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Kim Myung-min gets pregnant for new comedy
by | April 27, 2013 | 58 Comments

They’ve done it! Finally, a movie that Kim Myung-min absolutely cannot prepare for with his freakishly laser-focused Method acting madness! Aside from playing a wizard or maybe an alien, I didn’t know it could be done, because you just know he would’ve found a way to live in his character’s skin with unwavering fixation anyway, all in the name of veritรฉ.

This new movie renders that impossible, inasmumch as Kim Myung-min will be playing a pregnant man. Hee. Titled Kang-ho’s Childbirth Story and billed as a fantasy romance comedy, it gets even better: Kim’s character is a violent crimes detective. Why does that imagery just make everything more ridiculous?

Not much information has been given about the plot of the story, although when your premise is that high-concept I suppose you don’t need a lot of elaborate explanations to sell the idea. Pregnant man is funny. Intense, charismatic Serious Actor Kim Myung-min playing pregnant man? Golden. There were a few rumblings last year that Cha Tae-hyun would take the film, and I could see him knocking it out of the park too, but Kim Myung-min is totally fine with me. I’ve long thought Kim also has quite the knack for broad comedy as well as the dramatic stuff, so I have no doubt he can make this work.

The movie will be directed by Lee Kyu-man, with whom Kim Myung-min previously worked in 2007’s thriller film Return. He will begin filming Kang-ho’s Childbirth Story in July, after which he will turn right to his based-on-a-true-story mountaineering film Himalaya, which films in September.

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58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Joy

    I had to reread the title a few times to understand it :S

    • 1.1 owl

      So did I! My brain can’t even form a mental picture/concept/image At All. I’m grasping at air.

  2. dewaanifordrama

    Fantasy romance comedy…when I first saw the news, I wasn’t sure what to think. I think though that with Kim Myung Min it will be hilarious. Here’s to hoping!

  3. okdubu

    did not see that one coming.

  4. Onichick

    If anyone could find a way……..

    Love that man though. As long as it has him talking Im there.

    • 4.1 jensredshoes

      Yes, that voice – It’s so dreamy!

      • 4.1.1 AnotherFan

        Oh yes, that voice kills!

  5. Zareen

    Wait. So this is definitely a legit movie? If so, oh man, cannot WAIT to see the end product.

  6. Danna

    I think this is an adaptation of that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie….so is he going to gain a bunch of weight for this movie since he’s pregnant and then lose it for his Himalaya movie?

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      “Junior” was a nice little comedy. I wonder if this movie will be a way to show discrimination between men and women in SK.
      I also wonder how far they will go in the comedy…

  7. topper

    I bet he will still strap on a pregnancy belly to simulate the process. You can’t stop method acting!

    • 7.1 Peeps

      I know! If SS501 could all do it on tv fake boobs and all (HyungJun even carried twins!), you can bet that Mr Kim here will do it at home too. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to become a montain climbing pregnant lady in preparation for both projects.

      • 7.1.1 yammy

        ooo i remember that SS501 show! the members were so irresponsible though, taking off their “babies” whenever they could!

        • ys

          And totally got busted for it! Those poor boys….

      • 7.1.2 AnotherFan

        Hahaha, you had me at “mountain climbing pregnant lady” :-0

  8. Mish

    Nearly choked when I saw this.

    Something tells me he will find a way.

  9. dduk

    OMFG HELL YESH!!!. the plot, KMM….. detective…. preggers… omg. I am dying. my love for this man grows ever moreeee

  10. 10 foodluver88

    YAY! Kim Myung-min is doing a comedy! I loved him in Bad Family – funny, yet full of heart. I can’t wait for this to come out ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. 11 Deliane

    Looking forward to watching this!

  12. 12 Kathy

    Actual pregnancy or sympathetic pregnancy?

  13. 13 wits

    I’ve only ever seen him in King of Drama. And I fell for him… hard! So when I saw his picture up there, I almost did a double take… is that… him? Wow, he can be hawt, too, eh? I should really dig up his old dramas and movies… where do I start?

    • 13.1 readlead

      I watch Beethoven Virus first and immediately falling in love with him, while actually I started watching because Jang geun Suk. since that I love him. Among his movies, I like Pacemaker a lot, such a very simple character yet leave very deep impression in my heart. Close to heaven is also good, but too pain watching him in there…

    • 13.2 antonia

      Same here with Beethoven Virus. it was my first KMM’s drama, since then i became a KMM’s fan. His Kang Mae was wonderful, love him so much there.
      He’s awesome and funny in Bad family (a must see)
      Pacemaker is one of may faves k-movies, and he’s sweet and awesome in it
      Deranged is really good and biting nails movie…

  14. 14 Fun-Lugha

    As much as I adore him there’s some stuff of his I’ve never felt compelled to check out eg.Beethoven Virus & Pacemaker-I know am weird that way like who hasn’t watched and loved Virus?!! But I loved him in Bad Family, didnt know nothing about him back then but still totally enjoyed myself. And of cuz Detective K has got to be my all time fav project of his-a sequel wouldn’t be that bad of an idea too!
    Looking forward to this, I know it will be funny (btw another actor that could totally kill this role is what’s his face, ‘Greatest Love’ guy-can’t believe I’ve forgotten his name (slaps self!))

    • 14.1 Peeps

      Dokko Jin – Cha SeungWon?

      • 14.1.1 Fun-lugha

        That’s him! Cheers!

    • 14.2 Ivoire

      Hello Fun-Lugha!
      You would be surprised… Some people actually watched BV and didn’t love it. I have a friend who watched it and didn’t love it… You are not alone in how you feel about BV.

    • 14.3 Belle

      I actually disliked Beethoven Virus too. I stopped watching after a few episodes. ):

  15. 15 KDaddict

    Alas……, why is this not a drama? After all the melos n the so-so stuff going on, we can surely use a drama featuring him in this high-concept!

    • 15.1 AnotherFan

      I would totally watch this drama – a fresh concept indeed and we desperately need that now in the drama land

  16. 16 eny

    never see him in anything,the story isn’t really original,i don’t know…….

  17. 17 Noelle

    He’ll probably wear the pregnant belly thingy. Oh and they also have a contraption that simulates childbirth for men. It was on the news not that long ago. I can totally picture him doing that.

    • 17.1 ryoko

      That’s what I’m expecting him to do too. And after that, we still have to worry about him actually trying to climb Mt. Everest.

  18. 18 xarden

    I super love you KIM MYUNG-MIN! My Kang Mae and my Anthony Kim!!!

  19. 19 snow_white

    he will be awesome like always…..but the plot sounds extremely crazy ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. 20 xcmk

    Oook i can totally see him going to those pregnant yoga and consulting classes just to get the full experience LOOL

  21. 21 marchelunaire

    I never knew I wanted anything like this until now.

    • 21.1 RockPaperScissors

      I’m right in line behind you!

  22. 22 JenJen

    The concept reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1994 film Junior (with Emma Thompson and Danny DeVito). Coincidence?

  23. 23 Kandiboo

    First eat your heart out as the ever increasing in size pregnant… (wo)man, then train like a madman for the mountaineering in Himalayas. Well.. I don’t really see how he would do with the bloating and stuffing then followed by workout madness. I guess carrying around a 20 pound belly can help… with lower limb training?

    WOW. i am totally looking forward to seeing him waddling in a pregnant suit..

    I hope he doesn’t destroy his body in the process. Please, I want to watch KMM films for many many years to come!

  24. 24 Uhnny

    Oh.. so the “Himalayas” is also confirmed. It’s going to be quite busy for him I guess.

    First it was Cha Seung Won as a transgender and now KMM as a preggy man?! Lol! My favorite Korean actors are taking out-of-the-box roles! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. 25 Orion

    I personally feel classics like ‘Junior’ don’t need to be remade, but I’ll check it out for Kim.

    I hope they treat the whole thing with respect, because a movie done by a guy in a patriarchal society like Korea should be reeeeeally careful with handling such topics. They need to keep it funny without belittling the whole thing. I think Kim Myung Min would not sign up otherwise.

    Also, do not think he will not try to prepare for it. He’ll probably spend his days strapped to a fake belly and stalking his wife with post-its, asking her every little detail about the whole process. He’ll check in at some maternity ward and take every woman in there through a Kimish Inquisition. Actually, it’s scary to think of how far he’ll go to understand things when he can’t actually just go ahead and do something. Mothers, mothers-to-be, nurses and obstetricians, prepare yourselves!

    • 25.1 Kimmidoll

      wait… kim myung min’s MARRIED?
      must go google this…

      hehe but yes i can totally imagining him barging into a maternity ward to do just that! xD

      • 25.1.1 wits

        Yeah, was surprised too. After this post, went to google him and checked out youtube vids. There’s one of him, his wife and their adorable son. Sooo cute. I am grinning now imagining him heavy and preggy. Oh the hijinks!

    • 25.2 Kandiboo

      if only he can come over to my country, i’ll show him around my ward. haha. up close and personal.

    • 25.3 whitewhire

      He will do absolutely anything to immerse himself in any given character. I’m preparing myself. I can be the mother-to-be to guide him well. Hee hee…

  26. 26 Fab

    Pregnancy, dunno what to think about that.
    But if Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, KMM can do it too.

  27. 27 terry bell

    The concept is “Junior”, but the characterization is different. Arnie’s role is a scientist so Kimโ€™s character as a violent crimes detective is badass. Nice!

  28. 28 kumi

    Is he going to breastfeed?

  29. 29 klm

    If the movie was done by anyone other than KMM, I would have my doubts that it could be a success. But KMM is brilliant, there is no denying that! ‘Cause of him, this is going on my to-watch list.

    Also, his poor wife. The kind of questions she is going to get asked at dinner!

  30. 30 Min

    Sounds terribly like “Junior” with Arnold Schwarzenneger. Although granted, I”d rather watch KMM than Arnold. But please don’t replicate hollywood!

  31. 31 Jessica

    I’m in the library, and it was dead silent until I read this and facepalmed so loudly it echoed.
    Pregnant male, violent crimes detective? Oh lord. You’re right, you don’t really need much more than that to sell the idea!
    Also, did anyone immediately think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie, “Junior” upon seeing this?

  32. 32 DarknessEyes

    uhhhhh no.
    will not be watching this lol

  33. 33 Sajen

    if there’s a way for a man to simulate pregnancy you can bet Kim Myung-min will be doing it.

  34. 34 Thursdaynexxt

    Now I’m thinkin “Junior” meets “Kindergarten Cop”. Either way, I know KMM will pull it off awesomely!! Luv u, Anthoneeee~!!

  35. 35 mjfan

    I totally adore him and am gonna watch anything he does , BTW, this photo of him is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. 36 AnotherFan

    Somehow I missed this post. And I had such a LOL and sweet/sweet moment just reading the title and the first couple of sentences.
    Oh, the power of KMM and JB writing about him! ๐Ÿ™‚

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