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Seung-gi vs. Yoochun vs. Hair (This post is totally relevant.)

javabeans: Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for: Our first glimpse at the hero of Gu Family Book! (That’s Lee Seung-gi, like you didn’t know.) And he’s wearing his sageuk wig!

girlfriday: It’s Puppy! In a pony! Okay, that sounds wrong.

javabeans: Take that back! That’s a mental image I really wish I could unthink.

girlfriday: *too busy cooing*

javabeans: I actually think that’s the best hair he’s ever had in a drama. Maybe in real life too.

girlfriday: I KNOW! Who knew??

javabeans: Well, the bar was kind of low. He’s adorable, but I don’t know why he has had such dorky/oddball/messy/bowl-cut hairdos.

girlfriday: Maybe it’s on purpose, like to make you grateful when he does clean up nice. Banjun hair.

javabeans: Also on that list: Yoochun. Those boys just need the right stylist. (Example: Yoochun’s latest Singles spread. Although the hair isn’t really the highlight.) I’d really like to tell both of them: It’s okay to look hot 100 percent of the time. Really really.

girlfriday: Hey, why are you inserting YOUR puppy in news about MY puppy?

javabeans: Okay, I’ll let YOU explain to the DB crowd why you vetoed pretty pictures.

girlfriday: *has no defense*

javabeans: *wins yet again* *keeps tally*

girlfriday: I’m just breathing a huge sigh of relief. Was honestly really nervous about Seung-gi and his first mane o’ glory.

javabeans: I’m not sure it quite qualifies as mane of glory though… maybe ponytail of cuteness. Like a Bichon. Which is fitting.

girlfriday: Clearly we need better hair vocabulary. Pony of Power?

javabeans: *groaaaans*

girlfriday: YOU come up with a better one then!

javabeans: Yoochun’s buzzcut of….? I got nuthin’. This is an unwinnable game.

girlfriday: Either that or we haven’t had enough to drink. Beanies, help us out!

javabeans: With the naming, we mean, not the drinking. We’ve got that one covered.

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How weird that I was just reading your synopsis of episode 5 (having not read anything else about this show) and thinking how awful this ponytail looked on him... and then I find that you made a whole post about how great it is?!

I totally disagree. It makes him look girly, and I hate the way his bangs part in the front. On the other hand, Sung Joon looks mane-nificent with long hair, which I totally didn't expect. Seung-gi just doesn't look "manly" enough in this sageuk role, although I still enjoy his ginormously wide smile.


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