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Kang Dong-won’s first post-army photo shoot
by | December 5, 2012 | 70 Comments

He’s baaaa~aaaaa~ck! *Snoopy Dance* Kang Dong-won (Psychic, Secret Reunion) is back from army duty and High Cut was the first to get their hands on him for a photo shoot, complete with appropriate fanfare. I mean, is a video teaser announcing that a photo shoot is on its way really necessary? And yet… there I was, watching the teaser, waiting days till the pictures came out. Sigh.

The photo shoot is actually in conjunction with a CF, and is a collaboration with director Lee Myung-sae of M and The Duelist, both starring Kang. I don’t know why he’s on rollerskates, but it sure looks like a good time, crazy polka-dotted head-to-toe outfit with capelet notwithstanding. He sounds eager to get back to work, and has apparently filled the coming two years with projects already — two are finalized while the other two are working out scheduling issues. Damn, he’s not messing around.

I’m sure we’ll hear more casting news soon, and though in all likelihood he’s talking about four movies, wouldn’t it be nice if he took a detour to dramaland? Is there a chance that being away has made indiscriminately project-happy? Here’s to hoping.

In any case, it’s always nice when an actor has missed being onscreen as much as he’s been missed. Welcome back.

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70 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mtoh

    Weeelcomeee back, wuhuhuhuhu! *faint *rolling pics one more time
    Take drama this time, it’s been a long time.

  2. Annie

    And he’s a real life chaebol as well. This guy basically has it all.

    • 2.1 gala

      Well-educated too!

      Here’s hoping he reconsiders tv dramas once more.

  3. Hanna

    Ah this is a good day, I see articles on Hyun Bin being discharged today and immediately after I see this… good day, indeed!

    • 3.1 Rashell

      Ha….dramabeaners think alike! πŸ˜‰

      • 3.1.1 Mashimomo

        I don’t understand Hangul at all, but changed the trending topics to Korea on Twitter, clicked on the first link and VOILA! Hyun Bin is currently #1 right now. This really made me ΓΌber happy πŸ™‚

        • news

          Really? Even though I like Hyun Bin, it somehow doesn’t seem like he’s been gone that long but KDW? He’s been gone FOREVERRRR! So very happy to have him back.

        • Opal

          Unlike HB who announced his in and out for military service and attracted pulicity. KDW is always quite, doesn’t care much for air time, I like his style more, so welcome back KDW, anticipating his projects whatever it may be (films or dramas).

          Don’t care much of HB. Neither like him nor dislike him so will only see a project he is in solely because of the story. Didn’t finish the Secret Garden but loves MNIKSS.

    • 3.2 lenrasoon

      hahaha me too

  4. Rashell

    Well, it’s good that he’s back and at least got some projects lined up. I’ll try not to be greedy about getting a drama from him.

    And I’m hoping that with Binnie getting released tomorrow, we’ll soon be seeing a couple of post-army boys back on screen.

  5. cereal94

    KDW is so damn fine! I guess my Christmas is gonna be merry this year. It’s Hyunbin’s turn tomorrowwwwwww

    • 5.1 OMG

      m so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dduk

    OMG wouldn’t it be awesome-tacular is he and joowon did a drama together!?!?!? I could just imagine the lawls and the nose bleeds from the hotness of those two guys… One can only dream.

    • 6.1 Maya

      They could act as siblings!

    • 6.2 Eeefu

      … pls add Yoochun as well

    • 6.3 Gaeina Lee

      I’ll be in the heaven if they do movie together… 3 of them. ^^

    • 6.4 Ennayra

      Can it be him, Joo-won, and T.O.P instead? Por favor?

      • 6.4.1 ajj

        Him,TOP and Joo Won!!! OH my gosh they should do that.

      • 6.4.2 dduk

        I think my body would shut down if that happened.

        • Steph

          Our bodies are not ready.

          but I still want it!

  7. jomo

    I saw this gorgeous stuff and couldn’t believe he was out!

    I know he looks like Joo Won, but omg, doesn’t he look like PYC in the foggy/rainy window pic?

    • 7.1 leaf

      i agree! he looks more like joo won (or the other way around) but there are pics of him where i can really see yoochun. urgh! i love both JW and YC and if i see KDW in a drama, i think my heart would explode. πŸ˜›

    • 7.2 beppu10

      I thought I was the only one who saw the resemblance with Yoochunie…I’m glad to know I have company! πŸ˜€

      OT but really not OT at all: Hyun Bin’s back as well?!?!?


      • 7.2.1 news

        Me thinks in general he’s his unique handsome self; it’s just in the 2nd photo that he resembles Yoochun. That’s mainly from the styling, lighting and angle.

        • Orion

          Thank you. That.

  8. Ennayra

    I love him. Thanks for this post!

  9. momosan

    Hello, sweetie! 😎 Gotta love that smile.

  10. 10 hpn88

    one of my biggest and first k-actor crushes. I love him in way I love almost no other actor

    • 10.1 hamster428

      me too! he’s my k-actor bias since his Too Beautiful to Lie and Wolf Attraction days

    • 10.2 Eaglette

      Stand in line!! I think I had a couple of sleepless nights a couple of years ago after “the duelist”

      • 10.2.1 momosa

        Me too! Duelist did it! Remember the sneezing scene in the market.. I cannot believe that someone can sneeze so beautifully!!!!

  11. 11 Jyyjc

    In the pic with the shopping cart he kinda looks like yoochun’s bro park yoonhwan.

  12. 12 cv

    Second pic, he looks like PYC’s younger brother. πŸ˜›

    • 12.1 cv

      Well, the one with the kart. ^^

  13. 13 Tash

    Christmas came early this year…KDW’s first shoot and Hyun Bin is out of the army in a few hours!!!!!

  14. 14 yammy

    I literally yelped when I saw this and had to explain to my confused roommate why I was squealing. <3

  15. 15 Lelo

    OMG My Ultimate leading man obsession is back!!! He’s basically perfection. I mean he’s T.O.P., Yoochun, and Joo Won all wrapped up in one manly talent filled package! *waits impatiently for news of his upcoming project* swoon!

  16. 16 ajj

    Please do a drama this time Kang Dong Won oppa..

  17. 17 Silkwood

    i love him on “Maundy Thursday” welcome back my ultimate crushie! πŸ™‚

  18. 18 Orion

    Well, he has said he’s never intending to do drama again and I imagine it’s not something for everyone. Some actors need their time to do their best and we all know filming dramas is one tough environment for creativity and inspiration. I imagine filming ‘Magic’ was really tough, because that’s the last drama saw of him.

    Glad he’s back though and looking forward to his projects. Lee Myung Se seems to still be buddy-buddy with him, so can I hope for another collaboration in a film? I would love that.

    Also, thank goodness he gained some weight. Still skinny, but at least he’s not all bones, like he was after ‘Haunters’ and when he entered the army. Eat more and act more, good man.

  19. 19 Susan

    he looks freakishly like my cousin O_O

    • 19.1 Orion

      Brace yourself for requests to meet your cousin. πŸ˜›

    • 19.2 nozomi05

      How long is your cousin? LOL… πŸ™‚

      • 19.2.1 Susan

        I think he’s 21 now

    • 19.3 nozomi05

      I meant how old is your cousin…?

      My brain got fried from all the hotness that is Kang Dong Won!

      LOL…. hahahahha

      • 19.3.1 heayun

        LOL. I was like, whaaaat?
        And Susan, we would like to see pictures please πŸ˜€

    • 19.4 Lelo

      Tell your cousin i’m single haha

  20. 20 canxi

    Loving his fluffy hair and the all polka-dot everything works for him πŸ™‚

  21. 21 red

    I love this post….how I wish he would do a drama

  22. 22 indigowine

    Dear Lord, I hope he kept taking antagonist role for his upcoming movies.

    I lurrrveeee whenever he played the bad guy.. oh the dilemma and the agonizing pain (for me, I mean, not for the protagonists xD)

    Voice of A Murderer, Psychic.. *shiver*

  23. 23 ravens_nest

    I think I’m sobbing onto my laptop. I’ve been waiting for him for so long, I just can’t control myself!!!!

    Anxiously awaiting the day I can see him on my monitor again. Can’t wait until I, again, stroke my computer screen and croon his name pitifully because I can never be his woman.

  24. 24 huiting

    I’m sorry but I have to say this..
    He is so perfect.

    I just watched Maundy Thursday yesterday, and even after a full 8 hours of sleep, my mind still can’t forget the the movie.. especially the last few scenes which kept appearing on my mind vividly.

    I really hope he takes up a project really soon, we missed him so, so much! πŸ™

  25. 25 BattleAngel

    Loved Kang Don Won since “Temptation of Wolves” and loved him in “maundy thursday” too! It does seem like he’s been gone forever! So glad he’s back! I love Hyun Bin too but it didn’t seem like he was gone as long.

  26. 26 Howforwardsale

    *pant* I can barely type. 2nd pic, fogged up/rained on window, Kang Dong Won getting choked!! This is everything that Lee Jun Ki’s photoshoot was supposed to be.

  27. 27 venap

    the last photo reminds me of him in The Duelist… wow!
    It would have been better if he’s the lead for the on-going drama Jeon Woo Chi

  28. 28 cad

    So, KDW is back. Hurrah. And my ultimate crush Joo Won and TOP, sooner or later will be next . Ouch. Andwae!

    Kang Dong Won
    Joo Won

    They do look alike.

    (psstt : I put it in their debut order. HA)

    And what can I say… If you look like Kang Dong Won, TOP and Joo Won… You will never go wrong. Never.

  29. 29 Iphiecham

    I’m sorry if i sound rude but why do almost all Korean stars have have face???

  30. 30 Neeko

    Now I truly feel the Christmas spirit~!

  31. 31 Orion

    Ok, this might get me some hate, but I’m used to that.

    I have seen TOP on video, Joo Won, Yoochun. I really don’t see how one can confuse these guys. Yes, maybe under specific circumstances, lighting, make-up and if the planets are aligned, but we’re not Asian. Of course some Asians will feel similar to us, just like many westerners probably “all look the same” to them.

    These men have their own talents and own beauty. I feel it’s a bit offending to them to only look at their faces and call them clones of each other. It’s like saying the most important thing about them is how much they look like some other guy.

    So, no offense to all the comments talking about this, but I just want to understand you all. Do you actually see beyond the similarities and into each person’s uniqueness? Do you think about their acting, skills, work? And since you probably do, do you also comment about those things online? What I’m saying is, yes, let’s say they look alike. Nothing wrong with an interesting observation.

    But when everyone is saying the same thing, many times, in many places online, over and over again, how does that make us, as fans, look? Superficial, would be my guess (even if we’re not). And how would these actors feel if they knew that is all people find interesting about them (they can’t know your inner thoughts if this is all you write about).

    Again, no offense and it’s your right to say anything you want, but it’s something I’m trying to understand since so many people seem to do it and since it seems “wrong” in my eyes.

    • 31.1 passerby

      Thanks, Orion, your post is the light among the “random simmilarities” darkness.

      • 31.1.1 passerby

        OMG, I forgot the word “threads”.

    • 31.2 Hui Ting

      Thank you.

      This is a Kang Dong-won post, not a ‘wow this man is a combination of bla bla’ post. It’s sad when half of the comments are all talking about his look-alikes because KDW is one extremely talented actor who has a ‘solid’ filmography and deserves more praise.

      Ok we get it, he looks like Joo Won, he looks like TOP, he looks like Yoo-chun. We get it. I’m sure they know it as well. Now, can we just have a KDW post without these ‘superficial’ (not the best word to describe but yeap) comments?

      • 31.2.1 Orion

        It’s fine making such a comment too, but not when one makes it the only thing in their agenda over and over again. At least mention their talents, future projects, some other form of praise other than “he’s hot and looks like A or B”.

        You can’t say “Oh my God, I love this guy”, act like a fan and then only talk about his face. A fan is someone who appreciates, comments on, follows one’s work/professional career. I’ve been talking about the actors’ I like hotness too, but I do keep in mind they’re actors and individual human beings, above all.

        When the majority of comments are such, it makes the fandom look shallow and also creates the wrong kind of idea to third parties about the celebrities themselves.

        To be brutally honest, if I had gotten to know about KDW (or any guy) through their fans, I probably would have dismissed them as talentless pretty-boys, given that’s how most fans treat them. And I would have missed out on some talented people doing solid works of good quality.

        What I’m saying is, if you really do admire and appreciate these actors/singers/whatever as artists and professionals, do at least comment on their work once in a while, not just their hairdo. Your comments matter more than you think, sometimes.

    • 31.3 Kaybee

      Add Jung Joon Young on the list. In fact he and Joo Won looks like the lost brothers of Kang Dong Won!!!

      I am still having the after effect of SuperStar K4 and LOVE Jung Joon Young and couldn’t help seeing the similarities between him and Kang dong Won.
      Kang Dong Won with Go Soo and few others are my all time favourite actors and I do agree with you…
      It is in fact natural for people to draw similarities… It is not an insult like someone pointed out but finding similar ground of reference…
      For me since I’ve known KDW before all these look-a-likes, I tend to like them naturally at first only because they look like my favourite and then I notice their talent and personality and appreciate them for their own talent and individual merit…

  32. 32 Fab

    Aight, what’s Yoochun doing in the second pic? :p

    Soooo glad KDW is back!

  33. 33 Orion

    Some more photos from the shoot, at Soompi. Lee Myung Se was definitely the right choice for the pictorial. Awesome guy. This really was the best possible first work for his comeback.

  34. 34 someone12

    one of the young actor i respect the most of s.korea . this guy never take acting as a joke , he can feel that he choose his roles wif serious thoughts in mind and is always looking to improve n to challenge himself to new genre . Not to mention that he is so damn smart n is so effing delicious looking , there’s no wonder female celeb flock to his side left n right .

    he might have look alike like joowon n others but honestly for me , none possess the charm n the aura that kdw has . so damn mysterious , so damn low profile n that for me is very very sexy.

  35. 35 MsB

    Just one more drama, my love. Just one more! Love him!

  36. 36 Kaybee

    One of the finest and BEST actors of S. Korea!!!
    I LOVE his style of acting and his easy going ways… He has a very unique style of acting which is very eclectic… He may not be a ‘method’ actor or very ‘ brooding-expressive’ actor but he is somewhat like Johnny Depp…. He has a style which is very him… He is weird and cool at the same time… Awww…. I can go on and on…
    Glad to see his pictorials! Hope to see his films (and dramas)… πŸ˜€

  37. 37 am

    GAH! I’m sorry I cheated on you with Joo Won while you were gone.

    Not gonna comment on your photos but I’m just glad you’re back…hurry and be in a light drama or movie.

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