watching over her. Deok-man protests that she worked so hard running away and they could hardly tie her up to keep her at the palace, so… that’s how they ended up here.

Young accompanies Eun-soo on the road, chiding her for her paltry escape plan. He says he hasn’t decided yet whether to force her back or persuade her with words, but she stops him and proposes an end to the promise. She’ll forgive the kidnapping, chalk it up to lousy fate, and relieve him of the promise to return her home.

He supposes that she’s feeling guilty, and worried that he’ll die on her behalf. She doesn’t answer, intent on going her way, and instructs him on the workings of the handshake: to say hello, to greet someone upon reunion, and to say goodbye. She holds out a hand.

Young grabs it, but rather than shaking, he holds on and turns around, pulling her along as he heads back the way they came. He declares that it was a promise HE made, and therefore he’ll be the one to decide whether to honor it.

Eun-soo warns that if he drags her back, she’ll just run away again. He picks up on her word choice: “run away.”

Eun-soo says she can’t stand by and watch people being hurt on her account anymore: “And I don’t want to cry anymore because of you. So let me go.” Ending a promise is easy, she says; all they have to do is let it go.

He doesn’t have an argument for that. So when she grabs her sack from his grasp, he reluctantly lets go. Eun-soo continues on her path to heaven’s door… and around the way, a black-veiled mercenary spies on her.

Young is called by the scholar’s teacher, Lee Je-hyun, who receives him in what looks like a hidden school or salon, with other scholars and elders present. His question: What is the king like? They have heard of Young and his detachment to riches and power, based on his service to the prior king. Furthermore, Lee and his colleagues have all let go of idealistic hopes for Goryeo, and are doing what they can to get by for themselves. So they need to know: Why this king?

Lady Choi fills Gongmin and Noguk in on the meeting taking place: Lee Je-hyun is a man with a wide network of contacts, renowned enough that Noguk has heard his name back in Yuan. The man was powerful (or persuasive) enough that when Yuan proposed uniting with (usurping) Goryeo, he traveled to Yuan in person and managed to block the move. They wonder if he will be swayed.

Young answers the man’s questions, of whether the king seems merciful to his subjects (he’s never seen him interact, so he wouldn’t know), or whether he’d put his life on the line for Goryeo (he’s never been tested, so Young doesn’t know). And if they were to support the king, what could he offer them in return?

That line of questioning is going round in circles, so Young asks, “What kind of king do you elders want?” He asks, almost scornfully, whether they’re sitting around waiting for some Buddha-like, merciful, classically-educated-from-birth soul to show up and shower them in blessings, so they can support him.

Lee Je-hyun repeats his earlier question, of why Young is serving this king. Young replies, “Because he is the first king I have chosen on my own.” Ooh. Good answer.

When asked why he chose Gongmin, Young describes him as sometimes weak and fearful, often second-guessing his decisions or regretting his actions: “But this man knew shame.” And so, Young decided that before he dulled to that sense of shame, he would have to protect him.

Lee Je-hyun says that in order to attend the midmonth lecture, he’ll first have to stay alive. Will Choi Young be able to protect him and his people? (Ack, with the promises. Like the dude isn’t already burdened with enough lives.)

It’s not so easy that Young immediately responds. His steps home are heavy, and he thinks it over. We’re left hanging for the moment, not hearing his answer.

Eun-soo pauses in her journey to eat, and looks up at her constant watchguard Deok-man, seeing Young in his place. It’s almost this (unintentionally?) hilarious moment, like she’s hallucinating him instead of Deok-man; talk about a poor substitute.

She apologizes for putting him through the trouble, and Deok-man assures her that it’s no trouble, and that she can’t travel alone with all the dangers of the road. Plus, he adds bashfully, “I like it here.” Oh, does puppy have a crush? Poor boy, since all she sees is Young.

Sadly, she continues not to see Black Veil tracking her every move.

Young reports to the king, and they have this very cute grumpy sparring match where Gongmin pretends to be put out at Young’s way of speaking (“Do you always have to win every exchange?”). Lee Je-hyun agreed to come to the lecture, and the doctor left the palace.

Young adds that Woodalchi men are trained to respond to crisis in any situation, and advises Gongmin to always keep them by his side. Gongmin is all, Duh, of course, but this makes me suddenly nervous. Why are you talking about the future as though you’re not part of it?

To make that nervousness worse, he says that with Lee Je-hyun on his side, he’ll be able to make Goryeo strong, and also wishes the king well with his queen. Stuff you say to people you won’t be seeing for a while.

Lady Choi informs Young that the assassin group has entered the city. Young grimaces; so Ki Chul really does intend to kill every potential supporter to the king. Aunt can’t believe he promised to protect the teacher, including everyone in his group—how can Young take on everyone alone?

Young sighs that Mae Hee couldn’t believe it either, that he could protect her. Ah, his dead sweetheart. And neither could “that person.”

Aunt wonders who he means. Young says he can’t remember Mae Hee’s face anymore. What if he meets her in the afterlife and can’t recognize her? “So before I forget her, I’ll have to meet her.”

Ack! Don’t give Death Wish a reason to be romantic about it! Aunt is alarmed, picking up on his line of thought, and asks what he means. He answers, “I’m thinking over what it is I can do.” Can we add surviving to that list, please?

Young adds that his father always told him that the best strategy was the simplest. LIKE LIVING, you punk.

Young thinks back to his first meeting with the king, and how Gongmin had put his trust in him and asked to be taught how to fight.

Ki Chul opens up Hwata’s supposed diary, and out falls a piece of paper. Um. Okay, that’s a weird short scene.

Lady Choi voices her worries to Noguk, who agrees that Young must be stopped. But Lady Choi knows he’s not one to listen to someone else, and what’s more, he’s already started to act: His room has been packed up.

Lady Choi wonders if there’s one person—”that person”—who might be able to persuade him, and she’s got a good idea who. She says this in the hearing of Ki Chul’s mole, who perks up at the tidbit. Thankfully there are no names spoken, though that’s no guarantee of anything.

On the princess’s order, Lady Choi rides madly out of the palace, arriving to intercept Eun-soo late that night.

She says she came in the hopes that Eun-soo would be able to talk reason into Young. She explains about Young’s fiancée, the young woman he remembers by keeping a strip tied to his sword hilt. Their teacher died at the hands of the king, and the woman couldn’t handle being the cause of it, killing herself a few days later. After that point, Young changed, doing nothing but sleep or fight.

But lately she has felt a change in him, like he’s motivated to try things again—and she wonders whether it’s because of Eun-soo. She asks for confirmation: Did Eun-soo tell him she couldn’t trust him? That she didn’t need him anymore?

Eun-soo gasps in dread, recognizing that line of thinking. Thus Aunt fears that he decided to go where he’s more needed: “To die.” No, I don’t quite follow his logic, but I suppose that’s the point: He be talkin’ crazy talk.

Young prepares for a confrontation that night and tries to send Dae-man home. Dae-man refuses to leave, like the loyal puppy he is, so Young tells him he’ll ruin the trap. Dae-man wonders at that, skeptical since Young is all about frontal assault.

Young sighs that it sounds strange, doesn’t it? He scoffs to himself that there’s nothing to look back on, but admits, “I think I’m afraid.” Does that mean you change your mind? Sadly I think it means he’s just going to be suicidal AND afraid. He gets up to leave, and orders Dae-man to stay put.

Ki Chul’s court lady mole hands off a secret note, which gets conveyed to Ki Chul. He’s pleased at the message: Young is on his way to see him, prepared to die.

Eun-soo jumps into action, riding back toward the capital to stop Young, suspecting that he’s going to face Ki Chul. And she knows, since he told her earlier, that he’d lose that fight.

Young walks on.


What I like about this episode is how openly Eun-soo and Young speak to each other, given how budding lovers tend to speak in dramas at this juncture (read: denial, self-preservation, avoidance). Those other reactions are realistic and often supported by plot, so it’s not automatically a bad thing, but I do appreciate when there’s enough other conflict to enable our main couple to be fairly honest about their feelings. In this case, you’ve got a homicidal maniac on the loose collecting hearts, however metaphorical those may be, so we can afford to let Young reveal some of his heart and not, say, spoil the conflict.

Granted, they’re not exactly announcing to each other, “I like you,” but I think they’re coming along pretty nicely for this phase of the show. The fact that Young is so frank about it to Aunt surprised me, but I suppose a man on a death march feels it won’t kill him to reveal a little about his feelings. Not when the evil villain on the other side is the one who’d actually do the killing.

For a drama titled Faith, I find that the plot is doing a pretty good job about being all about faith without necessarily hitting us over the head with it. As much as I think Young’s crazy to go courting death, it makes sense that it’s this loss of trust that takes him there, and that his reaction to Eun-soo’s rejection of his protection is conflated with Mae Hee.

I might have felt he was being rather dramatic to go charging into certain death because the pretty girl didn’t want his protection anymore (especially when it’s pretty clear it’s out of guilt, not hate), but it makes a lot of sense when you link it to the deaths of his fiancée and beloved teacher. Which we know were hugely traumatic and influential in shaping him as the man he is now. I know he was a grown man at the time, but I think the word formative still applies to a 22-year-old experiencing something that monumental.

Of course, I’m still looking forward to our heroine knocking some sense into him. ‘Cause… she’s gonna knock some sense into that thick skull, right?


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  1. Anne

    D’awww noguk and gomin’s budding romance is my fave, yaaaay!

    • 1.1 Anne


      And i made first comment with such a lame post. Sorry bout that.

    • 1.2 Anne

      It’s soooo cute how gongmin still can’t bring himeself to admit he worries about noguk, so noguk finishes his sentence for him. Pride fit for a king, i suppose.

      And the conversation between young and gongmin about the princess staying with him. Gongmin’s so quick to deny his emotions by saying it’s for safety. And young just knowingly agrees Squeaaaaal~

      Right now, this two is my driving force towards sticking with this drama. I just want more scenes with them. I tbh dont really care much for Young and Eunsoo’s story.

      • 1.2.1 GaksitalPyong

        I TOTALLY agree! The Gongmin-Noguk relationship is so utterly adorable. I still want them to go back and reveal their back story. We still didn’t get the full picture. Who was the person Noguk learned the language of Goryeo for? I went back and watch their first meeting and Noguk seemed offended that he couldn’t remember her. That probably means that it probably wasn’t their first meeting at all.

        • Anne

          Im pretty sure she learned for the Gongmin but i need it portrayed just cause i want more interactions between my OTP. I wish Gongmin would be more proactive, they obviously cares for each other and everyone can sort of see that. Little love bugs are both so transparent to everyone but themselves. I do enjoy Gongmin’s struggle to admit his feelings. Maybe he’s not sure what those feelings are exactly yet, plus the apprehension that he believes Noguk resents him. It’s clear to everyone but him how devoted she is.

          • GaksitalPyong

            I agree. I want Gongmin and Noguk to share more than five sentences and get on with their romance. And I’m kind of disappointed with how little Noguk we get in each episode. She needs more lines. She is one of my favorite characters. Is it bad that I’m kind of hoping that Noguk is put in danger to make the King finally take some action with his queen?

          • Anne


            Noguk is my fave character. And i’d love it if we got more of her. And im just dying to see the scene where Gongmin just declares his affection for Noguk. I domt care how it comes to happen, i just need it to.

          • Kgrl

            Have to agree. GM and NG’s love-line is so more intriguing. While having the love declarations are great for Young and ES, for the GM-NG couple, I ship their budding, unspoken chemistry. It’s really so moving and sweet.

            I still find the story somewhat forceful, as if jumbling certain events/back-stories together. It could also just be bad directing/editing that’s making the story seem so stilted.

    • 1.3 Anne

      Forever raving about KiChul because i most definitely have not enjoyed a “villian” character since i started watching kdramas as much as i enjoy him. I like that his “evil” is not just black and white. His actions are driven by principles, though shrewed, and desires that aren’t exactly evil. He’s not trying to mess up the whole world just because he wants to take control but it’s almost like he wants answers, he’s curious, and yes, jealous and selfish. His ways are not ideal but i like that he’s not just pure evil. Well, he is still evil. Just not the usual one dimensional powerstruggling evil we see in sageuks. And i love how his smart! And he’s so much of a diva, that he really doesnt even look scary anymore.

      And i LOVE LOVE LOVE his derp faces.

      • 1.3.1 HK

        His derp face is the best!!!

      • 1.3.2 kakashi

        yes, KiChul is rather enjoyable as a villain. at least most of the time… sometimes, I find him a bit over-the-top, I’m not sure whether that’s his acting or the writing (or both). I just wished the rest of the evil-train, particularly Hwasuin, would be equally enjoyable. I started to hope that Eum would be given a chance to become a real character (and not just a cardboard-villain) last episode, but there hasn’t been any follow-up. I am curious to see what the secret behind KC’s obsession with heaven is and where he got all of Hwata’s things from.

        • xthecorruptedmangox

          I really can’t take KiChul seriously. I’m still experiencing Shunji withdrawal symptoms, so as much as I’m trying with this drama. i’m just not finding kichul evil enough…

    • 1.4 hawaiianseoul

      Heeeeeeheeeeee. Their scenes are the cutest! *blush*

    • 1.5 bigwink

      I love them! I heart them! I ship them!
      The only reason i keep coming back for faith recap is because of them! So cute.. Reminds me a bit of The Painted Veil

  2. Ally


  3. Dg

    Second to comment.. HAHAHHA

  4. Ace

    Yay, it’s up! Thanks!

  5. Ivoire

    Thank You!

    • 5.1 Ivoire

      @ Kakashi: if and when you happen to read this: would it be Ok to send you an email? You could email me at:[email protected]

      There is something I would like to share with you and show you. So please email me if and when you can, thank you!

      • 5.1.1 kakashi

        oh! I’m curious 🙂

        • Ivoire

          FYI, I just inboxed you on FB.

          • kakashi

            thanks so much! will check it out later today

    • 5.2 Ivoire

      I have finally watched the episode and read the recap, finally! As JB noted in the recap, there is some movement forward, even if it seems to lead CY to his death, which we know won’t happen because he is the hero and he can’t die now, when we still have 13 episodes to go through.

      For me, it was the individual (little?) scenes that made this episode: the king rushing to the princess’ quarters because he was so worried about her, to the point of grabbing her hand, knocking off her tea; dragging her out while still holding on TIGHTLY to her hand (as if he didn’t want to let go, and maybe he DIDN’T want to let go) and walking like that for a while, Lady Choi having the sense to hold back the Woodalchi and the eunuchs, so the king and his queen would have “some space” (that was cute, but also thoughtful).

      As someone mentioned earlier, Dae-man’s relationship with CY (so loyal, so protective of each other), CY continuous changing relationship with the king (and to think that when he first met him, he didn’t like the king), CY’s relationship with his aunt (so close and loving), and I am loving Deok-man more and more. I love how he fumbles around ES and how adorable he is around her. I also love how Noguk doesn’t fight with the king anymore, she just listens, finishes his sentences and complies. It’s as if she understands him (and maybe she does).

      The king being a nervous wreck and anxious (because of his people and the princess) was very endearing. I like that this king deeply cares about the people around him. I also love that the king, when talking to CY (when they are standing) has to look up (at him) whereas CY has to look down (at the king) so they can have eye contact. It’s a little thing, it’s a visual, but to me, it says a lot. CY is taller and stronger (physically), but the king still has authority over him and he has to protect him.

      I still don’t get why Lady Choi doesn’t know that there is a mole in the palace. After all, she finds every else out within 24hrs, so how come not the mole? (and yeah, I know, it helps the narrative and the plot, but still…). I really loved how hurt CY looked, when ES was essentially saying “Goodbye” to him. It was the 2nd time he looked like that. I am looking forward to him realizing that he loves her and vice versa. I too, am glad they are not playing games with each other.

      And I would like more Noguk on screen, please.

  6. Maru

    The broooooomaaaaance is the one thing I like the most in this drama. Keep it up.

    Off to read.

    • 6.1 Awe


  7. j

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    • 7.1 Amberscube

      I havent finished watching yet, so im looking forward to that “kilig” moment..

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    Really enjoyed this episode cant wait for more tonight! I hope Eun-soo will kick some sense into Young. Stop trying to die Young-ah!! Thanks for the recap!

  10. 10 dulcedeleche

    honestly the politics is grating on my nerves. I love watching sageuks but there’s something really repetitive about parts of the story. Can I just get more Eun Soo please?

  11. 11 Agatha

    I know he is not going to die but augh!!!!!! This drama is so damn good!!!

  12. 12 Christy

    Ki Chul…such a Machiavellian, though he’s got a point. A cruel, but pretty rational point.

    • 12.1 SH

      Agreed! I find his evilness very rational too. Everything he’s said thus far represents a different kind of honesty and strategic reality. And after reading The Prince , I can see this Machiavellian connection.

      That whole talk about feeding the people way too much that they might rebel was classic.

      • 12.1.1 Kiara

        That idea has been around since Lady Mishil’s time. At least Mishil trained the Hwarangs and fought with them to protect her country, but what have Ki Chul done for Goryeo? Nothing.

  13. 13 LoveIt

    Good episode. My fav pairing is Young and Lady Choi, followed by Young and Gongmin, followed by Gongmin and Noguk (even though finding out that Gongmin becomes a lover of young boys after her death, kind of ruin their romance for me), followed by Young and Daemon, followed by Young and Eun Soo. Young and Eun Soo has potential though, If we think of constructing a house, the foundations are laid, and frames are going up. Gongmin and Noguk, have great chemistry, but their “house” is basically done constructing. It’s cute to see 2 relationships at different places of development on display.

    The direction has gotten better. I enjoy the actors, but I never had a problem with them, and imo they have always given what they are asked to give from the Director. The camera work has improved, and the scenery and color has improved as well. The fight scenes were good as well. I saw much improvement in the way they were shot, and fighting technique.

    What I hope will improve, is the corny use of flashbacks and slow motion. I don’t know, it could be the timing of them, or something else, but in their current state they cheapen the drama imo.

    • 13.1 Anne

      Wow, Gongmin’s coping mechanism towards Niguk’s death is defo something.

    • 13.2 ms.auggie

      Gongmin became lover boys after Noguk’s death? I’m sory, from all the infos and oppinion, that one is the one that attracted me most. Was it true? Was it even written in the history? *im sory, can’t help it, need to ask.

      • 13.2.1 linda macy

        If you google this king…it says its so after the death of his queen in chldbirth

      • 13.2.2 LoveIt

        Yes, after the Queen dies in childbirth, he recruits young pretty boys.

    • 13.3 Florentine Lily

      Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Remember: history is written by the victors.

      It’s so sad how tragic their lives became. And currently watching this show while knowing what’s going to happen to them is pretty depressing.

  14. 14 kat

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    • 15.1 ~Feather~

      I know!
      While Young was just trying to say they should be happy together by taking care of each other, Gongmin’s mind seemed to have gone into the gutter. XD

    • 15.2 diorama

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    • 15.3 mary

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    • 15.4 Conny

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      It just gets funnier the longer you look at it too..


    • 15.5 Ennayra

      This photo is hilarious! I like the sideways smiles. 🙂

  16. 16 Village Mrembo

    The ep was so low key, almost felt like listening to a lullaby yet it was one of the most enjoyable and had so much impact. I guess all these doubting Thomases will finally have some much needed faith in CY when he gets rid of Prince Evil once and for all (or rather attempts to, am sure no one’s dying just yet but just how is that confrontation gonna play out?!)
    And the King and Princess? Adorable! omg she doesn’t even argue with him anymore it’s just, “i heard” & “am staying with u? I understand”…scene stealers them 2!

  17. 17 whatis

    alright… so within the past 2 hours of this drama, Eun Soo got back to the palace, then got taken out of the palace on a road trip of murder, rescued to return to the palace, then she “escaped” out of the palace, stopped by Young, let go by Young, tracked down by everyone in town, tracked down by Lady Choi, and is now heading back to the palace… ahahaha omggggggg

    I mean really… this kinda thing just has to stop now. If this is suppose to be a metaphor for FAITH, I think we get it at this point. Let’s. just. move. on.

    Thanks for recapping! ’cause I would’ve tore my hair out! ’cause I’m just SO CURIOUS ABOUT HWATA!!! I want to knooooow!

    • 17.1 dustdevil

      Yes! This yo-yo-ing in the storyline is driving me crazy. There are so many quick reversals, that there doesn’t seem to be any time for characters to feel the impact of what’s happened.

      It also undermines Ki Chul and the other baddies, because if they are so evil and powerful, why are they letting Young steal the doctor back all of these times.

    • 17.2 kakashi

      I wholeheartedly agree. I did enjoy the episode mainly because of the interactions between CY and ES, but the running around in circles or squares or stars or whatever shape is seriously annoying. WHY did she have to leave just to run back? for dramatic purpose? couldn’t that have been done differently?! next time somebody announces to leave the palace, I’ll just be … yeah, yeah, sure…

  18. 18 Miss rain ENgineer :P

    Omg.. Its all ready here x_x
    Thank JB for the recaps 🙂

    Offfff to read xD

  19. 19 Briggy(@subin70)

    I didn’t like this drama at first.Watched it because of LMH but I love love love it now.My only comment is how I REALLY hate Gi Chieol (ki chul)and all his people.urrrgh….can’t wait for tomorrow.just finished watching todays ep……goodnight…

    • 19.1 True2u

      LOL!!! XD

      Is it weird to say I LOVE Ki Chul?

      I can’t seem to hate him at all! I just LOVE his facial expressions so much. I find him to be a cute villain hahahahaha I love that he’s not dumb, The actor is creating a new kind of cute villain. After watching “Tree With Deep Roots” villains, what Ki-Chul is doing now is child’s play.

      • 19.1.1 diorama

        Yeah, I can’t take the villains seriously at all, and have settled down to enjoying them. Gi Cheol is my favorite. He’s a total princess, complete with hair ornaments, massages, and tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. I have a feeling he’d fit right in in Gangnam.

        • True2u

          “He’s a total princess, complete with hair ornaments, massages, and tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.”

          Too True!! LOL XD

          I just love him to pieces, sometimes I can’t wait til he comes on screen. I especially loved it when he asked her for her heart. Did you see how he was trying to understand/follow what ever she said? I find it so cute!

          hahahaa Glad to know I’m not the only who can’t take these villains serious. It’s much better to enjoy them vs hating them.

    • 19.2 Conny

      I love him. He seriously makes my day, especially when he’s pouting or has a herpderp moment.

      • 19.2.1 Ennayra

        He has a lot of those moments, lol.

  20. 20 soonli

    Suddenly came to my mind, since young power is electricity, so ernsoo can use his power in future for her modern day gagets like her hp, medical appliances…

  21. 21 Gaeina Lee

    “…She doesn’t want to be responsible for history, which seems wise. I have a Dr. Jin I’d like to introduce you to…”

    Ahhhh, I know there will be reference to Dr. Jin somewhere in each episode… ^^

    • 21.1 Florentine Lily

      I was waiting for the Dr. Jin reference. The absurdity of the show and the grating, unrepentant, hard-headed main character still astounds me. But I’m glad to say: I’ve survived Dr. Jin, I’ll make it past 2012! No Sir, the end of the world does not faze me.

      • 21.1.1 mary

        “I’ve survived Dr. Jin, I’ll make it past 2012! No Sir, the end of the world does not faze me.”

        You mean sticking with Dr Jin actually had its benefits? 😀

        • jomo

          Very philosophical:

          That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

          ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

        • Florentine Lily

          Suprisingly? Yes! Who knew, right?

      • 21.1.2 Gaeina Lee

        You are not alone Florentine, me too dear and the rest of the world I guess… I survived being jinned by the handsome yet dense doctor. To my surprise, I even finish subbing it alone while the others had been MIA since when I don’t know… ^^

        • Florentine Lily

          We have grown immune to the lobotomizing mistake that was Dr. Jin.

  22. 22 ~Feather~

    Thanks for the recap!

    MY favorite scenes this episode:

    The interactions between Gongmin and Noguk–they held hands! *spazz* They’re now living together instead of different parts of the palace!
    Gongmin seemed flustered (and a bit perverted) when Young asked about them living together and telling him to take care of each other. XD
    Deok-man shyly telling Eun soo that he liked traveling with her. His crush is soo cute! :3
    Daeman’s aegyo-face when telling Young that he wants to follow him. My puppy! >.<
    Eun Soo seeing Young hidden behind some shrubbery, leanin' against a tree waiting for her while she was on her way to flee. And then later seeing Deok-man and Daeman popping out from behind some bushes since they thought she worked too hard to try to escape that it would be wrong to bring her back right away, so they followed her instead.
    Lady Choi pulling Choong-sik back so Gongmin and Noguk could have some "privacy" to enjoy each other's company.

    That's all I can think of for now. 🙂 Anyone have anything to add or spaz with me?

  23. 23 MargaretB

    So far, this is the best episode in my opinion. It’s great that everything has been improved a lot: speed of the storyline, cinematography, costume… I also love the way the relationship between Eun Soo and Choi Young gradually becomes the crux of the story. Their chemistry is simply terrific!

    • 23.1 Ennayra

      I’m really enjoying Eun Soo and Choi Young’s relationship too. The king and queen’s is enjoyable, but history has already told us what’s going to happen. They’re set in stone, and so not quite as exciting. You could argue that the drama could change the past, but the way things have gone (so far), everything Eun Soo does solidifies history, so I think the king and queen’s relationship is solid.

      Anyway, I loved Eun Soo and Choi Young’s dynamic in this episode!

  24. 24 Maymay

    Thank you! I’m off to read. 🙂

    • 24.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

      Hello there, Maymay dear! Remember me? We were part of the crazy-zany noonas head-over-heels in love with City Hunter and with Lee Min Ho as the City Hunter… (”,)

      Long time no chat, yeah? I have been swamped with work and personal commitments and have not been following any drama, until now…what can I say…Lee Min Ho is the attraction again… (”,)

      How are you? How is everything? (”,)
      Hope everything is great with you!
      So you are following this drama too? So, I hope we can continue chatting here… (”,)

      • 24.1.1 Maymay

        Hello kay. 🙂
        Wow! Long time no see. A whole year has passed. 🙂

        How are you? I’m doing very well. Having so much fun watching Faith despite all its flaws. 🙂
        Yes, I am following Faith for LMHot. 🙂

        • koreandramalover / kdl / kay

          I am doing fine, thank God and thanks for asking, Maymay dear! 🙂

          I agree with you that despite its flaws, I am following Faith for LMHot! Hehehe… 🙂

  25. 25 Florentine Lily

    Thanks for the re-cap. Can’t wait to see episode 12. Also, I think it’s sad that this drama has so much potential but the director is not letting it show. It might have to do with poor editing but it reflects badly upon the director.

    • 25.1 diorama

      Speaking of the director, here’s a link to the trailer for original Faith, starring Kang Ji Hwan:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyMrcMdcT6E&feature=player_embedded

      I have to say, it looks so much better it almost made me ditch this Faith. If I wasn’t recapping it I’d already have done so >.<

      • 25.1.1 Anne

        Now, that’s a kind of epic i could get on board with. It seems like it lacks the humor this current version has, but the epicness of the whole fantasy just takes it on a different level.

        Feels like two very different dramas, with two very different tones. I cant say for certain which i would prefer more but KJH version is most definitely on a different level of epicness. A kind we haven’t seen much recently even with the overwhelming amount of fusion sagueks.

        • Kiara

          I’d prefer Kang Ji Hwan to be honest. He looked awesome as a Goryeo kickass warrior/general plus he is no noobie to the sageuk fantasy world. I’d watch it if they make it a movie.

          • eny

            wow it’s look better, i watch faith only ep 1 and i drop it. I’m lucky because i check this page because i’m boring and i found this teaser. I like Kang ji hwan version better i can see the emotion of the actor that can make me like the drama beside of the story, i hate drama if i can’t feel the emotion

          • Jagi

            KJH’s Choi Young is what I envision a world-weary 29yo Goryeo general looks like. He got the stoic and intense down pat.

      • 25.1.2 Florentine Lily

        I’m sorry, I can’t see through my tears of disappointment but was this what Faith should have looked like? That piece of amazing fantasy with awesome butterfly lightening striking people and fight scenes that leave me speechless. That piece of bad-ass kicking with needle fingers?

        Don’t get me wrong, I like this Faith but I would have LOVED that Faith so much more. And Kudos to the the actors and actresses who chose to remain with the production even when it seemed like it wasn’t going anywhere.

        But I can’t help being a bit disappointed. Although I like the current Eun-Soo better than that one.

        Please, Please Director-person-sir-m’am,
        Can we have more awesome fight-scenes? Just one? With thirteen more episodes to go, that’s not asking for too much, is it? Pretty please?

      • 25.1.3 True2u

        What have you done to me!!!?????? I almost dropped Faith just because of this preview. The Epicness is off the charts!! Honestly is looks like it would have been way better than this no doubt. This preview was amazing, 3D? someone plz let them do at least a movie. I was like this all the way through the preview O.O!! Oh the Epicness it could have been. I wonder if that had shoot any episode.

        • SH

          I heard they shot this trailer using 3D cameras, which were (and still are) very expensive in 2010. Production got into some financial and legal troubles, so maybe they had to make some concessions.

          It looks epic, but honestly I don’t know if I’d like that story more than this now. That promo reminds me a bit of Legend, which was epic but I didn’t really love the story that much.

          • Bengbeng

            Maybe they can still turn it into a movie? Hoping…

      • 25.1.4 shadow

        its not even the same drama now, they change the story they change the role for the main actor its not just the change of the actors, its the change of the whole road and it show that they was want a dark ,fantasy a hard drama but they change it to more easy , funny one so we can’t even compire the two version or the the actor work but when i still like faith very much i really wanted to watch its with the old version too i even don’t mind to make it righ aftar faith it totally a different world and different story wich i fall on love with them just from this video .

        • Kiara

          Right, we are getting the Disney version lol.

      • 25.1.5 bluemountain

        Amazing preview!!! Love it. What went wrong? Why was the original version /story abandoned regardless of changes in casts?

        • javabeans

          Real conversation:

          javabeans: Why does Faith look so low-rent? The director’s so capable of epic. He did Legend!
          girlfriday: Maybe he got lazy, like the Hong Sisters and Big.
          javabeans: I don’t think it’s possible to regress that much. Laziness doesn’t cause stupidness and loss of skill.
          girlfriday: Then you got me.
          javabeans: Oh I know, maybe Faith is just the PD’s protege at work, and Big PD slapped on his name to add credibility. [Looks up credits] Yup, there we go. There’s a no-name co-director attached who has no filmography.
          girlfriday: Mystery solved.

          • SH

            What!!!!???? Really? Urghhhhh. Unbelievable if this is what’s going on behind the scenes.

          • javabeans

            That’s not terribly rare, though, and happens with writers all the time. I just think that in this case — if that’s what happened — it didn’t pay off. You’d hope the more experienced name would be a guiding hand, but you can’t always make guarantees.

          • Amberscube

            I saw the original trailer and ahhhhh… super disappointed with the production. The original looks mighty epic.

            Kang Ji Wan did Lie To Me instead… which was another disappointment.

          • Maymay

            OMG! You cannot be serious. Is that why we have to suffer through the terrible directing? I feel really bad for all the actors. 🙁

          • Florentine Lily

            So the senior, more experienced director is just sitting back while letting a rookie call the shots? And really bad shots at that?

            I’m not asking for world peace here, just that the action agree with the writing and acting. I spend two hours and some on this show per week. I deserve something for my time and the writers and actors deserve better.

            Twirling a camera around and shaking it like it’s about to go into an epileptic shock does not a fight scene make. It gives me an head-ache and I wish they would do away with it completely. Set the camera down and hire a proper choreographer. What happened to the magic of episode one?

            I don’t need epic but I deserve to have less than epic done right.

      • 25.1.6 Gaeina Lee

        Hwaaaa~~~~ I cried over the loss of epicness, over the what could have been…. TT_TT

      • 25.1.7 whatis

        wow… that was an AWESOME trailer. A little over the top with the 3D, freeze frame and stuff… but hey… if we’re going to do fantasy, let’s bring it on!

        Sigh… what could have been.

      • 25.1.8 Laura

        Wow. It really felt amazing. :O…

      • 25.1.9 eargasmto_trace_bundy

        Now I understand why Dr Jin Production was suing Faith! So much similarity!! I wonder these are the reasons they changed the storyline to King Gaymin and the Ki Chul gang…. I hope there is Faith movie version starring Kang Ji Hwan… He is so damn sexy, why drool over a boy when we can have a real man! opps… *run away from LMH girl-fans*

        • Conny

          Bah, no worries. I drool over both LMH and KJH.. buahaha

          *wipes drool*

          Seriously though, that trailer was beyond epic. I would have liked to see where it would have gone, but I’m afraid that filming it in 3D would’ve put such a dent into the budget that other, equally important parts (ya know, like the story line) would have suffered.

        • SH

          Ahem…Lee Min-ho fangirl here – he’s grown up a lot since his BBF days. Gosh, his side profiles in this show are sexy and gorgeous 😀

          • Ennayra

            I totally didn’t fangirl over him until Faith. What is it about his character in this show? I watched him in BOF, Personal Taste, and City Hunter and liked him, but definitely did not fangirl…

        • Florentine Lily

          I really don’t see much of a similarity other than the Doctors time-traveling. One was an epic, the other was an epic failure that started to unravel the moment Dr. Jin opened his mouth and made me wonder how he passed his exams and came to be considered a “genius.”

          On that note, I would definitely see the movie.

      • 25.1.10 Mar

        Thanks for sharing that. Well that explains ALOT about what we are seeing now— They blew the budget on the original filming that never aired. Definitely epic trailer- Kang Ji Hwan was smoking up the scenery. Totally different, that was more movie than tv series. It’s like The Avengers compared to a first season episode (sans the writing of course) production value of Buffy. Great show, no budget. That said, the Eun soo in the current version is much more appealing than in this trailer and I can absolutely skip the 3D.

        • Ennayra

          I did feel like I was watching a movie trailer! Thought I was the only one, lol.

          And I do like the current Eun Soo better. In the trailer version, a man was the doctor and Eun Soo just a typical love interest. A harp. Really? I think her character has a lot more power in this version.

      • 25.1.11 SaucyScribe

        I dunno. The action scenes in that trailer are off-the-charts amazing, but I’m not one to confuse awesome action scenes or CG with a great story and good actors. That trailer didn’t look like it held a great story to me, whereas I’m hooked on the quiet, lovely moments of connection between people in Faith, and the politics. This incarnation we are currently seeing works for me, but now I am keenly aware of what could have been for the action scenes. LMH was great in City Hunter–I wish I could have seen him in some scenes of that caliber. That would have been the cherry on the cake.

        • SaucyScribe

          Also, I don’t dig medical mysteries of the week, so I’m quite happy they toned down the medical aspects to focus on interpersonal relationships and politics.

  26. 26 shadow

    final we back to the road , first the king and queen soooooo cute they perfect together and they finall make a moive, start to speak and undersdand each other .and for lady choi i just love this women ,she make me smile and respect her why didn’t you just give her the city ? she the perfect one to rule !!!, oh my how much i love this women just for what she did today , take the Woodalchi back and talking with ES and even understand everyone mind …..so go for it my lady you making a great jop here ,isn’t she?
    for the dairly i dont think it was nothing that the part of it fall ,it may be that there change on it cause the change ES do there -and its look like the lord has notice and its not good baised on the preview of ep 12 too.
    and for ES and CY we get there today ,we have finsh the lose and start the first step for the change of their life .CY i like how he notice its not just the promise he just can’t let her go and he don’t want to let her go ,he more open and show his feeling to everyone without thinking but that not everything ,today the start of the great general from the promise to one person to the promise for many lives to the final the promise to the whole nation, here the start of his Legend to fulfilled the small promise implicated with a bigger promises until it reaches the stage where he can’t be free and that make sense, but make me sad that even if he have the choice to go with ES he can’t do that ,he will be on the stage of haveing many life on his hand and that itself great “the love for one women make a great general ,a real hero that make a great king and a great nation. it all start with faith , faith on one person , one feeling give the life of many people and builds the future” and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat what i meen we final back to the road ,back to what faith really is and what the magic of this story .

  27. 27 dany

    Thank you!

  28. 28 SH

    Thanks JB! This episode is so full of cuteness. I’m digging CY and King’s bromance. I love how they talk to each other; so frank and open.

    Eun-soo is back on my awesome list after last episode. She’s so unintentionally funny. I love that she never loses her modern sensibility – asking for money from Queen lol.

    Aunty Choi saves the day. And maybe I heard this wrong, but in her conversation with CY, she talked about the air that went into his body when he got stabbed and it hasn’t gotten out yet. Does that mean CY hasn’t passed gas yet? 😯

  29. 29 DangCinDee

    I’m getting bored of young and eun soo’s back and forth, sad and mad , running and chasing dynamic relationship now. Push and pull only works when it’s not overdone. Come on! It’s 11 episodes in now. Can they just get along, kiss and make pretty battle babies now? Or at least humor me and give me some hugging or more wrist holding.

  30. 30 kakashi

    I really liked this episode – apart from the running-away-of-the-week-bits – particularly because of CY’s and ES’ interactions. In last week’s first ‘goodbye’ scene, I was really touched – and this week again, when she tells him to just forget his promise and forget her.

    In these scenes, LMH’s quiet acting is superb (or ‘organic’ :)). He comes across as confused and lost. He tries to somehow get closer to her, to connect, but she keeps shoving him away, again and again (also physically). She doesn’t realize what’s going on with him (yet), how deep his emotional need for purpose is. He has a protector-complex of the worst sort, and unless he can protect people he deeply cares for, he has no will to live. Poor lost soul 🙂 he should go to Seoul with her and see a psychiatrist!

    In a way, I like that he looks and feels so much younger than her – he might be a fearless warrior, but he is emotionally ‘young’ and scarred. And that woman from the future, who is much more mature than him in many ways, is confusing him big time. I doubt this love will move along unless SHE takes several serious steps forward…

    Oh, and I seriously adore young Yi Seong-gye, how cute is he?! Deok-man, too … however, I still don’t get why they recruit soft and slightly dumb puppy-dogs into the Woodalchi…

  31. 31 Lara

    The episode’s a bit dull for me. Eun-Soo just keeps getting here, then there, then back here again and so on. It’s like a loop that just makes the storyline longer, the only progress in the episode is the love story, which is good, but suicidal-ish for Choi Young-centric that I’m starting to find him way too emo.

    Choi Young just tries to end it all because he couldn’t get the trust of Eun-Soo, remembering Mae Hee, and so loses the will to live.

    It’s so unwarrior like. 🙁 He wants to challenge Gi-Cheol in a very unintelligible way because he’s in his emo state. Let everyone fix what’s left when he’s already dead whether he kills Gi-Cheol or not.

    But of course he wouldn’t die, they just did it to make Eun-Soo go back so she’ll have the reason to stay there and so that Gi-Cheol catches her again and maybe blackmails her into killing Choi Young or into giving her Hwata things or heaven and then we’re back on the plot wherein the Emperor and Gi-Cheol plays a tug of war for power while Eun Soo just wishes to go back to 2012.

    Back and forth, back and forth, until story writer-san decides to take the story to the next step and make a good twist.

  32. 32 wanne

    Thanks for the recap. Love this episode.

    • 32.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

      Hello there, Wanne dear! Remember me? We were part of the crazy-zany noonas head-over-heels in love with City Hunter and with Lee Min Ho as the City Hunter… (”,)

      Long time no chat, yeah? I have been swamped with work and personal commitments and have not been following any drama, until now…what can I say…Lee Min Ho is the attraction again… (”,)

      How are you? How is everything? (”,)
      Hope everything is great with you!
      So you are following this drama too? So, I hope we can continue chatting here… (”,)

  33. 33 Mystisith

    Still the most entertaining (K)drama right now even if not perfect at all:
    – Is it me or is the story running in circles? Or in squares, in the palace corridors.
    – I feel like LMH has not much screen time. Not a bad or good thing, just a statement.
    – Where is the medical side of that drama: I think they got scared by Dr Jin disastrous version. As a result, our PS surgeon is jobless as is our handsome Lee Philip (from the preview for ep 12, Woodalchi will give them a bit of couture work tho.) At least he can wear beautiful clothes…
    – Seriously, I’m in love with the aesthetic of this show: Costumes, hairdo… And now that they have a good HD camera (even if the Director is a ghost one, thanks for the info javabeans), *glued to the screen for the pretty*.
    – Like a lot of viewers, secondary characters are those I’m rooting for: King and Queen, Ki-chul, lady Choi. They are best written and played by good actors.
    – I also love the songs for the end credits.

  34. 34 ming

    i know im slow but i just realised flute boy is da mo in new tales of gisaeng. mind=BLOWN.

    • 34.1 Village Mrembo

      Ha ha! I loved him so much i watched it twice! He could be a jerk but then again the gisaeng girl always managed to whip his a** back in line ; )

      • 34.1.1 Ennayra

        I haven’t seen it, but now I want to watch!

    • 34.2 LoveIt

      Yes and the woman who plays the female Suribang twin was also in New Tales of Gisaeng. She was the evil step mother.

  35. 35 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

    Thank you so much Javabeans, and Girlfriday, for recapping this drama! (”,)

    I am so enjoying watching the drama and reading both your recaps! I cannot imagine watching this drama without your recaps! Your recaps complete my drama-watching. (”,)

    • 35.1 Maymay

      Kay, I’m glad to know you are following Faith too. 🙂

      I am mostly in lurker mode these days. I’m don’t comment as much here as I do on City Hunter. Oh, how I miss the good old days. We did have a lot of fun, didn’t we? 🙂

      • 35.1.1 Maymay

        Only after I hit send do I realize I made a mistake. How I wish for an edit button.

        • koreandramalover / kdl / kay

          Hehe! Maymay dear, I can’t agree with you more with your words :

          ‘We did have a lot of fun, didn’t we?’ and
          ‘How I wish for an edit button.’ (”,)

          You and I have more things in common – I am more of a lurker here too cause I don’t comment much.

          Aaaahhh…How wonderful the CH days were…
          That was truly a one-of-a-kind experience…
          I miss you and the rest of the noonas of CH so much!! (”,)

          So, I look forward to chatting with you here! (”,)

  36. 36 swui

    Aww…I missed ES’s funny antics too. Even CY noticed she doesn’t smile or laugh as much recently. Can we have the serious plus the funny as well?

    Still my fav airing drama atm. Fighting.

  37. 37 Carole McDonnell

    Wow, who knew Choi Young was so sensitive and easily-wounded in the heart? I mean, seriously! I’ve never been divorced. Luckily I’ve been happily married with my OTP for 27 years but when Eun-Soo said to forget the vow, the look in Choi Young’s eyes…it was pretty much as if she had said “Let’s get a divorce. It’s amicable. We’ll go our own way.” He looked like a crushed devoted spouse. Just heartbreaking.

    I only caught the first half on viki yesterday…so gotta go back and see the rest of this episode.

    Loving the love. And still loving Eum-ja. Don’t know why — other than the fact that he’s so dang cute!– but I want to see his soul as well. Happy viewing, all.

    • 37.1 Ennayra

      Aw! Congratulations on you and your OTP for 27 years. I am so happy for you :-). I hope that happens with me!

      I also like Eum-ja, I think b/c he showed vulnerability with not mastering his technique at first and then when evil fire woman helped heal his hears. The characters I care about show some vulnerability. I wonder how the sound/fire siblings wound up with Ki Chul. Did he kill all the people they loved until they had no choice but to go to him? Sadness…

      • 37.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Thanks, Ennayra. Marriage is hard work. You fall in and out of love over the course of it but if you both understand that neither of you mean each other harm it makes the journey better.

        I wonder if Eum-ja is –in his own way– also dead because of a past wound. Am not sure he was born that way. He definitely is enamored of his pledged sister….and she is quite the tease, playing on his emotions.

    • 37.2 momosa

      He looked utterly hurt. It feels like ‘aww..don’t hurt him anymore’…

  38. 38 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!
    LOL’ed at “The baddies have also kidnapped Eun-soo’s latest patient, young Yi Seong-gye. (Aka future Joseon founder, aka future Choi Young killer, aka Eun-soo’s current existential dilemma.)”

    You know, if Choi is going to die at this person’s hands, so be it. Doesn’t he actually live to a 72? That’s reeeeeeally old for the 14th century. Another thing – He also managed to survive that plague that wiped out half of the planet between 1328 – 1350.

    Of all the things Choi has done so far, his plan to die while killing KC actually makes the most sense. They are not evenly matched in ki, but between the sword and the sparks, he could kill or at least wound him close to death.

    It is almost impossible to protect all those people relying on him. Cut off the snake’s head, the rest of those baddies will fade away.

  39. 39 MIKEY

    Is Woldachi the korean word for stupid? How much longer is that “mole” going to be allowed to supply intel until she is caught? When will they explain how the heroes and villians got their “super” powers?

  40. 40 owl

    While I usually rave, I have a rant or two this time over episode 11. First, I am really tired of White Hair – just break the bamboo flute in half, already! He is annoying, and his ear drum high note is getting old. I realize there is more damage that can be done with the right pitch, but it’s overdone and stupid now. He puts me in a bad mood just to look at him, as the Wudalchi commented las time. Speaking of the Wudalchi, what is up with their loose guarding abilities? Is Choi Young the only capable one from his years with the Red Cresent Moon warriors, and the rest a bunch of high school dropouts who want to be in a gang just to fight? Geez. If I were Eun-soo, I wouldn’t feel protected anymore either, and would head out of Dodge as fast as heaven’s door would open! She is worried about altering history, especially now that she knows she has saved Choi Young’s guture assassin-a heavy burden to carry for sure. Thank goodness for Lacy Choi, the wisest and only together member of the inside court. She knows her nephew’s heart and lets hope her talk with Eun Soo is soon enough to do some good. I kind of can’t blame Choi Young for wanting to head to a better place over yonder where he can meet up with his youth love who has “self terminated.” That’s one way to put it, I guess. I hope the kdrama has a good ending because there are lots of not good scenarios that could play out, and I am not up for dissapointment and bad endings.

  41. 41 Chintu

    i’m reposting something i posted off-topic on Jung Eunji’s interview article:

    did girlfirday, javabeans or any of you watch the original trailer for faith with kang jihwan? It has been posted at koalasplayground.com…

    i love the current version of faith airing now, but i have to admit, the concept originally envisioned and conceived does seem more fantastical, action-oriented and adventurous, as what we expected from the current version, whose strength is in the characters, build-up and relationships but not its scale, grandeur or execution… the other one does seem to have it all…

  42. 42 Mar

    Thanks for recap!

    This episode flowed pretty well in a nice level pitch that I liked alot. I liked the character development of Choi and Eun soo. This is the first episode that I really liked Eun soo. Despite still being the damsel in distress, she’s showing a more serious and less whiny side that would be in keeping with a personality that survived the rigors of being a medical professional. I liked her attitude adjustment. I also liked the crazy hair pieces all over the place when she took the hat off, lol.
    Great writing with the Lady Choi character, she’s the female version of the best qualities of General Choi. I’m going to watch this episode again over the weekend to soak it up some more.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this Choi going to basically commit suicide thing-what is this? Suicide is not romantic. I don’t like this turn without a noble idiocy clause of some sort that makes a tiny iota of sense.

    I loved that Choi basically told his future executioner how to beat him in the future-take out the leader. Nice touch there.

    We have a lot of little side stories and mysteries that I’m feeling are going by the way side: the blurry shadow person, big bads mystery illness, Dai man’s mystery power, the note book, now the paper that fell out of the note book, Hwata’s tools, how committed to Big Bad are Flute Boy and Microwave Hand Biotch, the mute girl and crushing on Fan Doctor. I’m sure I’m missing something.

    As Javabeans has addressed, the production value leaves a lot to be desired, as does the directing and action scenes. And they introduce yet another set of characters. I’m assuming all these characters floating around are eventual Star Trek red shirts so they can kill off characters without killing off the inner circle.

    I cannot say how much the big bads bore me. I know a lot of people are enjoying the drama prince and his fancy hair clips, but not me. If Choi, Eun soo, the King or Queen are not in the scene with a big bad crew member, I want to fast forward in the worst way.

    Here is a random tangent thought I had last night, when Arang and Faith banners scrolled across my screen back to back: How great would LMH and Shin Min ah be together in Arang and conversely LJK and Kim Hee-Seon in Faith? Yes I know that LJK was originally cast in Faith. I still like the way LMH is playing Choi as low key and subtle, but I could also so see him playing the cranky Magistrate. Switch the dudes, and you still have some fun and pretty tv haha.

    Romance wise, Queen In Hyuns Man spoiled me with direct, adult, lead characters with chemistry. I have a lot of like for LMH, and I don’t mind slow burns in series, but come on director and writers, to paraphrase Hee-jin in QIHM (or to paraphrase the Eng sub lol), “bring the heat.” Choi can shoot lightning from his fingertips, gees, do you know how many dirty thoughts that’s conjured up? Can we at least get some heaving breathing and yearning or hair sniffing or something from that pretty pretty man just to tease us a bit lol.

    Looking forward to Episode 12.

  43. 43 Conny

    I haven’t watched this episode (or the last) yet. I like to ‘accumulate’ about two or three, and then have a nice kdrama evening.
    That said, I have started to read JB’s episode recap first, only to laugh my butt off during the show when a (recapped) scene comes up. It’s almost like I can hear you in my head.
    Obviously, this makes me look even crazier than I already am. Well, at least my husband and kids seem to think I am.
    When one of my boys watches the show with me and I have a giggle fit, I usually hear ‘what’s so funny about that, Mom’…
    I usually just wave him off with a ‘Dramabeans honey, takes too long to explain’. Obviously this comment is then followed by an exagerated eye roll..lol
    They just don’t understand!!!!

    Anywho, thanks again for a great recap <3

  44. 44 xine

    I’m liking this series – I find the exploration of faith and loyalty across an enormous culture clash really interesting – throws into highlight some of our modern day assumptions too. Many people say they are finding ES very intelligent, and I certainly like her – she’s resilient and feisty and compassionate (at times) – but she’s taken a really long time to cotton on to the circumstances around her. I think she still hasn’t realised that it was her saying she couldn’t do anything for the young poisoned king that lead directly to CY’s “logical” decision, even though Jang has kinda talked her through the decision after the event. Still, CY is still just as baffled by her ideas and attitudes, so it’s not just her

  45. 45 Maymay

    King and Queen…romance is blooming for them. 🙂

    • 45.1 SH

      Indeed! It’s getting good (and funny) in ep. 12.

  46. 46 Abbie

    Sadly, I am a little disappointed in the show at the moment. It’s like we hit our climax in episode 8, and then it’s been fizzling out ever since. I’m hoping that it picks up again, because I’m drawing out of the show. I still like it and enjoy it, but not like I did. I don’t know why either. There’s just not enough action for me. This show could be so much more if it tried. But, it’s not trying.

    I want more of Gongmin and Noguk. Their scenes are dwindling, and I get that we’re focusing on the politics and Eun-soo and Choi Young more and too much, but I really want more of the king and queen. Noguk is one of my favorite characters, but I wish she did more. Like, now!

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  47. 47 sujeans

    I want to snap that stupid flute in half.

  48. 48 faithful ;)

    that damm flute has gotta go ==’
    and also, i’m dying waiting for the next ep ==’

  49. 49 Steph

    I must say this drama is getting interested by the episode. I hope that we see more bonds with the characters.

  50. 50 new fan

    I Want love line of JB n ES!!! why they cut it off all of the sudden~~~ its kinda obvious doc JB had feelings for ES starting from ep 3!!! oh gosh.. they keep on adding new characters to the drama n left out those old ones!!!

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