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Im Shi-wan up to star in Song Kang-ho film
by | February 8, 2013 | 20 Comments

Of the latest crop of idol-actors, I’d put Im Shi-wan near the head of the pack, so it’s nice to see him building his resumé and taking on a variety of projects. Aside from his main gig as a pop star with ZE:A, he’s been steadily acting in supporting roles in television (he’s got a sageuk, a melo, and a sitcom on his filmography), on the musical theater stage, and now in cinema.

Where he has the time to do all that, I have no idea, but the guy knows the meaning of striking while the iron’s hot. Next up for Im Shi-wan: a legal drama film starring Song Kang-ho (the decision is not finalized, though the parties are reportedly in negotiations). I think that officially bumps him up a level in the serious actor category; while not everything Song Kang-ho does is golden (ahem, Blue Salt), he’s a definite heavyweight, and would make for Im’s most high-profile co-star thus far.

The film is titled (for now) Attorney and is set in the ’80s, telling the story of a human-rights lawyer. That’s Song Kang-ho, who was once shown a kindness by the son of a restaurant owner in his dirt-poor days, and fed for free. Song later becomes legal counsel for that boy (Im), who has grown up to be a young activist. The role called for a young actor with a decent Busan saturi accent, so Im’s Busan roots came in handy. Aw, this is a great setup; I feel my heartstrings being tugged already.

It appears that scheduling is the big concern here, with Im not yet committing (though he is positively considering it). The movie is set to begin filming in March, but he’s busy with a musical production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, which opens this month and runs through April.

I do think it sounds like a great fit for Im Shi-wan so hopefully he’ll be able to work things out. Admittedly, some of his roles to date haven’t been the most challenging, but there have been glimpses of potential here and there. The Moon That Embraces the Sun didn’t require much of him but to look pretty (literally—his prettiness was the whole narrative purpose of his character), but revenge melo Equator Man gave him more to work with. Unexpectedly, however, it was Standby that stretched his skills the most even with its light and silly storylines. His emotional connection with surrogate dad Ryu Jin always managed to wring a few tears out of me, and grounded the show in something more realistic, I felt. Let’s see if he can keep up his hot streak with his first movie.

Via E News 24, Xports News


20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    haven’t seen any of his works but he looks so pretty!!

  2. Autumn

    I love this guy

  3. bluehachimitsu

    Yay i like him so much since Stand Up! It’s nice to know that he’s going to the big screen. Like you said JB he’s one of the best idol actors out there so i’m glad for him he’s getting more projects.

  4. Phemmy

    He’s selling like pancakes.

  5. PollyRose

    I was wondering why he looked familiar..He was in the GOOD part of Moon/Sun..the kid years!

    I haven’t had the opportunity to see him in anything else, but I remember reading about one of his storylines in an episode of Standby that you wrote a one-off recap for and it made me want to see more of him.

  6. Hubba_Hubba

    Haha, in this picture he kinda looks like the youngest Jonas brother

  7. kay

    he is ridiculously pretty

  8. jubilantia

    Peeta?Is… is that you?

  9. Lilian

    He was perfectly cast in the drama, The Moon That Embraces the Sun. And definitely gave him the fame and exposure he needed, to non ZeA fans. Given that the drama has so many viewers! So not too bad a choice to start with =D Hope to see more of him.

  10. 10 lily

    he should just leave his group and permanently become an actor. less workload for him that way. ze:a is like .. at the bottom of the idol hierarchy.

    • 10.1 errr

      i don’t think ZE:A fans(that would include myself) would like to see your comment. and if Siwan decides to remain loyal to his at-the-bottom group who had been in the hard times with him, who are we to say anything? besides, you should try to see them sing sometimes before making such comment. popularity isn’t everything(as unrealistic as that sounds) and Siwan has a really powerful, pretty voice. i love Siwan the actor…but i love his singing even more n i’m glad he didn’t let popularity to get into his head too quickly to quit his group.

      • 10.1.1 Caitlyn

        I don’t think Lily meant it as an insult to ZE:A, more just a fact. I like ZE:A, i have their music, I enjoy it, I think they’d be great live. But it doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t very popular compared to groups like Beast, Shinee, Infinite, etc. Popularity has nothing to do with talent. ZE:A are a talented bunch of guys but they’ve never reached the height of popularity that a group generally hopes to achieve.

        • errr

          oh trust me, i did not take it as an insult n i did not say it wasn’t a fact that ZE:A’s not that successful/popular. but there are people who love and enjoy their music n persistence in keep trying to go further despite the lack of success so far. and each member is trying to bring up the group’s profile n get their name out there through their solo activities, which members like Kwanghee and Dongjun who became popular first had been doing from back then. i don’t think it’s wrong for their fans to keep wanting to see them keep trying, i thought everyone loves underdogs even in dramaland? apparently not i guess. regardless, i’m sure nobody would be happy to see anyone telling a member of their fav idolgroup to quit the group cuz they’re not popular, even if it’s fact or whatnot. unless that’s really his/her own decision. that’s all i’m saying.

  11. 11 kfangurl

    U know, I did NOT realize he was an idol actor – I just thought he was just good, period. Wow. Now I’m even more impressed! Kudos, man. Really.

  12. 12 Arhazivory

    I loved him from Equator Man and Standby. He’s good and I really don’t see him as an ‘idol’. lol

  13. 13 Viki

    I love Siwan since ZE:A debut but he’s usually a underdog…so glad he’s getting attention for his acting. Looking forward to his role here.

  14. 14 gaeran.mari

    I really like siwan’s acting,first saw him in equator man and was surprised when I found out he was an idol actor,although sometimes he has this blank look on his face which just looks weird lol but yeah he has a lot of potential as an actor,he’s one of the few idol actors that impress me with their acting..

  15. 15 queen bee

    Now this is one idol who’s garnering attention because of his talent (and looks of course, that’s a given) and not because of his hyperbolic, spotlight-hogging antics.

  16. 16 Alexis

    Ohohohoooo!! 😀 That’s unbelievably GREAT for him & I like him from Moon/Sun drama. I expect that he will have more projects for dramas this year, hopefully so!! He’s really good-looking young man, ofc.

    Ahhhaa…..I’d imagine that it would be incredibly nice if he will be a new drama with adorable bubbly actress Park Shin Hye someday. 😉

  17. 17 Bernadine Moore

    He was absolutely amazing in Equator Man, so I am excited for anything he does acting wise from here on. That was such a difficult role and I thought he did so well in it for such a young actor. My heart was certainly in shreds from watching him. I took the ‘blank looks’ (referred to in a previous comment) as something different….seeing them as a physical expression of the character’s need to suppress the terrifying feelings and memories he was having and the terrible fears and insecurities of that young boy. But that is all subjective…based on one’s own reaction to that character and his behaviors. It was just me and my ‘mom-gut’s’ feelings. 🙂

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