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Yoochun’s fans demand firing of his co-star
by | November 1, 2012 | 355 Comments

File this one under the What The Fuck Files of Dramaland.

There’s a tempest brewing in the teapot of I Miss You, the upcoming MBC melodrama starring Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye. You may have heard of the show? Perhaps once or twice, or okay, practically daily as the drama gears up for its launch next week. The controversy? Netizens are demanding that the production fire one of the actresses, Jang Mi-in-ae. The reason? “She doesn’t suit the drama.”

Suuuuure. Says the netizens who haven’t seen a single episode, to the people making the show. According to the news reports, the uproar stems from the JYJ fandom, as in the supporters of Yoochun’s pop group with Jaejoong and Junsu. Essentially they don’t like her and want her out, and have been exceedingly vocal about it.

Jang Mi-in-ae plays a webtoon writer harboring a one-sided love for Yoochun’s character, and she gets entangled in the love triangle with Yoon Eun-hye. Aw, that means she’s not even a real contender for the hero’s affections — Oppa is safe from her clutches, but the fandom is reportedly adamant against having Jang Mi-in-ae sullying the drama with her “sexy image.”

Yes, Jang has had some sexy photo shoots, but nothing really scandalous; it’s the standard stuff of your Star Hwabo variety. You know, bikinis and cleavage. (It’s Maxim lite, not Playboy.) And she’s played sultry characters before — you may recall her seductive Min-ae in 2006’s Soulmate (which is on my all-time favorite dramas list). But what should that matter? No sluts allowed in dramaland, is that what you’re saying? No sexiness except for the kind that’s kid-tested, mother-approved?

Poor girl. What a crap reaction to your casting, and when you’re just a supporting role. Aside from her image concerns, the Jang Mi-in-ae opposition has accused JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, of casting Jang as a coattail-rider. Basically, they think the agency has bought the casting using Yoochun’s starpower. To which I say: Do you even know how entertainment works? There is a term for this, and it is packaging. It’s hardly shady. It’s the whole point of being with a large agency that has the weight to package a project, to leverage a bigger name to get its lesser-knowns attached and working in projects. This is standard in Hollywood.

I thought this hullaballoo would blow over quickly because the controversy is so stupid, but it’s lingered and even picked up steam. I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising given how large and fervent the JYJ fanbase is — they’re super organized and passionate, sometimes to a frightening degree. This is the group battling all those sasaeng fan problems (as in, the intrusive kind of uber-fan who crosses the line into stalking and harassing the object of their affection). And you know, I totally understand having a strong negative reaction to a casting and wishing for an undo pill. If we love a drama, or a star, or an idea, the possibility of something ruining that can lead to a lot of frustration.

But there’s reasonable disappointment, and there’s inappropriate. It’s saddening that they’re jumping all over this actress so fiercely. The production has even come out to state that Jang Mi-in-ae will not be ousted (phew), and that she got the role after going through the full audition process. “When you watch the drama, you will understand why we chose Jang Mi-in-ae,” said one rep.

The more I think about it, it just makes me sad and mad. It’s just dumb.

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355 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. lidy

    wow, netizens and die hard fans sure are scary in a whole lot of ways

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Seriously. These JYJ/Yoochun fans are straight up scary. Lock up the crazies!

      • 1.1.1 Brittni

        Okay just want to clear up not ALL JYJ fans are crazy. I am a avid JYJ fan but I have no issue with the drama casting. Most likely the ones making such a fuss are not true JYJ fans but in fact the Saseang fans. They are nuts and hate anyone getting close to their Oppas.

        • zoo

          sasaeng fans? i think maybe you misunderstood what a sasaeng fan is. sasaeng fans stalk their idols in their daily lives, following them to all their activities, to the hair salon, to the airport, they follow them when they’re not doing activities, going out with their friends or out on the street, when they go home and they just stay in front of their house, waiting, filming what they do, some even break into their houses and take pictures or steal things. they steal their identities, by using their KSSN numbers, making copies of their passport, taking their phone numbers and seeing who they’re calling, texting, what they’re doing at all times, etc. etc. they don’t get jealous of others, they pride themselves on being able to see a side of their idol that no one else does, that’s why they do the things they do. they’re generally not the ones to be causing a fuss on the internet because they’re too busy well, following them …

          maybe you’ve confused akgae fans, if you’ve heard of that term (악질 개인 팬), within JYJ fandom (and other idol groups, i’m sure) they are fans who like only one member and seem to have very possessive behavior over said member, usually bashing the others in the group, sometimes even the member they like, and generally like to cause trouble like the incident mentioned in this article, even if it hurts whoever they’re a fan of, because they sincerely believe “fans know best.” however, these fans are a minority and not all individual member fans are like this.

          • Brittni

            I know what a Saseang fan is and what extents they go to see/touch/ scare their Idols. They can also get very violent even amongst “their own” if they feel like someone is getting to close to their oppas. So I wouldn’t put it past them to get upset over her casting if they see her as a threat to their Oppa.

          • zoo

            right, but my point was that sasaeng fans wouldn’t be ones causing a fuss like this because they don’t usually make comments on message boards or news articles or on SNS sites like a regular fan does. it’s pretty hard to even consider a sasaeng a “fan” honestly

          • Nafi

            I don’t think the writer’s objective was to talk about sasaeng fans but to talk about this particular issue where this actress’s hard work is being undermined by some people who happen to be fans of JYJ and particularly Yoochun.

            I just want to make a point to all the Cassies out there that no one is accusing every single fan ever of being crazy; generalisations are just easy and should not be taken to heart. People who make generalisations should not be paid any heed to,

            You guys wear your fan-fan-ness (sorry, words are escaping me right now) with pride. And be proud of the fact that you’re being a good fan and not bothering any one. 😀 Even the people to whom you direct your attention to know this so don’t think that sasaeng fans or akgae fans are ruining your image, they aren’t. They are ruining their own image 🙂

        • Anonymous

          I would totally agree that you would be one of the sane fans, but the fans of all iterations of DBSK, whether it is the duo of JYJ are Notorious for being INSANE. Especially JYJ fans feel as though they need to protect their “oppas” from anything they feel would “hurt them.” I made the mistake of commenting that I didn’t quite like what JYJ was doing (nothing against them, just basic constructive criticism) and I got bashed like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Like I said, that does not apply to every JYJ or DBSK fan, but for sure, those two/three groups have the largest percentage of people who fit that insane category (at least to my knowledge)

          • misachan

            lol yeah because cassies are huge y’all. Even if you just go with percentages… that’s a lot of crazies within a fandom….

            Too bad they can’t channel the craziness to something more productive…. like their own lives.
            Imagine how successful they would be if they put that much dedication to their school-work or something..

            this coming from an avid tvxq/jyj and any derivative and variations thereof.

        • Beekinga

          I wonder…parents don’t take active roles in trying to control their sasaeng or whatever offsprings? Maybe a trip or two to a good psychiatric clinic. Goodgrief I’d hate to be in any kpop group. Sasaengs are what nightmares are made of I suppose.

      • 1.1.2 Aya

        no problem, they can hit and slap them away 😉

        • news

          Yoochun should hold a press conference and tell the crazies to back off already.

          • yehwarrior

            He already did, he called her family and discouraged the actions.

            Before demonizing and generalizing to all JYJ fans, please know that there are always rotten apples amongst good ones.

            JYJ have a large and fiercely loyal fan base this is true. But, that fan base is made up of various types of fans:

            JYJ Fans – refer to fans of the musical trio JYJ.

            Cassies – refer to fans of DBSK as five, sometimes called OT5’s.

            Then there are solo Internal fans – Xiahpaws (Junsu fans), Chunsas (Yoochun fans) and Jaeharems (Jaejoong fans). There are also Korean equivalents of these groups.

            Then you have fans who like them for their individual activities, so e.g. Yoochun has a lot of Ajumma Fans who mainly support him as an actor.

            Acgae Fans – Fans who only like one member, BUT also hate the other members and try to create fights in the fandom, chaos and problems. They raise up controversies and are very active on the internet as “netizens.” Most likely the culprit in the above situation.

            Sasaengs – Stalkers, criminals who break the law, by terrorizing the members, while claiming to be their fans. These are the ones who send blood letters, crash into their cars, poop in front of their doors, and all other kinds of crazy acts, because they want to leave their mark on the members.

            I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what happens when you get a Guinness World Record for having the most fans.

          • DayDreamer

            @ yehwarrior: OMG!!! Wow, I didn’t know so many different kinds of fans existed. Thanks to you, now I’m a bit well informed. The Sasaengs seem really intimidating. *cowers in fear*

            That aside, I certainly agree people should judge whether the actress is suitable for the drama after they’ve seen her act in it. It’s not fair to not even give the person a chance, regardless of the rumors about whether the production house likes casting her or not. And frankly, whether she does nude or semi-nude photos is her prerogative. It’s how she chooses to make money too and some people may actually like it.

          • Moozy

            Wow. Now I fully understand the extend of JYJ, DBSK & individual fandom. I am a fan of JYJ (normal) & Yoo Chun in acting. I believe the company hv all the right to hire whomever they want to star in their drama. Hope this rukus is not going to affect Yoo Chun casting in future’s drama though. That will be too bad.

          • Lotus_Blossom


            A comprehensive list indeed. But there’s more!

            There are also the couple shippers–with Yunjae (Yunho and Jaejoong) and Yoosu (Yoochun and Junsu) having the largest er…believers back in their DBSK days. While most just ship the bromance–eg. Soulmates(Jaejoong and Yoochun), there are some that actually believe that these couples are for real.

            Thus, it’s possible that some of the protesters are Yoosu shippers who do not want precious Yoochun to leave Junsu for the sex pot, Jang Mi-in-ae! ^__^

          • nonski

            thanks yehwarrior, tho am a JYJ fan biased to Chunnie but A PERFECTLY normal one, lols, i am not particular the group types and how scary the fans can become. *shivers*

      • 1.1.3 Orel

        It would be better to not label the whole fandom just because a handfull of crazy fans that got overboard.

        I’m a JYJ fan, and I too is disgusted with the demand.

        Also it certainly not concerned a large group; with SNS we can learn things way before it goes out in the news but with this issue I did not saw a single word of it before one article about it and the presscon.

        I don’t want to be associated with these people.

        • kaye


      • 1.1.4 sa

        its true lock up those stupid gangs they don’t know what is to be a true fan and if r saying just bec of some sexy pic. what abt he main lead actress hah

    • 1.2 KERA

      Now I solute Lee Da Hae, she dare to act beside YC and break his heart in Miss Ripley.

      • 1.2.1 Addylovesbwood

        omg!! spoiler!! I’m watching Miss Ripley now and omg u just ruined it for me!!

        • lizzie

          In the end a crazy fan cames and kills his character!

          • momoisluv

            omg that’s priceless. LOL

    • 1.3 yellow buttercup

      totally agree.

      “wtf??? get a life, you guys!” —-> I really wanna tell this to their faces.

    • 1.4 Rachel

      Jealousy trolls..

  2. Schmazel

    Oh boy.

    (And I like your WTF Files category.)

    • 2.1 sugarpunch

      me too.. i think there should be a dramabeans subsidiary website dedicated to it. hehe. should be super funny…

    • 2.2 thefunofit

      I second that. Please retroactively add the articles relating to the mess that was Myung-Wol the Spy’s shooting. I’m pretty sure there are a fair number of past articles likely to make the cut – but Myung-Wol is really the only one still fresh in my memory. And it really, really deserves this label.

    • 2.3 yellow buttercup

      I third that! the WTF file category would be great

  3. Village Mrembo

    Soo…what’s new?!

  4. ecjl

    JYJ fandom isn’t against her casting, it’s just Yoochun’s crazy drama fans who are acting this way. Other members’ fans aren’t as invested in the casting of this drama because unlike most other fandoms, JYJ fandom has more individual fans than group fans.

    • 4.1 gala

      I’d even believe it if it’s Cassiopeia or just Yoochun fans, but JYJ fans?! This is the “problem” with this group (jyj and even dbsk), they have many, many fans that you can’t just put all of them together as one. Each set of fans are quite hardcore. But with everything happening to JYJ, the fans that are SOLELY JYJ fans won’t demand this kind of thing. It’s hard to explain unless you’re part of the fandom. I think th media just clumped all the fans together. They can’t say dbsk fans or Cassiopeia anymore.

      Let’s put it this way: when you say JYJ fans, these are the supporters of the MUSIC group. But their individual fans can be quite different… And trust me, ‘some’ yoochun fans can be quite sensitive. They even attack (for lack of better word) Jaejoong!

      • 4.1.1 visitor

        @gala – I think you’ve got it right. I’m a JYJ fan (not Korean) and from what I’ve seen of other English-speaking fans of the group, we’re just excited for the drama. Yoochun on TV, hooray!
        I didn’t even know about this until I read this post! But yeah, whatever specific subset of “fans” we’re talking about….this is stupid and mean-spirited. Do they think Yoochun appreciates it?

        And BTW, what’s with that outfit, Chun? Off to be a cruise director after the press con? XD

      • 4.1.2 kaye


        As a JYJ fan, I didn’t even know this issue existed until I read DB.

        Not all JYJ fans are into their individual dramas anyway. I, for one, am a JaeJoong stan but haven’t seen single episode of Dr. Jin or finished Protect the Boss. I tried watching Ms Ripley but couldn’t get into it (though I loved SKKS and the first half of Rooftop, which coincidentally had Yoochun in it). Just saying, not all of their music fans are their drama fans and not all of them are that cray cray. Hehe.

        Those crazies are probably hardcore Yoochun’s fans.

    • 4.2 suzy

      Agree! They are Yoochun drama fan not JYJ fan.

  5. cg

    I don’t believe this….that fans can do something like that too…!!

  6. hima n

    Whoa! Calm down people.! They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That’s all i have to say to them.

    PS: What’s up with her left knee in the 3rd picture with Yoochun?

    • 6.1 Star

      hehe i’m not the only one who noticed it then xP

      i think it’s just makeup. probably to cover up a bruise..

      • 6.1.1 hima

        Ah! It looks a bit swollen, hope she is ok.!

    • 6.2 Leslie

      I noticed that too. Whoever did her makeup used the wrong type of concealer or something for it to be so obvious. Most likely they used something that doesn’t react to flash very well. It’s a good thing its just her knee though.

  7. Uj

    i am glad u wrote abt this…but i just want to say that in today’s press con Yoochun actually told the Chunsas (Yoochun fans) to quit this protest against the poor girl…he basically said that now they are a part of a drama so they are kinda like a family…so the fans are only making it more difficult for him to face her….
    i really hope the fans listen to Chun….i am a cassie…i adore yoochun a lot lot…he is the reason why i am a cassie….and i hate that because of a few fans this kind of thing is coming up….
    also just clearing one thing up…..not all chunsas are opposed to this…i think its a very very small group thats brewing this nonsense storm….
    anyways all the best to the I miss you cast…they are all beautiful and i am sure they will do the best they can ♡

    • 7.1 cg

      sorry but what is the meaning of cassie??

      • 7.1.1 Uj

        cassie is short for Cassiopeia (DBSK fandom) ^^

        • cg

          ok…..thanks for the info 🙂

        • Gaeina Lee

          Oh, thanks for clarifying.. previously, I thought cassie as in Takeshi Kashiwabara.. ^^
          Am a proud cassie too, both Micky and Takeshi.. 😀

      • 7.1.2 haruko

        Cassiopeia = name of DBSK’s fanclub (the constellation has 5 stars, so did the boy-band). Youchun, Jaejoong and Junsu all started as members of DBSK before splitting and forming JYJ. Now, saying you’re a Cassie generally means you’re still a fan of all five, that you didn’t pick a side over the other. 😀 hope that helps….

        • Uj

          thats a much better explanation^^

        • cg

          thanks for all the details….:D

    • 7.2 gala

      It’s actually a very small group of yoochun fans, and not actually JYJ fans. It might even be the same fans who got mad at Jaejoong. They thought Jaejoong is demanding some cfs that yoochun is supposed to do…

      • 7.2.1 jyj-er

        seriously!? why dragging that issue again. tsk!

  8. tweetie

    Wow, crazy!! Hope she doesn’t get kicked out, that is the problem with K-fandoms, they are like Belibers, they take things waaaaay too far.

  9. hanni12

    This shit is just stupid.

    They shouldn’t have the right to complain about casting, when Yoochun is the one that is miscast as he still just cannot act.

    • 9.1 orinara

      Yes I agree the fans do not have a right to complain about casting, but saying that Yoochun cannot act seems a little exaggerated, no? For a person who cannot act, he sure has won a lot of awards and recognition by sheer fluke huh.

      • 9.1.1 Annie

        Awards do not equal talent…

        • lo-chan

          OMG you guys are going to die young!!!! The scary crazy die-hard yoochun fans are going to hunt you down for sayin those stuff about their idol!!!!
          It was nice meeting you guys :D.

          • Pearl

            LOL… lo-chan, I tell you that’s the 1st comment I’ve seen in db that made me burst out laughing, and I’ve been mostly a silent lurker here for almost two years 🙂

      • 9.1.2 hanni12

        Song Seung Hoon also got some awards…

        Awards are really given out of popularity and not real talent. It is pretty much common knowledge.

        It also really helps that he is an idol and that fans will always want him to be good and get a lot of roles so they delude themselves into thinking that.

        • Starstruck

          Just because you don’t think he can’t act does not mean he can’t act. Really, it’s all subjective. I think that while he’s not the best actor around, he still does a good job of improving with each role he does. And you know, blind statements like yours are probably what got the ball rolling in this whole hullabaloo.

          • hanni12

            Wrong. Stupid fangirls got the ball rolling in this one.

            Yoochun just doesn’t have any talent and if he weren’t an idol he would never get a job again after seeing his performance.

            I repeat:
            Yoochun cannot act. Live with it.

          • yehwarrior


            I find it funny when people make such blanket statements and believe only their review is valid. I guess all those people who appreciate his acting, his hard work and performance are all just mindless fans right. Whatever. Believe what you wish, but don’t put down others who disagree with you.

          • orinara

            Wow hanni12 you sure aren’t one to take it lying down. Well since you have so much discontentment with his acting then like you say, live with it and please don’t watch his dramas if its so painful for you alright. Sheesh.

          • hanni12

            It is how it is and I won’t whitewash my statements or his lack of talent.

            Here you go again:

            Yoochun is an shitty actor.

            @orinara You should change your nickname. It literally means “to urinate”.

          • orinara

            hahaha @hanni12 yes i know. I’m sorry but I really don’t see why I should change it just because you tell me to, not gonna “whitewash” my nickname just for you.

            Plus why do you keep repeating that he isn’t a good actor? Okay we get it, you don’t like him or enjoy his acting. Don’t have to keep going on about it, it just gets pesky after a while. No one here is saying “hey hanni12 I’m sorry can you please repeat your stand? What was it again?” or anything of that sort. No one is asking you to change your statement. No one is forcing you to like him either right? We accept your opinion but we don’t have to agree.

            Sigh okay you are obviously not a fan of YC and I don’t want to argue with you further because this conversation is barely intellectual plus it would start to seem like we are bullying you. Tsk tsk. I simply cant be bothered to respond to you anymore.

            I’m so sorry everyone for having to witness this petty little argument. Please treat it as side entertainment and have a good day ahead! Yoochun’s fans are definitely normal, rational and non-delusional people. Finally, in the words of the language of my people, “Diam leh” :>

          • MaeWest

            orinara, don’t even waste time with this hanni12 person, from their other posts, it is clear she is a JYJ hater. Just ignore the troll.

          • hanni12

            Let’s elaborate on my last comment.

            As far as I can tell “Diam leh” basically means “Shut Up” in a very rude manner. I think a fuck you was called for in that situation as it is just not rude but also very immature to make comments in such a way.

            But since it is okay to make rude remarks in a foreign language, here I go again: “Halt deine Fresse.” There you go. Not offensive at all.

            I just thought that you might want to know what your nickname means in some other language. Might be important to know so you don’t sign up on other websites with that name. But if you really want to express your deep relationship with urine or the act of urinating the I guess it is perfect for you. Good for you.

            And for your information, I don’t have enough feelings or knowledge of any of that group to be hater. I simply don’t care as long as they leave dramas alone with their horrid acting.

            People want to know why Yoochun is a bad actor? Well, he is stiff as a block of wood, can’t emote at all, has no range as he basically plays the same character even if it is uncalled for. Too lazy to write anymore to his lacking acting abilities, just watch any video of him in any role and if you don’t notice that you have either no sense of taste or you are just too much of a fangirl which makes discussing with you pointless.

        • orinara

          Well if you’re using Song Seung Hoon as an example then I presume you’re refering to Dr Jin? I dont think it’s a valid example then because honestly we all agree that Dr Jin’s story line sucks but the some of the actors were its saving grace.

          All this comparison aside, I do feel that it is very subjective to say that Yoochun cannot act because why would the PD want to cast him then, if solely based on popularity, because there are definitely more popular and experienced actors out there. Okay maybe I’m just biased cos I really liked him in RTP and thought he did a pretty good job despite the last few episodes that went downhill. Fans are supportive but not deluded though, I must add.

          • hanni12

            I have seen enough of Song Seung Hoon to know that his performance in Dr. Jin is not an exception…

            The people that do the casting still think that idols bring in the big money so they cast idols. And fans can be supportive all they want, really I have nothing personal against any of them or Yoochun himself. It is just really stretching reality calling Yoochun a good or acceptable actor in my opinion. They see what they want to see not what is really there, I call that deluded.

          • Annie

            The Korean drama industry is at the mercy of Japanese investors because exporting overseas is the only way to make a profit after accounting for exorbitant production costs. DBSK was huge in Japan and Yoochun continues to get acting roles… coincidence? I think not.

        • foolmoon

          Dear hanni12,
          I’m not a fan of YC’s works (singing and acting), and sometimes don’t like the way he acts his role, but to say he can’t act and doesn’t have a talent is a little bit much, isn’t it?
          I believe YC is one of a actor who is willing to learn and get better over time, just like his friend, Jaejoong. I might be wrong, but hey, how about we will discuss it again after his 5th project? We’ll have enough stuffs to compare and point out. You know, like bring evidences to drama discussion, instead of one-drop-conclusion-and-period statement …

          • la dee dah

            @foolmoon: I would not engage hanni12. Judging from her comments above, including a comment that was deleted where hannie12 told the other person to F off, you will not get a meaningful discussion from her.

          • Frutcy


            chillax.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. you chose to let everyone know yours.. so don’t get crazy when someone disagrees.. all of us who “rants or raves” in the internet should be responsible.. after all, what comes out from our mind speaks a lot of who we truly are..


            Have a happy day! 😀

        • SoMaeny

          Saying “fuck you” to orinara was uncalled for. She was quite civil to you throughout your conversation. And instead of just stating over and over again that Yoochun is a “shitty” actor, and throwing around ad hominem remarks, why don’t you actually contribute something to the discussion by saying why you perceive him as a “shitty” actor. Also, by your (and Annie’s) logic, Yunho and Changmin should also have been cast as the main leads in numerous dramas. I don’t think Yoochun’s a good actor, but he’s acceptable. Why? Because he can pull off emotional scenes convincingly. Because he’s demonstrated that he understands his characters and can envision what he needs to do in order to bring to reality the situations detailed in scripts. Obviously still raw around the edges, but improving project by project. Does he deserve to get the lead roles in dramas? It depends. I think he happens to be a good choice for this role and this drama. There are many good actors in the industry, but how many are of the right age for this role? And how many of them are willing to take up this project? And how many of them are within the same price range as YC? etc, etc.

          • Annie

            My point was that Yoochun’s popularity + decent range was what got him this role. He’s not quite an acting wunderkind as I’ve heard some fans make him out to be but I wouldn’t go so far as the OP in her vitriol.

            BTW, should Yunho or Junsu or Changmin express the slightest interest in filming another drama, I would be willing to bet money that a role would materialize in no time. They really are THAT marketable.

          • ella zala

            i’m sorry for being intrusive but i cannot help but comment… I’ve been watching dramas that has the dbsk boys (act) in it. [yes, ALL of the dramas, incuding the japanese one] and altho he might not be perfect/great actor, i’d say yoochun is the best actor in the bunch…he’s even getting better with each projects…

            and “Paradise Ranch” pretty much makes me not want to watch anything changmin-drama related. EVER.

          • chrysler

            @ella zala

            lol you may want to hold judgement. word from japan is that changmin’s acting is getting praises from audience and critics in his new japanese movie “fly with the gold”

    • 9.2 liza

      I agree, y. canot act, did you see the way he ran in rooftop, it was so pitiful it was funny.

  10. 10 lyaarisa

    Omo!! That is weird.. Im scared with this kind of fans.. It seems like they can kill people by juz using their hate.. Sheesh

  11. 11 wowow

    Those Netizens … so much time to waste ):

    • 11.1 Mystisith

      Seriously, where are their parents? My daughter if I had one would use her time for more interesting and constructive things than bashing online, I tell you!

      • 11.1.1 Raine

        Seriously, where are the parents of the psycho fans. Unless the parents are psycho fans too…

        • JoAnne

          I hope he falls in love with her on set and that they get married after he completes his army stint and that they have lots and lots of babies. And at the wedding I hope he says F_U crazy people, I’m done with this inappropriate intrusion and I’m never going to sing for you again and I’m going to live a quiet private life with my beautiful wife and our beautiful babies and you can BITE ME.

          • bigwink

            Well put.
            Can’t wait for this to happen and can’t wait for the drama next week!! Yyay

          • Mar

            Hahahahaha Joanne! Awesome.

            This stuff makes you realize how much pressure these celebs live with. Frightening.

          • ladida

            A++ I third this. And OF COURSE all this hate is directed towards a woman. Disgusting.

          • kakashi

            Lol, JoAnne, awesome idea. And if they don’t really fall in love, they could pretend a little, just to vex those insane fans. I cannot imagine having to live with such fans. Super scary. (What are they going to do when he is drafted? Wait in front of the military base for two years? Break in and steal guns and stuff?)

            Anyways, I must say a learned a lot from this thread. Though I have heard about the fan-problem before, I wasn’t aware of the extent.

          • Mystisith

            @kakashi: They have hymns, code names, hierarchy ranks, spies… Having their own militia seems the logical next step.

          • simply_me

            Great minds think alike:
            He gets married to her next week, no – make that today, or some silly report (read scandal, right?) that he is secretly married to her and they have 3 babies with 2 more on the way. Daebek!!!!

            That should cure the stupidity. Whatever group of fans that are responsible for this should please grow a few brain cells already!

          • Em

            LOL. your comment made me think of Best Love.

          • jyj-er

            Love this comment. Real fans will understand this if he do so.

    • 11.2 eternalfive

      I know right? Don’t they have better things to do? This is seriously so stupid that I can’t quite find the words for it. The poor girl. D: How exactly do they think they’re doing Yoochun a favour by ridiculing his co-stars anyway? O_o

  12. 12 jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro)

    Dear Netizens,

    Give the girl a chance. 🙂

    • 12.1 zsa

      and she’s not even the girl who went to the red carpet in that orange gown with her boobs nearly popping out(i think everyone has seen that)!! Now THAT was indecent!
      …and they say all of this out of LOVE…the intention doesn’t justify the act!

  13. 13 Anvesha

    I am a JYJ fan and proud of it.. But what the heck? I can’t believe this is happening. Yoochun should say something an stop this. For a split second I thought we were talking about.Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won..

    • 13.1 cg


    • 13.2 Uj

      Yoochun did say something abt this in today’s press con…he told his fans to stop..

    • 13.3 foolmoon

      LOL ^__^
      Yeah, that’s how I feel and let’s just wait until DB brings the news of Chansung casting along with them, I’ll tel my opinion (rant) about it ….

      • 13.3.1 skelly

        I hear you, foolmoon, and I’ll be ready to rant right along with you.

  14. 14 Mystisith

    Definitely a WTF case!
    Those crazy control freaks fans need a therapy! Stat!
    Before shooting, ask anything you want. Once it has started, take it or leave it.
    And yes, for people who claim to be hardcore fans,they don’t seem to know how the system works.
    Plus I agree on the lame reason: Sexy pics? Wtf once again: You see worst on stage with the female K pop singers. What kind of stupid moral code is this?
    I was glad when I read than Yoochun asked his fans to basically accept and tone down their whining: They didn’t want YEH, nor that second girl. What do they want? To have him for them only like a toyboy in a room?
    Geez, I will never understand that behavior.

  15. 15 Xiaolian

    What in the what!!??? sigh….bitches be cray-cray (excuse my language but this is just ridiculous)

  16. 16 Steph

    Lol, are they serious? I worry about humanity. I really do.

  17. 17 cutieblue

    Poor Girl 🙁
    It must be nerve wracking enough to film a drama in the first place and then to have all the added pressure of crazy fans hating on you for no reason.
    I hope she’s okay 🙁

  18. 18 dduk

    netizens are at it again.. what’s new… It’s kind of sad that I’m almost not surprised anymore…

  19. 19 nomu nomu nomu

    I would like to quote Arang for my response to the Batshit-Crazy-Fangirls.

    Arang: “you can’t use logic with a dumb person—you have to be equally nonsensical and counter stupidity with stupidity.”


    • 19.1 Uj

      hahahahah XD

    • 19.2 mas

      LOL exactly my thoughts, they’re just tainting the drama >_>

    • 19.3 whimsicalnet

      how apt! 😀

    • 19.4 lenrasoon

      lol i will keep Arang’s quote for life!

  20. 20 crazedlu

    Eyeroll, netizens.

  21. 21 Raine

    I agree with your sentiments, JB. Sometimes people make a stir just to ’cause a stir and feel important in someone’s life (ie Yoochun). He should come out and say something…not like THAT would go over well with nutters, but y’know.

    Thanks for the news!

  22. 22 Maddz

    Crap like this is ridiculous. Ugh.

  23. 23 citrone

    Those idiots go crazy on shower or 6-pack shots of male idols and then curse the females for being sluty! There is not even a bit of standpoint in their argument! Sadly we are just a bunch who think like that….!

  24. 24 ckdarkraven23

    i laughed so hard i cracked my lip! this is so hilarious :))

  25. 25 willow

    I think this says something pretty striking about the demonization of women who have access to their sexuality.

    I wouldn’t blame the fans as much but more a society that tells them that women who have sex (and like it) = bad women.

    I’ve seen some similar shaming of Song Ji Hyo in comments on Running Man videos after people discover the film ‘Frozen Flower.’

    I loved Soulmate, and her character in it and I hope she does well in this drama.

    • 25.1 SoulsEntwined

      yeah this is just sexism + crazy fans = bad news

    • 25.2 anais

      True that a sexist society gives rise to this inanity. But the fans themselves are part of that society, perpetuating such sexist notions. So they definitely are culpable. We are all culpable if we do not voice disapproval of this type of behavior.

    • 25.3 emmy

      So you are implying that the Korean society= a society that demonizes women with access to their sexuality?

      Isn’t that kind of bigoted?

      All I see here are over-the-top fans who are trying to get attention and stir up some trouble. It’s sweeping and ridiculous to blame an entire society for idiotic remarks made by a minority.

      • 25.3.1 Ye Eun

        Society is like that pretty much everywhere, duh.

  26. 26 Jay

    This is loony tunes. I don’t even understand the objection — she’s got a sexy image? And for this, they want her to lose a job because she might breath the same air as their idol? It makes me hope the actors start dating in public, just so these fans would really lose their minds.

    The part that gets me about this is that they’re causing problems for this guy they idolize because they think they get to dictate who he does and doesn’t work with, based on what seems to be a deep-lying fear that if oppa is around a sexy lady, he might, I dunno, get some? This is just strange.

  27. 27 Sabah

    They really aren’t doing much for HIS popularity either. I mean, surely production companies might think twice before signing an actor who comes with thousands of crazy fans who are much like ‘controlling mother figures.’ Let the boy go, he is old enough now to choose who he pretends to love or not love…

    Seriously, it must be hard enough to contend with satisfying the needs of the actors and their PR people let alone a group of people with VERY RANDOM whims and fancies.

    I say all this as a person who has had to live through many miscasts in her humble opinion BUT I would never rain on anyone’s parade. God knows that I have been given things/opportunities that I didn’t deserve but was still very much grateful for and I tried my hardest. That’s want counts in my book, hard effort. That is the only thing you could get up in arms about, if a person wasn’t pulling their weight, letting a team down and hindering a production. I know enough about Kdramas to know that each actor tends to pull the weight of about five people’s schedules.

    I have no idea what kind of actress Jang Minae is or if I will like her acting or not BUT one thing is for sure, I am going to respect her hard work in this production.

    Why oh why oh why are people so cruel? I don’t understand you at all.

    • 27.1 yammy

      “They really aren’t doing much for HIS popularity either. I mean, surely production companies might think twice before signing an actor who comes with thousands of crazy fans who are much like ‘controlling mother figures.’”

      ^ EXACTLY! ditto.

      As someone who identifies as a fan of a group that has produced an idol-actor (SS501, Kim Hyun Joog) I am proud to say that I never hated on the female leads of the dramas that “my oppas” were in. Of course…I think KHJ is a horrible actor, so maybe I’m not like the crazy lot of yoochun’s fans…

      • 27.1.1 Sabah

        Hehe. Nice logic!

        I am all for having ‘interests’ that fuel a passion for life but when they become obsessions that start to obscure reality itself, I feel that it is very unhealthy.

      • 27.1.2 liza


        Is Khj the lead in ….kiss ( can’t remember the title) he is a much better actor than yoochun

  28. 28 박미영

    She just did some Star Hwabo variety shoots? Are you sure?

    http://blog.daum.net/_blog/BlogTypeView.do?blogid=0Z8Pg&articleno=81&_bloghome_menu=recenttext (NSFW)

    Are you people actually researching what you write?

    • 28.1 willow

      I still don’t think that makes her a bad person.

    • 28.2 nomu nomu nomu

      channeling Arang again from comment 19

      oh noes, some one please protect our litle wittle helpless Oppa from this big bad slutty wolf. Only us true fans can save him and this drama now. *Begs and pray to Dramagods to save this doomed world if Jang Mi-in-ae is casted.

    • 28.3 Mystisith

      So much hypocrisy going on… Even if she had shot a porn movie,
      1: We don’t have the right to judge.
      2: Some entertainers do things way worse than that.
      3: It doesn’t mean she doesn’t suit the role here.

    • 28.4 ecjl

      At first, I was thinking “What’s the big deal? Just some sexy shots” and then I scrolled down and saw the nude photos.

      • 28.4.1 Mika~

        LOL I had the same reaction.

        So I guess it kind of invalidates the argument about her just having a few sexy photoshoots of bikinis and cleavage…

        Still, I don’t think it means that she can’t be in the drama. I mean, Yoochun’s a big boy now and I’m sure he can handle everything professionally. And if he’s going to be seduced by her, well, that’s his personal life… Not really something for me to butt in on.

      • 28.4.2 Kim Yoonmi

        The nude shots aren’t particularly sexualized though. It’s not like “In your face porn.”

        Besides, doesn’t say anything about her acting ability at all.

        • Arishia

          Isn’t she in “90 minutes”?

      • 28.4.3 ella zala

        nude photo? SO? she CAN act. thats what important.

    • 28.5 Jay

      Yeah, still gonna go with a big old “so what” in response. The photos have nothing to do with her ability to play a role in the drama. Netizens have no right to try to interfere with someone’s job like this.

      • 28.5.1 박미영

        I’m not judging the actress. I’m judging the level of reporting on this site.

        • lenrasoon

          lol @ “the level of reporting” this is Dramabeans not BBC, it’s not that serious and JB comments are still valid, this whole witch hunt at the woman here is dumb/sexist.

      • 28.5.2 befuddled

        Agreed. It’s probably embarrassing for him too, to have a hoard of rabid fans making a big deal out of something like this.

    • 28.6 kakashi

      Ha! BREASTS! o_O

      • 28.6.1 malta


      • 28.6.2 Kiara

        Hilarious, I’m pretty sure Yoochun have seen his fare share of breasts, nipples and vjj before. So whats the big deal if she can act?.

        • hawaiianseoul

          hahaha :’)

          comment worth reading.

      • 28.6.3 lenrasoon


    • 28.7 malta

      So what.

    • 28.8 lano

      I agree with you this is a poorly researched article. If you google her name in hangeul, most of the photos that come up first are full nude photos, minus her opening up her legs. (C-JES knew this when they signed her, and thought she was good nonetheless). So it is beyond Maxim, actually Playboy, but not Hustler.

      I think that people have lost their cultural awareness, in Korea this could affect ratings (key word being could). Thus, I actually don’t feel like the neitzens (or better yet MBC’s) complaints about her are unfounded if they are thinking about ratings, just misguided. If they really didn’t want her, they could have prevented this prior to the casting.

      She is there to act, and I do feel sorry for her because she has to overcome her nude photos, which prevents people from taking you seriously. (Let’s not act like this does not happen in America too).

      Also, it should be noted that you can only do nude photos/scenes if someone important legitimizes them as artful/tasteful or you are already A-list by the time they come out. (a double standard at its best)

      • 28.8.1 skelly

        The other double-standard is right here: no one would really care, no one would even have bothered to dig these photos up, if it wasn’t for the fact that an idol is starring in this drama. This isn’t a case of “bad reporting”, this is a case of, “should we even care?” I think that getting all shocked and insulted about her past work is just a way to legitimize these jealous fannish feelings.

        This is why I hate idols-turned-actors: usually, they can’t act worth beans and are merely there for “product” placement and to bring in the fans as viewers, and the drama is rarely allowed to unfold as it should because the stupid rabid fans are busy poking, picking, judging, trying once again to have some sorry little influence in their hero’s eyes. The fans are as bad as JDG’s jealous wife – oh, the complaints if their hero happens to actually kiss a co-star (how horrible, he was saving himself for MEEE!) and there are campaigns for more screen time, fewer kisses but more shower scenes, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

        Fact is, she’s a good actress. She rocked it in Soulmates. Yoochun is OK, better than most idols, but the fact that his fans are trying to dictate what happens in the drama is not just the tail wagging the dog, but the tail of the tail wagging the dog. The fact that these fans even feel they have the right to an opinion in the casting is ridiculous, and is one reason why it is hard to take KDrama seriously as any sort of artistic pursuit.

        • lenrasoon


    • 28.9 hawaiianseoul

      she doesn’t even go here.


    • 28.10 Orel

      And so what, you are shocked? I’m not.

      At least, we can put a name on those fan now…

    • 28.11 lenrasoon

      she looks hot so w/e and thanks for the link btw.

  29. 29 jomo

    Hate to lump the crayzies into one demographic, but don’t we have SAT’s to prepare for like in a couple weeks?

    • 29.1 skelly

      LOL jomo,

      “get off that ‘net and do your homework, that Yoochun fellow isn’t going to get you an A in Geometry!”

  30. 30 Steph

    Honestly, whatever she’s done, fans these days act like they own a celebrity just because they support and enjoy their work. What happened to watching a show or listening to a song, enjoying the performance, and leaving it at that. I dunno, did the actor say he needed their defence or protection from this big bad sex kitten??

  31. 31 one_nee

    actually, rather than fans, i prefer term used by enewsworld, which is ‘a bunch of netizens’. they refused her for 2 reasons, yes, one is the ‘racy pics’ the other is bcoz those netizens accused that the reason foe her to be picked was bcoz Cjes, Chun’s agency company, make the production team hired her aka ‘you may casted Chun but you shoud casted her too..’

    idk, actually as JYJ fans, i never heard about this before, and i’m quite updated in the fandom since i have several tlists who are koreans and actually live at South Korea. but the 1st time i heard abt this news was a day before Miss You presscon which is today (or yesterday as now its 12.38 am).

    many JYJ fans are just happy that we can see Chun again this year. well, many disliked it when Lee Dae Hae joined Ms Ripley, but fans just happy to see him. we know that Chun is still considered junior in dramaland, and all the other casts are his seniors. Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho are famous too. we understand fans cant demand anything with the production. this isnt only about Yoochun. the other casts are well known name in drama land. so i was really suprised with this news. that fans ‘demand’ cast changing..

    heck, even YooChun also said the same today in the presscon and apologized to her and others involved in the drama.. as fans, i’m hoping it was just netizens not really fans… but even if they are indeed fans, i hope those people understand, this drama isnt only abt YooChun. and that the negativity will be viewed upon him, and the drama hasnt even started yet..

  32. 32 rearwindow

    Wow, this is crazy!! I feel so horrible for this actress. It boggles my mind how people can think that this sort of rabid fandom behavior is ok or even justifiable. And for a secondary role? Madness.

    I really hope this dies down and that Jang Mi-in-ae is able to let the whole experience roll off her back. What an awful, awful thing to go through, especially at the beginning of a drama. How could this possibly not sully the experience for her? I’m rooting for her to act the hell out of her role now, and blow all these crazy netizens away.

  33. 33 Liliumlied

    OMG is she really THE Min-ae from Soulmate ??? Seriously ?? I didn’t even recognize her xD she’s still so beautiful. Good to see her again.
    And I agree with you, “Soulmate” is really one the best drama ever made. It was only a sitcom and yet it was just so well written and the OST was beautiful. I’ll never get tired of the song “C’mon through” <3

    • 33.1 anais

      I think she’s done some stuff to her face. I too didn’t recognize her, and she was definitely one of my fave characters from Soulmate. I liked her face then because she isn’t a traditional beauty. Who knows. Maybe she just lost some weight, but the face is different.

  34. 34 alana

    jyj fans? really? because jyj fans complained about some yoochun only fans making a big deal out of this. but hey it’s osm to generalize right 😀

  35. 35 Faith

    Why JB is talking about this without talking about preview & press con? This JMIA whole thing is rediculous, the timing of the new came out is so odd, I think these are all media play. I watched her in soulmate she is good for villain role. I just don’t know if she match the role or not, by today press con pics she look a bit older than the cast, hope she change hairstyle & what she wear. Yoochun has variety of fans why suddenly jyj fan got blamed. They alone cannot do this. I have nothing against racy video but for the info the kind she took was not standard is called Karmasutra & contain action with guy. She is beautiful in there though.

  36. 36 hottestjen

    totally wtf, you can’t just tell someone to leave because of someone else i mean yoochun isn’t king, sure he’s the main lead but still if yoochun’s fans are demanding someone else to leave, they should ask yoochun and not her. selfish fans?

  37. 37 KZ

    Stupid fans are stupid.

  38. 38 Ginger

    Fangirls need to get real lives. How can you mess with someone’s livelihood like this? Fandom shouldn’t be so serious.

  39. 39 sy

    Wow.. That’s just sad and extremely childish!
    These people don’t even have a valid/legitimate reason for firing the actress and they expect the producers to do so just by kicking up a big fuss?!

    Gosh I can only imagine the day when poor JYJ has to announce their marriage plans, these people will probably threaten to murder the spouses to take their place! (Ok that may be a little extreme but you get the driff.. LOL)

  40. 40 Nia

    those fans does not realize that their demand could affect yoochun as well…get over the childish phase please…this makes me remember “Dating on Earth” issues…if you get what i mean…

  41. 41 lovelyday

    I’ve been following this issue since it was first brought to the table by drama fans (not Yoochun fans) on MBC dcinside gallery, and I can tell you that not everything that has been released by the press are accurate.

    The drama fans had problems with her sullied image (having released a nude photoshoot) and bad acting (calling her the epitome of ‘foot acting’, which had been so bad that in her previous dramas, she received so much complaints that her scenes were all cut).

    MBC and LeeKim production (the production company for this drama) do not like Jang Mi In Ae’s casting either, but they had no choice but to accept her because C-JeS (Yoochun’s and Jang Mi In Ae’s management company) used her casting as a condition for Yoochun’s casting. When her casting was first confirmed, MBC encouraged drama fans to voice their opinions/dissatisfaction over her on the MBC comment section on their homepage. MBC fuelled the contention.

    Just 2 days ago (a day before the press conference), a news was released by the media regarding this issue, saying specifically that it was Yoochun’s fans who were making the complaints, when it wasn’t exactly just Yoochun’s fans. And guess what? C-JeS released it to the press itself. At what expense? Angering Yoochun’s fans further to publicise Jang Mi In Ae.

    And Yoochun did make a clarification at the press conference, having to ‘feel apologetic’ towards Jang Mi In Ae.

    Everything is just media play, and the timing C-JeS released this news was to coincide with the press conference, providing publicity (albeit bad, but there’s the saying that bad publicity is still publicity) for the drama and Jang Mi In Ae.

    • 41.1 lovelyday

      Oh, adding onto why drama fans had problems with her casting was that they disapproved of the way she was casted – being ‘bundled’ and used as a condition to Yoochun’s casting – because they felt she didn’t earned it herself.
      Also, being angered at C-JeS threatening Yoochun’s future casting if they continue with this behaviour, like how Jang Hyuk lost his Secret Garden casting to Hyun Bin after his management company used the same trick to cast another female actress from the same company.

      • 41.1.1 Jay

        This is so ironic, considering Yoochun is pretty much a “junior” in the acting industry himself and has not been universally praised as an acting genius, from what I’ve heard. Would he ever be getting lead roles if not for being an idol? So it’s okay if he gets roles based on reasons other than talent or experience, but it’s unacceptable for someone else in his company?

        Also, doesn’t it occur to those protesting supposedly for Yoochun that 1) the protests are threatening Yoochun’s future casting if productions don’t want to deal with messes like this and 2) Yoochun, being from the same company, could very well be in support of this actor and want her to get the role?

        • lenrasoon

          “So it’s okay if he gets roles based on reasons other than talent or experience, but it’s unacceptable for someone else in his company?”

          MTE the hypocrisy is stunning.

      • 41.1.2 skelly

        lovelyday, those sound like excuses to me. She’s not a bad actress, she got good press back in the Soulmate days and her rep is certainly good enough for a supporting role. And this bundling everyone is fuming over – this is common practice! To choose to be upset about it this time around shows that there has to be another reason.

        I agree with other posters that the real reason is jealousy, some bizarre need to shield the Anointed One from anything resembling sexuality. Of course, the irony is that if Yoon Eun Hye decides to turn it on, she could burn poor Yoochun to a crisp as well. But people don’t dare attack her, because she has a famously rabid fanbase of her own.

      • 41.1.3 gorou

        Thanks for the explaination. I’m so confused about this whole thing. But from someone who’s watching from the sideline, this is kinda fun.

    • 41.2 FishFiend

      Thanks for posting your eye-opening comment. Obviously you have a clearer and more thorough understanding of this situation than JB… All this fuss made over media play. It looks like everyone here has played right into CJeS’s hands, lol.

    • 41.3 Lotus_Blossom


      Thanks for the info. It appears that the situation is more complicated than being reported in the media. I am sensing a lot of tusselings behind the scene.

      What perplexes me is that some of my fellow fans act as if Yoochun has no say in this. It is generally understood that unlike their time with SM Entertainment, the JYJ boys are their own bosses now, so I bet C-Jes agency got the go-ahead from Yoochun.

      My guess is that because Yoochun has had a string of bad publicity the past few years–starting with JYJ’s lawsuit against SM and most recently, the saesang incidents before Rooftop Prince, some of the fans got overly protective and went way overboard. It’s ironic that in their quest to protect Yoochun, a junior in the acting industry, they could end up causing problems for him instead.

      I like Jang Mi-in-ae’s performance in Soulmate and she is definitely qualified for this role. It’s too bad that she got the short end of the stick here. Cultural awareness aside, this tunnel-vision love for one person at the expense of having any consideration for other’s well being smack of inhumane mob mentality–cyberspace style.

      Well, thank goodness that she is staying. Let’s hope that everything will blow over soon. If the teaser is any indication, this drama is gonna a doozy.

      • 41.3.1 azzelie

        I don’t get it.

        If JYJ are indeed just hiring CJes as their management (and not the other way around) why would Yoochun give the ok to create this negative press just so the drama gets talked about, given that this is his first drama after the sasaeng scandal and he is still not A list actor in the industry.
        Why would Yoochun care about a no name actress enough to jeopardize his own career and reputation?

  42. 42 Jillia

    Go to school and use your brain, Netizens! Don’t you have anythingelse to do? *sigh*

  43. 43 SoulsEntwined

    Yoochun fans are embarrassing him and embarrassing themselves. All this is going to do his make PDs reluctant to work with Yoochun.

    • 43.1 befuddled


  44. 44 christy

    I shudder to even think how things would be if netizens ruled the world.

  45. 45 becca_boo

    Wow, that’s just crazy.

    I’m so glad the production team is standing by her, not only because I love her but because that would be a terrible way for any actress to be dropped from a drama. I hope her performance will change people’s minds, and if not, I at least hope that they’ll learn to get over their disappointment.


  46. 46 winter2012

    korean netizens!!!please get a grip of yourselves!!its just a freakin drama.get a life.

  47. 47 Inggg

    Drama behind a drama,,, oy!

  48. 48 Kelsie

    These particular group of fans have really gone overboard. Because of their stupid act, Yoo Chun is getting back all the unintentional hate. Poor guy.

  49. 49 Katherine

    I thought those days of crazy DBSK/JYJ/TVXQ fans were over but yet here we are once again.
    Just chill the f*** out and enjoy the show. Why cause such a fuss over her an actress who is only playing a secondary character. Get over themselves & do something useful for once.

  50. 50 Mar

    There should be absolutely no response to this from the entertainment companies involved. That a rep felt the need to defend why this actress was cast is ludicrous. This kind of behavior should not be encouraged.

    There is a reason I’s make a terrible celeb. I’d have a crazy people shit-list. I’d have each and every one of these people investigated and systematically destroy them one by one over time.

    Hey, I’ve learned a lot about appreciating vengeance from my Korean movie and tv viewing. 😉

    • 50.1 rearwindow

      Haha, is it terrible that I think this would make an AWESOME subject for a dark comedy revenge drama?? An uber-popular golden boy actor gets fed up with his crazy fans and decides to take each and every one of them out.

      • 50.1.1 Sajen

        I don’t know is it terrible that I think if you take the comedy part out and leave it just a dark revenge drama you’ve got a perfect idea?

        • Mar

          I think both dark comedy and pure veng have merit, but I’d lead toward dark comedy that’s just more my style. I wish I had the bandwidth to write something even a short story, but alas, I’m tapped out on coursework. Ok, drama writers, get to work on this and I will not even ask for a royalty, and neither will Yoochun and his costars, because hey, you’d just say the project has been in development for 2 years anyway right?

          I’m think Jung Il Woo as the lead. And that girl that played the 2nd male leads sister from Panda. The one that went around calling the guys hyung lol.

      • 50.1.2 Airyn

        This idea is GOLD. Just take out the comedy part. Muwahahaha! 😉

      • 50.1.3 bbstl

        Glorious idea! Three cheers for the Jung Il Woo idea, too!

        • Mar

          Well, I’m thinking now Yoochun should be cast as Jung Il Woo’s best friend who happens to be a bad ass security “consultant” aka partner in vengeance. It was the turtleneck in the pics, all coverty looking haha. He can play a John Cusack ala Grosse Pointe Blank morally flexible type. Woot. Jung Soo-young needs to be in this fantasy casting too hahaha.

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