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Incarnation of Money: Episode 18
by | April 3, 2013 | 69 Comments

If only our resident baddie knew how much of a charmer he is. Oh wait, he does. Though the men continue to bite and scratch at each other over power and ambition, this episode’s focus falls on the ladies. Some women fall from grace, some women fall in love, while still others fall out of touch with their pasts.

Incarnation experienced a recent fall in ratings with this week’s episodes at 14.7% and 15.6%.


With Boss Bok approaching, Cha-don runs into the elevator with the original Gentleman of Jingogae, leaving Se-kwang utterly confused. Lest you think Cha-don gets caught in his lie, he tips off Boss Bok just in time so that she doesn’t miss a beat to speak well of the illustrious benefactor.

Upstairs, Dad gets ready to impress as the wealthy philanthropist as Se-kwang walks in to join them. Not one to beat around the bush, Se-kwang asks after the reason for his nomination.

Dad fumbles a little in his explanation about politics but the gist is there – he’s heard Se-kwang is a man of justice and he’s sick of corrupt politicians. Therefore, he thinks Se-kwang is the right man for the job.

Once Team Shudal leaves, Se-kwang sits alone for another minute with a self-satisfied smile.

When Se-kwang spots Ji-hoo at the gym the following day, he recalls how her father is a member of the elite inner committee. He oh-so-casually runs into her and greets her gruffly. Ji-hoo is quick to pick up on his passive-aggressive pissy mood and wonders if it’s about her father. He denies it and leaves.

Then he blatantly ignores her at work and also when the prosecutors go out for drinks later that night. It seems to be that this is all a part of his plan to manipulate Ji-hoo though I find his rebuff childish at best.

It bothers Ji-hoo enough for her to drink away her frustrations. She drunkenly stumbles out of the room to give her sunbae (and crush) a piece of her mind before she passes out in Se-kwang’s arms.

He sets Ji-hoo on his bed and, digging through her purse for clues, he finds a picture of Ji-hoo and her father. Because you needed confirmation that they were related? Then he pours himself a generous glass and watches Ji-hoo sleep peacefully. Anyone else getting creepy Edward Cullen flashbacks here?

Ji-hoo wakes up the following morning and beats herself up once she realizes her surroundings. She find Se-kwang sleeping on the couch and lingers there, watching him sleep.

She’s about to walk away when Se-kwang grabs her wrist and pulls her onto the couch. Omo, are you aware of her feelings for you? He scolds her to never drink that much ever again, to which she gives a meek apology.

Ji-hoo brings up the subject of why her sunbae is upset with her at breakfast. She’s surprised to hear that he’s not upset with her, but rather himself. “I’m someone with great ambition.” Se-kwang explains, “And your father is someone who could make my ambitions come true.”

However, there’s a hindrance in his plans: his greed for Ji-hoo. He doesn’t clarify whether that’s on a career or romantic level but it leaves Ji-hoo slackjawed all the same.

It’s nomination day and Boss Bok arrives with Prosecutor Kwon, who keeps asking about his rival nominee picked out by the Gentleman of Jingogae. But speak of the devil and at that very moment, Cha-don and Se-kwang walk up to greet them.

The senior prosecutors scowl at each other whereas Cha-don and Boss Bok exchange knowing smirks. As the nominees are escorted to another room, Cha-don checks in with Team Shudal to make sure that everything is in place.

Meanwhile, Jae-in greets Ji-hoo and her father and they exchange pleasantries. Professor Jeon looks around for Boss Bok and is slightly disheartened to hear that the rest of the Elite Four is in a meeting without him. Uh oh, is this going to throw a wrench in the plan?

The senior prosecutors and their backers enter a separate room where Chief Prosecutor Jo and Mayor Jung greets them. The ex-mayor smiles in Se-kwang’s direction, amused by this interesting twist of fate. Letting bygones be bygones, he promises to be fair and vote for the best man.

The nominees wonder about the fourth nominee, to which Boss Bok explains that there isn’t any since their last elite committee member will be abstaining. Which is when Professor Jeon turns up and the others hurry to whisk him away.

Cha-don leaves with the others and hops over to another room to watch to the nomination candidates receive their instructions. A hearing will be held after the nominees will provide a kind of background check on their fellow nominees. Usually two weeks, this inspection period will repeat itself until the elite committee reaches an unanimous decision.

Once the three senior prosecutors are alone, Chief Prosecutor Jo wonders if this is a fair process since they’re all well-acquainted with one another. But soon he too rises from his seat and Se-kwang and Prosecutor Kwon is left. *pulls out popcorn*

Prosecutor Kwon finds it foolish that they fight each other for the candidacy position, not while they have a common enemy to bring down. He’s pleased that Se-kwang feels the same.

But he’s caught off guard at Se-kwang’s accusation that he betrayed their alliance and sold information to Kang-seok. Se-kwang sits, fuming, but then his eyes survey the room and he spots a small camera on a lampshade. He signals for Prosecutor Kwon to stop talking.

Se-kwang rises from his chair and stares directly into the camera as Team Shudal holds their breaths. To their great relief, the senior prosecutors regard this as another method for the Elite Four to consider their decision.

On the other side of the screen, Cha-don gets up to follow the prosecutors.

The senior prosecutors take their argument outside in an empty field. Prosecutor Kwon finds the betrayal accusations unfair, raising his voice when he’s told that their enemy always knew of their plans in detail.

He yells that Bi-ryung is in jail because she murdered Lawyer Hwang and all evidence pointed to her. But Se-kwang notes that Prosecutor Kwon’s assistant is the only person who could have switched the blood samples to target Bi-ryung.

Se-kwang: “Should I spell it out for you? The person Lee Kang-seok hates the most is me. Because I killed [Chairman Lee].” Therefore, Prosecutor Kwon and Kang-seok must be working together to bring him down instead.

Prosecutor Kwon considers this a ridiculous theory and Se-kwang doesn’t hesitate to test their loyalty to each other one last time. If he’s wrong, then Prosecutor Kwon can call his backer to withdraw his nomination immediately. Because it’d be bros before ambition, eh?

But Prosecutor Kwon breaks into laughter, amused at the realization that Se-kwang is only after power. The evil cackling tries Se-kwang’s patience even further and not surprisingly, it’s Prosecutor Kwon who throws the first punch.

It’s dirty and crude and Se-kwang manages to pin Prosecutor Kwon to the ground, who spits out, “Do you want to kill me like you killed [Chairman Lee]? If you can’t kill me tonight, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!”

His fist raised above his head, Se-kwang breathes, “The ones who will come to regret are you and Kang-seok, not me!” And he punches the ground just shy of the prosecutor’s head.

As Se-kwang walks away, Prosecutor Kwon laughs, “Don’t you ever forget what happened today!” And all the while, Cha-don witnesses the entire exchange from the car.

Cha-don is called away to the Bok estate and reports that everything is going according to plan. He guesses that the two prosecutors will rip each other to shreds like wild beasts. The prosecutors’ spot-free records are the least of his worries, since it’s easy to fabricate information.

He is, however, surprised when Boss Bok asks him about the Gentleman of Jingogae stand-in and stammers that she needn’t worry. He wonders where Jae-in is, and yells a little too loudly in response when he learns she’s still out on a date with Hyuk.

I’ll never grow tired of jealous Cha-don and Assistant Kim’s amused smile, heh. He asks how much longer Boss Bok will allow her daughter to hold this skewed perspective. Interestingly enough, Cha-don mutters under his breath,”It was better when she was fat.” Boss Bok tells him to worry about his own love life and go home.

Once he’s gone, she laughs to herself, convinced that Cha-don will beg for Jae-in to take him back one day.

Instead, Cha-don chooses to wait by the gate, ready to scold her… and hides when a car pulls in. HA. He keeps one hairy eyeball out as Jae-in bids Hyuk good night, almost eager to see him off.

But Hyuk calls after her and he slowly walks towards her… and pulls her towards him. Rawr, Prosecutor has moves. Hyuk draws nearer to kiss her but Jae-in panics and tells him to stop. She tries to think of an excuse but notices Cha-don’s car parked nearby.

Changing up her game, Jae-in bites her lip and gives Hyuk permission to kiss her. So Hyuk leans in and jumps back a foot when he sees Cha-don’s face appear as if from thin air. Hahaha. They look like they were just caught by a parent.

But Cha-don is worse than a parent as he openly reminds Jae-in of when she forcibly kissed him, much to her horror. He takes her by the wrist and pushes her into the backseat of his car.

Hyuk has seen enough and confronts Cha-don, telling him that he can talk to Jae-in tomorrow. Now Cha-don drops the humor and levels at Hyuk: “If you appear before me again, forget sunbae or whatever. You’ll die by my hands.”

Cha-don gets into his car and when Hyuk tries to stop him again, he shoves Hyuk’s face away before he drives away.

They drive to the Only Pojangmacha Restaurant in Seoul where Cha-don downs drink after drink. Jae-in isn’t interested to see him drink the night away and gets up to leave, but he holds her back.

He spills that he didn’t ever betray Boss Bok and about to tell her the whole truth before he thinks better of it and downs another shot. Considering the countless times Cha-don has deceived her, she finds his words not to see Hyuk anymore pointless.

“You’ve never cared who I date.” she tells him. Cha-don: “What if I do care?” But alas, Jae-in casts it aside and walks out.

But just outside, Jae-in calls Assistant Kim to confirm if what Cha-don says is the truth. We already know that it is and Jae-in stares back into the restaurant, wondering if Cha-don genuinely cares for her.

She scoffs that it’s too late and that she’ll make him suffer… but breaks into a smile, as if relieved that her feelings are finally returned.

Se-kwang sits alone at the bar, contemplating how to get the Elite Four on his side in order to beat Prosecutor Kwon. He wonders about Professor Jeon and a moment later, Ji-hoo comes to join him at the bar.

She frets over his busted lip and he dismisses her concern in his usual gruff manner. She takes a drink for a boost of confidence and despite Se-kwang’s warning not to say something she’ll regret, Ji-hoo confesses her feelings towards him.

From the way Se-kwang gives a little laugh, this is no surprise to him. He tells her that he’s neither kind nor considerate towards women. He thinks love is a joke and marriage as a means to an end. He pushes women away because, “I’m not someone who deserves love.”

She reminds him of his own words of advice when he told her that it’s a battle between his cowardly and righteous self. She advises him to give to his cowardly, vulnerable side like she is.

Ji-hoo shares that she kept her father’s reputation a secret so that she wouldn’t have to live under his shadow. “But now, I want to use my father’s reputation to have you.”

Tears stream down her face and Se-kwang finally relents. Pulling her into a hug, he promises that he’ll try to do better. Argh, I’m both so angry and so impressed with Se-kwang’s evil manipulation skills.

Se-kwang gets an unwelcomed visitor first thing in the morning in the form of Cha-don, who explains that he’s here on the benefactor’s orders. A call from the “Gentleman of Jingogae” tells him that they need an advantage over Prosecutor Kwon whereas we know it’s just an opportunity to comb the place for clues.

Se-kwang isn’t happy about the arrangement but digging up Prosecutor’s Kwon past is a piece of cake, since the man bribed his way to become the prosecutor general position.

Cha-don excitedly says that their opponents will do the same but Se-kwang puts that argument to rest – his record is clean. An apartment-wide search turns up nothing but Cha-don is sure something will come up: “You can hide corruption, but you can’t hide original sin.”

And for that, they’ll need to see Bi-ryung.

Now this is an interesting scene. We find Bi-ryung in a similar cell that Mom was previously imprisoned in and she too looks fondly at a picture of her son. Just given how she’s already so jumpy, we can assume that the environment is already starting to affect her.

She’s utterly relieved to see Cha-don’s face and immediately breaks down into tears. Once she’s calmed down, Cha-don breaks the news that parole will be difficult with Se-kwang’s interference in the procedure.

Bi-ryung vows that she needs to come out this asylum alive. Asking him for a favor, she shows him the picture of her son. Cha-don asks if she thinks Se-kwang might harm her son. She answers that once Se-kwang makes up his mind, there’s nothing that will stand in his way.

His curiosity eating at him, he asks what Bi-ryung intended to tell the court that day. She admits the truth that Se-kwang committed the murder that Mom eventually died for.

In the car, Cha-don instructs Chief Yang to look into Bi-ryung’s request to inform the child’s father to protect the child. Chief Yang protests that they have enough on their plate as it is, but Cha-don tells him: “Even if it was God punishing them instead of me, he would still have fulfilled this request.”

Elsewhere, Prosecutor Kwon’s temper is about to blow through the roof, unable to find a single smudge on Se-kwang’s record. But then he gets a call, intrigued to hear Bi-ryung’s recorded confession of the truth and further surprised to hear Cha-don’s voice on the other end.

They meet at a train station (though on different platforms to avoid suspicion) and Cha-don explains that he’s only offering to help Prosecutor Kwon since he’s not a prosecutor anymore thanks to Se-kwang.

He’ll only hand over the tape, however, when he’s given enough compensation. “Shouldn’t there be a reward for risking my life?” Prosecutor Kwon rises, asking Cha-don what he wants.

Conveniently enough, a train passes by and when the platform reappears, Cha-don is gone.

In another part of town, Dad enjoys a meal with some of the “Gentleman of Jingogae”‘s clients, regaling them with stories of Boss Bok. He does wonder why the name commands such respect. When he overhears that Boss Bok is on her way (to nab the impersonator who is smearing her good name), he bolts. He barely dodges running into her.

Back at headquarters, Cha-don lectures Dad that he can’t go around showing the Gentleman of Jingogae’s faces to everyone who demands an audience with him.

As luck should have it, the doorbell rings and it’s Boss Bok and Jae-in, and the latter is quick to notice an extra pair of shoes. Cha-don stiffly denies that his fake Gentleman of Jingogae was out and about and panics when Boss Bok suggests they at least see what the imposter looks like.

Boss Bok goes to check the bathroom, and tells Cha-don to bring him out already. So Dad takes a deep breath and steps out.

Boss Bok is speechless and Dad blubbers about how sorry he is… and she asks him: “Do you know me?” Wait – does she not remember, chosen not to, or legitimately doesn’t recognize him? In any case, it’s a little heartbreaking to watch her to tell him to keep up the good work and walk out.

Dad has the same questions and Cha-don answers that she doesn’t recognize him. Dad asks why and is in shock when he hears the news of Mom’s progressive illness. Overwhelmed with another wave of guilt, he beats his chest and begs for forgiveness.

Prosecutor Kwon meets Cha-don for another meeting by the Han River. He’s eager to get his hands on the recording, but Cha-don reminds him that his demands haven’t been met yet.

Money is no object to the prosecutor, but instead Cha-don asks how far up the political ladder Prosecutor Kwon hopes to climb should he win the candidacy. A seat in the National Assembly isn’t a good enough answer for Cha-don, so he revises his answer – he’ll work to become president.

Prosecutor Kwon chuckles at Cha-don’s seemingly humble response to work in a high position should he become president. With that, he hands over the USB drive.

Just then, Cha-don gets a call and says aloud that Prosecutor Kwon’s accounting books have been compromised. Prosecutor Kwon immediately calls his assistant to move them to a different location. (In reality, the urgent call was a tactic to get the prosecutor to reveal where the books would be moved since in a previous flashback, Cha-don said he would inform Se-kwang where they will be. So smart.)

Cha-don watches Prosecutor Kwon drive away in a hurry and calls in to Se-kwang to immediately go after the accounting books in transport.

Looking into the sunset, Cha-don seethes: “Ji Se-kwang. Kwon Jae-kyung. Go ahead and rip each other apart to death!”


The overarching revenge plot felt like it took a backseat, allowing the more minor plot threads to interweave in and out of each other. What I’m most surprised about is how this show is integrating the snippets of conversations in earlier episodes and incorporate them into the present story. Often times, we get conversations that seemingly dissipate into nothingness, leaving us to either wonder if they were important at all or that we forget. Like how we saw Cha-don deliver the same prepared speech from Se-kwang when he first sent Mom to an insanitarium now to Angelina/Bi-ryung (I think it’s safe to revert back to her original name).

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t sure exactly how the writers would fold in Bi-ryung’s son into the mix at this point in the game. But then we saw reflections of Mom’s confinement in Bi-ryung – from her fetal position, to her anxiety, to the undying love for her son. I found that to be such an interesting touch and well-executed by the production. So then this glimpse of Bi-ryung gave us some answers and showed us that though yes, Cha-don’s enemies deserve a hundredfold more pain than his family went through, he still has mercy.

The show does seem to hint that Hyuk’s boundary lines are blurring, as his interest and feelings towards Jae-in takes a turn towards Genuineville. It’s endearing to watch him smile over her, though she doesn’t return any of his affections. If I were in her shoes, I’d choose the awkward, heartfelt prosecutor any day… until I realize that Daddy Prosecutor is a baddie. Hm, dilemma.

In any case, I enjoy watching jealous Cha-don to no end though I’m glad that we finally got to see a little bit more of his true intentions towards her, though they’re still deceptive. I’m not happy that Jae-in Must Not Know since we’ve seen that things only get worse when she belatedly finds out. However, I did find it highly interesting that Cha-don muttered to himself that it was better when Jae-in was overweight. Am thinking of Dream High WooU couple. It doesn’t absolve him for the verbal abuse earlier in the series, but it does hint that his feelings towards her has been under the radar for longer than we’ve thought. And that’s sneaky.

Onto the women in this series. How can someone so kickass end up pining over a man and… stop being kickass? When we got less of Ji-hoo for some time, I didn’t worry too much about her at first since characters revolve in and out of this large world but when her absence started to feel extended, I worried that we’d eventually lose the spunk that we love in her. The thing is, is that Ji-hoo is still there – she’s still living her life and I applaud her for her bravery to finally confess her feelings. Only that, she’s confessing them to the best manipulator of those emotions in this series, and worse, he’s known about them.

It pains me knowing that Se-kwang will use her for his personal gain (and we’ve seen enough past examples of that) and at the same time, as a smart, witty, charming and (seemingly) warm person, Se-kwang is likable. But we still see that cold, calculating, and manipulative qualities in our resident baddie that even cripples the smartest of prosecutors. I understand her vulnerability and her backstory to establish her own achievements that were separate from her father’s legacy is admirable. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around her use of Se-kwang’s former words about the ‘cowardly and righteous self’ and felt that her use of the metaphor didn’t quite equate. Is it a battle of your heart the same as a battle in court? Does the defendant of your feelings have to endure a cross-examination of justice? And what if, even with damning evidence, you still deny yourself of your feelings over practicality?

There’s still so much to explore in the coming weeks that I’m actually okay if we don’t propel our revenge story too quickly. But Drama, don’t churn it out sooo slowly that you cram it into just a few episodes. I’ve got my eye on you…


69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you!

  2. snow_white

    thanks a lot!!

    can’t wait to watch episode 17 and 18……

  3. KDaddict

    Ep 17, 18:
    I like it that at this stage, the baddies r ready to scratch each others’ eyes out. The script is smart to write all those maneuvers for Lee Cha Don to pit them against each other. But….
    Do you get why Ji Se K is so irresistible to the ladies? I don’t. Bi Ryung can’t forget him after many years in the U.S., even after she has borne a son to another man (it doesn’t look like that’s Prince Charming’s son, since she asks LCD to tell the kid’s father to protect him well), even after being rejected by him time n again. Even as Angelina, she loves him so much that she kills to protect him. And the young female prosecutor, who is gorgeous, well-qualified, fearless (as per her 1st entrance on motor-bike), comes fr an excellent family wants nobody but him, even tho he confesses (in ep 18) that he is interested in her only becos her father is in a position to help him politically. Why????? Do you find him attractive? I find him cold, rude, arrogant, that is w/o bringing in the history of his murder n betrayals. If they had cast a younger, drop-dead gorgeous actor, if his char was more charismatic, warm, even only at times, I might understand. As it is, it’s just becos the writer says so!

    • 3.1 Dominique


      Ji Se Gwang as Lothario? Oh, please! The actor playing Prosecutor Ji Se Gwang just cannot step up to the plate to look and play nemesis to Cha Don, while Gang Ji Hwan has his own acting/charisma deficiencies.

      This is why Incarnation of Money just cannot deliver punches, despite everything that is going for it.

    • 3.2 delicatecloud

      I agree with you – that he is cold, calculating, arrogant, self righteous and a prick to boot; however, there are women who find such men interesting and even attractive. In my opinion, I think Ji-hoo fell in love with Se Kwang’s track record as a righteous prosecutor, who is fearless in going after corrupt personality (even the highest placed individual e.g. Mayor Jeong) and she has always held a candle, or a giant torch, to him. She fell for what she believed him to be and not what he actually is. Bi Ryung believed that he has (or had) feelings for her when they had the affair and started to executive their plan to kill Lee Jong Man and steal all his money. She held on to that believe through the years and has killed for him and willing to bank roll his political career in the hope that the passion that they had could be rekindled into something more substantial and permanent. She was heartbroken when she finally acknowledged to herself what kind of man he is.

      • 3.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Totally agree. Especially with the reason why women find him attractive. Hard-to-get men are a challenge to women who either have always gotten what they wanted or to women who have never gotten what they wanted. And SeKwang knows this. Didn’t think Prosecutoress would fall for his “game” though.

      • 3.2.2 Toystar

        Oh I agree with you delicate cloud. He knows how to use a girl to get what he wants. I am so sorry the lady prosecutor has fallen under his spell.

      • 3.2.3 Aparna

        I totally agree. I totally get why Jihoo likes the bastard though I dont get why Angelina loves him. Jihoo does not know the real Se-Kwang. She imagines him to be righteous, honest and has fallen for him from afar. Better to fall for cold, rude arrogant guys than a philanderer or a flirt. Angelina on the other hand, knows the real Se-Kwang and has been betrayed, abused, thrown away and has never been genuinely treated well by him. So while I understand Jihoo’s one sided crush, I cannot understand Angelina’s undying love and devotion for him. Devotion that made her kill. That was ridiculous. I felt the writers were not consistent with her characterization there. She has always been this week, small-minded, passive participant to her group’s nefarious activies. The killing seemed like a strange u-turn.

    • 3.3 Leona

      I’m sorry to inform you that Park Sang Min (Ji Se Kwang) even though in your eyes he doesn’t look the part it looks just right to me.

      More I can’t see a younger flower boy like Prosecutor Gwon Hyuk… he is cute but born in 1991 while Park Sang Min is born in 1970. Let’s say cutie prosecutor plays 30 years old. Kang Ji Hwan is born in 1977. You can’t put an actor the same age like him to play an older character.

      On the other side Park Sang Min in real life is a resident baddie ( he got an ugly divorce where he was the bad spouse) and I can totally buy his acting.

      We usually watch Korean dramas for the pretty boys or ahjussis but we forget that in real life a woman can fall in love for an uglier version of Ji Se Kwang for the same reasons we can see in the drama.

      Conclusion I like what they’ve done with the character. Read The Mysteries of Paris (by Eugène Sue) or some Balzac or Alexandre Dumas. I think Ji Se Kwang has the manipulatory skills described in the XIX-th century French literature. I loved those books.

      I miss the spunk of Miss Prosecutor. I want it BACK.

      • 3.3.1 KDaddict

        Bi Ryung could be one of those who has psychological issues w rejection n the need to win approval; Ji Hoo doesn’t seem the type. I agree w sb else’s statement above that it’s the image of him being a most righteous prosecutor that she is in love with. 19C Fr lit is fine indeed. This matter is far simpler.

      • 3.3.2 delicatecloud

        completely agree with you regarding Park Sang Min and i also cannot see a “flower boy” in the role of Se Kwang. Like you say, in real life, there are beautiful, successful and badass women falling for such men.

      • 3.3.3 Carole McDonnell

        So true about Balzac’s characters. If Se Kwang had been poor he would’ve been a totally dangerous gigolo.

        • delicatecloud

          He was (and still is) a dangerous man – he was poor and he masterminded the murder and destruction of Lee Cha Don’s family. He used his brain instead of his brawn – as he did not have specific physical attributes (i don’t see any six-packs!) he utilized fully his brain and his incredible ability to manipulate people.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? He keeps saying he was evil because of what happened with his father. Well, perhaps he destroyed Cha Don’s dad because his own dad suffered…but one wonders…without that excuse, Se Kwang would still be evil anyway….maybe….

          • Saturtledaisy

            @Carole McDonnell: he probably would’ve been evil anyway. He’s just too much of a natural.

    • 3.4 IBELIS

      Women are attracted to all types and men do not have to be good looking to have sex appeal or to attract good looking women.

      In this case both women sheould know better. JH has also seen his ruthless side and knows that he is capable of distorting the truth to get his way. That was evident when he tried to let her and CD murder
      suspect go free so he could use him to get the mayor.

      She saw it again when he manage to take over her case against BR. That’s the problem I have with her idealizing SK.

      • 3.4.1 delicatecloud

        As the saying goes “Love is blind”….

      • 3.4.2 asianromance

        Gross to think of it, but maybe Angelina finds Se-kwang really good in bed.

        And to Ji-hoo, all Se-kwang’s actions can be construed as non-sketchy because he has had a good track record of being a righteous prosecutor (they’ve presumably been working together for years before Cha Don showed up), while we know him to be a ruthless SOB. As for SK taking over BR’s case – she could understand that it was an order from someone higher up than SK, in which case, I think Prosecutor Kwon was the one who assigned SK to the case to shut Angelina up. It would be “understandable” that he assigned SK because of bad feelings for JH for suspecting him. Though if I were JH, I would wonder why the office will waste a more senior prosecutor’s time with such an easy case.

    • 3.5 MsB

      I get it. The bad boy persona. Some women go for it. She was already enamored with him and he knew that.

  4. Shiku

    I was painful watching Ji Hoo fall for Sekwang. I can just imagine her heartbreak when she finds out. I don’t like the fact they took the fearless prosecuted and made her such a wimp for Sekwang.

    I’m surprised Sekwang wasn’t suspicious of Cha Don’s reaction when they were at the elevator. Or even when he met the gentleman Jigogae.

    I wonder if Boss Bok was faking not knowing her husband or she really didn’t remember him.

    I liked the way Cha Son sneaked up on Jae in’s kiss. It was so funny!

    • 4.1 Carole McDonnell

      Yeah, SeKwang should’ve wondered a bit more why Cha Don was hasting away like that. It bothered me as well. I had hoped the writers would’ve finessed that better.

    • 4.2 Saturtledaisy

      I’m surprised Se Kwang isn’t suspicious of Cha Don at all anymore. I mean, he suspected him of being Lee Kang Seok in the first place. Even if he wasn’t Lee Kang Seok, isn’t him being around all the time and interfering with everything still a little bit suspicious? But Se Kwang seems to be buying into everything Cha Don is doing now.

      • 4.2.1 delicatecloud

        His consuming ambition is blinding him to things that he normally would have picked up given that he is so suspicious of Lee Cha Don being Lee Kang Seok.

  5. Rachel

    I liked badass Jeon Ji Hoo better. She has also been the only truly *good* character on the show. Everyone else has done shady things at some point. It hurts to see her fall for SeKwang, and it actually reminds me a bit of what happened with the B couple in Salaryman. I hope she doesn’t become collateral damage.

  6. delicatecloud

    Thank you Gummimochi for the recaps! You’re so right that this episode focus on the women. The scene of Angelina/Bi Ryung in her cell looking longingly at the photo of her son is so eeringly deja vu of Park Gi Soon – what a clever way to reinforces that life gives you back what you dough out to people i.e. you reap what you sow. Life is a circle too – it is now Bi Ryung’s turn. I am glad that Cha Don showed mercy and actually granted and implemented on her favour.

    The cute hottie Prosecutor Hyuk has fallen for the charms of Jae In!! Poor thingy is gonna be so heartbroken. He will have to chalk it up as experience since he did said that he did not have too much dating experience. Time to get out more and play!!

    Jae In – i love your smile when you realised that he actually does have feelings for you! It wasn’t all a waste of your investment eh? Atta girl – now make him work to get your love back! It would be fun to watch. It was such a funny scene when he broke up the kiss – that is what i like about the writers – they throw in such scenes to provide comic relief to the seriousness of the revenge arc. Love Kang Ji Hwan – he has such excellent comic timing….

    Yep – my fears that Se Kwang was going to target Ji-hoo have been realised. It was soooo yucky that i could not watch those scenes. I guess that even the most badass and smart women do fall for crappy guys like Se Kwang. I think she is blinded by her impression of him – that he is such a righteous prosecutor perhaps just like her father. Girl, you are in for a gigantic shock when you find out.

    It looks like neither LCD’s dad nor Se Kwang is the father of Bi Ryung’s kid ……there goes another twist?

    • 6.1 Dominique

      Bok Jae In and her girlish giddyness was cute the first two times, but now? I am bored. And the actress is overplaying it, too.

      • 6.1.1 KDaddict

        Plus the skin around her eyes looks over-stretched. I’m worried that it’d crack any minute now.

        • delicatecloud

          LOL – you do notice the most minute details….

    • 6.2 Carole McDonnell

      Poor Hyuk. Maybe he’s way stronger than we know. Sure, he’ll end up with a broken heart but i don’t think Jae In will keep manipulating him. She might manipulate Cha Don to make him work for her but she is not the type to hurt someone through manipulation.

      I like how power and hearts are shown in this episode. There are hearts that would never manipulate, hearts that are manipulating for a good cause (Team Shudal), hearts that are allowing themselves to be manipulated (Prosecutor Jeon), hearts that fall easily into manipulation, hearts that easily manipulate. Power and love manifest themselves in so many different ways.

  7. Bro

    Gotta say. Lovin the mental warfare in this drama.

  8. maakopla

    Jae In and Cha Don never had good chemistry in my opinion so it pisses me off how he is suddenly kinda interested in her even though he never was. Anyway, I am glad the love relationships are just secondary almost nonexistent plots because love doesn’t really fit in here and I am seriously not interested in any love relationship. For the first time I must admit I don’t give a damn who ends with who or if anyone ends with anyone at all.

    I think this drama is one of the most entertaining dramas I’ve ever watched, I mean so many episodes passed and everything just gets better. Just that… everything is so incredibly ridiculous in this drama. So freaking ridiculous, everything which is related to law or anything what they do. It’s like those ideas came from a 10 years old kid. If only they used more of their nonexistent brain or even wikipedia so everything would make better sense…

    • 8.1 Truc Do

      Yes, you r totally right maakopla. I have the same thought with you. I suddenly don’t like how Cha Don can fall for Jae In at this stage. haizzzz.

      Then I feel release when loving thing is not main stream of this drama. I love how Cha Don takes the revenge for his beloved family. That’s all I long for. If Cha Don ends up with no one, it could be too great, lol. But if Cha Don and Jae In end up with each other does not bother me either.

    • 8.2 Carole McDonnell

      Chemistry is so many things though. They had a bantering way about them when they were together. Mixture of one-upmanship, insults, scorn, games. There was chemistry, i think. I’ve seen some interesting chemistry between folks that seemed like affection, friendship, pal-ing around…then suddenly that chemistry graduates to marital love. There isn’t the fire kind of chemistry or the trembling knee kind of chemistry. That’s more the “love at first sight” kind of chemistry. These are folks who were kids together for a while, then annoyances.

      I loved it that he mentioned her fatter self. Stuff has to be worked out before old friends/adversaries stop taking each other for granted.

      • 8.2.1 TS

        That’s very insightful.

    • 8.3 MsB

      As Cha Don has basically avoided her like the plague, not sure when there would have been a chemistry developed. They acted like siblings to me. Now would be interesting how the writer changes that dynamic.

  9. kellie

    I’ve been putting off watching this but that lead picture does it. Park Sang-min as a sexy baddie?! Thanks for the recap — I’ll be right on this one.

  10. 10 DayDreamer

    It’s interesting how when this drama doesn’t focus on its revenge plot, it’s not as exciting to watch. The excitement only picked up towards the end where it seems like there’s gonna be a showdown between Se Kwang and Prosecutor Gwon.

    I’m in the same camp of viewers who find Se Kwang’s so-called seduction laughable and cringe-worthy. Honestly, I thought he was going to lay on the charms to Ji Hoo but acting cold-hearted, giving the cold shoulder, and keeping an overall icy demeanor? Dude, that’s definitely not how you charm a woman! It looked so childish that I wondered why Ji Hoo didn’t think, “Wtf, what’s wrong with him?”? Instead, she suddenly became meek and girly like Jae In that I felt like I wanted to slap some sense in her. She and Boss Bok were the only women in this show that I liked but now I guess I’ll have to replace her with Assistant Hong. Also, like you, Gummimochi, I did not understand how that past conversation about righteousness and cowardice fit in to the current situation. I guess I’ll have to ignore it for the sake of the bigger picture.

    I’m also in the camp of viewers who do not find any chemistry between Jae In and Cha Don. Jae In’s been pretty unlikeable except for that one moment when she was badass. How Cha Don suddenly (or all along) came to like her is beyond me but their love story is boring. Thankfully, it doesn’t take up much screen time.

    Meanwhile, I wonder if there will be a redemption arc for Angelina or if she’ll just be forgotten until she’s needed by Cha Don again. It would be nice if the former happened. There should be at least one repentful Traitagon member.

    • 10.1 delicatecloud

      i am also keeping my fingers crossed for some sort of redemption arc for Angelina – the way this drama is heading it would seemed that, if there is a redemption arc, Angelina will be the one given her current incarceration in a mental institution.

      Although the romance between Cha Don and Jae In is kind of sudden (interest on his part) and unbelieveable – i like it as it gives comic relief and love relationships certainly not the main theme of this drama.

    • 10.2 Carole McDonnell

      I think it’s the seeming/being thing again. When we look at someone who seems to have it all, we think Prosecutor Jeon is sane and perfect…but noooooooo. We only just met her so we don’t know if she had surgery or was once a fatty as well.

      True, she surprised me but it’s the kind of surprise one gets when one realizes there are people who have facades. Gorgeous, powerful, successful??? Yes. But on the inside…as wounded as Jae In.

      Se Kwang: righteous, noble…but on the inside…ROTTING.

      Hyuk: frail, fragile, delicate…but did you see the way he grabbed Jae In for the about-time kiss?

      Boss: Seemign strong, but frail.

      Gentleman of Jingojae: seeming powerful.

      So many things in this show challenges us: It really is all seeming, all pretense, game-playing and manipulation. I really think more and more that the writers are showing the viewer that we were just being shallow by looking at the prosecutor’s externals..and that we should not think we know people when we have only known them in a public setting.

      • 10.2.1 MsB

        Totally agree with your synopsis of each character! Totally!

      • 10.2.2 delicatecloud

        Love your insightful piece and agree totally with your seeming and being. I would also add that people see what they want to see – i.e. seeing and not seeing.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Makes me worry for Prosecutor Jeon…if she thinks she can tame SeKwang — showing him she understands his need for power and will go along with it etc– is she in for a serious awakening?

          And yes, about the seeing…when Se Kwang saw how the gentleman of Jingojae “saw” him, he was all puffed up. I think the worst thing that could happen to SeKwang is for him to realize that he could be played…that people saw him as a fool. Hurt pride and public humiliation would devastate him more than a jail sentence or loss of money.

          • delicatecloud

            Totally agree with you that hurt pride and public humiliation would devastate Se Kwang to the extend that he would commit suicide. i think that he will choose this coward way out……

          • TS

            SeKwang can easily get played: push his ego and self-importance buttons. That’s what ChaDon is doing and it’s brilliant!

  11. 11 Lilian

    Hyuk is wrongly cast. I don’t hate the actor but I do agree with above comments that he is too young for this role. His character is suppposed to be as old as Kang Ji Hwan? and he is a senior as a prosecutor right?

    Anyway, I like that he had mercy to Bi Ryung’s kid. This clearly marks the difference between him and Ji Se Kwang!

  12. 12 MsB

    Se-Gwang, the master manipulator! Dazzle the women with the truth! You have to admit, every word he said was in fact the truth! I had contended that he knew about her crush for awhile. But finding out that her father was the Professor was just icing on the cake. Her willingness to fall into his manipulator was actually what I would have expected. It does not detract from her Prosecutor persona at all. I believe because she will see snippets of things/evil-doings that unlike Angelina, she will not sit quietly and do nothing/go along. That is when the story will really get interesting.

    Cha Don and his confrontation with Hyuk with Jae-in was one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in awhile! I literally had to stop watching as his ‘Where’s Waldo’ head came peeking up between Hyuk and Jae-in who has obviously become serious with Jae-in. We had seen the jealousy before (and loved it) but this was priceless.

    I loved how the writers/directions were showing us the mirror of Cha Don’s mother experience. Only difference will be that Cha Don will save her son. There lives the difference in his humanity and revenge.

    I’m still in love with this drama and I truly enjoyed these two episodes!!!

    • 12.1 delicatecloud

      That’s why he is a master manipulator as he has read her 100% regarding her feelings for him and how to pull her strings. Oh yes, i did not think of the thought that Ji-hoo could be the one to bring him down with the rule of the law when she begin to see what is actually happening and when she realized that he is the mastermind behind the death of LCD’s family. That would be something to wait and see in anticipation.

    • 12.2 Carole McDonnell

      oooh, that is quite possible about Prosecutor not letting Se Kwang get away with evil. I hadn’t thought of that! Maybe Se Kwang has met his match and will fall for Prosecutor in spite of himself, just as Hyuk has fallen for Jae In inspite of himself.

      • 12.2.1 delicatecloud

        I think that Se Kwang is too egoistic and too selfish to fall in love with someone else other than himself.

        • Carole McDonnell

          It’s so hard to portray pride, isn’t it? But wow..there were moments when you saw his ego being fed…and wow, he just SOAKED up the praise he was getting, especially from The (pseudo) Gentleman from Jingojae. It was so obvious! The smugness! Wow!!! Great acting! In those moments, we saw what emptiness and ickiness lay inside SeKwang. Scary how pride looks when one sees it revealed on the face!

          • MsB

            Pride..before the fall! I’m on going to love it more. Preening like a peacock! And yes, great acting!!

        • TS


  13. 13 IBELIS

    I must be the only person watching this who thought that BR son could also be SK. I mentioned this before and it was pointed out that he is to young, but I thought that BR was pregnant when she left to go to America I also thought that it was an old picture and in truth the kid is about 15 or 16 years old.

    Wouldn’t it make perfect sense that in the end CD stops the cycle of revenge as well, because SK son will know the truth of what really happened and understand that justice had been done.

    • 13.1 Carole McDonnell

      It’d be nice. Cha Don would have a family as well. Will see.

  14. 14 Carole McDonnell

    Thanks so much for your great recap and insights. You guys are sooooo good!

    Re: the ladies
    I’m trusting these writers so….while I thought Prosecutor Jeon was one of the strong women…it was quite the surprise to see how easily she gives herself up to SeKwang. Yeah, she was brave to “confess” but darn it!

    I don’t think the writers are saying something about powerful women just really in the long run wanting a man between their legs. So I’ll just take Prosecutor Jeon as an individual. It’s interesting that all the powerful women are failing right now and Jae In who started out with such a weak and needy life is now rising toward being self-sufficient.

    Still…. my mouth did fall open when noble strong prosecutor seemed to be more a facade than the reality. How can a prosecutor be so blind to human evil and manipulative tricks? Should i have guessed that the food binge with Jae In showed her issues were way deeper than I thought?

    At first I thought Se Kwang was cat nip to certain aggressive business women..that whatever he has, he should sell it and make mega-bucks..cause some nerdy guys lacking sex appeal definitely would buy it. But he might just know that a woman who is strong might be attracted to a cold rejecting guy who is all caught up in his work. Daddy issues repeated, maybe? Or maybe Se Kwang can only be attracted to women who deeply need him. I just wonder what his mommy issues are.

    Re: Boss: I’m so glad she has so much love around her. She has so much money and power…but Uncle, Daughter, Adopted Son, Returned no-good husband…are all there for her. It’s like that is the most sane family in the series.

    Re: Angelina: Poor thing and yes, I’m glad Cha Don is merciful to her. The writers give him a merciful heart toward her. Who can hate a mother, right?

    Re: Jae In: Jae In RISING!!!!! She might do something wonderful to help the revenge thing in the end. Am wondering how Hyuk and Prosecutor Jeon will figure in the end. So many more episodes to go. I’m still shipping Hyuk and Secretary Hong.

    • 14.1 delicatecloud

      Hyuk and Secretary Hong? They have yet to meet! I do concede that Secretary Hong is quite cute and has pretty good intuition when it comes to LCD’s feelings for Jae In.

      The strong indeed has fallen – *wiping tears* specially for Boss Bok and mad at Ji-Ho for falling into such an obvious trap.

      The “weak” has become stronger and is indeed rising. can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us regarding how she will fit into the revenge arc and either helping or inadvertently being a hindrance to his game plan.

      • 14.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        ::giggle: yeah, they haven’t met yet. But I’m thinking that those kdrama writers will want to give him a romance because we noonas are liking him so much. So…they might just tie it all up in a neat bow. Especially since Dad is gonna end up in jail or humiliated. It’s a silly hope but hopes are allowed to be silly, no?

        Keeping my shipping fingers crossed.

    • 14.2 TS

      I feel bad for Angelina. I think she was manipulated a lot. Also, not too long ago, it was customary in Asian culture for men to have “minor wives” as they called them when I lived in Thailand. The official status may be mistress now, but all they have to do is have a son to go up the ranks. So, in a sense, it doesn’t seem like she understood how wrong she was to be a mistress. More like she was SeKwang’s team and was doing whatever she had to for him.

  15. 15 TS

    Just one comment, and then I’m going back to JB’s lessons on How To Be 15 in K-Dramaland on soompi:

    Sekwang got punched in his smirking, jerk mouth! Yes! Please let there be many more punches in that same location.

    • 15.1 Carole McDonnell

      I can’t quite hate him, yet. I’ve always loved the Iago types. I’m just fascinated by him. I really like this drama but I don’t think I’ve felt any visceral hatred for any of the bad guys yet. I’ve felt pity and sadness for Mom and annoyance at Angelina on the stand when she didn’t give up Se Kwang (before i knew about her son) and glee when Cha Don’s plans go wonderfully well. But although i love this drama, it doesn’t touch my heart often. The only times when my heart was touched were

      A) Mom’s getting losing consciousness as Cha Don was carrying her.
      B) Boss’ fear as she forgot herself in the middle of the street
      C) Jae In’s hurt little eyes when Cha Don said how much he hated fatties.

      So… am feeling the love and woundedness aspects…but not feeling the hate as much as i should. When Se Kwang gets his just desserts, I’ll probably be very happy but it’ll be a mental happiness. So I’m waiting to see if I will ever hate him.

      Whereas, Queen of Ambition does really make me angry and I do hate that woman. And even in Inheritance…the daughter of evil MIL was someone I truly wanted to strangle.

      • 15.1.1 TS

        For me, it’s sekwang that I want strangled.

        No, wait, punched. Hard. And again. And again. And more.

        Man, that prosecutor unni really disappointed me. I’d thought she’d be all self-confident when I first saw her in black leather, but no.

        • delicatecloud

          I am with you when it comes to hate for Se Kwang. I want to punch his face to get rid of the smugness and self congratulatory smirk!! and to instill a sense of real (humane world) right and wrong.

          • Saturtledaisy

            I agree on the Se Kwang bit too. I just really don’t get his warped view on ‘Justice’ asif he’s the one who can decide who gets to be punished and who doesn’t, what’s right and what’s wrong. The guy is just loving all the power he has over other people. Power-crazy guy needs to be brought back to earth and see that he isn’t any better than anyone else.

  16. 16 Saturtledaisy

    Ah, prosecutor Jeon~
    I’m not really surprised she’s buying into Se Kwang’s manipulative tricks. I mean, she’s apparently had a crush on him since.. forever. He’s like the Perfect Righteous Prosecutor Sunbae of her dreams. And it was hinted from the start that she isn’t as strong as she pretends to be – with the barf scene after she checked out that corpse in one of the earlier episodes. I think she just feels she needs to pretend to be strong as a prosecutor so she’s taken seriously and can catch all the baddies. But that doesn’t necessarily apply to her personal life…

    • 16.1 Carole McDonnell

      The pigging out scene hinted at stuff to come definitely. And the barfing. I like her a lot. Wishing she doesn’t get hurt by SeKwang or that he doesn’t get her to do anything mean and underhanded.

      SeKwang is so funny in the way he uses women to get to the powerful men in their lives but a part of me is thinking that he might even dare to think the prosecutor could help him cover up his crimes. I think he’ll be sadly mistaken. She’s more moral than Angelina…so there’ll be a limit to what she will do for him. Fingers crossed.

      • 16.1.1 asianromance

        I can’t wait till the day she uses the moral example he had set for her against him!

  17. 17 midwestms

    I came late to the dance on this kdrama. In this last week, I am totally caught up thru episode 18, and have a new dance card for the remaining episodes.

    I am enjoying this kdrama more than I have enjoyed one, overall for quite a while. The speed of the story line and episodes has been even and consistent. It weaves back and forth as already duly noted, to tell its story. The pace of the characters is also good. You have the ones you love to hate, and the ones you just lub!!!

    To have Cha Don be able to be on a level brain playing field with Se Kwang is just the best. His team is also the greatest. Where did they find the actor that plays Manager Jang? He is just tooooo cute!

    My greatest hope at this point is that they keep up the pace and level of production on this drama to the end. Please, please, please, please do not take us to the last 5 minutes and try and resolve us with a neat little bow!! Would also like to see a workable, nicely paced ending for Jae In and Cha Don.

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