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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 430
by | March 23, 2013 | 72 Comments

EPISODE 430. Broadcast on March 17, 2013.

girlfriday: The boys arrive at the village after their Wig Race, and get to eat fresh handpicked strawberries. I totally expect Bird to say they have to pick like 3,000 of them to leave, but they get to just eat and move on. Bird does ask at the end of their walk if they remember where they’ve been today, because it MIGHT come in handy later.

javabeans: I would’ve been on my guard the moment I got to eat berries, but he seems to have lulled them into a false sense of security. While they take a rest, the guys wonder what Joo-won’s parents thought of their impromptu visit last time, and put in a call to Mom. Ha, and then Mom calls Su-geun out for saying on-air that he’d leave some cash for all the food they ate, and then didn’t.

girlfriday: Haha, Tae-hyun says he’ll return Joo-won’s trivia notes after he studies them some more, and then totally rats Joo-won out for his emoticon clue-giving earlier that day.

javabeans: Joo-won totally slaps Tae-hyun’s back in embarrassment.

girlfriday: Don’t they seem like a pair of little kids right now? Hyuuuung, don’t tell Moooooom!

javabeans: It’s so cute. Then they do another round of those proverb questions, and prompt Joo-won saying it’s really easy and you really should know this one. Blank stare from Joo-won, followed by pouty face. Now it’s like he’s pissy that he’s the butt of the family joke, ha.

girlfriday: Pfft, Jong-min is the loudest with the teasing and then when Joo-won gives up, the hyungs tell him to say it, and he shrinks back. Shi-kyung says that he’s not trying because there’s nothing on the line, and offers to have a trivia face-off with him for forehead flicks. Hee. Yes please!

javabeans: Should be interesting — Shi-kyung has more book knowledge, but Jong-min tends to answer right away (even if it’s wrong) and sometimes that’s enough. They don’t call him the ivy league killer for nuthin’. (Technically it’s SKY – the top three universities, Seoul, Korea, and Yonsei. Shi-kyung’s from Korea U, and Bird is from Yonsei.)

girlfriday: Ha, he answers before the first question is even asked, and gets it right! And then he does it again the second time. You were right — he’s quicker on the draw, so Shi-kyung doesn’t even have a chance to open his mouth.

javabeans: It’s hilarious, because he doesn’t wait for the rest of the question and just guesses what the question would have been, and he just has a knack (or luck) for getting it.

girlfriday: He’s going to town on the neener-neener every time. It’s great. He winds up for the forehead flick with all this energy while muttering, “It might be the last time I get to hit him.” HA.

javabeans: It’s great for two reasons: First, Shi-kyung just has to take the mockery, especially since it was his idea. Second, it makes you want Jong-min to lose big-time so that he has to deal with the ramifications of being so taunting.

girlfriday: After the second flick that echoes, Shi-kyung just blurts, “I don’t care if I get hit ten times, just lemme hit him ONCE.”

javabeans: Shi-kyung jumps to answer the third and last question, but a slo-mo replay shows that Jong-min beat him to the punch. But he gets this one wrong and Shi-kyung is all intent on answering correctly, only he doesn’t know either, and now the air is suuuuper tense as they try to quickly think up the right answer. Annnnnnd Jong-min gets it.

girlfriday: Hahahaha. I’m dying.

javabeans: Dude, you can’t even feel bad for Shi-kyung because he was the one who was all into the idea and even suggested really hard forehead flicks.

girlfriday: I know! It’s always so perfect when the person who suggests the game loses.

javabeans: Jong-min’s being really obnoxious about it, but in this case it just adds salt to the wound, and that’s funny.

girlfriday: Yeah it drives Shi-kyung batty but it’s hilarious. While they argue back and forth over another round, they see that Bird has creeped into the room, and Shi-kyung dogs him for always showing up when it’s quiz time for him. Su-geun says that Shi-kyung and Bird bicker constantly, even behind the scenes (Where’s THAT footage, Show??) and says he’d like to see those two battle it out for real.

javabeans: The peanut gallery commentary is cracking me up. Bird and Shi-kyung have to sit through the MC intros of their battle of wits, and it’s just one backhanded insult after another. Haha. With Jong-min leading the charge, of course. Don’t you love how both guys react to the first question with “Oh of COURSE I know this” and then… totally stall and hesitate to answer? And then the greatest insult, perhaps, is Joo-won interjecting, “Even I know this one!”

girlfriday: Omg, this is so great. So both Bird and Shi-kyung get it wrong, and then Joo-won schools them both. Hahaha, way to bring it back around.

javabeans: Bird slaps the ground in chagrin. HA. Shi-kyung sighs that he’s losing all his confidence now. Bird: “Talk about hitting rock bottom.”

girlfriday: The boys head outside for sleepytime bokbulbok, and Tae-hyun does this dramatic intro into the camera that he’s been sleeping outside for the past six trips in a row. “That’s 12 weeeeeeeeks!” Cue sad music.

javabeans: And montage of all his tent experiences. When you cut it together like that it really does look sad. I totally forgot that igloo. Then Seung-woo leads them all into a round of gag reactions about how that’s just tough cookies. Man, I’m gonna miss Seung-woo’s song-and-dancey gag bits.

girlfriday: ㅠㅠ The boys actually feel so bad for Tae-hyun that they ask for a game that he’d win… though then they wonder if such a game exists. Ha.

javabeans: I know right? That’s like trying to think of an athletic sport that favors Dog Feet.

girlfriday: Bird says they were thinking along the same lines and tonight will be a Choose Your Own Bokbulbok, where the winner of each round gets to make up whatever game they want for the next round. Are we sure this isn’t Lazy PD Bokbulbok?

javabeans: Ha. But isn’t it really a winner, if you can spin it into something positive? Better yet, there will be four indoor sleepers tonight. Bird has picked a pretty neutral first game, although on the upside for us, it lends itself to physical violence: Divest your teammates of their shoes.

girlfriday: This should be good.

javabeans: Ha, Tae-hyun sticks his feet in a bucket and hunkers down. LOL. He looks like a Tae-hyun Tree. Aw, Tae-woong actually sputters that it’s hard to (for example) target Joo-won ‘cause he likes him too much.

girlfriday: After a few minutes of running about, they can’t decide who to strip of his shoes first, so they just end up playing rock-paper-scissors. Ha, that’s not this game at all! Where’s my violence?

javabeans: DUDE. Lazy Cast Game, more like! There is no such thing as democratic violence! So basically they turned Bird’s shoe game into rock-scissors-paper. On the upside, I guess it’s somewhat gratifying to see Shi-kyung beat Jong-min, and then Jong-min targeted by six guys for his shoes. Is he wearing dinosaur socks?

girlfriday: They decide to play one more round of rock-paper-scissors before it turns into a free-for-all, and it seems rather lucky that Joo-won loses, because it takes all five hyungs and all their strength to hold him upside-down to get at his shoes. Ha, and then Tae-hyun gets his shoes yanked off while still holding Joo-won down.

javabeans: Well I’m glad the game had SOME twists.

girlfriday: Watching the hyungs take on Shi-kyung is pretty awesomely violent.

javabeans: I know right? Especially with three guys already out, which means there are only three remaining to take on the giant. Also the horror-action music is a nice touch. Su-geun exclaims, “Hurry! I think he might bite me!”

girlfriday: It actually seems like he might tire them out with all his crazy writhing, but they finally manage to yank his shoes off. I love that he goes from monster to the boy lying in fetal position with his red polka dot socks exposed.

javabeans: Then hilariously, Su-geun and Tae-woong get engaged in this wrestling scuffle, with Seung-woo just hovering on the sidelines forgotten, and then he shuffles forward to grab some shoes while the other two are locked in battle.

girlfriday: Haha, this pile of ajusshis is so funny. There are just limbs everywhere.

javabeans: Diplomatically, Seung-woo grabs Tae-woong’s shoe first, then goes for one of Su-geun’s. A hyung’s gotta be fair. Then it’s the last round, with Seung-woo and Tae-woong gasping about in the tiredest sumo match ever.

girlfriday: Tae-woong finally wins, so he gets to sleep inside and decide the next game.

javabeans: Is that a first or what? Tae-woong being first to sleep indoors? This game was really long, but entertaining.

girlfriday: Yeah despite the game being shoe-centric, it really had less to do with foot coordination and more just brute strength. Tae-woong’s good at that. He decides the next game will be a series of impersonations that he calls out to the group, and he’ll eliminate them one at a time. Oh Su-geun will win this one, hands down.

javabeans: That is, if Tae-woong can stop laughing long enough to choose. Tae-hyun complains and gets eliminated. HAHA. Omg, Seung-woo gets caught doing this really ajusshi-like dance (for a female pop star) and argues that he totally met her in real life at a noraebang and that’s how she danced. LOL.

girlfriday: Hahaha.

javabeans: Shi-kyung does a pitiful King Kong imitation (it looks like he’s yawning) that gets captioned “Looks like indigestion.”

girlfriday: Hee, Tae-woong asks for Kim Seung-woo impressions next, and all the guys do impressions of Seung-woo doing other impressions. Unsurprisingly, it’s down to Su-geun vs. Jong-min in the end, and then Tae-woong calls out: “Uhm Tae-woong!”

javabeans: Omo. Now that’s being a good sport. Su-geun starts staggering and kicking air badly.

girlfriday: Ha, Dog Feet air-jaegi for the win. Su-geun gets to pick the next game and he goes with a slapstick challenge — the guy who does the funniest rendition of a platter-to-the-head fall wins. This is more like a battle against your own embarrassment.

javabeans: Tae-hyun dons his wig from earlier, then runs around like a crazy person. Joo-won caps his off with a failed math problem. Jong-min just gets hit over and over. And then Seung-woo concocts this elaborate actor’s backstory of being a debt collector and then doing a comic fall. Truth be told, none are all that funny.

girlfriday: Yeah that wasn’t the best game.

javabeans: Makes sense that Su-geun would want the funniest game, but it’s not the best criteria.

girlfriday: It’s because it’d be funny if there were six of him competing, but with these guys, where’s way too much embarrassment.

javabeans: The next game is a drinking game, but not the fun kind: drink a cup of tea, and hope you got bitter instead of green.

girlfriday: Ha, so Seung-woo sets up the game backwards solely for Tae-hyun to have a better chance at winning — in this game bad luck is good luck. But… then… is Tae-hyun’s luck bad enough that now he’ll be picking all green teas?

javabeans: I feel like his luck is so terrible that you have to do your best at confusing the fates. I’m going to die laughing if after all this, and every member actively trying to skew this game for Tae-hyun, he still ends up outside.

girlfriday: I know. In order for this to have the variety ending, Tae-hyun needs to lose.

javabeans: Tae-hyun picks another cup for his second round, and they tell him to make sure he’s trying to get green tea, because he has to sincerely want green in order to get bitter. He actually stops and wonders, “Did I pick this with a pure heart?”

girlfriday: Haha, I’m so confused.

javabeans: It’s so cute, they keep giving him extra chances to change his mind and pick again and really, really try to get green.

girlfriday: Oh no, he decides to trade. I’m gonna die laughing if he just gave up bitter tea to pick green tea.

javabeans: He totally did. Omg. Haha.

girlfriday: Pwahahaha. How can anyone’s luck be this bad?

javabeans: Then they tell him to pick from the remaining cups, just to see, and he drinks seven green teas in a row.

girlfriday: Dude, it’s enough to believe he has some kind of curse.

javabeans: So Tae-hyun secures a spot outside tonight, along with Shi-kyung and Jong-min. LOL.

girlfriday: Su-geun: “When Tae-hyun does get to sleep inside, watch, the roof will collapse that night.”

javabeans: Before settling in for the night, they’re given morning mission instructions: They’ll find fifty flags scattered around, each one listing a different food item, with a ten minute time limit to collect what as many as they can find. That’s what’ll go into breakfast.

girlfriday: The boys are happy because they don’t have to fight each other, and they have Joo-won for flag collecting and Shi-kyung for cooking. Seems like a win-win.

javabeans: Just watch, there’ll be flags twenty feet up in trees and at the bottom of lakes. As Tae-hyun heads to his sleeping bag, Bird asks if his son watches the show and how he feels to see Dad losing all the time. Tae-hyun says he gets depressed when Dad loses all the games, and Bird wonders if he’s ever gotten to say he’s won a game. Tae-hyun giggles: “I’ve lied a few times.”

girlfriday: Aw, and then Bird does this little caption montage of Tae-hyun for his son: “In variety, the funniest one is the winner.” Morning rolls around, and the wake-up song gets everyone out for flag hunting. Ah, there’s fifty flags because the ingredients on each flag are tiny portions, like “rice for one.” Tricksy.

javabeans: Some are hard to get to (like on a roof) while others are right there for the picking. There’s one attached to a mannequin and Shi-kyung has to take along the whole body for it to count. Jong-min goes after one in the middle of a pond, guessing it’s a good one. (Rice for three, good call.)

girlfriday: But then he’s got sopping wet feet, so he hands his flags off to Joo-won to get them back in time. Smart move. Dude, some of these flags are attached to the weirdest things. Seung-woo finds one on a giant red ball in the middle of a field.

javabeans: It’s for a three-course meat dish. Roll, baby, roll. Time ticks by, and I’m getting nervous that they won’t make it back in time. What a random assortment of props. A ladder, a wheelbarrow, a hula hoop.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung and Jong-min don’t make it back in time, boo.

javabeans: Aw, and then it’s a sad accounting of his flags for what they would have gotten. Don’t ever play that game!

girlfriday: The hyungs start to get angrier and angrier, and when Jong-min says he had rice for three, they start to nag him, but he adds belatedly that he handed them off to Joo-won. Ha, the wave of hugs afterwards is so hilariously melodramatic. “I’m sorry for thinking the worst!”

javabeans: They managed to bring home 25 flags, so half the total possible, only none of them includes seasonings. D’oh. So they barter and exchange — giving up the meat trio set once they hear how small it actually is. Haha.

girlfriday: Once it’s time to make breakfast, they call all the boys outside, which gets everyone suspicious. I knew there had to be some catch.

javabeans: Yeah, once they all got complacent about Shi-kyung being resident chef, you knew it wasn’t quite desperate enough for the PDs. And when Bird addresses them, he has this huge shit-eating grin on his face.

girlfriday: Ha, Bird says today they’ll be relay cooking. Oh dear. Were you around when they did this back in the day with the old cast?

javabeans: No I wasn’t. I can only imagine. It sounds awesome and terrible.

girlfriday: It was a disaster. Also, I’m pretty sure Jong-min ATE on his turn instead of cooking. They get a little more time on each turn this time — five minutes each.

javabeans: We’ve already seen what horrors come out when Tae-woong, Jong-min, and Seung-woo cook. Lots of burning and MSG. The captions so helpfully offer to “lessen Shi-kyung’s burden” today. I’m reading that in snark-voice.

girlfriday: I love the reactions. Shi-kyung: “What will become of the food?” Joo-won: “You want us to cook it all in 35 minutes? Even Mom can’t do that!”

javabeans: Shi-kyung guesses that the producers were surprised they earned so many ingredients, and now Bird is just telling them to have a bad breakfast then. Bird actually replies, “Breakfast being bad isn’t my problem.” Buuuurn.

girlfriday: Muahaha. Oh, this is already being waaaay nicer — the boys get to confer, and so Shi-kyung gives each guy a thing to do on his five-minute turn. The last time it was a total mystery so you had to guess what the last guy was trying to make.

javabeans: Dude, I’ve totally seen this on Top Chef. It was pretty bad even then, when everyone was a professional chef and you had real utensils and top-of-the-line ingredients!

girlfriday: Right? Like cooking-telephone or something.

javabeans: So Joo-won goes first, and he beelines for the rice. Good choice, also since it seems he makes rice well. It’s an art, I swear. At least the boys are allowed to shout back and forth to each other, with Shi-kyung directing. I almost wish we could see what this whole thing would be like without him — he knows too much about cooking. We need Seung-gi’s brand of “I think I know… but DO I?”

girlfriday: Yeah this exercise is funnier when the whole thing is a mystery, how to cook included. Tae-hyun goes next and just focuses on the one thing he knows how to do: french toast. Things start to go downhill with Tae-hyun, who ignores Shi-kyung’s questions. And then Su-geun takes his turn… and just ACTS like he’s cooking and chopping, without actually doing anything. Pffft.

javabeans: This is going bad fast. Tae-hyun is regaling Joo-won with assurances of how the French toast is perfect… which Su-geun allows to burn since he doesn’t bother to take it off the heat. I feel like Shi-kyung should’ve played anchor to “fix” everything in the last round, but maybe he doesn’t have that choice. He starts a bunch of dishes and then has to hope his teammates finish them off decently.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung should have a speed-cooking show. He does a lot in five minutes. It’s kind of amazing.

javabeans: Desperate times, you know. He’s his only shot at a decent breakfast. What does it say about this team that instead of relaying skills, they’re all, “You’d better not lay a finger on my kimchi!” Lol.

girlfriday: I’m already anticipating Jong-min’s turn. While waiting, he tells Seung-woo about this dish he’s going to make. Seung-woo: “Is there such a dish?” Jong-min: “I dunno. I’m just gonna try it.” HA.

javabeans: Dude, Jong-min just eats everything in sight! That’s funny but totally annoying. COOK, fool! Oh NOES, Seung-woo is last and I’m literally gasping at everything he’s doing. He takes out the rice early to fry and leaves the lid askew, he adds water to the soup, he futzes around with the pans… Eeek.

girlfriday: Oh man, is Seung-woo going for the comedy instead of a happy breakfast?

javabeans: I think you mean tragedy. The horror movie music doesn’t help any. And then… it’s all good? Was that just a total fake-out?

girlfriday: How can that be? Either they were just really hungry, or it tastes better than it looks.

javabeans: After breakfast, the guys are taken back to that strawberry patch and assigned to picking basketfuls of them (eating a bunch along the way, of course). The strawberries are so perfect and sweet that practically everybody sighs that they wish they could take some home to their parents (the ultimate filial gesture, hee). They emerge with their full baskets and wonder what’s next… only to be told oh-so-casually by Bird, “You can take those home.”

girlfriday: Aw. They’re SO surprised and happy that it’s almost sad, like you wonder how badly they get treated on a normal day. That gets Seung-woo huffy (he pouts that he would’ve picked more had he known), and gets him on this roll of complaining about how Bird only feeds them one meal a day, and gets him to spring for lunch next time if they can win some kind of staff vs. cast game. And then from the back Tae-woong pipes up: “Jokgu!” Er? Did Dog Feet just suggest jokgu?

javabeans: Bird agrees to the deal on one condition: that Tae-woong has to play. Ha. I’m guessing that comes next week, though we get a bunch of clips from the upcoming staff-cast game, ending on our favorite lighting-director referee sheepishly admitting, “I didn’t see that play.” LOL.


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      It would really twist our minds, just like UTW in Equator Man and JW in Bridal Mask, they’re so opposites of their character,!!

  28. 28 liam

    Thanks ladies

  29. 29 john pee


    Actor Kim Seung Woo begins his final trip on ’1 Night 2 Days’

  30. 30 debra

    awesome episode and also an awesome recap, i love this 7 brothers and i dont want them to break apart please seungwoo dont leave

  31. 31 skinnymocha

    Does anyone know which episode it is when they previously took on the relay cooking challenge?

    • 31.1 tebz10

      I’m not sure exactly what episode # it was, but it was Jongmin’s first appearance after getting back from the army (actually they kidnapped him from his press conference), and the baseball player (Park Chanho?) came to visit as well (and thankfully brought chicken to offset their horrible dinner).

      • 31.1.1 skinnymocha

        Thank you! 🙂

  32. 32 Elle

    i loved this episode. fn hilarious!!

    how lucky is Tae Hyun getting all down and dirty with Joo Won like that. me so envious! i sound like a pervert..sorry. hahaha!

    thanks for the recap ladies..truly appreciated 🙂

  33. 33 y

    seun guen has new hosting show with ho dong.

    smart and sly of seun guen as usual, have another show to cover his hide, shld 1n2d fail badly

  34. 34 Gustave154

    Jongmin is the best in very episode

  35. 35 elizabeth

    awesome episode the sleeping bokbulbok had me in stitches and TW’s game was the funniest…seeing the members act out different people!!

  36. 36 Rhea

    Hello. May I know what season is this and the current episode # from the season? Also, do you guys know where I can find subtitles for this current episode? Thank you very much 🙂

    • 36.1 Love Silents

      Season 2, episode 55,

  37. 37 Reena

    What episode was it that Cha Tae hyun gives Uhm Tae woong baby shoes?

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