Update: Screencaps, recaps, and Joo-won
by | March 7, 2013 | 302 Comments

Illustration by pumpkinattack

What a morning. So stuff happened. There was a lot of emotion. And we here at Dramabeans realized once again what an awesomely supportive and fiercely loyal readership we have. We love you. ♥ Really, it was surprising and touching to see how much people care about this site and what we do. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Here’s what happened: Sites that infringe on material covered by Dramafever’s licensing agreements have been shut down in the past. The company that Dramafever hired to handle these cases saw that we covered a show they licensed. They filed the DMCA notice with our webhost, who warned us to delete or be shut down. We deleted (and replaced with lovely stick figures. You’re welcome).

We have spoken with reps from Dramafever, who have issued their official statement. They retracted the DMCA notice and have informed us we can resume screencapping. We’re a little gun-shy about that at the moment (hence the stick figures. You’re welcome), but will try easing back into normal operating procedure and bringing back the pretty.

We have to admit that the recent shakeups in the drama fan community have us uneasy, from streaming site and torrent crackdowns to fan recap sites being taken offline, and we’re not quite sure how the landscape may change in the future. We’re grateful to still be here, and we’re committed to sticking around, even if that requires evolving with the shifting sands (and maybe learning how to draw better stick figures). So thank you again for all the love and support, which is what keeps us going. Y’all rock.

-javabeans and girlfriday


302 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. John

    Dear JB & GF,

    We lub you ! Fighting!

    • 1.1 Betty

      Of course we love you!!! ^_^

    • 1.2 snow

      you have our support! *hwaiting*

    • 1.3 reyna


      from: all the BEANIES that had been following you recently and from those following you since time immemorial

      *beanies (name of your readers Mawiie suggested)

    • 1.4 alua

      I kind of want to draw something in support.


      • 1.4.1 jaydee

        totally…. Wub you guys, you’re my first stop Kdramawise always… m still totally miffed at DF ….arrrrhghghhgh

    • 1.5 Ahsoka

      Agreed. Fighting!

    • 1.6 canxi

      Forreals, guys! Love ya’ll. I’m glad that notice was retracted.

      But if ya’ll ever need MORE stick figures. I went to art school. O___O

    • 1.7 hydrangeabloom

      I agree with John! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, jb & gf! Your thoughtful, high quality recaps and reviews have turned me into a loyal beanie! I have always felt that there was a certain level of professionalism over here not found on all k-industry sites on the net right now. Unfortunately even outside of this incident, DF has shown a level of crassness in their dealings that is very unfortunate.

      For those concerned about copyright issues, this extends beyond DF, frustrating as though their actions, and the actions of those they employ to crack down on copyright conflicts, have been. The US is certainly not the only country to have an ongoing battle concerning stringent and over-reaching copyright laws and I would encourage readers to learn more about what laws are in place in their countries and what laws might be on the table for debate right now. (For example, the US has at least two laws looming on the horizon that would further restrict internet access and usage as well as protect big companies against violation of privacy claims.) When jb and gf talk about the bigger picture beyond the L7CS recaps, we have to think about the ways in which this global community could possibly change as various interest groups attempt to monopolize the internet.

      • 1.7.1 m a r a

        Reading your post makes me feel like I’m on DKos. 😉

        I agree with everything you said, and our do-nothing Congress is being sneaky about tryingt o pass these laws.

    • 1.8 pogo


    • 1.9 i3rasaila

      we always love you two.
      JB & GF hwaiting!

  2. Kerstin

    And I just wrote a complaint mail to DramaFever! So happy they took the notice back!

    Dramabeans forever!!!!

    • 2.1 kookicookie

      I’m deleting my Dramafever app from my kindle! I’ll only watch Viki from now on! Down with the bullies at Dramafever! boycott boycott boycott!

      • 2.1.1 Simple Orange

        But you have to admit it though, Dramafever paid for the licensing fee so they get to call the shots whereas Viki is illegal that allows users to upload any videos w/o copyright.

        On the other hand, I’m glad that everything is resolved even if it means leaving a bitter taste. Stay strong and hwaiting~

        • Hubba_Hubba

          Viki isn’t illegal. They get licensing too..

          • Hubba_Hubba

            I mean thats why only a couple of Asian countries can watch Level 7 Civil Servant on Viki because they couldn’t get the license for anywhere else.

            Viki is a way better site than DF; they definitely know how to foster a sense of community.

          • Simple Orange

            I know that Viki gets licensing too but most of their contents doesn’t have it whereas Dramafever is strictly contents with licensing. I’m not trying to bash on Viki (I do love Viki and prefer them over Dramafever) but I’m just stating that in terms of legality, Dramafever is the one and they have the rights to do what they thinks is best even if means angering alot of viewers.

          • Hubba_Hubba

            Where are you getting this crap from? ALL OF VIKI IS LEGAL. Please direct me to evidence where they are illegally uploading stuff. Most of their contents don’t have licensing?! Please stop slandering.

          • Hubba_Hubba

            DF’s greed can force out all of the volunteer subbing groups and recappers and everything because of legalities but when they hold their complete monopoly on Kdramas for a foreign audience, is there going to be more than 10 people who care to watch it? They are sucking out all of the fun in Kdramas.
            I understand that fan subbing is technically illegal but I only watch Kdramas on Viki. The Kdrama following on the web is a loyal group. I don’t really mind sites like mysoju going down because they’re making money from these Kdramas but fansubbers aren’t subbing for money. They sub so everyone can enjoy the shows but they’re getting bullied by DF too.

          • Simple Orange

            They don’t have licensing for all contents shown such as Chinese dramas, Thai lakorns, and Taiwanese dramas. If you watch some of the videos, the origin of the video is from

        • karen

          viki is legal and amazing. it sucks that can’t get licences for some dramas though, if it’s not currently airing and it’s not up there already, it’s not going to be up. I had to revert to dramafever for 49 days and me too flower…… but i skipped out the advertisements by watching it on my phone. but i still prefer viki anyday (: the comments while watching are the best

          • rearwindow

            I LOVE viki. Their comments are the best. Def my go-to viewing site.

          • Ilog

            Sorry for hijacking your comment, karen… But this is in reply to Hubba_Hubba’s awesome comment above.

            Because I wholeheartedly agree that bringing in these mercenary issues into the Kdrama fanweb world is sucking out the fun in it. One of the main reasons why many people stay in this community is because of its fun and generous environment/culture. While not everyone may agree on each other’s opinion, we know that what drives the other person is a sincere love and passion for the kdrama world. And it is all right. Here, profit is probably a secondary goal, if not a mere indirect (but happy) result of the efforts of those who have chosen this vocation.

            While I get that “legal/licensed” sites may have some claims regarding certain aspects of the show, persecuting the very people who have nurtured and cultivated that which you are now profiting from, is both stupid and petty.

        • ck1Oz

          Check out the TW scene now.Quite a few TW shows are licensed on viki including Love,Now.

  3. Saya

    JB and GF, you are my #1 Hot Destination on the internet.

    Without you, there might as well be no internet.


    • 3.1 hiba

      heeh join the club sista , now its the two of us , our club s getting bigger by day !! we beanies !! ahah

    • 3.2 maria

      *high five* it’s LITERALLY my home page. i can’t live without DB! i realized how deeply i’d come to regard this site and the people here when all that kerfuffle happened yesterday– wow, talk about rage! it was almost as if someone in my family had been wronged! ….which, come to think of it, makes sense! it’s like a legit family up in here. i love you guys! if this site ever got taken down, who else will share all my *feelings*? hehehehehe

      • 3.2.1 bloww

        yess, DB is my #1 Hot Destination on the internet!

      • 3.2.2 Vincy

        Omg I come here everyday for recaps. If this didn’t exist, what would I do?!

        • parny

          Ditto here! 🙂 If I could use it as my home page I so would! Luff luv love DB!!!

          • thil28

            me too, parny! thank you JB and GF! my number 1 website every day, can’t imagine life without you guys! FIGHTING!!! LOVE YOU DRAMABEANS, FOREVER!

    • 3.3 KatieB

      Same here!

      You girls are my #1 most visited website.
      And I may add that I don’t come here for the eye-candy only (or.. do I?) but for the quality of your analysis, the wittiness of your comments, and the great writing overall. (You’re basically my english teachers: French girl speaking here!)

      All the love we give you, you deserve!

      • 3.3.1 Russe12

        Pretty much everything stated above. Love you guys and thanks so much for all that you do!

      • 3.3.2 yoga girl

        me too.i love this site and am very thankful that the issue is resolved

    • 3.4 anniemo

      Perhaps not exactly how I would word it, but absolutely my sentiment. Dramabeans introduced me to the wide world of kdrama, consider my loyalty and love absolute. Besides that, JB/GF are just awesome and my day would not be complete without oh… 5 stops by to see what’s new.

    • 3.5 eternalfive

      Aw, yes definitely. ♥ Wuv dramabeans. :3 And thank you for your awesomeness and hard work, javabeans and girlfriday. You guys are seriously the best. 🙂

    • 3.6 Christy

      100000x THIS.

      I’m glad things ended up working out, and while I now see Dramafever in a different light – I’ll try to (bitterly) understand that it’s just strictly business.

      Also – the new icon for Level 7 Civil Servant recaps at the bottom of the page gave me quite a laugh.

  4. Laara

    Thank you, for everything. We love you even moreeee. Rawr. <3

  5. Orion

    Keep going girls. And don’t give in. These copyright dictators are relying on people getting scared into giving up. Site by site, community by community. The minute we all start giving in, they win. And they should not trample over our rights like that.

    Thank you for your work so far and as you see, we’re ready to kick some virtual ass for you. 😉

    • 5.1 lucertola

      JB&GF faitting ^v^

    • 5.2 kk

      I totally agree. They must see that we can kick ass. The sad thing is because DB has an amazing fan base, they actually listened.
      But the issue of dramafever, with all the bullying they did to fansubbing teams last year like withs2 and darksmurf and mr x etc., and other recappers, and torrents who aren’t as fortunate as DB and don’t have as loud of a voice, is still there. I think it’s disgusting they only issue an apology when they’re backed up, while all the other complaints last year from fans got ignored. Like you said, they’re doing it site by site, community by community. And I doubt they learned their lesson truly. I hope they prove me wrong, but it seems to me from their apology that the only reason they issued it was because of the onslot of complaints and unsubscription rather than principle, and recognizing that they did wrong in closing recappers websites, and shutting fansubbing teams.
      Their desire for monopoly is so short-sighted. Especially when their business is based on community support. Destroying the community you’re in is not a smart business move no matter how you’re looking at it.

  6. Sc


  7. kakashi

    make sure to read the comments under the “official” statement of DramaFever. it is worth it.

    • 7.1 cherkell

      I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard at the responses to the “Great Dramabeans Apology of 2013.” Any goodwill DF has built up over the years has just be felled in one big swoop by the mighty sword of the wronged viewers! 😀

      *sniff* Never been more proud of the community than I am now. LUV YOU GUYS!!!

      • 7.1.1 canxi

        It was pretty crazy. They really got it handed to them, but I must say, I think people would have been much nicer if that “official statement” seemed more…sincere?

    • 7.2 AuntieMame

      In response to the ‘so-called apology’, this was the best comment:

      Marcus Wright

      07/03/2013 · Reply
      Great. But tell us, were these copyright infringement hounds you sent out instructed on what actually constitutes as infringement, or did you tell them to ransack the whole Internet and find whatever their bots and spiders could get their hands on? Because soft subtitles, recaps and reviews fall under fair use protection, they’re not derivative works (hardsubs would be). Or are you merely backtracking because a raging horde of Dramabeans readers threatened to cancel/canceled their accounts and this hurts your wallet? Now, be sorry for the inconvenience you might have caused to Darksmurfs’ subbers who covered many more cable dramas you ignore, to With S2 that you exploited for years without a thank you to then force its Queen Inhyun’s Man subtitles to disappear out of the blue, and to longtime bloggers and pioneers like Mister X, who have done more for this community than you ever will, and yet had to see months of precious work vanish because you were too greedy to ask him to remove a subtitle or two. We’re a close-knit community, and this behavior will not be forgotten, whatever your high-faluting pursuits of corporate success might suggest you. Shame on you.

      • 7.2.1 ladida

        This makes me wish I could like comments here!

      • 7.2.2 tweetie

        That is absolutely brilliant, I thought about subscribing with them when they came to the UK, but didn’t when they went for soft subbers and streaming sites such as MySOJU

      • 7.2.3 jaydee

        brilliant, wish I could write like this but its my thoughts exactly…

      • 7.2.4 coco

        I think they retract the notice because DB has a lot of readers. I don’t believe this is accidental or random. I google around and found other bloggers got the same notice but with worse luck because they don’t have a large fan base to support them.

        Here’s the example:

        She didn’t say who logged the complaint but she got the notice. So while we DB fans get our happy ending (for now), this will not be the end of it.

    • 7.3 cv

      Haha! I did! Like wow!! I feel them.
      I found DF thru dramabeans but have only checked on their sites for dramas that are found nowhere else but there. LOL

      Otherwise, I find no use going to DF. I find viki and much better. ^^

    • 7.4 eternalfive

      Bahahaha, I loved the comments, they were amazing. XD Also, their apology was so half-assed I can’t even…smh.

  8. Rin

    That’s good to hear!

    Except all the other sites with recaps and stuff weren’t part of Dramafever’s “exception.” Maybe they should work on that too. They’re just recaps/reviews. It’s not like the sites were streaming them…

    • 8.1 liz

      I remember this website that did ”I love Taery” recaps and had to take down all its screencaps or else her blod would be deleted… and they are still goign after her for doing ”just recaps..”

      • 8.1.1 m a r a

        It’s just recaps. I don’t understand why they’re freaking out over those. Not everyone has an hour or two to spare to watch. Sometimes, reading a recap or a review is the best way to check out a show. Time wise it’s convenient, especially if it’s a show one isn’t sure about watching.

  9. Mystisith

    I too, could have done without the adrenaline rush today but we have a Happy Ending to that unwelcome dramatik event! Woohooh! Maybe the ghost of Anthony helped us. 😉
    The DB community is the best and we will back you as often as needed. ♥♥♥
    Let’s see what happens in the next days: I bet we will hear, read and learn a lot of things.

    • 9.1 canxi

      Lol, SOMEONE got the yakuza involved.

  10. 10 vcarrington

    “Shifting sands” is a great term to use. The internet environment is scary at the moment. But, you guys rock. You do an amazing job. Don’t let the bullies of the playground beat you down. We love and need you. We got your back and just the tiniest heads up will call us into action. Don’t be shy about asking for support. You deserve it.

    • 10.1 anotheraddict

      We got your back and just the tiniest heads up will call us into action. Don’t be shy about asking for support. You deserve it.

      Too right! And that includes financial support should you decide to hire a lawyer at some point– or for any other reason need some financial support. Y’all are way too generous as it is.

      You are loved and appreciated more than you know.

      • 10.1.1 michca

        Agreed! If you ever need any future help with legal issues, just ask!!
        Look at the ‘Eat Your Kimchi’ couple, for example. They appealed to their fan base in hopes that they could raise a bit of money for a new studio to make better vids and the donations came out to more than twice they expected. Never underestimate the power of a devoted fan base…which you definitely have!! We would like to keep you guys around for a very long time. ^_^ Fighting!!!

        • yammy

          ooo a nastie over here too!! and not to make any comparisons, but I feel like dramabeans has a wider fan base, since it has been around longer and all. but yes, go dramabeans! this is THE website I anyone who i talk to who is interested in kdrama to go to, cuz this place is awesome like that. fighting~!!! 😀

        • tweetie

          Yay a Beanie and a Nasty I love you!!

  11. 11 JoAnne

    We adore you, and are so grateful for the ‘home’ you provide.

  12. 12 Rashell

    Aw YEAH! Just a lesson that you don’t want to mess with the Beaners! I love it when peaceful protest really does work. I’m sure enough of us emailed and cancelled our prime membership to get this kind of swift attention. As so many said, without Dramabeans I would never had found Dramafever. When it comes to kdramas there is NO SITE that is more influential then this one. So glad they backed off.

    But I’d keep the stick figures for the Level 7 re-caps. With the quality of the show, they probably are sufficient. Although maybe just add a couple of Joo Won for the pretty.

    • 12.1 aznative

      I agree with the stick figures, they can serve as a reminder to us.

    • 12.2 lemonade candy

      lets keep the stick figure. because it happened. and scars stay anyway~

  13. 13 Dominique

    Now perhaps we can breathe and ask some questions that had to wait while the crisis was happening.

    Is Dramafever a US-based entity that enforces its IP rights in the US only? In what territories does it exercise its rights? I am curious because the DMCA is a US law.

    Next, how does Dramabeans become subject to the Dramafever’s rights? And in what territories?

    • 13.1 Rashell

      My understanding, and it is limited, is that because Dramabeans is a US based website (IP server based in the US) that DMCA applies and can be enforced against them.

      • 13.1.1 liz

        but sometimes ecen if your IP server isn’t based in the US, when you do a blog or website you have to follow their laws, and usually they are all from US so we have to follow their laws…

        • Rashell

          Really? I guess if the blog host or web host you use is US based then it would fall under US law. I hadn’t thought of that.

    • 13.2 Vern

      They don’t really. The screen shot photos are a fuzzy area(some might cite fair use). And they have no right to make any claim to the recap, basically an opinion with details.

      They are abusing the DMCA notice system, going after blogs written by people who don’t have the legal resources to fight these “claims”.

  14. 14 liz

    I wish next time fans get together to help a fansubbing website that does it for free and just want to release better and correct subs! Lets help each other and this way no one will have all the power in their hands.

    I for example, watch my kdramas on many websites, Viki, Dramafever and etc, just to see if the subtitles are different and give me a new perspective.

    Figthing DB and everyone ^^

  15. 15 gailt

    where’s the Joo-won that was promised in the title? hehehe.

    Thank you ladies for all you do. You are the best!

  16. 16 kellie

    I”m glad too. Thank you, Dramafever, for the speedy retraction. Now if you’ll just get my Lights & Shadows episodes up, life will be beautiful!

  17. 17 RIO kdrama lover

    I’m so happy that things can go back to normal!!! I hope it never happens again”” I love this site so much!!!
    Fighting DB!!!

  18. 18 Jules

    For me, it’s far too little, far too late.

    But the good news is: yay for Dramabeans! We love you and hope the site keeps going forever (or, okay, at least for as long as the fourth dimension allows).


  19. 19 RB

    Glad it got resolved for now! I think you should continue with the drawings because they’re awesome.

  20. 20 ILUKD

    JB and GF fighting … You guys are awesome … We all are with you …
    @pumkinattack … I love your version of Joo Won …. Love you all

  21. 21 AnotherFan

    Oh we love you back and more! Please do stick around. Hwaiiiting!

  22. 22 SH

    Great to hear! I like this stick figure idea. Can you guys give a try for the recaps anyway? Might make the show more interesting 😉

  23. 23 sweetcloud

    Great to see that that the power of netizens can be used for a good cause too 😀

    Aja aja! Fighting! Bbashya! Be blessed Dramabeans, javabeans, girlfriday and your minions, and long live!

  24. 24 Quiet Thought

    MOAR ROMULANS! . . . Really, maybe we can get a Romulan episode of ‘Running Man’ . . .

  25. 25 Kiara

    Hang in there girls. We have your back. <33333

  26. 26 Eileen

    I’m happy they dropped the DMCA notice, but discovering all their other previous abuses really puts a sour taste in my mouth. Not sure I am ready to forgive them, especially since there are alternative streaming sites out there.

    I’ll stick with Viki, since they at least give their subbers credit. Heck, I know Chinese and they have subbing teams too, so I don’t even have to go to English subbed ones!

  27. 27 Vern

    Wow! I’m gone from the internet for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose.

    My first reaction was… Really? Are you kidding? You helped promote Dramafever when it first started and they send you a DMCA notice!?!? For photos in a recap? (They don’t have a legal leg to stand on regarding the actual recap. I used to administer illegal copyright claims for a publishing company, so I know something of what I write here.)

    Glad to hear it has been sussed out. They were going to get, and may still, a note of complaint from me. Disgusting. Everyone knows that recapping promotes viewing of dramas on sites such as Dramafever.

  28. 28 Ethlenn

    Oh, that was quite a fun to kick some virtuall a$$ for you!! I love stick figures, btw^^

  29. 29 Mawiie

    Heh! Netizens can be awesome sometimes (when they are not being crazy), or maybe it’s just us Beaners? Beanies? We need a name!

    • 29.1 reyna


    • 29.2 risa

      Historically, “beaners” has been used as a derogatory term for Mexicans– I’d say that to some extent, it’s being reappropriated these days, but it can still cause offense. I think “beanies” is a better choice.

    • 29.3 Schmazel

      Either on the OT or in the comments section, I have seen someone refer the DB community as the ‘beanuts’. Can’t rmb who it was though, but great name! 😀

  30. 30 liz

    So, someone did more drawings ? Because now I’m curious and want to see more LOL

    • 30.1 Mystisith

      Lol. Their Emailbox must be exploding now. Why not doing a contest post on DB for the best drawer out there? *Dramabeaner of the Month*.

      • 30.1.1 liz

        Yeah that is a cool idea!!

  31. 31 Christina

    Glad my post of Dramafever’s facebook page wasn’t to nasty then. I love this site and hope it it here for a long time to come!

  32. 32 Gwinna

    Since I was still reading the comments on the previous post and didn’t have a chance to comment myself before this post came out, I just wanted to make clear that Dramabeans did NOT infringe copyright. Reviews and commentary are protected speech under the First Amendment, and using screencaps to illustrate the review/commentary is a clear case of fair use. Even with US TV shows, reviewers use screencaps in their reviews, and there is nothing wrong with that. Of course, that doesn’t mean Dramabeans would want to spend the time and money it would cost to defend themselves in court, but if they did they would almost certainly win.

    • 32.1 kakashi

      I’m sure you’re right, but the real problem is that a webhost who gets a DMCA notice simply doesn’t care about that. They pass the warning on, including the threat to shut down the website – because they have to do that unless they want to be in trouble themselves. If the user doesn’t comply, they will of course shut the service down.
      So (to you lawyers out there): who would you then have to go up against as the party that was shut down? your webhost or the ones that issued the DMCA notice?

      • 32.1.1 Thursdaynexxt

        yeah, sounds basically like a game of “pass the hot potato”.

        But Beanies won the day, YAAYY!!

        Everyone at DB does an absolutely awesome job. Can’t thank you enough for everything you do!!

  33. 33 crazedlu

    pwahah. love it. thanks for the update. ^^!!!

  34. 34 MariD

    Wow… Sooo we actually do have power on the Internet?? Who knew!!!
    I LUV u all at Dramabeans thanks for the hard work.
    Can we still send you stick figures for your recaps?

  35. 35 jcdg

    Fighting!!! Somos muchos los que apreciamos el buen y sacrificado trabajo de la comunidad de dramabeans!!! We appreciate your efforts in this website. I enjoy reading my favorite drama recaps along with your quirky thoughts!!! Keep up the good job!!! Saludos!!! Animo!!!

  36. 36 -ziggystardust

    Whooo! Congrats. Underestimating a loyal internet community is pretty much always the worst idea ever.

    • 36.1 pumpkinattack

      I totally think it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. They opened the floodgates. We threw down the gauntlet. Heeheehee.

  37. 37 dewaanifordrama

    I am glad that for now the storm has abated. I think it also shows that us online drama peeps have a powerful voice, and I would suggest that we should make that voice heard so that the scrupulousness of DMCA stuff doesn’t swallow the online community whole.

  38. 38 myweithisway

    Proud to be a member of the Beanut Gallery =)

    And DB fighting! Always and forever!

    Tis all!

  39. 39 lenrasoon

    Love the drawing, it’s cute!

    so glad things went well between DF and DB for now, i really hope you guys don’t get this DMCA notices anymore, i really don’t want to see this site go.

    Javabeans and Girlfriday fighting o/

  40. 40 Dramafed1782

    Awesome news JB and GF 🙂 I am so happy for you guys. I was more worried whether this notice would affect your screencapping for any future dramas of MBC on a whole. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  41. 41 informantxgirl

    Love and fighting! You guys are my go-to resource for all things Kdrama. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for this site, I wouldn’t (nay, couldn’t) be a big of a fan as I am today. Thank you and whatever happens, we love you and support you infinite %!

  42. 42 cytofan

    Thanks for the good news… And just in time. DF almost lost a premium lifetime member. I was working on an email in support of Dramabeans and to request a refund. Keep up the great work! Fighting!

  43. 43 mira

    ♥ javabeans and ♥ girlfriday

  44. 44 Mommai

    We love you guys! 😀

  45. 45 Llamaesque

    Thank God. Life without dramabeans recaps (and open threads!) to look forward to would be all but unlivable.

  46. 46 true2u

    LOL, Those mother-truckers got scared because they didn’t know how HUGH dramabeans fan base was. I’ve never spend one cent on dramafever in my 3 years of watching kdrama and now i never will. I will stick to Viki since that was my drama home from the beginning. Also, I hate dramafever endless commercials!!!!!!!!!! It takes me about 1 hour and a half just to watch a 45 mins episode. Sometimes even 2 hours because the player would freeze up and i would have to refresh. “sigh” -_-

  47. 47 Ann

    I read this site every day! Fighting!

  48. 48 ajewell

    So glad it got resolved so quickly! I complained to DramaFever and even unsubscribed, so it’s nice to know that taking action finally paid off for once. I just hope something similar doesn’t happen in the future!

  49. 49 Conny

    I received an email back from DF with the link to their blog post but I’m sorry, too little too late. I’m cancelling my sub, end of story.

    I can understand they’re just trying to protect their ‘property’, but I’m sorry. Doesn’t someone from their legal department check with that ‘third party company’ to make sure none of the companies that are about to be served actually broke ‘the law’? Are we seriously meant to believe that this was an oversight, a simple mistake? If it is, it proves that the left hand had no idea what the right hand was doing and I for one do not want to give my money to a company that apparently lacks necessary communication to ensure that ‘mistakes’ like this don’t happen.

    Anywho.. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!

    And the fans here are da bomb! <3

    • 49.1 Conny

      Oh also..

      I’d like a T-shirt. I’ll tell you what size after I get through with several rounds of 10 minute Trainer (ya know, from the P90X and Insanity people).

      I’d like it to say..

      I’m a BEANIE!!

    • 49.2 dumzkeeee

      “I for one do not want to give my money to a company that apparently lacks necessary communication to ensure that ‘mistakes’ like this don’t happen.”

      You’re so right Conny. If they were thinking right, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Too bad for them for underestimating the power of this community!

      Go DB! Fighting!

  50. 50 umbanana

    Yay!! Thanks for keeping us updated – you girls rock! I’m relatively new here (at least commenting-wise) but I’m here everyday, looking forward to whatever gets posted! I love the humour and analysis in the recaps so keep it up!
    And go Beanies! I enjoy reading all the comments too 🙂

    On a side note, despite the fiasco and stress, I do quite like the stick figures.

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