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King of Dramas: Episode 3
by | November 20, 2012 | 159 Comments

It’s war, and victory lies in the acquisition of one lovably dull Hallyu star wannabe. There are guns, towels, and even gun-towels as Anthony and Go-eun track down their leading man, with every new length they go to even crazier than the last. If things are this tense now, how is anyone supposed to make it out of filming alive?


Watanabe shoots the promise-breaking gangster, and Anthony stumbles in shock. His savior turns out to be none other than Watanabe’s wife AKIKO, who successfully covers for Anthony. And that dead body? She doesn’t even give it a first glance, much less a second one.

She finds Anthony still reeling, cheerfully responding in Korean since she’s a Korean drama fan. I love that she’s all smiles as she explains that her husband – a VIP head of the Yakuza – doesn’t kill people that often. Oh, well I feel better already.

And as she explains how warm and fuzzy he is on the inside, we see him executing fellow gangsters, one by one. Anthony struggles to swallow the truth, that he just signed a contract with a Yakuza member who kills liars.

According to Akiko, there won’t be any problems as long as Anthony gets Kyungsung Morning on air this year. The rush order is due to Watanabe having late-stage stomach cancer.

Go-eun returns from the hot springs in time to see Akiko reassuringly pat Anthony’s shoulder. She misinterprets the scene, and doesn’t give Anthony a chance to explain.

Anthony spends the night worrying and wondering if he should try backing out of the contract before it’s too late. But even that scenario seems to end with him being shot by Watanabe, so he steels himself as he decides to go for it. “I only have one life, so who cares even if I use his money? The dice of destiny has already been cast.” Dun dun dun.

CEO Oh gets a call from the Watanabe Group, and is incensed once he hears that they’ve decided to go with World Productions instead. He knows Anthony stole the deal.

Anthony and Go-eun return to Korea without a moment to lose – they’re on the strictest of production deadlines as of now. Go-eun gets treated to the finest World Productions has to offer, which includes a desk (which belonged to assistant DONG-SUK two seconds ago), and Dong-suk’s former bedroom.

Props to Dong-suk for taking this all like a champ, and Go-eun is left to cringe at her filthy surroundings. I love that Anthony’s demeanor is just like it’d be if he were operating out of a real office.

Enter CEO Oh, whose pleasantries last for only a moment before he maliciously admits to leaking the dead biker news in order to ruin Anthony. And aww, because the devastated look on Anthony’s face tells us he’d never even entertained the thought before.

But CEO Oh is on a roll, and gets everything off his chest, like how he toiled away as Anthony’s subordinate for seven whole years, doing nothing but cleaning up after him. Only to have Anthony take the credit, of course.

“You, who has to resort to petty tricks to make one drama,” CEO Oh spits. “A loser like you who hit rock bottom can’t dare to confront me, the most powerful man in drama production history. The King of the Empire is me, Oh Jin-wan!”

He advises Anthony to lay low if he wants to keep even a semblance of respect, and leaves.

Go-eun tiptoes around a brooding Anthony as she cleans, and is caught by CEO Oh outside. He brings her to a swank apartment and offers it to her as part of the deal if she were to sign with Empire Productions instead.

She’s shrewd, at least, and knows that CEO Oh has made the deal so sweet because he wants revenge on Anthony. He surprises her by telling her that the investment deal with Watanabe wouldn’t have happened without her script, and that Anthony deceived her into thinking otherwise.

His offer? Immediate production of Kyungsung Morning, something he tells her Anthony can’t pull through on. Along with the key to the apartment, he gives her until tomorrow to decide. Eek. This is kind of one of those deals she’d be a fool to refuse.

Back at headquarters, Anthony wonders where Go-eun has gone.

Go-eun takes the night to think over the offer, and calls her mom for advice. Should she keep a promise with a person she can’t trust, or should she go with a guaranteed future instead? Mom’s answer: Break the promise, go with the guaranteed future.

She’s still torn, and stays up till morning. Anthony can’t get ahold of her still, but hopes that she’ll make it by their afternoon meeting. She doesn’t. Poor Anthony. He looks crushed.

But, when CEO Oh returns to the apartment, he finds only a note. As Go-eun runs back to World Productions, we hear her narrate that she wants her drama to be successful without having to step on anyone to get there.

“I can’t take this opportunity by breaking a promise,” the note goes on to say. Go Go-eun! And go, Integrity!

She finally makes it to Anthony, heaving from her running spree. Though his face remains stoic, it’s easy to see that he’s happy to see her. She lies about staying over at a friend’s place for the night, and he’s even relieved to hear that she’s choosing to stay in her shabby room. D’aww. You big softie.

Meanwhile, CEO Oh decides to go with plan B: Calling Writer Jung so they can make Elegant Revenge 2. Ahaha. The name still cracks me up.

World Productions has their first meeting with three new staff members, including Producer HAN KANG-WOOK, Finance Manager PARK SEOK-HYUN, and Maknae/Errand Boy GOO HEE-JAE.

Go-eun happily introduces herself as the writer, and everyone cheers. I love a good band of underdogs.

Anthony finishes off the meeting by explaining that despite their meager funds (about $670) and their less-than-ideal office space, their advance money from Watanabe will help them get to the top. In order to get the rest, they need to get Kyungsung Morning on the broadcast schedule before the year’s out.

This causes the whole company to balk, since it’s a pretty tall order. When asked what would happen if they didn’t air it this year, Anthony replies: “We die.” It’s funny because it’s true.

We cut from Empire Production’s meeting to World Production’s meeting and back again as they both try to find a time slot somewhere in the Big Three’s (KBS, SBS, MBC – referred to here as K, S, and M respectively) lineup. There’s a mention of a drama cancellation due to an actor’s recent injury, with the usual media spin of “he’ll return to the set” even though there’s no chance. We’ve seen this happen in dramas before. (Me Too, Flower comes to mind. However, they did eventually pony up to the truth without canceling the drama.)

There’s only one space left in November, and both CEO Oh and Anthony hone in on it. Now it’s a race to find a leading actor.

During a meeting break, Anthony confronts Go-eun about why she came back, since he guessed that CEO Oh made her a generous offer. He wants to know why she passed it up.

“People like you wouldn’t understand,” Go-eun explains. “But some people have principles and promises. And there are some people who live to keep those things even if they don’t have much. I just kept them, that’s all.”

Anthony gives a sarcastic show of thanks, even though Go-eun says it was for her sake, not his.

Dong-suk starts number crunching with Maknae Goo, explaining their time slot dilemma is like trying to release a movie to only three theaters, referring to the Big Three Broadcasters. If they can’t get a time slot on one of those channels, they’re done.

Anthony the Mathlete cuts in that their probability for success is a meager 0.1%, knowing full well what kind of odds they’re facing.

On to casting. Empire and World are looking at exactly the same pool of leading men, excluding those who don’t have the chops for a miniseries. Anthony asks Go-eun who she considered while writing, and she shyly hands over her top pick.

But Anthony throws the picture away – the actor’s a junkie. Despite hearing that he kicked the habit, Anthony claims that the most unreliable words in the world are those of an addict and a gambler saying they’ve quit their vices. Next.

Empire isn’t keen on the next candidate, because he’s been receiving therapy for depression. Over at World, Anthony gets defensive on the subject: “Is depression a sin?” Says the man with depression. Aww.

Either way, he’s out, and it’s left to two. Anthony ousts one without giving a reason, and the same is done over at Empire, leaving only one actor for both companies to fight over.

Anthony doesn’t give the reason, but we hear it from the Empire Team: Anthony stole that actor’s girl once. And though CEO Oh has no animosity toward that actor, he chose him just because Anthony would.

Their actor of choice is having a fan meeting that afternoon, and Anthony prepares to go as Go-eun happily stares at his picture in her office. She’s hoping to be able to write the script with him in mind, since he “looks intelligent, with an air of melancholy about him.”

Anthony scoffs that she’ll know just how intelligent and melancholy he is once she meets him. That… doesn’t sound like a good thing.

We meet top star KANG HYUN-MIN (Choi Siwon) serenading his legion of fans. Anthony catches him backstage, and his mention of their initial investment from Watanabe manages to get Hyun-min’s attention.

He still has to play hard to get, and the two walk and talk as more numbers are discussed. Despite the probability that Hyun-min could become a Hallyu star if their drama were to get aired in Japan, Anthony’s offer of about $2 million for the whole drama isn’t one he can easily pass up, especially since Hyun-min’s been strapped for cash ever since opening an online shopping mall.

Anthony leaves the details and a meeting place with Hyun-min, giving him only a little time to think it over. He has no doubt Hyun-min will show up, as he explains to Dong-suk: “There is one thing people know about Kang Hyun-min and one thing they don’t. They all know he’s a star. What they don’t know is that he is the biggest idiot in the world who only cares about money.”

Which we hilariously see once Hyun-min is in his starmobile. (“Go to Hollywood, let’s go party time!”) CEO Oh calls him with an offer to star in Elegant Revenge 2, and Hyun-min tries to play the Importance game while secretly squee-ing at the compliments CEO Oh pays to his acting. Omg. I love him already.

But, the broadcast dates for Elegant Revenge 2 and Kyungsung Morning conflict. CEO Oh knows Anthony got a hold of him and lies that World’s Japanese contract has been having some problems, before offering to send their own contract.

Barraged by offers, Hyun-min orders his manager to turn their car around. Manager: “What about the charity event for senior citizens?” Hyun-min: “Listen, billions of won are on the line. I could care less about those senior citizens!” Hahaha.

Hyun-min depends on his Manager to decide on a script, and he’s leaning toward Kyungsung Morning. They can’t be sure if Anthony was lying about his Japanese investor though, and poor Hyun-min gets a headache from thinking too hard. Poor baby. I’m sure there’s a line of people willing to massage your temples for you.

While waiting at the restaurant, Anthony gets a call from Hyun-min’s manager that he can’t make it. He knows it’s CEO Oh’s doing, and gets a call right on cue from his rival, who claims that he’s only going after the dumb-as-rocks Hyun-min to destroy Anthony.

“As long as I’m Empire’s CEO, you definitely won’t be able to make a comeback,” CEO Oh challenges.

News is released of Hyun-min being confirmed for Elegant Revenge 2, sending Anthony and Go-eun to negotiate with him directly. Unfortunately, the host of the party he’s attending is none other than Kim Jin-woo, the actor whose girlfriend Anthony stole.

He warns Hyun-min against signing with Anthony, right before Anthony comes waltzing in, introducing Go-eun like they’re already all set to work together.

Hyun-min says it’s too late since he’s already signed onto Elegant Revenge 2, and Anthony resorts to his secret card. He’d recorded his conversation with CEO Oh earlier, in which CEO Oh had torn Hyun-min down for having zero talent and zero brains.

These aren’t easy words for Hyun-min to take, and he orders everyone out of the room so he can ask Anthony what the deal is between him and CEO Oh. Anthony explains that it’s war between them, and now that Hyun-min has agreed to do Kyungsung Morning, he’s on his side now.

News breaks that a drama originally slated for November will have to be cancelled due to the lead actor’s injury, which leaves the guys at S Broadcasting to decide on a replacement drama. They’ve got Elegant Revenge 2, but only in name, since they don’t even have a synopsis or script.

However, they do like Kyungsung Morning, and the fact that it has a script doesn’t hurt. The only hiccup is whether they can place the precious time slot in Anthony’s hands.

Anthony talks to the press and gets them to spin all sorts of stories, mostly relating to how Hyun-min never even met with anyone from Empire. Oh, and how Elegant Revenge 2 doesn’t have a script.

CEO Oh sees the news and decides to go straight to Hyun-min’s agency representative. The agent tries to win Hyun-min over by saying he’ll get CEO Oh to apologize, and along with some press manipulation, news soon breaks of Hyun-min being reconfirmed for Elegant Revenge 2. Hah. Now it’s just funny.

The Drama Director at S Broadcasting is justifiably confused, and calls both Anthony and CEO Oh in to give them a stipulation: Whoever brings Hyun-min in by tomorrow morning gets the coveted November time slot.

Anthony and CEO Oh are on the hunt the second they’re out, but Hyun-min’s gone off the grid and can’t be reached. Now it’s a matter of who can track him down first.

Anthony has his team search far and wide, but they come up empty. He goes to an old police contact once he figures out that Hyun-min’s phone is still on, and therefore traceable. The officer reminds him that tracing the cell is illegal. Anthony: “I know it’s illegal. That’s why I’m asking you.” Ha.

Meanwhile, Go-eun gets in contact with an old professor to do some research for her script.

It’s the morning of the meeting, and Anthony and CEO Oh find out Hyun-min’s location at the same time through different methods. (Hyun-min’s manager knew where he was, but was threatened to keep quiet.)

Meanwhile, Hyun-min gets a shirtless scene. C’mon, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t waiting for it.

They’re all trying to get to Hyun-min the fastest, only to find out that Go-eun is closest since she’s meeting with her professor in that area. Anthony calls and interrupts: “Our fate is in your hands!”

Go-eun starts running, but she’s got a ways to go. She sees an opportunity in an oncoming car and jumps in front of it, cringing until it screeches to a halt just inches away.

She immediately jumps into the passenger seat, offering the man money if he’ll take her to Hyun-min’s place.

She calls Anthony once she’s on the top star’s lawn, but she swiftly recoils from the window when she spies Hyun-min in a towel sending a female companion on her way.

Then she’s sent ducking for cover by the sound of gunshots, but it turns out to be Hyun-min’s video game. She finally makes it to the door and starts knocking. As far as him being in a towel, she says she’s seen it all already and can spread the news about seeing him with the actress, too.

She disappears, and Hyun-min gets back to his gaming, failing to notice a suspiciously open window.

As he’s playing, he sees his reflection in the TV screen… and Go-eun’s, as she throws her jacket over his head and tackles him to the ground. HA.

The cabin seems to serve as a hunting lodge, since Hyun-min rips the jacket off to find himself at the end of a towel-wrapped gun. Go-eun admits she’s gone crazy as she threatens Hyun-min out, but lets him get dressed first. (Now THAT’S crazy.)

Next we know, she’s back in the ajusshi’s car holding Hyun-min at gunpoint. He takes an opportunity to wrestle the weapon away from her while she’s on the phone with Anthony, causing the driver to start freaking out and swerving.

Luckily(?), it turns out to be an umbrella Go-eun wrapped in a towel. The commotion causes the driver to crash, while Anthony is left on the other line wondering what happened.

And Empire Productions ends up in Hyun-min’s empty cabin.

Hyun-min stumbles angrily from the wreckage only to have Go-eun stubbornly latch onto him. She refuses to let go, explaining that she took seven years of her life to write her drama for herself: “But from now on, I’ll write for you. Only for you, Kang Hyun-min. I will try my best to show how serious and how marvelous of an actor you are.”

It’s her last desperate attempt, and it doesn’t take. Hyun-min shakes her off with a scolding – all writers write for him. That’s why she’s a rookie.

CEO Oh calls S Broadcasting and claims that he’ll be bringing Hyun-min in. Go-eun rides silently in Anthony’s car, having been unsuccessful in persuading Hyun-min, while S Broadcasting decides to give the slot to Elegant Revenge 2

Which is when Anthony barges in, followed by none other than Hyun-min. Go-eun and Anthony smile – hers happy, his self-satisfied with a side of happy.


A much better cliffhanger this episode, since I was sure that all hope was lost with Hyun-min. How they’ll explain his compliance is something I’m already looking forward to, but seeing as how Go-eun’s sob story didn’t work, my guess would be that they had to resort to more money or blackmail. Whatever it is, it’s sure to be funny.

This was a nice episode for Go-eun overall, since she got to prove that she has integrity and a value system while also throwing that all away in order to threaten Hyun-min with a glorified towel. That whole sequence was a treat to watch, if only to see her be badass, and to see Hyun-min be scared to death. Then he decided to play hero, but something tells me he didn’t really think that one through.

The Hyun-min acquisition craziness also served a dual purpose, in showing that both Go-eun and Anthony have a lot on the line they’re willing to fight for – she’s got her life’s work, and he’s got… well, his life. High stakes were already established when we were just dealing with the internal world of drama-making, and now we get that added layer of actual life and death stakes just to heighten the tension. Who can say no to that? Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a drama and thought, “Lower the stakes! They’re way too high!”

And the more I see of Anthony, the more I like him. His character is so big, but it’s in the little moments where he really shines. Most of the time he doesn’t even need lines, like when he found out about CEO Oh’s betrayal. You could just see the hurt in his face, without him needing to give the camera Puss in Boots eyes. Same goes for his veiled relief in seeing Go-eun return.

In fact, I can pretty much say I like every character in this drama. Hyun-min gave the most laugh out loud moments in the episode, and the World Productions family dynamic is already shaping up. I’m excited to see production on their drama start, as well as some more teamwork between Anthony and Go-eun. Throw Hyun-min in, and I’m already itching for the next episode.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you!!! I had been waiting for the recap, off to read now…

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      I have a question: I was confused about the scene at HM’s place, b/c I thought GE was holding a real gun. So was she just holding an umbrella under that towel then, or did she have a gun and then switched it before getting in the car (although as I am typing this, I think to myself, that sounds improbable, without HM noticing it).
      I was further confused b/c when HM grabs the “umbrella under the towel” thing in the car, we hear gunshots, which initially made me think that she was holding a real gun that fired, but then HM was not wounded, so were the gunshots we heard simply for dramatic effect? (b/c I am pretty sure I heard gunshots). Thanks to anyone who answers.

      2nd question: I didn’t understand how Anthony was fired: He is (or was) the CEO of Empire productions and the Chairman is the chairman of Empire Productions? I am asking that b/c on AsianWiki, Park Keun-Hyeong (the actor) is described as President of Jaegoog Production (which got me confused). So, did they get the name of the company wrong? So then, Anthony left and created World Productions, right? (which doesn’t have a chairman, well, they don’t need one, I know).

      So, if I am understanding the process, a writer works for a (drama) production company (not for a TV station, unless it is maybe a variety show?), and the production company is the one that shows the script to TV stations, with the hope of finding a time slot and an air date, right? But the directors of the dramas (and variety shows?) work for the TV station, not for the production company? (That’s what it seemed like)…

      I am in love with this drama and I have been raving about it to some of my friends. I love the OST (I am already humming some of the instrumental pieces of the drama and some of the songs as well). I love the acting, the pacing and how well the music is edited in the drama. Like HeadsNo2, I actually like everyone in this drama as well, as I see their relevance to the plot and as I find that their characters are well acted.

      I like that this drama is not cheap or rather cheap looking. The places/offices that are supposed to be posh do look posh and the attention to details (Anthony’s clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc… and CEO Oh’s) is consistent. I have never seen an executive of Anthony’s age like tight pants like he does, LOL. I am also enjoying watching all the veteran actors in this drama and the subtleties are so well done. As HeadsNo2 mentioned, sometimes you don’t even need lines, just watching them and their body language is delicious enough (I have been comparing this drama to a dessert to my friends and telling them that I am enjoying every bite of it thus far).

      I had never seen KMM in anything and so I am appreciating his portrayal of Anthony so far. I also love how JRW’s acting matches his and the nuances she brings to her character. I love their chemistry, and I think it was JB who said it in a recap, I don’t need the leads to have a romantic line either, they are doing fine with the way they are being written. I am currently watching epi. 6 and I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING the surprises they throw at us (and how they solve them), none of which I have seen coming so far.

      It must be obvious with my comments that I am all in with this drama. I hope they can keep it up (writing wise and everything else) till the very end, and that the ratings will pick up and the drama will be appreciated for the gem it seems to be. The King of Dramas, fighting!!!!

      • 1.2.1 javabeans

        Jaekuk = Empire. Anthony was the chair of Empire, got ousted for the scandal when his drama-making ambitions got a poor innocent deliveryman killed, and has been replaced by his hoobae Oh Jin-wan. Anthony set up World, where he is CEO.

        In the old days, the broadcasters produced drams in-house. They contracted directors, PDs, writers, and developed dramas from within. In the last decade there has been a huge shift where outside production companies do the development, then license their dramas to broadcasters. Now there are hundreds of little prodcos battling to get their projects on the air, often clinging to life or death by the success of one project; hence the premise of this drama.

      • 1.2.2 ranisa

        First, it’s just so cool when the owners of this site answers your questions. It’s like being privileged or something, heehee.

        To answer your first question, since JV already did the second, the gunshots you heard did not take place in the car. It’s an overlapping scene. Fast forward to the next scene where you see the Empire Team inside Hyun Min’s rest house. Hyun Min’s manager stepped on the game console’s controller. Remember? hyun Min was playing that what, Counter Strike game or something where you use the joystick to point and shoot things? It can be confusing when that happens, but it’s cool, eh?

      • 1.2.3 Dorotka

        Yeah, I loved seeing all the oldies as well… especially the chef from Kim Sam Soon… :–)

        • nova611

          now that you’ve mention it
          i remember i dislike LGE cos she’s Sam Soons’ rival

        • Ivoire

          Hello Dorotka, the chef from MNIKSS is one of my favorites. He plays his role so well here, he doesn’t miss a beat, down to the details of his character. I LOVE watching him.

      • 1.2.4 V

        I love this drama too Ivoire. It makes me so happy. I am especially happy the Dramabeans decided to recap it and that Javabeans took it on. (Okay, I’m in a Thanksgiving mood).

        I saw KMM in Beethovens Virus and have liked him ever since. I love this Anthony character even more. Anthony is a really interesting character. He seams like a good person, but he knows the world he lives in and plays accordingly. That makes him look like a sonofabitch, but I don’t think he really is.

        I am excited to see if JRWs character can make him change.

        • Ivoire

          Hello V,

          I agree with almost all that you said. I am glad that you love this drama, and like you, I am really happy that DB decided to recap this drama and share their thoughts with us.
          I have personally liked Anthony from the beginning, I understand him (for the most part). I think what helps for me is the fact that KMM manages to make him a compelling character to watch. He plays Anthony really well and gives him nuances that make me care about him and make me curious about what he would do next to get in trouble and what he would do to get out of the troubles he created. There are cracks in Anthony’s personality, and they show. There are slight rays of humanity in Anthony and we can see them. I think (and I am hoping) that we will see more of that as the drama progresses.

          LGE is the same. She is a strong character who learns from her mistakes and stands up to Anthony, and I love that about her. She hasn’t been weak so far. Naive maybe and uneducated about how business is done in Dramaland, but she is not a weakling (sp?). She will learn a lot in the process and grow as well, and I am personally looking forward to that.

          I also love the 2dary and tertiary characters. Anthony’s driver is a sweetheart, I like how he cares about his boss and about LGE. I almost want him to have a crush on LGE, because he acts so cute… I like the other guys in the World Productions company as well. We will see what is in store for them.

          I do think (however) that Anthony is a jerk, for now, for the most part. I think he knows right from wrong, but he is just too driven to be successful to act with a conscience. The bottom line (making money and bringing great ratings) is the only thing that still matters to him. I expect him to change his philosophy (some) over the course of the drama and to be (at least a little bit) different by the end of the drama.

          • V

            I love the secondary characters too. I love how the Word team is banding together behind their writer. It is too cute.

        • V

          And HeadsNo2! Can’t forget about you. I love your recap job πŸ™‚

  2. javabeans

    Six episodes in, this show is making me really happy. I don’t want to jinx it, but if it stays this way… ack, un-jinx, un-jinx!

    • 2.1 Koirv

      Ahhhhhhh! It’s making me REALLY happy!
      The preview for Episode 7 is just ahhhh.. I.. CANT.. EVEN!!!

      • 2.1.1 reeen

        at first I was totally turned off by the preview, but the irony is actually quite delicious πŸ˜€

        • Mystisith

          Trailer for ep 7: The worst overused clichΓ© in dramaland for a genius twist mixed with a bombastick cameo. I just can’t wait.

          • Laurita

            cliche, but I loved the preview of ep 7. So good.

            At first I was too skeptical for this drama and only small moments led me to watch further, but now. I just like it more and more πŸ™‚

          • mtoh

            LOL, love all about KOD, but the fact it shows little secrets of trade, makes my heart skip a beat! Ep 7 is looking like I want it nooooow!

          • Moko

            why do you like it?
            I’m still in shock! it’s A… that’s just hilarious. I’m worrying if my bowels will fall out from laughing too hard.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I actually smiled when i saw the Preview for episode 7. I who totally disdain that particular trope. I love it that they’re playing with it. Feels like a sly wink to the audience.

        • Dana

          Every episode uses at least a clichΓ© but in such an genius style and with so much irony that the clichΓ© disappears.
          For me this drama is one good drama (they made TWDR and 49days too, from all the posters in AK office).

    • 2.2 Amberscube

      I have yet to see ep 6 but im loving this show…. so much.
      I love Lee Go Eun….

    • 2.3 rearwindow

      Seriously. This is definitely my new favorite show. Such a fun, satisfying watch. But there’s just enough substance to keep me coming back for more.

      • 2.3.1 rearwindow

        And by “new favorite” I meant “favorite new.”

        TK2H is still my favorite–old, new, whatever πŸ™‚

        • twentyonebuds

          funny you say that because I was just thinking while watching the latest episode that this drama sort of reminds me of TK2H… It’s got the same life/death stakes drama and wry humour sometimes.. love it!

          • Ivoire

            Hello twentyonebuds,

            Have you paid attention to the OST? I have noticed that the instrumental pieces (some of them) sound like some of the instrumental pieces in TK2Hs. There is something about the beat and just the whole pieces in general, that remind me of the instrumental pieces in the King. Some of their compositions (of the instrumental pieces of both shows) sound similar. I think I repeated myself, but that is because I was trying to explain what I heard.

          • rearwindow

            How interesting! I hadn’t made that connection at all given the vastly different subject matters, but I do see what you mean. This definitely feels breezier than TK2H, but both shows are dark comedies that focus on the redemption arc of a rather unlikable male lead.

          • ilikemangos


            Everytime i listed to their osts (which is pretty awesome for a rom-com. seriously, epic score.) i kept getting flashbacks to K2H! especially the song they usually play towards the end for some big reveal or something, with anthony racing against the clock.
            Ivoire, I’m glad i wasn’t the only one.
            Rearwindow! Nice to see you back! You’re following this show, im assuming?

        • Moko

          it rather reminds me of History of a Salaryman. Not just because of Jung Ryu Won.

    • 2.4 Do-ra-ma

      I was almost assured that Arang would be my favourite show of the year, but King of Dramas came along and is looking to foil that plan (and I kinda hope it does!).

      • 2.4.1 xander

        It’s the end of the year and apparently they saved the best for last! Why o why!! πŸ™‚

      • 2.4.2 Arhazivory

        Definitely a great way to end the year. I like Arang bt this – I’m in love with. ‘King’ dramas have made my year. Hehe.

    • 2.5 pipit

      I know what you mean. Though I haven’t watched the rest of the episodes which haven’t been subbed yet I’m totally loving every episode I watched. Totally love them! For me this drama is definitely the best drama of 2012. Love everything about it. The characters, the story, the music, the phase, the dramatic, everything!

      Please King of Drama you have to earn your name till the end!

    • 2.6 Dorotka

      I saw the first episode when I was in Korea – thus on TV in my hotel room with no English subtitles. And still loved it to pieces. Fingers crossed they keep it good till the very end!

    • 2.7 girlatsea

      Agreed! Episode 6 had so many laugh-out-loud moments (especially for Siwon). Maybe it’s due to the lack of rom-coms lately but I’m really loving it! Keeps getting better!

    • 2.8 Gom

      Haha. Same here. I don’t want to give in to my eager, easily excitable self as of now because I’m afraid it’ll disappoint me along the way. But I’m crossing my fingers, this drama is going to continue doing well.

  3. Noelle

    Is it me or is it difficult to say CEO Oh. It bugs for some reason.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 3.1 Koirv

      That’s why I’ve always preferred CEO Kim. It’s easier…
      And, ahem, hotter for that matter. πŸ™‚

      • 3.1.1 Reena

        I don’t know about you but CEO Oh does a good job at being the villain. I feel so sadistic seeing Anthony win over him. lol

        “Poor baby. I’m sure there’s a line of people willing to massage your temples for you.”

        …and I’m one of them! Lol I’m totally impressed by Siwon’s acting. lol… He is verrrry hilarious here! ^^

        All in all this drama is the shiz! Makes me feel sane after watching all those melos (Nice Guy and I Miss You)

    • 3.2 V

      Me too, maybe it can be CEO^2 or something like that.

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    As for Anthony… he knows the difference between right and wrong, he just decides he’s the one who needs to be the “bad guy”for things to be done… wonder if he’ll get tired of that soon in the show?

    • 6.1 Do-ra-ma

      I’m looking forward to character development for Anthony, cause I do think it’s gonna come. We’re already getting glimpses of the humanity in him and it’s great; he is such a central and charismatic presence that it would be a huge disservice for him to remain the same at the end of the show’s run.

  7. Cynthia

    I’m loving this show more and more.
    A priceless and funny moment was watching Siwon’s face while his character was being described as a money grubbing no talent who’s only real talent was appearing shirtless. I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for him or applaud him for his bravery in taking this role on.

    • 7.1 NikaNika

      ^IA. I’ve gained an appreciation for Si Won (an actor whom I know next to nothing about) just for taking on this role.

    • 7.2 nova611

      he is totally making fun of himselves
      and im enjoying it

    • 7.3 rearwindow

      Totally. He’s not the greatest actor, but he is 100% committed to being spectacularly weird and unselfconscious and I love him for it.

    • 7.4 Moko

      then why did they cast him as Tsuruga Ren???
      I’m sorry, I’m still pissed about this show! (Anyone who understands, please give me a ditto!

      • 7.4.1 Laurita

        As for the case with Tsuruga Ren, I agree, It was a bad decision. In my opinion, he didn’t grasp the complexity of TR character… πŸ™ (Well, at least I imagined Ren totally different…)
        But here, it’s not the same. This character is like a caricature of the celebrity… and I think he did a great job in ep 6 (When I saw him greeting his fans there, I thought – wait, does he greet his true fans in the same manner..?).
        And he did have the parody-celebrity character in Oh my lady, so I guess it is easier for him now.

  8. Tien

    That’s Uri Siwonnie. I’m sorry for thinking that you, again, take the same old role (aka Prince Charming). Forgive me for thinking that you don’t want to explore your talent while relying on your face.
    Now, I’ll put my heart in peace. Hope it will be as funny as Rooftop Prince, or even crazier..

  9. Sukispop

    I’ve been watching and enjoying new and recent dramas(Arang, Faith, Can We Get Married?, The Great Seer), and enjoying a couple of them quite a bit. But, of these, none of them were leaving me excited for the next episode…until King of Dramas. This drama is such a kick! And a lot of fun. The last drama that had me excited for the next episode like this was History of a Salaryman.

    Somehow, there’s something similar about the spirit of these two different dramas that just really hooks me. I know the one common denominator of these two dramas is actress Jung Ryeo-won, and I’ve loved her in both…but I don’t know if she’s the sole reason why I’m loving these two dramas so much.

    Anyway, I hope that this show keeps it up, and that I’ll be able to continue being excited for each new upcoming episode…right to the end.

    Thanks, HeadsNo2, for the great job in recapping this fun show!

    • 9.1 pipit

      I don’t like Jung Ryeo Won, don’t asked me why because I can’t explain it myself. It might be the left over of My Name is Kim Sam Sun and other dramas she was in. But I totally love her character here. I have a feeling that this drama will change how I feel for her for good just like Park Shi Yeon, hate her before Coffee House, but love her after that.

      I guess this is just part of a wonder how a great story could influence how we feel about the actors/actresses in that story.

      KMM is becoming hotter and hotter by second! I know he’s not good looking but why does he look so hot?!

      • 9.1.1 nova611

        pipit; thank god i’m not the only one dislikes her since sam soon.

        but in this drama, i can feel that my opinion of her is starting to change a little

      • 9.1.2 girlatsea

        I didn’t like her in MNIKSS either. I didn’t really warm up to her until I watched her in What Planet Are You From?/What Star Did You Come From? (with Kim Rae-won). I found her really endearing. She’s a great actress~ Heard she’s awesome in Salaryman.

        Hahahah if only they would stop putting those atrocious dead animal things on his shoulder (or is that a coat?) It’s like they’re trying to downplay the hot.

    • 9.2 rearwindow

      Isn’t the same writer/director team behind this as with History of a Salaryman? Sorry if I’m mistaken. I’m getting definite Salaryman vibes, too, especially with the behind the scenes drama drama and the whole corporate intrigue as a metaphor for war.

      • 9.2.1 Orion

        You’re getting Salaryman vibes because the show has a theme less (over)used than evil in-laws and chaebol, it’s about corruption (Salaryman was about companies, this is about dramas) and you have a great cast led by an awesome actor.

        It doesn’t reach Salaryman epicness, for me, but it’s definitely better than most of the hogwash that gets time slots.

        • rearwindow

          You’re right, it’s totally not from the Salaryman creative team. I guess the similarity in tone made me think Salaryman so strongly that I misremembered.

          I agree that it’s not as epic as Salaryman was–and I don’t think it’s trying to be. I’m actually very excited that we have such a complicated/morally ambiguous male lead character to drive us through the story, because I find the personal stakes of his redemption journey even more gripping than I found the sweeping ideological stakes of Salaryman.

          • Orion

            Salaryman was about a few decent people finding their way and getting what they’ve earned. It was about those with clean morals winning over those corrupted. There, we had a good guy who knew his cause, but did not originally believe in his abilities enough. The journey was about making him face all the problems he was very capable of solving.

            As you say, this is about a flawed person who relies on his skills too much because he does not want to face his own weakness and lack of a decent cause. A guy who will become better and more professional through this struggle. And of course, through Go Eun.

            Although Salaryman had that in a sense too. Only in reverse. It just was one good guy with a purpose bringing the kindness out of those around him, while here we have some nice people with a purpose around, bringing the goodness out of the one guy and getting tougher because of him themselves.

            I find that rather interesting. That the weakest person and biggest coward will help toughen up those who will eventually help him become truly brave and decent.

          • rearwindow

            Well put! Both stories are set in a sort of modern corporate dynasty, with larger-than-life stakes built into the premise. In Salaryman, those stakes were moral ones (the good guys vs. the bad guys, fighting for the workers’ rights, etc.). In this, Anthony’s stakes are somewhat more selfish–it’s literally a life-or-death situation, in addition to being his last opportunity to drag himself up by the bootstraps. Salaryman was about a good man discovering the confidence and the will to lead. This is about a natural leader learning to grow a conscience–or at least, invest enough in his own life and the lives and happiness of those around him to care more about integrity than about winning. Because I guess he does have a conscience, he just actively ignores it.

            I am so interested to see what the drama has in store for Anthony, because right now (especially after episode 4) he is no better than his antagonist. I love a good redemption arc, I just have no idea how he will be redeemed. He doesn’t seem invested enough in Go Eun yet for that to be a plausible catalyst for his change, and he’s already experienced a massive fall from grace. I can predict where his general trajectory is headed, but for once I really have no idea how he’ll get there emotionally.

    • 9.3 birdscout


      Haven’t seen a comment from you in a very long time (since Coffee House?), but it’s nice to read it here πŸ™‚

      King of Dramas is kdrama-addiction-worthy. I’m hooked!

  10. 10 Village Mrembo

    Not sure what category this drama is in (romcom or just plain drama) but recently am enjoying Choi Siwon’s parts more, and am not even his fan! The backstabbing and stuff is getting a bit much and creating a dark mood so yeahs thank God for our top star and his antics!

    *****My Love Madame Butterfly is reaaallly good-had to say it!*****

    • 10.1 Cupcake

      I love this drama too. Not forget to mention that “Five Fingers” and “I miss you” is just as good. Love it.

      • 10.1.1 Village Mrembo

        Ok i’ll be honest i wish they had a different conflict than u killed my bro so am gonna destroy u, cuz it just makes the character look pathetic chasing after an ex and executing her revenge but whatever, the drama overall is just ridiculously awesome. Plus me got a new ahjussi crush, that lead guy is way too yummy!!

        • Cupcake

          He is HOT. RAWWWR!!!

    • 10.2 tofu

      The only two shows i’m happily watching each week is this and my love Madame Butterfly.

    • 10.3 Do-ra-ma

      I’d categorize King of Dramas as a dark comedic satire myself.

    • 10.4 reeen

      true, I think this drama would have enough interesting conflict without relying on a big baddie… it’s far more interesting to see how the World Production team deal with their differences of opinion…

    • 10.5 Moko

      what about Jeon Woo-chi?

  11. 11 anastassia

    Kim Myung Min is just epic

    • 11.1 pipit

      He really is! LOVE HIM!

    • 11.2 Minnetter (aka: Min)

      Actually… I can agree with you now… because before the only other project I liked him in was Bad Family… I really didn’t like him in Beethoven Virus- his character annoyed me a lot, and I couldn’t tell if it was because the character was annoying or if there was something that the actor was doing that I didn’t like…

  12. 12 Cupcake

    Is it my imagination that Choi Si Won had a face lift? All of the images, his face looks tight and pull upward. I am imagining things…:-)

    • 12.1 sugarpunch

      Yes i was thinking that too! Either he doesn’t have enough sleep/ ate supper, or he did botox. i don’t think it’s a face lift cos i noticed wrinkles on his neck… i think facelifts tighten the skin at the neck too right? i don’t know…

      if he really did, it’s a pity… i would have liked to see him age gracefully. he could have been korea’s brad pitt or george clooney. *swoons*

      btw, he’s super funny in here. There must be something wrong with me cos i find his funny face more attractive than his body muscles.

    • 12.2 Mystisith

      Maybe I’m naive but I don’t think actors would go for a lifting at 25. More like loss of weight and natural aging.

      • 12.2.1 Orion

        It’s Korea, love. Yes they would, but I don’t think he has. Most avoid it after they’ve become famous, because people will see it and judge (yes, it’s ridiculous that those who demand perfection then judge celebs for getting work done).

        I don’t personally see any work on Choi. At least between Oh! My Lady and this. It’s still sad that young and/or perfectly attractive people feel the need to cut themselves like that, but that’s another big problem of Korean society.

        • sugarpunch

          oohh, then that’s good news! haha he most probably ate supper then.

    • 12.3 Annie

      Something about his face looks uncomfortably tight. Probably not getting enough sleep.

      • 12.3.1 Dana

        Or, maybe the make-up. They all have kinde of strange make-up = doll like style.

  13. 13 nova611

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    im in shock mode..and drowning
    love him…huuu
    i mean love his voice

    • 13.1 nova611

      and to see Han Dong MIn of Queen IN Hyun’s Man
      as SiWon friend is nice..

      tho his gf got stolen here also…lol~~

      • 13.1.1 Moko

        that’s funny and true

      • 13.1.2 Arhazivory

        lol. I was happy to see him too.

  14. 14 minhoswife

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    Can’t wait to watch ep5&6 tonight!

    Yey for the recaps! πŸ™‚

  15. 15 JingleJing

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    Anyone know how the rating is for the show? I cannot believe people are not switching channel by now.

    And yes- love Siwon’s self mocking, ESP the English parts. JESUS!

  16. 16 Ace

    Haha, so glad Siwon’s got a drama that I could like after Oh My Lady. I have to say that most of the time I really hate Anthony. Sometimes I’m wishing that CEO Oh could beat him because he’s such an a**, but for Go-eun’s sake I wish they’d win.

    Anyway, even if I initially hated Siwon’s new haircut, now it’s kinda growing on me. I love these kind of roles form him because it brings out all kinds of facial expressions, hehe.

  17. 17 tistheseason

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  18. 18 Femme

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    But KING OF DRAMAS is literally the “King of Dramas” now IMO.

    Didn’t expect it to be like this. Omg this drama is just everything to me. Seriously.

  19. 19 WaWa

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  20. 20 Rita

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  21. 21 glo

    King of Dramas is currently my new crack, thank you Kdramagods for giving us a zippy fantastic dark comedy drama in the midst of weepy melodrama & fusion sageuk season.

    Kim Myung Min’s performance as Anthony Kim is brilliant. Many times I curse at AK, then sympathize with him then curse him back πŸ˜€ KoD is the 1st KMM drama that I watch and now I’m craving for more of him. I finished a very heartwarming movie Closer to Heaven, I’m currently watching Beethoven Virus and is planning to watch Detective K. I wonder why I never heard about him prior to this drama. But better late than never.

    Both JRW & Siwon are also doing great job and I love their characters development. JRW is totally growing on me ever since I saw her in History of Salaryman and Siwon totally cracks me up with his “English” and his diva attitude.

  22. 22 ranisa

    Watching this drama makes me wonder and ponder about how they really make dramas in real life. Like, they really cast actors by elimination? And how do they manage the broadcasting slot? if this is real true, then, really, dramaland is really a war.

    • 22.1 Orion

      Well, this is obviously heightened reality, like any work of fiction, but most of these issues do have a real world counterpart.

      I am pretty sure these things happen, maybe not in such intense and dramatic manner, but hey, where there’s smoke…

      We learn of car accidents and actors walking out because it’s not something they can hide. Imagine what goes on backstage that we never hear of.

      • 22.1.1 ranisa

        The thing about assistant writers concerns me the most. Coz really, how does one debut in a world full of more experienced writers? Who helps them reach their dreams of having a drama in their name? It’s simple enough for Go Eun coz Anthony needs her and her script at the moment. But what happens to real assistant writers?

        • Mystisith

          Very few writers are famous and powerful enough to do as they want in Dramaland. Reaching the top is hard. Staying on top is harder. And yes, the apprentices / assistants / second writers have a tough life. Is it a war? Not far from it.

        • Orion

          If it’s anything like my society, and I’m pretty sure, by now, that Koreans are Asia’s Greeks, then connections and what you’re willing to do play a big part. If you happen to know or impress someone who can get things done, bribe with money/favors or sleep your way to the top, you get your chance.

          I’m sure there are decent people there too and I’m sure many have managed to make a name for themselves without messing up their ethics, but I’m also pretty sure we’re talking about a mainly dirty industry.

          Hard work will only get someone far if the right people propel them along the way. If you’re very lucky, they will be nice people who are doing it for your talent or the potential they see for cashing in. But if they can get more out of it, they’ll certainly try.

          • ranisa

            Reality bites, and so does this drama. But its funny that the writers, as well as the directors and probably the staff, can voice their complains, grudges, and grief through this genius of a drama. Its like saying In Your Face to the whole drama industry, and all the while still being slave driven behind the cameras.

  23. 23 kstalls

    If these recaps keep being as funny as this one, I might just have to watch this! Also hoping this will be Siwon’s “break-through” as such in acting πŸ™‚

    • 23.1 pereleal1

      As funny and amazing as the recaps are, I promise the show is even better when you’re watching it πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed it keeps this up….

  24. 24 Riri

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  25. 25 ck1Oz

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    Anthony as usual continues to shine.

  26. 26 sugarpunch

    Thanks for the recaps, i’ve already kept up with the latest episodes but i enjoy seeing the drama being broken down.

    I have extremely mixed feelings for Anthony Kim. I hate people with little or no ethics when doing business but yet I find myself rooting for him whenever he hits a hiccup. and i hate myself for rooting for him>< I hated it when he screwed Go-eun over in episode 1, but yet I'm rooting for her never to leave him.

    I actually didn't really have much confidence in Choi Si won, despite him being my favourite Super Junior member. But he nailed it! He always cracks me up when he gives us crazy face (eyes wide open and unblinking).

    On the other hand, i support go-eun for her balls, her shrewdness and her straight personality. At the moment, I can't predict what will happen next in terms of character development because this show is an enigma. Any ideas?

    • 26.1 Pinkeu

      A natural enigma, indeed. Never saw things coming that way. Dang, I’ve watched many dramas since 2000 but I can’t believe myself for not predicting things right!!!

      (Hihihi I actually thought Go-eun will fall for Anthony first. I’m too wrong am I not hihi) πŸ™‚


      • 26.1.1 sugarpunch

        haha i didn’t watch dramas as long as you did (i started in 2002). and yes! i got too many surprises in this show i don’t think i will get surprised any more. hahahah

  27. 27 reeen

    I love, love, love this drama’s gang of underdogs! Maybe they are not you classic underdogs, but none of them is respected. I can’t wait to see them push each other towards success and become a real team.

    • 27.1 asianromance

      That’s why I love this drama! Even though Anthony is an arrogant prick who doesn’t seem or act underdog-y, he really is an underdog. So you’ve got the the underdog CEO, the underdog writer, and now an underdog actor.

      And with the way the drama is so aware of eyerolling kdrama cliches and after episodes 5 and 6, I’m pretty optimistic that this drama won’t devolve into some sort of lame, typical melodrama.

      I’m usually indifferent to Choi Si Won and the characters he plays, but I love his Hyun-min character! I’m used to Choi Si Won playing the straight-man and am impressed at how well he plays the self-absorbed, diva.

  28. 28 fatemeh

    Thanks for the recap. Love Kim Myung Min ho this series. He cries. He gets tears in his eyes! Lovely!

  29. 29 Nokcha

    I’m totally digging this show. The war between the two producers is fantastic and when they’re going head to head for the same ring, it’s great how it’s depicted with the scenes switching from one to the other….awesome.

    It reminds me of a saeguk political drama, only the forum is dramaland and the politicians are the producers.

    And Siwon is killing me! The character development for all the main characters is freaking incredible. His girlfriend…the voice!

    • 29.1 reeen

      I like that Oh Jin-Wan looks like a bulldog gone crazy whenever he vows to defeat Anthony Kim πŸ˜€

  30. 30 Aya


    • 30.1 pipit

      ALL THE WAY!

      • 30.1.1 xarden

        YEAH BABY!

  31. 31 John


    Thanks for the recap. Out of the current dramas I’m watching , this is the one that I anxiously await for the latest episode.

    Kim Jin-woo, the actor whose girlfriend Anthony stole.

    That was funny, poor guy can’t catch a break, he lost his girl to another guy in QIHM too.

  32. 32 yeobong

    Siwon should do comedy genre more often. He’s good in them. Not sure if this been mention before but I thought he was imitating Cha Seung Won/Dokgo Jin in some of his actions.
    I dont mean that in a bad way I think it’s funny. I’ve seen Siwon imitated CSW in real life and it was hilarious.

    • 32.1 Gom

      Totally reminded me of Dokko Jin! πŸ™‚

      • 32.1.1 yeobong

        haha…Ok. Then I’m not crazy.

    • 32.2 Carole McDonnell

      There’s nothing dramatically better than a really handsome guy who is able to make fun of his handsomeness.

  33. 33 Carole McDonnell

    Oh my gosh! I so love this drama. It’s got all this suspense and sheming worthy of a sajeuk. It takes Chaebol battles into the whole usurpation of a kingdom trope. It is sooooo good.

    I cannot hate Anthony, although I totally understand why everyone else hates him. I don’t know what it is that makes me like him but to make a character so self-serving and over-the-top obsessive about power and yet to make him likable!! Great writing, great acting. And our heroine! Sweetness, naivete (in a vicious world) and such spunk. And it all feels true. I don’t feel forced to like her because she’s our heroine writer Lee. I really feel she’s a true heroine, and one I want to root for.

    And I’m kinda bouncing between having PD Joo be heroine’s love interest…or Choi Siwon’s vain actor. Although I do kinda like actor’s flaky girlfriend. She’s so sweetly mercenary and kind-hearted, they seem like a real OTP with their frothy brainlessness.

    Am so hoping PD Joo could hook up with heroine cause hopefully he is a good guy. If he remains a good guy, I’d like him to get the girl. On the one hand, if there’s no romance, I’d be cool but I wouldn’t mind a romance either. I’m even thinking heroine’s mom and Anthony could be a nice match. Yeah, i know…silly…but yeah.

    Thanks for the recap. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • 33.1 Dav

      “I don’t know what it is that makes me like him” . . .

      Kim Myung Min is crispy fried awesome, that’s why. With extra awesomesauce on top. He knows how to shine vulnerability through his characters when they’re basically assholes. I don’t think Anthony is a good guy, but it’s hard to hate someone who’s the underdog, vulnerable, and ridiculously flawed in some hilarious ways. OMG, the chaebol-esk desk setup in the tiny office cracked me up.

      • 33.1.1 Orion

        In movies, there’s this notion called “Save the cat”. It basically says that even if you have the meanest character around, having him do something good and human (like saving a cat) will make audiences sympathize with them.

        Anthony has many “cats”. He does certain things which a) show he does understand he is being a jerk and b) show genuine kindness that other, more obviously kind people would perhaps not do.

        Of course, it is friggin’ Kim Myung Min we’re talking about, and that’s 1/3 the work. It takes three to tango. Writing, directing, acting. All three are sticking like honey here. That gives us a very fleshed-out character.

        • Koirv

          Omg you know SAVE THE CAT too?! I’m a screenwriter and I’ve been following Blake Snyder’s pattern when it comes to beat sheets, genres and subgenres. πŸ™‚

          Nice to meet you!

          PS: As a screenwriter, I say the screenplay for KING OF DRAMAS is a true work of art. Masterpiece indeed. Rare to find even though I’m an avid watcher of Hollywood pictures and Korean drama series. πŸ™‚

          • Orion

            Very nice to meet you too. ^_^

            That book was wicked fun. We had to chose one for a Scriptwriting Workshop class I took and that was honestly the one which felt fun and actually educational. I’m sure others were too, but I don’t generally read books so I opted for something “my style”.

            I’m taking a Film Analysis course now too. I’m by no means educated or capable on these issues like you are, but I’ve been a movie buff since infancy, so I do have at least the ability to tell a well-constructed and passionately made work.

            What I like about ‘The King of Dramas’ is its common sense in many issues which don’t require inhuman suspension of disbelief as much as other dramas. Be it actually having the good sense to record important conversations or the fact that all characters, even the villain have clear motivations, this series just fills in some blanks which should always be full and which most dramas seem to be having major problems with.

            But it’s not just Korean dramas which are tough to make good. There are so many things involved in a good story coming to life besides the writing, as I say above. When all those things do their part, you have a good work. When they all come together in perfect harmony, you have a great work.

            Given how “cheap” Korean dramas usually are, in every aspect, it’s a pleasure to see such works which just click for the viewers. I just hope this clearly unstable environment dramas are filmed in will not cause the series to lose its way. As we clearly see, there are many obstacles, many enemies and it’s no surprise that a lot of dramas which start off well get their creative freedom and artistic balance tampered with by the end.

          • Carole McDonnell

            You just had me google “save the cat.” I’m a writer and in my last novel I basically made one of my villains human by making him fall in love. A meanie-protag in love often softens our heart toward him. Not that Anthony is mean or anything. Just the perpetual outsider who when he was finally inside had so much anger against the insiders that he couldn’t show anyone mercy. Which is understandable now that we know where he’s coming from.

        • Carole McDonnell

          True that! And true that!! And TRUE THAT!!!!! I’m on episode 6 now and after that backstory…am totally totally loving Anthony.

      • 33.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        LOL at the desk set-up. But check out the outfit. Does Anthony’s clothing shout “STYLISH IDOL POWER” or not? That wardrobe designer has got to get an award for dressing him.

        • RaulandLucia

          I totally concur Carole! Love Anthony’s style and his swagger. ; )

          When he rocks the fur collared coats…Rawr!!!

  34. 34 whitewire

    Lee Go-eun can choose between these men:
    1. Anthony Kim, the CEO of World Productions
    2. Kang Hyun-min, the top star of Hallyu
    3. Oh Jin-wan, the CEO of Empire Productions
    4. PD Joo, the director of “Morning of Kyungsung”

    • 34.1 whitewire

      I’m sorry, that should be “AMONG” these men. I was originally thinking about only Anthony and Hyunmin. And the other two potentially came to mind. πŸ™‚

    • 34.2 Orion

      Are we talking romance here? I think we’re pretty much left with only one choice.

      #3 is out. He’s a villain.

      #4 is out. He’s a morally balanced guy, not a lead and looks “the bad kind of old” for Go Eun. No offense to the lovely gentleman and I’d be fine with it in real life, but this is fiction and goes by the rules of fiction.

      #2 would be possible, but it’s less romantic for a silly boy to grow into a man than a vulnerable should-be-man to become a real awesome man. Plus, he’s the second lead and a comic relief. Getting the girl with both of those qualities is like winning the lottery, in Dramaland.

      It will either be Anthony or then no one. I’m fairly confident something will happen though. At least there are signs they’re going in that direction.

      • 34.2.1 Mystisith

        I clearly remember hearing a romantic song with the word “saranghae” in it, while Anthony was staring at our writer. πŸ™‚

        • mtoh

          I have seen sparks with our lead actor as well.., ahhh, goofy Siwon makes me go hahahahahah…, uhhhh.

          • Orion

            “Sparks” in Kim Myung Min terms means “Blazing fireworks of acting glory” and yes, I’ve seen those too.

            One doesn’t even need the clearly “hint, hint, *wink* *wink*, *nudge* *nudge*” elements, like the aforementioned music to see that Anthony is going to fall like a house of cards in a windstorm.

            There was especially one scene in episode 6 where I swear he suddenly started glowing and looking 10 times more handsome because he made his stare sweeter.

            To put it in fangirl terms (which are occasionally fun using), never have ovaries exploded harder from such subtlety.

          • mtoh

            I’m always for the things left unsaid! I just wanna see his expression behind cold, calculated KDrama face. I think we’ll have here, good girl makes cold man melting, but I don’t mind as long he keeps some of his little tricks, and she learns how to handle.

        • enz

          me too. i heard that too i mean. i wouldnt want go eun to go with hyun min unless he REALLY undergoes a drastic change of character which i doubt will happen. whereas, its very possible that anthony kim will be ‘humanised’ by lee go eun and become a deserving potential partner for her

      • 34.2.2 Koirv

        RE: ORION’s:
        “There was especially one scene in episode 6 where I swear he suddenly started glowing and looking 10 times more handsome because he made his stare sweeter.”

        OMG what scene is that for you? For some it was when Go-eun was practicing her speech.

        For me it’s the part when he sees Go-eun fixing apartment things at the rooftop.

        • Orion

          For me, it was both, actually. The rooftop was mixed with some slightly melancholic satisfaction as well. I’m sure he felt happy that he got to arrange the whole situation. There was a hint of relief, as well romantic love, not cutesy attraction.

          The speech scene did not have that melancholy. It was more pride and, of course, finding Go Eun cute, which she absolutely was. You can tell he was having more “wuvy” thoughts in that one by his reaction too, when he got caught. He was trying to be nonchalant about it, but he still couldn’t wipe the smirk off his face.

          Kim Myung Min is the King of Subtlety. Acting with every fiber of one’s being is what separates good actors from amazing ones.

          I hope these don’t count as spoilers. I’m trying to not reveal much about the situations here. It’s just what I got from his acting.

    • 34.3 Carole McDonnell

      Not to mention PD Goo. He can hold his ground with Anthony and he knows who he’s dealing with.

    • 34.4 reeen

      I want Anthony’s right hand man (no idea what his name is) as Go Euns love interest πŸ˜€

  35. 35 Gom

    Been waiting for this episode where Siwon comes up because he’s hilariously awesome! Gahd. I really, really hope he keeps this up. I’ve never seen him act in anything before so this is such a pleasant surprise!

    Also, why am I getting stronger OTP vibes between Hyun Min and Go Eun! Like I want them so much more than our actual OTP. I’m sensing a major second-lead syndrome and I do not want to go through this pain. Drama gods, save me from this!

  36. 36 Koirv

    Seriously Kim Myung-min does not need to act with exaggeration. Like most K-actors, mention notβ€”actresses, do.

    One tweak of his eye, it’s an entirely different expression. I don’t know how he does it. One millisecond, it’s full of angst, the next moment, it’s full of intensity and passion.

    Such a great artist!

  37. 37 smo_ore

    Can’t wait til ya’ll catch up! I love reading the opinions especially on these drama.

  38. 38 Mar

    I haven’t watched this due to the lack of appeal of the cast for me, but dropped in on this recap. Thanks for the chuckle, I needed it. The screen cap of Siwon in a Charlie Brown looking sweater is pretty hilarious.

  39. 39 Seorori

    Thank you for the recap.
    This drama has roused my interest. I might find the time to watch it. πŸ™‚

    • 39.1 pipit

      You should start watching it. It’s a rare gem.

      • 39.1.1 lalala

        I still keep on thanking God. I can’t believe my eyes.
        This drama is pure grace– TOO GOOD TO BE ACTUALLY TRUE.

        Sometimes I wonder, I don’t deserve to watch such drama with such perfection.

        But thank God, I’ve been given opportunity to do so.

  40. 40 pumpkinattack

    Glad you’re recapping this! Thanks!

  41. 41 Sajen

    ok I’m on episode 5 and so far loving this show but I do have a question. Is it odd that in a show with both Kim Myung Min and Jung Ryeo Won, who has proven she can act this year, my favorite character is Choi Si Won’s because he’s hilarious?

    • 41.1 j

      his character is so dramatic omg LOL
      and his girlfriend and her voice makes me want to die of laughter

      not digging the ep 6 ending though…it’s so…drama typical it makes me weep :/

      • 41.1.1 reeen

        ‘if you look at it from the sarcasm angle it’s actually quite funny. I’m sure they’ll keep on overdoing the cliches and I’m looking forward to it.

  42. 42 Melmax

    Dream scene diva Hyun Min–Su Ju Choi Si Won split screen meet up!!! At the premier or an awards ceremony!!!

  43. 43 JingleJings

    @Melmax… That would be pretty hilarious

    Loving the detailed analysis everyone is pouring effort into. This is my only korean drama I have any interest to watch this year. No regrets starting this!

    • 43.1 lalala

      Omg me too! I realized I haven’t said it before. But it’s true! The other ones I kept pushing myself to finish only for the sake of saying “Yeah I watched it m-hmm. yeah yeah”

      But this omg, I’m willing to kneel down everyday and beg anyone to be able to only watch this one.

      The only thing that interests me this year. That’s so true!

  44. 44 Melmax

    Yes… Cliffhanger!!! truly over the top SiWon is just super courageous to take on this goofball role!!! Thanks for the recap.

  45. 45 Selli

    My favourite part was when he randomly said “I am your father.” XD

  46. 46 Lilian

    Hyun Min is a really funny character. Makes me wonder how real life stars choose their roles…

  47. 47 Ennayra

    I read the first two recaps, and they made me decide to start watching this show. So I watched episode 3 and liked what I saw. I’ve seen Siwon in a couple other dramas and liked him for the most part. I think this was the longest shirtless scene I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama. Yay for that!

  48. 48 kenken091

    i have question, who is the actor who plays Kim Jin-woo, the friend of SiWon??

  49. 49 CindyB

    I loved the Charlie Brown Sweater.

  50. 50 Lorimm

    At first I thought the towel around the rifle was Hyun Mins- got a good laugh at that!

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