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Heirs: Episode 13
by | November 20, 2013 | 375 Comments

This episode steps it up on the humor front, which is a welcome turn because oh my god the mopey angst. Who has the patience for that? Not that angst has gone anywhere today, but at least it’s taking a bit of a backseat while characters step it up with confessions, decisions, and acts of teenage rebellion. Okay, maybe not all of those things are steps up in a traditional sense. But steps forward are nothing to sniff at, especially when they’re so few and far between.

Wow, Heirs took a huge jump in the ratings this week (Secret just ended), and took home a 20.9% rating. Pretty Man premiered with a lowish 6.3%, which is still better than the languishing Medical Top Team at 5.7% (which, believe it or not, is a big jump up from its 3.6% last week).


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After outing the truth of his birth to his would-be in-laws, Tan comes to Eun-sang emotionally drained. Without knowing what’s going on, she senses his turmoil and mirrors his tears.

Tan repeats her words from California when she’d offered to take his hand and run away when he’s in danger, and he asks if those words are still valid here in Korea. She shakes her head no. He looks further crushed at that, but then Eun-sang steps close to envelop him in a hug.

Rachel and her mother go home in a temper—it’s an insult to them, and an engagement is out of the question now. Still, Rachel’s mother decides to hold off on breaking the engagement formally for a while, because the two Kim brothers are about to launch into a stock-buying spree in a race to push each other out. That will drive up the price of the stock, and Mama wants a piece of that action. How coldly practical.

Rachel berates Young-do for sitting on this important piece of information, but to her surprise he tells her to keep this secret: “It’s not a request, it’s a warning.” Rachel is understandably confused to find him protecting Tan and asks why. He replies, “Because it’s the best thing I’ve done till now. And also the thing I did most to hurt Tan.”

Tan brings Eun-sang to Myung-soo’s workshop and fiddles with the lock, saying they can spend the night here. He asks where she spent the last few nights, and I don’t understand why Eun-sang just doesn’t tell him she crashed with Bo-na. What’s with all the withholding?

Instead, she asks why he was crying, and they dodge each other’s questions for a while (he jokes that his tears are from global warming endangering the penguins). Someone tugs at the door, but Tan assures her that they’re in no danger of discovery, because he changed the passcode. Ha. So Myung-soo bangs and yells for a while, then goes away.

Tan grumbles to see Young-do calling her again and answers the phone, calling himself her boyfriend and dismissing Young-do. Then he complains to see the photos from the class trip showing Young-do and Eun-sang together, which gets her eye-rolling at his nagging.

Eun-sang takes out her books to study (making another dig at Tan’s last-place ranking that nettles his pride) and he sits watching her back for a long while. Finally he settles down to sleep, and as she watches him sh murmurs, “Dream nice dreams.” Only to have him reply right away, “I already am. You’re there, in front of me.”

They leave the workshop in the morning and are barraged with flash photos, paparazzi-style. Ha, so Myung-soo camped there all night, half-wild with hunger and cold, and crows that his pride wouldn’t let him go before he got his money shot.

They end up riding together to school, and Myung-soo stubbornly refuses to delete his photos. Tan readily admits they’re dating and mentions the hugging last night, to Eun-sang’s chagrin and Myung-soo’s glee.

They walk onto campus side by side, and today he offers her his hand and prods, “Let’s try having courage.” She hesitantly takes his hand, apologizing for taking so long to do so, causing jaws to drop as they pass.

They’re stopped by Young-do, and as usual Young-do tries to stop Eun-sang from leaving while Tan orders her to walk away. Ugh. I have no problem with Tan trying to spare her the drama, but I cringe every time he talks to her like she’s a puppy to direct: “Walk straight ahead.”

Young-do expresses disappointment over Tan revealing his birth secret himself, because he was looking forward to being the one to drop that bomb. Tan says that it’s not too late for Young-do to spread the words and tells him to go ahead; he doesn’t intend to swoop in with damage control, either, and will take everything that comes his way.

Rachel corners Eun-sang in the broadcasting room and calls Tan there to have it out with them. She slaps Tan, sneers at him for being illegitimate, then tells him he should be the one clinging to her. Eun-sang takes issue with Rachel’s general bitchiness, but Rachel says condescendingly that a classless nouveau riche like her can’t understand how bloodline is equivalent to a crown in their class.

Tan states firmly that he doesn’t want Rachel, and she brings up his mother as a last resort/threat. She wonders why Madam Han would pose as Eun-sang’s mother to the PTA and insinuates that she’ll be digging into the story, but Tan tells her to keep her nose out of his mother’s business, as well as Eun-sang’s and his own.

Then he parks himself out of the girl’s bathroom, having seen Eun-sang go in and worrying that she’s crying. Bo-na protests when he shoos her away, calling herself Eun-sang’s savior for hosting her. Tan lights up in relief and gives her an unexpected high-five, and Bo-na freaks out and goes running to Chan-young. I love how she always makes everything about herself, in a cutely misguided way.

Eun-sang isn’t in a flood of tears (thank goodness), but worries for Tan’s sake. She asks if there’s really nothing she can do to protect him. There isn’t, but the question makes his day.

Ye-sol snipes at Bo-na to watch make sure Eun-sang doesn’t steal her boyfriend, and manages to get in a dig at everyone: at Eun-sang for being a man-stealer, at Chan-young for being a nobody’s son, and at Rachel for getting dumped by her fiancé. Ye-sol really is the worst type of mean girl, terrorizing the weak and sucking up to the strong, enjoying seeing people being torn down.

She looks nervous when Rachel overhears her comments but sticks to her bravado, sneering that Rachel’s family is heading for ruin. She all but calls Rachel’s mother a gold-digger, and that gets Rachel fired up. So I’m not even sympathetic when Rachel asks loudly, “What were you thinking when you hid the fact that your mother is a room salon madam?” The hallway of students immediately starts buzzing, while Rachel invites Bo-na to lunch together. Uh-oh. Lunch is never just about lunch in this school.

Thus Ye-sol finds herself facing the victim’s seat, fearful of sitting down and sealing her fate as new target. Rachel takes Young-do’s place as the menacing bully perfectly, but Bo-na looks uncomfortable and guilty, especially when Chan-young arrives and sees what’s going on. Bo-na says defensively that there’s a valid reason for this, but it’s a pretty lame-sounding excuse.

Tan arrives and sizes up the situation, then makes a show of grabbing a plate and taking that seat for himself. He plays obtuse as he pretends this is just a normal lunch, upsetting the social order and discomfiting everybody.

Then Young-do arrives and says Tan’s breaking the rules—to demonstrate what that seat means, he dumps a plate of curry on him. Tan replies that he’s the one who made the rules, and these things can be changed. He flings his dirty jacket in Young-do’s face and orders him to have it cleaned.

Eun-sang pulls Tan away, and Chan-young takes Bo-na aside. The crowd disperses and the two almost-siblings stew in their thwarted violence. Poor babies.

Eun-sang chides Tan for stirring up more antagonism with Young-do, which he argues was unavoidable given what was unfolding. At the same time, Chan-young tells Bo-na that she was stooping to Ye-sol’s level by retaliating, and that he’s disappointed in her. Bo-na argues that Ye-sol had denigrated him as a secretary’s son, but he says that if Bo-na was angered by that, it means she was ashamed (and therefore agreed), which is not logic that makes any sense to me. Bo-na gets offended right back and stomps off.

Tan returns home to a furious father and nervous mother and faces his punishment. Chairman Dad isn’t in a forgiving mood and kicks Tan out of the house, ordering him to turn in his phone, credit cards, even the coat off his back. Yeesh. Calling the engagement Tan’s insurance for a smooth life, Dad barks that he has no need for the idiot who’d throw that away.

Tan just complies without complaint, merely asking to take his school uniform—and paying Dad back for its price later. He says, “I know that Rachel was insurance for my life, but insurance shouldn’t become my life.”

Mom pleads with him not to go, wanting him to beg Dad to change his mind. But Tan walks out, and heads straight to Eun-sang’s cafe… where he asks her to pay his taxi fare. Haha.

Eun-sang thwacks him for taking a taxi when he’s broke, which is a totally valid complaint, and gives him a glass of water instead of a fancy beverage he can’t pay for. Tan says “I’ll pay you back later” with the nonchalance of somebody who’s never been poor, and I have to laugh at how he states that he’ll just work hard and make his own fortune, like it’s just a matter of deciding to do that.

Thinking to borrow funds, he calls together the gang—Chan-young, Hyo-shin, Bo-na, and Myung-soo—asks expectantly who will house him, feed him, or give him rides. LOL. Oh, princess. He’s met with a wall of silence and blank faces. But even then he turns down Hyo-shin’s offer to stay with him, because his mother is scary. Well yes, she is, but beggars can’t be choosers, no? Looks like somebody could stand to suffer a little more.

Hyo-shin’s scary mother lives up to her name by informing him of his admissions interview tomorrow, which he’d purposely skipped the last time. He’s stunned to learn she pulled strings to get him that interview—and a faked medical note. It’s enough to make him snap, and he breaks down, asking how far she’s going to go: “Do I have to die for it to end?”

Scary Mom turns to him with a stone face to say that making threats using himself no longer work on her: “I won’t allow you to give up on yourself.”

Madam Han comes to Eun-sang’s cafe looking for Tan, and chides her for being stubborn and not coming home herself. I guess all the parents just kick out their kids as threats, and it makes them look bad when the kids manage just fine on their own. Still, Madam Han seems to feel genuinely bad about it, and wants Eun-sang to come back for her own sake as much as it is to also set the example for Tan.

When Tan shows up, Madam Han urges him to go home with her so they can beg his father to relent. He’s feeling no such urgency and declines, and therefore Eun-sang decides that Madam Han has a point and agrees to return to the house. Tan gapes while his mother beams, and it’s really cute how Madam Han immediately switches sides to link arms with sensible Eun-sang.

Even so, Tan isn’t changing his mind and merely asks his mother to take care of his girlfriend.

He heads to hyung’s hotel room, and gets the door shut in his face. Aw. But then Won opens the door, perhaps feeling too sorry now that Tan doesn’t actually have anyplace to go. AW. This alone makes it all worth it.

Tan happily eats dinner while Won works, and there’s something about Tan’s uncertain hopefulness around his brother that emphasizes his youth. Won takes a call from Manager Yoon about the recent (secret) transfer of Jeguk stocks, and how they’re being moved to back Tan.

Tan freezes to hear that brief conversation and asks if this involves him. Won tosses a credit card at him and tells him to get his own room.

But to his surprise, Tan is denied a room by the clerk—he may be Jeguk royalty, but the hotel is Young-do’s domain. He has provided a sketch of Tan’s face as persona non grata and labeled it “KIM TAN kekeke.” And of course Tan’s first complaint is “Is this what I look like?”

Young-do pops by to gloat in his face and tells him he’ll have to go back to his hyung, the source of so much pain. But Tan realizes he likes that idea better and thanks Young-do for his help, which takes that smile off his face.

Tan ends up on his brother’s couch after all, and tries to strike up a conversation. Won pretends to sleep to avoid talking, but Tan muses aloud anyway, saying that he has so many things he wants to ask his brother.

Won drops him off at school in the morning, and Tan briefly tries pressing his luck by asking for a pick-up later before deciding against it. Ha. He sends hyung off with a cheery wave… and Won catches a glimpse of a familiar face walking toward the school: Hyun-joo, taking her new job as teacher here. Won has to stop himself from going after her.

Chairman Dad calls in Manager Yoon regarding the upcoming sale and transfer of stocks, ordering him to officially put in Tan’s name the shares that were bought under borrowed names. And if there is any indication of shareholders selling, he is to buy them at a higher price. Rachel’s mother is a key figure in this, because she holds such a large amount.

Last but not least, Chairman Dad orders him to make the study abroad preparations for Eun-sang, because merely sending her to Jeguk High didn’t have the intended effect of separating them.

At school, Eun-sang asks how Tan’s night was, knowing immediately that he’s lying about lightheartedly chatting with his brother. She urges him to come home and offers him some pastries, and he lurches forward to eat from the other end of the one in her mouth. He muses, “I’ve been thinking about it, and our progress has really been too slow.” IS WHAT I’M SAYIN’.

She blusters that they’re going fast enough, what with their rooftop kiss, and that makes him perk up: “Have we decided to go ahead and do that now?” Lol.

Hyo-shin ends up going to his admissions interview, though he’s far from compliant about it—he scoffs at the story that he collapsed before the last interview and states plainly that he never applied.

Madam Jung calls Tan in to rip into him for breaking the engagement, saying that Chairman Dad had to fight his own brothers and nephews to claim his spot, and that there are ongoing lawsuits with all of them. Yeesh. With Won only recently becoming president and Tan’s birth secret at risk of disclosure, he risks not only his place but is all but inviting more warfare.

Eun-sang’s boss informs her that the cafe will be closed to a private party for two hours, and who should walk in but Young-do, having resorted to this to get her attention. She refuses to join him, though, and studiously ignores him as she goes about her duties anyway, leaving him to sit around alone and bored.

Finally he pours out half his drink onto the floor to get her to react, which at least does the trick. Gah. Young-do is so the epitome of a spiteful cat, only with more destructive power. Don’t do it, don’t join him! Don’t reward bad behavior!

But she reluctantly takes a seat across him and demands to know what he wants from her. He replies, “For you to answer your own phone. For you to reply when I talk to you. For you to say hi when our eyes meet.” It’s a tragically simple list of desires. If only he hadn’t pissed away the right to ask those things by being such a royal ass, which is why Young-do’s such a sad character, being his own enemy and all.

Eun-sang acknowledges his feelings of her and apologizes for avoiding him, and says that there’s only one thing left for her to do: “Reject your feelings. I’m sorry.”

That’s a genuine blow to Young-do, who struggles to find the glib facade he uses as defensive shield. “I really got rejected,” he says. “Can I get revenge on you?” She says that it would be nice if he didn’t, “But if that’s your level then I’ll have to accept that as part and parcel of being the rejecter.”

But Young-do admits, “I can’t harass you anymore, because it hurts my heart.” Annnnd just as you think he’s turned around a bend, he adds, “So I’m going to torment everyone except for you.” Insert eyeroll here.

Young-do broods with his hurt feelings for a bit, and then heads to the broadcasting room to take over the PA system. Broadcasting to the whole school, he offers up an interesting story about Jeguk’s second son, and as he builds up curiosity, our main players realize what he’s about to do: Rachel’s eyes widen, Eun-sang races through the corridors, and Tan… just walks slow and surely, toward Young-do perhaps.

Young-do teases his audience with a lengthy intro and a quote: “Your enemy is not the one who faces you with knife in hand, but the one who hides his knife behind his back and stands at your side.” Uh, are you the enemy in this scenario, backstabbing former friend?

In any case, Young-do talks until Eun-sang bursts into the room and turns down the mic, and he adds after the fact, “Ah, the person I’ve been waiting for.” Is this another “Look at me” tactic?

She shoves him toward the door, but he grabs her arm and refuses to let go: “I’ll have to let go soon enough anyway, so I won’t let go now.” Then he shoves her against the door, just in time to lock the door before Tan can open it. The boys see each other through the window and it’s enough to get Tan beating on the door in a rage.

Young-do references the “everyone else” he intends to torment, “which includes Tan. And also myself.”


Oy, Young-do. He really needs to learn basic communication skills, which is ironic given how quippy and smooth-talking he can be. But yunno, sometimes the substance of what you say is a lot more important than the style with which you say it, which is also a lesson I think our dear writer could stand to learn.

It’s too bad that he’s a character who takes ten steps back with every step forward, because I feel like there’s such wasted potential for his character. I won’t say that he’s making zero progress, but it’s just so unsatisfying how he undoes any bit of progress he’s on the verge of making. I can relate to Eun-sang in this regard, where every time he says something mature I harbor hope that this is a turning point… and then he negates that with the very next thing.

I almost felt for him a few times today, and I no longer doubt that he is, in fact, able to feel human emotions. But was there ever a more stupidly sad character with such pointlessly nihilistic tendencies? You can’t even call him tragic because it’s not like Fate his screwed him over or that he is at the whims of stronger powers—he IS the stronger power, and yet he’s actively making himself a victim. Of himself. Yes, he has a terrible father, but that’s not an excuse to be a dick. He’s just screwing himself over in his need to act out at the world, and I have little patience for that. Even worse, little sympathy.

I got a few laughs out of Tan’s exile from home, and I sincerely hope it lasts a while. For one, the upstairs-downstairs stuff Chez Kim hasn’t been as exciting as it could’ve been, and for another, we could use a change of pace. But most of all, it gives the Kim bros a chance to spend some time together, however awkwardly, and it’s been such a crying shame that we haven’t had more scenes with them thus far.

Won is such a wasted character, in that there’s an inherent richness of conflict between the setup putting the two brothers at odds with each other, only we haven’t been given sufficient information to understand Won. Thus his extreme hostility toward his kid brother was beginning to be aggravating rather than sympathy-inducing. With Tan kicked out of the house, Won sort of has to step it up and play the part of the hyung in a way he shunned before.

As we’ve noted previously, Jeguk is being treated much more as a faux royalty setup rather than simply chaebols, because the obsession with bloodline purity and succession doesn’t really make sense in a strictly modern-business sense. I take it with a grain of salt because the monarchy/crown motif is clearly intended, but even so I don’t think it’s entirely successful because every episode I’m about to lose patience with all the sneering at bastardy and inheritance rights. Given that it isn’t an actual monarchy, who cares about bloodline when we’re talking stocks and cold hard cash? Speaking of which, I don’t really care about the stock wars on the horizon (hopefully those don’t take too much screentime because yawn), but if we can at least build some brotherly bridges before they kick in, maybe there’ll be hope for Jeguk after all.


375 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Zfih

    THIS WAS MY FAVORITE EPISODE BY FAR!!! more human interaction lol

    • 1.1 Whatsthescenario

      Agreed!!! I love that they finally started to delve more into the interactions between the lesser characters. I just want to hug Hyo-shin!! He needs it STAT!

      Young-do, you’re breaking my heart. He’s like a tornado right now, destroying everything in his path. He also needs a hug.

      Anyone else giggle at his scene with Rachel? Because all I could think about was the fanfic someone posted last week that started exactly like their first scene…Rachel goes to visit him in his hotel. Yada yada yada, it’s the next day!!!!!! LOL.

      Seriously, I love BoNa and Cha Young. He was so disappointed in her. I think this will only make them stronger. Fighting!

      And finally, the sleepover with Big Bro was all kinds of cute. Tan is so excited to hang out with his Big Bro, even begging him to pick him of from school. hehehe.

      It’s getting better!

      • 1.1.1 August

        “He’s like a tornado right now, destroying everything in his path. He also needs a hug.”

        Sometimes Young-Do reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil (AKA Taz) — animated cartoon character featured in the Warner Brothers “Looney Tunes” and “Merrie Melodies” series of cartoons.

        • bella57

          That is a perfect description of Young-Do; he is a tornado and he so definitely needs some love or just a hug.
          * in part, i think that is why he is attached to ES; she, at least, communicates caring towards him even if she doesn’t really care or want to know him. Young-Do’s character has a lot of potential.
          * same with Won; i want them to explore that relationship

  2. Liana

    What the heck is Young-do doing?

    • 2.1 Rashell

      Demonstrating how NOT to get the girl you like to EVER like you back? If that’s not it, then I really have no clue. He’s definitely his own worst enemy.

      • 2.1.1 Liana

        I want YD to be a valuable, redeeming character, so bad, because the actor playing him is KILLING IT. KWB is so good, but YD is written so poorly and with such little character arc that there’s only so much the actor can do. YD is so aggressively unlikeable, it’s dizzying. He really does take at least 20 steps back, for every one unenthusiastic step forward, and its seems like we’re basically back to episode 1 with him.

        But anyway, I continue to be really interested in HS, and think that kid should get his own spin-off.

        • Rushie

          I don’t know, Young-do seems pretty realistic to me. This is how real people behave. They are always afraid of being hurt that any time they think they are showing weakness, they step up the protection around themselves. That being said, I still hate Young-do so much, good job KWB for me making him so believable.

          I love Tan and Eun-sang more every week, they are so adorable together.

          • Lin_K

            @Rushie – It is the strong personalities who are more afraid of getting hurt and trying to prevent that hurt at any cost. In that sense, YD’s retaliation is realistic.

          • alua

            That’s what I was thinking. He’s a terrible guy, but truth be told there are terrible people like that and some of them never change because that’s their way of being and to them that’s normal.

            In fact, if they want to be realistic, they wouldn’t redeem him (though I bet they will, even if last minute, because they always do in k-dramas. He’ll be friends with Tan again and friends with Eun Sang too. Which is unrealistic.).

          • Ellesor

            I totally agree about YD being realistic! When I was in high school, there were some jerks whom I thought wanted to be understood but they turned out to be snobs and insecure asses when it was crunch time!

          • Sue

            I think you have a point here. As a high school teacher at a private school I can say some of this behavior is realistic. It may not be what we want to see in a drama, but it happens. We just had a student expelled for behaving like Young-do, including bullying the girl he liked. And we had a group of girls that would put Rachel and her posse to shame (they were threatened with expulsion and changed their tune). So aside from the rich kids setting that seems incredibly fake, the biggest problem that I have is that the actors are too old to play these roles. If the actors were actual teenagers it would be easier to accept the behavior. But with older actors you keep expecting them to act in a more mature manner. I don’t know how to say this, but you can actually “see” them trying to act younger, and it all seems incredibly fake. Lee Min-Ho is cute, but the whole 18 yr old puppy thing is not working with me. When he is with his brother is weird, because they are only two years apart. And Woo Bin seems more like a gangster than a HS student because of his age.

        • Lin_K

          @Liana – I thought YD was one of the well-written (I don’t mean good) characters in the drama. He is written as an evil guy who changes because of love. And I thought the writer was doing that but I honestly don’t know where she is going with YD after this episode. I would be mad if he does not receive redemption. KWB’s stellar performance is the only thing that makes me stick with this drama. And may be some of the side characters too.

          • Faye

            My problem with Young-Do is that he has done nothing to deserve redemption. He has not grown or changed tactics in any discernable way. As I’ve said before, Kim Woo-Bin is a great actor, and Young-Do is certainly interesting. But that’s not enough to make me root for Young-Do.

            Everyone’s cheering that he developed feelings for a girl. But look at how he handles even that. It’s all about him imposing his feelings on her, and what she wants and feels doesn’t seem to matter to him. She has made it clear time and time again in many little ways that she doesn’t want him – if she’s not answering her phone, that’s a big tip-off! And in this episode Eun-Sang came out and told him plain as day that she is not interested.

            Yet still he persists in pursuing her and starting up trouble. That whole business with the broadcast was ridiculous. “I want to take revenge on you, so I’ll torment the people you care about (Tan)” showed he hasn’t changed much at heart. If you keep bugging someone after they tell you to leave them alone, it’s clear you don’t care about them – it’s all about what YOU want. And frankly, Young-Do’s man-pain over his Mommy issues just isn’t enough to justify everything (or almost anything) he does.

            I don’t know if this is a writing or a translation issue, but I was really irate at Eun-Sang’s line to him in the cafe: “I have to accept that you will take revenge on me since I rejected you.” Um, no you don’t. You are not obligated to love someone and return their feelings, and it bothers me because it seemed like the writer was saying Eun-Sang was partially at fault here.

            This is where Kim Tan wins for me over Kim Woo-Bin. As many people have pointed out, he has a checkered past too. And his earlier actions toward Eun-Sang were kind of selfish. But he has shown honest growth and change by breaking off his engagement and pursuing an honest relationship with Eun-Sang (who -very important point here- actually returns his feelings). If they want to show real growth or “redemption” for Kim Woo-Bin, they should do it by having him actually do something to be a better person.

          • Liana

            I don’t know if this is an inappropriate comparison, but if you look at the bully in School 2013 (can’t remember his name!), he was equally abominable as YD in the beginning; however, he came across so much more realistic and logical. He also didn’t go through any extreme dramatic character changes, and, in fact, remained his brusque self through the very end. Still, you could see him soften a bit, and work to control his anger (and that’s pretty much the redemption I’m talking about.) YD doesn’t really come across as a regular, high school bully/troubled teenage kid, but a complete, utter sociopath/mob boss. Yes, his dad is abusive, and his mom abandoned him, but that’s pretty much it. He’s extremely wealthy (unlike the School 2013 bully), has some close friends, and can build a life pretty much anyway he wants to. Yet he basically chooses to be a terrorist.

            What I hate the most is about him is that he seems to have no point in the drama, other than to stir up the drama. His attraction to ES makes no sense, and is complete fan service. I get that he hates Tan and is psychotic, so if he was maybe just using ES to get mess with Tan, I’d understand that. Even if he started to like ES (who in this scenario, would have some visible personality), I’d be okay with that, except YD didn’t even show any capacity for human anything until episode 11 or 12 to begin with. It’s wayyy to unnatural at this point. If the writer had shown some a flicker of humanity in him from the start, I might understand, but at this point, he’s just a robot THAT. MUST. DESTROY. TAN.

            The writer keeps making these 180 degree changes with him, left and right, that can’t keep it all straight. That’s kind of why I hate him. The rest of the love triangle is at least consistent in their horribleness, you know?

    • 2.2 jeane654

      I thought he was gonna rape her with Tan watching for a moment! the way he shoved her was shocking!

      i actually started liking him last ep~ Now..i think it has gone poof and i went back to hating him…aigoooooo

      • 2.2.1 panshel

        I didn’t think he was going to rape her, but I was pleading out loud, “Please do not force-kiss her. Do not make this bad situation worse.” Sigh of relief.

    • 2.3 sam

      Exactly!!Grow up YD….KT has. Right now, KT is my man. I like his confidence to stand up for things and not be afraid anymore. I seems like the writers have glorified KT’s role but I guess that is because he reflected on his past and now wants to take a stand for his mother and for the girl he loves. I can’t wait to see some KW/KT time. I love these brothers. BoNa is still my favorite!
      I still swear…one great kiss from these two leads will make me like KT&ES more than KW&ES! JUST ONE really Daring and seductive!

    • 2.4 mwg

      Another theory. Woo bin has such magnatism and so much more chemistry (even if it’s sort of at PSH rather than with her), that if his character were less of a jerk, the whole story would fall apart, because LMH and PSH are just not selling the couple at all.

      This week was a lot better in that regard than it’s been, but still. Even with Young Do being such a brute, I still ship him and PSH more than PSH/LMH. And honestly, I want them main three to go away, and just follow the supporting cast.

      • 2.4.1 Andy Anne

        I agree 100% with you, I feel like the writers keep Young Do’s “growth” down because honestly if he were to have redeemed himself earlier and more completely I would have fallen for him ten times over! I want to route for him, and Woo Bin has such chemistry on screen, but i understand how viewers feel he hasn’t grown enough to deserve a happy ending.
        I know it is wrong, but I feel for him and ship him with ES more than with KT. Something about Lee Min Ho’s character in this series has absolutely no attraction for me. Maybe I just have incurable second lead syndrome.
        SIDE NOTE: I feel some comparison to the Taiwan drama My Princess is in order, I feel Terry is as a character is in a similar situation to Young Do.
        Even though Terry was written as the second lead, the actor who played him had so much more chemistry with the lead actress and had so much charisma that more viewers were pulling for him in the end and the writers actually change directions with the drama last minute to (sort of) give him a happy ending with the lead.
        I wonder if the writers of Heirs saw a this kind of thing might happen with Young Do’s character? Honestly the whole America part of the show was supposed to be romantic but i found the simpler meet up between Young Do and ES at the convenient store to be a whole lot sweeter. I feel like the writer is playing with people’s perceptions of Young Do… giving us what we want from him then quickly taking it away with his stupid actions to keep reinforcing the lead (LMH) on us.

        I just hope Woo Bin gets to play a romantic lead soon in a drama, I feel if he ever does though, my heart would explode! 🙂

      • 2.4.2 kikidee

        This is exactly what I think as well. Just last week I said that this show had a big problem with a second lead who was just far more charismatic than the lead. It wasn’t just a case of second lead syndrome, it was a case of second lead outshining the lead. The shows needs the triangle conflict, but Kim Woo Bin has been so good in the part that there has been a danger of audience mutiny. I think they’re trying to remedy his appeal by making the character frustrating. Nothing is more frustrating in a story than lack of growth.
        That’s okay though. Even if they try to dial back his character, Kim Woo Bin still nearly walked off with a show that had a hugely popular actor as its lead. You can’t have a better recommendation for your acting than that. Just watch, his career is about to BLOW UP.

        • Andy Anne

          YES YES More WooBin!!

          Sign me Up!

  3. Ivoire

    Wow!!!! What a wonderful ep. today! I died with the cute, the emotional, the bravery (KT and ES), and the comic relief. That was just awesome.

    I don’t think I have as many questions today as I have had in the past, though one never knows, more might arise, as I read posts and get answers to my questions. On to the few questions I have then:

    1—Does anyone know the title of the song played when KT and ES are in the playroom/MS’s studio? That slow ballad. I couldn’t find it on YT.

    2—I know I brought it up last week, and then kind of apologized for bringing it up, because I didn’t want to have other Beanies worry and be the bearer of future bad things to happen, however, I cannot help but be concerned about HS, after this ep. Did anyone noticed the body drawn on the floor behind KT when he was on the floor? Ominous, maybe?

    3—When KT showed the picture to ES (in the studio), he said (per the subtitle I read), “whoever my wife will be, don’t you think she will like it?” I was puzzled about this. Like what? What did KT mean here?

    4—KT, is funny: in his world, hugging means dating?

    5—So cute when KT called ES “wife.” So I guess he sees himself marrying her…

    • 3.1 Ivoire

      I guess I have a few more questions after all:

      6—I was not clear on why MS, HS and CY didn’t want to help KT. I thought they were his friends (HS and MS more so than CY. I know he is not friends with CY. I could tell from their interactions in the States). However, I was a little surprised to see HS hesitate. I am not sure about the relationship about MS and KT. Could that have something to do with the fact that they still live with mom and dad, and thus would have to explain why KT has to be at their house? Though, to be honest, Bo Na didn’t have that issue with ES (we never saw her parents).

      7—Does the expression “to sleep with one’s feet stretched out” mean to sleep peacefully? (KA said that to ES).

      8—The thing that YD did to his bike (tuning), why is that illegal? (He reminded KT of that).

      9—At the hotel, when YD told KT that he broke the rule, what rule was he referring to? The hazing rule at school, done to the Social Care Group?

      10—Is it safe to assume that Daddy Chairman knows that Yoon has been leaking info to Won?

      • 3.1.1 August


        (9) I think he meant Kim Tan being an illegitimate son and trying to “break” (alter/change) the bullying rules at school.

        • Ivoire

          Hello August,

          Thank you for your answer :-), which actually makes sense. Knowing what we know of CYD, he would probably blame KT for being born illegitimate, even though it is not KT’s fault. So sad.
          Speaking of CYD, he and Rachel are losing me in this ep.

          a)-Rachel, does not seem to understand that regardless of what she does, she has lost KT and she is not getting him back (not that he was ever hers).

          b)-YD, who I seriously do not get, at this point. ES has made it clear more than once that she does not like him, and his solution is to take revenge? Why? I really liked his outburst last week (in front of ES), and thought he was starting to get it (or was on his way). Now I feel like, was I wrong for thinking that? It will be interesting to see what the writer does with YD. Whether she redeems him (and to what extent), or whether he remains an angry bully. 7 more episodes to go, I guess, and we will find out.

        • Ivoire

          That being said, I really give it to KWB, once again. I really loved the scene in the cafe (Mango 6). YD is desperate to hold on to ES, because he knows he has lost her (since she told him before). In a last ditch attempt, he rents the cafe, and goes there to spent time with her.

          I love that scene, because of how KWB (as YD) and PSH (as ES) behave: YD tries desperately to get ES’s attention, the way a child, or a toddler tries to get a mom or a caregiver’s attention. He looks lost, not knowing what to do, because nothing he does works with ES. You can see and sense that he is longing and yearning for ES’s attention, however she is willing to give it to him. I love the look on his face, and he doesn’t know what to do with himself (or his hands), he looks really lost, like a lost child.
          That to me is a reminder of how deeply YD misses his mom. I bet he is yearning for his mother’s love and attention as well.

          ES, on the other hand, ignores him, the way a mom or caregiver ignores a child’s tantrum, until it passes. The way they dance around each other was really well acted, I loved that. And as twisted as it is, YD does care about ES: he wants her to rest, to take it easy while he is there, he orders the simplest and quickest drink to make, and once she is done cleaning, he wants her to rest.
          I am not necessarily condoning what he is, however I understand it. I see his desperation, I feel it. And that is why I personally LOVE KWB in that role, because he manages to make me feel what YD is feeling, every time. That scene to me, spoke volume.

      • 3.1.2 Ivoire

        I thought of another question I forgot (from last week), and I meant to ask it.
        When YD and KT were in the locker room in ep. 12, and KT asked YD if ES had cried a lot, that morning, YD said (based on the subs), “why ask me to my face/why ask me boldly?”
        I remember thinking, when I read that, “well, if KT wants to know about ES and her well being, how else is he supposed to ask?” I felt that there was an implication in YD’s response that was lost on me. In the Korean language, when someone says, “you are asking me to my face/asking me boldly,” what is being implied? Is the person asking supposed to be afraid of asking? If so, why?
        Thank you to anyone who can help me with that.

      • 3.1.3 Ivana

        6- I think whoever helps tan now would be in danger for having Jageuk turned against them and their families, as they would be going against the chairman.

        9- the rule was the “tradition” that Kim Tan set when he was in middle school and played king among his peers. Now that Young Do inherited the position as the biggest bully on the playground, he became the one responsible to uphold the “tradition”.

        10. Daddy always had his sons monitored, so I’m sure he has their every action in his grasp.

        • Kellie01

          How can daddy(chairman) choose anyone for either son when he just moved his hostess girlfriend(son’s mom) into another woman’s home to live? Is it not immoral in Korea? I just can’t get the storyline completely because the girl Rachael wants to be up on the ladder but she still wants to hold onto tan. The father broke up older son because the girl wasn’t rich but his woman isn’t rich plus she was a hostessDuh). please just give me some understanding of the logic if there is any.

          • TS

            He’s still got his legal, and socially acceptable wife. The other woman is just a concubine, and has no status. it’s an awful and degrading situation.

          • Ivoire

            Also, the drama never said that she was a hostess. Just that she is a mistress, and KT’s mom.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Ivana,

          Thank you for your responses :-)…
          6)- Hum… That was an interesting way to look at it. I had not thought of that. 9)-Got it. 10)-Wow, bad daddy 🙁

          I don’t know about you Ivana, but there are some things I really liked (even loved) in this epi. I really loved the opening scene, well done and well acted. I have also come to the decision that starring must be one of KT’s love languages. There is just so much love that oozes from his eyes when he looks at ES lovingly. There is no mistaking that look when he looks at her in that way, I love it.

          Some of those scenes I liked in this ep. (some of them, I found cute and funny as well): 1-when KT gave her his hand at school, so they would walk together,
          a)-Myung Soo, freezing and staying out all night, snapping pictures away in the morning, and his questions in the car, and his reaction (kid like), after the kiss confession
          b)-The penguins comment and KT dramatic reaction
          c)-Meta about City Hunter and the spoon fight (I was so glad I caught that the first time around, because I usually don’t get metas)
          d)-The donut “kiss,” and the conversation that ensued
          e)-KT (kind of) hustling, trying to borrow money from HS, MS and CY. It made me think for a little while and wonder, what has KT ever done for them? It would be easier for people (even friends) to help if they felt or knew that they have been helped in the past. Maybe it is different with HS, because it sounds like KT was with him (or went to see him) during or after his suicide attempt in the States.
          Also telling was KT’s worried reaction, at learning that HS had missed school. So, HS and KT are good friends, and good hyung/dongsaeng. Also, HS drove KT to the camp, implicitly (to me) supporting KT’s efforts to win ES over.
          f)-ES tough questions to KT about his future plans, and her lack of confidence in KT’s academic endeavors.
          g)-The Kidneys joke
          h)-KT asking and relying on his girlfriend for money (and she is way poorer than him)
          i)-YD’s face at the hotel, after his conversation with KT. “How did I lose this fight?”
          j)-KT, “no,no, no! I don’t sing well.”

      • 3.1.4 sum

        Dear Ivoire,

        Here is my interpretation regarding your question. See if it helps.

        (6) why MS, HS and CY didn’t want to help KT??
        —-Because it’s guy thing. They are not taking him seriously. But once Hyo Shin found it’s bit more serious he offered him bedding.
        (7)Does the expression “to sleep with one’s feet stretched out” mean to sleep peacefully? (KA said that to ES).
        —-It mean to sleep without worry.
        8—The thing that YD did to his bike (tuning), why is that illegal? (He reminded KT of that).
        —There are illegal tuning which are done to bike, scooter, car etc. which maybe done to increase speed or engine related changes etc. which are not allowed or need permission or other formalities. Young do has done that to his bike.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Sum,

          You know, your explanations actually helped, a lot. (6)-I had not thought about the fact that HS, MS and CY might not take KT seriously, but it made sense, because KT belongs to a really wealthy family, so why would he need shelter, food and car rides? Unless one knows what happened to him. And as you said, HS did offer housing.
          (7)-Got it.
          (8)- Your answer makes better sense to me, especially in light of the fact that in the 1st ep., we see YD at the shop trying to get the mechanic to tune his bike, and the mechanic doesn’t want to, at first, because YD is underage, and YD threatens him.

          You know Sum, some things were just so endearing to me, in this ep. I don’t know if you felt the same way. Some of those scenes were:

          a)-KT spending time with his brother at the hotel, and KW driving him in the morning to school. Seriously, KT looked like a child (not only in his puppy-like behavior), as he got out of the car and waived his brother goodbye. He looked so young in that scene. Also made me realize that KT would take any crumbs (of affection and caring) KW would throw at him. He is always sooo happy to be in his presence.
          b)-KT giving his hand to ES, and ES taking it at the school.
          c)-KT and ES in the studio.
          d)-KT changing the rules about hazing the Social Care Group students, and protecting YS.
          e)-KT’s relationship with his mom. They love each other and truly care about each other (I love that he doesn’t like that she drinks [too much]).
          f)-KA coming to get ES, and feeling bad about how she treated her. Also KA feeling bad about ES’s mom (we finally got to see that).
          g)-KT’s reaction at seeing his mom and his girlfriend together (Awwww).
          h)-ES calling KT on his behavior, after the cafeteria incident with YD.
          i)-KT deciding to endure and deal with the consequences of his actions and the mess he created (that was good).

    • 3.2 Rashell

      Hey Ivoire! Lets see if I can answer any.

      1. I don’t know this one but I’d love to hear the answer. A very pretty song.

      2. I had the same reaction when Hyo Shin didn’t answer and the body line was in the background. I hope it was just a coincidence, but I’m worried.

      3. I think he meant that his future wife would like having a husband that was so possessive/jealous. Basically a husband that was so focused on her alone.

      4. I’m thinking he’d use any excuse to call Eun Sang his girlfriend.

      5. I think he was just teasing her since they spent the night together.

      • 3.2.1 Ivoire

        Hello Rashell,

        Good to read from you again :-). I left you a response in ep. 12 recap (I think), I don’t know if you saw it. Sorry it was late, I feel like I am leaving a conversation hanging, if I don’t share my thoughts. On to your answers, 🙂

        1–It is a beautiful song, isn’t it? I keep having it in my head.

        2–Regarding the body drawn, yeah, I am still a little worried about HS. Somehow, I don’t believe it is a coincidence because apparently this writer doesn’t leave clues like that without doing anything about them later. So, I have my fingers crossed, and I am looking forward to future episodes to find out what is going to happen with HS.

        3–I will take that explanation, it is not a bad one :-), especially the “he would be focused on her alone part.”

        4–And I agree with you there…

        5–Good explanation/guess again. Rashell, you are so good at this 🙂

        You know Rashell, there are definitely some things I liked in this ep. in spite of my asking many questions. I felt that some of those things needed to happen, and some others, I was just happy to see them in the drama. Some of those things were:

        a)-The fight between CY and BN, which needed to happen. I thought CY was on point, about what he said to BN. It was nice to see that all was not roses and kumbayah between them
        b)-KT, “Rachel is my insurance, but insurance should not become my life”
        c)-KT grateful for what his father had done for him so far (he did live a privilege life)
        d)-Finding out the bigger ramifications of KT’s actions, about outing his birth secret
        e)-ES, to KT “You don’t have money, and you take a cab?”
        f)-Seeing again the difference between KT and ES. ES thinks things through (usually) before she acts, KT, not so much. He tends to react to things more, AND then deal with the consequences.
        g)-KT, “Why do all the girls that I like have their fists flying first?” (after holding his mom) (so cute!!!!!)
        h)-KA, (talking about ES), “From today, she is my insurance (ES just took Rachel’s place as insurance for KT). You get in too (the car)”
        i)Seeing KT and his dad go head to head, and stick to their guns. I can’t wait for what will happen in the next episodes.

        Were some of those moments/scenes some of your favorites as well?

    • 3.3 August


      (2) I noticed the camera’s sharp focus on the white chalk outline of a body behind Kim Tan as he was telephoning Lee Hyo-Shin regarding his absence from school.

      It feels ominous that the writer Kim Eun-Sook is leading us down the path of another suicide attempt by Lee Hyo-Shin. This time I fear he might succeed. I desperately hope that if he tries to take his life again, someone will notice and be able to stop him in time.

      • 3.3.1 Ivoire


        I am really hoping we are not going down the path of “Dead Poet Society” here. That would just be too sad. I love HS, and yeah, that does feel ominous.

        Also, about KT joking about their relationship moving at a slow pace, I want to say that they have been dating for what? A day or so? (since HE decided that there were dating, when the hug happened). So I am OK with them taking their time. He is only 17 (Korean age, which 16 in Western age) and she is what, 18? which is 17 in Western age, so methinks they got time, to do stuff.

        Besides, KT must be ES’s 1st love, so a lot of things are new to ES, and she probably wants to take her time exploring (at least that is how I read it). I do personally understand her hesitations, her reserve, her shyness and her awkwardness when it comes to skinship and kisses. And of course, this is my personal opinion, so no (virtual) tomatoes throwing, please.

    • 3.4 Babs

      I’ll say this in a very respectful manner, you have too many questions…

      4- They are in high school and high schoolers in Korea tend to think of that type of PDA as serious. If you’ve seen other dramas (which I know you have) you know that even adults consider that type of skinship dating…

      5-Well if he didn’t he would not have risked the wrath of daddy here, remember what he put into play, he’s own legitimacy, which as javabeans said I don’t find it a big deal, but in the universe of this drama it seems to be something that will bring the empire down.

      6- They just wanted to know why they would be housing him… They cared but at the same time are curious as to why they would have to give him space in their home to sleep (as curious as their parents would be).. It’s weird to have such a high power wielding son sleep outside of the house.

      10- Daddy chairman knows EVERY move ANYBODY in his life does, he knows that secretary Yoon knows way too much information and that it could help Won more than it wold help Tan, but we also know that Secretary Yoon’s intention is to care for Tan and to care for Won, he does not agree with the way Won has been running things because its left out his family (Tan) and it has alienated a lot of the upper management.

      • 3.4.1 adette

        too many questions? this isn’t an exam and you have neither a time limit or the obligation to answer (or even read) any of the questions. there’s nothing wrong with someone being curious :/

        • thinktank

          I tend to be passive because it is the only way to enjoy the slooow pace of this drama. However, the different culture and setting can indeed get lost in the translation.

          I, too, am curious but not outspoken. Ivoire: Thank you for the questions. Babs: Thank you for the answers.

          • Ivoire

            Hello thinktank,

            I don’t know how to be passive when I watch a drama/series, especially if it is in a language I do not speak and understand (not well at least), like Kdramas. I become more curious about everything, because I don’t want to miss out on anything.

            I have a friend (she loves Kdramas as well), and she has said a few times that she wishes she could download the Korean language in her brain, well… so do I. And since I can’t, I take notes when I watch my dramas, and I come here with my comments and the questions I might have. The beauty of it is, there is usually a kind soul (or souls) who are willing to guess some answers, there is often someone who knows the language or culture (or both) well enough to explain things to me, and as I learn new facts, and a different way of thinking (essentially looking through different lenses), other Beanies learn some things as well. It’s a win-win outcome, if you ask me.

            And for those like you, who are curious but not outspoken, don’t you think it is nice to have commenters like me, who are willing to write those questions down, and ask them? (I know you do, because you thanked me. It was a rhetorical question).

        • Ivoire

          Hi Adette,

          And thank you! You know, I felt the same way, reading Babs’s comment. Nobody has to read my comments if they don’t wish to. As soon as they see my screen name, they can just skip my comments and questions, and go to the next ones. I am just inquisitive and I want to understand the drama as much as I can, AND I am interested in what the Beanies might have to say in response to some of my questions. So I ask away, usually. Thing is, I also usually get some good guesses and answers, and often, other Beanies have told me that they have actually learned a few things, because of my questions. So I learn some things and other people learn some things as well.

          That is a good thing in my book.

          • Babs

            As I said in the comment: “I’ll say this in a very respectful manner, you have too many questions… ” And I said it as a joke… If I were aggravated by your comment I would have skipped it, as I do to those comments that I either don’t care for or find unnecessary… Another thing if I didn’t care for/like or if I hated your comment I would not have answered it… But there you go, people always interpret things as they want..

            Either way, as you are in your right to post what you want, I am also in my right to do the same. I don’t think it’s nice to tell people what to do in comments (again notice what I said in my comment in no moment whatsoever did I tell you to not comment or ask questions) because we can say and or write what we want as long as it’s within the rules of the bean’s universe

        • Babs

          Read my comment bellow… I won’t play into your game.

        • kikidee

          Err…people, I’m pretty sure it was a joke.

    • 3.5 Faye

      @Ivoire – I thought of you and your prediction about Hyo-Shin during his scenes. What we saw on-screen seemed to support your hypothesis. I really hope it doesn’t come to fruition, though! I like him a lot.

      Regarding the “wife” references – I can’t recall the particulars, but I seem to remember seeing guys in other K-dramas jokingly call their girlfriends “wife.” I don’t think it necessarily means he’s actually thinking of marriage, but maybe a Korean person could address this more knowledgeably than me.

      • 3.5.1 Ivoire

        Hello Faye,

        I did see your last comment to me last week (ep. 12 recap), and I meant to answer to it, mostly because I feel like I am letting a conversation hang when I don’t respond (that is, if I have some thing to say. Sometimes I don’t, and so I don’t add anything, because I feel that all has been said 🙂 ). I haven’t gotten to it, (unfortunately), but I meant to. I probably will, some time soon. I often reread comments to recaps, and I love it when a conversation started here, continues until it runs its course. I am reminded of the good times we shared here, trying to dissect the drama, its characters, the writer, the meanings, etc… That is why I am so vested when I watch a drama. This is as enjoyable to me, as the drama itself. I love being able to discuss it with other like minded folk.

        Also, I did see that particular comment you left me on ep. 11, and I am soooo sorry you had to experience that. I have been through that and worse here, and that was painful at the time. Yeah, unfortunately there are people like that. I even experience something along those lines (kind of) in the recap of ep. 1 of this show 🙁

        You know, I like HS a lot too, which is why I worry about him. I was telling August that I am hoping that we are not going the “Dead Poet Society” route, with HS. I guess we will find out soon enough.

        Regarding the wife comment, a commenter said that it could have something to do with the fact that they had “spent” the night together, which in the Kdrama context makes sense. I will take that as a possible guess. Works for me.

  4. SweetPea

    Woohooo!! Congrats to the whole cast for such humungous ratings. Did Secret get that high?

    Heirs is hardly a masterpiece but I’m beyond thrilled for this cast. Another hit for PSH, LMH, Woobin, and Gumiho!

    • 4.1 Moonbean

      Secret never got that high because it had hyped up Heirs as its competition. Now that Secret is over what competition does Heirs have?

      • 4.1.1 Babs

        Pretty Man….

        • Dody

          and there is MTT but both didn’t get to have 10% at least! so you think this is a competition !!!!!!!!!!

          it’s early to judge as PM just started but right now I don’t see strong competitor so it’s normal to have this percentage! and again it’s because secret is over!

    • 4.2 SweetPea

      Watching it right now.

      Wow. It’s actually REALLY REALLY good right now!! 😀

    • 4.3 jacquie

      On the flip side, Secret would have earned a higher rating if Heirs didn’t air at the same time. Secret has 2 tough dramas to compete with. Master’s Sun was still playing when Secret started, but it still managed a 12% rating. Then the Heirs replaced Master’s Sun.

      It’s the rating you get when faced with a worthy opponent that counts.

      • 4.3.1 Windsun33

        And you have to know also that ratings are a percentage, not total number of viewers. That is why some weekend dramas can get into the 20-30 range even if they suck – little competition, but also a larger percentage of much fewer viewers.

        Wed and Thur are the main peak number of viewers nights. Right now Heirs has little real competition – MTT is not popular at all, and Pretty Man is too new to tell yet, with only one episode.

    • 4.4 Windsun33

      Secret was for weeks beating Heirs. I think the highest Heirs got before was around 15, Secrets peaked at 19.7 I think.

      • 4.4.1 jacquie

        Secret always beat Heirs as far as I remember

        • Windsun33

          I am pretty sure it did, they almost tied I think on the first episode of Heirs, but Heirs quickly dropped back 5 points or so as I recall.

          • Faye

            No, they were only about 1.5-2 percent apart the last few weeks.

    • 4.5 Dody

      you think this ratings because the story is that good!! sorry but because Heirs is against MTT and PM and they are not a strong competitors like Secret so the rating shot up like that! I bet if secret had more episode The Heirs would have been second till the end! if Secret was the only show airing beside MTT and PM I bet the rating would have been this high! plus the frist rating was 4 – 5! and ended 18 – 20 it came along way! so don’t make assumption!
      Secret already won! it’s anew rookie writer who had beaten the famous writer KES! and that’s an achievement!

    • 4.6 pogo

      Secret was a drama with a very low-key cast and practically zero buzz before it aired. Much like I Hear Your Voice, it premiered to single-digit ratings and went on to become a sleeper hit.

      And considering that it still beat the most-hyped show of the year throughout its run, that is actually way more of an achievement than Heirs breaking the 20% mark with its competition gone.

      And I say this as someone who didn’t even watch Secret.

  5. Faye

    *I know this is not ever going to be a “good” drama – not Masterpiece Theater, by any stretch of the imagination. But I can’t help loving parts of it anyway. Today was such blatant emotional manipulation, but gah! It totally worked on me. That opening scene with Cha Eun-Sang tearing up along with Kim Tan – almost as if she does so because she’s connected to him and feels what he’s feeling – it was so lovely. That moment when she throws caution to the wind and hugs him tightly made me cheer. Finally, we got to see an expression of her feelings, too.

    *I really stood up and took notice at the scene of Esther Lee and Rachel talking. Her daughter’s future fiancé is revealed to be an Untouchable, and her first thought is stock prices? I’m not sure whether to be horrified or to tip my hat at her business-oriented brain.

    *I imagine there will be a lot of debate about Young-Do’s motives this episode, as he has his stalwart defenders and his detractors. I tried to evaluate him fairly. I believe part of him does want to protect Eun-Sang, and I think he’s quite pleased with himself for being “gallant.” But I also think there’s a part of him that can turn vicious, and that he’s not happy Kim Tan took away his trump card by revealing the truth himself.

    *I could not stop laughing at Kim Tan’s explanation about why he ranked so poorly on the test. It was so absurd and stupid, I believe it might actually be true!

    *I really enjoyed the shot of Kim Tan’s dramatic “nooooooo!” face pressed up against the glass when Young-Do locked him out of the booth at the end of the episode. Chill, dude. He’s not about to kill her.

    *Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but I sort of felt sorry for Rachel in this episode. Yes, the things she said were horrible to Tan, but I felt like she was lashing out because she was genuinely hurt, and taking cheap shots at his lineage was the only weapon she had. Still, you can’t help contrasting her with Bo-Na, who I honestly believe doesn’t look down on Chan-Young because of his background. I thought CY was too mean to her. She was defending him, and just because she doesn’t look down on him doesn’t meant that she isn’t aware of what others feel.

    *I am starting to get worried about poor Hyo-Shin . . .

    *I’m not sure what to think about Won. I love that he took his brother in. But a little part of me can’t help wondering if he’s just happy that the illegitimate son is finally out of his way, and not an obstacle to his advancement in the company.

    *I know parts of this episode were cheesy –the donut kiss, the “I’m sorry I was so late” when Eun-Sang finally takes Tan’s hand –but I couldn’t help feeling secretly thrilled. What can I say? Part of me is clearly a 14-year-old girl.

    *The drama has really confused me on one point, though. What is love? Is love pain? Is love the moment? A painful moment? A momentous pain :)?

    • 5.1 mina

      Good to know there is still someone who hasn’t written Rachel off as a senseless bitch. But, comparisons with Bo Na seem a little unfair. Bo Na, for all we know, has had a normal childhood, and comes from a loving family. We’ve seen again and again how cold and utterly insensitive to her daughter’s feelings Esther Lee can be, and a great example of that again was the scene where she tells Rachel to stay engaged to Tan, in hopes of cashing in on the stock price rises. I’m not saying Rachel should be excused for the way she chooses to deal with things, but I’m absolutely baffled at the lack of sympathy for her, when people are viciously fighting each other to justify the actions of both Tan and Young Do. The boys are just as bad as her, if not worse, and yet viewers are automatically more forgiving of their actions, whereas Rachel is torn apart, or just dismissed as being a nuisance.

      Sorry for the rant. Most of it is obviously not directed towards you, but I needed to let it out anyway.

      • 5.1.1 Ivana

        I didn’t realize that people thought Rachel as a “senseless bitch”. I actually prefer her over ES, not with Kim Tan shipping, but as a character. She could definitely do a lot of damage to ES, but she mostly acted as a bystander as ES and KT got closer. No matter what, KT is Rachel’s fiancee, and she definitely have feelings for him. Granted, Won was probably her first choice, but she was set on Kim Tan for at least a year. She holds everything in when faced with the blatant lack of affection from the two people she cares most about in this world: her mom and her fiancee. When things finally get too hard, she bares ger claws defensively and half-heartedly. I think her pride is what drives her to do this, but I respect her for it.

      • 5.1.2 Windsun33

        Not so much here, but a lot on other sites, especially Drama Fever – it is obvious from the comments there that many don’t even care if there is a plot or not, it is just line after line of “I love LMH/PSH etc.”. As one commenter put it, the show would get high ratings with the fangurls if all that LMH did was beat a dog.

        That said, even though this episode was better than the last 12, I still find myself unable to get even remotely excited about it. But this seems to be the season for A Really BAD Run of Dramas (though have not watched Pretty Guy yet). There simply is not much on that I care about except for Deja Vu.

        • arianne

          answer me 1994 is a great korean drama currently airing now. the rest are so-so.

          there are good japanese dramas, if you watch those.

      • 5.1.3 Faye

        @Mina – I have to admit that at first I was one of the people who felt little for Rachel as I was watching, even though intellectually I believe she should garner some sympathy. I put it down to the actress’s performance. In the California scenes and the first few Korean eps, she seemed so one-note that it was really difficult to feel sorry for her even if I felt perhaps I should.

        I think the actress playing Rachel is doing a better job of showing her vulnerability now, so it’s easier to feel for her. She was quite good this episode, IMO.

        We don’t know about Bo-Na’s background, so it’s useless to speculate about what her parents were like. I do have a hard time excusing behavior based on the “my evil parents” argument, though. It’s just a personal taste; it always bugs me in movies and TV when they go for that. It’s a big part of my problem with Young-Do.

      • 5.1.4 TS

        Thank you, guys! I feel the same way, that Rachel is being treated really badly and that the boys are being forgiven the same lashing out for which she’s being cursed.

        I really feel badly for her: she’s got no way out since she’s being stuck with the engagement for money (she was effectively sold in the first place), so she’s lashing out.

    • 5.2 August


      “I know this is not ever going to be a “good” drama – not Masterpiece Theater, by any stretch of the imagination. But I can’t help loving parts of it anyway. Today was such blatant emotional manipulation, but gah! It totally worked on me.”

      I couldn’t have said it better!

      It was nice to see more of the comedic moments from Kim Tan this episode.

      I loved the scenes (hotel/car) with Kim Tan and Kim Won.

      A part of me is wondering if Kim Won is suddenly reacting to his father for control of the company. Did he have a hidden plan to appear one way (incompetent at solely running Jeguk Group and estranged from Tan) to his father? In fact, maybe he has been plotting all along to maneuver for control Jeguk Group from his father.

      If Lee Hyo-Shin attempts suicide again, I hope he fails at it and someone notices and is able to talk him out of it.

      “The drama has really confused me on one point, though. What is love? Is love pain? Is love the moment? A painful moment? A momentous pain 🙂 ?”

      Love is all of it!

      Off topic: I missed reading your comments on the MHIYD episode 11 & 12 threads.

      • 5.2.1 Faye

        @August – Interesting speculation re Kim Won. He’s always been a loose thread to me, because a good Tan-Won relationship would be so compelling, but to date they’ve made it very one-note. The business/stock stuff is interesting to me for the first time because of the Won-Tan implications.

        Re MHIYD: Real life intervened, and I wasn’t able to watch the episodes yet. I read a quick recap and my thoughts were largely negative, so I decided to sit it out for a while. I don’t want to be the person who just comes into a thread and rambles about how horrible a show is. I know most people probably aren’t as sensitive to it as I am :), but I feel it halts the flow of discussion when people do that. Maybe I’ll get back on board for next week.

        • August

          I definitely understand when real life intervenes. Whenever you get around to resuming MHIYD (particularly episodes 11 & 12), let me know because I look forward to reading your thoughts about those 2 episodes.

    • 5.3 JD

      I’ve never been a huge fan of Rachel’s character. I find her too angst-y for my liking, especially in the beginning. However, ever since that scene where she broke down and cried, I got this newfound empathy for her. She is a lovely character outside that Tan-Eunsang love triangle/square/pentagon etc, as we see from her scenes with Won.

      That being said, I feel that Rachel and Youngdo’s character has reasons for acting in such a way. Broken families played a major part, and also the loss of good friends as well. Yesol’s character is straight up annoying. Speaking down about Chanyoung to his girlfriend when she herself isn’t all that. I really liked that scene with Bona and Rachel. Bona isn’t a cunning character, and you can see how uncomfortable she is when interrogating Yesol. But given that circumstance, Rachel and Bona had every right to be angry. Yesol was way out of line, and she tries too hard to be condescending. To be honest, I was a tad annoyed that Chanyoung couldn’t even understand why Bona acted in that way. But I guess every couple has a tiff or two. They look very chummy again on the previews, so I’m all good 🙂

      • 5.3.1 Faye

        @JD – I was really upset at Chan-Young! Bo-Na so obviously adores him and could care less about his status. She may have her faults, but snobbery isn’t one of them. I think he was projecting his insecurities on her more than anything. I’m sure they’ll be back to their disgustingly sweet selves by the next episode, though :).

        • TS


    • 5.4 pogo

      If your opinion about Rachel is unpopular, I’ll happily share it – Rachel is far more sympathetic than most people give her credit for – part of it is Kim Ji-won’s way of playing her, she brings a sadness and fragility to the character that perhaps isn’t really there on the page.

      And this is really an unpopular opinion, but I feel lik eit’s the same with Young-do, he’s awful but Kim Woo-bin makes me feel like there’s a vulnerability to him that really came across loud and clear these last few weeks – in literally any instance where anyone shows him compassion, he’s floored/disbelieving, because he’s known so little of it.

      And I know we dismiss the awful dad, but he and Rachel’s mother are ample explanation for why their children are the way they are. Tan’s father is also a sack of shit, but he appears to be slightly more passive about it. Young-do and Rachel, though, they really drew the short straw when it came to parents.

      As for Bo-na, I love her. She’s got a heart of gold under her cranky exterior, and the poor girl was squirming in that lunch seat, she so obviously didn’t want to be there. And Chan-young was too harsh on her, and I do not follow his logic. They’d better not break up the only functional OTP on this show, ugh.

      • 5.4.1 TS

        ” part of it is Kim Ji-won’s way of playing her, she brings a sadness and fragility to the character that perhaps isn’t really there on the page.” Perfect words, pogo. 🙂

    • 5.5 BBD-Lite

      Ha! none of the above actually – love is FEELING 🙂

      • 5.5.1 Faye


  6. Moonbean

    Seeing the developments in the last week’s episodes I had commented that the rating will improve not only because Secret is over and Heirs doesn’t have any serious competition anymore but also because its story is really picking up and rewarding those who stuck with it. KES must really have planned and timed this. I am glad that after last week’s raised expectations we were not let down. There were developments in the main love story and some of the others, cuteness, excitement, hope for the future, funny bits… Overall it was a very engaging episode and I couldn’t blink an eye or look at recaps while watching it raw.

    I liked seeing Eun Sang and Tan as 18 year olds in love. The hug was much better than any kiss they had shared so far. Tan’s happiness when Eun Sang held hands with him at school is something we haven’t seen before. To him having her by his side made everything he is going through worth it. And once she accepted him Eun Sang showed many signs of caring for him, worrying for him, wanting to protect him. She felty more pain to hear tan called illegitimate by Ra Hael than Tan did. Tan was telling Young Do for a long time that he and Eun Sang were together but with their held hands he was finally showing him proof. I liked that Eun Sang asked the boys not to fight. Tan finally made a general stand against bullying. And I loved that at the cafeteria when Tan was about the fight he apologized from her first and I loved that she didn’t let him fight anyway. I like that Eun Sang is putting Tan in his place with her words and slaps and I like that Tan is drawing parallels among the women he loves. Their bickering is cute. We are finally seeing Tan’s typical teenage boy side by him trying to get intimate with the girl he likes every chance he gets and Eun Sang is finally showing her appreciation of his looks and is affected by his proximity.

    I had great hopes for Young Do’s reformation and redemption and was really curious about his first scenes with Tan and Eun Sang separately after last week’s events but I think the writer decided to sink him further before raising him. His unplanned confession last week was very naive, sincere and touching. It was impossible not to feel for him. Then there was the talk he had with Tan on the golf course in which I thought Tan might have gotten through him. So I was looking forward to his interactions with both separately but since their next encounter was a three-way one with Tan and Eun Sang holding hands following an evening in which Tan answered Eun Sang’s phone and told him they are lovers he is back to his bullying ways with both Eun Sang and Tan and he keeps forcing himself on Eun Sang who is clearly not interested. After confirming from her own mouth that she likes Kim Tan and seeing them hand in hand I find his insistent pursuit of her bizarre. What was he expecting? He tells Eun Sang he can’t hurt her because hurting her hurts him but everyone else is fair game. He is unable to understand that at this point hurting Tan will hurt Eun Sang just as much. He also said everyone else included himself which made me wonder. Is he thinking because of Eun Sang’s personality she will feel pity for his pain as well? Kim Woo Bin is such a convincing actor that I feel sorry for him when I see his pain but the way he lashes out is just not acceptable. I hope the writer doesn’t take Young Do so far that in the end he cannot be friends with Tan or Eun Sang after this anymore (maybe that…

    • 6.1 Moonbean

      ooops…. I got cut off.

      threshold has already been crossed in episode 13. What do you think?)

      One last thing about Young Do: there is so much passion in him as the last scene revealed that the writer is forcing people to choose between his at times violent and no holds barred style against Tan’s quite but forceful style. This results in people going for the first type ignoring Young Do’s many violations (of rules, personal space etc), find excuses for him and support him anyway. I’m not sure that’s smart writing. Hopefully Young Do will acknowledge his own mistakes in the end.

      I never liked Ra Hael but my hate for her is growing as well. She is a nasty piece of work. OK Ye Seul gossips a lot, was nasty to Eun Sang and said something she shouldn’t but is this the same Ra Hael who badmouthed Young Do for bullying? How is she different? And what the hell was Bo Na doing going along with her? Young Do and Ra Hael deserve each other because neither knows how to love or show it, they just want to possess and like a baby when they don’t get what they want they lash out and break everything and everyone around them. So they are making Tan and Eun Sang miserable. What do they gain? When did someone else’s misery ever brought happiness to others? I found the scene in the cafeteria particularly poignant when Eun Sang didn’t allow Tan to fight with Young Do and took him out and with Chan Young leading Bo Na away and the crowd scattering it was the reluctant step siblings left together in their loneliness, misery and disappointment. Writer, make something good out of it!

      I said there was hope in the episode. One thing Tan’s actions might result in is (fervently hoping here) prompt action in his passive brother. His grudging help to Tan I guess can count as development in their relationship. Tan is sooo happy to spend time with his brother it breaks my heart to see it. I’m glad Tan somehow benefitted from Young Do’s pettiness, his sketch of Tan and the thought was hilarious (what in the world was he wearing in that scene anyway? We said dress Tan like Young Do not the other way around!!!!) He thanked Young Do for the opportunity and he might be positively happy his dad kicked him out of the house with such a result (By the way, when daddy dearest was taking Tan’s credit card etc was he relying on the fact that Won disliked his brother so much that he wouldn’t help him?) I felt for Tan when he was in bed wanting to share his troubles with his hyung and ask his advice. The iceman didn’t budge though.

      Another nice development was Madame Han’s attitude towards Eun Sang. She is not an evil woman and I never expected her anger to last. She loves her son and I think given enough time Tan can talk her into anything. When she pretended to be Eun Sang’s mother at the PTA meeting I thought that’s not so far from the truth if Tan and Eun Sang end up together. Esther thinks she can talk on behalf of Young Do at school as a stepmother, a mother-in-law shouldn’t be that different. She has a conscious and I liked the concern Madame Han showed to Eun Sang. As much as he objected to Eun Sang returning home now that he had left Tan was actually relieved that he didn’t have to worry about her as well when he didn’t know where he would sleep at. His teasing of his mom and girlfriend was also cute.

      There were a lot of funny moments in the episode with Tan-Eun sang bickering, Tan teasing his mom, Myung Soo the paparazzi…

      I’m curious about what…

    • 6.2 Moonbean

      happened to Hyo Shin.

      thanks for the recap Javabeans.

      • 6.2.1 Faye

        @Moonbeam, I very much enjoyed your thoughts on the episode. Thanks for taking the time to write them up and
        share them.

        “And once she accepted him Eun Sang showed many signs of caring for him, worrying for him, wanting to protect him.”
        This, so much. While I always thought KT-ES had a kind of chemistry, and ES *said* she liked KT, it felt very much like a one-way pursuit up until now. I loved that after Kim Tan’s deciding to go all in last week, Eun-Sang follows suit and throws in her cards this week. Once she hugs him, it’s like a threshold she crossed. They’re a team now, fighting and loving together.

        Re Young-Do: I wrote about this upthread in a response, so I won’t belabor the point again. But I agree this episode represented a step back for him. Rachel garners a little more pity from me, because she and Tan were engaged and she had the rug pulled out from under her. But it would make the characters more well-rounded to watch them move on from KT and ES.

        I’m glad Madame Han is on their side now. I understand she wants to protect Tan and herself, and her position is precarious. Still, it always seemed to me that if anyone should be able to sympathize with Eun-Sang’s position, it’s her.

      • 6.2.2 pogo

        Hyo-shin is a fascinating character, there’s enough in there to fuel his own drama (with Won and Hyun-joo in a love triangle).

        The silly thing about the high school angle so far is that the stakes don’t really feel as real and serious as they could be for adults – Heirs could have had a lot more weight/seemed less absurd if it was centred on characters like Won and Hyun-joo (who are both wasted, frankly. Though Hyo-shin is getting more airtime, and breaking my heart with it – I knew a boy who went through something very similar, some parents really are too much).

        I loved Madame Han this episode too. She’s a sweetheart despite her snobbery, and I wanted to squeal when she admitted to feeling bad about Eun-sang for her mother’s sake.

        (and Myung-soo The Paparazzo has to be that character’s best moment yet)

  7. jiw_sobangnim

    Won and Tan FINALLY! Come on for them bromance <3
    ALSO CES and Madame Han looks adorable. I can see some nice moments in the future, come on 😀

    • 7.1 OhPaulliexD

      Exactly what I was thinking! KT KW was my favorite scene by far, I cannot wait for more bromance moments between them 😀

  8. Alicia

    This episode was so aggravating and amazing AT THE SAME TIME! I don’t know what to think anymore about this drama.

  9. snow_white

    Thanks for the recap….yay for 20% ratings…

    Tan is the cutest thing in this episode…. 🙂

    • 9.1 tura

      Wheeeeeeeeeeee wow I loved this episode so so much, this is how it should have been from the beginning and not really into KT and ES but KT and KW make me smile and squeal each time they are together. LMH Manseh

  10. 10 kate

    Goodbye Rant:
    I quitted this drama ages ago but forgot to leave my goodbye rant. I am so happy I stopped watching this. It’s soooooo bad to the point I want to vomit. I’m a 17 year old senior in high school and if this is a high school drama and I absolutely hate it, it must really mean something (at least to me). Heck, I even disliked Boys over Flowers, but that was way better than Heirs by 100. I also enjoyed Gossip Girl (not love it) but it is 1000x better than Heirs. This drama really has a lack of plot and I hate the scenes that are slow and nothing happens, just Tan staring, they just drive me crazy. They are so pointless and not romantic at all. Bleh, I skipped them.  I hate all the characters except Chan Young & Bo Na. And, I seriously find Rachel more understandable than any of the leads. I am a big Park Shin Hye, Choi Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Bin fan. I don’t care much about Lee Min Ho but I find him decent. So I’m seriously unbiased when I say I hate all their characters.
    I’ve watched KWB in School, White Christmas, and A Gentleman’s Dignity and I liked all his characters there. In Heirs, I cannot understand him at all. His character is a big jerk, bully, and should I say it: creepy. I don’t find the abusive father a strong enough reason for him to act the way he does (I have the same type of dad, but I don’t abuse my behavior). I thought he would have this whole reason for being the way he is, but I guess he’s just raised with a rotten behavior. My hatred for his character is seriously ruining my love for KWB (still a fan…just not as much).
    As for Tan, I find him the absolute most boring character ever. I want to fall asleep every time I see a scene with him. If he went to my school, I wouldn’t fall in love with him at all. For gawd sake, he’s so rude and uncaring. He only thinks about himself and who he likes (well doesn’t care about Rachel’s feelings at all). I hate characters like him the most. One would think he would be the least hate-able character, but I can’t stand him. There’s nothing important or different about him. Skip.
    The thing I am biased towards is cheating. I don’t care if anyone of you disagrees. It doesn’t matter if Tan was engaged to Rachel’s character just for business, he still was EFFING engaged. It’s like you guys are saying married couples in real life who married for business are fine and justified to cheat and love someone else. I don’t see the logic in that. Cheating is never acceptable to me. He should have clearly told Rachel before that he isn’t going to marry her. I really feel bad for Rachel’s character because she was never a biatch to Tan before. It’s fine for the other character to hate Rachel, but for Tan, I find him spiteful for being so bad mannered and mean to her. If he didn’t love her romantically, he should have long broken the engagement. If he can face the consequences now, why couldn’t he before. I just don’t effing get it.  Also, I hate violence and had never agreed with it however I found Rachel’s slap understandable and realistic. I’m not justifying her character but that slap was satisfying. Sue me. I don’t hate Rachel. She’s a b!tch…a reasonable one IMO.
    For Eun Sang’s character, I seriously wanted to punch her face. I thought I could relate to her character but I can’t. She cries in every episode and that’s so annoying. I live in a poor family where I have to split everything with my 4 sisters and 4 brothers–food, clothes (my sister’s), rooms, etc. Eun Sang’s character…

    • 10.1 kate

      Eun Sang’s character really pisses me off. In the beginning, her character has no dreams or ambitions just because she’s poor. She thinks that there is no way she’s going to be successful and gives up all hope. Realistic, but how is that anyway to make this character interesting or someone worth rooting for? She whines saying I just want a job that pays decent; I don’t care if blah blah blah. She’s so annoying. She tries to escape from Tan for the reason because she can never be with him because he’s rich. It isn’t because he’s engaged. She could care less about that. I just think she’s a beep. And the character who was bullied by Young Do…I 100% would’ve stand up for him like I’ve done in the past. She just stands there and does nothing. I am so disappointed and ashamed of her character. This writer surely makes her character an awesome and cool heroine (-sarcam-). I didn’t have much hope for this writer because I hate all her dramas and character. Now, I really never even give her drama a chance even if it stars Won Bin and Jeon Ji Hyun.
      Back to the couple, I really don’t root for Tan and Eun Sang together. I don’t see anything special in Eun Sang and I don’t even understand why Young Do likes her. Oh wow, she sleep walks and eats and sleeps and works a lot. So does every other normal being that isn’t rich. I don’t see how you guys can root for the main couple. Their love isn’t so epic that they just can’t be without the other. Well, that’s just the way I see it. I bet most people ship them because it’s PSH and LMH.  You can agree to disagree. I don’t care.
      I will stop complaining and allow all of you Heir lovers to enjoy your drama. I’m truly disappointed. This is my dream cast. I prayed to the drama gods. They granted my wish but gave me this piece of crap. I will quit even looking at these recaps. I still love Javabeans and Girlfriday <3 Good job ladies for providing recaps to the people who want it.
      P.s. Stopped at ep8.

      Word Count:
      Hate- 10

      • 10.1.1 Aundry

        I feel you… these are my main challenges with the show as well. Don’t really understand why any of these guys are in love with ES and why she even loves Tan back. It makes zero sense and ES is seriously the worst heroine ever. I guess Secret Garden’s heroine wasn’t all there either, but at least she was cool, could stand her own without crying every five minutes and had a life and dreams…

        I have totally lost interest and am just reading the recaps/commentary now. But, I do still love these actors an hope that their next gig is better.

        Even though this drama is not my cup of tea, I am glad folks are enjoying it and am now done with hating on it, too…

        • TS

          I’ve not seen Secret Garden, but isn’t that Ha JiWon as the main actress? if so, that Hi Ji Won is cool, and can totally stand her ground in anything. whereas Park Shin Hye just seems to have perfected that scared face. it’s annoying.

      • 10.1.2 tapioca pearl

        I completely agree with all of this. Granted, I did stop watching at episode 6, so maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental. But I am reading the recaps still, and I just don’t understand why the things that are happening are happening. And why the things that should happen aren’t happening.

        My biggest wish for this show is for the hero to be more interesting. The full title is Heirs: He Who Wears the Crown Must Bear Its Weight, but I don’t see any relevance between the title and the show (I guess that’s true for most dramas). Kim Tan wears the crown, yeah, but he just sits and stares at Eun-sang. When he left LA, I was assuming he’d be coming back to fight for his part of the company after being in exile, but nope. He came back to do nothing. If anything, he has pretty weight-free shoulders, and his trajectory as a character is so foggy. He’s barely made progress in 13 episodes, so what more could he make in the next 7?

        As for Young-do, what the fuck? What is running through that head of his? I agree that some of my Kim Woo-bin love is ebbing away because of this really nasty character. There is no way someone like that can get by in the real world. The fact that Eun-sang still allows herself to be treated like crap from him baffles me. No girl mistreated like her should talk to a guy that passive-aggressive. Despite the heat I put on Tan, at least he’s dealing with his effed-up family without spewing hate towards everyone. Young-do needs anger management and maybe a psych evaluation.

        You know, I also think Rachel’s bitchiness is justified. Yes, she really is a terrible bitch. I would not like her if I knew her, but sometimes I can’t help but be on the evil one’s side. At least she’s doing something and speaking up for herself? I mean, who wouldn’t be a raging bitch when her fiance is cheating on her? And who wouldn’t be a bitch to the girl your fiance is dating? Kim Tan really should’ve just called the engagement off before trying to pursue any kind of relationship with Eun-sang. (And if I could, getting engaged in high school even when you’re in love is sometimes not the greatest idea.) Then maybe I would care more about them as a couple.

        I may not be watching this anymore, and I may be speaking ignorantly, but it still hurts to think of what the writer did to this cast.

        • Windsun33

          Perhaps the best we can hope for at this point is that Rachel gets a chainsaw for her birthday.

          • TS

            ha, yes.

        • Sandy

          I thought Tan was going to come back and fight for control of the company too. Otherwise, what does the show’s full title even mean? He doesn’t want the crown LOL.

        • TS

          I don’t think Rachel’s that much of a bitch. She’s just a hurt high school girl hanging on to what she knows to make sense of her mother *selling* her for stocks in Jeguk, her absent father, her ghastly new proposed father and brother, and now her childhood friend/fiance ditching her completely and shamelessly. In fact, the person who is a real bitch is Kim Tan. Seriously, yuck.

          This whole scenario gets Rachel my sympathies.

          • Sandy

            LOL. I think Kim Tan’s a bitch too. I don’t like how he treated Rachel, his supposed childhood friend, with such contempt. We get that you don’t like her. But why the contempt for a friend?

            Secondly, I don’t get what KT’s “battle” is. KT told YD at the golf course that he’s preparing for a much bigger battle. What is that battle exactly? He got everything he wanted already. He didn’t want to marry Rachel, he got that. He wants to be with ES, he got that. He didn’t want his mom to be in hiding so he outed her (and himself). So what is the battle now? Against his dad? Is he going to try to take his dad’s company or something? If so, that’s classy (not).

            If KT were truly a changed person, then he would accept the consequences of his actions, move on with his life, and have nothing furtger to do to with Jeguk Group. He would study hard on his college entrance exams, go to college, and build a career and earn a living with his own two hands instead of relying on his family money or business in any way. But of course that’s not going to happen. He’s probably going to figure out how to get a piece of the family pie instead.

      • 10.1.3 Windsun33

        Couple of good posts Kate. You pretty much listed everything I dislike about the whole setup in this drama. Well, not all – I think there are a whole bunch of really stupid plot setups, but that is another post.

        I especially agree about ES’s character – I noted back around ep1 that she was a total whiner, having decided at the old age of 18 that she was a failure at life. And she has gone downhill since then. At this point I don’t care if she hooks up with Godzilla – in fact I don’t really care what happens to her.

        • TS

          “At this point I don’t care if she hooks up with Godzilla – in fact I don’t really care what happens to her.”


          I wish she’d get out of the scenes with Woobie My Wuv. It’s very hard to fast-forward those.

      • 10.1.4 kate

        AW 😉 Thanks for the support guys. I have a lot more to complain about but I don’t want to go overboard so I only ranted on the mains things. I’m happy people agree with me because I thought I was the black sheep in the dramabeans community. Therefore, I had to speak out. It makes me so happy that some people have the same opinion as me. I love everyone on dramabeans. That includes the people who like this drama because I respect their opinions. At the end of the day, aren’t we all obsessed drama lovers?

    • 10.2 Lin_K

      @Kate – Please don’t hate KWB because of YD. He is doing an awesome job here 🙂 I love YD’s character no matter how evil he is. However, I hate the writer for making him worse this episode! Aargh I am only watching this drama to see his redemption!

      As for Rachael’s character – I agree with you that her reactions are understandable. I also felt it was wrong of Tan to actively pursue another girl when he was engaged. It doesn’t matter whether that engagement was arranged or not.

      I don’t like the main couple either. May be because I was more drawn to YD’s character. And lack of chemistry between the leads?

      My theory about why both guys fell for ES. Tan – because he saw her vulnerable positions in the U.S. They overcame those together. In YD’s case, I understand more why he likes her and desperately wants her. YD knew she was connected to Tan; so, he started bothering her. Somewhere along the line, that amusement turned into like and now love. When she showed him concern in episode 11, he was really moved. It was like no one ever showed him compassion before. Other than the fact that she is kind, there is not much in ES to make two guys go crazy for her.

      • 10.2.1 kate

        Don’t worry hun. I will still love KWB haha <3 How could I not ;)?

      • 10.2.2 Lindy12

        Actually Young-do first meets Eun-sang before he knows who she is, what her connection to Kim Tan’s family is and to
        Tan himself. He first sees her delivering chicken to the motorcycle shop he frequents while pursuing one of his interests. She’s strong, she’s feisty and not easily bullied at all. She holds her own and even bests a couple of men who are teasing her and making suggestive comments. She threatens to call the cops on them for harassing an underaged girl if they don’t pay her what she is owed for the chicken. He’s intrigued and so interested he even calls for another delivery to the shop just so he can meet her again. So Tan first sees her at her weakest point, grovelling and crying and pursuing her wayward sister. But Young-do sees her at her strongest, holding her own in a situation that would make any woman feel uncomfortable. It’s called “meet cute” and it’s Young-do who meets her like this.

    • 10.3 TS

      I really enjoyed your post. I agree with you, especially on Tan’s nastiness to Rachel and the whole cheating thing. It’s trashy.

  11. 11 Xandy

    Finally, thanks dramabeans 🙂

  12. 12 Vicky

    Nice episode tonight. Many lols which was much needed after last week’s sad episode.

    My favs –

    a) Hyun telling YD to lower his eyebrow.
    b) KT’s mom telling ES how bad her skin looks ever since she got kicked out.
    c) ES hitting KT for taking a taxi, and KT not fully understanding what being broke means.

    My main critique this week is that I wish they would give us more of the back story of Won and Hyun. How they met, what made him fall for her, etc.

    I know I’m also in the minority but I wanted to see more of Esther and Secretary Yoon together.

    • 12.1 Windsun33

      The problem is – the only parts that are funny and interesting are the one-liner throwaways. It is almost like there are two writers – one that came up with the main (non) plot, and another that finds witty lines for characters to toss out.

  13. 13 Rachelle

    I know it’s a little late but better late then never… I have started a blog with some behind the scene info. and pictures taken during the filming of this show. You can access at:


    I will update this page until the filming of the show has been completed.

    • 13.1 Ivoire

      Thank you for doing this :-)…

      • 13.1.1 Ivoire

        Also, I have been meaning to tell you this, your son’s school is really nice 🙂 and quite roomy. I love their cafeteria.

        • Rachelle

          Hi Ivoire, the cafeteria that is used for the show is not at my son’s school, unfortunately. The school is nice, it just opened last year so everything still looks new. I think they are filming this Saturday. I will update the blog right after.

    • 13.2 Faye

      Rachelle, you rock! I always scour the threads looking for your behind-the-scenes tidbits. I look forward to reading your blog.

    • 13.3 calliep


      I don’t know if you will read this but I am curious about your comment. You said Kim Woo Bin is more friendly and easy going. Did he allow fans to take pictures with him?

      Is LMH aloof or unfriendly then? You seem to imply that LMH is stand offish but he always gives the image of caring for his fans so who is LMH really? Friendly or snobbish?

      Please reply if you read this. Thanks.

      • 13.3.1 Rachelle

        All the cast is willing to take pictures with you when they are not busy except for LMH. He will sign autographs but only takes photos with those who directly help with the show. For example, when a couple of the school staff was recruited to be teachers, they did not get paid but was allowed a photo with LMH. However, when anyone else asks for a photo with him he refuses. I’m not sure if it’s an issue dictated by his management company or personal decision. The main characters are usually surrounded by their make up artists, 1 for hair and 1 for powdering their face and script girl and manager follows everywhere they go so it’s quite hard to get close to them. LMH did say hi to me when I was watching him play basketball and skateboard. Other then all his “people” I was the only one in the gym. Unfortunately, I was so flustered I only squeaked a “hi” back. I’m hoping to get some good pictures this weekend, time is running out.

        I think it’s their intense filming schedule but PSH usually walks around looking unhappy, so does all of her “people”. KWB seems a lot more relaxed. He is usually joking around with the rest of the cast. All the actors are very friendly with the make up artists and assistants. I’ve observed many times where they put their arms around them.

        Overall, the cast looks really great in person, much better then on screen. I think the lighting on the show makes their skin and lips look kind of strange.

        • jaglaine

          I think maybe his company or the production dont want him to have his pic taken willy nilly. They would save so much money if they say, “have a pic taken with LMH for payment.” LOL!
          Just had to laugh at you saying you got flustered. Imagine, he actually looked at you and said “Hi.”
          Could it be that LMH is getting into the character of KT and being quiet and taciturn? In a chinese show, he owned up to getting so into the character of City Hunter that his personality changed while filming the show.

  14. 14 Mishael13

    So glad that there was more humor in this episode. It’s about time!

    Also, did anyone else catch a City Hunter reference when Tan, Eun Sang and Myung Soo were in the car together? That made me laugh 🙂

    • 14.1 mandelbrotr

      Yes. “Delete it while I’m asking nicely. You have no idea what I was like. I hurt people with a spoon and stuff.”

    • 14.2 cy

      I love that she makes reference to other dramas… like when Eun Sang asked for a star to be picked… You’re beautiful reference? lol. And then at the parents’ meetings when all the pictures of the donors were from her previous dramas like gentleman’s dignity and city hall and stuff. <3

  15. 15 ilikemangos

    definitely a much better episode to come out of Heirs but 5% jump? That’s pretty rare even nowadays. SBS has reclaimed the ratings crown.

    Crazy how just yesterday cable considered 2% a success but now with answer me 1994 bringing in 8%+ ratings it beats out shows on big 3 ie. medical top team and mirae’s choice

    • 15.1 Windsun33

      The only reason is because Secrets ended. But what I wonder is what happened to the missing 8% or so?

      On the last episode of Secrets it was roughly MTT 5%, Secrets 20%, Heirs 15%, total = 40%

      Now it is roughly MTT 6%, Heirs 20%, Pretty Guy 6%, total = 32%.

  16. 16 GoldenDiva

    I’m confused who am I cheering 4 ?????? 😨 lol but on a good note pretty man is awesome !!!!! Srry LMH…JGS Wins

    • 16.1 GoldenDiva

      Hey is PSH really dating JGS ???????? OMG

      • 16.1.1 ilikemangos

        huh… whered you hear that. I highly doubt it.

        • GoldenDiva

          Go 2 Bing n look JGS girlfriend 2013 I swear it has lke 5 cutesy pics of thm 2gether

      • 16.1.2 Rachel

        No. They’re just very good friends.

  17. 17 Lady

    Can this show now just be called “Wasted use of seemingly interesting characters”? Because really, every time I see Won I go, oh wait he existed! How exciting! And now he is gone so Tan can mope and get possessive over Eun Sang. I have never dropped a drama what I was watching while it was still airing before, but I am seriously considering it now.

    • 17.1 Windsun33

      I keep trying to drop it also, but then I get sucked in so that I can come up with another list of things that are just so WRONG.

      • 17.1.1 TS

        Yep, me too. Plus, I genuinely love Kim Woo Bin and I genuinely feel bad for Rachel and want to see how her story ends up.

  18. 18 panshel

    Can we get another Cha Eun Sang? I mean, as a clone; not replace her. Even though I still don’t know what they see in her, but for the both of them to be so hopelessly in love with her, I just want one for each of them. Young Do is just getting sad.

    [end spoiler]

    Aww, why is my OTP fighting? 🙁 (obviously talking about Chan Young and Bo Na) Did an alien possess Won or something? The old Won would never let Tan into his room twice, much less give him a ride to school. I understand character growth, but this is like a whole nother character. I admire Hyun Joo’s teaching style, but please do not isolate Chan Young any more than he is already isolated in this “this school of Satans.” The reversal in how Eun Sang used to insist on paying Tan for everything was my favorite part of this episode.

    Does anyone else love how Kim Woo Bin talks? Not his voice, which I do love, but the way he talks. He talks so cute! Like aegyo-y, but he does it to Tan, too. His “I’m right here” in the convenience store, and “Your first period is PE, right?” as Eun Sang was crying her eyes out, and “I saw you get on the elevator” rubbing it in Tan’s face. I spend so much time just replaying Young Do’s scenes. <3

    • 18.1 panshel

      I’m sorry! My tag failed. 🙁

    • 18.2 D

      gahhh, can we hold hands? cos i love it too…

      whenever he’s on screen more often that not i’d be “OMG, he talks so cute!!!” and my other k-drama friends don’t really get it

      not that i favoured him over LMH – now im collecting his black & white BTS stills on tumblr, imho LMH looks cute in colour

      • 18.2.1 GoldenDiva

        U hve tumble u r awesome lol 😃

      • 18.2.2 panshel

        *takes your hands and jumps up and down*

        Yes, he talks so cute! Doesn’t even matter what he’s saying, I just squee over the way he talks. I’m sure he’s acting cute on purpose, so it’s totally working.

        • D

          LOL… but really, glad to know that im not weird?
          based from the ending scene yesterday, i doubt we’ll get our dose of cute speech tonight but who knows? errr, i kinda like growl-y YD too ..

          im a CY&BN’s supporter too, hope they’ll make up soon. poor silly Bo Na.. i just wished i could reach into the screen and pat her head..

          p.s. this weekend i might go on a KWB marathon. see you in the next recap 🙂

  19. 19 Vicky

    I also got the sense that the writer purposely made Young Do an even worse character to get more people on board with the KT/ES relationship.

    Which I totally get because like I said last week, in the eyes of some fans, it seemed like YD could do no wrong. And no matter how awful his behavior was, people still defended him.

    I feel like his character wasn’t meant to be rooted for to be with ES, but rather someone we can feel sympathy for and like a little (a bit funny & charming when he wants to be).

    It’s like the writer had YD do lots of awful things (bullying the earlier kid, tripping ES, pushing her in the pool, etc) but some people still loved him no matter what. I imagine her wondering what it would take to get people to see him for the bad guy he is?

    I do think there will be redemption for him in the end, but as for now he hasn’t done much to redeem himself, or to get ES to like him. Promising not to bully someone is not romantic. And I think that’s the charm of his character because he thinks that’s being good to ES.

    • 19.1 Lin_K

      @Vicky – I do hope there is redemption for YD at the end. The only reason I am sticking with this! And it may be true what you said about KES making YD worse on purpose.

      • 19.1.1 Lindy12

        Our first introduction to both of Kim Tan’s principal adversaries, Young-do and Won, are very negative. Young-do is engaged in a very scary, very realistic bullying session with the victim-du-jour when we first see him. Won is being cold, hateful and even robotic to his younger brother when we first see him. The writer is definitely leading us to not like these two characters by the way she introduces them. It’s very cleverly and skillfully done by an experienced writer who knows her stuff.

  20. 20 noernov

    Just makes my day when Tan is so cheeky 😉

  21. 21 crazyone

    the only reason i was waiting this week was only to see what or how Eun-sang will react. this Hug was the best Med he needed.. aw

    • 21.1 Windsun33

      What??? ES actually REACTED to something in some method beside crying again?

  22. 22 ilikemangos

    also. i could imagine how intimate that first scene was for LMH and PSH to film. Looking at each other and crying from facial expression/emotions. I don’t care what they were thinking about irl to get the water works flowin, but i’d love to watch the BTS for that

  23. 23 Hayley

    I really enjoyed yesterday’s episode! It was actually funny for a change and I don’t think anyone cried (except at the beginning but that doesn’t count…)! I hope the drama will continue to be like this but I also know good things can’t last…! Thanks for the recap!

  24. 24 mika-chan

    Omg @Kate u have the exact same opinions as I do. U said my thoughts word for word. I was literally bout to fist pump coz I didn’t think anyone else got me. Like its so stupid how the guys fell for her like I feel nothing when I see tan and eunsang together. There’s no pull non chemistry and I can accept they like each other now but how we got here was so stupid . this drama is a failure IMO and some people are acting like its the bomb. I get people have different opinions but seirosuly calling this the best drama or calling tan and eunsang the cutest couple is a fucking long stretch don’t u think lol. Anyway just wanted to rant a little coz I finally found someone who shares my feelings on this.

    • 24.1 Lin_K

      I definitely won’t call this drama “best.” Not even “good.” BUT some of the characters are very interesting!

  25. 25 Z

    1) I cheered a little inside when Rachel slapped Tan because he kind of deserved it for that stunt he pulled at the house. But, all my goodwill for her is gone after what she did to Ye-soel.

    2) Why did the writers have to involve my sweet Bona in that tomfoolery? Why create drama between the only two characters who are actually likable? To he credit, she looked unbelievably uncomfortable throughout the whole thing and I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know Rachel would take it so far.

    3) Daddy Kim is so very very insane. Seriously, get rid of that old guy. How you gonna tell that grown man what do with his life?

    4) The whole scene with Tan and Won was so jarring. It didn’t make any sense to me. From everything we know about Won, there is no way he would let his little brother crash in his room and drive him to school on top of it. I guess they are trying to imply that he doesn’t hate him as much as he lets on but they’ve done such a terrible job developing the character that it’s not even believable.

    5) The only funny moment this episode was when Teacher Lady told Young Do to lower his eyebrows. I’ve been trying to tell him that for weeks.

    6) Every time I start to feel a little bad for Young Do, he pulls something truly psychotic out of his hat and I’m like “No, you’re just a crazy person.” Seriously, am I just supposed to be distracted by the pretty and not notice that he’s insane? Is that what the writers expected would happen? I mean, I’m in my early Ahjumma years so I know I’m not the target demographic but I just don’t get how anyone is falling for it where Youngdo is concerned.

    7) I have to literally remind myself every week that this is a romantic comedy.

    8) I’m still entertained by this show but that’s not because it’s an entertaining show (it’s really not). I’m now watching in full What-Stupidness-Are-These-Stupid-People-Going-To-Do-Next Mode. I swear I rolled my eyes so hard that I almost fell asleep on several occasions tonight.

    • 25.1 Eileen

      As much as I love that Tan and Won are getting closer I agree that this development felt weird all of a sudden. I am still happy about but it’s a little WTF if I were to find some deeper meaning here. Whatever, I want these boys to hug it out. Their eventual relationship makes me giddier than ES and Tan’s relationship.

      • 25.1.1 tapioca pearl

        It’s like the writer or director was like, “Wait, we forgot that we have this good actor that we paid for who isn’t really doing anything! Let’s put him in a scene, any way we can, no matter what happened before!” The point of Won moving was so that he wouldn’t he have to be in the same house as Tan. And that hotel room is smaller than their house. Yeah, he could be feeling the big brother role, but that didn’t matter to him when he told him to run away to California.

        But what am I doing? Reason isn’t this drama’s forte!

        • shinha

          I agree with this thread. I know that there will be defenses for his actions by the lovers of the drama but none of them make this bromance moment realistic for me.

          1. Won did not just kick out Tan to America. He gave him a nice house, schooling, nice car, money.

          – Yes, but he still made him feel like shit whenever he got a chance.

          2. Won did it to protect Tan from the family.
          – Maybe. Maybe he wanted Tan to hate the family so he can break ties with them easily and have a better life. But did Won think about the emotional damage that he was inflicting on Tan? He could have just tell Tan that this family sucks and help him find a better path, he didn’t have to be an ass about it. And Tan is a child and was more so when he was sent to a foreign place.

          3. Won acted like a brother when it really mattered. Maybe he did resent Tan for getting on the way of his shares and control of the company but he was there when Tan needed him to.
          – I think Tan needed him much more in America when he was all alone in a strange land and had been for 3 years. At least in Korea he has his rich friends around and Won knows that his mom loves him. Tan is a kid, Won is a man. He should know better and this sporadic act of brotherhood does not line up with what we know of Won.

          4. Won does care about Tan as we found out in last episode.
          – If he cares so much he should have at least asked secretary Yoon about Tan after finding out he got slapped and was in trouble with dad.

          This scene would have been much better if at least we have had at least a reluctant conversation between the 2 brothers that gave Tan the confidence to go find his brother for help but it came out of the blue and doesn’t feel realistic.

          I also found strange that Tan went looking for Won to spend the night knowing full well what an ass his brother is to him all the time. For all he know Won hates him. He did hear a little about the way Won really feels about him through JH but did he trust what she said that quickly? He could have stayed in the hangout place for the night and try to talk to Won about it at a more convenient time. It’s not like they’ve ever been BFFs for Tan to feel confident that he would actually let him stay. I know that it is meant to show that Tan only has Won left now in his family but it does not make sense in the bigger scheme of things.

        • Windsun33

          I love that line about “What-Stupidness-Are-These-Stupid-People-Going-To-Do-Next”, and I think it definitely applies to that plot setup. I am not even sure what Won’s role is supposed to be here, he mostly seems to just be someone that Tan occasionally runs into for various reasons.

        • Z

          Confession: I didn’t even realize at first that it was Won that Tan went to stay with. MAybe I was tired and not looking too closely but I thought he changed his mind and went to Hyo-Shin after all. Then, when Secretary Yoon called, I was like “Why is he talking business with a high school senior? And when did he get a hotel room? Wasn’t he just at his house? How did Tan know he was there anyway?” Even after Won kicked him out I didn’t make the connection. I thought Hyo-shin kicked him out so then he went to Won’s room. It made no sense to me but it took me forever to realize that he was with Won the whole time.

          I totally made that assumption and didn’t pay any attention to who Tan was actually with because it never crossed my mind that he would go see Won and that Won would take him in so easily. That made even less sense to me than the crazy scenario that my mind conjured up.

          • jaglaine

            Tan’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to his hyung. He’s not gonna give up trying to get close to him anytime soon. And dont forget hyung took him to play golf. Weird turn of events, that. Totally lacking in explanation of Won’s actions. But Tan’s going to his hyung, i totally understand. Won’s actions? I dont have a freakin’ clue.

          • Z

            I think the golf thing was just for business. Mr. Choi brought Young Do along so Won had to bring Tan. Remember, the outside world doesn’t know that the brother’s relationship is icy so he’s expected to bring Tan out for things like this.

    • 25.2 Windsun33

      LOL @ #2. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the writer paired up Bo Na (apparently the only sane one in this entire series) with that evil bitch.

      • 25.2.1 Z

        Right? Leave Bona out of this! Just let her and Chan-young live in their own little world. Though, I always wondered why no one ever gave her a hard time for dating a charity kid. I figured it was because him being at the top of the class earned him some leeway.

  26. 26 ck1Oz

    I can’t work out Heirs. It has so much potential so don’t know if the prolonged staring every week was bad directing or bad acting. That’s because this episode- is what a teenage drama should be. Hormones, emotional responses and going with the moment. All that needless angst, stupid staring, lame kisses? Which teenager behaves like that?

    Also fans may drool over Won Bin but you you can’t forgive Young Do just because he’s WB. YD is not a nice boy and does not deserve that much love or excuses as a character.

    • 26.1 Windsun33

      I put it down to about 60/40. It is for sure bad writing, but I suspect also that the writer or director or someone does not want to give the OTP too many lines or scenes where they might actually have to act (at something besides crying).

      • 26.1.1 Lin_K

        @Windsun33 – LOL that cracked me up!! 🙂

        @ck10z – To me, YD is the only saving grace in this drama. Both acting and character-wise. I am NOT saying he is good but that his character is interesting and that WB nailed a bad boy’s expressions, dialogues, and mannerisms.

  27. 27 srainy

    i’m really watching the drama for most of the side characters, whom i really wish to know more about so i /really/ hope they get fleshed out better but i’m not betting on anything. i don’t dislike the drama or anything (still watching every week!) but i always have that tiny hope for more, you know? i’m not too interested in tan and eunsang for example, even though they aren’t bad people but their characters can feel a bit bland sometimes. although some scenes with tan are priceless! lol especially since what i’m seeing visually is a full grown adult acting 12 (when he was looking for a friend to house and feed him).
    youngdo…i find him hard to like since his bullying stint at the beginning of the drama, i just cant seem to move on past it lol.
    as for rachel, she needs a dorota in her life. she truly is the one character without a friend, not even friends who just pretends to be one lol. even youngdo has myungsoo, silly as he is x) i find her character to be pretty harmless although she can be mean with her words. she usually doesn’t do anything unless she feels wronged/slighted (her definition and ours might differ), only she gives it tenfolds back (like the case of yi seul). i personally feel she wouldn’t do much to eunsang and feel so threatened if tan hadn’t been her fiance in the first place. she probably feels like a woman jilted haha. i do wish her character would have a turn around though. if people can like youngdo, i’m sure it’s possible to like rachel…she’s never been as mean, i thought. at least not yet. i keep on hoping she doesnt stay hung up on tan, cos girl, you can do so much better~~ xD

    • 27.1 Eileen

      Ha we wrote basically the same! I am 2 posts down and I swear I didn’t copy you. We must have been writing at the same time 🙂

      And LOL @ Dorota, that would be awesome!

      • 27.1.1 srainy

        it would! at least someone would give rachel the attention she’s not getting from anyone rn. she’d be a perfect bystander to all this drama if she was not engaged to kim tan tbh. crossing my fingers for her to have a good ending ☺️

    • 27.2 TS

      Snap! I’ve been saying on other threads that Rachel needs a Dorota.

      People forget: Blair Waldorf was bulimic and depressive (she was on meds) and thus had a nanny to watch over her (Dorota). So, even Blair had help.

      • 27.2.1 srainy

        is it too late to wish for one to appear now??

        • TS

          No, there’s still 6 episodes to go. Her dad could send one over starting in ep 15.

  28. 28 dukdam

    Dear Javabeans,

    Oh lover of City Hunter. Has Heirs been so much of a disappointment that there was no appreciation for LMH’s quip/threat to MS in the car that “he’s someone who in the past could hurt people with just a spoon”? I have to say, the moment I heard that City Hunter reference I only thought of you and that amazing drunken podcast from ages ago when you raved about Yoonsung. I so wanted to hear your reaction and squee with you in the recaps but alas. 🙁

    As someone who remembers the madness of Boys Before Flowers, of madly waiting for your recaps and sharing that cracktastic experience with the Dramabeans community, it does make me a wee bit sad that, that present, your opinion of Heirs is so ‘meh’. I know it’s really silly but it’s as if a really close friend whose opinion I really value thinks the boy that I have a crush on is a loser.

    Anyway I think these past two episodes – along with the outfits – have been a vast improvement so fingers crossed for greater things to come.

    And thanks for the recaps, as always.

    • 28.1 Ace

      I laughed out loud at that bit from Kim Tan. City Hunter ftw!

    • 28.2 Jay

      I feel the same way. It’s not a piece of art by any standard but it does the and only thing I mandate from a drama: it entertains me; and for that much I’m thankful and happy.

      • 28.2.1 August

        “I feel the same way. It’s not a piece of art by any standard but it does the and only thing I mandate from a drama: it entertains me; and for that much I’m thankful and happy.”

        I am in absolute agreement with you!

        Every Wednesday & Thursday I look forward to watching Heirs and for some reason I always think of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video with Kurt Cobain’s voice singing:

        “…bring your friends
        It’s fun to lose and to pretend
        She’s over bored and self assured
        Oh no, I know a dirty word…

        Here we are now, entertain us
        I feel stupid and contagious…

        I’m worse at what I do best
        And for this gift I feel blessed
        Our little group has always been
        And always will until the end…

        To me this sums up why people either love or hate Heirs and the actions of Choi Young-Do’s character.

    • 28.3 Vicky

      @Dukdam, I agree. Although Javabeans is an excellent recapper, I get the sense she doesn’t really like this show and wouldn’t be watching if this wasn’t her job. And I think it shows.

      I compare her recaps to another one I just read today, and you can tell that writer is a fan of the show even though they still criticize some things about it.

      I used to be an editor for a big US entertainment website ( covering tv shows and celebs). One of my job descriptions was to assign writers certain shows to recap. I always tried to pair the writers with shows that they actually liked. And I would ask ahead of time which writer wanted to cover which show, it brought out the best in everyone… I do see that this would be much harder to do with K dramas that only come on for a season each.

    • 28.4 Faye

      @dukdan – I know exactly what you mean! I know we all have our own opinions, and an unbalance gushfest wouldn’t be good either. However, for me personally it would be nice if the people who write the recaps and comment actually seemed to like the show more. I almost feel guilty sometimes coming here and saying that I like the show.

    • 28.5 Ace

      I still say that DB’s recaps of Heirs is fairly balanced. Most recaps here actually are compared to other blogs. That’s why I like going here. I may not agree on some of the writers’ opinions, but it made me think, sometimes made me laugh if it was witty, but it never made me want to throttle them because it was rational and logical and as fair and unbiased as opinions can be. Not too saccharine sweet if they like a drama, and not too bitter unless it was like Bad Guy or Lie To Me. 😉

      @Faye – like everybody else, we start off a drama and not know if it’ll turn out good or bad. For some reason or another we want to like the dramas we’re watching but we can’t help it if the writer, PD, actor, or sometimes the OST messes up our enjoyment. Like I said above, I may not like what JB or GF writes about a drama I like or don’t like but I still respect what they have to say about it and don’t let it stand in the way of my enjoyment or non-enjoyment.

      • 28.5.1 Faye

        @Ace – I didn’t mean to imply criticism of the recappers. It’s their site, and they should be honest about their feelings. Obviously I respect them, or I wouldn’t come to here! I guess I’m just not as mature about it as you :), because part of me wants more people to like it, too. To each their own, though!

        • Ace

          For me, I like the drama well enough despite the writing flaw hahaha. The one thing I don’t do anymore though in this site is read every comment especially those whose nitpicking is ticking me off. Sometimes you can ignore a negative comment but when it’s reiterated over and over, then I take note of the beaner’s name(s) and skip over their negativity.

  29. 29 Eileen

    I think the drama has really improved in the last 2 episodes and is much more enjoyable now but I wonder if it had been good all along, would these episodes stand out so much? I have never hated it and if I did I would have dropped it but for me it’s just meh with a lot of pretty which makes it an acceptable watch.

    But as cute as Tan and ES are together I must say this is the most let down romance I have experienced in a drama. It’s not them as actors, I just can’t get excited at all for them as the Tan/ES couple. I am fine with the romance itself and I want to root for them but I am just not invested in their relationship and I don’t squee over them. I wish I could.

    Also, I think YD was never meant to be a romantic rival. WB is charismatic and a good actor and maybe that is why some people are rooting for him but it can’t be possible even for a mediocre writer to make a real contender for the heart of the heroine this dislikable/tormented/fucked up. ES is not even a little bit conflicted about her feelings for him and never has been. I think he is meant to be just another obstacle in the way of the main couple, not the third leg of a love triangle.

    • 29.1 Lin_K

      @Eileen – YD should have entered the love triangle sooner or should not have entered it at all. It’s the writer’s fault for making him so evil and then fall for the heroine. I do root for YD (not with ES anymore. She is not that great. Lol.) and his redemption because I have tons of sympathy for him and want him to change. My love for YD probably has a lot to do with the way WB acts too.

      • 29.1.1 Eileen

        At first I wanted him to not be redeemed just because he falls in love because I thought it would be more realistic (and I still do), but my feelings about it are faltering with every episode. I no longer care that much if falling in love is what will make him a better person. I have made my peace with the fact that this is a fake world and I hope young girls don’t get the idea that love is all it takes to change an evil man but damn it, I want happiness for YD.

        It’s all Woo Bin’s fault that I am now in this dilemma. He won’t let me dislike YD for too long!

    • 29.2 Vicky

      @Eileen, this is the point I made earlier too. YD was definitely never meant to be a romantic rival. He was meant to be another obstacle for the couple, & a character we hated, and then pitied/sorta liked as the show went on.

      I think the problem with some fans is that earlier on, KT’s character/personality was kinda blah especially for a lead.

      But I truly believe the writer wrote him that way on purpose. He was meant to be a slacker with no motivation after being shipped to the US as a young teenager. Sorta like he was just existing until meeting ES who breathe life back into him and gave him something to be passionate about.

      • 29.2.1 Eileen

        Yes, I agree. I think this was the writer’s vision all along and theoretically, for me, their relationship makes sense. But one of the funnest (if that’s not a real world it should be!) things for me in dramas is rooting for the main couple, celebrating and getting heart broken with them along the way. I can’t even get close to feeling that here with these two and it has greatly affected how much I enjoy the drama. They are fighting to be together now and normally I would be excited but I’m not. Regardless, I am enjoying Tan a lot more now that he is showing some strength and character so that’s something at least!

  30. 30 Ace

    The writer is pissing me off with the manhandling of girls. Sometimes that works in some dramas and can be considered a little romantic depending on the situation (I could handle wrist-grabbing in kdramas), but in just one episode she manages to do it more than a couple of times and it’s super annoying. At least there’s less crying of Eun-sang in this episode.

    The PD meanwhile, I don’t know why he thinks repeating one scene in slow motion a few times in every camera angle is cool.

    Other than that, I’m still enjoying this show.

    • 30.1 tapioca pearl

      I’m sick of that in general. I find nothing romantic about a guy violently tugging at a girl. It is not swoon-worthy. It is not okay. This is why I prefer my K-drama heroes to be soft-hearted, sometimes dorky guys who can admit their faults.

    • 30.2 Windsun33

      What bothers me just as much is the fact that ES never resists, she just goes along with whatever rag doll puller grabs at the time. ES is by far the most Blah heroine I have seen in a drama in ages.

  31. 31 dramarookie.blogspot.com

    What is Won’s problem? How can I root for his romance when he won’t give a girl the time of day. She can’t see you’re miserable without her if you always stare at her back, buddy. I’m glad his younger brother doesn’t take after him.

    Thanks, JB.

  32. 32 magickaito

    Thanks for the recap! I think that this got better,so glad that finally Tan and Eun-sang have some cute moments together. The only thing that i don’t like in this episode is the bullying,they should’ve already stop that and continue with the cute.
    I also think that Bona is the best character in the series. I love her interaction with eun-sang and tan especially the high five and how she care for chan-young, too bad he misinterpret it. Hoping they make up tomorrow cause they are Heart of the show and adorable together.
    Looking forward for the next episode,hoping for the cute pacing to continue and not be a tug of war.

  33. 33 DramaFan100

    I want to do a confession.

    I have started disliking Kim Tan and Eun Sang’s romance because I feel it is so superficial and with no substance. It makes me cringe everytime they interact because I don’t agree with it. I am sure this is bias of some sorts. I have never disliked mainlead romance in all of my KDramas but this one I dislike.

    Also, it is not like I encourage Eun Sang with Young Do at all. I am not really rooting for that romance either.

    I am also not rooting for any romance between Young Do and Rachel.

    What bothers me is that this drama has made me dislike the main couple and that they make me nauseous. I don’t feel the sincerity. I feel I am being forced to like something.

    I am not a teenager and therefore, I don’t crave for kisses and hugs. I don’t consider ES to be a prize either KT or YD should have because they are cute or good looking.

    So, Kim Tan decides that today he does not want bully social care students. Why? That is really not character development. That is 30 seconds of script. Was that just to show YD has not grown up? It is just so lame and lazy scripting….

    So, is the writer going to solve all the problems through a minute of dialogue?


    Coming back to my confession – Why am I getting so emotionally involved and getting frustrated with something so idiotic?

    I think the answer is, Kim Woo Bin.

    I am very annoyed with myself. I am more rational than this.

    • 33.1 Eileen

      “I feel I am being forced to like something”

      It kind of feels that way for me too. I know no one is FORCING me to root for them in the literal sense but it feels manipulative. I am not used to not root for a couple in a kdrama and it feels weird. I rooted much, much more for the School 2013 bromance than the romance in this show. The only couple I care about and want a happily ever after for in Heirs is Bo Na and Chan-Young.

      • 33.1.1 DramaFan100

        I know how KDramas work and I enjoy them because they are the way they are. But this drama is stretching it. I really don’t like it when all problems that were so very important for the last 12 episodes get resolved by having a minute of dialogue.

        KT was a bully, supposed to be worse than YD and now he suddenly decides he should change the rules. I don’t get it.

        Won only had lines that implied indifference and irritation and voila, a night cap and car ride, they are going to be great brothers.

        Rachel is mean but boy, how did KT treat her? He may not have been engaged to her based on his choice but Rachel had nothing to do with it. Least he can do is treat her with some respect and sensitivity.

        I am sure all adults around him will soon resolve his problems and KT and ES will live happily ever after but really?

        If adults considered him being illegitimate a big issue that impact business, will 17 year old solve these business problems? Of course not! So, the writer will make sure everything works conveniently for our leads to be happy together…

        It is just annoying because it is so irrational, even in fairy land.

        Eun Sang character pisses me off. There is something about her that is just insincere…


        As I said, I am overly annoyed with something I should not care about…

        • Windsun33


          And speaking of WTF’s – is there any 5-star hotel in the world that would refuse to take in a customer because some stupid HIGH SCHOOL KID told them not to?

          • javabeans

            Well, Young-do is the owner’s son (and future owner).

          • Windsun33

            Yes he is, but realistically I just don’t see some high school kid – owners son or not – having the power to make hotel policy in what is supposedly a major hotel in Korea. But I should know by now that k-dramas do not equal reality.

    • 33.2 Nat

      Hello DramaFan100!

      You absolutely speak my mind. For some reasons, I can’t root for the main couple at all. I’m thinking perhaps they lack chemistry but writing may have more to do with it. Like many others, I find chan young and bona cute. I can see why a girl like her is endearing. I can’t see anything in ES at all. Both her and Kim Tan are such boring characters. It’s not the actors’ problem either because I shipped city hunter and you’re beautiful all the way. Secret garden is one of my favorites but I think the writer got so lost in Heirs because there are too many of them. There’s no plot, no purpose.

      Again, I’m not teenager, and I do wish for Young Do’s happiness and I can’t drop this drama in the middle. Why? For the same reason as yours. Kim Woo Bin.

      • 33.2.1 DramaFan100

        At least one person agrees!! Thank you. Not so lonely anymore.

        • Faye

          One person? LOL. About 75% of the people who post here hate the drama and its characters.

          • Eileen

            Faye, I think they mean agreeing on KWB being the only reason they keep watching.

            But rest assured, there’s way more than two of you! He is not the sole reason for me to keep watching but he is a big part of it :).

    • 33.3 TS

      haha, I’m loving the thread today: it’s filled with people thinking like me. Yeah, Woobie pulls me back in again and again.

      As for the sudden, “I’m not bullying anymore,” thing: that’s because he’s half-outed as an illegitimate son. And also to be nasty to Rachel, who, until YeSol loudly badmouthed her, kept YeSol’s secret.

      Or maybe it’s because Tan’s mother is a mistress and he sympathized with YeSol.

  34. 34 Turkish Rose

    I agree with you Kate, Aundry, and Mika-chan. I don’t understand what is special about her character to make at least the viewers look up to her as a model. what is it that she is doing? beats me. At least, In boys over flowers, Jan Di’s character was tough, she fought for what was wrong, which made the bully (LMH) change for her, and become a better person. either way, I’m still watching it, just for the mere hope that something deep might happen.

    Secret, so sad about its ending 🙁 , it left such a huge emptiness in me, that I’m actually rewatching my favorite scenes again. and believe me it’s so good sometimes, that I just can’t skip any scenes and watch the whole episodes all over again.

    Master’s Sun and Secret are by far the best drama of 2013. and unfortunately, Heirs is not one of them.

    • 34.1 jacquie

      Heirs is also on my bottom list of 2013 Drama 🙂

      Replace all those idols of Heirs with regular actors, you’ll get zilch.

      Well, at least LMH is hot. Which is probably the reason why so many of us is still watching this drama LOL

      • 34.1.1 Windsun33

        Heirs is not at the bottom of my list, unless you exclude the weekend dramas like YTBLSS and ISYG. Then it makes it 2nd from the bottom, ahead of Nailshop Paris, which I only saw 2 episodes of.

      • 34.1.2 August

        Heirs is not at the bottom of my Kdrama list for 2013…

        I confess that some of the Kdramas that I watched this year have been sheer torture. I forced myself to finish what I started. Thank goodness that the fast forward option exists!

        2013 Kdrama Doozies:
        – You Are The Best! Lee Soon-Shin [50 episodes]
        (It had a promising start…became a trainwreck…jumped the tracks…Do I abort or finish what I started?)

        – May Queen [38 episodes]
        (Discovery – 1st time watching a weekend drama… was sucked in by the child actors…then the adult actors appeared…just a bad 1st time experience.)

        – 100 Year Inheritance [50 episodes]
        (couldn’t believe or turn away from the initial antics of the MIL…curious how the OTP would play out.)

        – Her Legend [20 episodes]
        (Tuned in disbelief that the tacky purses/bags were passed off as fashionable…plus the styling [hair & fashion] for the female leadleft me dumbfounded each episode.)

        Now after all of those, surely I can watch 20 episodes of Heirs with a cast featuring Lee Min-Ho, Kim Mi-Kyung, Kim Woo-Bin, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Kang Ha-Neul, and Park Shin-Hye.

        Just as the Hong Sisters are famous for presenting a new body of work, so does writer Kim Eun-Sook. I haved watched her previous works A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden, and City Hall.

        It will always be a gamble…Will it succeed? “Master’s Sun” or Will it fail? “BIG”

        Heirs has flaws, but it also has moments of strength! Heirs is no where near as bad as some of the kdramas I mentioned above.

        Many past Kdrama offerings are much worse and deserve the flight and fury!

      • 34.1.3 Suneegta

        Well i do agree. LMH is too hot that makes us watch this drama.

    • 34.2 Faye

      “I don’t understand what is special about her character to make at least the viewers look up to her as a model.”

      It’s possible to enjoy a character without looking up to him or her as a model. People come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak, and many of their stories are interesting to watch even if we don’t find them so admirable.

      But for the record, a poor girl with no advantages, a disabled mother, thrown into the wolves and learning to hold her head high and finding the courage to fight for what she wants is pretty admirable to me. It’s not curing cancer -it’s just finding her own way in life -but for most of us, that’s as heroic as we get.

      • 34.2.1 lorenhaze

        I completely agree with you Faye. I love Eun Sang’s character. Taking everything into consideration, she’s a hard nut to crack which makes her strength, amidst the persecution and prejudice, worthy of admiration.

    • 34.3 August

      Possibly some of the viewers are looking past the character of Cha Eun-Sang. Focusing instead on the cast of other characters like Lee Hyo-Shin, Park Hee-Nam & Han Ki-Ae, Kim Tan & Choi Young-Do, Yoon Chan-Young & Lee Bo-Na, Kim Won & Yoon Jae-Ho, Jeon Hyun-Joo, and Rachel Yoo.

  35. 35 sayit

    Congratulations to Heirs for hitting 22.7% in Seoul and 20.6% Nationwide.

    Despite every rant that is heaped on this drama, congratulations to :-
    LMH who is going to act the same way because where is the impetus for change or to improve when people gush over everything he does.
    PSH who is going to act the same way because where is the impetus for change or improve when people love her no matter how she acts
    KWB who despite having to act a totally illogical character managed to steal the thunder. Hope you get to be the lead the next time and a better character. The latter is definitely impossible not to achieve.
    Kim Eun Sook who handed this to her minions and came out with a hit nevertheless.
    Korea who will undoubtedly get more of such dramas in the future. Who can argue that a dish is crap when it sells.
    Heir who will snag some awards since the ratings are putting it in serious contention with other hits like I Hear Your Voice, The Master’s Sun and Gu Family Book

    • 35.1 sum

      Dear Sayit

      I respect your opinion but here as a fan of The Heir, would like to say that you might not like this drama very much but there are many who are here because who feel that drama is quite refreshing, full of witty dialogue and scenario which make watching this show quite appealing.
      So stop thinking that this show is doing only because of star show.
      Good looking stars definitely help but without good script the show can become draggy. I have experienced it several time.
      If it gets reward, it will get it on its merit.

      • 35.1.1 Windsun33

        “..without good script the show can become draggy..”

        And that is exactly what happened to this show. Poor writing and absolutely silly plot setups put me into perma-WTF mode. This is not even a train wreck – a train goes in a straight line, this is more like Pong, where the plot just bounces all over without any good reason.

      • 35.1.2 sayit

        Do you still think awards are based on merit?

        The reason why I have a bone to pick about this show existing purely as a star show is because I think the writing is the No. 1 problem here. And I just got a feeling that the writer or producers thought that they could get away with it as long as they throw in a star studded cast. Guess what? They are right. Just look at the ratings. To hit 20% is no mean feat.
        Just imagine, if the writer had delivered. Perhaps LMH and PSH would really have a chance to step up their acting instead of staring, mopping and crying. They may not deliver the goods but at least they can try. With this kind of script, they might as well sleepwalk the entire show.
        Woo Bin may then have the chance to be even more awesome than he already is. And not to mention utter waste of other side characters.
        If like you said, the ratings are not because it is a star show, then it’s even scarier. What viewers love will get produced, right?

  36. 36 pru22

    I thought last week’s eppy was my favorite, but this one was the STUFF! I was so happy to see Eun Sang FINALLY showing Tan how much she really does care for him and about him.

    Loved, loved, LOVED! The hug they shared. I just wish Tan would have told her what happened instead of her piecing it together the next day when Rachel showed up in the broadcasting room.

    I also enjoyed her and Tan spending the night in Mysung’s studio. And I knew Young do was going to find out what Tan did, courtesy of Rachel. I found it amusing his main focus was on the fact now Tan was moving even closer to Eun Sang.

    Don’t even get me started on Rachel and her mother’s talk. I wasn’t surprised at all that she wanted to delay announcing the engagement was broken, just so she could benefit.

    Tan and Eun Sang holding hands was so damn cute. It’s about time she started showing how she really feels about him no matter who is around. I knew Young do was going to be the last person who saw them. The expression on his face was PRICELESS! And color me shocked…NOT! He tried to threaten Tan again.

    But my favorite part of their convo was when Tan pointed out to him he is not the same person he was three years ago, so stop acting like he knows him when he doesn’t!

    I said the same thing when both YD and Rachel thought they could force Tan’s hand episodes ago. He has no problem with anyone finding out the truth. YD just didn’t want to believe him.

    He and Rachel are completely deluded. And Young do is suffering from purposeful amnesia where Tan and Eun Sang’s relationship is concerned. The fact he is always looking shocked whenever they’re together or trying to coming in between them amuses me. What part of Eun Sang telling him she likes Tan doesn’t he understand?

    And as far as Rachel is concerned there really is no excuse for her denial. She saw Tan’s interest in ES up close and personal when they were in America. And it only grew once he came back to Korea.

    I swear all they need is some matching outfits so they can tap fists and yell, “Wonder twin powers activate. Act of PATHETIC!”

    That perfectly describes their behavior throughout this whole episode. I still cannot believe Young do paying and really keeping Eun Sang hostage for two hours just so he can spend time with her. Knowing damn well the only time she talks to him is when he bothers her.

    I really enjoyed Tan getting to bond with Won. But I hated that he is still so suspicious of him when he needs to realize Tan is not going to fight him or stop him from running the business. I just wish Won would stop being such a coward and go for his, meaning his love for Hyun-joo.

    Who by the way was so awesome as their first period teacher. And I still cannot believe the chairman actually thinks he has control over Eun Sang’s future. Planning to send her away to separate her and Tan. He really doesn’t know his son at all if he believes he is going to fall in line and forget all about Eun Sang.

    I did love the way Tan acted with his mother and Eun Sang. You can tell how much he really loves his mother and wants Eun Sang to be safe.

    I hope that Hyo-shin is going to be ok and that we see more of him in the next episode.

    As for the way it ended…YD just gets more juvenile and assy with each passing episode and out of touch with reality. The perfect example proving that is the story he was spinning about Tan and him…

    • 36.1 Faye

      @pru22, I loved your comments as always. This made me laugh so hard, I spit out my tea: “I swear all they need is some matching outfits so they can tap fists and yell, “Wonder twin powers activate. Act of PATHETIC!”

      I do feel sorrier for Rachel than Young-Do, because she was engaged to Tan and he let that go on at first while he was pursuing Eun-Sang. But now that Tan’s broken up with her, she is kind of pathetic for trying to drag it out.

      You made a good point about everyone in Tan’s life -Young Do, Chairman Evil Daddy, Rachel -being so blindsided because they are still treating Tan as if he’s the same person he was three years ago. He’s not. They’re like people who were playing cards together, and start whining “That person broke the rules!,” when in fact he’s moved on and isn’t even at the table any more with them.

      They’re still evaluating him based on the framework of the world they created, with money and power dictating everything, and the need to hide his illegitimacy being of paramount importance. Those constraints gave them power and leverage over Tan. But Tan isn’t buying into their garbage anymore, and it’s taken away their hold on him.

      Pursuing Eun-Sang might have gotten Tan kicked out of the lap of luxury, but it also freed him in many ways. I said in an earlier thread that women don’t have the capacity to change men (and vice versa) – people don’t get a personality transplant because they fall in love. But I do think Eun-Sang was a catalyst of sorts for Tan. It seems to me he was thinking a lot about his life in CA and wanting to change it, and when she came along, she was enough of an impetus for him to start taking control of his life.

    • 36.2 TS

      Rachel’s excuse for her denial is all the stocks for which her life was traded away.

  37. 37 fishy2love

    Again, I’m glad that things are happening in this episode but as usual, I wish more things happen in each episode. There’s so many wasted characters and actors in this drama,which makes me sad….I want to see more bromance!!! Also want to see more character development for Young Do because I really don’t want to dislike him =(

    Hope the episodes continue to be ‘productive’, this is not too late for the drama to speed up its pace!

    • 37.1 Eileen

      With the high ratings it will probably get an extension, assuming they continue to rise. If that is a plan we can get either 1. more convoluted plots that can take longer to be solved or 2. a return to the lower pace of previous episodes. With half of the drama going nowhere an extension doesn’t feel logical but we’ll see.

      • 37.1.1 Windsun33

        I think that depends a lot on how well Pretty Guy does. MTT is not much of a factor, pulling only 6-7% even with Secrets off the air. As far as an extension goes, what would it be – 59 minutes of staring and crying?

  38. 38 Viki


    I agree that this episode have a lot of humor at the top but with the real problem trying to break the peace. Waaah, can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • 38.1 SweetPea


      I’m insanely happy things are finally picking up.

  39. 39 Lindy12

    This was a great episode! I was laughing all the way through it. Tan is so much the ultimate poster boy for How to Spot a Bad, Bad Boyfriend 101, it’s hilarious. I’m amazed the writer has made it so blatant, as if she is taking her inspiration from the various pamphlets I got in high school girls’ guidance classes. Do these exist in Korea?

    First off, he gets kicked out, coatless and credit card-less but his only plan is to get Eun-sang to pay for his cab fare, food etc by using the old line, “I will pay you back.” He also uses this on his so-called friends, like Chan-young and Myung-soo, but they’re not falling for it. Hum, what do they know that we don’t?

    Next comes three bad boyfriend absolute classics, back-to-back. After breaking into Myung-soo’s studio and changing the password (!?!), he demands to know where Eun-sang stayed the night before because he caught her with Young-do in the morning. Caught her? Interesting choice of words.

    Then, when Young-do phones her, he says he caught her again. Wtf! Now she’s responsible for who decides to call her? And if she doesn’t take the calls, according to Tan, it’s even more suspicious. Like if they call her, it’s her fault but if she doesn’t answer, it’s also her fault because there is something suspicious going on. It’s played for laughs with soupy romance music on the soundtrack but it’s creepy none the less.

    Finally he spots Myung-soo’s camping trip photos and demands to know why “she” took the pictures. She had a picture taken with Young-do when he, Tan, wasn’t there for a second. And she didn’t look like she hated it. The nerve! He wants to control every second of her time and she’s to assume responsibility for things she can’t hope to be responsible for, like other people calling her phone and other people taking a candid photo for the school newsletter or whatever.

    Eun-sang, at an inexperienced 18 and without the benefits of a Canadian girls’ guidance class to enlighten her, seems to be falling for the bad boyfriend initial charm offensive. Many women do, generally right before they take out the first of many restraining orders.

    I think Lee Min-ho is doing a great job with this role. He’s an actor and he probably wants to stretch his range by taking on a character such as Kim Tan. Kudos to him. Kim Woo-bin is doing a great job as well. He’s becoming more soulful and classic bad boy who ends up being redeemed by love by the episode at least to me. My prediction: Young-do is going to finally kiss Eun-sang and she’s going to respond to the kiss. Tan will see this and go nuclear.

    • 39.1 Jenni

      I’m relieved to see someone else was frustrated with his “romantic” controlling behavior. You forgot one thing though, when he physically restrained her from answering the door, and grabbing the phone from her. Not that that’s the first time he’s done such things. That stuff is bothering me particularly here, maybe ’cause it’s the whole pattern of his behavior with her?

      • 39.1.1 Lindy12

        The whole episode is filled with textbook bad boyfriend behaviour. To list them all would have put me well over the 3500 character limit. This was just in the first 15 or so minutes. But I think this is a deliberate decision on the part of the writer because Tan has actually been like this right from Episode 1. If this is supposed to be the anti Boys Over Flowers, it’s as if she’s saying, “look, women, this is what a Jun-pyo is really like. Please do not encourage him by falling for him because you are going to regret it.” Having Lee Min-ho play such a character is mere icing on the cake.

        We have been so conditioned by our familiarity with the conventions of Korean rom-coms, and the horrible behaviour of some of the romantic male leads toward the women they supposedly love, that it’s possible to play with this cliche. I think it has been very cleverly done and I’m impressed.

    • 39.2 Windsun33

      He is pretty much a control freak it seems – and one that is WAY off the normal end of the curve. I supposed the writer thought it was romantic, I found it just plain creepy. It reminded me of one of those horror cult movies.

      • 39.2.1 Lindy12

        So it’s a good thing Eun-sang is so familiar with the cult horror genre. Her knowledge might give her a heads-up on what is happening.

    • 39.3 Lin_K

      @Lindy12 – Thank you for drawing attention to the fact Tan’s behavior is controlling. Some people think he is the ultimate sweet guy which he clearly is not.

    • 39.4 Faye

      You see Kim Tan as controlling, but you find Young-Do soulful, classic, and worthy of redemption through love? Huh?

      • 39.4.1 Windsun33

        Perhaps you missed this line in the original post: “generally right before they take out the first of many restraining orders…”

    • 39.5 Faye

      I just want to clarify the above comment by saying that I was not trying to be sarcastic. I’m really curious about your comparison between Tan and Young-Do, because you’re not the only one who favored the latter, and I’m really curious about the kind of thought process that leads to that.

      While fully admitting that Kim Tan has some issues he needs to work on, his feelings for Eun-Sang are reciprocated, and he has never been physically or emotionally abusive. Whereas Young-Do has tripped her deliberately (twice), thrown her into a swimming pool, grabbed her very roughly, and restrained her while he locks the door (the broadcasting studio). He’s also attempted to blackmail her (threatening to expose her parentage), stalked her at her workplace and her home, called her multiple times even though she doesn’t pick up, rented out her workplace so she is forced to be alone with him, and continued to pursue after she flat-out told him to his face she is not interested in him. And in response to being rejected, he decides to punish everyone close to her (in his own words). Someone like that is a more feminist-friendly choice?

      If anyone’s a candidate for a warning brochure, it sure seems to be Young-Do.

      • 39.5.1 Eileen

        I agree with all you have listed as YD’s bad behavior and the guy seriously needs a reality slap along with therapy if he hopes to make someone fall in love with him one day.

        That said, I see the point that @Lindy12 was making and I don’t disagree with it. Unrealistic as it may be, YD is slowly (an painfully) making progress towards being a better person whereas KT continues to be a controlling character towards ES in each episode. And yes, that is bad boyfriend behavior 101. I don’t think Tan is a bad person and I see how he means well but it’s still messed up. I would not want my daughter to date someone like Tan, no matter how good his true intentions are. This is his behavior as a boyfriend, when everything is peaches and cream and you are engrossed in the highness of love. I shudder to think of this relationship as a marriage (I know, I’m analyzing this too much but I am not a teenager anymore and I can’t help trying to look at it objectively) after you are faced with real shit to deal with, a ton of responsibilities and the newness of being in love fades. I imagine him checking her phone, obsessively, screening her friendships, etc.

        I’m not saying I think YD would be any different but I think the drama is trying to steer him in a better direction bit by bit while Tan’s boyfriend behavior has not made any positive developments so far. He is changing towards becoming a stronger person in his life in general but in his couple life he is still the same.

      • 39.5.2 Lindy12

        I don’t “favour” Young-do over Kim Tan. Young-do is nasty and menacing, seriously in need of therapy, scores 0% on the social skills necessary to get a girl scale, is dealing with massive issues surrounding hostility and violence and so on. I think I’ve been pretty clear about this in my posts about this show. Neither of them, in my opinion, is what you call a “feminist-friendly” choice. Eun-sang should run away as fast as she can from both of them, preferably under an assumed name in a new city. But Eun-sang is an 18 year old girl and I am a mature woman so it’s understandable why she’s not doing this.

        I am just watching a TV show, though, in a genre (Korean rom-coms) with very specific parameters and conventions and this is what I am seeing. Others see something else. First of all, it’s clearly stated, by Tan himself, that he started the whole culture of bullying in the school and that Young-do was once his chief minion. Young-do says that he is merely “maintaining” this culture. Young-do’s first introduction, in Episode 1, shows him doing just that. He starts off on the wrong foot with the viewers right off the bat.

        I do think, however, that Tan is written as not merely having some issues that need to be worked on. He’s written as the textbook example of the bad, to be avoided at all costs boyfriend. He’s also definitely a narcissist, and might even suffer from an anti-social personality disorder. He’s capable of violence, he’s been physically (grabbing her, dragging her etc), emotionally and even sexually abusive to Eun-sang. He’s kissed and hugged her aggressively, against her will, to prevent her from doing something he doesn’t want her to do. These kisses and hugs were not romantic and they weren’t meant to be. But he is doing what is called “romancing” her right now, a bad boyfriend charm offensive and lots of women have fallen for this, not just inexperienced 18 year old girls.

        Tan doesn’t listen to a word Eun-sang says, doesn’t consider her needs and the situation she is in at all. He wants to control her even when she’s not with him and he’s doing this by stalking her, monitoring her comings and goings via CCTV, keeping her private messaging open on her phone, making her responsible for things she can’t control like who phones her, who takes her picture etc. This type of behaviour is not easily changed and, in fact, tends to escalate if the recipient of this attention tries to break away or end the relationship.

        Young-do is a jerk, I’m not denying this. His behaviour has been horrible, not just to Eun-sang but to many others seated in the chair of doom in the school cafeteria. He has zero social skills because he’s been the seriously abused child of privilege all his life Another lovely tradition started by Tan, btw. I just think that, given the conventions of the genre, he’s a redeemable jerk but Kim Tan really isn’t.

        And, to me, the biggest difference between the two characters is in the way they actually relate to the girl they both want. Young-do still hasn’t been sexually aggressive To Eun-sang. He’s never forcibly kissed or hugged her although at the end of this episode he is restraining her. Who knows where that’s going to lead.

        • Faye

          I just don’t see how any analysis of the two can lead to Young-Do being the more sympathetic choice. And it could be I misread it, but in reading your post which discusses Tan’s alleged terrible ways at length and then ends up by calling Young-Do the classic “redeemed by love” character, I did see an implied comparison.

          I disagree strongly that Tan has been “sexually violent” in any way, and think using terms like that minimizes the terrible nature of actual sexual violence. He took her by surprise with his kiss and hug pre-this episode, but she told him she likes him and did not say “Stop this, I don’t want you touching me.”

          Saying that he’s “romancing” her right now, like it’s a kind of manipulative campaign, implies that this is a one-way pursuit of someone reluctant and vulnerable. This is unfair since Eun-Sang has told more than one person that she likes Tan, and is now committing to be with him and fighting for their relationship herself.

          You said Tan is not redeemable. How is that supported by what we see in the drama when he, and not Young-Do, has abandoned his bullying? And he started Young-Do’s abuse? Based on what evidence do you say that?

          “And, to me, the biggest difference between the two characters is in the way they actually relate to the girl they both want. Young-do still hasn’t been sexually aggressive To Eun-sang. He’s never forcibly kissed or hugged her although at the end of this episode he is restraining her”

          This is what I can’t understand. Because no hugs or kisses were involved, Young-Do’s actual physical violence, which could have resulted in serious injury, is somehow better than a light kiss and a hug? What if he had stabbed her or shot her? That’s not sexual either.

          It’s funny you mentioned women “falling” for Tan (in the sense of being blind to his faults). I feel like if anything, that’s what’s happening with Young-Do. Woo-Bin has so much charisma that women seem to excuse and romanticize almost anything he does. But I guess we can agree to disagree on this one.

          • Lindy12

            Wow! Lots of points for discussion here. First off, I never said the Young-do is the more sympathetic choice for Eun-sang. In fact, I say the exact opposite. He’s a lousy choice right now for any woman because does this boy have issues! Not only does he need therapy etc etc etc but he’s also been exposed to very dysfunctional sexual behaviour via his father. I am merely saying that he has the potential to be, as he is written, redeemable by love. I am most definitely not saying that Eun-sang is the woman to redeem him.

            Okay, Tan does not forcibly rape Eun-sang but, in my country, what he does to Eun-sang on the rooftop to prevent her from answering her phone definitely qualifies as sexual violence (or battery to use the more correct term) and she could have him arrested. I am in no way minimizing sexual violence here. He is using what is normally an intimate gesture between two people who want it to control her behaviour. He is using a kiss as a method of control. This is a convention of this type of storyline and usually the recipient, after an initial moment of stunned bunny-itis, gives in and responds. Not so here.

            Eun-sang says stop this many, many times about many things Tan is doing. It’s not just the kissing or the hugging. But is Tan ever listening? No he is not.

            “Romancing” is term used in battered or abused women syndrome to describe a very specific form of control used by such men. The “I’m so sorry I hit you but it’s only because I love you so much” or “I know I called you an idiot but look I got you these lovely flowers” scenario. I think this is exactly what Tan is doing here. It is extremely manipulative and many woman have fallen for it, not just inexperienced 18 year olds. It obviously hasn’t escalated to this point yet in the drama and maybe it never will. But the relationship, as it’s written, has the potential for this. Such men are dangerous! I have never been in a relationship like this but I know women who have.

            Young-do has behaved very badly in most of his interaction with Eun-sang. And he has hugged her at camp and put his arm around her at the end of Episode 11. But he’s not doing this in a sexual manner. He’s doing it because he’s locked in a battle to the death with Tan and he’s using Eun-sang as a weapon against Tan here. Again, horrible, stupid, nasty behaviour on the part of Young-do but he’s not trying to control her but to score points against Tan. Big difference, at least to me.

            About the stopping bullying thing. Tan repeated says he doesn’t want to go back to the way he was and that he’s now got a brain. But I don’t think it seems to indicate that he has really changed. What he is doing to Eun-sang is bullying, plain and simple, but it’s now being done in the form of romantic conventions and he’s more sophisticated than Young-do at this point. Also we still really don’t know why Tan was exiled to America. Is it because of the whole illegitimacy thing? Or some other reason?

            It’s interesting to read other people’s perspective on the same show and it makes for much more enjoyable viewing. I like both the bad boys on this show. They are both well written and very well acted.

          • me

            I actually find Tan’s character scarier that Young Do in this regard. I mean, in real life a girl would not give the time of day to a psycho like Young Do and would avoid him like the plague. The reason most of his supporters are swooning over him is because of woobin bias and because he is doing a great job with the character, and they readily accept that. But boys like Tan charm their way to girls heart and I can totally see how a person like him can easily sweep a girl off her feet. No matter if Eung San accepts him, he should not be helicoptering over her the way he does and he should respect her boundaries. He is always making everything about himself, what he wants, how he feels, about how handsome he is (even if that is playful, the boy is a narcissist). That is no healthy relationship no matter how many times you try to cover it with romantic melodies.

  40. 40 monica

    Young do !!! I am rooting for you , cause in your own way you are showing great character and feelings and your acting really won than Kim Tan. I am loving and rooting everything about Young do !!! Great to watch him …

  41. 41 DramaFan100

    I need Young Do to get away from school, go somewhere and brood alone. May be find a girl and have a fling – true to his character. I want him not to care for KT or ES. Well, mostly because I don’t care. LOL.

    Because I don’t really know why I should care about Jeguek empire or KT, I don’t care what happens to them or ES.

    I am reminded of Min Ki suicide plot in School 2013 when they tell that story.. I felt that was handled so well. So, I am not sure if I care enough for this one. But I hate for the writer to write it in such a way that KT will rescue him. That will really annoy me.

    Everyone else is such a collateral…I would not care one way or the other.

    What does it say about the drama when the only thing I care about is the bad boy getting himself out of the situation?

    Clearly, I am the only one. ..

    So lonely….

    • 41.1 jaglaine

      Why not KT? He seems to be the only friend he has. He knew that he attempted to commit suicide before.

      • 41.1.1 Alina

        I second that,why not KT? just because you don’t like him?as far as I saw,he’s the only one who’s concerned for him.if that will happen(HS trying to commit suicide again) I think is exactly Tan who should stop him.like I already said,he’s the only one who seems to care about him.

    • 41.2 Lin_K

      @Dramafan100 – YD should totally leave school, ES, and KT. He should go live peacefully elsewhere. Maybe meet another girl too 🙂

  42. 42 GoldenDiva

    Does Anubody feel bad 4 tan I mean o couldn’t live 5 min without my credit card ,😓 poor puppy 😢

  43. 43 Emma DJ

    Thanks for the recap Javabeans. I’m still enjoying this drama Heirs.

    I don’t understand why people kept on watching this drama and reading recaps just to complain and bash about it. Hey, if you don’t enjoy it, stop. It’s not worth it if you do something you don’t enjoy.

    And for us who do enjoy this drama, kepp it up and enjoy the ride.

    • 43.1 Jay

      I wish there was a “like” button for this comment.

    • 43.2 jacquie

      I’m here to watch LMH because I’m his fan. But, I have to say that the story sucks.

      It’s two different things, liking the actor and the story.

    • 43.3 Windsun33

      Because like one other drama early this year, I am fascinated by just how bad the writing for such an over-hyped show can be, and I keep finding more with each episode. I don’t really hate the show – I actually find it funny and interesting in some ways – but not for the reasons that the writer or the fans do. It’s not exactly like watching a train wreck, but similar.

      But also there is not much else to watch, and I am bored.

    • 43.4 luv_KimRaeWon

      Thankyou for saying what i wanted to say it. i’m not saying this is a perfect drama, but i enjoy it despite its faults and that is why i read the recaps. bashing to a certain extent, i can understand but don’t get why people watch the show, and comment on it when they have nothing that they like about it..Oh well!! each to his own..

    • 43.5 luv_KimRaeWon

      Thankyou for saying what i wanted to. i’m not saying this is a perfect drama, but i enjoy it despite its faults and that is why i read the recaps. bashing to a certain extent, i can understand but don’t get why people watch the show, and comment on it when they have nothing that they like about it..Oh well!! each to his own..

      • 43.5.1 luv_KimRaeWon

        sorry for the double post..my Bad!!

    • 43.6 kate

      I never said anything bad about Heirs before this episode. If you were referring to me because I bashed this drama, I already stopped watching at ep 8 like I noted and clearly stated that I would stop looking/reading further recaps. People have different opinions and there is nothing wrong with discussing it and explaining why. That’s how you gain another set of someone else’s perspective. People like to rant as much as rave. Why else would you read the comments of other people? So you see people comment such as “OMG Lee Min Ho is soo hot!” “I love Lee Min Ho!”? If you don’t want comments like that. I can only speak for myself of course but I personally love to watch dramas, grade it and look for positive and negative aspects in it. Call me a critic by default. Judging characters is usually expected. People defending or judging characters is a natural reaction to media, and has always been. Dramas are meant to tell stories and have people take valuable lessons from it. If you’re engaged in dramas and the community like I am, it’s unavoidable to discuss a storyline’s purpose and question characters and their actions. It’s better to rant than sit in front of your laptop and keep everything bottled up. This is dramabeans where we have a freedom to express our feelings and opinions. You can’t expect all the comments to be “HEIRS IS THE BEST! I LOVE THIS DRAMA TO BITS!” Good day to you mam!

      • 43.6.1 Dody

        +1 .. and that’s why I like dramabeans and the people here! they don’t just go crazy fangirling over dramas for just being hyped or having famous actors like LMH and PSH and lots of idols and candyfaces!

  44. 44 Sora

    awesome episode

  45. 45 Dee

    The bromance is the highlight of this entire drama to me.
    Love it! Want MORE of it!

  46. 46 Haru

    I don’t think Won is wasted. His part is coming up….The battle for Jeguk. I think he actually cares for Tan like what HyunJoo said.

  47. 47 dramaboy

    ive tried to love this drama and i just can’t. this writer is just wasting the cast and the storyline is so blehhh…when does the next drama series start?

    • 47.1 Vera

      Not soon enough.

  48. 48 Beng

    kim woo bin is such a great actor!

    I want bromance between Won and Tan. They should join forces to protect their Dad. Then one Dad got protected, then they can do whatever they want. Marry the love of their lives =)

  49. 49 Divyrus

    All I kept repeating in that last scene was DONT KISS DONT KISS DONT KISS
    Seriously ! That’s what this drama has made me think !
    This man handling won’t stop but I just wish she atleast shows some resistance !

    Anyway much better episode , but it’s little late for me. Am on board till end but not excited nor disappointed !

  50. 50 bebe swtz

    All the FEELS from the episode…. I need a moment….. TAN AND WON… ERMERGERD!!! I CAN’T EVEN—- *turns into a pile of goo*
    AND OMG THE ‘CITY HUNTER’ REFERENCE!!!! Hahahahahaha Nicely done n………….n

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