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Mi-rae’s Choice: Episode 2
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Man, this time-travel notion is already giving me headaches. Keeping track of what has happened or will happen or is happening is no easy feat when you’ve got one heroine trying to get one foot in the door while the older one is telling her to keep her foot out of it. The series saw a small dip in ratings to an 8.6% for its second episode, but I found that it keeps getting cuter by the minute. There’s plenty of mystery as we explore what the future’s deal is when she’s doing her best trying to change the present.


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After crashing into Shin’s car, Mi-rae evaluates the situation in her head: (a) “that bastard” works in broadcasting (b) her insurance won’t cover the accident (c) her brother will kill her and (d) the sky-high repair costs.

So Mi-rae feigns a back injury instead, but Shin isn’t amused. He pulls her back up, and then curses his bad luck when Mi-rae sticks to her ruse. Stunned by the swearfest, she grabs her phone to document the moment.

But Shin isn’t having it and says they can take it up with the police. He pushes her back into her car and barks orders, which she obediently complies with. They exchange licenses… and something about Shin’s driver’s license catches her eye.

Mi-rae is oddly confident in the elevator at the police station, letting Shin’s remarks roll off of her shoulder. Turns out Shin’s license expired over a year ago, and that effectively changes his tune. Hehe.

Once they’re outside, Shin tries to think of something else while Mi-rae calls out that she’ll be perfectly happy with a reimbursement. He surprises her when he agrees, but then clarifies that he means to turn himself in.

He’s noticed her broadcasting study books, and he offers a humorless word of advice about the endless moral struggle in this industry. In those times, they must stick to the facts and the truth. It cracks me up how he says all this with a straight face.

She says she’s willing to overlook it but gets dragged along anyway, so Mi-rae finally yells, “I miss you!” That stops Shin in his tracks as Mi-rae claims to be a longtime fan and how she’d like to see him back on the air soon.

However, Shin won’t be fully satisfied without a clear conscience; thus in a last-ditch effort, she asks that he wait a year when the viewers will appreciate his sincerity. To her relief, he agrees, but then he asks for her phone number to cover the repair costs.

To that, Mi-rae cooks up a quick excuse to climb in her car and then hightails it out there. Shin is forced to take a taxi when his car doesn’t start, and just gets annoyed at Mi-rae’s explanatory text.

Ajumma Mi-rae returns home in a tizzy, but before Mi-rae can talk about the accident, Joo-hyun arrives home. Oppa wonders who the random ajumma is, unhappy that his sister has brought home a stranger without his permission.

The mere sight of him brings tears to Ajumma Mi-rae’s eyes however, and as she drops her bag, she ekes out, “O…oppa.” Why is that so funny and so sad at the same time?

That leaves him confused, and Mi-rae hurriedly ushers her brother to another room. She asks if there aren’t any available positions at his workplace, YBS. But Oppa doesn’t want his little sister working in the same industry in case she taints his good name, and asks for the car keys so he can drive to work tomorrow.

Mi-rae wonders if it isn’t her brother who ends up dead in the future, a remark that earns her sharp look. Changing the subject, she asks why her future self cried earlier but doesn’t get an answer.

Instead, Ajumma Mi-rae has her younger self promise her not to go into the broadcast industry at all costs. Mi-rae asks for some time to think, and though Ajumma Mi-rae grants her three days, she urges Mi-rae to arrive at a decision sooner because she’s running out of time.

Mi-rae points out that they just went on vacation, but Ajumma Mi-rae says that one day is like a month to her. But Mi-rae interprets that statement metaphorically, agreeing that time does seem to pass by quicker now that she’s in her thirties.

While Mi-rae runs downstairs to grab something, Ajumma Mi-rae pulls back the window curtain to reveal her makeshift outline written on the glass. The plan aims to get Mi-rae married off to Se-joo instead of Shin (though we already knew that from the premise).

Thinking that Mi-rae’s only shot with Se-joo has passed, she writes an X by his picture. And interestingly enough, there’s a note beneath Joo-hyun’s picture that reads: “Oppa… I’m sorry. I love you.” Huh.

Shin returns to the police station a little while later, prepared to come clean about his expired license. He’s momentarily spooked by a newspaper headline, thinking it’s about him. It’s not, but just as he’s about to confess, Shin picks up a call from a mysterious policeman who claims he already knows everything about the incident.

That shakes Shin as he scans the place to trace the call… which is when the jokey PD on his team tells him he was just pulling his leg. He pitches the idea to feature the currently hot topic of an idol who just got into a car accident with an expired driver’s license.

The idea hits too close for comfort for Shin, and he abandons the idea to turn himself in.

It still weighs on his mind in the morning, however, as he covers the story. Shin takes a moment after the public confession clips before launching into his script of how an expired license is not only irresponsible, but endangers the lives of society at large, even calling it a murder weapon.

After the broadcast, Shin imagines himself being hauled away and blacklisted from the industry for exposing the story when he’s guilty of the same. His arrest is covered by none other than the replacement rookie announcer, who smiles that he’ll be taking his place.

With that in mind, Shin deduces that Mi-rae is planning to pin him on this later and is determined to find her. Then he calls up every Na Mi-rae in the phonebook until he finds the right one, only to get promptly hung up on.

Then his writer, who has been tirelessly trying to grab his attention, reads off the conclusion about the effectiveness of bringing someone over to your side. And that gives him an idea.

At the same time, Mi-rae apologizes for crashing a writers class at another broadcasting station, claiming she did it because it was too hard to study on her own. She then receives a text from Shin, telling her to come to YBS right now if she still wants to be a television writer.

It’s with some hesitance then that she arrives at the YBS lobby and smiles to see some famous faces (including Shin Bo-ra from Gag Concert). Shin arrives a minute later and shoos the money away from him—he promised her a job, so he’s giving her one.

She asks why he’s offering, and Shin explains that it’s completely unprofessional to run away from a crime. Ha, speak for yourself. So he plans to groom her himself, which means she’ll be working with the morning show team, including Oppa.

Mi-rae hesitates for a moment, then agrees to his offer. She hands over her resume and he sighs deeply at her lack of experience and unknown alma mater. In exchange, he has her promise to keep quiet about his expired license until he fesses up to it himself in a year’s time. She assures him that he has nothing to worry about.

Then Shin gets exasperated when it seems that Mi-rae doesn’t even know the basics, but Mi-rae promises to work her butt off to learn everything about the industry. So he sends her to Writer Bae, who isn’t at all excited about teaching the newbie.

Meanwhile Ajumma Mi-rae is at a dating agency to find a match for Mi-rae. She asks to see the “special section” Class A candidates, only to frown as she recognizes them as crooks and druggies (in her present, of course).

She passes over the doctors and lawyers (“They’re all ruined because there are too many of them anyway,” ha), and then gasps to find such successful and famous celebrities in the dregs aka Class E. She asks the dating consultant to get her a copy of this list but exclude anyone remotely related to broadcasting.

Shin lets out a sigh when he sees the rookie anchorman mess up yet again on air. He thinks back to his conversation with chairman Lee about the real reason why he was ousted: “You’re too old.”

People tune in to watch the news for a pretty young face, she’d told him. There isn’t anything wrong with Shin’s superb technical skills, but the viewers enjoy watching the young’un make mistakes, and the ratings show it.

Shin counters that the whole point of journalism is to address the cold, hard facts, but chairman Lee says that’s the very problem. Sure there are esteemed and respected older anchors out there, but that’s not what the viewers want. However, if he can pull in 15% ratings on his morning show, she’ll make him the main anchorman of the nine o’clock nightly news.

Shin drops by to see Yoo-kyung at the hospital with a bouquet of flowers in hand, and the nurse wonders if his visits won’t lead to marriage headlines in the future. He assures her that it’s platonic just as Yoo-kyung emerges and calls out to greet him cheerily.

Mi-rae gets to work in the editing room and saves Shin’s number on her phone as “Kim Shin Announcer.” Eek, why do I get the uneasy feeling that Ajumma Mi-rae will find out?

She diligently takes notes of a video preview reel, including a portion when Se-joo checks the lens for dust. Then she walks down the hallway to ask for help, only to be met with stressed-out and angry employees.

It only gets worse when Mi-rae accidentally crosses paths with Oppa, who gives chase. She runs into another editing room where Se-joo is currently working in and hides underneath the desk. Se-joo recognizes her as the girl who was playing in the ocean.

Oppa barges in out of breath looking for his sister, and Se-joo smoothly covers for her. I love how Se-joo’s like “Is she pretty? Then why don’t you introduce me?” Heh.

Now in the clear, Mi-rae recognizes him as “that guy,” and there’s a moment when Se-joo thinks she remembers him from the resort, but no—he’s the guy from the video preview clip she was working on.

He quickly masks his disappointment as she says breathlessly that he looks just like he did onscreen. And Se-joo replies, “I thought I’d never see you again.”

Ajumma Mi-rae reviews her outline with a sigh, wondering if they should just give up when she gets a call from Oppa asking about Mi-rae’s whereabouts. She’s alarmed to hear that someone who looks remarkably like Mi-rae is at YBS.

Se-joo and Mi-rae share a laugh talking about her brother in the lobby when Ajumma Mi-rae catches sight of her. She scrambles to get ahold of Mi-rae (while getting all handsy with Se-joo) not realizing who’s standing between them.

But when she does, boy is that revelation glorious with Se-joo bathed in an angelic glow.

Ajumma Mi-rae identifies herself as Mi-rae’s mother and quickly lies that they were once neighbors. She asks what he’s doing nowadays, and Se-joo says he’s a VJ. That’s when it occurs to her that Se-joo had mentioned that very fact before (in the future. I mean, well, you get it).

So Ajumma Mi-rae asks if he’s single, which is just the sort of thing any mom would ask, and Se-joo laughs, amused. When he’s asked if there’s anyone he’s fallen in love with at first sight recently, he tellingly glances at Mi-rae though he says there isn’t anyone.

Now Ajumma Mi-rae is all smiles, delighted that her present self and Se-joo will be working on the same team. She pulls her “daughter” aside for a chat, not at all angry with her present self anymore.

Then Ajumma Mi-rae summarizes their current situation: why did Se-joo make no mention of Yoo-kyung at all? That must mean his love at first sight must be somebody else.

She sits down to explain that Se-joo is no ordinary VJ—he’s a chaebol who will later become a world-shaker. Mi-rae wonders why he’s working here then, and Ajumma Mi-rae gets carried away in her explanation, accidentally letting slip that “that bastard” works with them, too.

The cogs in Mi-rae’s brain starts churning, so Ajumma Mi-rae threatens to leave again and let some horrible thing befall upon Mi-rae or whatever. That grabs Mi-rae’s attention, and Ajumma Mi-rae informs her of their next objective: “Seduce Se-joo.”

Those Cinderella stories only exists in dramas no matter what year they’re in, she adds. There’s only one person who’s able to make his own happy ending outside of an arranged marriage: Se-joo.

There’s an excitable gleam in Ajumma Mi-rae’s eyes as she says that now’s their chance. Then she ushers Mi-rae away all, Go forth and seduce! Hahaha.

Holding a photo of Shin in her hand, Ajumma Mi-rae apologies, “But I can’t live like that again.”

Mi-rae find Se-joo alone in the audio storage room where he assures her that her brother doesn’t ever come down here. He takes out her notes to correct her mistakes, but he’s also impressed by her conscientiousness, which brings a smile to her face.

Curious, he asks about the markings, and listens intently at her explanations that those were just her own suggestions. She apologizes, saying it was a newbie thing to do, but Se-joo think they’re good ideas.

Mi-rae brightens at that and immediately shares all her ideas excitedly. They even share the same tastes in music, and as they listen to a track together (the one posted above), Mi-rae thinks to herself that Se-joo seems like a nice guy.

Shin is surprised to hear that Mi-rae isn’t answering her phone. He figures there was something strange about how she agreed to work so readily and heads back to the broadcasting station.

His suspicions are raised further when Ajumma Mi-rae calls in with a strange message. Shin heads down to the lobby to meet her himself to complain about “her daughter,” as Ajumma Mi-rae stews silently, growing more furious by the second.

Ajumma Mi-rae lets him have it, saying that the world will soon know how selfish and egotistical he is. He may be at his peak at present, but there’s nowhere else but down for him.

Shin interprets this as a mother-daughter conspiracy plan against him, but Ajumma Mi-rae cries, “Why did you kill [him]?!”

He may think it was an accident, but it wasn’t, she says, “You did it on purpose! How could you leave [him] there to die?!” (It’s worth noting that Ajumma Mi-rae has always used a gender-neutral pronoun [my mistake earlier!] to purposely be vague and mysterious.)

Shin thinks they’re talking about Mi-rae, but Ajumma Mi-rae is talking about the man she loves. Through her tears, she cries that Shin killed the one she loves.

Ajumma Mi-rae asks how he managed to steal Mi-rae’s heart already. Exasperated, Shin confronts her about their so-called conspiracy to bring him down about his expired driver’s license from the hit-and-run.

But this is all news to Ajumma Mi-rae, who grows afraid that time is repeating itself again. Shin threatens to take this to court, and Ajumma Mi-rae tells him to leave Mi-rae out of this.

Mi-rae and Se-joo run into her brother in the elevator. Oppa chases her around (and Se-joo gets caught between them again) and takes her by the wrist to have a chat with his darling little sister.

When Oppa hears that Mi-rae was hired with Shin’s help, he asks, “Are you dating Kim Shin?” To that, Mi-rae waves her hands around him—a usual habit—as if to magically make those ridiculous thoughts disappear.

He’s ready to kick her out, but Writer Bae rises to her defense, not because she particularly likes Mi-rae, but acknowledges that she did good work today.

She says truthfully that Mi-rae’s personal connections to the staff bug her, and that she’s the sunbae when she’s actually younger than Mi-rae. There’s no malintent in her words, and she tells Mi-rae to quit after today.

Elsewhere, Shin grows impatient waiting for Mi-rae, and takes it out on Se-joo, who says that it’s right that she meets with the PD first. Shin immediately calls Se-joo out on how says that he’s right with such authority in his voice.

How odd is it that 28-year-old man like Se-joo, who just started out in this industry, throw his weight around like he already owns the place? “Are you related to Miranda? Her spy?” Gulp.

Mi-rae leaves with a heavy heart. Holding back tears, she thinks to herself that this isn’t the only place she can work and picks herself back up again.

When she heads inside to meet Shin, she’s met with water thrown in her face, and Shin asks what her deal is. He plans to turn himself in tonight as well as sue her for threatening him.

But Mi-rae throws a question back at him and asks if he got into a car accident on the highway. Shin wonders how she knows that, and Mi-rae answers, “So it’s you. You’re the bastard who kills the one I love.”

“Is that me?” she asks. “I love myself the most in the world. But what will you do? I’m not going to pretend to be happy or be okay anymore.” She vows to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals. How dare he think of killing her when she’s just decided to start her life anew?

She declares that she’ll survive to the end to prove to her brother and everyone else that she can make something of herself. With that, she storms out and walks past Se-joo, who has been listening outside the door.

He follows her to another room, keeping his voice light. Noting her tears, he asks if she’s okay. Which is when Mi-rae finally breaks down and admits, “No, I’m not okay. I don’t want to pretend that I’m okay anymore.”


So far, so good. What a heartbreaking moment for Mi-rae, who has spent so long minimizing her emotions to admit that yes, it’s okay not to be okay. It’s a realization that carries a lot of pain, hurt, and anger, and also a courageous moment at that to acknowledge that she doesn’t want to hide behind a façade and prove to everyone, including herself, that she can make something of herself.

Aside from the hair (which, I know; you’d think I’d have learned a thing or two about bad perms and cuts by now) I love a heroine who we can root for. Mi-rae does just that by giving us a motivation that she loves herself the most; therefore she’s not going to let anyone get in the way of that. All she knows at this point is that Shin is “that bastard” who theoretically killed—or will kill—the one she loves. That prejudiced animosity thanks to Ajumma Mi-rae, spurs her confidence and hopefully on a character interaction level, will lead to some quippy and fun bickering with Shin, which is always fun to watch. The fact that Shin hasn’t the faintest idea what Mi-rae is talking about just makes his puzzled face that much more enjoyable. By keeping the crossbow pointed at Shin, it keeps us intrigued as we continue to unravel the mystery behind why there’s so much hate for him.

Even at this point, there are some early clues in Ajumma Mi-rae’s behavior that may suggest who that poor, unfortunate victim is. Like I mentioned earlier, she remains gender neutral in her references, leaving us to guess whether the victim is a man or a woman. One thing that catches my interest is Ajumma Mi-rae’s reaction to Oppa, nearly breaking down in tears at the sight of him along with the note on her mystery board. One explanation is that he could have passed away before she traveled back in time by other causes, or by this tragic one. It’s all speculation of course, and early theories can still be subverted later on down the road.

We still have yet to see more than a sparse few minutes out of Yoo-kyung, who strikes me as the girl-next-door second lead who got her own happy ending the first (or just previous) time around. There’s a grudge Ajumma Mi-rae holds against her, and I like that Yoo-kyung is already on friendlyish terms with Shin. I can’t wait to see her more, if only because I love Han Chae-ah ever since Gaksital. And while we’re on the topic of second leads, watching Se-joo fall in love with Mi-rae is so sweet and conflicting because he need only take a few more steps into second-lead territory, and I haven’t taken my Second Lead Syndrome vaccine yet. (It doesn’t work because it’s a recurring condition, unfortunately.)

Between all this time-travel-consequences-alternate-reality business, I like how we’re digging into the broadcasting network system as a whole. Though bathed in uproarious humor, there’s some truth to chairman Lee’s words about how viewers tune in for the Pretty. Sure there’s value and weight to address the problems of society, but for the majority, viewers seek to be entertained. There isn’t anything wrong with either camp of course, and it would be great if a show achieved that balance. But for someone as serious as Shin, maybe the words that he needs to hear are to lighten up.


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    Have seen only episode one and I liked it….a really cute show :-)

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    is suspicious keeper better than this one?

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      Different theme, but both great shows. I think.. :3

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      Both have different genres, so story wise we can’t compare it, But unbias answer i prefer this one over Suspicious Keeper coz there’s so much mystery and questions that you want to seek for an answer. Plus it’s really funny drama, no dull moments, its so fun to watch that all of a sudden an hour had already passed. And the cute sound effects is a plus for every quick glance or curse scenes that makes this drama more comical! And the drama just started. Some of the high ratings drama also started much lower than MHIYD like I Hear Your Voice. :)

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      I find ‘Suspicious Housekeeper’ more relating to life and with more important ethical questions that a person can face. Maybe that’s because I refuse to think that one’s life is totally dependent on whom one marries.

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      Which is better – chocolate or vanilla?

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    I found this drama so interesting.

    well, the way Yong Hwa looks at Eun Yue similar to the way he look at Park Shin Ye.

    GM thanks for recapping

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      I have always thought both actresses look so much alike, my first drama was goong and I loved it
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        Seriously????? PSH and YEH? I think YEH is one of the most unique looking kdrama actresses I’ve seen. I can’t mistake her with anybody… just not possible. Something with the smile – the teeth, and maybe the nose…, the cheeks. Very different face, has nothing to do with PSH.

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        In the last episode of YFFM, when Kyu-won returns to Korea after the time jump, I thought PSH looked a lot like YEH too. 😀 There is some resemblance, but it depends on the makeup, hairstyle and angle.

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    I really like this show, future mirae is so sassy. Lol! I hope the artings improve next week.

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      So conflicted, will she end up with the 2nd lead? I hope so, because I already ship them.

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        i ship with the second lead as well

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      That’s why it is perplexing that Ahjumma or the show keep saying that she’s at the dead end of her life, with lousy job & no boyfriend.

      I thought she did well in her job, tackle it with zeal even with most difficult customer & seizing the moment (skin dipping with fishes) and enjoying herself thoroughly, decent roof over her head, etc.. Dead end means you don’t even want to get up to go to work, broke, can’t work out the muscle to smile etc.

      Of course, I’m just being hypothetical. Ok, let’s just go back to enjoying the show.

      • 5.2.1 Windsun33

        I think the problem here already is the time line has already changed, but Ahjumma-her has not figured that out yet, and is still going by the “old” future-her.

        Ahjumma-her never quit, never did the skinny dipping with Clown Fish, never went to Jeju – so I am thinking that anything she says might be totally wrong now.

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    Thanks for the recap, G!

    It might just be my total love for Yong-hwa, but right now I’m seeing him as lead and not secondary. Could it be because he’s actually ACTING?! And his face has expressions?! I think he’s doing a terrific job here and hope it continues.

    • 8.1 Tata

      I am also rooting for him, he is doing a great job so far.

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      Always happy to see you in the comments thread, Cynthia! CNBlue is having a pretty good year in dramaland, even Jung-shin (eee Jung-shin!) in Sword and Flower.

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          zepp tour and arena tour both in japan?

          is that a case of just one concert tour but having different sized venues in different places?

          or entirely two different and separate concert tours?

          if it’s the former, it’s better to call that tour by its specific title.

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            it’s a different tour. though the arena tour only will start in november, usually they have different songs setlist for different tours. the arena tour will probably include songs from their latest japanese album which they haven’t sing live yet.

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      No, it’s not just you. I like the guy, but he’s really engaging in these 2 episodes. I was pondering if he’s worked on his acting skills, or is it that this character is just more animated and bright than his previous roles, or a little of both. Whatever it is, it’s good stuff.

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      As of today, Heirs is barely holding on to last weeks ratings, up maybe 1/10th of a point for ep3. “Secret” has hit yet another new high – 16.4%. Unfortunately this one dropped from 9.9% to 9.2%. Hope it gets better.

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    Thank you for the recaps!

    I can’t wait for the next episode. I’m shipping Seju-Mirae right now, but I’m ready to jump to another ship when they give a lot of Shin-Mirae and Seju-Yookyung sweet scenes later.

    I decided to temporary stop guessing what happen in the future. There are too many possibilities and too little clues. Heck, I’m not even sure the clues are 100% truth. It’s giving me a headache. Maybe I’ll start guessing again in the 2nd half of the drama.

    PS: I love that song you posted above. One of my favorite songs from Juniel.

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      if you noticed the song was played during Seju-Mirae’s moment in the library
      i also pretty sure that i heard lee jonghyun’s singing voice at some part of the drama

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        Really? Which part? I can’t believe I didn’t notice his voice.

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        Huh? I think you’ve mistaken his voice for that of Kim Tae Woo. Mirae’s Choice already released one song from the OST entitled “My Lady” and its sang by Kim Tae Woo.

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          nope it’s not kim taewoo and his song my lady
          it’s a different song
          the song goes ‘ i wanna feel you.i wanna fallin’

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    “…watching Se-joo fall in love with Mi-rae is so sweet and conflicting because he need only take a few more steps into second-lead territory”

    I’m worried about that too. He needs to be careful not to be too nice to Mi-rae or dramaland won’t treat him well

    • 13.1 atz

      true, true!! I hope that more viewers like to see Se joo and Mi rae and the drama can switch to the main female and the second lead union. Why Korean girls in drama fall for bad tempered men?

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    Shin’s wtf face when Ajhumma Mirae started spouting off on other things was priceless! I cracked up so much.

    But damn…that ending. Shin is pretty much a hardass….not a likeable person and so I’d like to see his growth along with the heroine. I like how the story is moving along with plenty of mystery but it seems it might be darker than I expected.

    • 15.1 Mohammed

      Not likeable?

      Shins only fault so far is he has too much respect for his job and not knowing what the heck the two Mirae are talking about.

      He is so confused by what they are talking about. Im judging him by his current actions and not the mystery behind future Mirae from 30 years later.

      • 15.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        He thinks everyone wants to use him..and that’s wht bothers me about him. VJ has power and doesn’t mind using it if he has to to help folks out. But Anchorman is just too aware of his power and too suspicious of everyone. Of course this is probably a subtext. Not only wealth and power and the benefits they bring but the drawbacks of power. When the PD girl pulled rank on Mirae by talking bout Mirae’s age (when she really should recognize that she is talking to an eonnie) I kinda got offended at her for that.

        So Shin has a right to be suspicious but he doesnt have to be so nasty and cynical and protective about his power/authority.

        • Mohammed

          Yeah he has flaw like ego problem because he is the big star. He has things to lose and he thinks people are using him. Vj has the luxury of knowing he has nothing to lose in his future work. He will own the company and never be replaced a young hack like Shin has been.

          Easier being nice young vj who is a chaebol prince who will own everything……

          I don’t like Shins star ego who use his power over the PD, writers,staff but that doesn’t make him nasty, unlikeable. We don’t know who he is outside his work when he doesn’t think Mirae is using him.

        • Windsun33

          The PD girl conversation was kind of a backhanded slap at Korean hierarchy conventions I think. Just not sure if it was intentional. The PD girls problem is a common one in that she is hung up on the “older age = forced respect” thing, while Mi Rae could care less about it – she just wants a job.

      • 15.1.2 DayDreamer

        Carole has pretty much said it but I’ll just add that yes, I also understand Shin’s anger and disgust towards the Miraes. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty rude of him to throw water onto Mirae’s face the minute she walked in. He could have expressed his anger in better, non-insulting ways. He’s also rude to his colleagues.

        • Mohammed

          I understand what you mean with the water in the face, i think they overdid that part to make the hero look like total jerk early on.

          Rude to his colleagues is not big deal to me. It was more instulting that PD girl who didnt want to give Mirae a chance just because she was a newbie who was older than her.

          Im waiting for Shin flaws outside his work to judge him. The two Mirae are crazy, criminal women in his eyes.

  16. 16 Carole McDonnell

    I’m so loving this. Who knew what I was really craving was mystery? And now..here I have it..mystery & time travel! Drama heaven. I so love the second lead…I want him to get the (right) girl (for him) in at least one timeline.

    thnks for the recap

  17. 17 entry

    Thank you for the recap. Hope that the ratings will increase next week when all 4 leads are in the game.

    Btw, I love JYH’s voice when he’s being authoritative. It does not appear often, but when he does it, it’s really attractive. A deeper voice like when he talks back to Shin when being asked to bring Mirae in. Hope to see continous growth from him.

  18. 18 miracleloveuknowfireinlove

    good luck yeh & drama :)

  19. 19 katiamon

    Thanks GM, so far I like this drama. Btw, considering the Viki subs, i had the impression that Shin let Mi Rae die in the future (i considered this possible after MR said that she loves herself the most). Hope that this drama keeps the good vibe and pacing.

    • 19.1 gummimochi

      I’ve seen the subs on Viki, and see how it may have given you that idea. I think at one point, the subtitles indicated the person who died/dies—oh time-travel!—as ‘her,’ if I’m not mistaken…

      In any case, we don’t know yet! Yay for mystery!

      • 19.1.1 redfox

        but how can she know about herself dieing …. which future is she from? it doesnt add up

        • WM

          I agree, especially after this last episode. She said he’d left her/him to die, knowing they needed help and would die. I’m guessing it’s not her because of the way she said this, and because of her reaction to something else in the last couple of episodes (I won’t say in case this spoils it for someone). She also continues to say, “I’m sorry, I just can’t live like this/go on like that/end up like that”, which sort of implies she’s living through the death of someone she loves instead of her own death. Plus, her talk of “every day is like a month to me, so I can only stay for 3 days” and “I risked my life coming back” and “you’re only allowed to go back once” leads me to think each day takes off chunks of her lifespan. If she were dead/dying, would time travel be an option for her, and would her loosing time on her life by going to the past really matter?

          But who knows, I could be totally wrong and they could toss us a curve ball in the end. lol

  20. 20 Faye

    I like that we actually see things happening pretty quickly with this drama. I’m not sure exactly *what* is happening in terms of the overall storyline, but at least the players are moving closer together.

    Shin really turned me off in this episode. Before, he was sort of a blowhard but basically harmless; here, he was just obnoxious. An expired driving license and multiple accidents, and he’s going off on Mirae? What a nerve. I know Korean love matches in dramas often start out with friction between the protagonists, but it’s going to be one hell of a jump to go from this to marriage.

    The possibility of Mirae’s brother being the one who dies was an unexpected twist. I was sure it was Shin himself. I wonder what the story is there.

    I found it ironically amusing that Mirae was being so sketchy and evasive -with herself! We humans are such perverse creatures. We always think we know better and find it hard to take advice, even from ourselves. On the other hand, it probably would have been more helpful if Future Mirae had shared her master plan with Present Mirae if it was to have a chance at working.

    Another interesting aspect of this setup is that Future Mirae is not omniscient and is in many ways just as much in the dark as Present Mirae. She didn’t know that Sejoo was working undercover at YBS, or that Sejoo and Mirae had been thrown together already. Perhaps that’s incidental, or maybe there’s a lesson there about trying to change the past when you don’t have all the facts and don’t know what the consequences will be.

    I thought Sejoo and Mirae were really cute together -they were fub and had some chemistry. Love that Sejoo is supportive of her professional goals and gives her constructive advice. Oh dear, I hope we’re not headed into second lead syndrome territory again.

    I really felt for Mirae at the end; YEH is a very expressive actress. Sometimes you just have to give up the facade and admit things aren’t okay at the moment. It’s okay, the moment will pass. Especially when you have a cute chaebol to help you pick up the pieces :).

    • 20.1 Carole McDonnell

      I’m having second lead syndrome so bad now which includes ll the secondary and primary symptoms of the disease…am already searching for a cure.

      The way I see it now…Anchorman is prig but he is basically a decent guy and I’m kind liking him for Mirae…and maybe I’m just liking second lead for myself. Must separate myself from main heroine. Must. Must. Whtever happens, I want second lead to end up with someone who loves him. Second lead woman looks incredibly mercenary so I’m not sure she and second lead man were fated for each other on that other timeline.

      I’m wondering about Future Mirae’s comment: “you were being paid, so why did you let X die?” Why would payment matter? What power will a monetary relationship have? And why’d he not fulfill his part of the bargain? Seems in the future he will say it was an accident that caused the death but still…did he forget to pay their helth insurance premium or something? 😉 Was someone kidnapped? It’s all so mysterious and am loving it. It better be something super important and not just a little misunderstanding.

      • 20.1.1 ilikemangos

        So funny. This is my first time ever 2nd lead shipping on a show i’m watching, and yet it’s someone whos acting leaves much to be desired.
        If someone told me i was going to actually prefer yonghwa’s character(who in my opinion was one of the worst idols acting out there) i would have laughed my ass off and told you you were on something.
        But there you have it.
        Shin is not my kinda guy (as of now). I’m sure there will be much chances for switching ships, but as of now i am firmly in the 2nd lead territory.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I’m shipping second lead and I’m hoping for a surprise from the writer. But whatever happens, i just wnt true lovers to get together. I think the second lead girl is way way way mercenary. Of course Future Mirae seems a might mercenary as well but I’m hoping second lead girl actually loves whoever she falls for, instead of making the power and the wealth lead her. Who knows? Second lead might have another perfect woman waiting for him? That would heal my heart.

          Can love survive money or the lack of it? If Shin loses his power and goes downhill, will he bring poverty to whoever loves him? And will he hate himself or hate his love or his love hate him? Ah, complications! Sweet complications!

      • 20.1.2 Faye

        I think we all suffer from a bit of displacement when it comes to rooting for which man the leading lady ends up with. JYH doesn’t help matters any! He may not be the best actor, but there is something very appealing about him.

        I agree about the mystery part being very intriguing. That part I didn’t anticipate. Hopefully the resolution will be worth the build up.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I feel like one of the shallow viewers of that evening news, God forgive me. Still, they’re both cute guys.

    • 20.2 Carole McDonnell

      Right now it seems almost impossible for someone with such animosity toward Mirae to actually fall in love with her. The writers have made him such a prick that they better make his transition to love believable. I see something in him though, a decency…so I might end up liking him.

      • 20.2.1 Faye

        I liked his chagrin at looks being emphasized over skill and experience in the news business -I thought it showed integrity. They went too far in making him unlikeable this episode, though. They have to reel it back in.

        • Carole McDonnell

          They better. I want to see his familly too. He seems to have an axe to grind against rich people so there might be something painful in the family bckground.

        • Mohammed

          Shin is like second lead so far in this drama, he is the underdog so far. I feel for him because he is told he is at 32 too old, too good not to make cute mistake like his incompetent collegue. Future Mirae has told him things that made him think Mirae was tricking him. Hence why he was a jerk to her.

          Then there is the old future Mirae changing his future with Mirae without him knowing anything.

          • Carole McDonnell

            I like Shin. I feel for him. I just wish he would lose his cynicism. A cynical character is hard to root for. And he was cynical way before me met Mirae future. I hate prickly people who always behave as if you want to use them

          • Mohammed

            I’m giving him time to grow from his cynical ways. He hadn’t gone through anything yet, just met Mirae. There must be a reason the old Mirae still calls him still honey, doesn’t hate him completely.

  21. 21 mel

    i really like Sejoo
    it’s rare in kdrama that we got a handsome chaebol with good personality and sense,warm,supportive and not judgmental based on someone’s appearance and social status
    he treat everyone with respect and doesn’t hesitate to humble himself
    he got me when he said in 1st episode that he find someone’s bad attitude is way more uglier than some scars on a person’s body and his family fortune is not his as he’s not the one who earned it

  22. 22 Ade

    Thank you for the recap.
    I agree with Mel, i like Sejoo personality and behavior as well. It always melt my heart when these youngsters have a great relationship with their grandmothers (Rooftop Prince was great too in that aspect!!).

    For YEH’s hair, there have been a lot of discussions, but i actually like it. It looks natural, and it is a change from all the utlra make-up and sophisticated women. Although i also like Future Mi-rae’s style, i think they did great by picturing an younger self different. I must say the style I had 10 years ago is a huge change compared to what i wear/look now!

  23. 23 jjeennyy19

    Aaaahhh!!Looks like my heart will be crushed by the time the drama ends..Park Se Joo is a perfect choice but in Kdrama land, the jerks always gets the female lead..lol…I’m loving Mirae’s Choice to pieces..Hoping that this drama is the Rom-Com I’ve been waiting for…This past few years has too much makjangs and melows that I’m sooooooo thirsty for a daebak Rom-Com!!!!!Mirae’s Choice fighting!!!

  24. 24 heiress15

    Isn’t it weird that Shin and Mi Rae have such a strong destiny or fate or whatever that even though Future Mi Rae tried to prevent their first meeting in an accident, they still had their first meeting in an accident?

    Se Joo’s character had a love at first sight in Jeju Island concerning water and those are the more important factors rather than a specific girl – before it was You Kyung, this time it is Mi Rae.

    Perhaps for Se Joo, it is a case of right time right place to fall in love and there is no specific right person. While for Shin and Mi Rae, it is a case of right person to fall in love with and the other specifics do not matter.

    • 24.1 colleen

      Thanks for articulating…I was thinking along those lines as well…

    • 24.2 kjc

      Good point. I’m assuming there’s more to Se-joo’s fascination with Mi-rae than just a weird water fetish, lol

    • 24.3 Carole McDonnell

      Wow!!! So loved your comment. Thanks.

    • 24.4 kumi

      … but if one doesn’t have luck, then neither time, place, circumstance, nor finding Mr/Ms Right really matter.

    • 24.5 Chintu

      that was an awesome line of thinking!

    • 24.6 akamiso

      Wow this is such a nice observation :) Now I like it so much I will be super disappointed if they don’t hint at something like this in the show.

      Although on the other hand, Shin and that second girl do seem to have a minor thing going on in this timeline too.

    • 24.7 Beep

      I’m thinking more along the lines of: when he saw You Kyung at Jeju it was her “true” self, whereas meeting her under normal circumstances, he’s turned off by her flirty persona; something like that. She’s probably the opposite of his type (which I think is Mirae).

  25. 25 YY

    Could it have been their child that Shin killed? And if future Mi Rae blames Shin for killing the one she loves, why does she keep saying sorry, honey, when she looks at his photo? She looks so sad when she looks at the photo. It seems to me that she loves him.

    • 25.1 clover

      What if Shin let himself die?
      Since they were talking about getting money for the death. So I wonder if he got himself in a situation where he would die so he could get money for her?

  26. 26 redfox

    I am so confused.

    • 26.1 Windsun33

      😀 Join the crowd.

  27. 27 August

    I was trying so hard to avoid Second Lead syndrome. After watching episodes 1 & 2, I have fallen susceptible to it.

    Park Se-Joo and Na Mi-Rae are so cute together. Although only 2 of the 16 episodes have aired, I am really shipping them as the OTP.

    To the writer(s) of Mirae’s Choice…Let this drama be that rare instance in kdramaland that the charming & supportive 2nd lead actually gets the girl. Let the audience witness that a nice guy can get the girl and win against the pompous egotistical jerk!

    The hairstyle that Yoon Eun-Hye chose for Mi-rae was a perfect choice for the character.

    Jung Yong-Hwa – Keep up the good work with your character Park Se-Joo.

  28. 28 August

    I was trying so hard to avoid Second Lead syndrome. After watching episodes 1 & 2, I have fallen susceptible to it.

    Park Se-Joo and Na Mi-Rae are so cute together. Although only 2 of the 16 episodes have aired, I am really shipping them as the OTP.

    To the writer(s) of Mirae’s Choice…Let this drama be that rare instance in kdramaland that the charming & supportive 2nd lead actually gets the girl. Let the audience witness that a nice guy can get the girl and win against the pompous egotistical jerk!

    The hairstyle that Yoon Eun-Hye chose for Mi-rae was a perfect choice for the character.

    Jung Yong-Hwa – Keep up the good work with your character Park Se-Joo.

  29. 29 cherryng

    Love the acting so far…can’t wait for next episodes..

  30. 30 D

    i’m loving Se Joo for Mi Rae already.. and to think he’ll get his heart all broken, gahh..

    JYH, fighting!!! *noona still loves you*

  31. 31 Hafy

    WOW! I’m loving this drama right now. I’m really impressed with everyone acting including YH. I was pretty certain and worry that he will be the weak link but he proves me wrong. So far, I’m loving Se Joo. ^^

    There are so many possibilities of what gonna happened in the future and my brain was like over loading with sooo many theories. lol

    Thou, just guessing…. Is it possible that the HE/SHE that Ajumma Mi-Rae talking about is their son or daughter? It just popped into my mind when Shin and Ajumma Mi-Rae met and she looked so much in pain.

    Because somehow… I feel that she still love him but at the same time hated him and my only conclusion is that they had lost a child and it is Shin’s fault.

    • 31.1 Hafy

      P.S: I’m soooooooo rooting for Mi-Rae to be with Se Joo right now… lol Believe it or not… I never had ‘Second Lead Syndrome’. lol No ‘Second Lead Syndrome’ that I can recalled at the moment.

    • 31.2 Limmy

      Oh gosh! I like that one: that it’s their child he allowed to die. Fascinating.

  32. 32 DeeDee315

    Crayon Pop again. I’m beginning to think these sightings are going to be a running gag. Still on a limb about Mi-rae and her Choice. Having a problem with how ridiculously silly the leads are. Do like the acting improvement I see from Yonghwa. The writing is going to have to get better to keep me interested.

    • 32.1 Mar

      I hear you! I find it a little…off kilter. It’s got charm, but not quite there yet I enjoyed the second epi more, but I am having a bit of a problem with the Mirae character between her being abused and her being okay with the abuse. at this point I am going to hang in there with the notion that she is going to develop her ovular fortitude and stop being a victim, because hey, future Mirae is no shrinking violet. I am assuming they are going to develop Anchor Boy to have a more layered personality Right now all we have is, yes, he’s got his personal ethics, that’s a start, yet still a pushy asshat, but not in an endearing/comical way. I am totally okay with the jerk with a heart of gold trope, but I am going to have something to work with to like him.

      • 32.1.1 DeeDee315

        I like the way you think. And I stealing the term “ovular fortitude.”

        • Mar

          Go right ahead! I’ve been saying that for over a decade.

    • 32.2 Windsun33


      I love Crayon Pop 😀

  33. 33 Briana

    I have embraced the fact that I have Second Lead Syndrome. I can’t help it anymore. I’m so excited to see how this show plays out.

  34. 34 Babs

    loving this show more and more…. I keep getting surprised at Yong Hwa Oppa… Maybe it’s because i keep expecting him to go back into Song-Seung-Hun-lanf and to stop emoting…. But he is doing a swell job, specially going back an forth between the two modes (chaebol-mode, vj-mode).

    The suspense to know which “person” dies is killing me!!! But i figure we will get to that soon enough. Apart from that the two Mi Rae’s are keeping me on my toes.

    Again i said it on my ep. one comment but I’ll keep repeating it. I want more Yoo Kyung/Chae Ah… Even for the story purpose we need her there as a conflict. Hopefully next week she’ll make an appearance.

    Shin is making me want to bust his knee-caps. the guy is dreadful and totally self-centered. But hopefully the writer will convince us that it’s possible to go from the Shin of now to a lovable Shin. We shall see!

    • 34.1 redfox

      am very surprised and Yong Hwa as well. holding my thumb that he´d keep it up like this.

  35. 35 Momo

    really? but SJ is the same perfect secong guy from every kdrama. He is too perfect and this makes it boring.

    I did not have second syndrome on YAB, and here I also don’t.

    I actually like him wih second girl LOL they are cute.

    Plus MR and SJ will be more like friends who can’t talk about everything until he is friendzoned.

    • 35.1 Momo

      **who CAN talk about everything, I mean.

    • 35.2 Babs

      i have to disagree… SJ is not prefect, from what we’ve seen, he does have a temper that he manages to control around everyone but Shin. Apart from this, we all know he’s the second lead, but we find that Shin is not what we would want for Mi Rae… I personally will keep an eye out because in THIS story we could end up with the 2ndary character being the lead or with a regular rom-com setup (personally I’m rooting for the former)

    • 35.3 lemondoodle

      I agree so much. I think I must be watching something else because he’s seriously not even that charming!? I’ve seen really charming and nice 2nd leads that have made me question my ships, but Se Joo is kind of blah and with a very mediocre actor. Maybe because I don’t find Yong Hwa that attractive in the first place. I don’t get it.

      Shin and Mirae are a hundred times more interesting with their bickering and mystery behind their romance. Se Joo can solve every one of her problems easily. So boring.

      • 35.3.1 addictedtoyou

        Haha! Yeah, you must be watching something else coz that boy is charming those TV and computer screens like no other, in mere 2 episodes. Considering, that he’s playing a dual character, I think there’s more to his character so let’s all see how it will pan out.

        I guess,it’s just preference. I find him attractive and oozing with charm while you don’t :)

        • lemondoodle

          Well, he’s playing a typical nice guy to a douchebag who supposedly ruins the lead female’s life. It’s not that impressive. Of course the nice guy is the better option now, but for the overall story line he should stick with nice reporter girl.

  36. 36 exoticshawol

    God bless fall dramas! Hopefully, Mirae’s Choice would live up to my expectations.

    So far, I’m loving both Mirae’s Choice and Medical Top Team at the same level while Heirs is just next to them..

  37. 37 Carole McDonnell

    Is it possible that Future Mirae has both these guys in the future? One as a husband and the other as a love interest?

    • 37.1 Faye

      Well that’s just being greedy :).

      • 37.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        It is awfully piggy, isn’t it? But the way she looked at both those guys. Is she in love with both?

    • 37.2 akamiso

      I think from the way Future Mirae keeps talking it sounds like she really wants him just for the money and had no previous connection to him whatsoever.

      • 37.2.1 kjc

        Yeah, she didn’t have any problems with substituting Se-joo with other future chaebols as a plan B, did she…

  38. 38 tayo

    I hope the ratings will get better soon.

  39. 39 Dbsklove

    Is it weird that I found mirae and her brother cute? It just occurred to me that they filmed I miss you together ^^

    • 39.1 D

      Oh Jung Se’s Na PD was such an ass of a brother I half expected Lee Shi Young to come out (a cameo, pls!!) and knock some sense into him for treating Mi Rae like that, LOL…

      • 39.1.1 crashbabe

        OK all i read from your post is NA PD? LOL…Now that’s the cameo worth waiting for…

        • nomad

          haha! me too! I though for a moment whether I was reading the wrong recap 😛

  40. 40 fun-lugha

    Seeing as in the beginning most of us were thinking the lead wouldnt end up with the kid in IHYV only for the writers to prove to us that it could totally happen, am hoping the same happens here. Cuz as per the usual drama rules she should end up with Shin but rules be damned, VJ boy is way too cute! Please please have a miraculous ratings jump a la ‘Secret’!!!

  41. 41 Limmy

    Hm. This Bad Person thing has got me thinking. Maybe it’s Han Chae-ah who’s the culprit, and not Kim Shin?

    Ok, so this is just a theory till the Show proves it, but she could be the one that Mi-rae almost got into an accident with, and she could be the one that’s working at YBS that Mi-rae has ill fate with, and she could also be the one that could be responsible for her brother’s death, perhaps in the line of work. Kim Shin could have been responsible by neglect and selfishness, but judging by how future Mi-rae still semi-lovingly calls him “yobu” when she looks at his picture, and apologised for wanting to alter history so she wouldn’t be with him, I’m inclined to think that it’s not just a simple case of her regretting her marriage to him and hating his guts.

    Also, I kind of want this drama to re-write itself during the live shoot and have Mi-rae and Seju end up together. Who cares bout those 1st-2nd lead rules? Can’t the 1st lead male be the tragic anti-hero (like a Don Draper) who doesn’t get the girl? Or rather, can’t the 1st lead female actually win and get the great guy rather than be chained to the jackass?

    I mean, if future Mi-rae didn’t *change* Kim Shin in her life, it follows that present Mi-rae won’t have that kind of jackass-to-gentleman transforming effect on Kim Shin either, which is basically the favourite device of dramaland for justifying a relationship between sunny-plucky girl and arrogant man (See: Master’s Sun).

    Who’s with me? 😀

    • 41.1 lemondoodle

      That’s not true. That this Mirae wouldn’t change Kim Shin (and I still don’t think him being a jerkass is the reason she’s doing this, it’s much bigger than that). They met under different circumstances totally. The first person Shin hit was 2nd lead reporter girl whatever her name is and he was nice to her and took her flowers. Maybe originally that was Mirae. So he never had a chance to show his bad side before they fell in love. Here Mirae and Shin started off on the wrong foot and will work together, which will obviously change how things happen.

      I don’t think they can change it so SJ and Mirae end up together . The whole mystery behind the story will be changed and future Mirae is obviously NOT doing the right thing to screw with people’s lives and shouldn’t be rewarded for it with the rich guy.

      • 41.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        There’s so much screwing around with folks’ lives though. The biggest screwer-around-er is Mirae Future, of course. But there are also other petty despots using people like pawn.

        Miranda moving Hero/Anchorman around shows that in her own Mirae way she is playing with folks’ lives. And we all know that the second lead female always does something to play around with the OTP’s lives.

        Now however Mirae has a kind of (limited) overview…chart and all– which she already is stressfully updating.

  42. 42 kDkiddo

    I dont get a thing ! But I dont want to hate a male lead ! I think it will end up repeating her self cuz fTe is fate no matter what u do !

  43. 43 cris20

    ally love this drama, so far I find really unpredictable and interesting, besides that I love all four tracks, has many mysteries to solve, really very interesting, if the story is so indices have to climb mandatory hearing

  44. 44 sofid

    this drama if I was surprised,’m real loving the show, I join the boat MHYD ally this drama has so much potential to be really great.

  45. 45 Yoori

    Hmm, according to the laws of Kdramaland that I’ve observed, the hero/heroine can never change time. They can go back and try all they want but the result remains the same. So, I’m thinking that future-older Mi-rae is trying her best to old-younger Mi-rae’s life but in the end, its is in Fate’s hand.

    I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride for now.

    • 45.1 Carole McDonnell

      I also wonder if the hero can never change. Period. There are certain things tht Future Mirae could do if hero/Shin were amenable/changeable. But to go back in time to change her life…well, that implies hero is utterly utterly unconvinceable. He is not gonna ever change and the same thing is bound to happen.

      If it’s Shin’s integrity, for instance, then Mirae is doomed. Marriage to a poor person with too much professional and willful integrity can just destroy a family. A person of integrity will destroy himself and his family rather than take filthy lucre.

      • 45.1.1 Faye

        That’s an excellent theory. Sometimes too much integrity can be self-defeating (ie too much pride, not breaking the law kind of integrity). You know what they say the road to hell is paved with!

  46. 46 Holly

    Initially I thot the future mirae was refering that “she was killed” not literally but that her life and aspirations died the day she married him. She showed so much hatred for him calling him egoistic guy who only cared about himself and getting the anchor man seat that sort of made me wonder if she hated him for “ruining” her life? Hence her desire to return to her past to correct it by making sure the old self never crossed path.

    However, when she say, how could you leave him to die there and the way she looked at her Oppa did make me rethink if her brother’s death was her driving force?

    However, if so, wont it be sufficient just to alter the path that leads to brother’s death, rather than insisting on the old self getting married to Jung yong hwa?

  47. 47 Quiet Thought

    I don’t know how much time I will have to watch this show, but I am going to try because I love that perm of Mi Rae’s so much. She is so darn pretty!

  48. 48 Noelle

    This is getting good. Love Future M.

  49. 49 Stuart

    I did not enjoy episode two as much as episode one, because I found its tone inconsistent. For me, Future Mi Rae comes across as totally believable when she’s being the coldly mercenary manipulative witch who has little but scorn and contempt for YEH’s character, but seems less credible trying to be the remorseful grieving Mum(?). Likewise the oppa – he comes across devoid of any brotherly affection, seeming to genuinely dislike and look down on his dongsaeng. Their attitudes took me out of the emotional zone I expect to be in when watching a romcom. I hope that their lighter warmer sides will be shown soon, because for me, al though life even in romcoms isn’t always ha ha hee, for s a series to be billed as such there should be more rom and more com than snark and sob.

  50. 50 owl

    I think the story will be that future Mi rae comes to grips with her past by realizing that finagling present Mi rae’s life only messes things up more. I think there will be hardship and heartache that present Mi Rae will go through because her future self isn’t content with how her life progressed.

    You don’t get a re-do on life already lived, and I think this drama story is a cool way to fill out that truth~

    • 50.1 owl

      If you think about A Christmas Carol and the ghost of things to come, this drama could be viewed as future Mirae coming to warn present Mirae of how things might be. However, that isn’t how it is presented, so I have to go with the premise that going back in time to change things that have already happened is what is taking place here. I stand by my life already lived theory.

    • 50.2 Carole McDonnell

      I trust k-dramaland to surprise me. So if anything I feel I want to be surprised.

      I keep wondering about Future Mirae’s aging. Is it possible that if she stays long in this time period, by the time she returns to her time period she will be on her death bed?

      • 50.2.1 owl

        I agree that kdramaland is crack only because of surprises and twists. This is just my simplistic attempt at sorting out travel which, I have to admit, is not my favorite theme for personal enjoyment. If I can somehow make it basic, I am more likely to hold on (cuz I really like the cast). Nine is an example where I just couldn’t stick with the sticks (incense) story because I couldn’t follow the (il)logic of time. Go ahead, drama, twist and turn, just don’t lose me!

        • Carole McDonnell

          hee hee hee.

          I wonder if this one will have a time jump at the end as well. Just..ya know… to blow our minds.

  51. 51 narras2

    My Theory is that Shin committed suicide

    • 51.1 Carole McDonnell

      I was pondering that as well. If he is the person Mire loves most.

      • 51.1.1 owl

        But Mi Rae (present) said the person she loves the most is herself. I kind of feel sorry for Shin because how could he possibly know what is going on with MiRae X 2! He is being blamed for future events affected or caused by present events. He is in a lose-lose position on that count. Perhaps it’s his life that future Mi Rae should be trying to change…

        • lemondoodle

          She’s not all that honest though. She also isn’t in love with anyone else right now and doesn’t even admit to liking her oppa so what she says probably can’t be taken too much into account yet.

          I do feel for Shin too. One he’s being blamed for something and doesn’t have any idea what that is and he’s also not even given the chance to change his ways (if that’s the issue here), while Mirae is giving herself a new life. I also feel as much as Mirae blames him, he can’t totally be blamed for what happened, whatever it was. A relationship is rarely ruined by one person alone.

          If she’s trying to change his life then I’ll have a better opinion of what she’s doing, but considering she wants a rich husband and an easy life I’m not so sure. I feel present Mirae will end up being more of a fighter than the future one.

          • akamiso

            My current theory is also that it’s Shin who she loves and he commits suicide. What Current Mirae thinks right now is irrelevant because she hasn’t fallen in love yet and love changes people.

            I feel like her materialisticness isn’t just what it appears to be on the surface, I don’t think a person really would truly in their soul turn into a gold digger after such an age, there must be a “justifying” reason for it. Perhaps she thinks it’s better for HIM that she seek another life for herself and not get involved in his.

          • Redge

            ^ Re: Future MR’s materialism.

            Perhaps, if Kim Shin did commit suicide, it was because of financial reasons? Maybe he was so focused on getting that night slot he neglected everything else, and when he still couldn’t fulfill his dream, they fell on hard times. Then something snapped in their relationship and he took his own life. Future MR probably took it hard and felt that if they had been more stable (ie. money-wise) that wouldn’t have happened. Or something.

          • lemondoodle


            Oh yeah, I think nothing she’s saying/doing is what it actually appears like on the surface. I don’t think future Mirae is a gold digger really, but she’s just really broken and wants a happy life. It just seems so much bigger than her husband was a unchangeable jerk to her. Mentioning the person she loves dies because of him really makes me think she’s saying he killed himself/died because they got married.

      • 51.1.2 Mia

        I’m thinking she’s the one that dies and the reason she’s able to go back in time is because she’s already dead. Became even more convinced when present Mirae said the person she’s loves the most is herself. The time machine just might be her one shot of altering the course of her life to prevent her own death before she officially crosses over. I think she didn’t have anyone to live for but Shin because she never got to fulfill her own dreams while Shin was busy being obsessed with his career. She probably blamed him for her unhappiness when in reality she would have been happier with him if she was happy with herself. Even though I’ve got a bad case of second lead syndrome (like I could have anything else with Yonghwa starring in this drama), I do think that Mirae will end up with Shin and Future Mirae will realize that it wasn’t the husband that needed to be changed but just herself.

    • 51.2 bibimbap

      That’s totally out of Shin’s principled character.

  52. 52 August

    On behalf of all the Mi-Rae’s Choice viewers currently struggling with Second Lead syndrome:

    If I have to go down with the ship of the OTP Se-Joo & Mi-Rae, let it be a true contest between Se-Joo and Shin for a relationship with Mi-Rae in terms of affection, love, chemistry, intimacy, growth, support, and challenges.

    Based upon kdramaland OTP probability pairings: Mi-Rae will more than likely end up with Shin. However, please don’t cheat viewers from seeing the 2nd lead (Se-joo) step up to the plate time and time again giving Shin competition/a run for the money until the end.

    As a viewer, I want the 2nd lead (Se-joo) to have a real and equal chance with Mi-rae. This drama has the potential to deliver this!

    • 52.1 Mia

      Hoping for that and a hot kiss between M-irae and Se- Joo. Just really always wanted a Yonghwa/YEH pairing in a future drama years from now after he honed his skills as an actor. I seriously can’t believe it’s happening right now. So I’m really hoping a kiss scene happens because who knows when these two will get to work together again. And if YEH delivers the way she usually does in a kiss scene, TVs will melt. I really just want to throw all theories about how this show will end out the window and just hope Mi-rae gets lost in love with Se-joo. If she’s only in love with Shin, Se-joo will most likely do the kissing but Mi-rae might not be kissing him back. Not what I’m wanting to see in a YEH/Yonghwa kiss scene after watching YEH in Goong, Coffee Prince and Lie to Me.

    • 52.2 charlie

      i don’t get it…right now shin is such a jerk, he has no chance with mirae…

      • 52.2.1 lemondoodle

        lol are you new to kdramas?

      • 52.2.2 bibimbap

        Character growth can take place, right?

      • 52.2.3 Chandler

        He’s also not really a jerk. He’s hot-tempered, and sure, compared to Se-Joo he is perhaps a bit douchy right now. But I enjoy how principled he is when it comes to his job and I feel like his good points make how hot-tempered he is rather endearing. Drama’s usually wait a bit before making the audience fall for the hero and I’m sure it will happen soon since it is Lee Dong Gun after all.

  53. 53 Mia

    Enjoying the drama but sometimes I feel it does need a little more oomph even though Future Mirae has it in spades. I really think they need to flesh out the YBS world a bit more. They’re working at a network and the writers need to bring that world to life a bit better. One of the things I liked about “I Hear Your Voice” is the female lead had a career and each week you got new eps that focused on her work life along with the main storyline. It was nice to see “Master’s Sun” carry on in the same vein. I really wish the writers will do that with this show. Bring the viewers into the world of a broadcast network. Let the team deal with something interesting happening in the news each week instead of just the usual romantic ping pong between the leads.

    • 53.1 bibimbap

      I found all Shin scenes precisely doing that. Moreover, Mirae coming in to the picture, the few YBS scenes that she had shows a writing that’s quite sensitive to viewers’ pulse.

  54. 54 chai chow

    i think this drama is really entertaining. i found myself laughing and enjoying the drama without noticing an hour has passed.

  55. 55 DanyDanyBobany

    This drama is good. I love to see Yoon Eun Hye again like this and I finally like Jung Yong Hwa!! Yay!

    I hope that the director has planned the development of the history in advance. It seems like that. I just hope that we can find logic along the drama along with the fun and cuteness that already has.

    Thank you for the recap!

  56. 56 yelitz

    `I’m so attracted to this drama, so far these two episodes I’ve loved, the plot is unpredictable and there are many questions to be resolved and that the actors not to mention that there is none like me. just enjoying this drama, be my bias now.

  57. 57 Lindy12

    I’m a sucker for time travelling stories so I’m liking this. It’s all so ambiguous who dies or is killed. I’m wondering if Future Mi-rae blames Shin for somehow killing the Shin she fell in love with. Like nobody’s actually dead but that Future Shin somehow has changed so much and become such an ass that the Shin she loved is now dead to her. She’s doing this out of love to save the man she’s always loved and now the roles are reversed. It’s a good point that no matter how she tries to prevent it, Future Mi-rae hasn’t stopped Mi-rae and Shin from meeting in an accident except now it’s adversarial instead of idealized. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  58. 58 Thandie

    I’m loving this. Definitely second lead syndrome happening right here *taps heart*

  59. 59 emma

    i dont understand why yonghwa is call e second lead.just bcos he is younger and less experience than lee dong gun?ldg doesnt hv a drama for 5years n yonghwa is alrdy e lead singer n composer for a top grp tat has legions of fans in asia n the rest of the world.the actress who acts as his grandma in e shw also mentioned that he is e one that sold the broadcast rights overseas to many countries

    • 59.1 lily

      um.. second lead just means his role is less prominent than the leads. it has nothing to do with fame lol if we’re talking about popularity, then yes, yonghwa triumphs the rest of the cast, but we’re not.

      • 59.1.1 charlie

        i don’t think yonghwa trumps YEH

        • lily

          yes he does. cnblue is far more popular than yeh internationally.

          • Miki

            Music-wise, yes.

          • bibimbap

            Agree with miiki or miki…but YEH’s hallyu status as an actress has been established.

      • 59.1.2 Cheyenne

        If you think about it, plot-wise Shin does seem like the 1st male lead but who has had the most interaction with Mi Rae so far? Se Joo. The so deemed 2nd lead has had way more interactions with Mi Rae and the way I see it is why would they be wasting such valuable time they could be using to possibly set up more scenes for Shin and Mi Rae to instead show the blossoming relationship between Mi Rae and Se Joo? I think newer K-dramas are starting to break the mold. In I Hear Your Voice, no one thought the younger one deemed the 2nd lead would end up with the female lead but he did. Another example, Nail Shop Paris. EVERYONE thought she was wasnt gonna end up with the second male lead whom she had way more chemistry with but she did. I think the Mi Rae-Se Joo line is entirely possible.

    • 59.2 Yan

      OH no no no no please don’t be that fan. I love Yonghwa and CNBLUE, and it annoys me when people come out like this, it just makes them get so much hate.

      All three leads, are famous and respected in their own rights. And honestly, this is acting YEH and LDG have been doing it for a lot longer than Yonghwa has, even Yong has said that he is looking up to LDG a lot as an actor, so please show them respect and don’t make Yonghwa’s fans look bad with such comments.

  60. 60 lily

    they’re going to have to do a 180 on Shin’s character if they want it to be believable that Mirae would fall for him. Right now, he’s a huge jerk and there’s nothing endearing about it. At least with other kdrama jerks, there are usually (lame) excuses for why they end up that way. Shin just acts like he has a stick up his ass 24/7.

  61. 61 emma

    i just want to point out that i am realky getting the sense that yong hwa is the lead instead.this start to remind me of I Hear Your Voice where eceryobe started out thinking yoon sang hyun was e lead n lee jong suk is a 3rd wheel,how wrong we all were.i think e production team is taking their time to warm audience to e idea that e the lead may not be who u assume it is.

    • 61.1 August

      I hope that’s the case!

    • 61.2 lemondoodle

      LDG did not come back after 5 years to get replaced as lead by an idol who can barely act. Some of you fangirls are just slightly delusional.

      • 61.2.1 addictedtoyou

        She was just stating an opinion/observation which you do not necessarily have to agree too. However, it was very unnecessary for you to diss Yonghwa just to prove a point. Seriously.

      • 61.2.2 Yan

        You’ve been critizicing him so much through different comments. You dislike him, ok I respect that but going as far as to diss him consistenly when he is actually doing a good job in this drama? Please.

        • lemondoodle

          Lol what the heck are you talking about. I’m not dissing him constantly? I made one comment on page 1 about not really “getting” the second lead syndrome and this one. In the recap for episode 1, I said he was doing a decent job surprisingly. Please don’t be so overly sensitive.

          I’m not really a fan of his acting/character so far, but he’s doing a better job than most people thought he would (read the comments when he was announced to star if you want to read dissing btw).

          Well, obviously it’s an opinion. And people criticize actors they don’t like sometimes here ya know.

    • 61.3 Cheyenne

      I agree. I think it is entirely possible for the one that seems like the 2nd lead to actually end up with the female lead. ESPECIALLY if the roles are kind of ambiguous. If you can’t tell who the two leads are EXTREMELY clearly, then I think the love line could go either way, although I am rooting for Se Joo. And not just because he is a nice guy or because he is an idol, but because sometimes certain people just have better chemistry than others. And I’m sorry but Shin and Mi Rae do not have very good chemistry.

  62. 62 charlie

    actually this drama is giving me a headache…Mirae, just listen to your future self why don’t you and be done with it…for me the drama is a too contrived and although i love YEH, i don’t know if i’ll be able to stick with this drama

    • 62.1 Windsun33

      I strongly disagree that she should just listen and do what she says.

      As with most time travel movies, they are filled with contradictions and paradoxes, and the main one here is that the Future Mi Rae has already caused Present Mi Rae to change the timeline. That means that what FM thinks she knows, may not be true anymore in the new reality.

      It looks like the big shift came when she quit her job and told the Red Sunset guy to eat rocks, and anything that happens after that is new and unpredictable by the FM.

      • 62.1.1 Lindy12

        I agree with you. Even if Future Mi Rae returns to her time after Episode 2, things will be different for her because the time line has been changed. For one thing, I don’t think Future Mi Rae worked in the media industry, she got married like her her brother keeps urging her to do, but now Present Mi Rae does because Future Mi Rae has given her the courage to go for her dreams. This is starting to remind me of the Kathleen Turner/Nicholas Coppola film, Peggy-Sue Got Married which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest time travelling movies of all time. Maybe Future Mi Rae isn’t “time travelling” at all but is, like Peggy-Sue, having a near death experience.

        I think she is going to return to Shin but a very different Shin. She doesn’t seem to know anything about Present Se-joo except he’s rich and he fell in love with his future bride at first sight on Jeju Island according to a TV interview she watched.

  63. 63 JMK

    Go Doo Shim is looking elegant again as the chairman, much like she did in ‘If Tomorrow Comes’. She looked so downtrodden as the mom in LSSYTB.

  64. 64 Alvina

    Am I the only one who actually likes LDG’s character of Shin ? Everyone seems to be heavily biased against him, but I find his seriousness and prattish behavior somehow charming.

    • 64.1 Lindy12

      I like him too. He’s a priggish, humourless stuffed shirt right now but he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite. He sees the contradiction of his own driving without an up-to-date license while condemning the idol who gets caught doing so. He also recognizes that his hot temper might be hindering his career and is trying to change that because he is in the public eye. Lots of room for potential growth in the character.

      I like Se-joo as well. He’s charming, rich and handsome but he does tend to fall in love at first sight. Such men, in my experience, never stop doing that.

  65. 65 @RougeNail

    Wowee, I’m impressed by how much Yonghwa’s acting has improved! 2 eps in, no stoned, awkward acting thus far. Fingers crossed it only gets better. The camera loves him, so would be great to see more of him onscreen as a credible actor.

    Which acting boot camp did he attend? Can they send all the idol-actors there? Especially *cough* Kim Hyun Joong *cough*.

  66. 66 LizC

    I think my favorite thing this episode was Future Mi-rae’s “crazy Carrie Mathison” window of crazy post-it notes, pictures and lines.

    (Also, is it wrong that I would just want to pester my future self with questions about how tv shows ended, when my bias got married, and whether YG chose Team A or Team B?)

  67. 67 Laya

    I was having second thoughts about watching this drama, my CNBlue love notwithstanding, but now I’m glad I did 😀 All those riddles to be resolved!

    Also, Yongie bebe is definitely improving, I hope this keeps up throughout the drama. Heh. 😀 Noona fan is so happy.

  68. 68 Kevin

    @lily: i think u shouldnt compare cnblue to yeh’s popularity. If u are talking about acting, then there is noway cnblue can be as popular as yeh in korea or outside of korea. She has been known as the A- lister and one of the biggest hallyu actresses. But if ur talking about korean music, then sure, absolutely ppl know cnblue as a band.

    • 68.1 addictedtoyou

      The thing though is Jung Yong Hwa has the best of both worlds. Starring in internationally-popular dramas like You Are Beautiful and Heartstrings have given him the hallyu star status as well. And like what you said, he’s also got the backing of his band’s fans. He’s got a pretty good following all over Asia particularly in Japan and China. Let’s not forget that male actors/artists usually have bigger fandoms compared to female actresses/artists.

      Anyway, it doesn’t matter who’s more popular because in the end, the drama will benefit from both of them. 😀

    • 68.2 Miki

      I see where you’re getting at, i mean of course the hallyu wave is important too. (example, international fan support for whatever artist/actor) YEH has brought in a lot of high ratings through her dramas making her an A-lister and CF queen – which means the most to the domestic drama industry since ratings are a huge deal obviously.

      The drama is getting interesting! I’m super glad Lee Dong Gun is back from his m.service. been waiting for him to come out on the small screen again ^_^

  69. 69 starb

    This looks very interesting, can’t wait to watch it. I think ajumma-mirae was speaking metaphorically when she said that Shin killed someone she loves. I think Shin would become a egoistic husband and strain her from doing what she likes, hence ‘killing’ her. Present-Mirae did say that she loves herself the most.

    As much as I love the second lead to get the girl, I also like the idea of the new and improved Younger-Mirae to change Shin from egoist to ‘bastard’ to a loving husband. This may happen since the way they met is change now. With this changes ajumma-mirae can fall in love with her husband once more.

    So excited for this drama though, everybody seems doing a very good job delivering it.

  70. 70 Ale

    I’m intrigued, but it’s hard to root for the heroine, when I kind of dislike her future self. If the Show hadn’t told me so, I wouldn’t have guessed they are the same person, that’s how different their personalities seem to be.

    I can understand Future Mirae interfering so that her past self gets a better job and trying to avoid marrying Shin if that lead to a bad life/tragic event but I can’t get behind her screwing with other people’s life (See Jo & Yo Kyung) just so she can marry herself off to the rich dude.

  71. 71 Zoe Lou

    i’m excited when i knew Yoon Eun Hye will join this drama..i never fail watched all her drama from Goong to Missing You.. her hair in this drama a little bit… but i love it now because it suit with her character.. cute! and yonghwa’s acting getting better.. i can’t wait for the next episode!

  72. 72 nura

    Your comment on future mirae being all handsy on park sae joo matched my observation too! Haha! I thought to myself when watching that scene: my are we being touchy feely on yong hwa! ..i would too if i was mirae. I have second lead syndrome. The worst one. My heart skips a beat whenevee i see yong hwa and his crooked teeth. I hope good guy wins.

    • 72.1 Gom

      I noticed that even on the trailer! Mirae 2.0 was being really touchy-feely on Yong Hwa in that scene. It was really cute. I was all, “Is that really necessary? Oh, there it goes again. Aaaand… again.” HAHAHA. I can’t blame her. Yong Hwa looks particularly good in this drama.

      And, yeah, my vote goes to the good guy.

  73. 73 Gom

    Here’s my take on this: Shin is the one who dies in the future. There’s no other reason strong enough for Mirae 2.0 to risk her life and go back to her past than that. She wants the present Mirae to NOT fall in love with Shin because she doesn’t want to go through that pain, she can’t handle it. That, precisely, is the weakness of her character and the lesson she has to learn. And, oddly enough, present Mirae (her past self… ugh, this is really getting confusing, I will call her Mirae 1.0), will teach her that lesson.

    In the end, I think Shin will really die, Mirae 2.0 will not be able to stop that. But then I think that’s what we can take out of this drama– that you can’t change your future, if something is bound to happen, it will happen. Look at that accident in the first episode where Mirae 2.0 tried with all her might to not happen just so Mirae 1.0 and Shin wouldn’t meet. Well, it still happened eventually. There are no time machines in real life. We have to deal with what life gives us and try to make the best of it and move on if and be okay if something terrible (like death of a loved one) happens.

    Thank you, Gummi, for the recaps. I don’t have much internet time to watch the drama, but your recaps save me! :)

    • 73.1 Miki

      Interesting observation. But the thing that gets me doubting is that Mirae 2.0 is so hung up on finding Mirae 1.0 a guy who is ‘well off’ and not just any guy. The “Cinderella Ticket” as she said. Also when Mirae 2.0 saw Se Joo she was super excited and he was in this bright white background..like jackpot. O.o

      and hmmm..I wonder if Shin does die. Wouldn’t she go back into the past to prevent it if she loved him like she said? Also, it is a romance/comedy genre….

      Guess we’ll see!

  74. 74 Sunny

    2013 has been a strange year for me. I finally like a Hong Sisters’ drama and a drama w/ Yonghwa in it. Not to mention that Yonghwa’s acting is all right so far. And this year might get even weirder. I might actually like a sequel to a Korean drama.

  75. 75 nura

    I do not think old mirae wanted her marriage to shin stopped just because he becomes poor. Its something to do with shin’s character. Although park se joo is super rich..i think she was gunning for something else as well. Which we do not know..yet. a ‘cinderella ticket’doesnt mean just wealth..but true happiness. Or it cud just mean she believes that if she marries someone else, she will have another happier fate.

    • 75.1 Miki

      True. I interpreted cinderella ticket AS wealth because it was in the scene where she was saying how wealthy he is and therefore needs to grab a hold of him. So wealth seems to be part of the “true happiness” if that is in fact what she means by cinderella ticket. Also it doesn’t seem that she knows se joo too well so I wonder what her definition of true happiness really is.. ^_^

  76. 76 nura

    Yeah you made a point miki. Wealth does seem to be the ticket to happiness for some people. At least old mirae is hoping to catch a rich guy who is gentle and nice to boot. Mystery mystery.. what will happen!!

  77. 77 khyciemonique

    I think Jung Yong-hwa was better right to choose this project as young heir character of Park Se-joo. Other than his offer to be second lead role in Heirs. Because I saw that he’s capable in making way much better in acting in Mi rae’s Choice.

  78. 78 Ennayra

    Just starting this show. I am also heading towards second lead love. I don’t know why. I mean, when I know they’re the second lead I usually try not to get emotionally invested to avoid future heartbreak. But not this time. Who knew I’d finally like Jung Yong-hwa in a drama? His acting hasn’t even changed. Maybe he just hasn’t had enough screentime to annoy me? Also, his character is supposed to be holding back who he really is, so the lack of emotion fits for me so far.

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