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Uhm Tae-woong drops Yi Sun-shin, considers Sword and Flower
by | April 11, 2013 | 65 Comments

So remember that Yi Sun-shin drama that Uhm Tae-woong was supposed to star in? Not so much anymore, since that production stalled in development (which explains why the City Hunter PD who was attached is now doing the new Hong Sisters drama.) But never fear, because busy busy Uhm Tae-woong already has a new prospective project lined up, as the star of the new sageuk romance Sword and Flower, due out this summer. Can’t really complain about more Uhm Tae-woong on the small screen.

It’s a Romeo-and-Juliet love story that purports to be in the vein of The Princess’s Man, this time set in the Goguryeo era. The heroine, the daughter of King Yeong-ryu, falls in love with the son of her father’s enemy: the illegitimate son of the military dictator, Yeon Gae So Mun, who overthrew the throne and killed the king. The two fall in love anyway, and struggle with feelings of love and loyalty versus piety and revenge, in a “melodrama about espionage and chivalry.” So… You killed my father, prepare to die… or kiss me?

He’ll be teaming back up with PD Kim Yong-soo, of Equator Man and White Christmas, who is definitely a director to watch. Writing is Kwon Min-soo of Mom Is Pretty Too and Love Needs a Miracle. The production is still in the throes of heroine casting, and Uhm Tae-woong is “considering favorably” for now.

Sword and Flower will follow Mandate of Heaven and premieres in July on KBS.

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65 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. skelly

    Cautiously optimistic about this one, esp. if he gets a good co-star. I think we can be reasonably sure that Park Shin Hye will not be that co-star, and I am glad because I did not see them as a fit, at all. He needs someone a bit more fiery. Let the suggestions commence!

    • 1.1 True2U

      YES!! Someone Fiery PLZ!!!!

      Suggestion you say? Kim Sun Ah and/or Jung Ryu Won

      • 1.1.1 Toystar

        Kim Sun Ah I vote yes!!!!!

      • 1.1.2 muchadoboutlove

        Jung Ryu Won! 😀

      • 1.1.3 nomad

        BOTH!! (a girl can only wish)

      • 1.1.4 bd

        Nix on JRW.

        I’d say Soo Ae or Kim Jung-hwa.

      • 1.1.5 beth

        I hope You will cast Snsd Yoona!!! the role really fits on her!!!!

    • 1.2 pogo

      Park Shin-hye could have been a good fit with Song Joong-ki, as the casting rumours originally suggested. But yeah, now they’ve got Uhmforce they probably need someone else.

      • 1.2.1 JYJ

        CaThat casting rumor of SJK is not even true though.

        • observantzani

          He probably did get the offer but didn’t push through with it especially since Park Shin Hye’s name isn’t attached to the project anymore.

          • Kgrl

            It’s very unlikely SJK wanted to do this drama considering he’s looking for a spectacular script before he goes off to the military. Not to say this can’t be a fantastic script, but it’s more likely he’ll choose a movie instead.

            SJK also doesn’t consider co-stars as top priority. He gave up a role across a female actress he liked very much just so he could act in Tree With Deep Roots for several eps. Considering the above, I doubt he really considered whose name was attached to the project.

          • Annie

            @ Kgrl, what role did he give up for Tree With Deep Roots?

          • JYJ


            He didn’t say who is the actress. But he did say it in his last year interview.
            Like Kgrl said, doubt that he even consider Sword and Flower in the first place. It’s widely known that he is aiming for something spectacular.. a movie.

          • JYJ

            One thing to add, seems like KBS is looking for older and manlier lead actor. They had been eyeing Kim Nam Gil for the longest time and now, Uhm Tae Woong.

    • 1.3 Ginger

      I am pleased that Shin Hye did not accept the offer to star in this drama.

      someone fiery will be good to take on the role of the king\s daughter.

  2. JiHwan


  3. Rach^^

    Can he do Shark instead?? I was hoping he’ll make it a trilogy… 🙁

    • 3.1 Kiara

      And Kim Nam Gil should do Sword and Flower.

      • 3.1.1 TS

        That could work. Kim Nam Gil in traditional clothing is always a wonderful thing.

        • Ann

          And he rocks the mane of glory hair! Although I was hoping he and UTW would face off against each other in Shark because that would be awesome.

          • Kiara

            I so agree :).

      • 3.1.2 RealKDramaaddict

        Kim Nam Gil would be great.

      • 3.1.3 girlatsea

        This is what I wanted but not happening T__T

  4. lemondoodle

    Interesting. I’ve heard so many casting rumors about this drama already. Maybe this will finally work out.

  5. Kiara

    I’m glad he dropped Yi Sun-shin because I dont think anyone can top Kim Myung Min in the original.

    • 5.1 all4movies

      I agree but I would like to see someone else other than UTW do Yi Soon Shin as he’s not one of my favourite actors. Maybe Lee Beom Soo?

    • 5.2 Shiku

      No one can top Kum Myung Min as the admiral Yi Sun Shin. He absolutely owned that role and if anyone does a remake they have huge shoes to fill.

    • 5.3 Gala

      When I read about lee soon Shin for east Asian studies class (in univ), I can’t help but picture KMM as the admiral. He was THAT good.

    • 5.4 bd

      Thanks for the heads up – always on the lookout for other good actors to follow.

      Now, just going to have to wait until DF or Viki picks up Yi Sun-shin.

  6. Annie

    For some reason Yoona keeps appearing on DCInside threads.

    And no, I’m not joking 🙁

    I think Han Ji Min and Kim So Yeon would be great choices but I don’t know if either of them can pass for male (I think the female lead cross dresses in this one).

    • 6.1 Shiku

      LMAO!!! Yoona! Like seriously!

      • 6.1.1 Kiara

        This is why I really dislike most sageuks on the major broadcasts. They care more about fan-service than the quality of their shows.

    • 6.2 pogo

      Oh god no

      I like Yoona and think she did well enough in Love Rain, but she does not have the chops for a sageuk, not yet anyway (also, wayyyy too young for UTW, just as Park Shin-hye would have been had she taken on the role)

      • 6.2.1 Annie

        Yeah, 16 years is a bit much. I’m hoping it’s just fangirls … you know… fangirling.

    • 6.3 back to memories

      Kim So Yeon and Han Ji Min were also my top choices. Soo Ae would be a good choice since both are good friends in real life.

      • 6.3.1 Kiara

        I would pick Soo Ae out of these 3 ladies. I thought she did a powerful performance as Empress Myeong-seong in the movie “The Sword With No Name”. First time I ever saw her in a drama was in a sageuk “Emperor Of The Sea” with Song Il Gook and Choi Soo Jong.

        I think Kim So Yeon is better in modern dramas. Her first
        sageuk was a mess and I dont remember what it’s called.

        I like Han Ji Min but she is more like a gentle little fairy type in sageuks.

        • Ginger

          Soo Ae would be good.

          There was a time that I thought these two will end up being married, until he married someone else.

    • 6.4 like

      Yes i heard Yoona is being considered but i i`m not shore how would she fit with Taewoong , his too old for her( not that age matters lol)!

      That said if she takes it this will be huuuuuuuuge step for her in terms of acting! She is solid actress for an idol but she is always playing typical poor cutesy girl next door! Who knows maybe she will do better in sageuk drama!

      • 6.4.1 eny

        sorry, i say no too yoona i see her in family drama, forget the title n few episode of cinderella man, i don’t like her acting. This drama is serious drama n the chrracter seem need good acting, I hope they didn’t choose her for the lead

        • like

          Well Suzy and Uee are leads in sageuk so why not Yoona?

          Don`t get me wrong i would prefer somebody else but if she ends up as lead i will give her a chance! Maybe she can give a surprise!

          Lee Yeon Hee was terrible actress in my opinion but in GFB she did a great job!

          I think we should give every young actor and actress a chance to improve and do something different! And to be honest i`m tired of 30-something actresses acting as young girls!

          • pogo

            To be honest I’d rather have a competent 30something actress playing the lead than some idol who can’t get the speech right and can’t act, youth is not a free pass to be terrible at acting and no one is obliged to give it a pass, we’re here to see good performances, not watch idols use dramas as on-the-job lessons in how to act.

            (and I actually like Uee and Yoona as actresses, I’m taking about the ones who are so bad they just can’t play their characters – like Taecyeon and Suzy)

          • Shiku

            I second what pogo said.

          • like

            I know what you`re saying, and i agree! I`m just saying, in case Yoona is officially cast in a drama, i will give her a chance! I want act like it`s the end of the world!

            And i agree Suzy can`t act to save her life, i hope that changes in GFB!

          • LOL

            LOL, of course lee yeon hee would be good in GFB, she only has 2 episodes to make an impression on the viewers so she has to put in a lot of effort . imagine if she was actually the lead and has to act for 16-20 episodes? i doubt she would be that amazing

          • Tina

            You know what I’m TIRED of? Idols as leads.
            It’s so annoying how I have to see idols in the music industry and then in variety and NOW in acting! I would so rather have 30-something ACTRESSES acting as young girls than IDOLS!

            And Yoona, the weird looking girl with bizarre expressions from 9 End 2 Outs, potentially in a saeguk with one of my favorite actors? PASS. As much as I love UTW, I will NOT watch a drama with her as the lead actress.

  7. R

    Yessss ! thanks gf !!

  8. Daisy

    Wow if Park Shin Hye accepted the role how weird would it have been

  9. snow_white

    This is the same drama which was being considered by Park Shin Hye before she signed Heirs…..

  10. 10 YT629

    “You killed my father, prepare to die…” I reread the first part of that sentence just to make sure it didn’t say “My name is Inigo Montoya.” I guess my mind’s still on the Princess Bride cause gummimochi referenced it yesterday.

    • 10.1 KDR

      Haha.. EXACTLY! It’s Princess Bride allusions galore in here!

    • 10.2 Thursdaynexxt

      haha, yes, nice touch, girlfriday! 😀

  11. 11 TS

    Is Yi Sun-Shin the Hot Historical Figure in Korea these days? First this drama, You’re the Best Lee Soon-Shin, and now another Yi Sun-shin drama (I’m pretty sure one’s already been made).

    • 11.1 ì •ë‚¨

      I wouldn’t say these days, he is simply a very revered historical figure. While the IU drama really only used it for irony if you read about him he was an amazing general.

      • 11.1.1 TS

        I will read about him then. 🙂

  12. 12 Abbie

    Uhm! Tae! Woong! Nothing else need be said. He’s in it, I’ll watch it. Hope he does another drama soon, and this one sounds…. uh, interesting, I guess.

  13. 13 meanrice

    Lim Ju-Eun. I think she can play across Uhmforce, someone with power please read this and cast her.

  14. 14 Tina

    for potential female leads, i would like either:

    soo ae (she has such classic beauty, i love her so much)
    song hye kyo (i saw her sageuk movie and thought she was gorgeous)
    ha ji won (one of the best actresses, good in both sageuk and modern dramas!)
    im soo jung (beautiful and talented and she acted with utw’s good friend lee sun gyun before sooo yeah :D)

    casting crew, please don’t disappoint me and cast an IDOL. idols are EVERYWHERE, please don’t make me see them in a drama too. viewers are hardly able to see their favorite actors/actresses (especially when most maintain a low profile)!! we see dramas for actors/actresses NOT FOR IDOLS!!

    • 14.1 back to memories

      Agreed about the IDOL part. I’m probably the 1% who doesn’t watch drama w/ idol as leading except for Eugene of S.E.S.

      • 14.1.1 pinkblossom

        i totally agree with you. At first i didn’t know that she was kinda member of an idol group S.E.S not until i research about her biography. well anyways, Eugene was really an awesome actress. So far, she have been the best idol turned into actress…

  15. 15 kfangurl

    Is sageuk Romeo & Juliet going to become a thing now?? I love Uhm Tae Woong, and I really enjoyed TPM, but.. do we need another one? I.. don’t know how I feel about this right now..

  16. 16 tha

    With Han Jim Min please!

    • 16.1 like

      She is already in another drama with Go Soo!

      • 16.1.1 back to memories

        What the heck? Really??? I must have been living under the rock to even miss that news. Care to provide a link? Gasp. Gasp. First Gong Hyo Jin and then Han Ji Min. Who’s next? Soo Ae? Kim So Yeon?

  17. 17 bd

    The 1st time I watched UTW was in the underwhelming series “Nine Tailed Fox” where he was 5th or 6th in terms of the cast (Jun Jin was the male lead).

    Really left that show w/ little impression of UTW – either for his acting or his looks and on-screen charisma.

    From that – would have never thought UTW would achieve the career success that he has attained (plus, he’s gotten better looking w/ age).

    A late bloomer indeed.

  18. 18 anna

    I saw who the PD is and I was like, oh I like him! And then I read who the writer is and I was so confused lol. It’s weird to put them together, but I’ll watch the first episode.

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