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Kim Seung-woo and Bird PD leave 1 Night 2 Days, search is on for new members
by | March 7, 2013 | 147 Comments

So I think the dust has settled on Sunday variety show 1 Night 2 Days’ contract negotiations, and we’ve got a good news/bad news situation. Bad news: mat-hyung Kim Seung-woo and head producer Choi Jae-young (Bird PD) have confirmed that they are leaving the show. Sadface. Good news is that the rest of the boys — Uhm Tae-woong, Lee Su-geun, Cha Tae-hyun, Sung Shi-kyung, Kim Jong-min, and Joo-won — are staying. You can let out that collective breath you were holding. That also means the hunt is on for new cast members to join the show…

It was touch and go there for a while with Sung Shi-kyung, who was reported to be leaving as well, only to have his agency deny that he ever planned to quit the show. It’s okay, I held javabeans’ hand throughout the ordeal. She’s breathing into a paper bag and recuperating from the meltdown, and maybe tomorrow I can get her to stop playing Shi-kyung’s ballads on an endless loop. Baby steps.

It’s sad to see Seung-woo go, not least of which because this was his last remaining variety show after Win Win was cancelled. But in both instances he seemed to want the change, to dial back and focus more on his acting. I think he’s great at variety, but I can see a show like 1N2D taking its toll on him. I hope he’ll be back with a new show someday soon, maybe back to studio talk show hosting, where there’s no chance of having to starve and then sleep in an igloo. For instance.

Kim Joon-hyun, Heo Kyung-hwan

That means the search is on for new members to join (no word yet on whether or not they’re sticking to seven members). Bird PD’s replacement, PD Lee Sae-hee of Hello and Yoo Hee-yeolโ€™s Sketchbook, has announced that nothing’s been decided, and that they’re looking at some possible comedians. Rumors are that Kim Joon-hyun and Heo Kyung-hwan are top contenders. Another name mentioned was their fellow Gag Concert comedian Jung Tae-ho.

All three guys are in the variety show The Human Condition, the one that Na PD started before he left KBS. Of the three, I like Kim Joon-hyun best — he’s adorable and sincere. And he’ll give Shi-kyung a run for his money in the eating department. Of the Human Condition cast, I actually like Yang Sang-gook the most (he’s the runaway star of that show) and I’d love to see him in more stuff. I do think in general that if they have to add to the cast, they’re thinking in the right direction — more laughs for all.

Both Bird and Seung-woo’s last day will be the March 15th trip, so it’ll be a few more weeks before we have to say goodbye on the airwaves. *sniff* We’ll miss youuuuu~!

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147 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. May

    *sad face* hopefully he can return as a guest
    and Bird…why u leaving this nest!? TT

    • 1.1 chane

      Sad to see them both go, but Bird PD is leaving due to health reasons!!!

  2. okdubu

    ok i can live with this! i wanted yoo heeyeol to be added but i’m just relieved soogeun and taehyun are staying

    • 2.1 Chichiri

      owemgee i wanted Hee-yeol too! Or Kim Jung-tae. Heehee!

      • 2.1.1 barney

        Hee yeol was awesome in the guest special ep!!

    • 2.2 ber

      yes,,of course, if taehyun leaves the show , it wont be extra hilarious anymore…

  3. song yong in

    am I supposed to be happy only one is leaving? and at least it’s not Joo Won or Tae Woong ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Gustave154

    Noooooo whyyyy… No bird pd and seung woo..
    They will be missed immensely.
    I hope the new members aren’t comedians tbh…

  5. nuun88

    Sobs sobs.

    If Seung Woo want to concentrate on his acting, why not do a comedy. I want to see him in comedy… Heeeeee.

    That pix above, is the KSW I normally see on TV and mags and I love him, but the KSW in 1n2d is the different KSW that I love even more… Gonna miss you Oppa!!!

    • 5.1 Cynthia

      Agree – Seung woo was really funny in his two cameo appearances for ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly’ with his wife, Kim Nam joo!

  6. Jong

    Get Kang Hodong back!! pleeeeaaasssseeeee!!!

    • 6.1 Skebat

      I loved 1N2D season 1 and have seen basically every episode but I don’t want KHD to come back to the show. He was great in it but it has evolved without him, the current members have a concept that I feel works for them with no fixed MC which allowes them to each do a bit of MCing (is that a word?) and with Sugeun as the general “explainer”. If KHD comes back he will take over the show and they will lose the great dynamic that I love.

      • 6.1.1 JianNi

        I agree with you.

    • 6.2 syida

      i agree with you!!! i want Kang Hodong, Lee Seung gi and jiwon back!!!! i love the old members…they were awesome together!!!!!

    • 6.3 Gala

      I feel like that’s gonna disrupt whatever concept this 2nd season has set. I love KHD but I think 1n2d should move forward without him.

      I’m actually quite sad that Bird PD is leaving just cause I feel like I’m much “closer” to him than Na PD. plus, I love when they try to “bully” him every now and then. Well, all good things last at times.

  7. Diana919

    Im sad to know this the other day.Ill miss seungwoo and bird pd.I remember the first time i cant stop laughing watching this show is on the first episode of seungwoo on the boat where they’re playing the game he jumped too high he hit the roof. I literally got tears on my eyes and i cant stop laughing and kept replaying that scene as well. And who can forget the butt game where seung woo is the ace ever since he did the weird pelvic-abracadabra style – hip movements, omg i kept repeating that as well. Im going to miss his catchphrases, and the dance movements he seemed to be the initiator (the jump with the jiggle)… Gah. And that he’s majored in PE…. And always asking for chocolates.About bird PD, i remember him at first being soo shy to be seen on camera but now, the show wont be complete without showing his face or our boys messing with him. But still thankful its only him, the original rumor i think is two members will leave. I’ll miss eldest oppa ๐Ÿ˜ญ (hugs my pillow in a corner ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

    • 7.1 medusa

      gonna miss Bird PD and his blue jacket….

  8. James

    Perfect chance for Kang Ho-Dong to return as ํฐํ˜•

  9. bloww

    sad ๐Ÿ™

  10. 10 hellochloe

    awww the tree group pic is so cute!!

  11. 11 tebz10

    I think we all need a hug >:D< I love the cast and am soo sad that Seungwoo and Bird are leaving, but I do welcome the change.

    Now, off to watch that episode where they opened that time capsule and cry a bucketful of tears.

    • 11.1 aznative

      Just watched that episode and really liked it.

  12. 12 arina

    Get Hodong back plsss or Eun Ji won…

  13. 13 omo

    What? No more KSW and his dirty dancing. *sobs* And no more Bird PD. Sad news all around today.

    • 13.1 Airyn

      And the awesome butt-wrestling!


  14. 14 sarah

    *sobs* i hope they will still change their minds

  15. 15 Dongsaeng killer

    Wae??????????? *sobs* march 15th is too soon! I need more time with them! They should leave at the end of next fall before winter suffering starts up again. That way i have even more memories of them. This is too sad

  16. 16 myrna

    i agree if yang sang-gook join 2 days 1 night.. he’s funny and quite a thinker also..

  17. 17 Mrs kamoo

    Kang Ho-Dong come back please~

  18. 18 umbanana

    Noooo! I was in denial when I read about the cast/PD change the other day but now it’s all confirmed. I’m glad it’s not too big a change but still!! Losing mat-hyung means no more awesome butt-offs or hoarse voices (I always found it funny when he lost his voice). And Bird PD leaving the wee birdlings to fend for themselves? I love how awkward he was in front of he camera… *Le sighs* I don’t like change – it was hard enough the first time ๐Ÿ™ Just have to savour these last few eps then.

  19. 19 Schmazel

    Noooooooo! Kim Seung Woo kajimaaaa! Andwaeeee. :'( :'( :'( I will really miss his presence on the show.

    Of the other contenders, my favourite has to be Jung Tae Ho. He is the sweetest and his personality is most like KSW’s, I think. Also, The Human Condition is a show I enjoy.

  20. 20 junibacken

    Noooo… this is one of the few shows that I have followed since the first episode and I’ve been too invested on all of the cast. Sad to see Kim Seung Woo and Bird PD leaving the show ๐Ÿ™

  21. 21 snow_white

    it’s good that the rest of the cast members are still there….

  22. 22 Aye

    Sad to see them go, but I’m glad things have settled down with just 2 people we love leaving, rather than all of them. I hope there won’t be anymore shake ups for a long, long time.

  23. 23 @liss@

    Nooo… so sad KSW is leaving.. he is great as mat hyung!! And bird pd.. now 1N2D S2 will never feel complete again… in S2, besides SG as the main MC, I think KSW is really great..he can MC well and is really funny with his comedian antics and cute as a kid when asking for chocolates…he goes well with bird pd too..both going is too much ๐Ÿ™

  24. 24 nonski

    i actually liked Bird PD and KSW, sad that they have to go.

  25. 25 nobody....

    I wish Kang Ho Dong will be reunited again with the 1n2d cast… I heard that moonlight princes was also got cancelled.. KBS, please let Kang Ho Dong……

  26. 26 thil28

    i dont know whether to be sad or glad. at least, only 2 people are leaving. but i really like them both, in fact, i love the whole team, including bird PD! nooooooooooooooooooo…..this cant be true! honestly going to miss them both, i just cant imagine the show without them, or with new replacements…so crappy since i just told my sis how i loved the new season with the new cast so much!

  27. 27 latteholic

    Sadface. KSW is one of my faves on 1N2D… Now I won’t see the legendary butt dance again… ๐Ÿ™
    And it’s weird not having Bird PD to make fun of anymore… ๐Ÿ™

  28. 28 trotwood

    “Sheโ€™s breathing into a paper bag and recuperating from the meltdown, and maybe tomorrow I can get her to stop playing Shi-kyungโ€™s ballads on an endless loop. Baby steps.” I laughed out loud. Good thing my office door is closed.

    As an Amrerican fan of Sung Shi-Kyung, I only get a SSK fix because of these recaps (and playing youtube playlists over and over). I was in complete denial that he could possibly be leaving. I think I used that paperbag out of relief just now!

    However, as an “ahem” older person, I really will miss Seung Woo. I love him. I love his wife. I love his butt dance. I love the fact that he shows that we all donot have to give up the world so the youngsters can take over. Sigh. I hope we see him in something really funny. I mean really. Does he have to prove anymore that he can do funny?

    • 28.1 Thursdaynexxt

      I agree – we can’t lose Shi-kyung – the members would all starve!

      KSW really added an element of one-liners, laughs, showbiz experience and genuine warmth that I’ll really miss. But I’m glad he doesn’t have to suffer now! (and look forward to more movies/dramas with him). Hotelier was my first ever k-drama, so I’ll always have a soft spot for him!

      • 28.1.1 medusa

        chef Sung…..

  29. 29 smyrna

    Only one thing i ask. Please don’t bring Kang Ho Dong back!!!!!!!!!

    Though he’s a great MC, he just isn’t fit here with 1n2d S2 casts. There will be clash of personalities with S2 members are way more laid back and quieter than their S1 loud and wittier fellows.

    KHD fitted so well with S1 casts coz they’re much closer to bridge and easier to relate with. However with S2 fellows, as you all have seen with UTW and KJM were in S1 with KHD, you saw how the two pulled themselves away.

    UTW is always the shy guy, basically that’s how he actually is. Being a center of attention isn’t thing he embraces naturally. The more KHD wanted him to talk and opened up, the more he shut himself. As if he was scared to utter something finally wrong when he was expected to do something spectacular by the too big support of KHD.

    While with KJM, he was indeed in his worst performance ever in S1 post his military service. He lost his momentum. KHD was all with good deed and means when he supported him and tried to give him chance to shine again, but maybe he tried too hard so it ended up with KJM felt kinda intimidated and forced to act big while he wasn’t that ready. I was a bit annoyed when i found out KJM was asked to stay in S2 coz he was just fail to deliver in his S1, i didn’t think he’s funny at all and he tried so hard it was awfully awkward. But then in S2 he shines again and i think if KJM leaves too 1n2d will lost some big piece of it’s spark, laughter, and joy.

    So no, no KHD please. Sorry.

    • 29.1 dini

      agree!!! no hurt feeling, but KHD doesn’t fit with the member of 1n2d S2….. i dunno, but for me, if KHD back to 1n2d, it’ll just sooo awkward for the members and for himself. Instead of having KHD back to the show, i’d prefer to choose Kim Joon-hyun, Heo Kyung-hwan or Yoo Hee-yeol to be the new member. anyway it shocked me when i heard the news, love both of them, it’ll never been the same anymore without them.

    • 29.2 ffiza

      I also hope they don’t bring Kang Ho-Dong back.

      I admit that the cast were kinda a bit lost when they lost him in S1, but I like S2 laid-back and less loud approach. And I don’t really mind the scripted opening and closing when everyone get to recite their parts.

      I don’t hate KHD style of hosting, but I prefer Yoo Jae-Suk style more, which I think is similar to Cha Tae-Hyun. YJS and CTH have the ability to make embarrassing things funny. While I find KHD is just pushy sometimes.

      I like KJM, he seems like a sincere guy who always says the weird things eventhough he means well. So I’m glad he is staying.

    • 29.3 Ann

      I agree, too. I think KHD is not a good fit. I think he needs to be the star of his own show. Moonlight Prince was not a good show for him because he needs to be a strong leader.

      I wish they could get Yang Sang-gook, because he is a great blend of funny, sweet and cranky.

      I also think Kim Joon Hyun would be good because he has a great personality, but could he handle the conditions?

  30. 30 sy

    Aww dang… They’ll be missed… especially Bird PD!

    • 30.1 medusa

      Bird PD… TT TT

  31. 31 SherYah

    Oh nooooo… Mr Duke… My first K-crush… Bawl…๐Ÿ˜ญ

  32. 32 cad

    I’m a fan of both Season 1 and Season 2.

    For those new followers of 1N2D, will find Kang Ho Dong a bit rough, extrovert and loud, but he’s one of the pillar of 1N2D. He’s a people person. I like him. He he.

    Furthermore, KBS love Kang Ho Dong.

    Judging from the status now, they will probably bring back Ho Dong back to the show as main MC besides Sugeun.

    • 32.1 smyrna

      Hmmm, KHD isn’t only loved by KBS but he’s also loved by all korean and 1n2d international fans or perhaps non 1n2d int’l fans. Those facts i won’t deny.

      But rather than having a MAIN MC which informally acts like a leader of the show, i pretty much prefer the equal member style of hosting the show. By each of them divide their portion of opening and closing sequences, take turns in asking questions/confirming game instructions, or introducing/explaining games.

      I dunno, i just don’t like how KHD solely opened/closed/explained/introduced everything in 1n2d S1 as if the members couldn’t speak for themselves or too stupid to memorize scripted words and said it to the camera. The style S2 chooses to adopt in hosting the show is much better and more balanced coz every body just gets equal air time, very unlike KHD era.

    • 32.2 Carmensitta

      I’d rather have equal air time and fair chances for everyone to prove themselves, not MC that tries by all means to dominate everyone else. I don’t associate this MC-ing style to one person only, because it was a variety character that was accepted by viewers in earlier days, and then people stopped thinking of it as a bad thing. And so, some “MCs” took for granted that they should have the biggest share of airtime if they have that possition, when in fact their job was to make sure the flow of the show is good and try to bring the best from everyone.
      Some viewers realised that’s not the way to go, and the success of Shinhwa Broadcast, the perfect example of collaboration and harmony between the cast members, proves that you’re far better off when trying to involve everyone and find their strengths.
      The balance on 1n2d season 2, and really the last part of season 1 too, is too good to be destroyed by introducing an airtime hungry MC character.

      • 32.2.1 lemondoodle

        KHD never tried to dominate everyone. He did his best to get people who wouldn’t talk to talk or to make people stand out. He would do anything for the sake of the show. I seriously can’t with people talking so badly about him here. If not for him and his style of MCing you’d have no S2 to even watch….

        • ruro

          True, his style of MC is one of the most inportant factor for 1n2d ss1 legendary success. What with the “equal airtime” shit? Those saying this really not follow 1n2d ss1 long enough. Its because everybody has “equal airtime” in ss2 that they have no competition at all and so laid back. I feel like the wild, crazy, random spirit has gone, and no matter how much I want to follow ss2, it just bores me to tears. Just sometimes read the recap here bc I miss Suguen’s jokes, but the guy is not that funny like before, haizz.

          • lemondoodle

            Maybe most just watched when UTW joined? Yeah, he was overshadowed because he frankly wasn’t good. Same with Jongmin. Not Hodong’s fault. Seunggi wasn’t good either to start with and was only 20 when he joined, but still managed to stand out (thanks in part to Hodong I might add) I always thought Mong, Seunggi, Jiwon, Kim C. and Suguen had about the same focus. They were all equal members with unique roles in the makeshift family. Heck, even MC Mong’s crazy manager was a fun addition for awhile.

            Hodong always made a point to include everyone. It’s totally fine to like one season over the other, but a little respect please…. I say all this as someone who was never a fan of Hodong in the show, but I can acknowledge his importance in 1n2d. He’s a big reason why it was the national variety show with 30-40% ratings.

          • tamtam

            Yeah, raising my hands to the roof on your comment. Old school style. I think 1N2D fans are really divided between S1 and S2. I like both so I don’t know why people have so much beef with KHD considering he made a lot of the 1N2D traditions that are still being followed in S2. All the negativity about S1 and KHD is just wrong.

  33. 33 lovin it

    where’s my good news?!

  34. 34 Cindy

    1n2d is giving me heart attacks! Stop taking anyone else away~ nooooooo

  35. 35 Starstruck.

    Really hope that Bird Pd, Na Pd, KSW and the rest of the s1 members who left would return as guests for a 1n2d family special or something. I’m sure it would be epic.

  36. 36 Pitch

    Oh, nooooooooooooooooo! They were both so cute on 1N2D :(((( KSW had such nice, calming influence on everybody and Bird PD was so hilariously awkward. Iยดll miss them.

  37. 37 Abbie

    Noooo! This is too sad. I love Kim Sueng-woo on 1n2d! Bird PD is awesome to. *sniff* I’ll miss them!

  38. 38 YL

    I’ve never posted before – but I am too upset by this not to post. :'( For some reason, I never quite took to Season 1 and only watched a little of it (though I know many loved it) but I was hooked by the gentler Season 2 cast — especially the awesome bromance. What will it be like without the mat-hyung?! And Bird PD really grew on me. I will miss his sheepish smiles and his interactions with the cast.

    • 38.1 misslonelyHeart

      LoL! I’m the same as you! I’ve been silently reading the comments on this site .. .but this new was so upsetting that I need to vent out! ๐Ÿ™ I’m also hooked with this season more than the first one… I started watching this show ever is when UTW first appeared and I think this might be an okay show to keep watching… But I’ve never really committed to it, the main focus is always either KHD or Lee Seung GI ( I adored these two, especially Seung Gi but I don’t like how they overshadowed the rest of the casts… I totally didn’t notice Jongmin’s existence at all!) .. not until they changed the whole cast for S2. At first, it was out of curiosity about how this show will pick up from the first season that I started watching it… but the cast really grew on me, I love how they treat each other like family and there was no awkwardness at all.. I love their chemistry to Death!… I want more of it every week up to the point that I’m addicted to this show already… I can’t live without it NOW! So, please no S1’s cast in this Season, I rather they stay like this without KSW! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 38.1.1 ruro

        Lol, dont u know ss1 golden time has actually passed since Mc Mong gone, and u started right at that time. The awkawdness is just from UTW & KJM, who are not used to the other cast members current pace, not bc people don’t give them airtime at all, each member has their own VJ, the airtime is decided on how they performed and bring good moment to the show. I just hate how people say that 1n2d ss1 members arent close or doesnt look like a family at all, the truth is not. They fitted right in as family members, KHD- dad, Kim c- mom, seung gi, mong, ji won, jong min – brothers, suguen- the funny uncle, :)). And let see, seung gi & mong just took 10s to fit in with the cast back then :)). It just the leaving of kim c, mong, ho dong, and addition of UTW has destroyed the harmony balance and chemistry they had, just like if KHD is added in ss2 now. Most ppl say the chemistry of ss2 is better are just started watching ss1 when UTW was added, that’s why they have no clues about ss1 at all.

        • ineedalotoftissues

          The thing is, unlike the brotherhood of season 2, season 1 cast members actually acknowledged (I read each and every statement from several members in separate years, eg Eun Ji Won, Lee Su Geun, Kim C, MC Mong, KJM) that they never met outside 1n2d filming…

          • lemondoodle

            Not sure about that. Just from what I know off hand… I know Seunggi and Sugeun used to play soccer every week together and Seunggi and Jiwon played Starcraft together on the weekends (mentioned on 1n2d). The guys also mentioned they would go drinking together on Win Win separately, but never all together… but didn’t contact Seunggi because he was a hard to ask to come out and celebrity even to them (mostly a joke… ). It didn’t happen often because of their busy schedule though. You don’t have to meet all the time to have a bond anyway. Family is family even if you don’t see each other often. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 39 JO

    sung shi kyung looks photoshopped into that last picture ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. 40 Rach^^

    Aww so sad… only started to like KSW after 1N2D, before that I only knew him as Kim Nam Joo’s husband. He’s surprisingly suited for variety. I’m going to miss his butt dance, sooo funny.

    HATE it when 1N2D goes through member changes. I hardly survived MC Mong and KHD’s departure from the show. Sad day. ๐Ÿ™

  41. 41 lemonade candy


    this cannot be! this cannot be! ahjusshi~ bird pd~ sob2x

  42. 42 Nikko

    It was a perfect group for the variety show and had much better members in season 2. I never missed watching even one episode this season because of that. It was great to see that everybody pitched in and helped each other out while having fun.
    Therefore please no Kang Ho-dong. I don’t know if anybody felt same as me, but I alway felt uncomfortalbe watching Kang’s performance. Somehow I felt he is bullying other members and over- acting on everything. It’s sad to see good mentors leave, but please don’t bring in comedians. I don’t think it works out because sometimes they feel like they need to try too hard to make things funny.

  43. 43 -K

    Well, you know what they say, “If you re not offending someone you re doing something wrong.”

    Keep up the ‘bad’ work Dramabeans! I adore you.

  44. 44 eve

    My first reaction was, like, “NOOO!!! Why can’t everyone stay in the show?!” But then again, I don’t think Bird PD really blend well with the style of 1N2D, being the shy guy he is, and Kim Seung Woo… Well, sometimes when watching the TV I was kind of waiting for him to groan, “ow my back” or something. He’s the oldest after all.

    I’m not against the idea of having new members, but I don’t think I’d like to see Kang Ho Dong back. Not that I hate him, but I just think that the present cast already has a dynamic of a sort, and of course now that Kim Seung Woo isn’t there the dynamic is disturbed, but somehow I’m thinking that bringing Kang Ho Dong in would disturb the dynamic even more.

  45. 45 misslonelyHeart

    NoOOOOO~ My heart dropped reading the headline… Aw, I was actually relieved when I read yesterday’s article regarding this matter because it was only a rumor… but it turned true today! I can’t say that I’m glad only 2 people leaving . I love the whole family of 2D1N S2, missing either 1 of them would feel so incomplete… I’ll definitely miss them to death~ Why so soon? I was hoping Bird PD would stay because he really did a good job making this Season successful more than it has been expected. I don’t know if the new PD will have that same capacity though… Variety show is all about the editing and I love the way Bird PD been editing this show… and KSW would be missed dearly! I love his gentle style… He made this show comfortable.! Why don’t they just stick for another year… it’s only been 10 months though! Not sure how am I gonna digested this news… *tears*

  46. 46 Andrea


    Well, my heart is a little broken. I didn’t watch 1N2D prior to the second season. I loved how awkward Bird PD was and the dynamics between the cast. And I just loved Seung Woo as the mat-hyung. They will be missed.

  47. 47 Elle


    i love KSW and the older brother/mature aura he brings to the set. he’s always so sweet and caring to Joo Won too. seriously, i have tears in my eyes as i type this. *sniff sniff*

    i’m missing KSW and PD Bird already. damn.

  48. 48 indes


    I actually love Seung-woo too. Such an awesome and surprisingly adorable ahjusshi – I love when he writes those little sketchpad notes when he loses his voice hahahaha. Plus, does that mean Tae-woong is going to be the oldest again?! XD Weird. Seung-woo has such a great hyung presence, so I’m definitely heartbroken and will miss him very much. Bird PD too!

    But at least the show’s not ending or anything. And in the scheme of things, 6 out of the 8 major players are still in the game, so – I’ll just try to patch up my poor little heart. :'(

  49. 49 jinkzz

    Awww…sad that mat-hyung KSW and Bird PD are leaving but it leaves one spot open…should we dare hope that Hodong will come back to fill that position? I really wish he would. Of the three rumored possibilities, I do like Joon Hyun the best followed by Tae Ho with Kyung-hwan trailing way in the far back. Sang Gook isn’t a bad choice either since he is very handy and he can act as the mom for the entire cast.

  50. 50 aznative

    I’m not really surprised about KSW, he did seem to show evidence of strain (and I feel so bad when they’re relegated to only rice for a meal).
    And, GirlFriday you are just toooo funny, “Sung Shi-kyung…leaving…itโ€™s okay, I held javabeansโ€™ hand… Sheโ€™s breathing into a paper bag and recuperating from the meltdown, and maybe tomorrow I can get her to stop playing Shi-kyungโ€™s ballads on an endless loop. Baby steps”.

    He does have a beautiful voice…off to see if his music is available on Spotify ๐Ÿ™‚

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