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King’s Dream in danger of losing lead actor, on heels of losing lead actress
by | December 28, 2012 | 57 Comments

Wow. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a drama plagued by such horrible luck, so many times over. Weekend KBS sageuk King’s Dream already had to lose its lead actress Park Joo-mi after a car accident in November, and now it’s ALSO about to lose its lead actor, Choi Su-jong, who suffered yet another horseback riding accident on the set.

Choi Su-jong actually had a series of accidents over the last few months while shooting the drama: a car accident in September (injuring his back), a horse-riding accident in October (where he was thrown from a horse and injured his shoulder), and then this most recent riding accident that broke bones. The crazier part is that he’s been holding out and shooting the drama this whole time without getting surgery, but this last accident was severe enough to send him to the hospital.

He eventually had to get surgery on the 27th for a broken collarbone and a broken hand, as well as the previous injuries, and has been ordered to rest for two months. Choi Su-jong is reportedly trying to get the all-clear to come back to the set, which eeep — I know you’re an actor’s actor and dedicated and amazing, but SHOULDN’T YOU REST?

And of course the other question is, where does that leave the drama? King’s Dream is barely on Episodes 25-26, out of a whopping 80 total. Very early on in the production, the original actor cast as Kim Yu-shin (Choi Jae-sung) suffered a horse-riding accident on set (Seeing a theme here?) and was replaced by Kim Yoo-seok. Following Park Joo-mi’s accident, actress Hong Eun-hee replaced her as Queen Seon-deok, and now just three weeks later the production finds itself in another tailspin, and having to prepare for the fact that they might lose their lead actor too. I… wouldn’t wish this plight on my worst enemy.

KBS issued a statement saying that Choi Su-jong’s health comes first, and that they’re awaiting the results of the surgery before deciding how to proceed. King’s Dream airs on weekends on KBS.

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57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you for the news! I am off to read now…

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      This is really sad :-(. Choi Su-jong is one of my favorite actors, and I loved him in “(The) President.” I agree with GF and KBS (hope they are sincere) that his health should come first and one would hope that he would take that very seriously *SMH.*

      I wish him and Park Joo-mi and Choi Jae-sung a recovery period that would really allow them to rest and heal. There is a reason why after such accidents (and especially after they go through surgery), the patients are asked to stay home and actually recover AND let their bodies heal. I hope CSJ will listen to the voice of reason and I just hope that somehow the production team will find a solution to their many problems.

      Still, health first. We only have one body… Thank you GF for this update, I had been thinking about this drama and about CSJ this week.

  2. vivi-chan :)

    This is horrible and I admire him for pulling it this far but I think no one and I mean no one would take him as an irresponsible actor if he would pull out wish him the best and to the drama crew a well

    • 2.1 Gala

      If he pulls out and someone bashed him, then shame on them for being so insensitive.

      I hate to bring up an old issue but comaparing it to Han Ye Seul puts her in a bad light. I completely agree on her “protest” reasons, health shoukd be a priority. but then we get these actors like CSJ and it’d make you think how unprofessional she behaved by inconveniencing a lot of people. This level of dedication and professionalism from CSJ are quite admirable.

      • 2.1.1 Orion

        There’s a fine line between admirable and stupid. I’m sorry, but getting broken bones and serious injuries and still wanting to keep going is not admirable. It’s just masochistic and desperate. I am not speaking about this man, as I am sure he felt he could go on until this point, but if a person reaches this point and still goes on, they’re suicidal.

        I admire a person who loves their job. Not one who loves their job more than their life. Waiting for one should to have broken bones before telling them it’s ok to stop is cruel. There are emotional and mental injuries as well as having your character insulted. I don’t see why any employee should take those with a smile and a bow, just like they shouldn’t take physical abuse or injury.

        So I’m sorry if she “inconvenienced” people by demanding to be treated like one, but just because everyone is willing to keep going with broken bones, bruises, fainting, infections and heavy flues, just to name a few, does not mean what she did was wrong or arrogant. It just means everyone else is being very unfair to themselves and unhealthy.

        But, of course, if netizens need to see broken bones until they go “Please stop, we respect you” and anything less than that brings floods of “What a diva” comments, the industry won’t change and actors will be afraid to react until it gets to such dire situations.

        • JoAnne

          when no one says the truth everyone has to do stupid things just to stay in the running – Han Ye Seul was brave to do what she did

          • Orion

            Exactly. And before someone speaks about proper court procedures and suing, let me remind you this is Korea and it’s a very dirty and corrupt society and industry. The media would have been paid to turn her into a devil and the court to make her lose. Drastic moves are sometimes all that is left and more are doing it now, which is good.

        • Gala

          Agreed, but I still find it admirable on his part. Like I implied, I understand HYS’s reason. Filming system in Korea needs to be changed. And that’s probably her last resort. But it doesn’t change the fact that she didn’t include how others will be affected. She wasn’t the only one having a hard time. If she discussed it with her co-stars and they knew of what she’d do, then that’s a different story. In the end, nothing happened. She had to apologize and the system wasn’t at all changed. The unfortunate thing, her reputation was stained a bit.

          CSJ, on the other hand, can be seen stupid, but this is only because he committed to this project. He’s the lead star. The drama rests on his shoulder. I feel he’s taking into consideration everyone else before himself. That alone is admirable enough, isn’t it?

          • Ash

            The thing is, lead actors shouldn’t be the only ones shouldering the burden of the drama; networks and production staff should be responsible for taking care of their actors. Choi Su-jong shouldn’t be trying to work through the pain because he shouldn’t have been hurt so many times in the first place. That many accidents and injuries and cast replacements, and they’re only about a quarter of the way through? Shameful.

            To me, the most unfortunate thing about what happened with Han Ye-seul is that things like this debacle *still happen*. She wasn’t the only one having a hard time, no, but she was the one willing to protest. CSJ might be admirable and dedicated, but to my mind, HYS is a lot braver.

          • houstontwin

            HYS showed a lot of courage standing up for her rights and demanding that the producers uphold their contractual obligations. If anyone was inconsiderate to the crew and the actors, it was the producer not HYS.

          • houstontwin

            Ash, sorry that I echoed your comment. I should have read more carefully! Your right about all those accidents on the set. The producers are not taking care of the actors.

  3. Lavony

    I think Anthony would wish this on his nemesis lol

    But if this happened to him, What would Anthony do?

    • 3.1 nimble

      Uh… who’s Anthony?

      • 3.1.1 Mystisith

        What do you mean? You don’t know the best businessman ever of Dramaland? Go watch The King of Dramas and you’ll understand. 🙂

        • Ivoire

          Say it Mysti, 🙂

        • Arhazivory

          This ^ 😀

    • 3.2 Ivoire

      LOL with you Lavony. I think the Anthony of early KoDs would wish this on his nemesis, not so sure about current Anthony who goes into a building with fire to rescue an extra, at his own peril and risks.

      If Anthony yelled at GE for not taking good care of herself, really, hum… What would Anthony do? (I would hope he would rest and make sure GE is by his side as often as possible 🙂 )

    • 3.3 gem

      exactly my immediate thought!^_^

  4. p3rk3le

    there’s one thing being a pro and another to be completely irresponsible about your health. work matters sure but your health should always come first!!

    and i looooove horses, but is it possible the ones they use arent trained that well?

    …poor guy and the crew/drama.

  5. crazedlu

    my GOSH. ep cut? hope he heals well. maybe they should take the fake horse route, strongest chil woo style.


    HAHAHHAHAHAHA. i still laugh.

  6. Mystisith

    I wish that actor the best, starting with a full recovery.
    How many horse riding accidents in Dramaland? If my memory serves me well, Bae Yong-joon stopped his career as an actor because of one which demolished his back.
    I say train your actors properly or hire stunt doubles.

    • 6.1 kellie

      CSJ has always been one of sageuk’s better horsemen. I believe the story is that the horse slipped on ice, the horse did the falling, not the actor.

      • 6.1.1 Arishia

        If that’s the case, then shame on them. Even with cleats on the horseshoes, it’s tricky and dangerous for the best of riders to navigate slippery footing, and dangerous for the horses as well. Someone should have known better. Sorry to be a scold, but even a Pony Clubber could exercise better judgement than this.

  7. I Don't Mean to Nitpick But

    “King’s Dream in danger of losing lead actor, on heels of losing lead actress”

    I don’t mean to nitpick, but the comma in this post’s title is kind of bugging me. IMHO, the comma is unnecessary and should be removed. My reasons: 1. commas are generally omitted from article titles 2. “on heels of losing lead actress” isn’t a parenthetical element but necessary information; hence, a comma in this situation would be a misapplication.

    • 7.1 Mystisith

      I don’t like when I don’t understand: Why commas are not used in titles? Cause I use them and it’s not a problem at the moment. (Again, I’m not a professional writer so there must be something I don’t get.)
      “King’s Dream” is the exact title of the drama. It’s like “You’ve Fallen for Me”: I don’t see how you can avoid the comma…

      • 7.1.1 I Don't Mean to Nitpick But

        I’m not a grammar expert either. I’m not even majoring in English/writing, etc. I just learned a few things along the way while googling for grammar answers for essays and such. Basically, there are rules for comma usage, and I’m pretty sure none of the rules apply in this case.

        You could just replace “on heels of” with “right after” and see for yourself. Which title do you prefer: “King’s Dream in danger of losing lead actor right after losing lead actress” or “King’s Dream in danger of losing actor, right after losing lead actress.” To me, in the second case it seems as though “on heels of losing lead actress” is being forced to be a parenthetic element for the sake of making the title easier to read in chunks. However, IMHO, it’s unnecessary.

      • 7.1.2 luri

        Point of clarity: The apostrophe, referred to erroneously as an inverted comma, is used for possessives (e.g. Bob’s cola) or contractions (e.g. I’ve) or even when writing out colloquial or slang expressions to stand in for missing letters (e.g. goin’ to the movies). The true comma is a partial stop in a sentence. It can bracket a parenthetical phrase such as in my first sentence, act as a divider for lists, or help separate portions of complex sentences.

        • luri

          Sorry, 7.2 didn’t load on my computer until after I had posted.

    • 7.2 Annie

      My problem with the comma is that it implies the loss of the lead actress has not yet occurred – Mystisith, are you confusing commas with apostrophes?

      • 7.2.1 Mystisith

        Oh, OK. And yes I just had a brain fart… Thanks for the answer. 🙂

      • 7.2.2 I Don't Mean to Nitpick But

        Yup, that’s another problem the inclusion of the (unnecessary) comma entails. Even though I knew that “on the heels of” means “right after,” the composition of the title and the inclusion of the comma led me to leap to that conclusion as well.

        And while I’m on a grammar nazi roll, there’s another error in the title. The correct idiomatic expression is “on THE heels of” not “on heels of.”

        Bleh, I don’t know why I’m so finicky about grammar… guess I’m just OCD about everything OTL

    • 7.3 crazedlu

      meh? i’m as grammar’d up as the next person, but there’s a sort of freedom that comes with writing article titles. errrnyways.

      • 7.3.1 I Don't Mean to Nitpick But

        Errrrrmahhhhgerdddd… it’s at times like these where I wish I weren’t so OCD. Facepalm.

        Umm, brace yourself for paragraphs? 3. 2. 1.

        Well, to me, it appears as though the comma was inserted either to signify a pause (when reading out loud) or to notate the separation between the two clauses. However, the existence of a reading pause is not a standalone reason to use a comma, ie you can’t just use commas whenever you feel like there should be pauses in your sentences. And, unless listing things, or inserting introductory or parenthetical elements, one technically shouldn’t be stringing together dependent clauses with commas.

        I think GF either mistakenly assumed that “on heels of losing lead actress” was a parenthetical element, or intentionally forced it to become a parenthetical element for the sake of making the title easier to read in chunks. However, the effect of forcing a non-parenthetical element to become a parenthetical element can have a confusing effect on readers. In fact, I think the confusion in this case was compounded precisely because this was an article title. People assume that a comma in an article title means that the following clause will be somewhat distinct from the previous clause. Therefore, in this case, I was thrown a bit off-kilter because the comma in this case was for two closely linked clauses, not two distinct clauses as I had expected. So I see no reason for the inclusion of the comma. I think the title is clearer and makes more sense without it.

        Again, sorry for the paragraphs 🙂 It’s fine if you tl;dr

    • 7.4 KimYoonmi

      Grammarian here. A little bit about finicky English…

      The grammar is omitting words. The complete title would be:

      King’s Dream is in danger of losing lead actor, which is on the heels of losing its lead actress.

      “King’s Dream is in danger of losing lead actor” is an independent clause

      “which is on the heels of losing its lead actress.” is a dependent clause. The dependent clause needs the first clause, so it gets a comma.

      News titles do it frequently… they omit words. So does English, though more frequently it’s on the object rather than the verb. (I am. That is a complete sentence–there is no object needed.)

      English, though, being kinda the bohemian language it is picks up grammar rules and bits from other languages making it a pain in the butt. Thus you get seemingly illogical grammar exceptions.

      Titles are one of those things. I used to complain to high heavens about titles, so my parents and teachers argued to me to fill in the missing words so I would get it. This in turn, helped me to fix the grammar.

      Here, it seems like you are right (looks like a comma splice)… until the missing words are filled in and it is made a complete sentence instead of a fragment.

      Once the implied words are fit into the sentence, you will see it is not a comma splice, but a legit use of a comma… in which case you could argue that the omission of words could be more efficient, but English titles follow separate rules from regular sentences, such as spoken ones follow different rules from written ones or that poems follow different form from stories.

      Take it that way. And believe me I understand how nonsensical English is since I struggled against the stupid language for most of my childhood while a well-meaning fluent speaker told me to “sound it out” I don’t think I have a chance of that when one word is Spanish, another is Old French, another Latin, another German and another is Japanese in origin and even there not all rules apply evenly. Get serious here.
      Plurals: mouse mice die dice house houses deer deer sheep sheep bacterium bacteria virus viruses
      Pronunciation: rough through tough threw rue though
      Grammar: a th nothing… (my friends from other countries don’t get what is the nothing? I had to explain… if you aren’t sure if it is a or the, then it gets nothing… but then they are like, shouldn’t you know? TT I’m sorrryyy), implied groups (We went to the furniture store. Why not furnitures Store? There were a school of fish. There are many kinds of fish. Why not fishes?), compound adjectives (which don’t really exist in German nor French at least with hyphens like that), and exceptions to make your head bleed with the illogic of it.

      That’s what you get with a German language trying to be Latin. It was long on its way to being messed up before it tried to become a Lingua Franca. (Trade language)

  8. shiku

    So sad! I hope he feels better and is given time to recover soon. I loved him in EWG and EotS as he is a good actor.

  9. asianromance

    Yikes! I’m surprised they had put him back on the horse after the first accident and with the spout of bad luck the production has been having. And why isn’t anyone cutting the number of episodes down? And Choi Su Jong should really get some rest to heal and make sure he has a healthy enough body to continue making dramas in the future.

  10. 10 HeadsNo2

    Not that I would wish this plight on any other person, but, why does it seem like stunt doubles don’t exist in this production?

  11. 11 momosan

    For the love of drama, use stunt riders!!! You do not put your $$ actors on a horse, and you especially do not put an injured $$ actor on a horse.

    I’m guessing that if he had surgery on a broken hand, he ain’t doing nothing. I had a broken hand put back together, it was all little metal pins and braces and months of physical therapy just to use it normally. Had to relearn how to write and the whole nine yards.

    Hopefully he’ll listen to his docs and get well soon.

  12. 12 iworryaboutmetoo

    They should put the series on hiatus like they do with American TV shows. It’ll suck, but it’s a better option than practically killing their actors or, worse, replacing them mid-series.

  13. 13 ck1Oz

    Has anyone ever Google how long people need to rest post fractures and or surgery?
    Well if you do we all know it’s nuts getting back to work with such an active drama.I don’t need to Google it but seriously, long term damage sir.Long term consequences for ignoring your surgeons.

  14. 14 turnip

    i say cancel the drama all together since these actors and actresses are getting injured left and right. just exactly how many times can this drama take a hiatus because of injuries? hopefully, it doesn’t end up costing someone’s life before they actually do something.

    i watch this show, but it’s so slow pacing that the story really isn’t getting anywhere.

  15. 15 magnus

    The set is cursed by the drama overlords. Only explanation.
    Seriously though, I’d just cancel the drama or get better horses or horseback training for the actors. That’s just too many accidents to sit around and do nothing about it.

    • 15.1 himonogirl

      Amen to that. I smelled witchcraft as soon as I reached the third paragraph XD
      Sometimes, it’s better to just LEAVE THE SHIP.

  16. 16 Kauaitone

    I say turn the drama into one of those super badass animus so that no one will ever be hurt by those drama horses ever again. 🙂 …unless anime artists get carpal tunnel from too much wrist action when drawing out the characters… then I have no answers. :S

  17. 17 Jenny Loh

    How come pick an actor who has never ride a horse before,

    must get a cowboy (stuntman) to do the job !.

  18. 18 KimYoonmi

    It makes me question the horse handlers/trainers a bit–they should have the time to train both the actors and horses into being able to work with each other, get to know each other to prevent these sorts of accidents as much as possible.

    But, I know, tight schedules make for sloppy choices, but still isn’t it a little excessive when it gets up to three times and the horses are spooking *that8 much breaking the poor actors? Something isn’t happening. Horses aren’t machines. You need to work from both the human and animal end together…

    (And before people say it this is to admonish the production company for not putting this into their schedule… rather than the trainers who probably think everyone is nuts.)

  19. 19 Gaeina Lee

    I was about to check this drama after watching CSJ interview in KBSW where I learned about horse accident , then I learned about another accidents where the lead actress had to leave and replaced.. then CDDA occupied my mind, so I put it under to be watch list, and now this… Ugh, I guess I’ll watch what’s left in KBSW then.

  20. 20 zashi

    So many accidents and mishaps. But really the actor should make sure he is fully recovered before going back to the set. Love that he is professional but his well being comes first. He may feel okay now. But in the long run (when he gets on in years ) he may feel it. So better to take care now and be sure.

    What’s wrong with this set, everyone is getting bad vibes. They should do a ritual or something.

    • 20.1 saranga

      “they should do a ritual or something”—LOL.

    • 20.2 KimYoonmi

      They should do a kkut. Get a mudang there to purify the sets and costumes. Haha.

  21. 21 nakai

    Poor guy.

  22. 22 saranga

    not watching this drama at all, but oof, sounds awful. though i disagree about not wishing this situation on my worst enemy. i think i can scrounge up one or two people i despise enough to wish something like this on.

    would it be at all possible for them to stop and resume filming with the original actors? i don’t know anything about this business…

  23. 23 Gustave154

    Gonna be sad since this the best sageuk currently airing…

  24. 24 kfangurl

    Oh dear. That is just insane. People shouldn’t get hurt feeding our drama addiction :/

  25. 25 Noelle

    Oi, this dude needs to take it easy. It’s borderline crazy at this point.

    Also, whats up with these horses? They need Buck. He’s the horse whisperer.

  26. 26 TS

    Where can I watch this online?

  27. 27 aicy

    i admire the acting of choi su jong.it will be detrimental both to the production as well as to himself if he will insist of continuing the shooting mindless of this injuries.they could shoot other scenes even if they are not yet supposed to be shot so that they would not waste time while choi is recuperating yet.

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